23 January 2017

The libtard media has left me ice cold in South Africa

By Mike Smith
23rd of January 2017

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but some of the things that made me very ecstatic the past few months were the MSM suicide of the Trump campaign and watching them fall on their own swords.

For as long as I have been blogging I have been against their fake news, twisting of the truth and manipulation of facts. I mean we have seen it in the Ukraine, we have seen it in Syria, we have seen it in the Brexit campaign, the Trump campaign and recently…we have seen it in the Eastern Cape with a smear campaign against whites with the caged pregnant farm worker, Linda Steenkamp.

Suddenly it was not just this one farmer…no, it was a frenzied and sickening generalization of the “racism” and “racist mindsets” of all whites…but people seemed a bit disinterested in their lies and bullshit.

This is becoming a common phenomenon. The more the media lies, concocts, blocks and censors, the more credibility they lose. The Western Media actually looks silly and childish in their pathetic desperate attempts to blacken Trump, Putin and Assad and get the sheeple to accept a World War with Russia. It is like they are trying every trick in the book, but nothing seems to work. The sheep have woken up and the robots are rebelling.

Now let’s return to the case of the silly young Eastern Cape farmer Johan Erasmus who gave Linda Steenkamp a lift to town on the back of his bakkie. We all make mistakes when we are young, so I won’t nail Johan too much.

The woman admitted that she wanted to sit on the back, because it was hot, although the farmer offered her to sit in the front, she insisted to sit at the back. However…the media went into top gear. On and on and on and on and on they so desperately tried to concoct a racist incident out of a non event and a good deed.

Now …giving a black farm worker a lift on the back of your bakkie is a very common thing in SA and probably happens ten thousand times per day every day all over South Africa. What made this incident apparently different is that Linda climbed onto the back and into the farmer’s sheep cage all by herself and someone photographed her and the assumption was made that the farmer is an evil cruel racist bastard.

Oh the hypocrisy and confirmation bias of the prejudiced libtards who see al whites as evil without gathering all the facts first.

Hell and damnation broke loose. Every single libtard climbed onto the bandwagon, including Helen Zille and Adriaan Basson, editor of the fish and chips wrapper, Beeld.

I sat at the back because it was hot, says pregnant woman photographed in cage

I was just giving her a lift - man explains caged woman on back of bakkie

Transporting woman in bakkie’s cage ‘extremely offensive’

Adriaan Basson, “Would you transport your pregnant sister in a cage?”

I mean the way they tried their best to milk this incident for every bit of racial propaganda they could was just sickening. Makes you wonder who the real racially obsessed idiots are.

However…what I found amusing was that when REAL racist attacks happen, such as black gangs attacking white farmers and their families, torturing them for hours, raping the women and eventually killing them…then the libtard media is completely quiet. You are lucky if the report can be read on page five of the newspaper. No outcry from Helen Zille or Adriaan Basson then, is there?

Ice cold and totally indifferent they are to the suffering and plight of the white farmers of South Africa. Now they come with shit like this and wonder why white people become cold and indifferent towards blacks. I will tell you why…It is because if you give them a lift you are racist and if you don’t give them a lift you are also racist. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t .

The only solution then is to not have anything to do with them. Don’t employ them. Don’t give them a lift. Don’t even glance in their direction. Don’t even piss on them if they are on fire. Have absolutely nothing to do with them. Let them become completely invisible. Be ice-cold like they are towards us…I mean it is not like thousands of black farm workers are demonstrating and speaking out against the murders of white farmers and their families, is it? Neither are the liberals.


  1. Hi Mike!

    Missed your blog, welcome back and I hope you had a good vacation.

    Here's the short version:

    Everything that has happened in the run-up to 2016 US Elections (and after) was filmed, reported and documented. The Loony Left does not realize that time goes on. All these things happening today will be a matter of historical record and scrutiny in 10 - 20 years.

    And what will those people see?

    The mentally addled, the insane, the cowards and left-wing fascist movement at their best. Cries of "Tolerance! Tolerance!" seem a bit hollow if the person screaming these things is trying to assault and spit upon a person who has a differing point of view.

    And the MSM?

    Hypocrisy. Paranoia. Idiocy. Lies. Their mask slipped during the last few months but the reality will take a while to set in. The truth is NOT out there. Its right in front of every person with eyes to look, ears to hear and a brain that can think.

