26 January 2017

Eugenics, Natural Selection and some laws of Mother Nature

The Master Race. The result of 70 years of careful Nazi breeding

By Mike Smith
26th of January 2017

As my readers know, I am not a friend of any Nutzi doctrine and as I have said many times before…there is a huge difference between Nationalism and National Socialism. In fact I detest any form of socialism.

National Socialism (Nazism, Socialism for whites only) and International Socialism (Communism) are basically the same thing, and I always chuckle when simpletons try to convince me otherwise by saying that Hitler opposed Stalin’s Communism and that should be proof that they are opposites when in fact they are opposames and one can compare them to two pigs fighting for the top position at the same trough. Two sides of the same evil coin. Both are leftist ideologies and I cringe every time the media refers to them as Rightwing.

Just look at the similarities between Hitler and Stalin. Both were born in a foreign country to where they became leaders. Both totalitarian dictators who wanted to rule the world. Both had brutal secret police. Both scape-goated and prosecuted minorities and killed them in their millions. Both had death camps… and many more.

You can read previous thoughts about it over here:

Mike Smith: Understanding Nationalism

The myth of white nationalism and black nationalism

Like I said before, there is no such thing as a “white nation” or a “black nation”. There is a Scottish nation, an Afrikaner nation and a Zulu nation, but no “white nation”. It’s a myth. It’s bollocks.

The history of Europe is one long endless battle of whites fighting whites in 100 year and 30 years wars and that all culminated in the slaughters of WWI and WW2. The relative peace of the European Union era is also coming to an end with cracks getting bigger by the day and it is only a matter of time before it will all fall apart.

In fact this belief in and want of one “white nation” across the world can only lead to the destruction of white nations and cultures, because ultimately it will have only one language, one culture, one religion, etc…a boring world in which I don’t want to live.

What exactly that language and religion should be, how that culture should look like; etc has not been made clear yet by these neo-Nutzis and white supremacists.

If you leave it up to the retarded redneck bunch from the USA who hangout on websites like Stormfront, the language will probably be a Southern version of US English, the national food and drink will probably be moonshine and hamburgers and the national sport will be wife-swapping. They also fail to see that things like whisky and hamburgers came from other nations such as the Scotts and the Germans.

Then there are their beliefs in eugenics and the “Master Race”---that they had 70 years to create already and looking at all the piercings and tattoos these master racers carry, it can only be frowned upon. In fact these "Master Racers" look more like the "Untermenschen" they despise.

Whenever I read about this so called, “Master race” and “white supremacy”, I immediately ask myself, “Masters at what? Supreme in what?”…Because studies like The Bell Curve (Murray and Herrnstein) proved that whites are NOT the most intelligent (on average) and that Ashkenazi Jews and North East Asians (Japanese, Koreans, Chinese) outperform whites in just about all intelligence tests.

I have no problem accepting that. Just like I have no problem accepting that North American Negro slave descendents dominate the NBA, the NFL, 100 meter sprinting and boxing.

Why is it then a problem for blacks to accept that white nations, although on average less intelligent have produced more geniuses and that whites have more initiative, have a better work ethic, have achieved a higher level of culture, is better at management, can organize better, is better at big business, can run a country better and dominate sports like MMA (UFC), swimming, and field athletics?

Why is it also a problem for blacks to accept their superiority and supremacy in violent crime, non maintenance of illegitimate children, accepting social grants, etc? They are world champions in it and far superior than whites.

What The Bell Curve also proved was that whites are more diverse in thinking, interests and achievements than other races. They even look more diverse with different hair and eye colours as opposed to Asians and Blacks who basically…well, let’s be honest…look relatively all the same. Their art, their music, all look and sound the same.

Hitler and the White supremacist brigade also believed in Eugenics, taking the blond, blue eyed ones, mating and breeding them like cattle to produce an even better, stronger Master Race.

Now I have blue eyes myself, but simply put…Eugenics is a fuck-up. Total bollocks.

Instead of having blacks or Asians all looking alike you are going to end up with all blond, blue eyed robotic copies of each other and you will kill the diversity that made the white people of the world excel.

The simple fact that you want to CREATE a Master Race shows that a Master Race does not exist naturally. Nature has not produced any “Master Race” only different ones.

One white nation across the world will have to be an artificial creation and as experience has shown will be a monumental fuck-up like everything else where man tried to play God. Man interfering with Mother Nature is the equivalent of a four year old toddler prodding with a razor sharp knife around an electric socket.

A white Master Race is a pipe dream of dimwitted individuals who don’t even understand their own beliefs or their own people. In South Africa whites cannot stand together, in Europe the Belgians are opposed to each other (Flemish/Wallonians) in Canada the French against the English, Serb against Croat, the Irish against the rest of the world, etc. Good luck in trying to unite them into one white nation to rule the world.

Let me explain it in another way:

Domestic dogs are artificial creatures and are evidence of man interfering with nature. Domestic dogs do not exist in nature. God never made domestic dogs. There are wild dogs in Africa and wolves in Europe, but no natural domestic dogs.

If you remove all humans today, these dogs will interbreed; the species will become weak and eventually die out. The way nature intended it to be. Domestic dogs, even the strongest breeds are dependent on humans and cannot survive for long in the wild without humans.

Besides, ask any cattle farmer, horse breeder or game ranger. Eugenics is hard work. You have to separate siblings, artificially inseminate, keep careful family tree records, etc.

It is the same with a Blue Wildebeest and a Black Wildebeest (the one with the white tail). In nature they never interbreed, only in captivity and then it produces a weak offspring, susceptible to diseases, that quickly dies out. Rangers have to forcibly separate them. In Eugenics you have forced separation and forced integration by the breeders at selected times to get an unnatural result. Both are equally wrong.

Nature prefers natural selection. The fact that human races in modern times tend to interbreed could be proof of captivity under forced integration. However, this interbreeding is still relatively rare. Races still prefer their own kind.

That is why one should not worry about the few who mix their races. Those who choose to interbreed actually do their races a favour to remove their gene pools from the strong central cores of their respective races. They quickly find themselves lonely and ostracized by their communities. It is Mother Nature’s way of keeping things pure.

There is a big difference between Supremacism and Separatism. Separatism for one is natural. It is found and can be observed in nature all around you.

Contrary to Eugenics and Supremacism, Nationalism and Separatism are fairly simple. Stick as close to Mother Nature’s laws as possible. However if you ignore her laws or deviate from them you are going to come short.

Here are a few. Can you add more?:

Be proud of who you are and your achievements.

Look after and defend yourself.

Look after, defend and seek your own kind.

Trust your instincts.

Be willing and able to adapt.

Use camouflage and deception as predator or prey.

Stand out when selecting a mate naturally.

Eat naturally. Nothing artificial.

Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.


  1. Interesting article but I disagree with your statement that there cannot be a white nation. Maybe we use different definitions.

    Look at ancient Israel. They were one nation comprised of various tribes, much like today you have whites(the nation) but also comprised of various 'tribes' - one German, the other Scottish, the other American etc.

    Even different languages but the same race. It will be impossible to tell the difference if you just saw people and I asked you to spot the American, the Scot, the German or the French etc.

    I could confuse you with a blonde Swede, Brown haired German and blonde haired Irishman etc Going against the usual generalisations.

    We whites are one nation but divided into different tribes with differences in language and food and music taste etc, but not in genes.

