30 January 2017

The cruelty of Chinese and African business: First or Rhino's, then our abalone and now our donkeys

By Mike Smith

30th of January 2017

Afrikaners love donkeys. In the Afrikaans language there is a folk song called “Die donkie is a wonderlike ding” (the donkey is a wonderful thing) and in Upington in the Northern Cape there is bronze statue and memorial to the noble donkey at the Kalahari-Oranje Museum where these beasts of burden are honoured in their role in the development of South Africa.

Incidentally I don’t know of Afrikaners ever erecting a statue to a black man and I have never heard a song called “die kaffer is ‘n wonderlike ding”…

Nevertheless…it always breaks my heart when I drive through rural South Africa and I see the blacks mistreating their donkeys. Poor things are so thin and starving and then being whipped to carry their stolen scrap metal to the dealers in town. You feel like you can take the whip from their hands and return the favour.

But let me show you the compassion of the Black African. It has emerged that police have found 18 dead donkeys SKINNED ALIVE on a plot of land near the Lesotho border. In fact the hunt is on for a total of 100 donkeys, but some sources suggested the number could be as high as 300 donkeys.

18 donkeys skinned alive

I mean farming and slaughtering an animal humanely in an abattoir is one thing, but please tell me what kind of sick fuck can skin an animal alive, listen to its pain and agony and then repeat it another 17 times?

This is not a one-off incident. The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has recently released multiple statements on donkeys being skinned alive in the Northern Cape, the Free State and Gauteng.

NSPCA farm animal unit manager Grace de Lange said a metal object is inserted into the donkeys’ necks to paralyse them and they are then skinned alive. “It is a long and painful death,” she said.

Donkey hide contains a gelatine which is claimed to be valued for medicinal purposes by the Chinese. The NSPCA statement said that, according to the China Daily Mail, the donkey skins have “anti-aging properties, able to treat insomnia and improve blood circulation”.


  1. Anonymous9:49 am


    We know who will get the blame for this one


    Trumps fault

  2. Anonymous10:09 am

    What's a donkey, just another creature put on this earth so that the superhuman ruler of all living creatures can master of it and treat it as they please.

    The Chinese, intelligent little yellow fuckers that believe in Buddha whose teachings are harmony with creation and peace amongst all species, take only what you need and only when you need it. Leave for tomorrow so that there is a future.

    Mike, you called them intelligent a couple of articles back, I have just read your posts not the comments so I am driving blind here.

    I do not know if they are as intelligent as we or they believe, intelligence doesn't fuck up the future generations chances of survival. They might be good copy cats and excellent absorption brains but intelligence I am not so sure.

    Retard Africa much like his little yellow hero from the far east also is just a destructive mechanism hell bent on fucking everything up before its child has a chance to experience the true nature of creation

    My point is this, when rhino is gone, donkey is gone, all the oceans fish are gone the water is poison, the lands over grazed and infertile then maybe chinky and retardy will skin each other alive before the pot roast begins.

    These retards are not going to do anything to the idiots that skinned those donkeys alive because retards don't act against retard its not in the weakness of the culture or the emptiness in their heads.

    Fuck them all, I say and pray the day that we can skin a couple alive ourselves without sticking anything in their necks to cause paralysis. When they pass out from pain stick a red hot poker up their arse to wake them up but do nothing to stop the pain.


    1. Chinese believe in Commumism ( state relgion) which is godless and has dehumanised them. All religion is banned.

    2. Anonymous11:05 pm

      LTMA Its not all Asians that are so clever. It is only certain groups. You see smarter people tend to migrate in more or less the same directions. And it has a lasting effect over time.

      Also a vigorous regiment of schooling and discipline are culture and the children in these areas dont even get time to play like normal children.

      On the Buddha thing... Well The doctrine of right livelihood teaches Buddhists to avoid any work connected with the killing of animals
      The doctrine of karma teaches that any wrong behaviour will have to be paid for in a future life - so cruel acts to animals should be avoided.

      These Chings trading in our animal parts are not true Buddhists. They are filth just like the filth here in our parts.


