29 January 2017

Cyber War, Fake news and inside the ANC’s Black Ops War Room

Paid by the ANC to spread fake news at Mandela's funeral

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2017

In 2008 when we still had the SA Sucks blog, I wrote an article called: How will World War IV be fought?

I can still remember how people criticized and laughed at me, because I said it will be mostly a war fought in cyber space.

Then came the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt in 2010 and people deposed their dictators with Twitter and Facebook. The world was stunned at the Cyber Blitzkrieg and the critics were suddenly silent.

Nevertheless, military and intelligent agencies sat up and had to take a new look at The role social media played in the Arab Spring

Maybe old Mike had a point after all. Well I can assure you that Cyber warfare is escalating big time:

British researchers claim they have uncovered massive Twitter Troll army

EU expands task force aimed at combating alleged Russian propaganda

East Stratcom: European Commission’s mysterious weapon against ‘Russian propaganda’

BBC unleashes frantic propaganda war against Russia and the USA

Even President Donald Trump is in a Twitter War with Mexico and the libtard media. Of course Trump is 100% correct. They are FAKE, FALSE and DISHONEST. Trump attacks media again in early morning Twitter blast

Everywhere the world is talking about “Fake News”, combating fake news, Trump spreading Fake News,etc… when in fact the MSM are the biggest distributors of Fake News.

In fact the reasons this blog exists are because the MSM in South Africa manipulate news, shut the comment sections down and downplay the truth about black on white violent crime in South Africa.

For more than ten years now we have regularly exposed how the MSM post stock pictures of white knife wielding males in ski masks next to stories of black gangs attacking whites or how they post stock photos of white babies next to stories of black mothers dumping their newborn babies down long-drop toilets or on the rubbish dump.

The moment there is an incident of a white person saying something that could be constituted as “racism” (usually speaking the truth) it is exploited over days and milked for every drop of libtard propaganda, yet when there are whites being tortured, raped and killed in their own homes by gangs of racist blacks, then it is downplayed as ordinary crime that black and white equally suffer under.

Look no further…there is your Fake News!

The internet and social media is a thorn in the side of the MSM.

Frankly, they are losing the Cyber War. The MSM have no chance. They are doing everything wrong. Unless they buck up, come right and start telling the truth for a change they are going to die a silent death and I will be the first to say “Good Riddance”.

People don’t believe their bullshit anymore and can find the truth within seconds with a few clicks on their smart phones.

In the 1970’s the MSM brought South Africa’s NP government to a fall with the “Information Scandal” that was in fact no scandal at all.

The Prime Minister B.J. Vorster, his Information Minister Connie Mulder and Secretary of the Department of Information, Dr Eschel Rhoodie were forced to resign after it was made known by the Rand Daily Mail (owned and funded by the Oppenheimer family of Anglo American/ De Beers) that they secretly used about R70 million of the defense budget to fight and counter a propaganda war on South Africa.

Of course the then Defense Minister P.W. Botha knew all about the secret funding and approved it, but lied about it and was probably the one who leaked the info to the media, because he is the one who benefitted the most by succeeding Vorster as PM.

Dr. Rhoodie was a highly intelligent man and a visionary. He knew back then already what needed to be done and how future wars would be fought and said that there is only one way to control the media and that is to own the media. That is why they started The Citizen, wanted to buy the Washington Star newspaper, and funded To the Point. This is nothing new. At the time the Dutch government for instance owned three newspapers.

However now in South Africa it has emerged that the ANC has spent R50 million of the taxpayer’s money on a covert “BlackOps” campaign known as “The War Room” to undermine opposition parties DA and EFF in the 2016 local government elections. I use "spent" but in fact the money is gone. Stolen and wasn't "spent" at all.

Inside the ANC’s BlackOps election campaign

For those who can remember the 2016 election campaign, there was a sudden unexplained rise in “racism” accusations against whites in the media and the ANC playing the Race Card on a daily basis.

Now it has emerged that they planted fake EFF posters with Julias Malema holding a rifle, used a seemingly independent news site called “The New South African” for propaganda, spread fake news, planted callers on talk radio station 702 and used so called 200 paid “influencers” (celebrities and others) and activists on Twitter and Face Book including posting several episodes of the television programme “The Right to Vote with Pearl Thusi” to YouTube.

In addition to the posters, the team planned to produce 25,000 “knock and drops” – news sheets delivered door-to-door, highlighting Malema’s “we are not fighting whites” statement at a June 16th rally.