    You take a nigger, Asiatic or jew and do a gene test and their markers will light up like an atom bomb over Hiroshima compared to ours.

    All whites share the same and I'm not the expert but I think its the R1B1 gene we all share.

    There is actually an interesting story in the book of Judges which shows that even ancient Israel, which was always referred to as One Nation had different tribes who even spoke differently, and ancient Israel was a tiny location back then and they even had language differences - you think they would be the same given the small geographic location within which they were located.

    Easy to imagine today with vast geographical distances between us that languages or accents would vary, but you can always spot the root words which prove a shared heritage:

    The men of Ephraim were called to arms, and they crossed to Zaphon and said to Jephthah, “Why did you cross over to fight against the Ammonites and did not call us to go with you? We will burn your house over you with fire.”

    2And Jephthah said to them, “I and my people had a great dispute with the Ammonites, and when I called you, you did not save me from their hand.

    3And when I saw that you would not save me, I took my life in my hand and crossed over against the Ammonites, and the Lord gave them into my hand. Why then have you come up to me this day to fight against me?”

    4Then Jephthah gathered all the men of Gilead and fought with Ephraim. And the men of Gilead struck Ephraim, because they said, “You are fugitives of Ephraim, you Gileadites, in the midst of Ephraim and Manasseh.”

    5And the Gileadites captured the fords of the Jordan against the Ephraimites. And when any of the fugitives of Ephraim said, “Let me go over,” the men of Gilead said to him, “Are you an Ephraimite?” When he said, “No,”

    6they said to him, “Then say Shibboleth,” and he said, “Sibboleth,” for he could not pronounce it right. Then they seized him and slaughtered him at the fords of the Jordan. At that time 42,000 of the Ephraimites fell. Judges 12: 1-6

    See, same Nation/ Race - whites - but different Tribes just like today.

    We even had jews back in Jesus day who had a strangle hold over temple/ political life etc, much like it is today, same shit, different day/ year/ millennium.

    There is nothing new under the son. History keeps repeating itself.

    Right now there is an awakening happening amongst whites - of all tribes - and it is not going to be at all pretty for our adversaries.

    Trump is a major step in the right direction, but not in terms of the perfection we want for our people.

    A deadly pathogen first has to be removed before we will hit heights we haven't hit in a long time.

    1. Anonymous3:34 pm


      Mike I agree with a lot of the points here though here are my own opinions, which are mine alone.

      This study...

      The Bell Curve (Murray and Herrnstein) proved that whites are NOT the most intelligent (on average) and that Ashkenazi Jews and North East Asians (Japanese, Koreans, Chinese) outperform whites in just about all intelligence tests.

      If these nations were smarter than whites, or white nations, then why is it that 90%+ of the technological advancements have been from white countries & why have these white countries controlled 90% of the wealth and the current financial system?

      I have no doubt they are smart, but then why do we find hordes of Chinese, Japanese, Arabs, Koreans always studying in foreign universities?

      The wealthiest of these families always send their children to western universities and the best universities in Asia have the highest number of western lecturers working in them.

      I can accept perhaps that they are intelligent but we have to look at their living conditions & accomplishments.

      I read somewhere that the true definition of intelligence is not what you know but how you act upon what you know. Ones actions reflect true intelligence.

      The other thing is there are several forms of intelligence according to Dr Garner.

      The IQ/Intelligence tests done in universities by intellectuals tend to focus only on one form of intelligence, where an economy needs many different people working at various forms of jobs/businesses that rely not solely on the IQ/Intelligence that academics outline.


      The Nutzis - I think the social programs were simply a way to get back into the program and a way to making a living. Had the country not been ravished, torn apart, I doubt they would have even gone the socialist route, it was there to uplift the economy and the starving/poor.

      The socialist route via national socialist programs are needed when a nation is in turmoil and after great turmoil.

      The white supremacists for the most part are plain doff, roff en dom. I never got how any one can claim to be superior when looking like a heathen.

      Ive read Mein Kempf it is a boring read, it is filled with some good ideas and bad ideas, though the worst things the Nazis did was the eventual guilt trip they left on all whites/nations in most of the western world.

      I dont think separatism will work with liberals in a society, they will always make everyone feel guilty to open the borders and help the poor souls which tend to come from the darker nations.

      You will have them trying to get into your country at any cost, which will then lead to you having to eventually become an extremist.

      This is why I believe Joshua was commanded to completely destroy the enemy. If he left a few, they would have outbred them and they in turn would have fallen prey to the enemy, like we have seen in SA.

      The solution is, the strongest take the spoils & take what you like because the strongest survive.

      I dont know if there is a solution to separatism in this world where people can fly around the world in 22 hrs & with the financial markets/world the way it is.

      The minute one tries to do anything different, you get what we got here in SA.

      Nice post as usual.

    2. Anonymous8:18 pm

      Very good comment JP, always something new to learn.

    3. @ JP…There are many definitions of “Nation” such as:
      “a large body of people, associated with a particular territory, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government peculiarly its own.”
      You can also read what Wikipedia says about a nation
      They talk about a shared language, shared customs, shared traditions, shared history, etc.
      You also have to distinguish between a Nation and a state. For example, all Jewish people comprise a Jewish nation and different tribes of Native Americans are considered nations, such as the Lakota. Not all nations have States. While the Jewish nation is not a State, Israel is a State. On the other hand, the Lakota nation does not have a State of its own.
      Ancient Israel comprised of two different Kingdoms. The Kingdom of Israel in the North with its capital as Samaria and the Kingdom of Judah in the South with its capital at Jerusalem. They were separate states for over 200 years.
      Now, race and tribes are different things to nations and states:
      A “Tribe” is a social group (often with a recognized leader) not integrated into the national society. Tribes even have a special status acknowledged in International Law.
      Wkipedia: Tribe
      “Race” is assumed to be strictly a biological classification, based on DNA and bone structure. Some people rather prefer the term “Ethnic groups” to include their languages, customs etc. However “Ethnic” is not a noun in English. There are no “Ethnics”. One cannot be an “Ethnic”. There can only be ethnic relations or ethnic structures, etc.
      Sorry, but we need to be clear what we are talking about.
      I think you are right when you sad that the problem lies in what the official view of a “nation” is and what you and I consider as a “nation”.
      Now if you or anyone for that matter insists that all whites worldwide comprise a “nation” then I will gladly acknowledge it…provided they can tell me what the shared language, shared, customs, shared traditions, shared history, shared flag and other national symbols are and where their shared territory is.
      See? You cannot speak of “one white nation”. It doesn’t exist. You will have to create it. Which means you will have to destroy all other currently existing nations (their languages, their customs, etc) in order to form one new white nation. The end result is the same as Communism…just for white people only.

    4. Oh and one last thing which slipped my mind completely but which is an obvious point is why would Israel use the Nuremburg laws to racially classify jews who can become citizens and require DNA testing-seems strange for jews to want to use evil Nazi laws. I think this is racist and Israel needs to open its borders to the poor refugees-I mean Syria is right next door and we're all equal in anycase so it shud'nt bother the Israelis at all... they could do well to hv a bit more vibrancy, cultural enrichment never hurt anyone.