    3. Anonymous11:14 pm

      @ Jeremy 11:32am

      Then all the Chinese Buddhist retreats and temples must actually be communist Buddhist retreats and the Chinese must be totally fucked over and brain washed into believing the dude statues in and around the temple are Buddha but in actual fact its a communist dude in disguise.

      Catch a wake up man, your brainwashed brain is affecting your sanity.

      Just now you will be telling the world that the Jews are not Israeli but actually Palestinians in disguise.


    4. Anonymous12:50 am

      @ Dony 11:05 pm.

      My point being that one I made in an earlier post.

      The truth will set you free but deception will win your war.

      Claiming Buddhist values while fucking up everything they touch, them yellow folk are just wogs with a better retention capacity and a smarter move.

      The retard will shout discrimination but the yellow man he hides behind retard and uses retard to fulfill his purpose.

      Maybe I think I am the master race but fmd I would rather think that than share a spot with the 2 in debate.


    5. My experience with the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese is mixed. On the one hand I admire them for their contributions to Martial Arts such as Kung Fu, (I studied Wing Chun for four years) and Ju Jitsu/ Judo/ as well as Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

      However, I have been to Taiwan, Korea, China and Japan and when you see what they eat and how superstitious they are then you get a shock.

      Further when I see the Taiwanese trawlers with the shark fins strung up in rows in Cape Town harbour and how the Japanese kill whales and dolphins I am filled with revulsion, because I am a Scuba diver and love the ocean.

      On the other hand I admire the Japanese for keeping their country 98% homogenous and Japanese and the other two percent is made up of foreign workers with a temporary work permit.

      I can also admire the Chinese for their contributions to mathematics, science and the invention of gunpowder. The efficiency and discipline of the Japanese is also something one can admire...

      However, Like I said there are enough things to make me say, "They on their side and I on mine."

      In fact I have learned from all nationalities, Indians, Arabs, etc, but the only ones I have never learned a single thing from were the black Africans.

    6. Whiteman2:20 am

      Mike, you have penned down a very mature, objective view ! While I believe that it is not humanly possible to be TOTALLY objective, we should all strive towards this goal. By being objective, you can save yourself a lot of pain, unnecessary expense, embarrasment, and maybe even your life. Even the Bible says we should investigate ALL things, and retain that which is good and beneficial. This is truly incredible advice ! ( even if you are an athiest ).

    7. @Mike and yet you are still squatting on our land.

    8. Anonymous6:01 am

      Get off our land Shaka you thief.

    9. @ Shaka 2:24pm

      I see this issue of yours claiming this land like this, and I'll try and explain it as simple as possible for you you simpleton.

      If I have the technology, and know how to get to the Cape via a fuckin' ship, using the stars as navigation, and the wind as power, and you walked with your feet from the equator south, careful not to build a bridge over a river, rather walk to where it is shallow enough to cross the river, who has more say claiming this land to be their's, you or me. If you concentrate carefully now, you would have to agree that the one using superior means of getting to their destination to be the victors in this race. Whole fuckin' world talking about whites having to check their privilege. I will not check my privilege, think we've fuckin' earned it!!

    10. Hear, hear VB! Do you think the piece of animated shit will actually concede to your perfectly logical argument? I doubt it, but as someone in the group said yesterday, it's probable a White troll and not really a Zot.

  3. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Anyone ever wanted a justifiable reason to take out his 338 and rid the World of vermin then THIS is the time NOW
    Pity I do not have one.

    The THING that does this has NO right to exist on this Earth

    PLEASE someone go and do what we ALL wish we could

    IF there are by chance some little yellow men there take them out as well. Useless destroyers of everything precious in Africa.

  4. Anonymous12:49 pm

    I think the time has come for all these black immigrants to fuck off out of our country.

    Shaka load up all your shit on your abused donkey and get the fuck out of our country my boy.

    1. Boeretjies are seriously the most deluded people on the face of the earth. Whites have no claim on any land in Africa.

    2. Anonymous3:26 am

      Get out of our country you nigger immigrant parasites.

    3. Anonymous5:48 am

      @Anon 12:49pm

      Even the donkey will tell Shaka to fuck off...with its two hind legs.

  5. Anonymous6:04 pm

    If they can kill one another like they recently did in Pietermaritzburg in a leaked assault video of a supposed thief, why would they care about a donkey ?

