30 January 2017

Australian MP worried that Melbourne could become like Johannesburg

By Mike Smith
30th of January 2017

A while ago, when blacks refused toll roads in SA, President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma told blacks not to think like blacks and that roads in Johannesburg are not some national road in Malawi…of course meaning their roads are inferior to ours.

Well for those who remember how the roads were under Apartheid, one can only frown upon Zuma’s statement seeing that SA roads were some of the best in the world. Just drive through Pretoria, Kroonstad or Piet Retief in Natal now and you will see how the roads have degenerated over the last 20 years.

As we know, it is not just the roads that have gone to the dogs under the ANC, everything has been stuffed up. The hospitals are a shadow of their former selves, the schools and the schooling system produces unemployable idiots. The universities are burning. The armed forces and police are a joke and crime has gone through the roof…to just name a few.

But don’t you dare criticize the ANC their mismanagement, their nepotism or their corruption, because then you will be branded a “racist”…Like the Australian opposition MP Matthew Guy found out recently when he compared the rising crime in Melbourne to that of crime infested Johannesburg saying that the Australian city could become the Johannesburg of the South Pacific.

Victorian Opposition leader’s comments unfortunate says South Africa’s ANC

What they actually wanted to say was that he shouldn’t think like a Kaffir.

The ANC said that Guy’s comments “seek to portray South Africa in a negative manner”…

Yip…Not the ANC…always someone else to blame. Never the ANC. Never their utter incompetence and criminal mismanagement. Shoot the messenger and the critic. That is how the ANC has ruled for the past 22 years. God only knows…there isn’t a nerve in my body or a hair on my head that that do not hate these fuckers with every fibre of its being.

Besides it is all true.

Fact check, Crime infested Johannesburg is not fake news

Nevertheless, we hope that the DA’s Herman Mashaba will be able to fix the fuck-up the ANC has left behind. It certainly can’t get worse. I just wish he would stop talking and actually do something.

I just find it ironic that the Australian MP said it, because a few years ago when white South Africans were fleeing the crime infested hell-hole there was an advert on TV apparently based on a real incident… It played off on an airplane where a white South African ran down the crime infested New (improved) South Africa and was overheard by a patronizing libtard Australian who then told him, that crime is everywhere and that he was out of line to run SA down, blah, blah… Do you remember it? I can’t find that video anymore. Maybe that South Africa was right after all.


  1. Anonymous8:31 am

    Criminals don't see crime as crime hence the ANC reply.

    I reckon the cops should get piece pay. Paid per criminal arrest & conviction. You will see them moving their asses then.

    1. Anonymous4:39 am

      Oh please, cops are bribed to make case dockets disappear.

      The problem boils down to not having a capable state. Without a capable state it is not possible to have rule of law. The constitution has become like cheap Chinese single ply toilet paper. You end up with your hands full of shit.

    2. Anonymous12:29 pm

      are you married to the state?

    3. Anonymous12:02 am

      Problem is whites are not in control of this country.

  2. Anonymous10:08 am

    This last graph is wrong. After 94 the stats are been fucked with. That downward spread is police interference and hindrance. WE ARE IN A LOW KEY WAR. Ons moet net Vinning wakker skrik. Dan kan ons plane begin maak. En vir die vuiligheids polisie man wat hier lees...Fok jou

    1. Anonymous12:27 pm


      @Anonymous10:08 am

      Boet you nailed it!

      It is a war, a low key war getting louder.

      Prepare, unite, arm, train and then pray the sun doesnt set on us.

      die vierkleur sal weer wapper - nou dis waar!

  3. Anonymous10:35 am


  4. RunForrestRun10:53 am

    What I find utterly astounding is that you will have Shaka come on here soon and tell us that this crime has always been in black neighbourhoods, has always been normal for blacks and we must just accept it.

    The cognitive dissonance arises when at the same time they decry apartheid, unable to comprehend that white people want to separate themselves from this. So as a white man you tell me its always been a problem in black neighbourhoods but you then feel offended when I dont want you to bring it into my neighbourhood,---WTF?

    1. Anonymous11:15 am

      These blacks (like shaka) have a satanic way of thinking. Their behaviour is consistent with American pedophiles and wife swappers and the behaviour of these inbred elite

    2. Anonymous12:55 pm

      These blacks want to taint everything and everyone they encounter for they can never be anything else but tainted useless parasites.

  5. Anonymous11:08 am

    check check! There goes Shaka. Look how she (Shaka) is licking her lips... Just licking her lips. Rubbing her hands with glee at the thought of violent crime

  6. Anonymous12:22 pm


    One thing I could never get or understand is how anyone, or any person could think apartheid formed in a vacuum.