    5. @ Boere Ninja … I think you will find the best explanation if you read the book and study the Bell Curve diagrams. It took the authors about 25 years of research. Most of the answers to your questions about race, gender and intelligence, etc you can also find at the website La Griffe du Lion where they often use extracts from The Bell Curve.
      Actually I also read Mein Kampf. I found it to be a very good book although I disagree with some parts, some parts I agreed with. You cannot throw out the baby with the bathwater. Did it turn me into a Nazi? No. In fact it opened my eyes to the bollocks of Nazism. Just like reading Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto didn’t turn me into a Communist, but instead opened my eyes to the bollocks of Communism.
      I don’t believe in banning any book. Read it, use your brain and think for yourself. It should be enough. Unfortunately many people are too lazy to read the damn book and rather prefer others to read it for them and then tell them their interpretation of it. You have the same with The Bible, The Koran, the Talmud and books like “Morals and Dogma” and “The secret teachings of all ages” and Siener van Rensburg.

    6. @JP…Further to the one white nation…Concidering the aims of the Satanic Communism and Nazism, do you still think One White Nation is a good idea?
      Simply put…The aims of Communism and National Socialism is to reverse God’s Creation. It wages a revolt against God and against nature, God’s creation.
      Now consider that at the building and destruction of the Tower of Babel, God created different nations, gave them different languages and separated them across the world. Read Genesis 11 and see how there was only one nation, one language and a common speech. God scattered them.
      Now if you don’t believe in God, but in evolution, then the result is there to see. If Evolution wanted one white nation with one white language, it would have evolved so. It didn’t. Which means the idea is unnatural. It is unbiblical. It is Satanic.
      Still not convinced? Just look at the Libtards and One World disciples. We should all hold hands and sing Kumbaya together. It is completely against the wishes of God.
      As far as Israel is concerned: I fully support Israel in everything they do. I even think we should be more like the Israelis, learn from them and do what they do. Just think of Deir Yassin, Sabra and Shatila. That is how you do it. I have no problem with their racial classification and allowing only their own people in. We should do exactly the same. Unfortunately only 75% of Israel is made up of Jews and about 20% Palestinians. I support a 100% Jewish Israel.
      As for the Syrian refugees…I fully support the Israelis in not allowing them in, although the Israeli libtards and their liberal leader Isaac Herzog wanted to open the borders and flood Israel with rapefugees, sanity prevailed and Netanyahu blocked them. Now Europe sits with terrorist attacks. Israel doesn’t take shit from terrorists. You see what I mean? If only the Europeans were more like the Israelis.
      If ever you are looking for a solution and wonder what to do, just copy Israel. Do exactly what they do and you can’t go wrong.

    7. Anonymous1:30 am

      That is inside the state
      To protect and advance jews ONLY !
      How would israel survive without the massive input and help from the US -- and their "christian-zionists" ?

      How many CHRISTIAN churches in israel ?
      What do "International jews" / Zionists get up to ?
      WHY should anyone support jews in the disapora ?

      What is clear -- one law for jews
      Another one for EVERYBODY else

      You claim to have read all these books
      What about the TALMUD and the TORAH ?
      HOW after reading that rubbish can anyone claim to be a supporter of "jews"

      Christians in Jerusalem Want Jews to Stop Spitting on Them
      A few weeks ago, a senior Greek Orthodox clergyman in Israel attended a meeting at a government office in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul quarter. When he returned to his car, an elderly man wearing a skullcap came and knocked on the window.

      read more: http://www.haaretz.com/christians-in-jerusalem-want-jews-to-stop-spitting-on-them-1.137099

    8. @ Anon 1:30 AM

      How many Christians and Christian Churches in Israel? Read here:
      Christianity in Israel
      I take it you have read the Talmud and the Torah too, otherwise how would you know it is “rubbish”? Or did you just read a few quotes and interpretations by loony anti-semetic Nutzis?
      So you have a quote from a bullshit propaganda article that is hardly worth commenting on seeing that any five yo child will be able to spot the junk reporting. No eye witnesses, no proof. Anecdotal made up crap most probably. “A man in a skullcap”…So who says he was a Jew? How about an extremist Arab enemy of Israel dressed as a Jew to incriminate Jews? Oh, you never thought of that? Didn’t we have that same bullshit under Apartheid?
      Let us say your junk report was even mildly true and turn it into a SA incident. A white man spat on a black man. In your infantile brain, All whites therefore spit on all blacks all of the time. Right?
      You must be a special kinda stupid. Typical low IQ neo Nutzi doos.
      I know for a fact that Israel actually passed a law protecting Christians from Muslims in their army. Do you even know how many Christians are serving in the IDF?
      Here is a challenge. Go to Israel. Go see what a nice country it is and see the freedom and protection the Christian minorities of many denominations enjoy there. Take a cross and walk from the north of Jerusalem to the South and see if any Jew spits on you. If anything it will be Arabs who will spit on you, but I even doubt that. Yet you support the Hamas Arab terrorists against the Israelis.

    9. Anonymous4:06 am

      I do not support anyone
      To answer my own question -- What do "International jews" / Zionists get up to ?

      The Kindertransport has been exposed as a confection of distortions, myths and omissions previously in TOO, but there is another little awkward fact about the Jewish refugees taken in by Britain before the war. And that is the remarkably high proportion of them who chose to actively betray the country which gave them sanctuary by acting as spies for Britain’s deadly enemy, the Soviet Union.


      To be a critic of Zionism doe NOT automatically make one a supporter of ANY other cause !
      TO be a Zionist makes one a supporter of ANY other cause that furthers the "agenda"

    10. Ja OK... You had your five minutes on your antisemtic soapbox, so scedaddle now. Shoo-shoo.

    11. Anonymous7:24 am

      dont worry anon, it's a compliment to be called an antisemite by a jew boi. it's all they have because reason is lacking. they resort to empty phrases that appeal to emotion. its very common for women to use this kind of argument (Which is a non-argument). mike's been using a lot of fallacious reasoning lately. for example. it's not a good foundation of reasoning to use scripture which is generally void of logic. How is whites uniting under a single tribe satanic? how is it unnatural? i would say it's absolutely natural to prefer, trust and love your own kind over others. and when every other race can nurture their own group preference but it's racist for whites then whites are at a serious disadvantage. it's like a rugby game where the white team must always give the ball to the black team and the black team can give the ball to eachother. who's going to win this game?... not the white team.
      Mikes argument is that a white nation is satanic (most people would say racist but he's modifying his tactics just a little to appeal to your christian values. it's a very jewish thing of you mike to manipulate Christians by warping their own values). Racist/ satanic are just empty words the JEW Boi uses to push his fallaciuos reasoning.


      how funny it is when the inbred NUTZI has more sense than you mikey! DONT LISTEN TO MIKE. GO FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. THE TRUTH FEARS NO INVESTIGATION.



    12. Anonymous7:43 am


      The only thing I would throw in here is the following.

      The western white Europeans come mainly from 3 waves of movements of people, via mainly three routes into Europe.

      1. The Caucuses region.
      2. The Mediterranean region
      3. Via Eastern Europe where by the bypass the Caucuses region.

      They are the 10 tribes of Israel to which the Apostles went to preach and all the nations where they settled to this very day are ALL Christian nations.

      They are also the ones who spread the word, rather than had any other nation on earth spread it to them. In other words, the fulfillment of Christs command came to be " go but unto the lost sheep of Israel"

      Western Europe is inhabited by the Celts, Saxons and Germanic tribes.

