31 July 2016

Mike Smith endorses the Cape Party

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2016

Amazing how the ANC is losing support from all their former diehard supporters of whom one would never have thought it to possible .

Oliver Tambo’s family abandons ANC

Thabo Mbeki and 14 of his family members abandon the ANC

Former ANC terrorist, Minister of Safety and Security and later Minister of Sport, Steve Tshwete’s son Linda and Ghaleb Cachalia, the son of struggle icons Amina and Yusuf, held a media briefing condemning President Jacob Zuma’s “racial” campaign.

The three men who come from prominent families in the ANC said they have the full support of their families as DA members. Linda said his entire family, except for the two, fully supported him when he joined the DA.

Malema said that the ANC has blamed Apartheid for its failures for too long: EFF: ANC has blamed Apartheid for its failures too long

He said: “This is no longer the ANC of Mandela, Tambo and Chris Hani. You must not feel ashamed for not voting for the ANC, because that party is now rotten.”

There is no doubt that the ANC is going to get a slap upside their heads in this election, but what is disheartening for me is that the winners of the lost ANC votes will be the DA and the EFF.

Cape Party: Main Road Somerset West
As you know, I have never belonged to any political party and have voted only once (1994) in my life. That was a mistake, because at the time I didn’t realize that the election was illegal and every subsequent election after that is therefore also illegal.

After the NP repealed the populations registration act on the 28th of June 1991 (the last of the Apartheid laws) they scrapped the denotations of “Whites”, “Coloureds”, “Indians” and “Blacks” and all citizens became the same. Therefore the Tri-cameral parliament, the Constitution of 1983 and their mandate to govern became null and void. The NP should have resigned there and then, called for a new election and a new constitution.

Only the whites voted for them in 1989. They had no mandate from the majority population (non whites) to govern one day further. They didn’t even have the authority to call a whites-only referendum in 1992; they should have simply fucked off.

Therefore the elections of 1994 were illegal and a farce and every single subsequent election the same.

Nevertheless, the majority of the voters in South Africa does not know this and choose to play along. I don’t. I don’t endorse an illegal terrorist government by voting in any of their elections.

Cape Party: Beach Road Strand
However, for those who are going to vote on the 3rd of Agust 2016, please vote for the Cape Party. It is the only party I will endorse, because the DA, the Freedom Front Minus, and The rest of the 200 parties in the farcical elections do not support an independent country or homeland separate from the ANC governed shithole of the rest of SA.

Besides, the hated liberal media is freezing out the tiny Cape Party and Jack Miller, party leader is fighting to get just 5000 votes in order to get ONE SEAT in order to have a say in running of the Western Cape.

Often that is all that is needed. Remember the impact the lone voice of Helen Suzmann had in parliament during Apartheid. Eventually she turned the whole NP liberal to the point where the Conservative Party became the official opposition.

Just look at me. A lone voice crying out in the wilderness and the impact that has had.

Maybe all we need is that one voice in the Cape Parliament to constantly plant the seeds of freedom and independence in the minds of the people. If the Cape becomes independent then it will be the catalyst for the Boer Republics to also be restored and for the Zulus to get Natal.

But why stop at 5000 votes? Give them 10,000 votes; Hell man, give them 500,000 votes!!!! On the 3rd of August, vote Cape Party and get them all elected, but at least get Jack Miller and Ebrahim Davids in there.

Cape Party: Gordons Bay

Jack Miller and Ebrahim Davids

30 July 2016

The African on democracy, dictatorship and corruption. Understanding what the 2016 local elections mean to blacks

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2016

It is (local) elections week and the ANC seems to be in a bit of trouble.

In Kwa-Zulu Natal several ANC nominated candidates were murdered by ANC “voters” who wanted others. Nothing new in Africa. It is nothing but racist tribal infighting. Fully normal; Zulu’s don’t want Xhosas, Pedis or Sothos to be their councillors and vice versa.

The Afrikaans media mentioned that the army and police have been put on standby because the ANC stand a good chance of losing former major strongholds in three metros (Pretoria Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth). Large scale violence is anticipated.

Election hanging in the balance

Of course the ANC is going to go on a rampage when they lose. The ANC is only interested in democracy when THEY can win. I have said it many times before: Democracy is wasted on blacks.

It is a foreign concept to them. They don’t understand it and they don’t want it. The blacks want a CHIEF. A “main ou”. A dictator...and so what if he is corrupt?

Today when liberals look back at the Homelands system or the “Bantustans” as the media dubbed it then they are quick to snidely point out that those were “corrupt dictatorships”, but as my article from 17th of October 2014 pointed out, blacks don’t mind dictatorships. They don’t mind corruption.

Zuma described corruption as a Western Paradigm and even if it was a crime, a crime where there are “no victims”.

As the Nigerian newspaper above reported, “Zuma’s standpoint is similar to the position of Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan, who described corruption as mere common stealing, perhaps undeserving of the opprobrium attached to it internationally.”

You can try to explain this to Western White Liberals and they will cringe, press their hands of their ears and close their eyes, because they believe they can teach blacks about democracy.

Reality check: Look at Africa. It has failed every single time. Every single black state has gone back to dictatorship, because what liberals don’t get is that “Democracy” is NOT the natural form of government for Africans; “Dictatorship” is the natural form of government for blacks.

In 2014 I tried to explain this African mindset in this article: Julius Nyerere and the mind of the African

You can read my article of 17th of October 2014 for the full details of how Julius Nyerere, the former dictator of Tanzania, one of the “Great liberators” of Africa and whom blacks call the “Teacher of Africa” introduced his African Socialist policies of ”Ujamaa” (oneness, togetherness) which the ANC calls ‘Ubuntu’ and how it plunged Tanzania into a failed state status and abject poverty.

In that article I also mentioned how, according to Nyerere, it is only the West who calls the absence of an opposition a “Dictatorship”.

Six months after The Arusha Declaration of 1967, he held a few “teach-in” lectures (communist propaganda sessions) at the University College of Dar es Salaam where he explained what he meant in more detail. My source is the book, “Africa and the West, Vol2”, page 157-167.

According to Nyerere ‘Democracy’ in its finest form is the will of the people or like Abraham Lincoln said at the Gettysburg address and repeated in the French constitution: “government of the people, for the people and by the people”. ("gouvernement du peuple, par le peuple et pour le peuple").

So if the people prefer a corrupt dictatorship, then that wish should be respected as “Democracy”.

See? Liberals always think they can turn blacks into idealistic carbon copies of themselves and they always think that blacks have the same needs and wants as whites. All blacks need is a little bit of education, a little shove in the right direction and they will be just as whites.

Nothing is further from the truth. You have to accept blacks the way they are, accept the fact that they are vastly different to whites and that their cultures, beliefs and values are different and incompatible with that of White Western Civilization. There can never be any compromise between the two and the solutions are actually quite simply; Total eradication of one by the other or total separation.

Now before all those white liberals choke on their daily brainfood of cinnamon covered applesauce and compliment me by calling me a “racist” (as if they mean it is something bad) let me quote Vusamzulu “Credo” Mutwa, the Zulu Sangoma, on how blacks see democracy. I am quoting from his book, “Indaba my children” (original 1964, 1999 edition) which the Sunday Times called “A work of genius”.

Book IV, the chapter – “The knowledge of the Bantu – General”, Page 655-656

-Start of quote-

“Many of those interested in events in Africa today are surprised that the new emergent African states do not settle for the perfect democratic form of government with a recognized opposition, but that they all turn into dictatorships.

