25 January 2017

Can Good be good to Evil?

By Mike Smith

25th of January 2017

Often Christians, Jews and Muslims claim that their religions are Monotheistic, i.e. believing in one creator God who created everything and is all good, all powerful and from which no evil can come, but in fact it is more dualistic in the form of Zoroastrianism, i.e believing in two opposing forces of good and evil, God and Satan, heaven and hell. In fact, modern versions of Christianity borrowed all those concepts including “Free Will” from Zoroastrianism which predates Christianity by at least 2000 years and entered the Western world about 500 BC. Mix this with a bit of the Trinity concept of Ancient Egypt (Osiris, Isis, Horus), Ancient Babylon (Nimrod, Tamuz, Simerimas) or Greece (Zeus, Apollo, Athena) and you have the recipe for…modern Christianity.

On a side note…BC stands for Before Christ. AD stands for “Anno Domini” (Latin for in the year of our Lord”), but the more politically correct terms used lately are masked as BCE (Before the Common Era) and CE (in the Common Era)…which Christians should reject, because these politically correct terms denies Christ as their Lord.

Nevertheless, in Zoroastrianism the creator god is called “Ahura Mazda” (not a model of the Japanese car maker) and the destructive god is called “Angra Mainyu”.

Basically Zorastrianism believes that you should do good deeds, have good thoughts and speak only good and truth and if you do the right things all good rewards will come to you and the world will be a better place.

However this is not what the Bible says.

Deuteronomy 6:4-5 (the first part of the Shema prayer of Judaism) we read about the Oneness of God. “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”

Later Jesus repeated this.

Now this is where it all becomes a bit confusing, because either God is ONE or he is not. Either he is all powerful, almighty, all seeing, all good…or he is not. So where does evil come from if no evil can come from God, but God created everything? He must have created evil as well…or at least what we perceive as evil, which is actually not…

So this is normally where the Dominee and Reverend start to do their mental gymnastics.

The answer must then be that EVERYTHING does come from ONE God. Even those things that we perceive as “Evil” do come from God and is part of his “Divine plan” that will all work out towards a good outcome in the end.

But this leaves us with some other problems, like the good and almighty God telling us to do things that Libtards will perceive as evil…as in 1 Samuel 15:3…”Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.”

Certainly if God is all good and almighty, He would not have put these evil Amalekites there in the first place and even if Satan put them there, God doesn’t need our help to do his dirty work for him? He can just send a lightning bolt and smite them. So why does he then want us to go and commit genocide against these “evil” people he created, who are not really “evil”, because nothing “evil” can come from God? Is it just to test our faith in him, our obedience?

And then there is the question of Richard Dawkins: “If there is a “Grand designer” who designed the “Grand Designer”?

And then who was the designer of the designer of the designer, ad infinitum?

Like I said it is all terribly confusing and one can understand how the comedian George Carlin came to the conclusion that religion is all bullshit and maybe he is right, but have you tried to explain Atheism? It is even more confusing and more bullshit. I mean where does it all come from then and more importantly…what’s the point?

You would think that these wise dominees after studying theology for seven years at university would be able to explain all this bullshit to you, but they can’t. They cannot give you any answers, because religion is all illogical. Instead their strategy is to confuse you with even more bullshit so that you just give up in the end. You can actually read their eyes spelling out to you: “Shut the fuck up, just believe and donate a tenth of your salary…and come next Sunday so we can fill up your head with more bullshit and endless layers of guilt so you can keep on paying”.

However…these concepts of “good” and “evil” are not definitive absolutes. They seem very relative and flexible. Further how do you know what perfect is if you don’t have imperfect to compare it to? How do you know what good is unless you have evil to compare it to?

You will find that there are many forms of what people constitute as “good” and “evil” and often it is completely topsy-turvy. Just look at all the diametrically opposing views in religion and politics where everyone believes his/her view is good and the other person’s view is bad or evil. Or just treat people exactly the way they treat you and they will think you are Evil.

The lion eats the Impala. Big deal. I don’t think the lion is evil. The lion himself does not think he is evil, but the Impala will probably have a different opinion.

In the French revolution the Jacobins believed that all those heads they chopped off with the Guillotine were to do good and rid the world of the evil exploiting bourgeoisie. The Spanish inquisition honestly believed they were doing good by burning witches at the stake and ridding the world of evil. The conquistadors honestly believed they were doing good by killing entire satanically orientated civilizations such as the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs who were practicing human sacrifice. Mugabe honestly believed he was doing good by chasing the evil white colonists off their farms and out of the country and Isis honestly believe they are doing God’s good work by ridding the world of the evil Christian infidels.

Examples are legion. Take Apartheid for instance. The whites who voted for the NP and lived through Apartheid were not “evil” people and certainly did not perceive themselves as “evil”. They genuinely perceived themselves as good. The NP government could even justify it biblically yet the world perceived it as the most evil system in the entire universe.

These white South Africans during Apartheid went to church on Sunday, they went to Sunday school, they prayed at the dinner table, they prayed before they went to bed, they helped the poor blacks, they gave them clothes and food, built hospitals and schools for them, treated them in the hospitals completely free and even gave them their own countries to rule and subsidized them with millions of taxpayer’s money. These were good Christian people doing good Christian things…At least in their minds.

However…all this “goodness” was perceived by the blacks and libtards of the world as an “evil system of oppression” of the worst order.

And you know what? Maybe they were right. Maybe Apartheid, at least as it was practiced in the 1970’s and 1980’s, was evil, because any system that does good to evil instead of destroying evil, is evil in itself and needs to be destroyed.

Now the evil/angelic ANC is in charge, stealing, corrupting killing, etc. and they and their followers genuinely believe that they are the “good” ones. They even say that you should vote for the ANC, because God is on the side of the ANC. God put the ANC in charge and will ensure that the ANC rules until Jesus comes. Jacob Zuma compared himself, his betrayal and his suffering to that of Jesus and even recently said that the birth of the ANC was like the day that Jesus was born

On top of it, with the recent fires in the Western Cape, The blacks rejoiced that white farms were being burned down and saw it as God’s work seeing that fire and wind are God-given elements, the fires were retribution for the evil that whites did to blacks, which the whites believe was only good.

So what then about the fires destroying hundreds of shacks in the townships from time to time? Divine retribution for all the farm murders?

Funny also that all the targets of the fires just happened to be Afrikaans institutions such as the ATKV Goudini Spa, The Vergelegen farm, belonging to the Afrikaans billionaire Anton Rupert, the house of the Afrikaans poet Totius, the “Druk my niet” wine farm in Paarl…Coincidence? An act of God? You be the judge.

Not a single township burned down. The blacks certainly see this, as the article states, a sign that God exists…that he was destroying evil.

Now the question is this: Should you do good to evil? Should we love those who seek our destruction?

Jesus for one acknowledged that evil exists and that you should not do anything against it and actually assist it and pray for it.

In the Bible in Matthew 5:39 Jesus instructs his followers, “But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.”