      All those tribes which made those various nations, DNA speaking wise they are the same people.

      The Scotts come from the Irish.
      The Visigoths in Portugal/spain come from a branch of the Germanic people.
      The Lombards of Italy come from these people.
      The Nordic nations/vikings come from the same genetic group.

      The Scotts mention this in their declaration that they come from Israel.

      When I have read up on their genetics, their DNA is basically the same.

      They have all formed their own cultures, linguistic identities but more or less they are the same blood groups.

      So that is where the line begins to get blurry for me.

      Though I can accept they are unique in their own right and have their own identities, once we hit the microscope and analyze the DNA, that is where it becomes interesting.

      I mean if we took your average Western European and shaved their heads, put them against the wall and asked someone to identify which countries, nations they come from, it would be pretty difficult.

      Even read a document online that despite the Moor invasion of Iberia/Hiberia (Meaning land of the Hebrews - Interesting that Ancient Spain was coined land of the Hebrews) / Lusitania (Modern day Portugal) the DNA is still that of European/western Eurpean, that being of the different Gothic/Saxon/celtic tribes that settled there.

      Based on the DNA, they are closer rather than further apart.

      I believe the DNA/Genetics differs today slightly because of other 3rd wave migrations into Europe like the slavs, tartars, Mongels, Moors, Berbers, Ottomans, if these blood groups had not mixed with any of these people, Im pretty sure that they would be 99.99% DNA genetically speaking the same.

      Then we have to see, where else did these nations of the same DNA settle?

      US, Canada, NZ, SA, Rhodesia, South America, AUS - again forming their own cultures but if we scratch those cultures, they are very easy to assimilate into because their foundations are the same or come from the same place/origin.

      And taking the Gospel with them, again fulfilling prophecy that the word would be preached to the corners of the earth.

      In Germany - The Romans had to identify the "original" Germans from the invading "Persians/Saracens" entering Europe, they came up with the word "Germani" meaning Genuine, the Genuine peoples or Germanic tribes vs the new Saracen invaders.

    13. Anonymous7:43 am


      I have also read many people find that Nazis has its roots in Persia/Saracens brought it to Europe. The Swat sticker is found all over Europe from the Persians under Xersis invading India found in the book and mentioned in the book of Esther in the bible.

      The Persians, were once upon a time white. I believe from the same stock as Abraham. Abraham was from UR, the Chaldean's, modern day Iraq - all those territories fell under one region once upon a time.

      Cyrus, IMO was a Hebrew or from that stock and why he was chosen. They had an obsession with whiteness with all the invading nations as well in Persia - after their European invasion failure thanks to the Spartans & Greeks (also referred to Hebrews/cousins in the bible) defeat they moved eastward naming all the nations after them - all the countries ending with Stans - Pakistan, Afghanistan, are from their invasions of those lands.

      The dark forces throughout history have always sought to destroy the Western nations (Israelites) via warfare or mogrelization.

      No Israelite's left and revelations cannot be fulfilled because those apostles sit judging those tribes in the end.

      Judah has but one Apostle sitting on it, the other 11 tribes have to come back in the end.

      Just my thoughts.

    14. @ Boere Ninja... Say what? Europeans entered Europe from the East via the Balkan Route?

      Oh the irony...

    15. Anonymous12:20 pm


      No, no Irony here.

      Raymond E Capt - World renowned historian & Archeologist turned biblical historian/Archeologist.

      The records are from Assyria, Rome, Babylon, Greece, Persia & Media.

      You can hear him discuss it here - old video.


      https://youtu.be/33DC4UatExo?t=3m35s (via the black sea route)

      You can see the migration path here.

      The Jews go through to Hibera named after the Hebrews confirmed by the Irish and into the Scots.

      This is one of the migration paths but is not through the Balkan region -

    16. Anonymous4:44 pm

      God still has plans for the Jews, Christ will save the world oneday including gentile and jew but not many will be saved.

    17. Anonymous7:08 am


      @Anonymous4:44 pm

      Which Jews?

      So if the Chinese convert en mass to the Jewish faith, would this make them Jewish?

      Religiously speaking yes.
      Biblicaly speaking, in reference to the tribe of Judah - NEVER.

      The gentile thing is also a very misunderstood concept.

      In the Epistles to the Corinthians it says the following & bare in mind that the Church says Gentiles are heathens, needed saving, are not Jews nor do they recognize them as Israelites.

      Now let me debunk the gentile issue for any serious biblical student or those who always were confused by the term "gentile"

      1 Corinthians 12:2 Translations - Ye know that ye were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as ye were led.

      ---- The only people carried away in the old testament were the Israelite's. To which Christ was sent & to which he sent his apostles. You can read the book of Mathew to verify this.

      Remember "go but unto the lost sheep" Paul was doing this exactly, as can be read below - so the Corinthians considered to gentiles, backward, heathens by the modern Church are not what they appear to be when you understand history & the people.

      1 Corinthians 10:1-11 For I do not want you to be ignorant of the fact, brothers, that our forefathers

      [2] **** were all under the cloud and that they all passed through the sea.**** They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea.

      The only people who walked through the sea were the Israelites - 14 tribes including Manesah & Ephraim.

      Gentiles is referred to by the Church as any nation other than the Jews - that is how most blind pastors teach/preach it. They consider Gentiles to be heathens - the Jew refer to them as Goys.

      But here we can see that the gentiles walked through the red seas - was this some la la reference to some people?

      Was this some psycho babel trying to convince them they walked through the red sea?

      I think not. They were told who to preach the word to and he is making a literal reference to a group of people who crossed the sea and left Egypt.

      The modern Church label anyone a gentile other than the Jews, they dont even know there are 10 tribes or simply ignore it.

      So if everyone is a gentile who was not a Jews, then they could not have all crossed the sea.

      If all gentiles crossed the sea, then the Egyptians who according to the Church also fit the parameters of "Gentile - for they are not Jews" would have settled with the Israelites in their new territory.

      Now if the Church say this was a metaphor, then we might as well say that the entire story of crossing the red sea is a metaphor but today, to this day the Jews (small part of the remnant of the tribe of Judah) still celebrate this crossing -- Josephus the Jewish Historian tells us it was a literal crossing & we have Jerusalem in a new territory after crossing the sea - it is a historical event.

      The Scottish declaration which traces all their kings, unchanged back to the sea crossing - that is their historical documents that prove that. So it is not metaphorical but the Churches ignorance about who the gentiles really are because they refer to anyone in the old testament as Jews.

      The gentiles which were being preached to were the lost ten tribes because they were and are the ONLY people to have crossed out of Egypt protected by the cloud.

      And if every gentile crossed along with these Israelite's, then they would not have encountered the settled tribes of various nations Joshua was commanded to kill - those tribes would have been crossing with the Israelites, because these nations are also considered Gentiles according to the Churches description.

      One cannot interpret the bible without understanding who the people are. 1,200-1,300 pages in the bible, 2,300+ references to the tribes of Israel - more mention of them, than there are pages in the bible - this should tell us something.

  2. Anonymous10:42 am

    Hi Mike , This wanting to create a perfect blonde blue eyed Race is all Bullshit, was created as propaganda that all others must be eliminated at once ya ! Crap !
    In my opinion Down syndrome and birth defects etc. Its like wanting a Thoroughbred Dog , pure in its form , with no Birth defects etc.
    Most of the Germans in WW2 were Dark Haired brown eyed anyway.
    Mengele and his Scientist were performing just that, and after the war the Americans took it over to carry on . Just like all the other Projects that were started from Rockets , to Precision machines to copying everything . Btw the Ak47 is copied from the german STG 44 .