The truth is that the black man cannot fathom how a country can be governed by two enemies constantly at one another’s throats. Such a country can never be happy and stable.

To a black man all disagreements must end in blows and secession. The black man has not the shallow flexible soul that most races have, and to be ruled by two squabbling parties is as alien and repugnant to his mind, as his way of doing things is repugnant to the European mind.

A black man can give his loyalty only to one set of rulers, who rule in oneness of purpose for better or for worse. Sooner or later they find the dual loyalty encouraged by a two-party system not only clumsy and unwieldy, but fatal as well, because to an African a member of the opposition is not merely the man who holds dissenting political views – he is a deadly enemy who must be killed.

Things like ‘friendly rivalry’ and an ‘agreement to disagree’ have no place in the mind of an African. We either hate or we love; we either agree or we disagree and fight to the death.

The black man has a strong parent, or fetish complex, dating from the days when a community could produce only one brave man at a time, who could challenge a savage beast with a bone-tipped spear.

The whole community then looked upon such a hero for its protection. Even today we still choose that one man or woman who will be our living totem pole, our god on earth, our parent symbol; who is the embodiment of all our aspirations and our unity, and to whom we shall give all our love and loyalty and around whom we shall rally in times of evil. This person will be our nation, the symbol of all our ideals and all our dreams. He or she shall be part of us and we shall be part of him or her.

Therefore in the mind of the African, there can only be one ruler to whom all loyalty and love is given, and not two. One is unity and two are disunity.”

-End of quote-:

29 July 2016

A big thank you from the ANC for your campaign contributions

By Mike Smith
30th of July 2016

Just in case you were wondering what happens to all your hard earned tax money...Wasted on the ANC's campaign.

This picture was taken and sent in by a regular reader near Hazyview last weekend.

Divine backing of the ANC: The Gods must be crazy

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2016

Just the other day The ANC’s Gwede Mantashe said the ANC is God’s chosen party and that the ANC was personally anointed by God to rule South Africa.

I don’t know so much about that, but I do know that God sometimes moves in mysterious ways. It could be that God is setting them up for a big fall, but they have that base covered, because when God fails them, then they have the dead ancestors behind them. Zuma said: Vote ANC or the ancestors will punish you

“The ancestors are turning their backs against you if you leave the ANC and you will have bad luck,” he said at an election rally in Letlhabile near Brits.

“They [opposition parties] know they will not win – why should you waste your vote on them?” he asked.

So if Zuma is so sure that the ANC will win then why does he still bother to tell them to vote for the ANC? Who needs a stupid vote if God already anointed you to rule and the ancestors are backing you?

However there could be a conflict of interests, because the clergy, God’s representatives here on earth or the whores of Satan, are not backing the corrupt terrorist ANC anymore…that they helped to bring to power during Apartheid with their Satanic “Liberation Theology”. Catholic bishops want voters to send politicians a warning message and tell them that they are tired of corruption

The mayor of Cape Town, who was once a PAC terrorist herself, said that Zuma was possessed by Satan. De Lille says: Zuma is possessed by the Devil

Judging from how much money the ANC is spending on their election campaign…I would say they are also backed by Mammon and if you watch the cringe worthy Al Jazeera interview with International Relations and Co-operation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, I would say that Bacchus/Dionysus is also in the bed with the ANC somewhere.
ANC election campaign hits R1Billion

However if you look at how the ANC is losing ground in the major Metros ...then I would say that the god Cronus is calling time on their asses and Hades is waiting down there with a moerse big fork.

All I know is that God cannot possibly back the ANC, because in Job 15:31 God tells us why we should never vote for the ANC…."Let him not trust in emptiness, deceiving himself; For emptiness will be his reward.”

And I am sure that in 1 Samuel 12:21 God had the useless ANC in mind when he said: “You must not turn aside, for then you would go after futile things which cannot profit or deliver, because they are futile.”

What has the ANC ever delivered? I rest my case.

28 July 2016

Merkel still insists on integrating Muslims into European society

By Mike Smith
28th of July 2016

“We can do this”…Merkel about Muslim invasion of Europe one year ago.

“We can do this” …Merkel today after the Muslim terrorist attacks in Germany.

Merkel, Despite Attacks and Critics, Renews Vow to Integrate Migrants

You have to wonder if this woman has rocks for brains or whether she is in on the act. I will go with the second option, because in my opinion she is a Communist sleeper.

Muslims will NEVER integrate in Europe. They view Christians and Europeans with disgust because Europeans eat pork, drink alcohol and allow their women to dress how they like.

A year ago I spelled out my ten concerns about the Muslim invasion of Europe in which I said that these people cannot just enter Germany uncontrolled.

Now...Joachim Herrmann, the Bavarian interior minister, insisted that the policy of allowing migrants to enter the country unscreened must be stopped, in a direct challenge to the existing policy of Ms. Merkel’s government.

“There can no longer be uncontrolled entry into the country,” said Mr. Herrmann

No shit Sherlock...bit late now don't you think? You already allowed 2 million of them in, what difference is another 2 million going to make?

Rather go knock on the door of the Pope in the Vatican and ask him to declare a Holy Crusade. That is the only way you are going to stop this invasion and turn it back.

Rape culture? What rape culture?

By Mike Smith
28th of July 2016

I always wondered how they got that smell up there.

Kwa-Zulu Natal man gets 12 year sentence for raping wife with fish can

What amazes me is how our judges can still remain objective when they have to hear such cases on a daily basis. I am sure every judge and prosecutor in this country can write a book on all the strange stuff they have come across dealing with these savages.

But that is not all. Take note of how the media buries a child rape case in the same story further down when they refer to: “In a separate incident, a 26-year-old man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape and kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl. He dragged her into the nearby bushes and raped her.“

See? Just by the way…another child was raped. Nothing new. Move on.

And then this one 53yo man raped an 11-year-old girl, and gave her R10 to keep quiet about it

Then two months ago Judge Mabel Jansen was suspended for saying that there is a rape culture amongst blacks. Damn right there is. Underground rape culture does exists Khayelitsha woman says

Behind the bad weather. Major conspiracy uncovered

By Mike Smith
27th of July 2016

Currently the country is being swept away by bad weather and storms…

Snow, floods and now a Tornado

…But fear not. The conspiracy has been uncovered. We know who the culprits are:

25 July 2016

Judge Chris Jafta says Afrikaner culture belongs to the dustbin of history

By Mike Smith
25th of July 2016

What never ceases to amaze/amuse me is how the Afrikaner, after his virtual political Hara-Kiri in ’94 is fighting a daily trench battle against the leftist spawn of Satan who is not content with the political kick-to-the-curb of the disarmed, disenfranchised and ten-to-one outnumbered white minority, but want him totally eighty-sixed off the menu of cultures in South Africa.

Case in point is the group of unionists and activists collectively known as Soliforum (Solidarity and Afriforum) that seems to be struggling from one long court battle against the Marxist ANC to the next in defense of what should be constitutional imperatives.

Afriforum wins court battle over University of the Free State language policy

Maybe I missed something about the dead terrorist Mandela’s triple-negative promise of a New (Improved) South Africa when he said that “Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another.”

…Or maybe I just understood "oppression" wrong, because 22 years later, the already marginalized Afrikaner is experiencing the boot of oppression stomping down on his face on a daily basis. Why should Afrikaners still have to go to court to defend their constitutional right to be educated in their mother tongue at their own universities?