And in Matthew 5:44, Jesus further instructs his followers: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Now I have a big problem with that, because I cannot assist evil or do nothing against it. That would make me evil too. Maybe I am stupid and just don’t understand it all or maybe I am not a Christian, because I don’t agree.

Jesus says in verse 48 that we must be like God… “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

Does that mean that God does nothing to evil too? Does God turn the other cheek to evil? Does God assist evil (which will make Him evil as well)? Surely that cannot be true and if God wants you to do nothing against evil why did he then create evil in the first place? If he did not create evil he is not almighty and the creator of everything.

Ultimately God destroys evil, but why then make it in the first place. It is like spending a lot of time and energy building a sandcastle and destroying it afterwards. What’s the point? Fun?

Like I said…It is all MEGA confusing and you eventually get to the point where you just switch off the light and wait for God do to his thing. Destroy the evil bastards. Where you just say, “Prove to us, God, that you exist.”

God does not disappoint. He lets you ask questions and reason and use your brain and doubt and when your faith is at its lowest ebb he does something extraordinary…like what happened on the 16th of December 2016, the Day of the Vow where our ancestors promised God to remember the triumph of good over evil at Bloodriver for all eternity, which the ANC has renamed the Day of Reconciliation where they want us to embrace Evil as Good, because to them the 20,000 odd Zulus who came to kill the Voortrekkers that day in 1838 were actually doing good. They wanted to rid their land of the evil white man. Likewise for the Wenen/ Bloukrans Massacre where they smashed the heads of white babies against wagon wheels earlier that year…all meant to do good. Right?

Nevertheless…last 16 December Jacob Zuma delivered a speech in Gopane near Zeerust in the North West where he talked about how evil Apartheid was, how painful the past was for the blacks, how the evil Apartheid whites killed their poor innocent bomb-planting, necklacing terrorists, how the blacks should forgive the evil whites and we should all reconcile, etc, etc…and as the crowd cheered “Zuma, Zuma, Zuma!”…a sudden freak storm came out of nowhere, ripped the tent to shreds, blew it away and sent Zuma running for cover. Thirteen people were injured.

Zuma evacuated after Marquee collapses

Coincidence? I don’t think so. As far as I am concerned God sent a clear message to Zuma and the ANC to stick their reconciliation where the sun does not shine, because you can NEVER reconcile good with evil.

I remember sitting there, watching the spectacle thinking, “Hallelujah! There is a God in Heaven!”

And so dear people, my faith was restored.

Now coming back to Deuteronomy 6…what did God mean when he said: “ Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength” ?

It means that everything you do should be geared towards serving God and destroying evil. When you keep your body fit and in shape and train to become stronger in the gym, it is only to serve God better and destroy evil. If you train at the firing range it is to serve God better and destroy evil. The books you read, the education and knowledge you gather, is all to serve God better and destroy evil.

Therefore one should always carefully consider one’s actions and the ultimate consequences they will have, because even if they seem like acts of goodness and kindness at first, can ultimately support evil. That should never happen. One cannot save evil. One cannot change evil into good and any attempt to be good to evil makes one become evil oneself. Evil should be destroyed.


  1. Jirre. Guess who was reading Nietzche's Beyond Good and Evil during the holidays ?
    Heavy Mike...heavy. ;-)

  2. Anonymous5:32 am

    John 8:12

    Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

    You have to physically study the King James Bible word for word to get the total bigger picture, using Greek and Hebrew translations, Concordance. You can not use a verse here and a verse there to get the bigger picture. Do not see the tree but see the forest!

    1. And beyond the moon....I see heaven ?
      Here'my take: - Mike's been to Italy. Met a Sacilian. This old mafia/goat herder came up to him like Zarathustra and whispered these prophetic words:
      " Mi rompere i maroni ".
      You catch ??

  3. Anonymous5:36 am

    Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a36_CwzA0bk

    1. Anonymous11:56 am

      Please just throw in a short note what the link is about will ya?

  4. Anonymous5:37 am

    To my knowledge Mike you should turn the other cheek for your brother or sister not an evil bastard trying to hurt you. Would never turn mine for someone who wishes to cause me harm. My 5c. Vaalpens

  5. Anonymous5:37 am

    Jesus did see Satan get cast out of heaven to hell faster than a lightning bolt after he rebelled against God in heaven. The Bible states there was a war in heaven and still is between God and satan.

  6. They have made a mockery of the 16th of Dec. The vow was made by the Afrikaner nation towards God, not the other way around. Zuma and his followers have no idea what happened on the 16th of Dec that just passed, no clue that God has sent them a stern warning to not touch that which is holy and make a mockery of..

    Daniel 5;

    This is the inscription that was written:

    mene, mene, tekel, parsin

    26 “Here is what these words mean:

    Mene[e]: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

    27 Tekel[f]: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

    28 Peres[g]: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

  7. All in all I think you have to wait until you are on your deathbed, when you now have time to think clearly about what you did and didn't do and think if you were to encounter such a situation again would you approach it differently etc.

    I was lucky, I had great grandparents and my Grandpa who is still alive is 90 now - still walks to the shops every day etc, yes he forget the odd thing but otherwise is fully functional - doesn't need someone to wipe his arse

    I always thank God for those really old people in my life, not to be arrogant but more of an observation it is definitely one of the reasons I am streaks ahead of your average 27 year old.

    I cannot relate to most guys my age, brain dead morons. No long term planning etc. No understanding that one day you will have regret so you must make sure you think clearly and get it right the first time.

    Other than that I can't wait to talk shit with you lot while bunkered down in a fox hole sometime soon while lobbying mortars on some kaffir position and watching them scatter like fucking baboons...Tomkat I know I can count you in ;)

    1. Anonymous3:51 pm

      JP, and what if death arrives suddenly without one having the time to contemplate the most important question of all, What is Truth? Funny thing that you made reference to the mortar, because it was once upon a time in another country when I was a mortar man, the Portuguese 60mm with the brass range markers on the strap. It was whilst I was lying awake one night below the southern cross when I asked that same question that Pontius Pilot asked of Christ nearly 2000 years ago. Well I received the answer I hope you receive that truth as well.
      By the way JP why on earth do you want waste time digging trnches I fear some oue man has been telling you glory stories about the border, rather spend some time reading up about people like Virginia Hall (lady with the Wooden leg) I know if she were a man in the sadf she would have probably been a g3 k3. What I'm trying to say is forget about a coin mindset and start thinking about being an insurgent, start learning tactics from the same people they did like Giap etc and you will find new ways to make your mortar mobile. If you fight them exactly how they are still waging war against us you have them over a barrel.

    2. JP, my boet, you know you can count on me, but am I still any good? That is the question. As my mate Frik [also an old Infantryman] said the other day, we think we're still fucking heroes, but we're actually, physically, all washed up. Yeah, I replied while sucking on a Frostie, go and try vaulting over the wall, something we would have done with hardly touching the wall in our youth. Now we'd probably fall our gatte af.