  3. Anonymous11:00 am

    "Here are a few. Can you add more?"

    Just be yourself.

    1. Whiteman2:13 pm

      And another one : Try to excell, never be satisfied with mediocrity ! When you are wrong, admit it, and ask for forgiveness ! Give compliments, when you can do so sincerely ! Never criticise, unless you can do it constructively, with no malice ! And of course, my favourite : The golden Rule !

  4. ........ will be with you shortly.

    A thought prevoking article that could lead to some interesting conclusions and arguments.

    I am enjoying a quiet braai with my wife here in the hot Karoo for the time being but will be with you soon as i am leaning in the other direction concerning someb of these thoughts as you might already know.

    Exscuse spelling and such ...using phone.

    Keep the articles comming though plenty of political things happening as well.

    1. Anonymous7:53 am

      @Donycero11:13 am

      Think I will join you there.

      Hows life in the Karoo?

    2. Anonymous9:29 am

      Be my guest.

      Best decision ever to move out of the bigger city. Not even one car guard in my town. Was a bit dry and hot lately but now everything is green around here. They will tel you on the weather Graaf Reinet is going to be very hot the next day. Something like 38 but they wont tell you my town will be 47 because it is not listed.

      The kudus are not back yet but give them a month or so. Quiet and peaceful. I think i might have added a decade or more to my lifespan.


  5. Anonymous11:39 am

    Great article Mike.

    Its unfortunate that your blog MSPC is more or less labelled right wing, when indeed you are really highlighting facts on the earth where we live from a common sense point of view. (My perception of it)

    I believe different cultures should not mix however we should trade financially, that's it.

    Many Afrikaners despise the British from the Boer war.
    (Most Afrikaans can speak English but many Souties cant string a Afrikaans sentence together. Shame on us)
    (Ek het my woordeboek en ek probeer.)

    Blacks hate just about every white person regardless.
    (Their rhetoric seems that way even if you are from Iceland)

    The Scottish hate the English.
    (Think Braveheart, I have seen it also)

    Sooner or later something has to give.

    A like minded culture will evolve out of this, what it will be, who knows... Hopefully Braai, beer and biltong!

    Answering your question ...

    Its lekker to be lekker when you are lekker!

    1. Brutus12:54 pm

      Ag nee wat, ons afrikaners en souties is deesdae dik pelle. Hou net n arrogante brit van my weg want vir hom gee ek sommer n woes wapper klap.

    2. Anonymous2:20 pm

      Anon 11:39 , Fact , they hate us because we a smart and have more righteous way of Life. They are so Racist, that they say little when their own color messes up . In the USA the Blacks Voted for Obama in record Nos only because he is Black , no matter what. Btw you know why whites get Lice more than Blacks ? because they know a parasite , and who wants to parasite from a parasite ?

    3. Anonymous1:35 am

      Hair lice are unable to secure a proper footing on the hair of black people
      They can however on whites with their nice ling thick straight hair

      This is a straight medical fact -- nothing to do with any thing else
      You may of course want to understand how where and why the louse developed -- such that it cannot survive on blacks .......
      Evolution ???

    4. Anonymous7:46 am


      @Brutus12:54 pm

      The difference these days between souties. & boertjies is net die taal dis al!

      Die Karasites see us all as Boertjies regardless of language, so all we have are each other. So whoever has issue better kiss and make up - cause all we have are each other.

      Heres a kiss for you Brutus, just dont stab soutie in the back! XXX

      Ag nee wat, ons afrikaners en souties is deesdae dik pelle. Hou net n arrogante brit van my weg want vir hom gee ek sommer n woes wapper klap.

  6. Anonymous11:53 am

    Very good article. Any normal and sane person will agree with it. Libtards like the lot that blog on n24 and other msm will off course scream you are a racist blah blah bah. Melanie and Maxie a perfect example of being to stupid and narrow minded to understand your logic.

    by the way, good to have you back Mike, some blogging with substance again.

  7. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Very thought provoking Mike. Agree 100% with you on this.Vaalpens

  8. Brutus12:51 pm

    A bit of the topic, just scanned an article on a shitty msm site whereby some no name wannabe libtard explains what the Trump can learn from mandela.....bwhaaaaaa!!!!! Seriaaasy, these libtards are befok in die klein koppies. Trump built empires from scratch, and mandela was a tax payer parrasite.

  9. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Watched a very interesting conversation on youtube about the IQ differences between the races. Well worth a watch/listen. Will help you to understand why things are the way they are:


  10. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Melanie, Max en Mandela.... al drie konte

  11. RunForrestRun1:55 pm

    To add to your list.

    Where possible try to check the original source and avoid getting sucked into the MSM manipulation.

    Above all, ALWAYS question the motivation of whoever published it,--Anne Franks's diary springs to mind as something published as gospel and since found to have been majorly edited , revised and possibly written with a particular BALLPOINT PEN not commercially available till 1951.

    For example there is a plethora of agenda driven bullshit in the MSM whether its about Trump, Nazi's, the holocaust, Dresden Fire Bombing, the thousands of Germans genocided post WW2 by the allies, Nelson Mandela or Cuito Canavale etc etc.

    As someone who has lived and experienced or had first hand reporting from survivors of these events I must tell you that what has become the accepted "story" on these events is sometimes majorly at odds with the reality. I do not advocate a particular "story", I am just advising you to try and find original material and witnesses as far as possible and make up your own mind instead of being led by the nose down whatever path.

  12. Anonymous2:44 pm

    There is only ONE nation

    This one


    No others even come close

    1. Anonymous11:53 am

      SAw Chinks and muzzies in there

  13. Anonymous11:24 pm

    He, He, He...

    Whites have a much flatter distribution curve than most races so while the others are more or less intelligent, we still produce higher per capita numbers of geniuses, which is what is required for driving scientific development. We also produce higher per capita numbers of sub-geniuses that are required to support and maintain the developments of the geniuses.

    The flat distribution scale means that whites are uniquely positioned to drive the development of science and culture, both of which lead to advances in technology, increases in life expectancy and quality.

    BUT... This alone is not enough. High and above average intelligence whtes ALSO have a larger variety in thinking styles than asians, blacks, and ashkenazis.

    It is this high distribution of intelligence and wide variety in thinking styles that ultimately drives innovation. Person A will have an idea, but is stumped. Person B with a different thinking style will see something that Person A cannot and develop the idea further before getting stumped. Person C with a different style to A and B will see something that A and B cannot and take it further. Person A will then see something that B and C couldn't and develop it further.

    This is the true power behind the white race - diversity in thinking patterns/style. IQ alone is NOT enough!!!

  14. Anonymous11:48 pm

    The nutzi version of WN is a load of crap. But there is a new version of WN that is on the rise it can be partly summed up as 'no more brother wars' that is to say white nations have more in common than which divides us.

    Correct there is no white nation worldwide but what customs, traditions, symbols there are in common could said to be: rule of law, christianity, the cross, in order and western-civilization More would be right to a fair trial in a court of law.

