27 January 2017

The hypocrisy of the bi-polar Indian racists of South Africa

By Mike Smith
28th of January 2017

In 2002, Mbongeni Ngema, who wrote “Sarafina”, composed an inflammatory anti-Indian song called "Amandiya" which was critical of how the Indian people of Kwazulu Natal were treating its employees and paying them pittance. He even said that “...Whites were far better than Indians”...This song was banned by the high court in South Africa and later an age restriction of 18 was allowed for the song to be in circulation again.

Diwali , the Hindu festival of lights, is also celebrated amongst South Africa’s large Hindu community. Normally people shoot fireworks and crackers and the dogs go bezerk. For one white man from Durban it was a bit much and he voiced his opinion of Indians online, calling them “charros” and wanting them to “fuck off back to India”.

Cows are holy? Holy shit!
I have never seen the Indian community choking on their Bunny-chows and getting their chilli-pipped knickers in a knot so fast since the British introduced the term “Coolie-Creeper” into cricket…that beloved sport from the hated colonialists of our curry munching and cow kissing Desi’s of Durban...the Capital of India.

Man you should have seen these Kuthi’s and Kumars jumping up and down and ôl so hard the purple fur on their dashboards were lifting and their red push-buttons were falling off.

Needless to say the poor guy was nailed from all sides by the hypocritical Charras, who are the biggest racists in the world, Anger at Racist Diwali post and You cannot make these comments and say sorry afterwards

At the time of the global onslaught against Apartheid, there were many countries and nations with institutionalised systems of human rights abuses far worse than Apartheid such as India with its Varna caste system dividing society in four classes or “castes” of priests, warriors, traders and servants. The most beloved Hindu gods, Ram and Krishna, are dark yet if you look at their Bollywood movies for instance, their traditional notions of beauty are defined by how light their skin colour is.

Certain groups of people, now known as Dalits (literally means ‘divided’), were so low that they were historically excluded from the Varna system altogether, and are still ostracized as “untouchables” in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Ironically these nations were also historically and hypocritically some of Apartheid South Africa’s biggest critics at the UN General Assembly.

The term caste is not an Indian word. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is derived from the Portuguese casta, meaning "race, lineage, breed" and, originally, "‘pure or unmixed (stock or breed)".

The word Varna, when translated into Hindi, literally translates into colour. This caste system based on skin colour means that a person has no chances of upward mobility in the society, and he/she remains in the caste that he/she was born into.

Inside one’s own Varna there are further subdivisions called “Jati”.

The literal translation of the Hindi word Jati gives us the word “birth”. Both Varna and Jati are practiced in Indian society to this day.

But how do Indians treat Blacks in India? Read here how Indians outright admit how racist they are and how blacks confirm it.

Also here …Blacks live in constant fear of humiliations and beatings

“Around 30,000 Africans live in New Delhi, according to police, and they have told AFP of numerous humiliations they face, from insults in the street to housing discrimination and even violent attacks.”

But there is apparently a reason for this discrimination. First it is the white’s fault for ruling India for 250 years. Then it is the fault of the blacks themselves.

According to the Indians, “The way they eat, drink, live... Everything is different," said Inderjeet Singh, a real estate agent who has been in the neighbourhood for 15 years.

"People say they eat street dogs, families fear they cut their children into pieces and eat them," the 53-year-old said.

Well, Mr Singh…it is called Bush Meat in Africa. In west, central and east Africa, Blacks eat dogs, cats, lizards, monkeys, bats... whatever they can find. In Madagascar they even eat lemurs…because, I suppose, it is not like they are in a hurry to get away.

Throughout Africa the mixing and consumption of children’s body parts, especially the sexual organs, with herbs and animal parts for medicinal purposes is called “Muti” . Just Google Muti murders. Muti killings is a way of life in rural South Africa

But I am digressing…The Indian hypocrisy and obsession with race and skin colour borders on Bipolorism and Schizophrenia. Even the Times of India thinks so

On the one hand you have the leader Ghandi talking about “love and peace” and practicing “satyagraha”, but on the other hand you have the Ghandi getting upset about having to ride on the same train as “Kaffirs”…his words. Of course Nelson Mandela considered Mahatma Gandhi to be his ideological guru, as did Martin Luther King. The ANC even named a street after him, yet want the statue of Rhodes to fall.