      Digenis, COIN stands for Counter Insurgency and digging trenches is not a huge part of that style of warfare, but indeed of Conventional Warfare. I hated digging trenches in the hard ground in Angola, but believe me when the SHTF I was thrilled that I had?

      And, exactly how are they waging war against us? Have you read Mike's piece on the "Slow War"? If you have and say we must find ways of fighting them the same way they are fighting us, how many Zots have you snuck up on in the dead of night and relieved of their earthly ties?

      And, as for Oumanne telling "glory stories about the border" There are no "glory stories" and anyone who was there knows that it's things that isn't talked about. In a group we might share memories, but without speaking about the darker things because war is a dark business. We remember, verbally, the good times. The other, our fallen brothers and such, we keep to ourselves and remember them with love and fondness, but in silence.

      So, what I'm trying to say, without meaning to offend you, is take your philosophical bullshit and shove it. Philosophising never won shit.

    3. Digenis it was just a fucking joke lol, a bit of banter between me and Tomkat. Don't take yourself so seriously, a bit of a joke once in a while.

      I know plenty about tactics and whatnot, it's not rocket science actually. The tough part is making sure your men are in shape. I am 1.84m and weigh a lean 75kg.

      I will sneak up on you and steal your wife without you even knowing it...that was also just a joke btw...(Tomkat will laugh at this one he knows I'm stout)

      Point is lighten up, create some gees and most importantly whatever Navy SEAL tactics you think you know count for shit if you not dealing with guys who look like Navy SEALS.

      Look around at the manne and then see what you can do from there.

    4. JP, were you really only joking in that bit about sneaking up on the oke's wife?

      You are quite correct when you say the SEAL's manual only applies when you're fighting lookalikes with a similar level of intelligence. When facing the rampaging hoards of thee Greater Unwashed Majority to sayings come to mind as being relevant; "I need to reload." and "Fuck it, I need more ammo!"

      "Fuck it!" normally precedes all good decisions that gets you out of tight spots. Not worrying about what Giap, etc., would have done in the same situation. Forget that crap and just do it, with maximum prejudice! We won't be fighting sophisticated and highly trained soldiers, but a rabble hoard.

      ha ha, bloody ha! Lord Commander TT, has spoken.

  8. Stephen7:23 am

    Hi Mike

    Amen to that , God will vindicate us who believe in Him.
    Mike I'm glad your faith was restored , I thought the same about that 16 DEC storm .

    And I know that God didn't make things evil , people choose to be evil , satan chose to become what he is ,he wasn't made like that - quite the contrary - he was made adorned with all kinds of precious gems and his voice box was actual musical cords ect.... a murderer chooses to kill , a thief chooses to steal ....

    Jesus said ...'' I place before you life and death , you choose..''

    Like you said Mike ,.. be careful and consider your actions.. your correct , its a choice - what are you gonna do about it ?

    The temptation is not the sin , each man is enticed and dragged away by his own lust and then makes a choice to sin which then leads to death.

    Mike , some readers might not like it when you get all deep and real , but I enjoy it , its shows us that your more than just head-smart , your heart-smart aswell , good on you mate.

    I know you might say you don't like some churches for obvious reasons , but the real church is clearly in your heart , where it ought to be.

    Keep the faith brother , remember , he who waters others will himself be a well watered garden.

    1. Anonymous7:54 am

      Stephen, please get church out of your vocabulary, that bullshit is Constantine Roman Catholic demonic indoctrination. You cannot serve two Gods. Either God the Creator or god satan with his churches.

    2. Stephen11:13 am

      Firstly anon7:54 , 'church' to you clearly doesn't mean the same as church to me.

      When I say church , I'm refering to that invisible place where us believers are one in Christ , our sanctuary where God ministers unto us throught His Word .

      Looks like church to you means a brick building where people go to impress their pastor .

      You know if your name was'nt Anon7:54 I woulda sworn you were satan , I mean don't you think that would be something satan would like you to do?

      Nogal- get church out of your vocab ...huh?
      Ain't gonna happen buddy !

    3. Anonymous4:03 am

      Amein! My friend. Ek wens ek kon jou ontmoet. Sou lekker gewees het om met n wyse te praat, want daar is baie min oor.

  9. Whiteman7:33 am

    Mike, you are a deep thinking man ! It is said that out of one Bible, there are approximately thirty thousand different " christian " churches and/or religions. To me, this means something is very wrong. And just think of the hate and animosity between these religions/churches. Families are broken up. Marriages are broken up. Nations make war against each other, while praying to the same God, and basically using the same Bible ! Something is VERY wrong, and I have become tired of all the Bible-boffins, who try to make things even more complicated. I believe in the Golden Rule. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Just think, if everybody applied this rule, we would have Heaven on earth. And there would be only one " religion, " if you wanted to call it that. And if you believe in a Creator, who created the Golden Rule, you have nothing to worry about. I tried the " church thing " for the greater part of my life, but became totally gatvol, and punch drunk. Now I believe in the KISS principle. ( Keep It Simple Stupid ! )

  10. Anonymous7:35 am

    As you mentioned in your article from the shema,Deuteronomy 6:4-5 “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.

    YHWH is One. There is no other like Him. Satan as a supernatural being does not exist. satan, small 's' as the deceiver/liar/adversary etc does exist. This is the carnal nature of man living without the Spirit of YHWH. Christianity has made another god i.e. 'Satan' - an all powerful supernatural being in a war with the Creator. This is nonsense and conflicts with Scripture. The only Supreme power is YHWH.

    We live in a fallen world with man living by his owns ways and understanding of what is good and evil. This is the 'tree of good and evil' which was forbidden.

    The whole of creation is upside down including the animal kingdom.

    YHWH separated the light from the dark - good from evil. He created evil:

    King James Bible Isaiah 45:7

    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

    YHWH has appointed Zuma. Why? because it is His way of drawing His people back to Him through persecution. He created Pharaoh of Egypt, Babylons Nebuchadnezzar etc. Why? to persecute His people and achieve His objectives of drawing His people back to Him.

    Mainstream churchianity has done a lot of damage to the Truth of Scripture.

    Welcome back Mike.

    Faith Walker

    1. True Faith Walker, this Constantinian Christian stuff has done much damage to what many think they understand as Scripture. We can't even get the first Commandment right.

  11. Anonymous7:43 am

    Well, an absolute valuable argument you have here Mike. There is an order out from God that we must seek the truth. So those who don't seek will not find and those who do not participate will not learn. Both of us have more or less the same questions regarding good and evil.

    Almost every so-called Christian will tell you that God made good and evil, because the whole universe was created by Him and he also made Lucifer whom we call the devil. There it stops and now they want each and every devil to repent and drag them back to heaven from where they were expelled. Total madness, isn’t it? Somewhere is a huge misunderstanding.