    Shane Rubens Gillespie

  6. These Zipperheads ( Google ) bare the same incestral mentality we have to put up with.
    Tell them to wok-fry their grandmother's clitoris with a little goat nipple ( coh yue becah sauh riesh an pouwerfuh ) - and the burners are on in a sec.

  7. Anonymous11:10 pm

    This takes us back to your article on what can be considered evil. We are not supposed to live among these things. They do this for money. Imagine what they will do for hate. This is the seed of the devil indeed.


    1. Then go back to Europe where you came from. Whites don't belong in Africa.

    2. Anonymous5:59 am

      @Shaka 12:55am

      Then go back to killing each other on "your" barren land.

    3. Blacks dont belong on this plannet period. Case closed. Now go play with your tokoloshi

    4. Anonymous8:27 am

      @anon 5:59 that's why they are here, because everywhere these things go they leave behind a desolate barren wasteland.

  8. Hey, all you guys [and girl] of S A Renaissance. See Mike has got Upt in topspot on the page with the pic of The Donkey Museum! We'll send him a pic of us all standing around the monument after our gathering.

    ha ha ha!

  9. Hey, they literally also skin defenseless old White people and children alive, boil them, hack them to pieces when they murder them so we shouldn't be surprised at the fate of the poor donkeys.

    Die goed is nie mens nie! Kom ons verstaan dit nou maar eenmaal.

    1. Its just retribution for stealing our land from us. Whites are not humans but Neanderthals anyway.

    2. Anonymous6:01 am

      @Shaka 12:57am

      Spoken like a true savage.

    3. Anonymous9:02 pm


      @Anonymous6:01 am

      Shaka is a white agitator - you can see it by his comments. He is not some disgruntled Karasite but some white idiot.

      Very easy to see through it.

  10. Mike Smith the consummate hypocrite. Whites force feed ducks in search of foie gras and eat oysters alive. And you also massacre dolphins yet have temerity to criticize the Japanese for doing the same. Whites exterminated the California bear and the Quagga from Africa and now are crying fake tears about Rhinos. You are a bloodthirsty race of hypocrites.

    1. Crayfish... You forgot to mention we also boil the poor Crayfish alive.

    2. Anonymous3:50 am

      May I please? Thank you any way.

      shaka you ignorant twat, have your own clan kicked you out because they know shit when they see it?

      You retard, WTF are you meddling in the bosses conversation for, did some liberals arsehole tell you that you were their equal and you believed them?

      Let me help you right, retard. This is the baas and other baas talking here and not evolutions forgotten species. Go burn a school or destroy something as that type of shit is natural to your type, leave us alone booi.

      You will never be equal and all your hopes are in vain and your attempts, no skin lighteners, pepper corn khrousi straighteners, good white school education, ama gti golf or BMW will do the trick. Know that you're a retard accept it and live with it booi.

      Now go make some plens to greb da lend dat da mlungu stole from uz and dream up some more injustices to cry about

      Your ignorance if not so pathetic would have been excusable but I suppose its a black thing to want to be accepted even when clearly cast out and not wanted.


    3. Anonymous6:16 am

      @Shaka 12:52am

      Normal fire triangle is oxygen, fuel and heat.

      Kaffir fire triangle is gasoline, match and tyre.

      Who's the hypocrite now?

    4. Anonymous6:25 am

      I wish I could write like LTMA (no offence Mike)

    5. @ Anonymous 6:16 am

      My fire triangle has only two sides: Condy's Crystals (Potassium Permanganate) and Anti-Freeze (Glycol). Forms a delayed, spontaneously combustible, exo-thermal reaction (about 20-30 seconds). Makes a fire that burns at over 2000°C. Corrugated steel plating of a tin shack melts at about 1100°C.

      Make your own Dragon Eggs used by firefighters for backburning of fire breaks etc.
      Fill up a ping pong ball with KMnO4, inject some antifreeze with a big syringe and shoot it with a 40mm PVC tube and a dive cylinder from the back of your bakkie. But wait until that South Easter is pumping over False Bay on a Saturday night or Sunday morning about 02:00am when they are all dikgesuip and dossing. If you want to you can make it even more vicious by mixing rust (FeO) and Aluminum/Magnesium filings from a bicycle frame 50/50. Congratulations…now you have made Thermite …Burns through steel columns in no time. Can bring down bridges, can damage railway tracks.