Take for instance the recent case that Soliforum lost about the cultural genocide of changing Afrikaner street and place names in Pretoria and Constitutional Court Judge, Christopher Jafta, said afterwards in an article on Politicsweb that Afrikaner Culture belongs in the dustbin of history

It is a long article of saying everything from mostly nothing to sweet blue buggerall. You can read it if you can stomach his subjective drivel, but the gist is like this.

“You Afrikaners are all racist and oppressive scum who brought nothing good to South Africa and should therefore sit down, shut the fuck up and take your beating you deserve. Your culture is evil and inherently racist and should therefore be wiped off the face of the earth.”

There. Took me four lines to say what the learned judge took four months to write.

Of course, apart from being an Affirmative Action nobody who in his own words were promoted too rapidly from a rural Transkei court interpreter to ConCourt judge, Judge Chris Jafta is also an idiot with a long history of embarrassing and controversial decisions often not supported by his colleagues and described by senior advocates as "awful" and "inexplicable".

He is also a backpedalling coward who cannot face up to his decisions that led to charges of gross misconduct when judge Hlope asked him to rule in favour of president Zuma and the Constitutional Court laid a public complaint against Hlophe which Jafta and his equally stupid sidekick Nkabinde supported. This was just the start of what became known as the “Hlope circus”.

Six years later Jafta and Nkabinde went up against themselves in court saying their own complaint was not legally valid. They were nailed by legal commentators for bringing the Constitutional Court into disrepute.

The High Court dismissed the judges' application in 2014, but Dumb and Dummerer appealed. The Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed that appeal in 2016, criticizing Jafta and Nkabinde's damaging court application and implying that the case raised questions about their "integrity".

On 6 April 2016, Jafta and Nkabinde filed an appeal to the Constitutional Court – their own court – asking it to overturn the Supreme Court of Appeal's judgment saying that the SCA made "hurtful" imputations about them.

All this despite the fact that the Constitutional Court already held in 2012 that it cannot hear appeals in the Hlophe matter and that any SCA judgment was final.

See, the point? They don’t even know how the legal system and the courts work, but they want to be constitutional judges. Clearly the Roman Dutch law system is too advanced and wasted on them. They would be better off as elders ruling in a tribal judgment somewhere in a Bundu court held in a grass hut in rural Transkei.

Now according to the cultural relativists and the racial egalitarians, both law systems are equal, western lawyers and tribal elders are equal and western doctors and Sangomas are equal.

This brings us to another one of those great contradictions of the learned left who believe that “Equality before the law” means something different than that all people, rich and poor, clever or stupid are subject to the same laws of justice and “Due process”.

In fact, Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states that "All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law."

Of course in the case of South Africa we know this is bullshit considering Zuma’s rape case, the 783 cases of corruption against him, the Nkandla ruling and of course Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s uttering’s that Zuma is somehow special.

I think it is safe to say that the justice system of the New (improved) South Africa is a farce. Nevertheless, the belligerent multiculturalists like the learned Judge Jafta believes that people are indeed all equal as far physical and mental abilities are concerned.

Now I don’t know if this equality thing is true in the insect world; I know for a fact it is not true amongst cats and dogs and it is certainly not true amongst my own people, the whites of South Africa. Why should equality then be found across races?

In a true test of the Infinite Monkey theorem these libtards believe that given the same environment, the same resources and enough time, anyone can be a Shakespeare, a Mozart or Da Vinci…and of course, that all cultures are the same…except that the White Western Culture is always worse and the Afrikaner culture only worthy of the dustbin of history.

So ultimately the judge, with his strong feelings about Afrikaans culture, in some perverse way, agrees with me that relativism is bullshit and all cultures are not the same and do not have equal worth.

Somewhere along the line one needs a standard to which one measures, otherwise five equals six, and in my culture that standard is the right to life and the protection of individual rights.

Now when I compare the white Afrikaner culture to Judge Jafta’s Xhosa culture where a woman’s worth is measured in cows (Lobola), where young girls are abducted and ritually raped by much older men to make them their wives (Ukutwala) and where young boys are genitally mutilated with rusty blades (Ulwaluko) to the point where their willies drop off from gangrene, then I must confess that the Afrikaner culture, with all its faults, measured to the standard of life and individual freedom is far superior to that of the culture of the educated Noble Savage, Judge Jafta.

But this brings us to another irony and that is that the same culture that gave Noble Savage Christopher Jafta his first name and his primitive ilk the opportunity to educate themselves by building schools and universities for them and by simply showing them writing, arithmetic and the concept of the wheel to catapult them from the Stone Age into modern society, is now the culture that he criticizes, hates and wants to relegate to the dustbin of history.

However, Jafta’s culture is the “Leitkultur” in South Africa (at least at the moment)…but it is a topsy-turvy artificial creation that is giving him a false sense of security like the levees of New Orleans gave the citizens of Louisiana a false sense of security during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and just like it happened with the mighty Mississippi, the river of history also has a way of finding its natural course and sweeping artificial constructions away.

The wheel turns slowly, but it turns and Judge Jafta should be careful that his culture does not suffer in the near future what he wished on the Afrikaner culture yesterday.

24 July 2016

What really happened to those political snakes of the National Party?

By Mike Smith
25th of July 2016

Not a day goes by without some black politician or liberal white idiot in the media uttering blatant lies and hate-speech against Afrikaners and their history. This past weekend it was our illustrious über-racist president Jacob Zuma (again) in the Eastern Cape when he said that that blacks should not vote for the DA, because The DA is the spawn of the National Party and likened them to snakes:

Said Zuma. “When a snake, a poisonous one, gives birth, it gives birth to another snake. How can you vote for people who don't know you and who you don't know?”

Look I am no friend of the DA, but of course Zuma forgot to mention the snakes in his midst, because when the New NP disbanded in 2005 the ANC absorbed them all, not the DA.

ANC Caucus
With effect from the 5th August 2005, every single one of the NNP members of parliament became members of the ANC, in accordance with the system of crossing the floor in South Africa, which allowed politicians, elected on one party ticket, to defect to other parties or becoming independents. And they are still there albeit under the radar: Martinus van Schalkwyk, Pik Botha, André Gaum, Renier Schoeman, etc.

Don't just look at the black ministers that the ANC use as a front. Behind them you have all those deputy ministers and deputy directors general...All former NP snakes working for the ANC today.

Nevertheless the philandering sexist, rapist and polygamist Zuma even praised the young women wearing “doeks” (head scarves) in the audience and said he loved seeing them all dressed up.

Amazingly none of the hypocritical LWB’s in the Feminazi brigade said a word about that.

A convivial atmosphere prevailed, with supporters clearly lapping up Zuma's every word. He closed with his signature rendition of the "Umshini Wami" (Bring me my machine gun, so I can shoot the cowardly whites) struggle song before a performance by hip-hop artist AKA.

22 July 2016

Eastern Cape Blacks exonerate Apartheid. Saying Apartheid was better

By Mike Smith
22th of July 2016

It is not often that you hear this kind of objectivity from blacks:

"We shot ourselves in the foot by toppling the apartheid government‚" residents of an Eastern Cape village said on Thursday.