Of course not all Indians are Hindu. A large amount are Muslim. These ones call the Hindus, “Malaun”…Arabic for 'accursed' or 'deprived of God's Mercy' and “Kaffirs”...anyone who is not a Muslim believer.

We South Africans joke that the only difference between a “tourist” and a “racist” is about two weeks. Ghandi spent 21 years in South Africa. Most of the current Indians of KZN are here for 157 years or seven generations already…Are they “racist” or simply South African? You be the judge.


  1. Whiteman2:17 am

    When you confront the anti-Apartheid brigade, with the grusome realities of the cast-system in India, they often dont even know what you are talking about. But during the " struggle, " the Indians and colourds were utilized, ( exploited ), very effectively. Today, they are not so happy anymore. You often hear colourds saying : In the old days, we were not white enough. Now we are not black enough. In the late 1940s, the zulus wanted to wipe out all the Indians in Natal. It was the " horrible " Apartheids whites, who saved their arses. I wonder if the modern zulu has forgotten about this ? Are they planning a re-run, to finish what their forefathers failed to accomplish ? Will the anc " government, " come to their rescue, like the horrible Apartheid people did ? Somehow, I doubt it !

  2. Funny how every other single race seems to hate blacks and are labelled racist towards blacks, me seems to think there might be a problem with ze blacks.....

    1. Anonymous5:29 am

      just ax a libturd to go and live among them for a week and you'll get some pretty sly excuses

    2. More of your deluded talk. Whites are obsessed with us the rest are apathetic.

    3. Anonymous9:38 am

      Black Americans voted for Trump.
      At least a few have brains

    4. Shaka, need I tell you again, Booi?

  3. Stephen4:38 am

    Hi Mike

    Th charouz here Durban treat the flappies war worse than whites ever did , most camel-jockeys here have zots working for them ,and the zots can't play the race-card on them caus their not white.

    And because a charo is more cunning than a zot , it is easy for them to exploit the zulus. Bunny-chow and a kaya - that the zots wages.

    Infact it so easy for a slim-koelie to exploit a flappie look at what the Guptas do to zombie-zuma.

    Yes Mike , the charouz are racists , they just make it work for them instead of against them.

  4. Anonymous6:18 am

    Another great piece. Have not been able to gain access to your site for a while. I thought it might have been something I posted... or ate. Day by day here, trying to reconcile the departure of our Kenyan Master and closet mooslim.
    Thanks Mike.
    Rgds, Besoeker

  5. Anonymous7:37 am


    Very funny, was discussing this with an Ozzie just yesterday. He lived all over the world, India we were discussing and the Philippines/Thailand which he lived and they all have cast systems.

    Thats why I maintain. You can mix us all, a new cast system will creep up.

    Colords from the Cape Melays think they are better than the coloureds mixed from whites/blacks. I heard them many times laughing at how one was darker than the other or how kroes ones hair was compared to everyone else.

    Watch coloureds insult each other & within 2 mins, after you hear " Jou ma`s se..." it will go to the colour of ones skin or hair insults.

    I thought about this for a while but quite a deep subject & a bit of tangent though I think there is something there.

    If the brain is nothing more than a frequency decoder, then the reality we see is nothing more than an illusion "maya", Quantum theory is beginning to prove this and faith is the gap that bridges science and quantum in this world, so spoken about in the bible.

    The ears take a sound and decode it, the eyes collapse wave functions, so what is it with the colour of the skin that all humans are decoding to make this cast system, racism the way it is? - what or why does the brain reject these beings and see them as vile, lesser beings?

    The features of the lighter nations are more refined, the DNA coding of their genes is decoded via our senses and they are generally better looking, compare an abbo to a European - Mike had a pic once of the comparison.

    Their genetic makeup has a code, the code is visible in their bodies & actions. When nations see them without any preconceived notion about them, they feel repulsed by them and when you combine their primitive behavior, it reinforces what their brain has decoded.