    The demagogues of our generation is doing a good job of unmasking themselves and showing the world who they are.

    BTW, Meryl Streep? Ja, so 'n groot geel Streep dwars oor haar dom, agterbakse kommunistiese gat, want sy maak haar bek slegs oop waneer sy omsingel is deur haar maatjies maar ... hoeveel refugees bly nou in haar huis? Daai mense LA-LA LAND moet hulle bekke hou. Ons is gatvol vir hulle kak.

    Peac- WAR!

    Regards, OMNI

  2. Anonymous9:13 am

    Yes 100% correct. They crucified poor Johann however I haven't seen them rallying together to offer her a lift in the front seat of their cars for her next appointment.

    To also state the obvious, the cage was the safest place for her. Driving on a dirt road it will cause it to move all over the place therefore a potential hazard.

    Or if she wasn't pregnant (3rd time) the whole thing wouldn't have happened.

  3. Anonymous9:36 am

    Adriaan Basson. Daar is nou K*nt wat ek sal sleep agter my bakkie totdat daar net beenmeel oor is.

  4. Anonymous11:24 am

    God dammit, it's good to have you back, Mr Smith.
    Hope you had a good break. 100% correct as always.

    Today was the best Monday ever, being able to read facts instead of all the other shit being put out there.

  5. Anonymous12:10 pm


    Glad you made it back.

    Was looking for your blog online - even did a search " Mike smiths political holiday"

    Going to be an interesting year!

  6. Transvaler12:35 pm

    Welcome back ... was scared your blog was stopped.

  7. Anonymous1:54 pm

    White liberal hypocrites have also left me ice cold here in the U.K.

    On the day of Trump's inauguration, I witnessed a crowd of banner waving nutters calling for the removal of "racist" Trump from office.

    It's funny how these fools want to remove a democratically elected white President, but not the corrupt black racists Zuma and Mugabe.

    They all make me sick.

    1. Also the woman protests with their pussy hats.

      Watched Madonna and predominantly Ashley Judd crying about period stains on her bed sheets like as if it is the white man's fault.

      These woman are so out of touch with reality.

      They protest womans rigts while enjoying the best rights in the entire world created by white males.

    2. Whiteman10:25 am

      Donycero, I also watched those female " leaders, " ranting and raving, and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. They are too stupid to see the big picture. They deserve a big war, where they can show us, how good and tough they are. And when ashley judd takes a bullet on behalf of hillary, she will know much more about blood stains etc. Even Alex Jones, ( Info Wars ), looked and sounded dumbfounded, while doing a TV show, between all those female fighters ! He actually looked scared, and I dont blame him. Wearing a pussy hat is no guarantee that you wont get knifed, and/or stomped on !

  8. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Welcome back Mike, been looking out for your return.

  9. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Damned if you do, and damned if you don't sounds a little Hegelian to me, so what then would the synthesis be? How about drive by shooting.

  10. Hi Mike,

    Its something that has brewed in me for a very long time, many many years. From the day we got kicked out of a restaurant in George because we were in uniform. (fafa skool in the 80's weekend pass) The owner was a verligte tannie who objected to the army. I remember the feeling of disbelief because the old bitch was sitting safely in the states while my mates did everything humanly possible to make the country safe.

    Then to the giving over of the country to the incompetent bunch of tits running the (or rather not) place now. I understand all of that, what really gets me is the continuous "virtue signalling" of liberal whites. This is my gripe. These virtue signallers are the most dangerous terrorists in any society. They are more dangerous than ISIS in Sydney and more dangerous than the armed wing of EFF (lol that would be sight to see) in Sandton. They will do anything to tell the world how bad you are but how wonderful they are for bringing it to the worlds attention. They are the real enemy and must be treated us such. They get given slack because they are your cousin or aunty but in fact they are snakes that should be squashed. Ostracise them as a community , let them go live in flipping khyalitsha if they are so keen on the jigaboos. The problem with them is "it is for thee, but not for me". They usually live in exclusive areas with abundant security yet point things out like the farm worker woman riding in the back of the bakkie.

    Everyone walks on egg shells around them not to offend them. Seriously they have caused more shit than anything else. The time is ripe to call them out.

  11. Jeez, it's only just dawned on me. After years of following your writings I have only just realised that your avatar is that of a big, mean staffie. I always assumed it was a wolf but your last couple of photo images with the dog show otherwise.