Fake EFF poster planted by the ANC
The team, later known as the “Media Advisory Team”, would be led by activist Shaka Sisulu and was not to have any direct link to Luthuli House. ANC-linked businessman Joseph Nkadimeng was to source funds from private donors. In an interview with the Mail & Guardian’s investigative team of amaBhungane, ANC public relations expert Sihle Bolani, who claimed she is owed R2.2 million for work done as part of the campaign, described the campaign as effectively a “propaganda machine”.

Of course the ANC denies that the War Room ever existed. ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa, said that the M&G’s investigation has no basis and is based on malicious falsehoods and gossip.”

However the fuckheads in the ANC are so useless and greedy that through their mismanagement and stealing of the funding, the activists who were supposed to be paid for their work never got paid and are now running to the courts to try and get their money. This is what exposed all the ANC shenanigans.

On top of it…Everything they did with this BlackOps campaign is not only unethical it is totally illegal.

Said Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) spokesperson Kate Bapela: “In terms of the Municipal Electoral Act it is prohibited conduct to publish false information with the intention of influencing the conduct or outcome of an election.

Breaches of the electoral code of conduct are criminal offences – individuals can be sentenced up to 10 years in jail while political parties can be stripped of votes or deregistered. Further, as far as the funding of “The New South African” is concerned…it is a contravention of the Press Code for news organisations to take funding from political parties or to push a particular party’s agenda.

If the Vorster government was forced to resign in disgrace for far less in 1979… Why is the ANC still in power? Why are they not deregistered and behind bars?

Nevertheless now you know what we are all up against on this website and why we need you to unite and fight the ANC …We who do not even have 50 cents let alone R50 million. We don’t need it. All we need is the truth, because one ounce of TRUTH is worth ten times more than fifty million Rands of ANC lies.


  1. Anonymous2:52 am

    Wow, great work Mike. Keep the truth coming man.

  2. Anonymous4:50 am

    If I got R1000 000 for printing some posters, I'd take it and not make waves. I'd be happy and satisfied, but then again I'm WHITE.
    Nig Nogs just can't get enough.

  3. Stephen4:56 am

    Hi Mike

    That's why we like your blog so much , yes there's a little tung-in-cheek gestures now n then , but the ounces of truths you so unselfishly dispatch with every post , far outweighs any personal differences some readers might have from yours.

    You know this , but when you were on holiday many of us felt like there's no one we can trust on-line. It felt like the bad old days before we found your site and every news site we visit is just MS bollocks.
    Blessed you are Mr.Smith ,for being a truth-dispatcher.

    We said this last year Mike , but I'm gonna say it again ...
    As a white-nation , we must just hold on a little while longer , don't give-up we're on the brink of a miracle , I really think Trump is the start of that miracle ,we must keep the flame burning.

    If all of this has happened by late January , its reasonable to say that 26/27 September 2017 might just be that miracle moment.

    I'm not profesing to know what's gonna happen , I just see it build up to that point ,I don't know , maybe that's the day that all of us whites decide we've had enough of this BS and march up to the Union buildings and remove these kaffirs ourselfs , maybe Trumps support grows so exponentially that he even helps us.

    I don't know , it just seems like we've been through so much crap,
    Surely there's gotta be better days ahead.

    1. Stephen, in Mike's absence you can try Ambrose Cane & The Irish Savant. Sometimes I wonder if they aren't Mike using an alias. Ambrose's comments are mainly relative to the USA, although he does mention SA occasionally, the IS more so, but they all have one message in common and that is that the savages have have no place in civilised society.

  4. Anonymous5:36 am

    So Mr Smith
    I see you also put in the -- "ëxtra-miles"


  5. Anonymous6:28 am


    YUP the days of the MSM are gone forever. Forever.

    Alex Jones channel (think what you like about him) is rated now in the top 8 or 6 go to media companies in the world.

    They even called his YouTube channel/news fake.

    The media is now so scared and calling everyone fake, when they have been providing fake news for at least 60+ years.

    Propaganda is dead, people want the truth. This is the 2nd reformation. Like the bible basically created a whole new group of religious guys/gals who questioned papal Rome which lead to wars.

    This is news war now. A war between the people, nations and the media itself. Now to combat this, watch the media start telling the truth but no one will believe them.

    The cANCer will simply kill itself. These things cant think further than tomorrow, it is and will always be their weakness. Any human race that cannot think further than tomorrow, should be reclassified and not be called a human being.

    The cANCer, now are fighting within themselves, fighting many political opponents, there is no way they can do or try do what they hope to achieve.

    They are actually back in our hands, see we didnt need to hang them in the 70s, they will hang themselves with all their freedom and best part is, their own people will either stone or hang them in the end.