We were better off under Apartheid Timeslive, Malibongwe Dayimani, 21 Juli, 2016

Last I heard this kind of objectivity was when the Zulu king said the same.
Zulu King slams South African democracy; says Apartheid was better

But I guess things must be pretty bad if the Blacks in the ANC’s former stronghold of the Eastern Cape are admitting that they were better off under Apartheid.

“Tsholomnqa villagers had been waiting for a tarred road and decent houses for decades"‚ said community leader‚ Wele Ntshongola.”

Decades? Two long decades? You have been voting ANC continuously for two long decades and hoped, believed and trusted this spawn of Satan would deliver? Tell me something, Wele…why do you get upset when whites call you stupid?

I often get some liberal twats on here who say that Apartheid was evil, oppressed the blacks and the Chief Ministers of the Homelands were all corrupt.

I don’t know. Maybe they were corrupt. Show me one Sub-Saharan country where blacks are in charge that is NOT corrupt. However acknowledging that they were all corrupt should then be a clear sign that they were not fit to govern in the first place. So when are liberals going to apologise for betting on the wrong horse?

Continued Wele Ntshongola…"This village was in a good state under the Ciskei homeland led by LL (Lenox) Sebe. We used to have a tarred road... with workers who used to maintain it as well as free seed‚ crops and livestock." He said they celebrated when democracy dawned. "Little did we know that democracy would bring more oppression.”

"I am not saying that I agree with the policies or laws of apartheid‚ but at least we were getting service delivery back then." Ntshongola said.

Tja...you criticized the part without understanding the whole. You chucked the baby out with the bathwater and raised a monster. Now you complain?

Maybe, just maybe it is, Mr Ntshongola, that you never understood those policies of Apartheid properly. Anytime you want me to explain it to you, drop me a line.

See, the Apartheid government didn’t lie to blacks like the liberals and socialist do. We were honest with you and told you the truth.

The liberals and socialists lied to you. Their starting point was and still is that there are no differences between whites and blacks when simple observations tell us differently.

The Apartheid government acknowledged the differences in culture, in language, in beliefs and values of all the tribes of South Africa and acknowledged their rights to rule themselves and preserve their languages and cultures which are to a large extent distinct and sui generis.

The creation of the homelands of Ciskei, Transkei, Bop and Venda, etc, was not much different to what the Americans and Canadians did with the creation of the Indian and Eskimo Reservations. In those countries those policies were considered “Progressive”, why should it be different in SA?

In those countries they forcibly moved the Indians en masse to these reservation far away from their original lands, whereas in South Africa we created the black homelands on the soil the blacks picked out for themselves and settled themselves and we had more success than the USA and Canada as far as the protection of minorities and development of these homelands were concerned.

Instead of a “melting pot model” where all minorities were expected to speak one language (English) and where the American Negro lost his original culture and language in what can only be considered a “Cultural Genocide”, Apartheid South Africa insisted on mother tongue education for all groups in at least the primary school level and preserved the languages and cultures of South African blacks.

Today the Xhosa culture and language is intact, because of Apartheid, not despite of it. The same for the Zulu culture, the Venda, the Sotho, etc.

Surely then our system of Apartheid or “Separate Development” should have been considered even MORE progressive than that of the USA or Canada. If you break it down, Separate Development was based on the science of Anthropology, classical Western Liberalism and the Christian values of “live and let live”, “empathy” and “fairness”.

Apartheid ideologues were not mindless “racists” who opposed the principle of equality and wanted to “oppress” the native. However, bringing about equality brings up the big paradox of the racial egalitarian. Like Professor Stefan Possony (Stanford), the Austrian-born U.S. economist and military strategist who conceived the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative, popularly known as Star Wars, explained: “If the principle of equality is to be implemented in a realistic and not in a purely legal manner, it calls for “unequal” measures.”

See, it works like this…If two people are to be given equal opportunities and if one person is handicapped while the other person is not, equal opportunity exists only if the handicapped individual is helped more amply and by qualitatively different means. Furthermore, the principle of equality does not apply only to individuals, but also to groups of individuals like ethnic groups.

Thus, if one group is “behind” or handicapped while the other is not, the trailing group must be helped more amply; and if the two groups are different in attitude and aptitude, they require differential types of assistance. Legislation that distinguishes between groups does not, because of those distinctions, violate the equality principle, but may implement it: e.g. a progressive tax is unequal treatment for a strictly egalitarian objective.

In the 1960’s South Africa stood accused before the International Court of Justice for “oppressing” and “exploiting” the natives, the judges, although they might not have agreed with Apartheid, after hearing South Africa’s case, disregarded the accusations which, for that matter, were dropped by the applicants themselves. The applicants then changed their strategy and tried to build a case on current world trends and world opinions instead of facts...and failed miserably. The court threw their case out.

Based on the 3000 pages of irrefutable evidence, in 1966, the Apartheid government was found NOT GUILTY by the ICJ of oppressing and exploiting any blacks in or of South Africa.

You want to see "Exploitation", Mr. Ntshongola??

Do you know where the International Court of Justice is? It is in The Hague in the Netherlands. I have been there. Do you know what else you will find in The Hague? There is a surviving document , a letter from Peter Schaghen, the original of which is held by the Rijksarchief in The Hague, showing how the Dutch bought Manhattan from the Lenape (Delaware) Indians for 60 Guilders back in 1624, drove them off their lands, and killed them off either by gun or smallpox. In 1630 they also bought Staten Island for another 60 Guilders. There is your exploitation.

How the Dutch bought Manhattan and Staten Island

Yes…these same hypocritical Dutch who criticized us South Africans for “exploiting blacks”, who formed the Dutch Anti Apartheid Movement and assisted the ANC, who is today destroying South Africa; destroying the various cultures and languages of South Africa…bought Manhattan for 60 Guilders. Today they are also waking up and seeing that South Africa and Apartheid wasn't so bad after all.

Besides what is exploitation? This concept of “exploitation” which is bandied about frequently by Liberal idiots is derived from dubious Marxian economics.

Apartheid South Africa had real economic policies such as the “Small Business Development Corporation” which helped blacks to become successful business people. And many did. Many became millionaires. The entire black taxi industry was created as such. Was that “exploitation”?

The South African policy of “Separate and equal development” (Apartheid) was not there to legalize exploitation, but to prevent and suppress it. The objective was to foster the economic development of ALL groups living in the Republic, not the development of one group at the expense of the other.

One of the major objectives of Apartheid was not to racially discriminate against anybody, but to eradicate racial discrimination. In a homogenous society where people vote for their own and rule themselves there cannot be any “racism”; There cannot be any “exploitation” of one race by another. This was exactly the reason for the homelands.

Sure Apartheid was not perfect. No political system is. Liberals were often fascinated by minor incidents of petty Apartheid and laid traps to make it look ridiculous, but forgot that any policy has its costs and penalties and yes, there were defects. The South African “Blueprint” for Apartheid was not complete and many procedures and solutions were tested experimentally. Some situations were unique and others very unpredictable; Some officious bureaucrats and “Stasieblompotte” interpreted regulations by the letter instead of by common sense, but that will always be so. We are only human.

Be it as it may, there is every reason to criticize mistakes, because criticism is the first step on the road to improvement, but the criticism is not valid unless it is derived from full comprehension of the overall facts and holistic observation of the entire system. The part cannot be criticized effectively if the whole is not seen, let alone understood.

You see, Mr. Ntshongola...What you blacks did was to reject Apartheid without understanding it. Now you have the ANC and you call them worse than Apartheid as if Apartheid was something bad, yet you long back to the days of Apartheid when you had excellent infrastructure. How should we whites understand this?