    The one with the sunglasses immediately reminded me of the infamous Mongrel Mob when I saw it before you went on leave, a anti-social, drug-peddling second rate gang of sorts that populates NZ (mainly Maori and Islanders). They love to swagger around with their face tattoos and sunglasses.

    "Mongrel Mob Mike Smith" has a pleasing ring to it....

    1. The avatar is of an angry pitbull with a politicians's ripped shorts in his mouth. Dark Raven gave it to me ten years ago. She thought it summed me up to a T.

  12. Anonymous8:43 pm

    When this (non-) incident was reported on, I immediately thought of Mike's often repeated advice: have nothing to do with them.

    Try to do a good deed and be vilified. Just like the previous government.

    No more lifts, jobs or handouts.

  13. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Well, as proven over and over people can never learn. Doesn't matter which part in the world they live in Doesn't matter which color nation or creed. They always cause hatred by ignoring nature. If all idiots can only learn just a little bit from nature all this hatred will be extinct. Humans are morons in comparison with animals in nature. No baboon will sleep in the same tree with apes. Neither will a lions appoint hyenas to secure their cubs when out for hunting.The secret is clear. Although a diverse nature, separateness guarantees them peace. Therefore our answer to all this kafferkak is to follow nature suit. Then no nation creed or color can abuse each other. If there in none of them in your boundaries , how can any of these things happen. Impossible. So who are these people causing trouble? Those who ignore nature who cannot even learn anything from a baboon or ape. I call it total or complete apartheid. That guarantees peace. If you don't believe me ,go and tear the wall down between you and you very own children and see how long will the peace last in your own home.

    Let us do what the leader in the world has instruct us to do. America first, and so any other country should put his nation first. And rightly so, because your very first responsibility is to look at your own house first before you even can think about caring for your lazy neighbor. Not even to mention caring for alien nations. If love peace embrace nature.

    1. I agree.

      Also another point on nature is survival of the fittest. I believe that is where humanity gets it wrong. We live in a society where we embrace the weak which is opposite to what nature intended.

      I know we are not animals and are aware of ourselfs but a dog will eat a newborn pup if something seems wrong with it. Lions and predators first take out the sick and old.

      We have special rights for the weak instead of the strong. We are continuously polluting and degrading the gene pool.

      Now we sit with millions of libturd retards

    2. Louisiana State University business professor named Leon C. Megginson at the convention of the Southwestern Social Science Association 1963:

      Yes, change is the basic law of nature. But the changes wrought by the passage of time affects individuals and institutions in different ways. According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself. Applying this theoretical concept to us as individuals, we can state that the civilization that is able to survive is the one that is able to adapt to the changing physical, social, political, moral, and spiritual environment in which it finds itself.

    3. Agreed.

      I will add however that we as humans are set apart, or at least some of us, in the regard that we have been endowed with the ability to manipulate and control our environments to make it suit us, be it physical or social.

      Awareness and self-awareness is what sets us apart from the natural world. Awareness is what changes a particle in to a wave and vice versa. The level of awareness is what sets us apart from each other as well.

      This creates another reality in itself that needs to be adapted too.

      How do you "best" adapt to this environment? You need to be in control of it or if you find yourself where the ANC controls your environment then you need to take them out or fall in line or remove yourself from that environment.

      But like you mentioned the principle of adaptation is still the key phrase doesnt matter how far down the rabbit hole we go and i might have just gone in a bit to deep for the first month of the year.

    4. Well that is why the litards will perish, because they have already shown that they cannot adapt to the new political climate sweeping the world.

    5. Hee hee hee I just couldn't resist this. Sorry guys.

      Adapt Or Dye [with no apologies to the Arch Queer] - adapt to the resurgence of the Right or dye yourself black and go and live with the Zots?

    6. Anonymous8:21 am

      With the advances in Science and not just DNA alone it appears that Darwin and his theories are about to go to the same place that Srdja Popovic and Otpor have ended up
      ie. Debunked
      George Webb and Wikileaks

      Never though I would say this -- as an alternative voice ( not that I agree with you ) it is good to have you back
      How was the holiday ?
      What is the story with all the pitbulls ?

    7. Anonymous1:17 am

      We have special rights for the weak instead of the strong.

      How well do you understand Mendelian Genetics ?
      Do you understand at all how the mind works ?