    Whites are realising they are a global minority and if they don't stick together they will be fucked. Not exactly pure nationalism I know but it boils down to two things. 1 Next time we fight its side by side. 2. Remember the 14 words.

  15. Mr Mister1:44 am

    That guy looks more like a grown up version of Dennis the Menace from Beano.

  16. I am an advocate of separatism. Whites in Europe And Africans in Africa. Start packing guys, its time to go back home. Face it Boeretjies don't want to leave because you are white trash and no one cares about you in Europe. Still bitter at Mugabe for sending you back where you came from.

    1. Anonymous2:53 am

      Shaka, if only you understood the greater agenda. The objective is to control and destroy the masses through starvation. First the masses have to support the idea of claiming the land back. Then the food production in SA comes to a grinding halt. Now the government can control the desperate masses who will eventually starve to death. The masses need to wake up to this 'race'tactic being used by the powers in charge.

    2. Aaahh! The Return of The Turdsprouter?

    3. Anonymous2:55 am

      Please people ignore this dumb fuck, always trying to provoke and stir. Go back to your failed utopia called Zim. We know why africa is so fucked, because of all of you with your 73 IQ's. All you can do is steal , breed and consume like cockroaches and parasites. That is all that you will ever be. now please fuck off sub human piece of excrement!

    4. Anonymous2:58 am

      @ shaka

      Mugabe sent both more whites and blacks to SA.

      Most of them moved here and still coming everyday.

    5. Anonymous3:55 am

      Holy shit shaka see you are just as excited as us that Mike is back. Cant get enough of Mike and his truth can you? Vaalpens

    6. Anonymous4:02 am

      yehbo shaka, and zulus in natal, and natal only, and xhosas get the rest of south africa.

    7. Anonymous4:09 am

      All your heroes have sold Africa to China, hence why mandarin is a language in school now.

      Shaka you most probably white anyway, causing shit here.

    8. Shaka, please ask your cousins to stop immigrating/fleeing to Europe, to make some space for us, or maybe you should all go and join your cousins there, so that we Whites from Europe can develop this "Africa for Africans" of yours to its full potential, unhindered by all your kind's bullshit.

    9. Anonymous11:50 am

      There are 40 Africans per sqaure km in AFrica. There are 73 Euros per square km in Europe. Therefore (using your anti apartheid arguement) Africans have BRUTALLY BRUTALLY OPPRESSED white people by forcing us to have nearly half of the land compared to AFricans.

      Therefore, we are justified to start murdering black boer farmers.

      What? YOu have a problem with what I said? Hey, I am just agreeing with your rhetoric.

      You oppressed white people. YOu must vacate and move north of the equator. Ubuntu! You must share 50%! REEEECCCCEEESSSTT!!!

    10. Anonymous1:12 pm


      Mugabe couldn't care less about any of you. He only cares about wealth and remaining in power. White farmers once fed you, but now you'll bloody well starve.

      Mugabe wouldn't even piss on you if you were on fire!

    11. I don't understand why my comment got hate. Aren't whites for segregation? We were segregated whites in Europe and Africans in Africa until whites invited themselves in my homeland. The historic native born Africans are fed up with your whinging.

    12. Anonymous1:57 am

      @Shaka 11:57pm

      "I don't understand why my comment got hate."

      Even the lump of shit knows why!

    13. Anonymous8:56 am

      only problem is that whites pre date africans in South Africa.

    14. Anonymous8:57 am

      Yes shaka and we are fed up with your rape and murder...

  17. Anonymous2:49 am

    Eugenics is about breeding the best aspects into humans. and insuring that the fittest, smartest breed with eachother. THat's something missing in modernity with all of our sexual and social depravity.
    It's important to keep the bloodline healthy. just how a farmer breeds with good stock of cattle and doesn't introduce defective genes into the pool that can taint the blood and soul of a people.

    We infact all practice a form of eugenics. trying to find the ideal mate to pair-bond and raise good children is eugenics. the opposite of eugenics is DISgenics. which is a worsening of the gene pool overtime. The islamic world has a famous case of disgenics. Islam permits cousin marriages. this incest has resulted over the past 1000 years in cognitive damage to the neurology of muslims in countries where Cousin marriages are common.

    one biggest diffrence between national socialism in germany and international socialism in USSR was that. the Nazis took a introspective nationalist view, whereas the Communists took an globalist extrospective. the Communists took a world dominating approach whereas German National socialism took a national dominating view. They are very different beasts. for instance the NKVD in The USSR used to put troops behind the front line troops and where ordered to shoot anyone who deserted or surrendered. the Communists were so bad that they even promised to execute the solders entire family if they surrender.
    The nazis didnt need to force people at the barrel of a gun to fight. they were willing on their own free will for an ideal germnay free of the internationalist forces that seek to endlessly plunder countries for the only purpose of world domination.

    The Jews where not a scapegoat. they were a very real threat to the continued existence of germany and the rest of the western world. Just look what JUDENDOM did to the Russians during the bolshevik revolution and what JUDENDOM continues to do today.
    The Jews created communism and most of the commissars of the USSR were internationalist jews from all over the world. such as leon trotski, a jew. Marx, a jew. Stalin, born a jew. later in life became an atheist. Jews in the 21st century continue to favor leftist/marxist politics. jews have been turning america communist over the past 100years. just look at the federal reserve and over 50years of jewish leadership in Americas financial system. a system that perpetually enslaves people in with the unholy and immoral practice of usury, otherwise known as compound interest and perpetual debt. which is selling off the wealth of future generations to satisfy the hear and now.

    Hitler has been vindicated. Hitler did nothing wrong.

    1. Cousin marriages is the reason why idiots like you support NS. You forget that Hitler started off killing German old people and handicapped. 70,000 died before the church asked him to stop. Hitler also forced children into war. Hitler wasn't nationalistic at all. He wanted to rule the world (just like Stalin) and fill it up with blonde blueyed clones. He was a Satanic nutcase who was involved with the Occultic Thule Society, Madam Blavatsky, etc.

      Read up on the Sabateans. There you will find who is really in the the Synagogue of Satan.

    2. Anonymous7:49 am


      Pakis in the UK have serious DNA issues from inter marrying and in all my life, I have never seen so many disabled children as in the UK from their intermingling.

      AUS, NZ, SA, US, Can - they dont have an issue as bad as the UK - this is IMO - the gene pool is too close - cousins and the odd koeksister in there.

    3. Anonymous3:21 pm

      Read up on the Sabateans

      I believe the correct terminology is ...

      The Sabbatean-Frankish Messianic Conspiracy



      What difference does it make ?
      "They" are all the same !

    4. Anonymous2:01 am

      Atrocity propaganda goes a long way Mike. We get it. Hitler killed old age Germans and handicapped. Zis is zee truth I tell you. Are you sure the actual amount was 70 000 and not 6 million?

      All of Hitlers speeches were filmed. Please publish a single account where he wanted:

      1. To take over the world?
      Actually all he ever spoke about was fairness to Germany and Germans. Both Churchill and various other Allied leaders have publicly stated that this was te reason THEY dragged Germany into the war. Hitler said it time and time again.

      2. Please show on speech where it comes out of Hitlers mouth that he wanted to fill the word with Blond blue eyed children?

      For someone that supposedly painstakingly researches his subjects you are very obviously swallowing the endless propaganda hook line and sinker.

      Are you sure you are not paid to be controlled opposition? You seem to focus very much on the symptoms and very lttle on the cause.