    Sorry I know a bit over the top but I was reading something on Quantum theory and all these scientists with their wave/collapse theory how the brain interprets signals/vibrations.

    If you were blind you would not know a munt unless you touched the thing. So once the eyes can see & collapse the wave function, what is it that repulses all these nations about darker skin?

  6. Anonymous7:39 am


    Its like a 6th sense that all nations have. The lower the cast, generally the less attractive the people seem to be and genetics/DNA play a role there.

    That is why we read in the old testament, it seems God likes nice looking kings/leaders. when you read about the description about the Kings.

    God tells Samuel to go and anoint a new king over Israel. Now the Lord said ..... David was good-looking, but so were a lot of young men.

    Of course there were other considerations in the selection.

    So looks arnt everything but yet we see this as a preference or why mention it? So David is a relative of Christ - so it must have reference.

    Adam was pure, David is from Adam. The Israelites are white and the highest on the cast apex system - aka white privilege - its like the cyborgs suddenly woke up and realized one was made better than the other.

    What makes these nations white is their genetics/DNA, pretty simple.

    The genetics, blood has a vibration according to scientists - again random, off topic but something I thought about when reading this quantum shit.

    The Israelites were told not to mix in the old testament, dont eat blood, dont mix blood and yet we find in Enoch mixing blood with the Adimic race.

    The darker nations seem to have more cannabalistic traits, ie papua new guinea, solomon Islands, Africa - eating meat, drinking blood - the Masai as well.

    There is something there in the DNA, an instinct which vibrates that turns off all peoples when it comes to the darker nations.

    After pondering this for some time, I though let me head to the good book and see if there is something there....

    And low and behold.

    Basically it is a curse.

    Perhaps science will figure out that a curse is nothing more than a DNA string with errors in it. The Curse of Ham

    "May Canaan be cursed! May he be ... he said, “Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be to his brothers.

    The lower casts of India also come from Africa, you find Africans living wild in the Jungles there for centuries.

    Again, off topic but found it interesting that quantum says the brain is basically a decoding device. What makes all these nations get annoyed and dislike the colour of ones skin?

    Curse of Canaan? They are after all servants to servants to this very day.

    We trace this lot in this country up North, they are from Canaan. The Kushites.

    Off topic but what makes these nations instinctively across the board create this cast system?

  7. Anonymous9:27 am

    Hey Mike bru you chuning us charous?

    Tell me where u are, Ill pull in with my GTI (Free flow exhaust, 5KW sound system) and give you one poes klap, Pradesh must hold me back. Hold me back china...

    Just joking Mike, Im a wit ou. (Lived in KZN long enough)

    Here is a joke:

    White speed cop waiting in ambush near Chatsworth.

    Golf GTI breaks the speed limit, the white speed cop stops the Indians driving it to fine them.

    He fines the driver for speeding and casually walks over to the passenger side and bliksems the passenger.

    The passenger asks what was that for?

    The speed cop replies ... that's for when you get down the road and say "That wit ou must try that with me, Ill fuck that ou up ekse!"

  8. Anonymous9:31 am

    Sitting on there glass castles throwing stones!
    All the mud races do it. but....but if we do it. o my fok

  9. justice seeker10:42 am

    indian fellows are like 2 headed snakes. you cut one head off there is another that bites you from behind. during the day them indian fellows tell blacks how apartheid did them all in just to get BEE deals yet at nigjt time they live amongst whitey telling whitey how bad blacks are...fuck indians

  10. Anonymous11:30 am

    Hee what's with all the hatred towards us charros eksê I thought mike was a fellow yellow?

  11. Anonymous1:08 pm


  12. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Charro with diarrhea " Help, help I'm melting "

  13. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Ha... Painting wickets on the 'sacred' cow.
    Brings new meaning to "moving the goal posts".

  14. Anonymous12:21 am

    Mike does his normal thing and generalises

    Sure there is a caste system ( and much more ) -- has Mr Smith had a look at how well this exists here in SA ?