    It would have been a huge mistake from God to declare Himself the all knowing God to create things like Lucifer whilst He knew what Lucifer was going to do. Knowing that Lucifer was on his way to destroy the whole paradise and dump us here on earth to be murdered, raped, tortured, and hated and all crimes that are committed every day. No one will call that wisdom and love. To make matters worse, you had no choice if you want to be born or not. At least, if you had a choice and you could see your path is on his way to hell you could reject it, but we find ourselves here on earth with no answers. I must agree the snot these so-called preachers come with is absolute rubbish.

    Now, I want you to go back in your mind and picture yourself the following. Put yourself in God's shoes. There is nothing, only you, you have the power to create and there is no time limit to it. So you start to create things, but there is something destroying it and you cannot see it. That unseen force attacks you but it cannot destroy you, neither can you destroy it. If you could, you would, but you can't. So, God had the same problem because if HE could destroy the evil with the wink of an eye He would do that before He had created all this suffering and hate. Let us go on.

    You are in the shoes of God, how are you going to solve this evil which attacks you whenever it likes? What are you going to do?

    First things first, He needed protection against it in order to figure out how to stop it. So God made His protection before anything was created.

    In Colossians we read:
    And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

    For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

    11 Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;

    12 Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us, meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:

    13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

    14 In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:

    15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature?

    So from the above verses in Colossians we can see that Messiah was the first created being and then everything was created by Messiah Yahshuah for a purpose. He is the protection of God the Father as well as ours.

    So the creation started and Lucifer was created as an angelic being for a purpose. The rest we know, Evil were captured in Lucifer and could be expelled from heaven. Now God could carry on analyzing the evil in the body of Lucifer and made his decision on how to treat or destroy it. According to the Bible the evil will be destroyed in hell which was created for that purpose.
    The humans whose names were written in the book of life before the creation of earth had no choice whether you want to be born or not, because provision for mercy were made before that time. We are here to serve the Father for the sole purpose of destroying the evil. Those who do not want to abide by God's laws will face hell with evil as promised.

  12. Anonymous8:03 am

    After Jeremiah was locked up the Angel visited Barug, the writer of Jeremiah and told him the following.

    72:1 Now, hear also about the bright waters which come at the end after these black ones. This is the Word.

    72:2 After the signs have come of which I have spoken to you before, when the nations are moved and the time of MY Anointed One comes, He will call all nations, and some of them He will spare, and others He will kill.

    72:3 These things will befall the nations which will be spared by Him.

    72:4 Every nation which has not known Yisrael and which has not trodden down the seed of Yacob will live.

    72:5 And this is because some from all the nations have been subjected to your people.

    72:6 All those, now, who have ruled over you or have known you, will be delivered up to the sword.

    That word "known" in in Hebrew in Strong's Concordance refers to racial mixing.

  13. Anonymous8:18 am

    Dog Meat to hit South African market in the middle of February

  14. Anonymous8:33 am


    The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.

    The Amalekites and surrounding nations were from the fallen ones - hence giants among many of their people and surrounding nations. The book of Enoch tells us and confirms this.

    Segregation - mentioned in the bible clearly.

    One will know evil by their action.

    Blacks dont know the difference between right & wrong for the most part. They are pathological liars, psychopaths. They will conjure up anything to fit the bill.

    They are from Cushites, the land of Cush, the land of Canaan and we know the bible (the old testament) the Israelites were told to wipe them out. The missing book of Jasher describes war with the Cushites & kings of Africa.

    Recently in Israel a singer said "goodbye Kushee" in reference to Obama being a Kushite.

    Mbeke in parliament in 06/07 said whites in South Africa refer to blacks as Kushites & children of Satan - well here we had a Jew saying it, they know who these people are and in chronological order it tells us they are from them.

    Nothing good can come from these people or nations which is why the hidden clue, hidden message and that which 99% of pastors reject was what Christ said....

    1. Go BUT unto the lost house/sheep of Israel - the scattered Israelites in Europe. Hence the first Churches are all in Europe and the gospel spread from there.

    2. Dont cast your pearls before swines, lest they turn and rend you - dont preach the word to those that will turn on you.

    In other words, go only to the house of Israel because if you preach the word to any nation, other than Israel they will turn on you.

    We can see this throughout the world.

    The French revolution was the killing of protestants that work up realizing that the Rome was just another form of Babylon, Satans throne on earth.

    Evil can always be proclaimed to be innocent or just but its the actions behind it. During Apartheid the population increased in numbers, increased in literacy and had longer life spans, which we know is a fact.

    We cant say this under any black rule on earth - therefore we know their rule is evil because corruption is the name of the game among all African nations & even those Islands in the west - Jamaica/Haiti.

    But we should also know & remember that Pharaoh of Egypt was put there by the Lord to eventually lead his people to where the Lord had planned them to be.

    I am of the firm belief the Lord only tests or puts his most faithful through the hardest tests.

    What this nation has gone through is for their ultimate glory, a showcase for the world and a testament to what the Lord will eventually do.

    People can justify evil but look at the long term end result. Cushites will always claim segregation was evil because then they cannot practice or do what comes naturally i.e steal, lie, murder - the word was never meant to be in their hands.

    Many of the middle eastern nations are the descendants of the people mentioned in the old testament. Evil abounds in their veins.

    It is said the Chinese are the modern descendants of the Mobites.

  15. Anonymous8:47 am

    Mike is now a prophet AND a preacher .... WTF

    Perhaps IF he did what he is supposed to he would be telling us about THIS

    Johannesburg - The ANC planned to spend R50 million on a covert campaign targeting opposition parties in the 2016 local government elections, according to court papers filed in the High Court in Johannesburg.


    You will then be able to see WHO the "Shaka" is that posts here regularly

    I think Mikes holiday has NOT done him any good !

    1. Call yourself "The Detractor" in future, so we can identify from whence cometh the continuous stream of sarcastic bullshit.

    2. Anonymous6:58 am

      Sarcastic maybe

      SHOW me the "bullshit" !

  16. Anonymous9:19 am

    One cannot save evil. One cannot change evil into good and any attempt to be good to evil makes one become evil oneself. Evil should be destroyed.

    HOW do you propose this should be done ?
    ( I think you miss the plot completely )

    WHAT does the KJB have to say in this regard


    As you can see -- contrary to what you propose
    Still searching for those nuggets .

  17. Plaaskind10:09 am

    In Gen 3:22 staan: Nou het die mens geword soos een van Ons deur goed en kwaad te ken.

    Deut 7:6 Want jy is n volk afgesonderd aan YaHWeH. Jou het YaHWeH uitverkies om uit al die volke wat op die aarde is, Sy eiendomsvolk te wees.

    Bogenoemde wys duidelik daar is n volk uitverkies. YisraEl.

    In Deut 28 word aan hierdie volk seëninge belowe as hy YaHWeH se wette onderhou. Ook word die vloeke vir ongehoorsaamheid voorgehou.

    Dit is elkeen se keuse wat hy doen. Is jy gehoorsaam of kies jy om af te dwaal. Die straf vir die oortreding van die wet was om die kwaad uit die land uit te roei.