      Of course you can also make Napalm by mixing Diesel (works better than petrol) and grated Palmolive soap (Sunlight dishwashing liquid doesn’t work so well) or Styrofoam.

      Don’t think 10 at a time… always think 10,000 at a time.

    6. Anonymous8:31 am

      Fuck imagine that Mike, with a klipa's worth of ping pong balls and some gas we can eradicate the "problem" politicians could not fix with printed multi-millions of dead terrorist randelas.

    7. Anonymous10:43 am

      @shaka booi, I call you booi because you are a booi in both sense, youre the right colour and the right age

      Hey booi let me help you right again, those idiots that want foie gras and live oysters are the same liberals that invite you retards to live in their land or net you dark imbeciles out of the oceans and give you shelter

      Those idiots are the same idiots that find excuses for their weakness and give you ungrateful turds chance after chance after chance.

      You might have learnt to read and write, booi but you still have FA knowledge and are still the most ungrateful, unappreciative bunch of useless mother, sister, daughter raping motherfuckers to ever infest this earth.

      You have no shame, you mongrel hound, you mouth off about whites and their supposed theft of your land and the suppression of your useless dog shit tribes and clans, you can be bloody lucky you do not know me you retarded shit, those whites from other countries actually try and help you sick filthy cunts but you retards just grab and take shamelessly, thats why booi you will never be anything but a retarded species booi, the man whose name you carry wouldn't have even pissed on you or your shadow, he would most probably fed you to a croc or hyena because he would have recognized the low piece of shit life that you are.

      Fuck off now and go steal something it might make you feel better.


    8. Anonymous12:00 pm


      And when the times comes we build up & get 1,000 MOABs for these things & watch them vanish in a cloud.

      10,000 then 1,000,000 at a time.

      Clean up for good!

    9. Anonymous2:02 pm

      That's the right stuff Mike, now all we need is a little backbone to lift ourselves away from the TV or gym and kick against this new shit SA.

    10. Ol' Shakes has really got LT going! Mooi LT, you tell the booi, but I think he's a White troll. FFS, I mean where have you ever heard of a Zot using words like consummate in the right context [and spelling it correctly, nogal!] and actually knowing about foie gras?

      Nee Boetie, I think he's having us on.

    11. Anonymous1:14 pm

      Shaka is nothing more but a Satanic World Order disciple.

    12. Anonymous12:46 am

      Cut the power. Wil do 30mil in no time.
      Watch Amirican Blackout on youtube.

    13. Anonymous8:36 am

      Modified Chinese Lantern is the best method of delivery
      You can easily quickly knock a couple thousand of these together
      Use modified "dragon-eggs" as the payload

      With only a few helpers and the right wind you should be able to take out the whole of Tembisa ( or wherever else )

      I am suprised no-one has done it yet ?
      Timing -- as Mike indicated

      "low-tech" properly used will ALWAYS win !

  11. Anonymous1:17 am

    The Chinese will eat anything just like any other commie run shit hole see zim, venuezala, cuba.
    Any commie country really.

  12. Anonymous1:19 am

    No wonder shaka has been so quiet lately his lover was killed and shipped to china, poor donkey.

  13. Anonymous1:39 am

    The Chinese are big consumers, yet they waste nothing. Their diet is varied and they will pretty much eat anything. If they found a use for a particular body part of a kaffir, believe me they would harvest blacks by the thousands.

    They are mentally hard, have a high pain thresh hold and are prolific breeders. Should they ever rule this world, the kaffir would become extinct within a few years, as they view blacks as some sort of lazy animal and have no regard for them at all (outside of exploiting them now).

    1. "...kaffir would become extinct" - yeh say?
      Other than AIDS the Chinese wok may just be the solution !

  14. Anonymous4:03 am

    The Chinese are not so popular anymore as they have stopped giving free shit to the entitled ones. The Russians will fuck South Africa over with the nuclear deal. As soon as they have finished fucking them over they will drop them too.

  15. Anonymous5:19 am


    Oh no...Bassons maid must have left a big dildo up his arse again, it would appear the wrong way this time!