      For someone that supposedly hates Socialism, Marxism and Communism you certainly have previously used Marxist Critical Theory to shut down debate.

    5. @ Anon 2:01am…Shut down debate? There is no possibility of rational debate with irrational people who suffer from confirmation bias. Look it up if you don’t know what it means. To have an intelligent debate both parties need to keep an opened mind, reflect on each other’s point of view and stay objective. That is not possible with neo-Nutzis, because their minds were made up a long time ago and they won’t change. No amount of evidence is going to change their point of view. The reason why their minds are already made up is, because they are incapable of thinking any further and too lazy to do any objective research. It is easier to trawl the internet for tidbits from other neo-Nutzis to confirm their already established biased point of view. Hence “Confirmation Bias”.
      Now contrast that with a person like me. These neo-Nutzis accuse me of being ignorant, of being a Jewish agent, being anti-white, that I am Jewish myself or that my wife is Jewish (she’s catholic btw) or like you who just said, “Are you sure you are not paid to be controlled opposition?”
      See? Where is the debate about the topic when you have already slung your mud and casted your doubt on my person simply because I have a different point of view based on an informed opinion?

    6. Make no mistake; I don’t blame you for your point of view. You are wrestling with some questions and looking for answers, but guess what, you are never going to be able to get to those answers with a closed mind and a subjective, lazy and ignorant opinion.
      I don’t have all the answers either and I have never claimed to have all the answers. All I am trying to do is to get you to think about the answers; see things from a different point of view. By all means do you own research. Point is that I just see myself further down the road than you.
      Believe me I am not ignorant on the “Jewish question” that people like you are wrestling with. I own and have read all David Duke’s books. All David Irving’s books. Germar Rudolf, Claus Nordbruch, Ernst Zündle and many more. I have books like “The Holocaust Industry” by Finkelstein, “The traditions of the Jews” by Eisenmenger and “Judaism discovered” by Michael Hoffman. Those are very thick books. Eisenmenger’s book is 872 pages. Hoffman’s book is 1102 pages. Go on. Test me. Ask me to quote to you from any page of any of those books.
      On top of that, I speak fluent German (half of my books are in German), I have been to the Jewish museum in Berlin several times, I have been to Israel. I own a copy of the Talmud for reference purposes…No my friend…you can call me what you want, but ignorant is not one of them…
      See, that is the difference between me and you. I cross reference EVERYTHING I read. I don’t just believe rubbish quotes made by discredited criminals and psychos like David Duke. I look their sources up and check for myself and read things in perspective. I know they hate me for doing it, because I discover how they twist and manipulate information to suit their confirmation bias (Duke is especially notorious for it). They much rather want me to be just another ignorant redneck or Nutzi dingbat who swallows all their crap without using my own mind.
      Rest assured. When I write about something, I have a fairly informed opinion. For instance…the reason why I can criticize and say the things about Islam is because I was a Muslim myself. My first wife (deceased) was Muslim. I did not just convert to Islam, I studied it at the Madrasa. I learned about Early Islam, I learned to read and write Arabic and recite the Quran. I went to the mosque every night (Maghrib) for an entire year and listened to what the Imam’s, Maulana’s and Tablighi’s from all over the world had to say. I went with the Tablighi’s when they did their missionary work and spread the Islamic faith. I have been to India, Pakistan, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia…almost every single Muslim country in the world. I know their religion and their culture intimately. Believe me…the day I rejected Islam…I had an informed opinion.
      Likewise with Africa. I lived in two countries in Africa for over forty years. I traveled to every single country in Africa. I speak three African languages. I have studied African cultures and belief systems. Yet Liberals and Blacks think I am an “ignorant racist”. I tell you what…those who want to accuse me as such, should first go and do what I did, see the thinks I have seen, study the things I have studied…then they are justified in their judgment of me. Until then, I will reserve my opinion on who the real propagandists and ignorant are.

    7. Anonymous1:01 am

      You must be THIS Mike Smith then ?

      Michael Smith, 40, has been appointed deputy Jerusalem bureau chief. He joined the AFP English desk in 2007 and held several positions before being appointed Lagos bureau chief.



      Perhaps this one


      Mike Smith is not anywhere near your REAL name ?

      So then
      What horse is it that you have in the race ?

    8. Anonymous3:18 am

      BTW micheal if you keep stopping my comments from appearing. ill know youre intellectually inferior to an inbred nutzi because you have you suppress my point of view. this in not the behavior of a 'THINKING MAN' as you claim to be. if my ideas are so wrong, why cant you let everyone here see them for themselves instead of only 30% of my comments that without context means very little. C'mon micheal. because so far all i see is that an inbred nutzi has destroyed your arguments. but you wont even show all of my comments. it looks more like the position of fear to me. that youre afraid to engage with an inbred NUTZI beyond name calling. If i am an inbred nutzi why are you afraid to let everyone see my arguments in their entirety?

      THis entire experience has showed me youre a fool. you dont understand the battlefeild in the slightest. you just stay there in your safe space, echo chamber. no wonder you cant debate anymore.

      Post all of my comments. the people here should know that that their fuhrer mike has no clothes. like he has no arguments.


    9. @ Inbred Nutzi...First of all I won't publish those comments where you accuse me of enjoying black cock in my arse and sucking little Kike pricks. I will spare my readers your low IQ degenerate filth. Secondly I am not interested in your bullshit and neither are my readers. This is not a platform for retarded idiots like yourself. Fuckoff to Stormfront. There you have all your degenerate mates to circle jerk with.

  18. Anonymous2:59 am

    White solidarity worldwide.
    Hitler & the Nazis & their collaorators all fought the evil Roschilds.

    Russia, America,UK, Canada, South Africa, France all fought Hitler so it just goes to show who was protecting usury & debt accumulation by the evil ones.


    1. Anonymous7:50 am


      Bankers fund both sides - they make money either way.

      The US has been fighting banker wars for over a century now, thats why they have rules of war. The banks need long drawn out wars - bankrupt the nation they fight and not destroy those people completely because they need to re-finance and get those people/nations into the system.

    2. Anonymous3:43 pm

      I'm not defending the Axis powers, but in their speeches they at least do mention they were fighting the 'Plutocracies', international banking cartels and global elites. Italy and Germany mostly referred to the Allies as the Plutocracies.

  19. Anonymous3:29 am

    Mike you say we must lurn from the Israelis and do what they are doing... can you for one minute imagine those hipocrits mouths poison if we sould dare? Them Edomite Jews has actualy got their idea from us Boere but worming themselfs into our institutions, they are the first ones to crusify sovern white nations with liberal ideologies. Christ didnt call them a den of vipers for no reason.

    1. Anonymous7:51 am


      Anonymous3:29 am


  20. Anonymous3:44 am

    yes Mikie glad your back! I knew they couldnt keep you done mate!

  21. Anonymous10:53 am

    The Israel IQ average is 101

    However an Ashkenazi Jewish average IQ of 115 is 8 points higher than the generally accepted IQ of their closest rivals—Northeast Asians—and approximately 40% higher than the global average IQ of 79.1 calculated by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen in IQ and Global Inequity.

    Plus, contemplate this astounding tidbit: Ashkenazi “visual-spatial” IQ scores are only mediocre; in one study their median in this category was a below-European-average at 98. They surmount this liability by logging astronomic figures in “verbal IQ”, which includes verbal reasoning, comprehension, working memory skill; a survey of yeshiva students discovered a median verbal IQ of 125.6.