    The biggest lies are filled with half truths.

    1. Anonymous9:51 am

      Owen Soyer is a good addition to infowars. I made use of other channels such ad Mark Dice and Next News Network who gets anything from 100k to 700k views a day to raise awareness on SA and farm murders by giving links in the comment section. In one such case a farm murder vid went from 2k views to over 20k views in a matter of 3 days.


    2. Anonymous2:06 pm

      Just tell the Yanks on the comments section that they are all in bed with Soros and kissinger. See, these two supported the anti apartheid movement as did the majority of americans. So Alex jones and Owne shroyer are all George Soros knob suckers and fudge packers

    3. Ignorance of a situation is not a sin. Soros supporter i doubt it.





      I am also anti Apartheid. It was flawed. That is why we are in this situation. We should have done what the yanks did. Total wipeout.

    4. Anonymous11:42 am


      @Donycero5:36 am - Total wipeout.

      Common, dont be so cruel Donycero.

      Boet, we can have one, just one maningi pekinini in a museum for future generations, just one?

      No reservations though, lets take a page out the book of Joshua. Reservations breed drunkards & welfare leaches.

  6. Anonymous6:31 am


    Mike refreshers others and so shall be refreshed.

    Like I said, you did more for the people of this country than most of our former politicians, you dont get paid but use your most important asset, your time.

    Thanks for always shining the light, especially in our darkest moments of history.

    A solute from the white tribe of South Africa!

    1. Agreed Ninja!

      Contact JP and join our WhatsApp group?

  7. Anonymous9:55 am

    There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

    Proverbs 6:16-19

    Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, but afterward his mouth will be full of gravel.

    Proverbs 20:17

    1. Anonymous1:00 pm


      @Anonymous9:55 am

      Pretty much sums up the ANC

    2. 9:55 & BN - the ANC to a T!

      Never in my life could I have imagined such a gathering of lying, conniving, thieving, destructive and corrupt scumbags. They boggle the imagination. There is absolutely nothing that they do that is not rotten to the core.

      I always knew knew that the were a specie of sub-humans, but this lot have redefined my whole opinion of them and taken themselves down to a level that even I didn't believe existed.

      Nee fok! There is only ONE solution and we all know what that is.

    3. Anonymous11:48 am


      Tomkat's Tribulations12:44 am

      The only thing that comes to mind is pure evil or satan. I mentioned before in another message, this thing is the lowest of the low species, a servant to servants.

      Our brains translate their vibration pattern that makes them appear as sub-human in the brain, not to whites BUT all nations. I said if you were blind, you would not know its a karasite but that was a lie, because if your nose was working, you would smell the rot.

      The thing is vrot from the inside out, its actions simply reflect its dominant thought pattern, now, now, now, now, now, now -tomorrow = haibo? wat iz thet?

      A whoobus situation will arrive, the day when we unite & have our weapons and they all at once cry "whoo bus"


  8. Anonymous10:08 pm

    The best article so far this year! Dankie Mike.
    Looking forward to 2017 where you peel the onion to reveal more and more

    1. Stay with me...I will show you how deep that rabbit hole goes.

    2. Really Mike.

      Are you really going to expose the (((men))) hiding behind the curtains?


    3. Let me guess...the (((JOOOOS))), right?

  9. I think Malema has the cANCer running scared? He also has me scared, but I know what the solution is. The cANCer are too stupid to do the right thing, i.e. wipe him out [and, hopefully, shoot themselves in the foot at the same time].

    I wonder how much of this land invasion stuff and other general hooliganism isn't perhaps ANC-inspired and blamed on the EFF?

    Just a thought that this article inspires?

    There was also land invasion shit in White River yesterday. I asked a mate of mine, who lives there and was blissfully unaware of it, to go and check it out. He reported back that all was quiet when he went out there, but another mate of ours who lives out that way came past earlier. There were hoards of savages about but two groups of about 50 armed-to-the-teeth Manne posted on two corners and the whole thing soon fizzled out.

    Typical of the cowardly Zots. When faced with the slightest opposition their false courage soon desserts them. They are only courageous when they outnumber the opposition by a 100:1.

  10. Anonymous1:16 am

    Welcome back

    The truth might set you free but deciet and good false propaganda will win your war.

    Let's face facts nobody wants the truth unless its not going to hurt. Everybody wants to chummy up and huddle cuddle and be best mates in the open then go home and bitch about the injustices while the meat cooks and the brandy flows and vrou runs after the manne saying "ja pa" and "ekskies liefie".