    1. Anonymous6:14 am

      You beat me to the post, but here is the snippet from Daily Maverick.

      Nel leaves NPA for AfriForum

      The NPA's top litigatory sledgehammer will be leaving the National Prosecution Authority and heading over the barricades to AfriForum.

      Gerrie Nel, the advocate who convicted Jackie Selebi and Oscar Pistorius, will help set up a private prosecutions unit at AfriForum.

      Considering the NPA will be in said unit's crosshairs, Nel's appointment could spell untold woe for the NPA.

    2. Anonymous6:25 am

      Isn't it just sad watching those comments of all the multi-culti snowflakes trying to fix broken babylon and trying to sing kumbaya while the storm winds are drowning out their vain attempts at it. Fucking blind idiots.

  16. Plaaskind11:37 am

    The black was not in the Cape when Jan v Riebeeck arrived, only the hottentot. The blacks did nothing for themselves before the whites arrived.
    No houses, no cars, no wagons, no toilets, no running water and did not cultivate land.
    If all the whites stop whatever they do tomorrow, the blacks will go back to the bush. It is we that try to uplift them, teach them and keep them alive. They only know how to hold out a hand and beg.

  17. Comment section on Moneyweb today. It's good to see people are getting louder, very good..


  18. Anonymous1:33 pm


    Another traitor...


    "I can't imagine anyone wanting to be associated with a white nationalist organization," constitutional law expert Pierre de Vos told News24.

    De Vos said he believed that the AfriForum was pursuing the interests of white people, adding that Nel's job was going to be difficult.

    Why wouldnt white people pursue their own interests?

    Why wouldnt whites want to protect what little they have left, in a country they founded, built & developed?

    Statements like these really make you wonder, does he want the whites to simply hand everything over?

    Does he simply want them to keep quiet despite the fact they are racially profiled for employment - buts thats not racist remember.

    He mentions "why would anyone want to be involved in a nationalist movement"

    But isnt the EFF and the African NATIONAL congress about nationalistic in nature?

    One rule for whites but blacks can do as they please, take what they like, say what they want but let a Judge join a white led organization in the pursuit of the whites objectives and future and then they are racists.

    In the new republic he will meet Mr rope.

    1. Anonymous12:04 am



      I was reading those articles yesterday and the comment section on the article by Adriaan Basson was open for comments. Unfortunately I cant comment on N24 from any of my devices or profiles as they have severely blocked me.

      Reading the comment sections however shows how much the white public opinion have changed since they stopped the comments. There was something like a 160 and i could only find 3 white people that agreed with it and maybe 4 blacks. Everyone else was criticising the author and the piece.

      We know that Solidarity and Afriform are some of the outlets of the Broederbonders.

      Then i read this article.
      Anthea Jeffery: The ‘Hate’ Bill – Unnecessary, unconstitutional and likely to be deeply damaging - Fin24

      This article says clearly that Penny was targeted not because of hate comments but because she is white and that this bill will only apply to whites because all the racist and even death threats from blacks have slipped through the so called radar of the moral judges.

      This led me to believe that the media was creating this race shit storm last year deliberately. Not because they are anti-white. I believe their agenda is to get whites to get gatvol of all the race issues and anti-white propaganda. Why?..

      Well soon the Broederbonders are going to go full force on the ANC. The best tool the ANC have against them is to keep pushing the race issue in order to garner public support. They are going to push this race issue beyond anything we have seen during this fight.

      The Broederbonders need the white public to back them wholeheartedly. Not only to take control of the country but just in case they need numbers during civil instability or war.

      I know this sounds like a moerse conspiracy theory, but what would you have done if you were the head of this financial monopoly?

    2. Anonymous12:39 am

      @BN 1:33pm.

      Well if the DA is ANC lite then these spineless, rubber nuts that call themselves Afrikaners are surely white trailers trash that are trying to creep up wogs arse and gain brownie points through brownest tongue syndrome.

      These are the classic example of weakness in a race, they will align themselves with anything that they think might protect them and to stay in the good books of their new found friends they will lick arse and suck ring and basically bend and take it whichever way it is given.