    As you can see Ashkenazi Jews are rather more book smart than innovatively(spacial and maths) smart. They are below our average in fact.

    Then when you look at the Ashkenazi Jew and study the genes you will see that most of them can trace their linage back to 4 woman who lived around 2000 years ago. These 4 woman had European markers in their genes not middle eastern, so where did the 8m Ashkenazi-Jews come from. They came from the best stock that Europe had to offer them before Hitler came along.

    Now once again they find themselves in the circles of the best universities, schools, medical and drug institutions, social circles such as Hollywood, the IMF, and all their banks and of course the media.

    Also note that your environment have an effect as well. A study have shown that breastfeeding a child can add 3 points to that IQ. This is promoted in the Jewish culture and considered a must chore if the woman doesn’t own less than 3 maids whereby one of the maids would do the chore and can go on til the child is 5 years old. Also keeping a kosher diet and body wont harm. In contrast to that white Europeans are flooded with poisons in their food and by drug companies and their average IQ is not measured by their whiteness but by their racially mixed countries.

    My conclusion yep they are smart at certain things but what I consider smart is what is alluded to behind the saying…. A Boer maak `n plan. Innovation, engineering, seeing beyond and reasoning instead of who can read and remember the best.


  22. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Am in the only one enjoying watching the Euroes squirm under their non - apartheid society?

    1. Anonymous9:34 pm

      @Anon 2:21pm

      Non-apartheid and open borders society!

    2. Anonymous11:25 pm

      Nope you are not alone

  23. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Brigitte Gabriel:Plans to destroy Amerca from within.


  24. Anonymous2:01 am

    Scientists have grown the first human-pig hybrid embryos and taken them a third of the way through pregnancy inside a sow.

    Geneticists at the Salk Institute in California hope this research will pave the way to grow fully-functioning human transplant organs inside hybrid animals.

    Question needs an answer. If any of that experiments lead to birth of any kind of human animal half-bred, who is responsible for the after life of that being. I mean, in order for such a being there is a soul and a spirit attached to that body in order for it to be alive. So when it dies, what is its destiny?

    Wasn't the same scientific experiments practiced in the days before Noah.? Yes and terrible creatures were concocted which left their fingerprints on earth until today.

    Now, who is responsible for that and these creatures who committed all kinds of crime from then until today.

    Surely, God takes responsibility for his creation, but can we expect from him to take responsibility for anyone else's concoctions. Certainly, No!

    Did these concoctions had any right on earth as any other creation of God. No, God didn't have any pleasure in them, because mostly all of these concoctions were wiped out in the flood. There were left overs and so God ordered these to be wiped out too. Which of course was not executed as ordered.

    Question. Can any of these leftovers claim any land that was created by God for his creation? No! If these things attack and kill us, who are to blame for it? If you suffer because of them , don't blame God for your disobedience. You will not go to hell if you kill it, because God ordered that long time ago.

    What part of sin and disobedience don't we understand.?

  25. Plaaskind2:43 am

    Die wie nou in Israel woon - "die Yews" is nie die ware Yisra-El nie.

    Die ware YisraEl is verstrooi na ander lande, volgens 2 Kron 17:13-23 en 2 Kron 24:14, omdat hulle nie na YaHWeH geluister het en Sy wette gehou het nie.

    Net die armes het agter gebly en die koning van Assirië het ander volke ingevoer, in die verstrooides se plek volgens 2 Kron 17:24. Hy het die ingevoerdes laat woon in die stede van Israel.

    Net n paar van die ware YisraEl is terug na hul land om die mure van Yerusalem en die tempel te herbou.

    Yeremia 29:16 vertel wat gaan gebeur met die huidige inwoners van die land. Hulle gaan uitgewis word.

    Esegiël verduidelik mooi wie nou daar bly.
    Eseg 7:2 So spreek YaHWeH tot die LAND van Israel.: Einde! Die einde het gekom oor die 4 hoeke van die land. :4 die lotsverandering kom teen jou, INWONER VAN DIE LAND; :11 niks van hulle sal oorbly nie, of van hul menigte of van hul gedruis; want toorngloed is daar oor die hele menigte van die land :15 die swaard buite, pes en hongersnood binne. :19 hul silwer en goud kan nie red nie.

    Eseg 11:15 Mensekind, jou broers, die manne wat aan jou verwant is, en die hele Huis van YisraEl, almal saam, VAN WIE DIE INWONER VAN YERUSALEM SÊ: Bly ver van YaHWeH af, aan ons is dit, die land as besitting gegee.

    Eseg 36:5 So sê YaHWeH: Waarlik, in die vuur van My ywer, spreek Ek TEEN DIE OORBLYFSEL VAN DIE NASIES (wat ingevoer is) EN TEEN DIE HELE EDOM wat My land vir hulleself as besitting bestem het......

    Jewish Encyclopedia - 1925 edition - Vol 5 - Page 41 sê: EDOM IS IN MODERN JEWRY.

    Kyk wanneer gaan die ware TisraEl terug na die land Kanaan.

    Mat 24:29 En dadelik na die verdrukking van daardie dae sal die son verduister word....:30 Dan sal die teken van die Seun van die Mens in die hemel verskyn...:31 En Hy sal Sy boodskappers uitstuur met harde trompet geluid, en hulle sal Sy uitverkorenes versamel uit die 4 windstreke...

    So die valse "jews" is nou in die land Israel.

  26. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Mike, It's a pity you never had the 'privilege' of attending school with Jewish kids... Your view may have been somewhat different.
    Nixon Supported Israel although deep down had very different views. This, from the Jewish Chronicle: Beware of our so-called friends

    Israel’s continued existence is a result, in part, of the actions taken by Richard Milhous Nixon. The actions, that is, of an anti-Semite.
    For make no mistake, Nixon was an anti-Semite, as the publication of his taped conversations has made clear.
    “Most Jews are disloyal,” the President opined in one conversation, “Generally speaking,” he continued, “you can’t trust the bastards. They turn on you.”

    1. Hahaha...What is that supposed to prove? I can say exactly the same thing about our Afrikaans friends...and I am one! All it shows is how people can get sensitive over insignificant crap.

      BTW I have studied with Jews, I have served in the SADF with Jews, I have done Ju Jitsu with Jews and I have worked with Jews. The ones I know are great people. I greatly admire them. How many do you know personally?

    2. Anonymous12:40 am

      I also worked with a few -- genuine Yom-Kippur heroes
      Exactly as you say

      Please lets understand the difference between a SABRA and a schmuck in New York and Miami

      It’s not only immigrants who fall into this growing category of “unconverted” Jews. Among the tens of thousands of participants in Israel-experience programs each year, a considerable number often choose to stay on or return to spend more time in the country. Only when they submit a request to extend their visa or change their status in the country do some discover that being Jewish enough for Taglit-Birthright or Masa does not necessarily make them Jewish enough to stay in Israel, and that to remain in the country, they are required to produce documented evidence of a mother’s or a grandmother’s Jewish lineage.


      So tell us again now ...
      How many professing CHRISTIANS living permanently in israel -- with FULL rights ?

    3. Anonymous2:36 am

      They create a lot of professionals and are generally good in business, they must be doing something right. Better to try learn from them.