    Ek glo dat die swartes is die roede in Vader se hand om sy wettelose volk te straf. Ons het dit oor onsself gebring.

    As ons terugkeer na Vader se wette, sal Hy ons red. Hy is gou om te vergewe, maar laat nooit ongestraf bly nie.

    Dit is ons keuse. Ons kies die goeie of die slegte.

    Ons is ook nie veronderstel om goed te doen aan die wettelose nie, volgens 2 Kron 19:2.

  18. Anonymous10:10 am

    Some pretty heavy stuff, I have a headache trying to make sense of all of this...Time to get the Makita out and drill a hole in my head to release the evil spirit causing it!

    It seems nobody really knows the truth other than there are some nasty evil fuckers out there along with some honest caring & great people.

    We all have both qualities in us. We just need a good or evil experience to make the catalyst.

    I buy you a beer and I hope you will buy me one, if not, I wont buy you another one.

    Try hurt me or my family, I will become evil too.

    Just live a honest life and try avoid any evil looking characters.

  19. Anonymous12:38 pm

    You are over complicating things,

    There is a simple mathematical formula that can be applied.

    It goes something like this:

    AS you move closer towards freedom and prosperity, so left/commies/globalists/nutjobs become more violent and begin to feel oppressed because they have inverted reality (or being plowed under as per Siener) and see freedom and propsperity as evil. Simultaneously, the right/christians/normal people see this move and celebrate.

    Now flip the formula...

    AS you move towards tyrrany, the left/globalists/commies/nutjobs become happier and excited while the other side, the patriots/right/conservative become more and more outraged.

    It is all about who your father is. God or Satan. Satan inverts what God makes.

    So in other words there is a perverted or chronified version of everything that God has made.

    You get what the Mericans call "crony capitalism" where it is a perversion of capitalism. Capitalism spreads the wealth around and mushrooms a middle class where as the crony version concentrates power into the hands of a tiny white minority (the bildebergers etc). So the left loves crony capitalism and hates
    real capitalism. The right is the opposite.

    It is the same with segregation. Crony segregation is America's Jim Crowe laws where blacks got fuck all sovereignty (kinda like they get fuck all money for working when under crony capitalism). Righteous segregation is Apartheid where the blacks got a portion of the sovereignty and apartheid created a plethora of middle class sovereigntys (google the 20 bantustans of apartheid and you will see some of them had their own parliaments)

    It is the same with the master servant relationship. The crony version is American slavery and the right version is known as "employment". The one screws over people and the other is fair.

    Even the New World order is a righteous concept. Jesus Christ is going to set up a NWO while the Left want a crony NWO (we are talking anti christ etc etc). The one celebrated by the right while hated by the left etc.

    IT is what Van rensburg called "being plowed under" where there is an inversion of the past through violent action. You violently plow through the soil and the soil on top is now underneath and vice versa.

    Satan was created by God but had free will as we do and he made his choices. We have free will to choose. The israelites had choices and were told to choose life by God.

    I call what is happening in America as the "great apartheid" where there is a separation happening between the wheat and chaff.

  20. What does it mean to be evil? Can we say killing someone for a phone is evil? If so, is this not the same as the lion killing its pray for food? You kill in order to satisfy a want.

    In the animal kingdom it is almost completely non existent. We argue that instinct is natural behavior and killing in the name of instinct can be viewed even as something beautiful and glorious.

    We only observe traces of evil in the animal kingdom when we study highly intelligent creatures who are aware of themselves such as chimps chasing down and killing other chimps and eating them afterwards. Also Orca’s eating their smaller cousins the dolphins can be viewed as evil. Others will argue it is still instinct and should be considered natural behavior folding in to the great scheme of nature.

    Evil is a concept that only becomes real by being aware that it exists. In its most basic form we can say evil is when there is an influence, motivated by an emotion, causing physical or psychological action and exerted upon an external body that takes away from that body something that the initiator would not like to have initiated against itself. If every person on earth was to be evil it would not exist and aliens observing us would probably call emotions instinct as well.

    Evil can not exist without good nor can good exist without the awareness of the concept of “evil”. The creator blessed us with the good but we can not experience it if there is no concept of evil. The responsibility to choose falls on us.

    Now my argument is…. Should we consider these other twolegged creatures as animals driven by instinct or as humans with awareness of this responsibility to choose good.

    1. Dony, boet, I haven't read your whole comment, but I would suggest you don't kill for "want". That would be greed and a sin. The lion kills the impala to survive and killing for survival, I would venture to suggest, isn't a sin, but the law of nature?

    2. Anonymous4:47 am

      Hi TT no, its a generalization not aimed at good but at those who are evil already. I actually lingered when choosing the word "want" but decided to go with it anyways because it more closely apply to both humans and animals instead of just one or the other. Should have gone with "desire" instead.

      I was intending to go in to the law that says Thy shall not covet but got sidetracked.

      I think you are hitting the nail exactly on the head with suggesting sin= law of nature but only when it applies to those who have been exalted above the law of nature.

      My only confusion is that i do not know how far we are removed from the law of nature and how much it still drives our basic needs. We are born in to the law of nature and then needs to be reborn in to the law of God?


  21. Anonymous12:59 pm

    you forgot that verse where Christ said that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but wrestle against the powers and principalities in the spirit realm and the darkness on the earth (or something like that)

    SO that is why he says turn the other cheek. You are not to fight against flesh and blood, but rather engage is spiritual warfare in prayer (which is why you pray for your enemies). When you pray for you enemies, you are not asking God to be nice to them. You are asking God to invoke judgment on your enemies. But before that happens, you have to give your enemies a chance to repent, just as you were given a chance to repent. Then as a final resort, judgment comes. And it comes in spades.

    1. Anonymous4:59 pm

      That enemies means enemies from your own nation. You simply forget the covenant of God where he said he will bless Abraham's seed and make them a multitude of nations.Not the seed of the Serpent in Gen 3:15. You are corrupted to twist God's word to think that he will ever let any of Serpent DNA twisted creatures back into heaven. Why did He cast them out in the first place?. Please, don't tell me he made them to test us. To test us when he already knows what we are going to do.Meaning that God is an idiot. Why would he made evil, knowing what evil was going to do.

  22. Anonymous1:25 pm

    “The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares? He said unto them, An enemy hath done this. The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” Every plant that Yahweh did not plant shall be rooted up and bundled for burning, and if we truly wish to divide the Word of God in truth, we should investigate what sort of plants to which Yahshua Christ was referring.

  23. The idea of owning a wolf or a wolf-dog cross is appealing to some people who profess a great love and respect for wolves. They want to share their lives and homes with a wild spirit. Perhaps they even believe that by perpetuating the genes of wild wolves, they are doing the species a favor.

    The reality of owning one of these animals is often very different. While wolf puppies might be every bit as cute as dog puppies, they will grow up to be wolves, not dogs, no matter how much they are treated like dogs. With wolf-dog crosses, or hybrids, the higher the percentage of wolf genes, the more wolf-like behavior the hybrid will exhibit.