      I do not read SA shit that circulates through newspapers and electronic media, my news comes through sources like this blog and some reasonably well informed individuals that give me the uncensored version of what's going down, who is shafting who and how many millions have been pilfered by our rather brainless retards. So these white retard loving shit spewers I do not know but I can only assume that they lack something in theirs lives and are social outcasts in white society so like shaka they have forced their way into the retard community and are desperately pushing for acceptance by the retards, just like shaka tries for acceptance on this blog.

      Maybe somebody can hook them a shaka up on a page and the love affair can bloom and the huddle cuddle will get all cosy and coloured blind like they are hoping it will.

      But please stop picking the quick ways to eliminate arsehole that have sold out kin and country, lets use the retard method of disposing of mpimpi, the Dunlop necklace is a well used and tested method, use your rope for tow behinds rather.


    3. My boets, Ninja, Dony, LT - Dony's reasoning makes sense if we refer to Siener's prophesy about The Doringbos Regering.

    4. Anonymous8:19 am


      Anonymous12:04 am Dony / Anonymous12:39 am / TomKat

      @dony - I agree, whether they are Broederbonders. or not, Im not sure but what I am sure is that this country is going to be like hell on earth for the next 24 months, each month hotter than the previous month.

      This is the furnace and it is so black/dark that our nation cannot see their hand in front of their face as Siener mentioned - you see it, its total but total confusion and it is around the total reform which we have gone under.

      Someone commented the other day, perhaps the previous blog post that this is a low key war.

      The truth is the blacks are just as gatvol of the crime, corruption, the country falling apart, as whites but when the kak hits the fan, they will turn on the whites possessions for easy pickings ie moz/angola, zims.

      We see more mob justice, we see the MK movement turning on the ANC and then we have mini wars on the streets in our suburbs.

      Basically the country is about to sink, that is the essence of the situation and the masses, all colours and getting restless.




      The unrest has reached boiling point. This is how coups start!

      Not far off now, with the instability in Zims/Moz right now, drought, currency issues - man oh man, we have been discussing this for years now and it is literally upon us. Problem is in our mind we can see the end in a split second but for events to play out takes months or years but they are playing out right now, as we mentioned years ago, some decades ago.

      This gov doesnt have a leg to stand on besides the race issue, which it is going to use to its full capacity.

      The real issue looming in the background in my mind is the radical element. The EFF will ride this wave to get into power, people will be happy to see the ANC go and so will I but its going to open up a huge vacuum.

      By this stage the whites will be hardened, ready, they will have all abandoned what ever is left of the rainbow shit in their mind.

      It would not surprise me if we dont have the nation uniting with all of this happening, at least a very large portion. More and more will be thinking on the lines of those on this blog and this blog will keep on gathering more viewers/readers.

      Look at the issues in Europe, the US issue with immigration its having on Europe and the recent outbreak of war again in Ukraine.

      April or May year unknown, it breaks out in April or May - its been simmering - remember Tom old Oom Klasie said - several pots will be boiling in Europe.

      In the coming months in SA there is going to be a huge talk about the nationalization of SA & this is what I believe was what he said that the communists are trying to take over here - they will start in JHB but their plans all fail.

      Im not concerned about the Karasites here, they are very easy to sort out. What scares me the most are the white traitors.

      A white traitor is the most dangerous thing in SA. We need to rid this nation once and for all of the traitors, like they did in the Boer war.

      The most important thing out of all of this, is to bend our knee and pray to the Lord to restore the Afrikaner/white nation and everything will then fall into place.


    5. Anonymous12:01 pm



      I also dont know how relevant the term Broederbonder is anymore but for new readers here it might provide deeper insight to look in to the term and will help form a better picture of the so called doringbosregering as the Suidlanders like to put it.

      I myself need a better understanding of this group as well and if the Suidlanders are really for real or just another player in this power struggle waiting for the vacuum. I am leaning towards the Suidlanders though but for me its about choosing our people and not groups that are hungry for power alone.

      What i do see however is that Afriform does have a lot of support from many a Afrikaner my close relatives included.

      I dont want to go to war with my father he is a good shot and a good man. How are we going to get everyone on the same team and not blow good people to bits. I am working very hard on my family but luckily their plan is to escape to a deserted farm where they go regularly.