    Does he understand how many Indian parents have scraped and battled to get their kids a good education ?
    How many now have professional qualifications and careers ?
    He uses the most crass most cliched stereotypes and makes them the general case.
    I think Mr Smith lives in a little bubble of his own making.
    From which he extracts everything that is wrong and negative.
    Get out more Mr Smith
    The World is nowhere near as one-dimensional you make it out to be !

    When there are already so many enemies WHY make more ?

    1. Sometime, to expose the snakes, you have to set the bush alight.

    2. Martin Luther King said that if one wants enemies one does not need to declare any war. One only needs to express what one thinks.

    3. Whiteman3:36 am

      Anonymous 12:21 pm, the conservative whites in this country, have virtually the whole world as their enemies. We have stopped counting our enemies a long time ago. At present we are fighting for survival. But we have not taken up arms yet. We decided to give the liberal rainbow children, a chance to prove that their glorious " democratic " way is the right way to go. But after twenty-plus years, we have finally realised, that we have been bullshitted. And we are NOT happy. And we are ANGRY. So keep your ear close to the ground, unless you want to become collateral dammage. By following Mikes website, full of " generalising, stereotype bubbles, " you might be able to save your own life, and that of your family/friends in the near future !

    4. Anonymous5:47 am

      Blessed are the peacemakers

      Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him,

      2 and he began to teach them

      The Beatitudes

      Jesus said:

      3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
      for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

      4 Blessed are those who mourn,
      for they will be comforted.

      5 Blessed are the meek,
      for they will inherit the earth.

      6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

      7 Blessed are the merciful,
      for they will be shown mercy.

      8 Blessed are the pure in heart,
      for they will see God.

      9 Blessed are the peacemakers,
      for they will be called children of God.

      10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
      for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

      11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

      12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.


    5. Anonymous1:23 pm


      @Anonymous12:21 am

      Mike does his normal thing and generalises

      Well everyone generalizes, if you didnt you would go insane.

      For example most people say strawberries are sweet but are they all sweet?

      Most people say it pisses down with rain in the UK - does it piss down with rain everyday.

      Most people say Indians eat curry - does this mean every Indian lives off or only eats curry?

      When we say black people, do we mean to say every black person is the same shade of black as every other black?

      Without generalizing, you would go insane.

      Generalizing is nothing more than pattern recognition, it doesnt mean that everything fits the pattern but more that the pattern is prevalent.

      Before you open your doors in your house, do you knock on the door or check if the door is locked? But in the real world most people (generalizing do) generalizing stops the brain or aids the brain in over thinking something through pattern recognition.

      You learn very fast as a child to generalize, its part of the way the brain works. If you didnt generalize on a day to day basis, you would be stuck in analysis paralysis.

      Generally speaking when you get to a traffic light that is green it means you can go, but you are taught to still look left/right, just in case the person seeing the red light decides to skip it.

      All dogs bark but not all dogs bark the same, try explain the differences in barking from a Shepard to a pitbull - unless you are planning to sound like an idiot mid sentence when trying to explain how the dogs bark sounds, you simply say the dog barked.

      Dont generalize by saying Mike generalizes all the time because he doesnt generally.

  15. Anonymous1:19 am

    Careful Mr Smith
    Perhaps they have a more valid claim than you do ?

    Cape Town historian Dr Cyril A Hromnik, has produced a vast body of research that rolls the story back 2000 years. He paints a compelling picture of an ancient settlement of gold miners in the Eastern Transvaal and Swaziland with roots that go back to the early Dravidian seafarers who had expert navigation skills and a lust for African gold.


    1. Anonymous1:27 pm


      They might have been doing the digging but who was managing the digging?

      Careful there cause Michael tellinger will quickly pull the anunaki sumerian on you.

      Going back 20,000 years in reference to the very sophisticated gold shafts that go thousands of feet, perfectly cut into the ground that mining companies have literally filled in the holes, cause they cannot explain how any primative people could have been mining back then with such sophistication.


  16. Spikey2:26 am

    Hear about charoe wife-beater?
    Clapped her every night at 7,on the dot.

    1. Anonymous1:23 pm


      Spikey2:26 am