    The whites didnt wake up, all in sync one day and say "hey, lets stop blacks from entering our areas"

    It was a "next" logical short term solution, to a long term problem.

    The problem is the karasite. Today, we have the highest crime rate in the world, the murder rate in reality before statistics were recorded were always high in these karasite infested countries.

    Especially in SA with the different tribes & then with whites working and building up their cities, houses, it was easy pickings. When they could no longer steal and get away with it due to the dompaas system, it was "cry me a river" to the international community.

    Today we see why we had apartheid. But never try or apply a short term solution to a long term problem, especially when you dont have a long term plan for a long term, lingering problem.

    The rates will increase while the karasite continues to breed. It will remain until they are no longer here or have vanished.

    There are two easy ways to make them vanish.
    The nice way or the hard way.

    The hard way is with war - which the liberals dont like and war is to be avoided at all cost and then...

    There is the easy way, grab a the new holographic projection technology, stick them around the townships and make the night sky light up with the tokoloshi & boom boxes around the townships making demonic sounds.

    We must use their superstition against them - know thy enemy. Defeat them in their minds. On the battle field wear tokoloshe masks ;)

    1. Anonymous6:46 am

      Boere Ninja - agree with the use of holograpic projection technology and use extensively not just townships. They are very superstitious especially with tokoloshe and ancestors. Makes me think of the reaction to the boers hanging their lanterns on the ends of their long whips eve of Battle of Blood River.

    2. Anonymous12:12 pm


      @Anonymous6:46 am

      I actually did this with a karasite scouting my area, she was eyeing out the place, speaking, fishing for info.

      We know snakes, lizards, Tokoloshe - the 3 things they dont like.

      If you have a car - put some mutti or some form of mutti look a like in your car - they will not touch it.

      On your gates at your house - string up a few bones, feathers - they will not touch it.

      Projectors with Tokoloshes might sound far fetched but to win, we must use anything, we must make their worst nightmares come true.

      Something like this.... Watch this prank... Lol just imagine


  7. Anonymous12:36 pm


    @RunForrestRun10:53 am

    Boet, there is the problem.

    COGNITIVE - the things dont have any cognitive function.

    If they had any, they would have had some form of civilization in SA before we arrive. They are running a DOS based system, while they whites brains run on a ultra fast based program.

    GIGO -Garbage in, garbage out.

  8. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Mike, with all due respect, you put too much faith/hope in the DA. The DA is leftwing scum like Merkel, H Clinton etc and they don't care about crime. They want power by all means and they will do anything to grt that power. In order to get power, one must weaken the people below you so that you have more control. A weak population is one that has forgotten about values because they are not focussed on values, they are focused on survival and other preocupations closely linked to survival. That is where crime comes in. Crime serves to terrorise the minds of the people and to numb them down and the DA, EFF and the ANC wants it. They also want integration, worldwide communism and globalism. Nothing more and nothing less. The DA will do nothing better than the ANC - chances are good that they will be worse.

    1. No I don't. The DA is just ANC light. I have said that many times, but you have to admit that they are doing a better job of the Cape than the ANC did. Hopefully PE and JHB will improve a bit now as well.

    2. Anon 2:38 Everyone knows the DA is ANC-lite as Mike has said many times, but at least they know how to manage things. The ANC doesn't have the foggiest clue and couldn't run a piss-up in a brewery.

      The DA is no more than an interim measure or attempt to restore some form of normalcy. They will not be allowed to succeed. Only delusional people believe that they will. If they gain too strong a foothold the violence will escalate to a point where the country is ungovernable. That is both the ANC & EFF's strategy.

      Do you think that either of them have any intention of sharing power or allowing the Whites to continue to exist? A full scale civil war between all the different factions is inevitable. As you say it's all part of the globalists plan.

      All we can try and do is to wake our fellow dozing Whites up to the fact and, instead of them being numbed down, they will be galvanised to stop sitting on their arses and rise to the occasion.

    3. Anonymous4:33 am

      The EFF have no viable plan and are merely disorganized mobsters. The ANC are too divided to have any plan left at all. The Zuptas are using short term tactics of scapegoating whites to divert the lumpen-proles' attention from their looting. The DA has a good chance of growing its numbers and voter pool while all of this is going on.

  9. FredBarbarossa4:53 pm

    RunForrestRun…. Shaka will be absolutely correct if he made the statement that crime has always been (high) in black neighbourhoods.
    What should be pointed out though, is that during Apartheid, policing in townships was carried by their own kind.