You Mr. Ntshongola, claims the villagers are mostly ANC supporters and should be prioritised by the government. Do you still have hopes that they will? You demonstrated at their offices, but they ignored you. They have ignored your knocking at their door for 22 years. When are you going to kick the damn door down?

You now have to buy gravel to fix the roads yourself, just so that the police, ambulances and fire brigades can reach you in times of need, because the useless ANC has done nothing for you in the past 22 years, yet you support them and vote for them election after election? Why? The mind boggles, Mr. Ntshongola. Is it simply because they have a black skin, because surely it cannot be on merit?

So you tell me Mr. Ntshongola, who are the real mindless “racists” here? And then you wonder why we call you backward, ignorant and stupid Kaffirs?

I will tell you why you are “backwards” Mr. Ntshongola.

It is because you are far behind the times. Look north to your Sub Saharan brothers who are daily fleeing their black run governments in their tens of thousands risking life and limb and scrambling off to white run European countries. By the time you lot in SA wake up, Europe will be full of your central African brethren and there won’t be space for you SA Bantus anymore. You are too far south; too far back. It is like a pyramid scheme; you need to get in first. You need to move it, move it. Gajima, gajima!

BTW…Say “hi” to the Dutch from me.

Just be warned that in Switzerland, Germany and Austria they have already started introducing segregation laws and rules. That’s right. They have Apartheid at swimming pools and trains. Apartheid is coming to Europe fast.

Just a few days ago a 17yo Afghanistani migrant who lived with a white German foster family for a few months since he entered less than a year ago, stabbed and hacked people with a knife and axe on a train near Würzburg in Bavaria after shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (Allah is great). Now the Germans are forcing migrants to wear a pass on them at all times and when stopped by the police they should present it immediately. Failure to do so will result in imprisonment and deportation.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

When we did exactly the same in the 1950’s they also called us, “Stupid”, Ignorant” and “Backwards”…. “Dumb Dutchmen” and “White kaffirs”, they called us…And now? Should we call them the same?

Now they can see we were not “backwards”. In fact we were 50-60 years ahead of Europe. We were visionaries. What we have forgotten about Apartheid they must still learn, and are learning more and more every day. Tja,...Manchmal ist Schadenfreude wirklich die schönste Freude.

Just like the blacks in the Eastern Cape are only waking up now and seeing that Apartheid was far better, Europeans will also come to realize very soon that Apartheid will be their only solution, because the other, in the words of Prime Minister John Vorster, is just too ghastly to contemplate.

19 July 2016

The lies around the African love story of Sir Seretse Khama and Lady Ruth Williams

Sir Seretse Khama and Lady Ruth Williams

By Mike Smith

19th of July 2016

I stopped going to the cinema about 10-15 years ago. One day I woke up and found that I just couldn’t stomach all this blatant, in your face, politically correct bullshit anymore. At the time the best movies on the circuit were animated ones and that says a lot about the quality of the crap that flowed from Hollywood.

Nevertheless, a while ago a read an article about a new film supposed to be released later this year about the love story of Botswana’s first president Sir Seretsi Khama and his white English wife Ruth Williams.

New film tells explosive tale about late Botswanan President

The film will be called “A United Kingdom” and Seretse Khama will be played by British Actor, David Oyelowo and Ruth Williams will be played by Rosamunde Pike. The director is Amma Asante, the black British screenwriter and director.

I have not seen the movie yet, but judging from the write-up that it got it is going to be a major hit and they are already polishing several Oscars for it.

Problem is that every good story needs a villain and when there is none, well you just invent one.

And so it is in the case of the movie about Sir Seretse Khama and his wife Lady Ruth Williams.

The movie makers had to first find a villain and secondly find a way to take a slap at whites like they always do. They didn’t have to look very far or for very long, because of course right next door to Botswana was the evil empire of the White Apartheid regime…So evil was it that at the time of Botswana’s independence in 1966 more Tswanas were living and working in South Africa (800,000) than living and working in Botswana itself (500,000).

Nevertheless, the movie makes it out as if the white South African regime was about to launch Apartheid at the time, when in fact it was already instituted by the British who also created the three black homelands of Betschuanaland, Lesotho and Swaziland.

…And of course these evil white Afrikaners did not want a black guy married to a white women living just across the border from them. Bad PR for their crap ideology of Apartheid, see? So it caused a diplomatic crisis….whoooo!

Now get this. The NP of South Africa came to power in June 1948 winning the elections with a slight majority after a coalition with the Afrikaner Party. Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams met a year earlier in 1947 and got married in September of 1948.

So they, the evil white Afrikaans bastards of little South Africa who just came to power, pressured the Mighty British Empire to break up the relationship between Seretse and his wife to be.

Sorry, but the word “Bullshit” seems to drift past my brain.

Nevertheless, the story tellers want us to believe that…Not Seretse’s uncle or his own protesting family and tribe of the Bamangwato people who ostracized him; not the British who banned him from his own country for five years (changed to “indefinitely” after the Tories returned to power) and forced him to give up his claim as prince of his tribe. Not the Bishop of London, Dr William Wand, who refused to marry them and instructed the whole Anglican Church to do the same; Not her father George who threw Ruth out of the house for wanting to marry a black dude; Not her boss at Lloyds of London who offered her a transfer to New York or be sacked (which she took)…

…No…White Afrikaans South Africa, and of course evil Apartheid were the pigs in the story and are to blame.

Even the liberal darling, Trevor Huddleston, later the archbishop of the Indian Ocean and a sainted opponent of apartheid, advised Sir Evelyn Baring, the High Commissioner to South Africa as well as Bechuanaland, against recognizing Seretse Khama as chief of the Bamangwato; though he later regretted it…

Funny enough, at the time of independence, one could see how well Britain looked after Botswana and how logically they administered it.

Botswana, that should have been part of the Union of South Africa in 1910 and the Homeland of the Tswana people, had its capital city, Mafikeng, outside of the country in the Cape Province of South Africa up until 1965.

At the time of independence, enrollment of school children in Botswana was only half that of Lesotho and only one fifth that of South Africa. Its pupil teacher ratio in secondary education was 11:1, primarily because of the small number of schoolchildren in this grade.

In 1961, UNESCO reported that there were only 30 teachers employed at secondary education so that the number of children in secondary schools at the time was a mere 330 in the entire country. By 1966 it rose to a wonderful 1,409.

Of course Botswana had no university of its own. The first one, the University of Botswana was established in 1982. So poor Sir Seretse Khama had to go and study at Fort Hare in the evil White South Africa (horror of horrors) and at Oxford in England, where he met his wife.

Of course, at the same time, the evil, bad, Apartheid, South Africa was producing thousands of highly skilled black teachers every year, from ten black universities (five in SA, five in the homelands), many of whom were Tswana speaking.

The money the 37,000 Tswana mine workers in SA sent home was the bread and butter of their country and before the Pula was introduced in 1976, Botswana used the South African Rand as its currency. A Rand was worth more than the US dollar, in fact one Rand was worth US$1.40 from the time of its inception in 1961 until 1982, when mounting political pressure combined with sanctions placed against the country due to apartheid started to erode its value.