      Humans in the modern era no longer depend on brute force and ignorance.
      How strong do you have to be to press a button to launch a rocket ?
      How much INTELLIGENCE to design the rocket ?

      The old idiots had a policy of eugenics ( which was destructive )
      The new elite have a policy of selection protocols
      ( which filters for the cream and is beneficial )

  14. Good article.
    I get the political agenda of going after whites by blacks but when i read mainstream articles written by whites only going after stories like this gorilla in cage it shows the mental disorder of liberals or a sinister agenda of the puppet masters.

  15. Anonymous1:52 am

    Hi Mike, welcome back. Brilliant article which you managed to put across so precisely and to the point. We are forever grateful that you are our voice in the wilderness and that you help us with our frustrations which you manage to pen out so brilliantly. Keep it up, we are with you......

  16. Sigh. Ja swaer.
    Now the 'carpet inspectors'aka tailgunners on a new EWN mission.
    Poor proprietor of the Lake Restaurant ( Boksburg ) refused entry to two planted gay journos after having organised a ' couples only ' evening.
    Phokken hel is behoorlik los soos hul hul panties natpis.

    1. Daniel [in die leeukuil?]. I also wouldn't let the perverts in. Well done to the man. The law of the land might not allow us to discriminate against them, but the law of My God and a Godly society demands that I do.

      Apart from the fact that they sicken me, morally, I also find, just seeing them to be physically repugnant. They make me want to puke.

      Stone the fuckers!

  17. Below are an e-mail sent by Xola Skosana– a PASTOR in the South African Defense Force– to blacks across the country to take up arms against the ruling regime.


    THE politicians and all the liars have spoken. Now let the people speak. Promises have been made and votes casted, politicians are guaranteed a salary for another five years, yet the people will remain Landless. Let the people store up food, water and medicine to last them long enough. Let the people save their money under rocks and pillows, anywhere other than the bank. The People’s War against Landlessness is coming and it will be bitter.
    If the Land question upon which the people’s dignity, worth, wealth, health culture and education is not returned by the 3rd of August 2017, Black Solidarity Action will mobilize the masses and declare the first phase of the “People’s War, “- a rolling mass action that will bring the country to a stand still. We will call on workers in every industry, every factory and every farm, in the mines and in the kitchen, in the board room and in the bedroom to withdraw their labor. Black policemen and women, soldiers and all Black law enforcement agencies will be called upon, in the interest of their families, to put down their weapons, and join the People’s War against Landlessness.

    From this day, marches will be organized across the breath and length of the country towards all legislatures where the laws to return the Land have failed to be promulgated in the last 22 years of so called “democracy. “On arrival, like Sobukhwe in Sharpville, leaders in front will risk imprisonment, and begin to set alight toothless instruments and symbols of freedom and democracy, beginning with the Freedom Charter, the Constitution and the Flag, demonstrating an act of defiance and a vote of no confidence to the current political and economic status quo which has failed to deliver the Land.
    If a sustained mass action of civil disobedience does not yield the desired results, the next phase of the People’s War will ensue. Spaces of white privilege will be targeted by the people’s arsonists and be burned to the ground.

    If all fails, we will be left with no option but to arm the people and take state power with the barrel of the gun, change the laws and liberate the masses. Everything we do as from now on is only but a rehearsal for the People’s War. Every protest and every picketing is but only a warm up and a training ground for the People’s War pending. We implore the Black masses to join the Black Solidarity Action as we slowly connect the “live wires” from Fees Must Fall/Return All Expelled and Suspended Students, to End Outsourcing, from a struggle for a living wage in Marikana to the Farms in Dedoorns and Stellenbosch, from Free Apla Political Prisoners to Buy Black End White Arrogance Campaign, from Anti Racism Campaign to Return the stolen R26 Billion Campaign and more. Black Solidarity Action is not another political party, but A Clarion Call to unite black people on the most central question of their betrayed struggle, the Land question. Let us take the cause of all isolated Black struggles waged in Azania to the logical conclusion, the People’s War For Land. War To The Enemy!”

    1. We' ll start our own BSA - Bebliksemde Soldiers Again.

      Land, lan, land, what fucking land? They never had or wanted any land, just fucked it up where they were before moving on to fuck up the next spot! They have destroyed all the farms they've been given, in record time.