      They were totally convinced because of the fake media that Hillary would beat Trump and i told them the poles were fake and the news. Sat i went to visit them again and i said to them: "you remember i was standing right here wen i told you this and yous were all having smirks on your faces".

      They kinda know shits going to happen here in SA, I guess most people have started to wake from the rainbow abortion but they still dont know that we have more sinister enemies than just the blacks.

    6. Anonymous3:01 am

      @LTMA: If you must use the Dunlop method then please don't do it in your back garden unless you live on a farm. I called Protection Services onto my neighbour for doing just that. The stink and carbon monoxide fumes were overwhelming, what with the breeze blowing in our direction over the garden wall.

    7. Anonymous6:49 pm

      @Anon 3:01am

      The burning Dunlops won't even stink half as much as the kaffirs inside them.

    8. Anonymous7:35 am

      @Anon 6:49 pm

      All the more reason to keep that shit out of white nostrils.

  19. Anonymous4:36 am


  20. A simple rule of thumb: if it ain't white, it's normally shite.

    Not always, but the averages certainly favour the rule.

    1. Anonymous11:47 am

      Hillary apparently smells like shit too but she is caucasian

    2. Anonymous12:30 am

      @Anon 11:47am

      Hillary smells like shit because she is full of shit.

  21. Anonymous8:29 am


    Can anyone honestly say that this isnt a mini war or beginning stages of civil war.

    When criminals feel so brazen that they dont flee but simply think it is their right to fight for what they steal...

    key words in this article are an indication IMO

    Few posts back regarding the whites/blacks fighting in Pretoria, I mentioned there that JHB is where the massacre will take place for sure based on the data and now combine that comment with the comments from the article here.

    Hijacker killed in 'mini war' in Joburg suburb

    “They were in the hijacked car in the driveway of a house when we found them and they (terrorists) tried to take us out from there,” Renier said.

    “They didn’t even try to flee. They just started shooting at us.”

    'I wondered if we'd survive'

    Residents said the hijackers started shooting at random.

    Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo said police confiscated two AK-47 assault rifles found at the scene. (So they dont hijack with hand guns, these are assault, combat rifles)

    He said Renier and Rust, both former police officers, sustained light shrapnel wounds, but declined treatment.

    Why are they former?
    BEE/AA, too white, too competent and sick of the incompetent SAPS and they can use their weapons. If these were two black cops they would have either bailed or they would have been killed or landed up shooting each other.

    This is going to be the norm now, best train, arm, unite, prepare because eventually the security forces and police will not be able to contain the mobs that arrive with militia types armed to the teeth while they pull your gate off, ransack entire streets and suburbs.

    Its on its way.


  22. Anonymous8:31 am


    Remember what Siener said " an interim gov will be setup"

    Take note!

    ANC national and provincial leaders must step down – MK vets council

    The council resolved that the national executive council (NEC) and the party's provincial structures should be disbanded at the national consultative conference and....

    --->>> interim leaders should take over until the December elective conference <<<----


    1. Ja, Ninja, my broer, it's all coming together, as Oom Klasie prophesied. I think we're in for an interesting and dangerous year, especially for those who don't recognise what's happening. I just hope things will cause more Whites to open their eyes, and quickly too, in the coming months.

    2. Anonymous1:36 pm


      @Tomkat's Tribulations2:24 am

      It is, soon everyone will be mentioning it.

      I am looking forward to our new republics, they are around the corner, not long now, no long.

      Sooner than most people can even fathom.

      I look forward to the day when this nation has a renewed spirit and avenges all our innocent people slaughtered.

      Its coming.

      Everyone really should be prepared, armed, trained and united.

      When we look back, the only thing we will ask ourselves is...

      " why did we put up with the new shit South Africa for so long"

  23. Anonymous8:37 am

    Moffie Adriaan Basson and that other arsehole-cunt Pierre de Vos must stick to fucking each other up the arse. I HATE gays. They are existentially redundant. Let them all die of Aids.

    1. Anonymous1:13 pm

      I also saw the pic of Basson on fake24.co.za and thought that this poefter must sure like to fuck guys in their shithole.

  24. Anonymous10:24 am


    They also killing our lions now too.