Britain developed Botswana so well that at independence in 1966 it had no industries of any importance and about 98% of the people made a living through raising cattle. The amount of people earning regular salaries were less than 13,800 and almost all employed by the government. Botswana's only railway line was the was the South Africa-Rhodesia line which ran from Mafikeng in the Cape to Bulawayo in Rhodesia and was operated by Rhodesia Railways. This line carried all of Botswana's imports and exports. South Africa was the market for 40% of all Botswana’s exports.

At Botswana’s Independence Day celebrations, South Africa’s minister of foreign affairs, (one of those evil stupid ignorant, Apartheid “Dutchmen”) Dr Hilgard Müller, a Rhodes Scholar who earned a doctorate in law from Oxford, was an honorary guest of President Khama and the furniture in the office of Botswana’s president was a gift from the evil whites of Apartheid South Africa.

Incidentally in the other British protectorate of Lesotho, the Speaker of the House of Assembly also sits on an elaborately carved stinkwood chair – also a gift from the evil, bad, white scum regime of the former Apartheid South Africa.

Nevertheless, Sir Seretse Khama and his governing Democratic Party was so in love with the liberation movements that in early 1966 he published a document which not only attacked the opposition Botswana National Front as a “Communist front organization”, but rejected out of hand any O.A.U. proposal which smacked of “liberation movements” or which could bring Botswana into any kind of confrontation with White South Africa.

Whereas Britain, in the last five years of administration, gave anti-South African terrorist elements like the ANC and SWAPO free rein in Botswana, the new President, Sir Seretse Khama was cracking down on them, banning several members of the ANC leadership and eight members of the SWAPO leadership. The leader of SWAPO, Sam Nujoma, was declared a prohibited immigrant and had to move his base to Tanzania.

Of course there will always be those who say that the Apartheid government coerced their neighbours, threatened them and destabalised them, but this is very far from the truth.

In 1964, Sir Seretse Khama told reporters in New York,

“I think South Africa knows very well they stand for one thing – Apartheid – while we stand for the exact opposite, therefore we can never agree on ideology. But they have not tried to intervene in our affairs or to influence us in any way, and we have no reason to expect that they will try to do so in the future”.

So the mind boggles…if Apartheid South Africa tried so hard to break up the relationship between Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams, then why was he so friendly towards South Africa?

Of course we cannot allow facts, truth and uncomfortable questions to come in the way of a good story now, can we?

Nevertheless, after Seretse’s death, Ruth stayed on in Botswana and did charity work for the Red Cross. Her eldest son Ian Khama became the current president of Botswana in 2008, 28 years after his father’s death.

Ironically, there was a ripple of surprise in 1990 when her other son, “Tony”, one of the twins Tsekedi and Anthony, announced that he wanted to marry a South African white girl, an Afrikaner girl nogal, from the rural Afrikaner stronghold of Rustenberg across the border.

Funny how history has a tendency to repeat itself.

Lady Khama warned that there might be some trouble with conservative tribal elders. Funny enough, there were no objections from any of the white Afrikaners.

Of course Tsekedi, the other twin, is married to an Israeli, Thea…but that is a story for another day.

Main source: "The Third Africa", Dr Eschel Rhoodie.

16 July 2016

The succesful false flag staged failed coup in Turkey

By Mike Smith
17th of July 2016

I watched the so called “Putsch” in Turkey with a smile and amusement, because to anybody with a bit of brains it was clearly a false flag operation.

First of all it did not have the support of the entire army, only a few top officers who even held the army chief hostage. These soldiers who carried this out are either extremely badly trained, total morons or performing a poorly acted out and unconvincingly “show coup”.

Turkish soldiers normally get quite good training and they are definitely not idiots so that does not leave much else of what it could have been. After being arrested and being led away, they were even smiling for crying out loud.

Erdogan has been trying to change the constitution, set down by its first president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, for quite a while now so that he could get the position of Executive President and consolidate more power into himself. He has been cracking down on dissidents and critics for a long time including trying to coerce the German government into imprisoning comedian Jan Böhmermann for calling him a goat shagger in a hilarious satirical poem.

It has been reported that since 2014 1,845 journalists, writers and critics have faced charges of insulting the president, an offence which in Turkey carries a potential jail sentence.

On top of it, since the Arab Spring he has been shitting himself, because protests against his increasingly dictatorial behaviour and one sided authoritarian decisions such as banning alcohol, media censorship and setting his goons on critics have increased exponentially, culminating in the Taksim Square/ Gezi Park protests in 2013.

In 2014 when the ISIS insurgents seized Kobani in Syria and displaced 300,000 Kurds who fled across the border to Turkey, the Turkish soldiers allowed them through, but prevented Kurdish volunteers and People Protection Units from going the other way to defend Kurds against ISIS. This sparked massive Kurdish protests in Turkey.

So when I saw this “coup” taking place in Turkey I just smiled as the word “Bullshit” drifted past my brain. I thought to myself…Erdogan must be loving this. This will give him the excuse to become full dictator and wipe out all opposition. It is a false flag as clear as Hitler burning the Reichstag and 911 giving the Americans the excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. Always ask yourself who benefits the most.

Pleasant was my surprise when I noticed I am not the only crazy conspiracy theorist who thought so. Turkey coup: Conspiracy theorists claim attempt was faked by Erdogan

See, people underestimate Erdogan. The boy has big plans. In 1991, I was in Adana, Eastern Turkey (just to buy some leather jackets). I know the area quite well. Plenty Americans live there with their families and of course drive around in their American Pontiacs and Mustangs because nearby is the American Air Force base of Incirlik from where they have been flying sorties against ISIS in Syria. What people forget is that the Americans have 50 Nuclear weapons stationed there.

When the coup happened, the first thing Erdogan did was to shut the Airbase down and effectively held 50 US nuclear weapons hostage

Gülen and former Pope John Paul II
He also threatened America with war, because they are housing the moderate Turkish Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen, whom Erdogan scapegoated as the mastermind behind the coup, and who is the man who is promoting a brand of the Islamic religion which promotes belief in science, interfaith dialogue and multi-party democracy which the Americans want to export throughout the entire Islamic world since their bombing campaigns in Iraq and Syria has failed miserably.

Gülen opened up a major can of worms in 2013 when he exposed widespread corruption by several bureaucrats, ministers, mayors, and family members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Turkey resulting in widespread protests and calls for the resignation
of the government led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

On 14 December 2014 Turkish police arrested more than two dozen senior journalists and media executives connected with the Gülen movement on various charges. On 20 January 2015, Turkish police launched raids in Ankara and three other cities, detaining some 20 people suspected of illegally eavesdropping on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other senior officials.

The suspects were linked to Turkey's telecommunications authority and to its scientific and technological research center TUBITAK. Local media said the move was aimed at the "parallel structure" — the term Erdogan uses to refer to Gülen's supporters in the judiciary, police and other institutions.

So Erdogan hates him...problem is, most Muslims reject Gülen too, because he promotes a pussyfied version of Islam that preaches tolerance and dialogue to Christians and Jews and the common good of Muslims the world over instead of what they want to hear i.e. Salafistic Jihad and the genocide of everyone that is not a Muslim.

Incidentally Fethullah Gulen also thinks this is a false flag operation

Nevertheless, as usual, one can always rely on the ANC clowns, who know absolutely fuckall about current world events, to provide us with our daily dose of laughter.

SA condemns coup attempt in Turkey

“The South African government has expressed concern over the attempted coup in Turkey‚ saying it strongly condemns any attempt to seize power through unconstitutional means. It also condemned the resolution of political disagreements through the use of force.”