    It took many thousands of years for humans to selectively breed canines for the traits that make modern-day dogs such delightful companions: congeniality, flexibility, and eagerness to please. It is simply impossible to instill these traits in a wild animal overnight. Many an unsuspecting wolf lover has purchased a wolf pup, only to find that it is largely untrainable (since it does not care much about pleasing its owner), and that as it grows into adulthood it becomes unpredictable, if not downright dangerous, especially around children and small animals.

    Now how is this different when it comes to 6000 years of breeding tame European humans and mixing them with wild African humans? It is not different. It is exactly the same. We all know that the African gene is dominant when creating hybrids between the races and the hybrid will be more wild than tame.

  24. Believe it or not but there were humans before God created Adam. In Genesis 1 it doesn’t say Adam. It says he created mankind he created them male and female and told them to be fruitful and multiply. Just as he said to the animals before.

    In Genesis 2 (who the church teaches us to be a more detailed description of Genesis 1 wrongly i might add) it happens in reverse. He creates Adam(To blush) before the animals and blows something “special” in to his nostrils then he brings the animals forth from the earth to find Adam a suitable companion. None are suitable and so he creates Eve from the flesh of Adam.

    Eve in Hebrew is (חוה) ….(ח)- the …….and (וה)- kinsfolk. “THE KINSFOLK” means relatives, relations, kin, kindred, family members, family, kith and kin,kinsmen/kinswomen, one's own flesh and blood, blood relatives.

    This is important. It is to stipulate that Eve was the same as Adam. Then they had children who married other woman and went to other cities. Where did these woman and cities come from if Adam and Eve were the first people? It is easy. They were not the first people.

    I envision a theory that God took out of the wild earth, plants and he made the first garden to be farmed. Then he took the wild humans or prehistoric humans and bread them to where he got a “tame” human(Adam) just like we did with the wolf and bread it in to a tame dog.

    He bread the Adamite to be bigger and stronger than the wild humans so that they could defend themselves. He made them smart so that they could maintain the garden and control their environment. He made them look different and pleasing to the eyes so they would prefer mating with their own kind and sealed it with rh o negative blood factor just in case so that when a smaller Adamite woman if raped by a wild human cant give birth to a hybrid.

    At this point we don’t know if God had more plans for them or to give them children because He gave them fruit from the tree of life and the ability to live hundreds and hundreds of years.

    He did not expect the Adamites to lust after the filthy and ugly wild humans but as we know Eve was deceived and Adam also ate. RH o negative blood can donate to all others but cant receive from any other. This means that Eve could not conceive from other races( her antibodies would attack and kill the fetus) but Adam could impregnate other blood types. The initial sin was race mixing,

    After all the Lord’s hard work in ensuring purity of this special creation, Adam went and did specifically what the Lord was trying to prevent. The Lord got so mad that he threw them out of the garden and sealed the tree of life with a burning sword swinging in all directions.

    Now before the Lord accomplished his goal in making Adam there had to be breeds just before Adam that were not as great as Adam but also not as wild as the first wild humans.

    Could they have been the city builders that provided the wives for the children of Adam?

    I do not consider this as gospel or as the one and only true interpretation of the Holy writings but a thought provoking exercise to question and better understand those writings. I believe that believes should have the ability to change and thus nothing is pinned down in a moment of time as the absolute and only truth. Finding the true and only truth might not be attainable and I might never find it but my journey in searching for it is my continues interaction with the creator and lifts my spirit. It is a source of mystery and my thirst to uncover it is louder than the mere reality to live a life of acceptance in what has been the popular ideology projection.

  25. Adrem2:32 pm

    Great article Mike, I have also recently spent time in trying to sort out those theological points on which you touched. So far, no convincing enlightenment has come upon me, but I continue trying...

    Oh by the way, nice to see you back again!

    1. It has never been my intention to give you all the answers, but simply to get you to think about the answers.

    2. Indeed, Mike, a very profound piece and food for thought. Who has all the answers anyway? Only God, I believe.

    3. Adrem2:40 am

      Absolutely correct my friends, but please note that I have never asked you for answers, but merely said that I still continue looking....

  26. Anonymous2:38 pm

    mike - you would seriously enjoy listening to jordan b peterson, a canadian prof who pissed off some SJWs last year. i was technically agnostic but practically atheist about religions until i heard him talk about it on the joe rogan podcast and his youtube channel, not any more


    1. Never heard of him. Will check it out. Thanks

  27. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Mike I know that the pastors of the duch reformed Church in South Africa has failed God and his people in every way possible, but those who are in Christ have been crucified with him, buried with him and raised with him, and have ascended into heaven with him and are seated on the right hand of God Psalm 110. There is no righteousness in me therefore I trust in Christ alone and his righteousness, if you are in Christ it is the same as Moses been hid in the cleft of the rock because no man can see God and live, we have all Brocken Gods 10 commandments except for Jesus Christ. I still hold to those old Calvinistic doctrines like TULIP in spite of the fact that the Dutch reformed Church have failed to uphold them. It also means I cannot hold to humanistic free will theology but rather, election according to grace

    1. Last time I was in a Dutch Reform Church was 14 years ago.

    2. Anonymous12:41 am

      And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved (Genesis 32:30).

      So the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend (Exodus 33:11)

      In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple (Isaiah 6:1).

    3. Anonymous3:48 am

      Agree with you Mike! Die mense kon nie sy teenwoordigheid verstaan nie, want Hy was te heilig en hulle vol sondes, daarom het Moses gegaan.

  28. RunForrestRun7:18 pm

    There is no such thing as "good" and "evil", it is a social construct by people who are bound to a society, it is merely the measure whereby things are considered beneficial or detrimental to that society.

    1. Could you elaborate? Blacks throwing their babies on rubbish dumps where ants and dogs eat them is a case in point. I consider it evil, although it does not benefit their society and possibly mine.

    2. RunForrestRun10:25 pm

      "Dark Nature" by Lyall Watson does a pretty good scientific job of explaining human behaviour as the genetic imperative to thrive and survive, things like cuckolding wives are shown to be simply a subliminal urge to procreate with partners most likely to father viable and strong offspring. The eskimo's have left their old and feeble out in the snow for yonks. Its not in the "society's" interest to carry those people and feed them, the black baby on the dump is just an African manifestation decreed by circumstance and location.

      Be very honest with yourself now,--very few people will admit this, do you actually like small children and babies not related to you? I'm honest, I don't and its mainly the fear of going to jail that stops me from sometimes taking a big stick to somebody else's unruly and noisy offspring. There are many other things that if you are honest with yourself are regarded as "evil" in our society that many people only refrain from doing due to fearing the consequence,--society protecting itself with a label.

    3. Anonymous10:41 pm

      I have a simple view which may explain @RunForrestRun's comment...

      Evil is not a concrete thing. It is the result of asking and answering the only question that matters, which is:

      "Are you going to believe me and do it my way, or are you going to eat from the tree and do it your way?"