    Quite a few have been poisoned, heads and paws chopped off.

  25. Anonymous12:24 am


    Never forget.

  26. Anonymous12:54 am

    Jeez, can't we just have a fucking war now?

    I am tired of all this waiting and talking, talking, talking.

    1. Anonymous1:02 pm

      dialogue = good. War = bad

    2. Anonymous12:17 am

      @ anon 1:02 pm.

      Sounds like youre one of those shits that want to pull a De Klerk on the unsuspecting, go have a little chat to wog, cut yourself a deal and screw your clan.

      Your comment stinks of your betrayal, you fucking yellow bellied coward.

      War is the equaliser and the only solution, without pain one does not learn.

      Sis vis pacem, parabellum.


  27. Anonymous1:07 am


    He is riding with the vierkleur...He and his family have become a target.


  28. By the way, Mike, I think this sentence below id an absolute gem and should be included in an Afrikana museum somewhere:

    Incidentally I don’t know of Afrikaners ever erecting a statue to a black man and I have never heard a song called “die kaffer is ‘n wonderlike ding”.


    1. RunForrestRun2:12 am

      Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren created the 9m statue of Nelson Mandela in Pretoria,-----I suspect with those names they are Afrikaners

    2. Tja...to think I share DNA with White Kaffirs. Makes me want to puke.

    3. Nah, they only did it for the buck and to deprive Kaffirs of money is no sin. They had to do it because the Zots are incapable of creating anything [laughing my arse off!]

    4. Anonymous7:42 am

      Didn't they put a "hasie" in the ear? Fucking lying Russian communist era sponsored scumbag. The Nats should have strung him up when they had the chance. Mvezo wind chime.

  29. Anonymous3:50 am

    Why not skin these c*nts alive instead? ALL of them.

    Gun to SA's head, Sassa holds ConCourt, Treasury and citizens hostage


    After months of warnings, Sassa officials, presenting on Wednesday to Parliament’s portfolio committee on social development the agency’s readiness for the April 1 takeover of the payment of social grants to some 17-million vulnerable South Africans, shockingly revealed that it had, in essence and through its own tardiness, manufactured an emergency that will most certainly now hold the Constitutional Court and Treasury hostage. This means that service provider CPS/Net1’s tender, which the ConCourt ruled irregular, has to be extended for 12 months if grants are to be paid. Sassa has yet to approach the ConCourt and has presupposed it will rule in its favour “in the national interest” or else plunge the lives of millions into chaos. 

    1. Anonymous9:46 pm

      @Anon 3:50 am.

      The parasitic nature of this critter never lies dormant.

      Thanks to good tax payers like you and other responsible and educated whites that enable, motivate and encourage black sam and other kin to rape your taxes and screw you over.

      Be not surprised as this is only the 11 trillionth occasion that you and your kind have been bum fucked without Vaseline.

      Believe me rape counselling ain't going to help, grab something that does and start fighting back, do not pay taxes when you get nothing in return.

      Concourt wasn't made to protect you, it was made to protect these fucking useless weak and horrible parasites that fuck up any decent persons day.


    2. Anonymous7:47 am

      LT 1000% korrek.

  30. Stephen11:17 am

    Hi Mike

    I've been feeling very sad about the pain these donkeys must have felt , sorrow mixed with fury , the same feeling I get about farm-murders.

    My wife just heard this on the news and she remindwd me of something very significant....she said '' Stephen do you remember that Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey and also when Joseph and Mary were looking for a resting place , she sat on a donkey while heavileregnant with baby Jesus.

    That makes Donkeys almost holy id say , to have carried our Lord . Such a noble jpb for such an enduring creature ,,, and now these kaffirs do this to them .... vengance is the Lord's , He will repay them according to their deeds.

    And if I that am a mere mortal man feel like this , I can only imagine how He feels about it.

    1. Amen, Stephen and kudos to your missus for the analogy. I couldn't agree more. The Lord will slay them and we will be His instrument, I pray.

    2. Stephen2:04 am

      Thanks Tomkat , from your lips to His ears my mate.

  31. Anonymous4:30 am

    What's next, Mr Smith?


    1. Anonymous1:00 pm

      tjou maaaa ekse.... :D