Pretty rich coming from a Marxist terrorist organization that killed people with bombs, necklaces, tortures , throwing them off moving trains, making them eat and drink detergents, etc. to come to power in South Africa.

The former Department of Foreign Affairs now called DIRCO or Department of International Relations and Cooperation actually issued a statement.

“South Africa supports democracy and the rule of law and we are of the firm view that the will of the people must be respected. The South African Government appeals to the people and all political leaders in the country to refrain from any violent activities that may further undermine peace‚ security and stability in the country. We urge all involved to adhere to non-violence‚ and to debate issues in a peaceful and inclusive manner.”

It is not clear how the ANC intends to “support” Turkey…

Are they perhaps going to send in the useless SANDF like they did with Opperaiton Balls-up in September 1998 in Lesotho and got their arses kicked when they wanted to prop up their big mate and undemocratic dictator King Letsie III?

OK, strictly speaking it was acting President Mangsuthu Buthelezi who gave the order to invade and the OC was Colonel Robbie Hartslief, a white veteran of the Angolan invasions in 1987/88 known collectively as the “Batlle of Cuito Cuanavale”, but still…Tiny Lesotho led them into an ambush and kicked the shit out of them to the point where they had to call in 450 reinforcements and a further 120 from Botswana to come and bail them out.  

15 July 2016

The truck attack in Nice and the coming European Crusade

By Mike Smith
15th of July 2016

First of all, my sympathies to all the families of the victims of the latest Islamic terror attack in France when a piece of Tunisian filth, born in France, took a truck and drove it into a crowd of people waiting for the Bastille Day fireworks on the Promenade in Nice in the Côte d'Azur.

Many foreigners among Nice attack dead and injured; Hollande

This is the latest in a string of attacks in France and the running over of people with a vehicle is not new. In December 2014 there were two similar incidents when on the 21st of Dec, a man yelling the Islamic war cry, “Alah u’Akbar” (Allah is great) was arrested after running over 11 pedestrians in five areas of the city of Dijon in the space of half an hour. Two were seriously injured.

The other incident came a day later on the 22nd of December when another man yelling the Islamic war cry, “Alah u’Akbar” in the French city of Nantes ran over ten pedestrians in his white van at the city's Christmas market, and then attempted suicide by stabbing himself.

The attacks were "apparently inspired by a video" circulated by ISIS three weeks earlier calling on the Muslims of France to attack non-Muslims, “kill them and spit in their faces and run over them with your cars.”

History of lone-wolf vehicle attacks suggests risk of emulation is very real In January 2015 came the mass shooting at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo office in Paris with 20 dead and 22 injured and at the same time a hostage incident at a Jewish supermarket.

This was followed up with attempted shootings and stabbings on Jews and Christians on the 3rd of February and the 19th of April 2015.

In June 2015 came the Saint-Quentin-Fallavier attack when a French Muslim of North African descent, Yassine Salhi, decapitated his employer Hervé Cornara and drove his van into gas cylinders at a gas factory. This was just one attack of many worldwide that became known as the 2015 Ramadan attacks

In August 2015 followed the botched Thalys train attack an attempted mass shooting occurred on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. Four people were injured, including the assailant who was subdued by other passengers.

Then in the night of 13-14 November 2015 The single deadliest terrorist attack in French history. Multiple shooting and grenade attacks occurred on the Friday night; among the locations targeted were a music venue, sports stadium and several bar and restaurant terraces. It left 130 dead an 352 wounded.

On New Year’s Day 2016 A man rammed his car twice into 4 soldiers protecting a mosque in Valence. He said he wanted to kill troops and jihadi propaganda images were found on his computer.

A few days later on the 7th of January 2016 a jihadist wearing a fake explosive belt attacked police officers in the Goutte d'Or district in Paris with a meat cleaver, while shouting "Allahu Akbar". He was shot dead and one policeman received injuries. The ISIS flag and a clearly written claim in Arabic were found on the attacker.

On the 13th of June 2016 came the Magnanville stabbing. A police officer and his wife, a police secretary, were stabbed to death in their home in Magnanville by a jihadist. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

The latest is of course the attack last night in Nice when 84 people died and people are asking questions. How is it possible that the police did not cordon the area off for pedestrians? How will they prevent such an attack in the future? Where will it all end?

What struck me was how this vehicle attack was not new. Several similar attacks have taken place in France before and there was even one in French Quebec in Canada a while ago.

The other point is how most of the terrorist attacks above were carried out without firearms. This of course blows the liberal’s argument for gun control to pieces. The same with the worst terror attack in history, 911 in New York. 3000 people dead and not a single attacker used a firearm.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Actually I have maintained for years now that guns are actually very inefficient if one wants to carry out a major terror attack and kill as many people as possible. I won’t mention any, because I don’t know who reads this, but believe me, there are far better ways to do this. A gun is just a tool and a very inefficient one at that; A truck is far better tool. What eventually stopped the attack in Nice? Police with firearms.

Nevertheless, what will be the consequences?

As we have seen in the case of South Africa and our Border War in Namibia/Angola, when you give up and stop killing terrorists in their back yard, you will soon be fighting them in yours.

During the 23 years of the Border war from 1966-1989 South Africa lost about 1,800 soldiers and 100 civilians dead in terrorist attacks. In the past 22 years since the ANC took over in 1994 more than 3000 white farmers have been killed and about 80,000 whites murdered in their homes.

In 1954 France lost against the Marxist insurgents of Vietnam after a series of blunders in French decision-making led to a major defeat at the battle of Điện Biên Phủ. 3000 French soldiers were killed in battle and about 8000 French POW’s were slaughtered after the battle. It was just the start of a series of French defeats.

In 1955 France lost against the terrorists insurgents of Morocco. 1956 France lost against the terrorist insurgents of Tunisia. In 1962 France lost against the FLN terrorist insurgents in Algeria.

Now today, France is fighting all of them at home in their own back yard. Will they just give up like they have done before or is this the point where they make a stand and the pendulum has reached its apex before swinging back?

When I observe this situation and the one in Europe in general, I must say that I see a major war against Islam coming. Call it a Crusade if you want. It will be a mixture of a racial and religious war against Islamic foreigners and even citizens. The Europeans are slowly but surely getting sick and tired and pissed off with all these Rapefugees and their crap. There has to come a point where they will abandon all leftist liberal thought and swing right. One can see it happening already.

It will spell a disaster for Europe and millions of innocent people will die and be displaced, but it must happen if Europe wants to rid itself once and for all of this Islamist disease and live in peace for the next thousand years.

13 July 2016

Ayanda Mabulu’s new masterpieces

By Mike Smith
13th of July 2016

The controversial artist Ayanda Mabulu has a few new paintings of Msholozi Showerhead out.

Shocking new Ayanda Mabulu painting depicts Zuma in sex act with Gupta

Not exactly the painting I would buy, but satirically brilliant. What I cannot understand is how the media called it “shocking”…Personally I wasn’t shocked at all. It is the truth.

Said Mabulu:

“Why must I hide the truth when it is as blatant as the sun‚” Mabulu says in response to a question about his use of sexual scenarios in depicting the political leadership of the country.

In fact what I DID find shocking was the chorus of Zuma ass-kissers who all shouted how distasteful and disrespectful the paintings are.

Hello? Can these Kaffirs please explain to me WHAT there still is about this thing to respect?