    You see Mr Smith the whites don't really want to win this war, they want somebody else to win it for them, they want you and some other guy to stand up and do the work, they want to ride on your coattails and have it easy when you're done doing the dirty. So even giving them the truth will not help the cause because they have no interest in the cause. They will rather jump ship, wind their necks in and buddy up to retard than stick their necks out and try sort it out and do something constructive about the shit we find yourselves in.

    Its easier that way and easy is the new way of life. Anything that takes effort is not cool, anything that might cost a coin should not happen.

    Whites have been so broken in this country that they live in squatter camps and on pavements now because their boere brothers wouldn't stand up and help them and its cooler have a black retard child or three in your smart SUV than it is to set up a system to help the whites that are destitute and broken. Its " IN" to have baby charcoal because then all the retards can see how liberal you are but believe me those dumb fuckers that think baby charcoal will help in the days to come are in for a big fucking nasty when machete falls and gang bangers call.

    So if I have pissed on any bodies parade, I am not apologising because its all about truth brothers and the truth will set you free.

    If you don't like it, then there are all those wonderful safe havens over the seas waiting to accept you and then you can all stand tall and fight the war from distant shore.


    1. Shit, LT, mate. Welcome back to you! Where have you been???

      Contact JP and join our little WhatsApp group that we're forming with advice from Mike.

    2. Fuck LT where the hell have you been???? A very true comment. I don't have a link but was speaking to a guy regarding various experiments the Bolsheviks did on people when they took power in Russia.

      For example they would give 100 kids porridge in an orphanage which would have salt instead of sugar added.

      How many kids do you think raised their voices to object??? About 5 or less.

      95% of people are not fighters but followers. What is that stat about the amount of boere who fought the Engels in the boer war - about 6% of boere men fought.

      Where the fuck were the rest???

      Same with the American revolution.

      It works like this. Out of your entire male population only between 1.5 and 3 % have the ability to burn white hot to actually pick up a rifle and fight.

      So apply that number here to us, a total population of say 4 million, means 2 million whites times 1.5% with the genes to fights equals 30 000 men. Cut out those under 18 and those over 45 and we are looking at about 12 000 men who actually have the courage to fight (Tomkat I know you older than 45 but you don't get offended ;) )

      The goal is to get these 12 000 odd men together.

      Ninja I love your comments but this story of getting millions of whites to fight is just not gonna happen, and why would we want it, fuck them, more glory to us and we will call the shots when we take power - a military junta if you will.

      Anyhow, LTMA, drop me a mail at millsviljoen@gmail.com and join our watssapp group.

      Anyone can mail me. So please do. We are growing.

    3. Anonymous4:26 am

      @TT. Busy with business mate and trying to make things happen and work in an ever retarding world.

      Feed me more, I have no idea how to contact JP but show me how and I shall.

      I still have your mail and will contact you so standby.


    4. LTMA - That's fine. I forgot we mailed each other [I'm an old fart! see JP's sarcastic comment above]] JP's given you his address in the comment above. Whatever, drop us a line with your number and name and we'll get CWG to add you to the fold.

      Joshing, JP! I know I'm over the hill. At 45 I was still misbehaving just as you do now. Trust me, that's when you're in your prime! We both know what I'm referring to! ha ha ha. Good boy, go for it!

    5. Welcome back LTMA.

      JP you cant cut off at the age of 45. What about uncle Tom.

    6. Anonymous5:31 am


      It's great to have you back!

    7. Anonymous6:32 am

      There's a lot of chaps older than 45 that have had a guts full of been short changed and marginalized and victimized. I am one of them and believe me I have had a guts full of these pigshit thick window sucker lips and their shit.

      So whatever you do don't disregard us older, more mature gents from the fray, I have mates my age that still group a decent shoulder to shoulder grouping at 300 and 400 metres, they combat well and their fitness is not bad even with the beer belly sloshing about, we are all in our 50's marching towards the 60s.

      Its attitude, belief, hunger and anger that will make the difference not age.

      You're very right about the 18s and under I would go as far as saying the 25 and under. Most of these kids have been spoilt rotten by parents that traded good manners, careful and strict raising of their kids for flashy cars, branded clothes and lots of pocket money. 98% of these youngsters cannot fish, hunt, shoot, field or bush craft and most definitely they cannot live without a beer a comfortable bed and a hot cook 3 meal day.

      No JP we old timers will stand fast when the time comes but I definitely am not concerned or about to help these coon daters, nanny shagging, retard loving white idiots that have traded their culture and kind for something that is evil destruction personified.

      Thank you for your mail I will mail you in due course.