      The only fucking land I'll give them is a piece of land called a mass grave. If they believe the bullshit about the "Hollow-caust" and think that was bad, they ain't seen nothing yet!

    2. Anonymous8:30 am


      WHERE do you think this comes from ?

      Too lazy to supply the source ???????

    3. Whiteman8:44 am

      BLCN, I have also seen this story about the " pastor, " and there are many unanswered questions ? ? Where the hell has this guy come from ? Is this a " fake news " story, or what ? Is he trying to out shine malema ? We will have to watch him nevertheless. If he is better at bringing this NSA nightmare to a head, and a decent fair fight, I will personally send him some prime biltong.( But laced with a bit of Two-step ! )

    4. Anon 830.

      Don't be a asshole mate. Here's the link;


      Too lazy to supply the source.. wtf.?

      Het jy nie iets beter om met jou tyd te doen as om internet polisie man te speel nie..?

    5. Anonymous11:23 am

      But their agenda is the same as the American patriot. Problem is that these dumb black shits have a case of mistaken identity. The real "white elite" that they need to hunt down are the George Soros, Kissinger, Rockeffeller types.

      It isn't us. These elite already own half the world's wealth. If these blacks want a jackpot, they need to find the real white elite (soros etc) and not the faux white elite, which is us.

    6. Anonymous8:57 am

      Let me try and explain the difference

      You provide a link to the -- interpretation
      I provide a link to the -- ORIGINAL unadulterated SOURCE
      I guess you do not understand the difference
      WHY it is important

      IF you think that this is being -- Internet policeman ....
      Then clearly you are too short-sighted to understand the need for -- correction!

    7. YOU'RE the type of guy who will 1st ask the robber pointing the 9mm in your face if HE has a LICENSE for that weapon..

      YOU, always come HERE, with YOU'RE questions in UPPER CASE letters trying to make some folks look STUPID AND 'SHORT-SIGHTED'... WHY.?? YOU also just target a few of us like ME, MIKE, DONY and a few others ..

      WHY are YOU doing THIS.?. Because YOU post under a Anon it is difficult to see if you have ever been part of the coversation.. YOU always come with your CORRECTIONS trying to play INTERNET POLICEMAN by asking kak questions that doesn't really contribute to solving the problem..

      Get a life mate..

    8. Anonymous7:23 am

      Docendo discimus....

  18. Stephen6:03 am

    Hi Mike

    Yes , my sentiment exactly - have nothing to do with them what-so-ever .
    I'm in tears every time I read about or see pictures of farm-murders, the gruesome things done to our people builds up an fury so strong in me, that only God can ease.

    Sometimes I feel like I just want to get my gun and blast every single satan-spawn I see ...im sure we all feel like that more days than one.

    And yes , the media has made us cold , not cold towards our brothers but towards their kumbaja-crap.
    I'm glad this is the case because it serves a purpose .

    The purpose of waking decent people up from the rainbow-trans-spell cast on them in '94. By now , im sure we're all wide awake thanks to their indifference and your level-head.

    Thanks Mike , for your continued effort to wake the folks.
    We admire your diligence and aim to be as clued up as you .

  19. Anonymous6:51 am

    Pres. Donald Trump gaan verborge tegnologie wat deur Darpa en ander Amerikaanse wetenskaplikes ontwikkel is en slegs deur die NWO ingespan is vir wereld beheer eersdaags wereldwyd bekend maak. Onder andere ook die kanker verspreiding wat deur hulle sogenaamde inentings mense wereld wyd besmet. Tesame daarmee sal ook bekend gemaak word die teen middel wat bykans 99% kankers sal genees.
    Die waarheid wat deur die MSM as "conspiracy" verklaar is sal dan die lig sien. Dit beteken net eending Die huidige NWO het dan sy gat gesien. Te veel mense het wakker geword en is besig om te draai. En surprise, surprise, hierdie ewige verraad wat Hoerdop de Klerk en sy wereld orde bende hier in Suid Afrika aangevang is sal ook geopenbaar word. Die huidige NWO CIA en MI6 spioene hier aan die werk sal ook bloot gestel word. Die klok het gelui vir hierdie kaffer beheer in Suid Afrika.

    1. Anonymous11:10 am

      Hey look its an AFrikaner Alex jones :D

  20. By my numerous comments you guys can see that I get more and more pissed off by the day and am close to breaking point where I might just be reckless enough to do what Stephen says he feels like doing some days.