It is a corrupt pig, a rapist, a philanderer, an illiterate village idiot who can hardly string a few numbers together and people still want to have respect for it? Zuma shafts the people every day and they respect him for it? Fuck me…am I in the wrong film here or what?

And if you are one of the Zuma supporters and upset that I called you a “Kaffir” then I have a deal for you…Stop supporting Zuma and I will stop calling you “Kaffir”.

As for my supporters...Save these pics and spread 'em wide. No pun intended.

08 July 2016

The sick mind of the LWB

By Mike Smith
8th of July 2016

So get this. Last year when the Syrian Rapefugees flooded into Germany and the chancellor Angela Merkel hugged and kissed them, the German libtards were falling over their feet to “help” the poor bastards.

One could only stand in awe of the utter stupidity of the delusional brainwashed Teutonic masses.

Selin Gören
Take the case of Selin Gören (24), spokesperson for the Communist Youth or “Linksjugend” known as “Solid” .

She was one of those leftist Germans who helped the Arab invaders of her country until one night at about 01:00 am when three Rapefugees approached her and grabbed her by the throat and choked her until her knees folded under her. When her attacker released his grip slightly so she could gasp for air, he stuck his filthy dick into her mouth. The other two swore at her in Arabic or Farsi, took her trousers off, raped her and robbed her, before leaving her behind like a discarded ragdoll.

She called the police who asked her if the attackers were Arabic migrants. She lied to the police and said “No, they were mixed…Arabic and Germans”.

She carried on lying to the police saying that they all spoke German when in fact NONE could speak a word of German.

She then went back to her flat and got into bed with her boyfriend and had a tremendous feeling of guilt and filth and decided to tell him what REALLY happened.

Not sure if she was complaining or bragging, but obviously the boyfriend was furious. Not just at her attackers, but also at her.

She went back to the police 12 hours later and told the truth, saying she lied in order not to create more hatred towards migrants in Germany.

She then went online and wrote an open letter to the man who stuck his dick in her mouth saying, “I am going to scream…I will not stand by and watch, and it can happen that racists and concerned citizens name you as the problem. You’re not the problem. You’re usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.”

She profusely apologized to these rapists and blamed it all on the German “racist” and “sexist” society…She finished off by saying, “Thank you that you exist, and glad to have you here.”

Hey? What kind of message does this now send to the Rapefugees? Rape more German women, because they will publicly thank you for it afterwards?

However she is right. They are not the problem. SHE is the problem.

As I always say...The only cure for liberalism is a bullet to the brain.

Raped German politician lied about the nationality of her attackers to stop racism

Leftist politician raped by three migrants and guess who is guilty?

Selin Gören’s full online letter translated here

Why do feminist not fight for Islamic women

07 July 2016

South Africa, the World Capital of Police Brutality

By Mike Smith

8th of July 2016

One of my pet hate, liberal idiot phrases is this rubbish called “Black lives matter”. What?...you mean like white lives don’t?

I mean if you are going to be a liberal twat then at least practice what you preach and have a phrase like, “All life matters”.

Nevertheless, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile got shot by police in the USA and President Obama held a speech condemning it…And so he should. Police should never be allowed to act with this kind of mindless brutality against its own citizens and when they do should face the full might of the law.

Police shootings. Obama calls for action

However, I was amazed to read that the White House has a task force on police brutality.

“A White House task force on better policing tactics issued recommendations last year on how to improve community relations with law enforcement.”

Now that is just super. Wonderful the way they do things in America. I was just wondering…Do they also have a task force investigating and making recommendations about nigger gangsters, pimps, drug dealers and addicts shooting white cops on a daily basis?

Obama seems to be of the opinion that if only the police would be friendlier to the Lumpenproletariat of the Negro ghettos, there will be less shootings of police officers by niggers.

The old chicken and egg debate it seems.

Nevertheless, I watched the wailing and gnashing of golden negro teeth on television where they cried that they were being hunted by white police officers and suddenly I thought of what blacks always tell white South Africans when they complain about being brutally raped, tortured and murdered in their homes and on their farms by negro savages…”If you don’t like it…Go back to where your ancestors came from”.

I mean that is why the Negro paradise of Liberia was created in Africa complete with a constitution based on the American one. For blacks to come home to after they escaped the evil land of the white slave master.

Then I thought of our former evil system of Apartheid and how in the 27 years from (1963-1990) 73 innocent political activists died in police detention. Their names can all be read here .

As can be seen…It hardly fills a page.

Today in the New (Improved) South Africa…Over 900 (mostly black people) die in police custody every year

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) revealed on SABC that in 2012 it received about 5000 complaints against the SAPS of which only 10% (500) were recommended for prosecution, and only 36 convictions were secured in court. That means 0.7% of the complaints received against the police resulted in convictions.

Read further

Why is it that black lives only seem to matter when they are taken (on rare occasion) by whites, but when blacks kill whites or other blacks en masse, neither black lives nor white lives seem to matter, because everyone turns a blind eye?

You want to see a sample of South African Police Brutality? Watch this video of Zuma’s Goons let loose on unarmed protesting students. You will understand what I mean. Remember these are the friends of their own children and their own nieces and nephews

06 July 2016

The report on the Chilcot Report

By Mike Smith
7th of July 2016

I have been following the Chilcot report’s release yesterday seven years after it was initially convened.

For those who do not know, it is about Tony Blair’s lap-dog backing of George Bush to invade Iraq in 2003, together with over forty “coalition” countries, without UN support or backing.

Despite the 12 volumes and 2,6 million words, there is not much new in the report. It is what we said all along. These lying bastards flagrantly and illegally violated international law to destroy the cradle of civilization, invade a nonbelligerent country and rape it for control and profit.

There were no links between Al Qaida and Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Sadam Hussein posed no imminent threat to the West and the war was totally avoidable and of course the intelligence agencies knew that it would make terrorism worse, which it did.

They call that “intelligence”, when anybody with half a brain could have told them that.

Blair acted internally on his own, willfully lied, mislead parliament, his senior ministers and Britain’s public - inventing a nonexistent threat “with a certainty that was not justified,” said Chilcot.

The War on Iraq was entirely based on lies and followed up with genocidal crimes, yet neither Bush nor Blair will be held accountable or ever be tried for crimes against humanity.

Between 150,000 and 1 million dead Iraqi’s, Depending on which study you want to believe (casualties of the Iraq war) , 4,500 dead American soldiers, 179 dead Brits before the UK pulled out in 2009, 139 dead from other countries and 1,500 mercenary “contractors” dead…and the lying bastard Tony Blair is unrepentant, According to him the world is a better place today.

Yes...It is...and  because of idiots like Tony Blair  I have to take off my belt at every damn airport check-in in the world today.

Everytime I think about the Americans and the Brits in the Middle East I have to think about what Colonel Younghusband said.

Sir George John Younghusband was a British cavalry officer who fought in India, Afghanistan, Burma, wounded in the Second Anglo Boer War and finally fought in the First World War. In 1908 he wrote a book called “The Story of the Guides” in which he quoted a Pathan (Pashtun) saying.

For those who do not know, The Pashtuns are an extremely warlike race who loves fighting. They are classified as “East Iranian”, but found in Northern India, Pakistan and are the majority population of Afghanistan today. These are the people from the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the “Mujahedeen”.

For the Pathan saying is: “First comes one Englishman, as a traveller or for shikar (hunting); then comes two and make a map; then comes an army and takes the country. It is better therefore to kill the first Englishman.”