      All sin and what we call evil as well as all of what we call good is the RESULT of our answer to the only question.

      What we call GOOD results from us following and obeying God and doing what He says we must do.

      What we call EVIL results from us deciding to reject God and eat from the tree and decide for ourselves what we will do.

      At the end of the day ALL sin stems from the answer to that question...

      Evil is essentially the result of us not being robots. Exercising our God-given free will is what results in good or evil.

      That's my 2cents worth...

  29. Anonymous8:00 pm


    I think Zika is mother natures cure to evil.

    8 months & it will be in Zims, Botswana and even Limpopo - probably is already there, hunting saint Malema


  30. Mike Smith religious fundamentalist and half-wit philosopher is hilarious. The only flaw in your evil spiel is that whites are the evil cancer that must be exterminated from African soil.

    1. Oh really...how racistly interresting.

    2. Oh fuck! He's surfaced!!!!

      Shaka, you stupid twat, go back to the bush from whence you come. Get out of that house, office building and car that the Wit Baas built and while you're about toss away that smartphone because there is fuckall smart about your species. Hai soeka, hamba wena!

    3. Anonymous4:38 am

      I know right, Mike? HAHAHA!

      Keep 'em coming you Raysis shaka! Nothing but whole truth dripping from your evil mud loving lips.

    4. Stephen6:18 am

      shaka , Keep on dreaming kaffir , you rubbish are the ones that's gonna be exterminated.

      You know your not welcome here , yet keep jumping the cyber-fence like you kaffirs do .

      Thats another difference between whites and kaffirs , when a white feels un-welcome or un-wanted or not appreciated , they just leave , doesn't matter if its your cell-provider or your bank or your wife or mates or a chat-group - we just leave.

      But you kaffirs have no pride or shame , no ZOA just BIOS.
      That's why you don't mind reading and commenting on a white-mans site , I would hate to be clued to the screen waiting for the next thing a kaffir is gonna type ..

      oh maybe you hate it too , that's why your here , ne kaffir.

  31. Anonymous12:36 am

    Oh my poor headache !!!!!!!

    Zika is a bunch of old crud
    In any case -- HOW does it "cure evil" when it is indiscriminate ?

    You have obviously never heard of targeted pathogens.

    WHY Mr Smith did you come back from holiday ???????

    I will even help you to go away again


    Maybe I need to go away -- to some nice tropical island where the moneys for nothin' and chicks for free

    Anything but not this painful painful assault on ones mind !

    1. Nice Facebook site...Love it :-)

      BTW...you are free to leave this site anytime you want to. Honestly, you don't have to read it. You don't have to comment on it. Nobody keeps you here. Adios Amigo.

    2. This sounds like The Detractor again?

      If you find it so "painful" following this blog, why the fuck do you come on here? You must be stupid beyond words!

    3. Anonymous4:33 am

      Your reverse psychology tears taste delicious anon 12:36.

    4. Anonymous6:49 am

      Adios Amigo.

      You must be on the wrong side of the wall


    5. Anonymous6:51 am

      You must be stupid beyond words!

      NO pain -- NO gain ......

      What "words" -- there aren't any here !

    6. Anonymous12:09 pm

      Your reverse psychology tears taste delicious anon 12:36.

      I WANT MY TEARS BACK -- NOW 1080


  32. Anonymous1:20 am

    I have the same issues in religion and reality. If you dig to deep for answers you will become mad. So the only thing is to truly believe and give yourself to God.He will give you the right answers at the right time. As far as evil goes if you know your bible well or read allot you will also see that on a multple ocasions Jesus and the Appostles tells you to stay away from evil and to destroy evil. Now I recon if our God fearing Christians could not teach this evil nation from Africa anything in more than 350 years then this is the evil the Bible revers to the Anti Christ, heathens call them what you will. You cant serve God and our forefather spirits and demons as they do. Doom,shoes, snakes is not part of Christianity . Thats sounds like divil stuff.My asnwer to you question, Yes God did create everything and we as mortals must not question His ways or will. Theres a reason for everthing He does

  33. "Turning the other cheek" is a very nice recipe - to get your head slapped right off your shoulders...

  34. Anonymous4:30 am

    Millions who hate and oppose the Commandments of God enjoy a safe and prosperous life where the true followers of his laws rule and live his laws on a daily basis. They don't even realize that it is because of His laws and the true followers practicing it day by day that they can eat and drink and do business and become rich.They just take it for granted. Just try and live a life the opposite of his Commandments and see how long will you exist. Go figure.

  35. My last tuppence worth on the actual topic.

    I think I'm too stupid and confused to "look for answers". I simply believe in God [not the churches!] and try and live according to the Ten Commandments.

    KISS; Keep It Simple, Stupid? Like me.

  36. Anonymous5:02 am

    Those created by God to his image will obviously have the same nature as Him. They will live a Godly life governed by His laws and example. His creation will always separate themselves from evil as He did. Those created by the evil will always attack those who want to separate themselves from evil. They cannot accept God's laws because of their evil nature from their father the devil. That is why God ordered His people to wipe out these devil offspring completely. That order had not been completed then, because of evil that was in some of his people. There are always false deluded Christians not knowing God's laws who protect these evildoers from being wiped out from these days until now. It was never said that the fight against evil will be easy.The true Christians are always in the minority. But as history had proven, God never worked with a majority. When it is time, He steps in and destroy the false with the evil.

    1. Anonymous8:18 am

      Anon 5:02 makes complete sense.
      People need to look at the big picture, not just a few verses from the Bible. See if from beginning to end.
      This evil will take over the world, and all evil will eventually descent onto Israel to finally try wipe them out. That is Armageddon Revelations mentions; and God will step in and take over the battle.
      We fortunate to see the final pieces of the puzzle being put together.
      My estimate, we probably about 50 years away. Whites will be minority in USA within the next 20 years. Whites could get out voted in Europe probably within 50 years.
      That's why God brought the Settlers to South Africa. His people (I believe) will all come here and be shielded from the mayhem.
      But that's a theory for another day.

  37. Anonymous5:49 am

    Hey Mike - check out this libturd with a severe mental disorder - Noooooooooooooo!! https://youtu.be/vjjZDlN7xmU

  38. Anonymous8:23 am


    1. Anonymous3:42 pm


      Criminals noticing criminals.

      Thats why they wanted SA to go to the ANC, they wanted another criminal colony like the rest of Africa.

      How the ANC can even object to this shows you how backward this thing is, it really needs to be wiped off the planet. These things live in their own reality - those holographic deciphers in their brains simply cannot computer reality as it is.

      Let the criminals bash the criminals, probably makes him feel less inferior knowing we never accepted their convicts, trying to hide from his own past.