    We must form WhatsApp groups and start a passive resistance movement and arrange get-togethers for moral support and to discuss plans and ideas [m.a.w. kakaanjaag].

    We have talked the talk, it's time we started walking the walk now.

    1. Anonymous11:03 am


      Tomkat - nee man!

      Wait, the time will come. We must simply be prepared & ready.

      Dont waste energy on these things, they not worth it.

    2. Whiteman5:28 pm

      TT, the thing that worries me the most, is being trapped in your house, and/or suburb, when the wheels come off. Many people believe they will be able to join hands with their neighbours, and fight off the barbaric masses. I will never be able to trust my neighbours enough for this. Most of them, in any case, dont believe that the wheels will ever come off. Because the DA, and all the educated rainbow children , will never allow such a terrible thing to happen. And many of your good neighbours will give refuge to their poor garden boys, and nannies, because their lives are also in danger. ( They actually dread, trying to live without their slaves ! ) So forgive me, for not wanting to be part of this crowd. I plan to flee to a safe place, to join forces with people, who think and believe like I do. But here is our biggest problem. Knowing exactly when to pack up and go. We have had so many false alarms over the years, that we have become punch drunk. But timing is going to be crucial, because there will probably be very little time to utilise that window of opportunity. We can only try to to read the situation carefully, and not to rely on rainbow-children, and their positive, bullshit literature !

    3. "In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty." Proverbs 14:23

      Ladies and gents, Tomkat, CWG and myself have formed a simple wattsapp group to stay in touch. It is not illegal for like minded folks to talk and even get together.

      Mail me at millsviljoen@gmail.com. Some guys get worried about infiltration and all the agents apparently running around but there literally is nothing to infiltrate. Watsapp is a simple way to post a simple story and share it quickly to your group.

      Anything political etc.

      There's nothing illegal about that.

      The Daily Stormer in the States has something called Book Club which Andrew Anglin created. As a DIRECT RESULT of that Book Club I have met 4 additional guys across SA of the same views and are building strong relationships.

      I genuinely ask you to think about this, drop me a mail, or at least provide some sort of your own suggestion on how to form physical groups that can share information.

      By physical I don't even mean you have to meet up, just stay in touch via watsapp/ email etc.

      Obviously if someone tells you to 'hey let's go blow up this place and guess what I have a hilux full of explosives oh so convenient' you use your common bloody sense and back the fuck off clearly.

      Again this is not illegal to communicate - yet - but vital from a psyche point of view to not always feel you are chilling one man/woman etc.

      Let myself and Tomkat know your thoughts????

      Call it Mikes Book Club, whatever, just let us know your thoughts...

    4. Anonymous9:27 am

      There is clearly one very important initial stumbling block
      There is a big leap of faith to trust someone you know nothing about.
      Dropping an email is the first step to discovery
      One does not have to say anything "illegal" one becomes illegal by association !
      Do you think in the old days the SACP operated on a "cell" basis ?
      Ask Mike to explain

    5. Whiteman, what you say is so true. As JP has pointed out, he CWG and myself have formed our own little group [we've had a fourth join us yesterday] and they know they have safe haven with me. How they will get to me, in times of crisis, we'll have to work out. For CWG I don't see much of a problem because there's not bound to be too much shit between her and me. JP's another story though, but he's a well prepared and paraat boytjie and if he can enroll a few more people near him they could make their way here.

      What we're trying to convey is that people must start forming cells with like-minded people for moral support, for in Unity is Strength, not so? Although our little group is scattered all over the place, we know that we have options. I am out in the sticks and about as safe a haven as you can find. So the logical evacuation should be to here.

      Suidlanders is also a good option for those trapped in cities.

    6. Whiteman9:23 am

      TT, thanks for the invite ! I would be happy to join you guys. I made a suggestion along these lines last year, but saw a lot of " negative vibes " comming from a number of readers. It is understandable, because our enemies look like us, and are being paid to wipe us out. The Suidlanders do very good work, and I have checked them out there by the Van Der Kloof Dam. It is truly beautiful there, and that dam is AWESOME ! Maybe we will all eventually end up somewhere there. The Orange River is impressive, and historical. But we have to start somewhere, and I believe you guys are on the right track, so please count me in !