  10. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Australia mmmm, biggest critics of apartheid, I think the wheel has turned, apartheid will be coming to Australia!

    1. Bullshit, where do you dream this stuff up?

    2. Anon 11:36 - Bullshit??? You do know that as late as the 1960's the Abos were still classified as fauna & flora?

      And, that ain't no dream.

    3. Anonymous8:33 am

      Anon 11:36 are you incapable of abstract thought or are you a mud person?

  11. PreatorianXVI11:42 pm

    Australians are quite a liberal lot, that said the undercurrent of discontent is building, nothing like a downturn in the economy and President Trump to shine a light on some liberal BS agenda.

    Melbourne is the Liberal Capitol of Australia, infested with the Greens / Communists and the likes, thus they openly welcome refugees and other non-compatible elements in the spirit of Diversity to a Civilised European Culture. What the Romans referred to as Slave cock worship.

    Now, they already have a problem with 2nd generation Somali youth gangs, who display their typical culture, the police are treading on eggshells, can not be seen to be racist and they really don't know how to deal with this lot. Private individuals are arming themselves legally with all sorts, baseball and cricket bats, pickaxe handles, box-cutters mostly equipment straight out your local hardware store.

    All it needs is time and the powder keg will go off, as Melbourne eradicated their native Aboriginal population they don't seem to get it when dealing with the other natives, QLD, NT and WA still have a sizeable Aboriginal population and react slightly different in how they handle the other natives, don't seem to have the same issues as Melbourne. I would put a wager that the next "Terrorist attack" in Australia will happen in Melbourne...

    1. Anonymous2:52 am

      When the shit hits where will all the ex pats run to then?

      Come now boys don't get all huffy and puffy, I am asking a legit question, you lot say you left because SA had no future for you and your families but now I hear a couple of birdies ( non flying type that fled ) chirping that the retards, abos, Maoris and other undesirables might be making the new nest as hot as the old one was.

      Maybe Iceland or polar caps will be a quiter more suitable spot for you chaps that need the quiet easy life, you can make snowmen and paint them black if you get a bit nostalgic and home sick, at least they will be white inside so you need not fear an uprising or a land grab.


    2. LTMA - Iceland is also fucked. They have just opened their arms to the invaders as well. They only have a population of 300 000 and how long do you think it's going to take before these things outbreed and inbreed them into extinction?

  12. Anonymous5:33 am


    @Anonymous2:52 am

    I have been saying the same thing for the past 3 years, at first I was attacked violently because I was messing with their version of reality.

    The reality is that those whites have yet to figure out how to cope with these things, they have been told to not be racist, that segregation is racist, that resisting is right wing etc etc.

    NZ by 2025 (8 years) - the whites will be a minority.
    Canada - another 10 years

    I wish many the best, I have family that left & before they left I told them just like this.

    You can leave, in fact I encourage everyone to leave for a short while but dont ever sell yourself short by throwing away your passport or becoming a citizen.

    The minute you do that, dont come back!

    And they did the above & we dont speak anymore, I wont speak anymore. I dont want weak fuckers around me.

    When the shit hits the fan there or when China tries to take over those regions, guess where they will go?

    Ja - back to SA that they spoke so badly about.

    If you can live there, like everything is normal, is it really necessary to become a citizen & swap your passport?

    Short term thinkers that lack faith - trust me, you dont want them around you.

    Nice people, good hearts but not the people I want around me. Fickle, neither hot nor cold, they blow with the wind.

    1. Ninja, one of my favourite maxims in life:
      "Surround yourself with people who move towards the sound of gunfire. They won't let you down when the SHTF."

    2. Anonymous12:03 pm


      @Tomkat's Tribulations7:17 am
      Tom, I have seen this in real life, they never let you down!

  13. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Stuff the australians, fukng hypocrites, them & the british .

  14. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Apartheid never formed within a vacuum, it arose as a solution to a long term problem.

    Problem is, the whites who opposed it internationally were still white countries at the time.

    1. Anonymous6:58 am

      Apartheid was done without a thought to the long-term future, bringing in cheap labourers from the Homelands and allowing or turning a blind eye to them settling meant the system was already doomed.

      Also, they really needed a PR campaign, and needed to be a little smarter about how things were presented to the rest of the world.

      Should have perhaps encouraged a federal system of government so all regions could eventually break away and have self rule however they wanted.

  15. Anonymous5:53 am

    Ya, dit neem 'n Zuid Afrikaan to sort out Obama.


    Enjoy, Besoeker