  39. Anonymous10:22 am

    Hi Mike , nice to have you back again, fighting Evil with Facts.
    I believe that just like a child doesnt need to be taught to be naughty it comes so easily in most cases, if not corrected it can escalate into pure Evil later on , because its so easy to do wrong , but its a hell of a task to do Good and keep on that Track.
    In Adult years many Businesses have become major Empires by Cheating , Fraud , Stealing etc. to look like the shining success that all will look up to. ( I know many )
    Now there are Companies that earned their success to hard Effort .
    Then we look at those at the Helm , in Leadership that everyone worships and builds up Hope in , to their detriment , because they in it for themselves.
    The Churches do preach Love and Peace and if taken to heart , humbles one with tolerance and forgiveness. To turn the other cheek and self blame .
    Then you get those that practice a different type of religion , namely of Evil , Voodoo and Sangoma following and whatever. They practice their epiphanies and since its so easy to be Evil it proliferates into greater Evil Spirits with which they are comfy with. Because the more you practice something the better you become at it.
    All to thinking it gives them POWER over the next.
    I believe that when accosted with Naughty ness , give it a smack and correction sets in , when confronted with a Zombie wanting you , show the other cheek as a lure and Moer the kak out of it.
    Others use guilt trip rhetoric (Racist) to further their Agendas and build on that.

  40. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Gods above Mike, you know that the ONE thing, almost the ONLY thing, that makes afrikaners and boers more obstinate and more hatefull is talking religion to the them?

    Because, the one lot hates the other lot, and that lot hates two more, and this is even before you have started with politics, or whose grandfather's father stole the others girlfriend at church on a sunday, and which ouma's ouma, had the proper koeksister recipe...

    and we havent even touched on rugby yet?

    1. Whiteman3:19 am

      Anonymous 9:21 pm, you make a truthful, painful, realistic observation ! This is exactly why we are siitting in this predicament today. The " leaders, " ( political and religious ), have tried everything in the book, to try to get people to stand together, for a common purpose. I call it : The handing out of dummies, ( pacifiers ), of deception. But after a while, people realise it is not the real thing, and they spit it out. Then the process of delusion starts all over again. But the " babies, " are not getting any nourishment, so they eventually just die. After twenty-plus years of sucking dummies, we have become tired, weak, and death is knocking at te door. Throughout history, when a nation reaches this critical point, ONE man steps forward, and makes all the difference. The Bible is also full of such examples. I believe it will be the same in this country, and I have a hunch, that that man, is reading this post right now !

  41. Anonymous11:06 pm

    @Tomkat... Don't you mean the 11 Commandments. Jesus added one. We are to love our (true) Christian brothers with the same love as He loved us so that the world will know that we are his disciples.

    Turning the other cheek is not an act of meekness. It is an act of your will. In the custom of the day, you were forbidden to strike a person with the back of your hand. By turning your other cheek you were actually forcing the person to stop or break the law. Most modern pastors don't get this... Jesus was saying "Yes, love justice and mercy and walk humbly before your God, but don't be a wimp about it".

    The same holds true for the extra mile. Roman soldiers at the time could force any non-roman citizen to carry their kitbag for one mile ONLY. Any further and the soldier could be flogged. Jesus saying "Go the Extra Mile" is telling his followers to force the soldier into a moral decision ultimately leading to him deciding never again to abuse other people by forcing them to carry his gear.

    As the Creator and Sustainer of all, Jesus has a very finely tuned sense of humour... Just look at starfish and giraphes.

    Those two sayings are not to be interpreted as weakness, but as strength. A strength that forces a person to consider their actions.

  42. Whiteman12:33 am

    Anonymous 11:06, throughout my life, I have listened, and seen thousands of sermons. Read hundreds of books, and been part of thousands of Bible studies, and religious discussions. But never, have I heard your explanation about " turning the other cheek, " and walking the " extra mile ! " It has always been the " nice " christian interpretation, of lying down, submitting to your abuser, and hoping for the best. But consider these two totally different interpretations, and their profound results, and/or effect on humanity ! Thanks for this contribution. It has again convinced me that : ALL churches are merely extensions of the government of the day, to brainwash, and bullshit the populace into total mindless submission ! To really be free, you have to get rid of these satanic chains, and I made that decsision many years ago.

  43. 11:06 Thanks. I agree with Whiteman [as always?] that it was very enlightening. Wasn't perhaps "turning the other cheek" meant to be in the case of your brothers of the same tribe and not in the case of your and God's enemies. I mean, He did say, dispense with the Amelekites totally? There was no mercy to be shown them.
    Just a thought guys.

  44. Anonymous7:53 pm

    @Anonymous11:06 pm
    Surely you don't know that the love Jesus referred to pointed to the 10 Commandments. To love God and thigh neighbor means to abide by that Commandments. Jesus turned the cheek to his disciples and followers , but He whipped the money launderers out of the temple. Walking the extra mile and turning the cheek is for your own people , nation ,race. If you are going to turn the cheek for Satan he's going to crush stones with you. Did God turn the other cheek for the evil.? If you don't know where you come from then you certainly are part of the Serpent's offspring when he mingled his DNA with the DNA of God's creation in the times before Noah when he made himself slaves for his mining projects here on earth. These were the offspring God referred to in Gen. 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. Why do you think did God order Israel to wipe out these abominations which Satan concocted. Now it is easy for you bastards pretending to be Christians to apply God's commandments on Satan's remnants. God ordered Israel to wipe them clean, if not they will always be there as a snare and a stumbling block. Maybe you can understand now why God was so racist and rude to order Israel to finish off all these lovingly peaceful anti racist multicultural mingled concoctions of Satan which did exactly the opposite of the 10 Commandments. Of course Satan have pleasure in idiots turning the cheek and walk the extra mile to build his kingdom. If you want to use the sword, you must hold it correctly, else you will damage yourself.
    Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

  45. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Scientists have mingled pig and human DNA and concocted a being. They want to grow organs to help replace defect organs in real humans so they tell the public in their newspapers. It is a creation other than God's creation. Now say for instance they create a kind of a baboon human pig half bred. It begs the question , did God create that being or the Scientist. Who is responsible for that being or creation. God or the scientist? That thing has been created and is in the laboratory now.If they create more of one kind of that creatures and some disaster strikes earth today and our children are going to suffer the consequences of that 6000 years from now, who are to be blamed for it. Say for instance these creatures start to multiply on earth and they become a majority. Some are ugly things and others are more friendly and our offspring starts to mingle with them. More creatures are born and they become more and more human like. Dou you think God will listen to our kids 6000 years from now when these creatures start to kill them left right and center and they call for help. Do you think God will ever allow these creatures into heaven?
    He didn't create them in the first place. Do you think God will let those half-bred kids of us into heaven with the scientist created half-bred offspring. I don't think so.

  46. Anonymous3:45 am

    If I may why is it that everybody thinks you only have to keep the ten commandments. Is being gay now not a sin, is having sex with animals now not a sin, is witchcraft not a sin, is speaking to death not a sin, is sleeping with your mother,daughter,son,etc. Not a sin? I dont get church people thats the reason I left it. And dont start telling met the temple is the one He saved. Luke selfs says that they didnt know that He(Messiach) talked about His own body.