  21. Anonymous7:35 am

    Trump also said he would recognize jerusalem as capital of israel , would this make any real difference to things over there?

    1. Whiteman6:32 am

      Anonymous 7:35, you have to look at the big picture. The west has lately started pushing hard for a " two state " solution in Israel. The radicals on both sides, will never buy this concept. And it is always the radical patriots who make history. The majority nice peace loving people, rarely get anything done. And check how the manne there are building houses in the occupied areas. I think they know something that we dont know. And if the USA moves their Embassy to Jerusalem, the arabs will realise the next logical step will be one Jerusalem for the jews. And then somebody will blow up their mosque there, because the patriots will NEVER accept its presence. I think things are going to get VERY rough there, very soon !

    2. Anonymous9:33 am

      The Dome of the Rock ( Qubbat As-Sakhrah )


      Must first be destroyed before the Third Temple can be built

      You can use your imagination as to how this might come about.

  22. Anonymous8:50 am

    By the way Mike love the puppy, I hope you teach him well to hold onto flesh. Watched a video recently where 2 of them were hanging tod
    Ma a Kaffirs house breakers legs. Can't seem to find it again

    1. Anonymous11:09 am

      Fuck, please speak da eeeengreeesh,

  23. Anonymous9:52 am

    Hi Mike, I see Gareth Cliff is in the poo once again for saying that Trump has managed to get more fat women onto the streets than Michelle Obama ever did and the MSM is in a total tizz about it.
    They have turned the whole thing around and personalized it to fat assed South African women, absolutely pathetic.....

  24. Anonymous11:41 am

    Is mike a coloured?

    1. Anonymous9:13 am

      Frankly I don't care, just as long as we get away from "the Nigger Kaffir".

  25. Anonymous11:53 am

    First of all, Johan Erasmus is not exactly young. He is 41 years old. Secondly, the video where Erasmus's wife coaches Linda Steenekamp on what she should say is deeply patronising, especially because she had her hand on the young woman's shoulder for the duration of the video.

    And no, you don't load young women on the back of your bakkie under any circumstances. An adult male of 41 years should have known better.

    Don't like what I'm saying? Still think you're entitled to do as you like? Well then, don't come crying when you are having your throat cut.

    1. Anonymous5:54 am

      So enige kaffer adult male van 41 jaar laai ook boepens meide agterop hulle bakkies. Fokkol word daaromtrent gepis nie. Liberale etters soos jy moet eerder vinning China to fok, julle tyd hardloop uit

      Don't like what I'm saying? Still think you're entitled to do as you like? Well then, don't come crying when you are having head blown off

    2. Anonymous6:45 am

      My magtig! Everyone knows how the ANC is looking for white people to put a foot wrong, and especially in the Western Cape. You expect Helen Zille to stand up for a dumb Huguenot Dutchman with an even more stupid, heavy handed wife? Grow up!

  26. HI, Mike! Welcome back! Looking forward to your posts again - hard-hitting and stripped of all crap, maybe - just MAYBE - one day someone MIGHT wake up, take off their rose-coloured specs, climb down from their ivory towers and realise the world is a far different place from the way they view it...

  27. Anonymous1:32 am

    Greetings Mike, glad to see that you are back in action. Mike, would you please consider writing a script on what your interpretation and view is on this so called land reformation and distribution. What do you think their intentions and motives are?? Many thanks. N.A.

  28. Anonymous6:19 am

    All rightwingers in two-tone khaki shirts should be locked up in cages and loaded onto bakkies headed for Weskoppies.

    1. Anonymous9:15 am

      After they make you disappear in a barrel of acid.

    2. Who's this doos here @ 6:19? I must admit I have an abhorrence for two-tone khaki shirts, but I absolutely love my Rightwing Dutchmen brothers. We stood shoulder to shoulder during some trying times and we will, again.

      So, to you, sir, I say, "Vat jou goed en trek, Vrotkop."

      It's people like you we can well do without in this country, but, not to worry, the Greater Unwashed Majority will wash over you and consume you and your kind with their feral instincts and save us the trouble.

    3. Anonymous4:44 am

      Didn't take long for these lunatics like 6:19 to show up eh Tomcat?

      On a side note TT I would rather wade through the bos and veld in those khakis hunting down filth like 6:19 and all his brothers than in my Sunday suit.

      Good to see you TT, where's that LT som'bitch?

  29. Anonymous12:57 am