      Dony and anon 5:31am thank you its good to be back again.


    8. Anonymous5:37 am



      Very true.

      I have never understood why the whites in this country dont help each other out.

  11. Anonymous2:15 am

    Shaka if my dog was as ugly as you I'd shave its arse and teach it to walk backwards

    1. Anonymous6:45 am

      Where is Shaka? I have missed that booi so much, him and that other stink sipho.

      Pliz u toos retads I eez mis uze, you dim wits should be able to understand that retarded shit that your kind thought up.

      Now booitjies come get clever here so I can have some fun, I see you shaka, posted earlier on one of Mikes posts but I haven't got to reading the crap you spewed yet.

      @Anon 2:15am your dog could never be as ugly as shaka, its not retarded and it has evolved over time and has intelligence. The dog even has hair which proves that it has evolved much further than peppercorn and slopehead.


    2. Anon 2:15 If your dog was as ugly as Shaka, it wouldn't be a dog?

    3. Anonymous12:44 pm

      It will just be another black/libtarded piece of shit.

  12. Whiteman2:29 am

    LTMA, you have put it in a nutshell. But remember, when you embrace and adopt the charcoal smurfs, you are considered extra holy, by most churches. And people crave that warm feeling, when dominee pats you on the back, and blesses you. Remember the time of the Boeremag. They were criticised, and ridiculed by all the " intelligencia, " and true christians who dont believe in war/violence etc. These people are still shouting the odds, and as you say waiting for the terrible right wingers, to dirty their hands, and save the day. But I for one, am not buying. I will not give my life, or go to jail for these spineless bastards. I will withdraw, until they have properly reaped what they have sowed. Let them negotiate with hords of bloodthirsty, satanic, white-hating barbarians, and see how far they can get. I will however have compassion on their children, because children are innocent. And we know, there is going to be lots of orphans soon !

    1. Anonymous4:18 am

      @ Whiteman 2:29am. Mikes previous article is a good indication of whites that will, eventually the hardcore will band together and fight for what we need to protect.

      Keep to yourself till you have found the core then do what needs to be done. As for sorting these litards we must spur them on so that the cleansing may begin and we do not have to concern ourselves with traitor when we gather.

      As for the Christian that bring retard into the fold leave them be, they will so find out how the god they pray to is not the god they thought him to be.


    2. Anonymous11:40 am


      @Whiteman2:29 am

      I agree, the liberals need to be our shields. Let the Karasites get worn out by them, let them think it will be plain sailing after the liberal massacre, once they are gone....

      We can get this party started.

  13. PreatorianXVI4:47 am

    One way of using Cyber Warfare

    ‘Stop Operation Soros’ movement begins in Macedonia


  14. Our WhatsApp group is growing nicely. We have members from Letsitele all the way to PE. We urge all like-minded, concerned and aware people to join. Libtards & fucknuts, definitely excluded. Any interested parties, mail your details to JP at millsviljoen@gmail.com - Name, cell no & town

    We're planning a get together here in the Kalahari over Easter. It will be a "rough & ready" weekend - no Softies. The venue will depend on numbers and everything will be finalised nearer the time.

    Thanks again for the valuable input, Mike. I hope you don't mind me / us using the blog for advertising? If so, just don't publish. No sweat.


  15. Whiteman2:53 am

    TT, I have likened Mikes blog to a " war ship " before ! We are all sailors on this incredible ship. It does different things, for different people. But what do we all have in common ? We trust the captain and his abilities, to steer this ship safely to its destination. If we are attacked along the way, we will fight to win, because we are a well functioning team. But each individual has his/her strengths, AND weaknesses. A good captain knows this, and applies his " sailors " in a way that benifits the whole ship, in order to win and/or survive. During easter you have planned a " survival course, " because training is very important. I really dont want to miss this, and will try my very best to be there !

  16. Whiteman2:46 am

    This big debate around Trumps ( temporary ? ) ban on immigrants, is very sinificant. Think of all the MONEY, and personal inconvenience, etc. which is involved here. Now the courts are debating, and the WHOLE WORLD is sitting on tenterhooks. The outcome could even cause regime changes in countries, like in Europe. Just think of the HEAT on those judges. And here is my point. There is NO such thing as an independent judiciary. There is NO judge, who can take on the government of the day, or the big money men behind the government. Think of the mafia. They could buy judges, and even whole juries. And this immigrant thing is MUCH bigger, and the players much more powerfull. I think it is called " deep state " nowadays. And then we have the NSA democratic " miracle, " with its " independent " judiciary ? ? Ag pleeeez man !