26 April 2016

How to rebuild South Africa's economy after the ANC is gone

By Mike Smith
26th of April 2016

One of the most sobering books any South African can ever read is The Lexus and the olive tree: Understanding Globalisation by Thomas L. Friedman (1999).

The book is at the same time funny as it is depressing, but it is a chance to benchmark oneself. When I read it I realised that as long as the ANC is in power, black South Africans do not stand an ice cube’s chance in hell of ever making it in a globalized, technological world.

Friedman recounts how he went to the Lexus luxury car factory in Japan where he saw 300 cars being produced each day by 66 human beings and 300 robots. “From what I could tell,” he writes, “The human beings were there mostly for quality control. Only a few of them were actually screwing in bolts or soldering parts together. The robots were doing all the work”.

Now bear that in mind when you look at the South African economy.

South Africa’s economy is mostly mining and agricultural based with a bit of manufacturing in the automotive and armed sectors. What made it competitive in the world market was the source of relatively skilled, but cheap labour.

However, for years the ANC told these black workers that they were being exploited and oppressed by the white man. So when they came to power they instituted high minimum wages and made it almost impossible to fire a black person.

The unions through Cosatu became more and more militant. On top of it they introduced draconian and racist Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in education, sport, etc and did nothing to curb the crime wave sweeping the country. A “brain drain” followed as hundreds of thousands of skilled workers left the country.

The ANC’s answer and attitude were...”They are just racists who don’t want to live under black rule.”

The result was that infrastructure collapsed, the electricity supply became unreliable, education was dumbed down with Outcomes Based Education and the ridiculous SETA system reducing skill dramatically, reducing production and as unemployment grew, so did crime and social ills. Mass action strikes became the order of the day.

Under the ANC our health services and hospitals collapsed, doctors and nurses left the country, HIV, AIDS and TB increased exponentially and workers became more and more unreliable.

In fact the ANC did everything in their power to destroy the economy of South Africa with their failed policies such as RDP, GEAR and NEPAD.

Today South Africa struggles to attract new skills or investments. In trying to work around the skills problem, the existing mines, industry and agriculture had no other choice but to mechanise and computerise causing even more job losses.

As globalisation and technology marches on, black South Africans find themselves more and more marginalised; overlooked and redundant...they are truly like fish out of water.

Black South Africans still have to realise, as Allister Sparks says on page 218 of “Beyond the miracle”, that in today’s global market the only thing worse than being exploited is not being exploited at all. Even a poorly paid job is better than no job at all.

Yet when you point out the reality and the truth to the ANC, you are called a “racist” who wants to see blacks fail.

Can it be reversed what the ANC has done? Can one get the economy back on track after the ANC is gone?

We can try, but first some basics.

What is Globalisation?

Sinister conspiracy theories aside, globalisation is a natural process of Darwinian evolution. It started when the first cave man traded an animal skin with a cave man in the next valley. Through the ages it marched slowly, but by the Renaissance in Europe ships became bigger and faster. Gun powder was developed and the global spice trade kicked off. The Americas were colonised and the world mapped.

The Dutch East India Company that started the colony at the Cape of Good Hope was the world’s first mega corporation. This developed into the British East India Company and as trade boomed, technology boomed.

The steam engines in locomotives and ships shrunk continents and the distances between them. Suddenly goods could be transported quicker and cheaper. The industrial revolution propelled us into the modern age of globalisation. The telegraph, telephone, radio, television and computers made communication ever simpler and faster. Airplanes made us cross many borders and put us on the other side of the world in a matter of hours.

Globalisation is simply a fact of life and cannot be reversed any less than the industrial revolution can be reversed. One can only accept it, find ones place in it and develop with it. If one wants to make it big one must have some kind of advantage or leverage.

What should a country do to attract investment?

The Washington Consensus is a set of 10 economic policy prescriptions by the IMF, the World Bank and the US Treasury before they will help a country or cut debt.

In order for a developing country to get help, they need to conform to good governance, respect for individual property rights, privatization of state enterprises, remove restrictive labour laws, introduce tax reforms, market determined interest rates, stable currency, etc...in short, “stabilize, privatize, and liberalize" as Professor Dani Rodrik of Harvard called it.

Thomas L. Friedman, known for his colourful metaphors calls it the “Golden straightjacket”, countries who wear it might feel a bit uncomfortable, it might pinch a little, but will be rewarded amply. The only way to feel more comfortable in the straightjacket is to grow big inside it. The only way to grow big inside it is to wear it tighter.

Countries who don’t wear it at all or slip out of it will find themselves with sanctions against them or even worse...simply ignored and overlooked.

Friedman says that when you wear the “Golden Straightjacket”, two things will happen; Your economy will grow and your politics will shrink.

Of course the paranoid Marxist ANC is too scared of this straightjacket. You mention it and they get visions of capitalist white men oppressing and enslaving them. Their game is “power forever”. There is no way they will let business take power from their hands.

Of course investors do not simply invest in a country. They only invest once they see growth, but to have growth you need investment. So the ANC finds themselves in a “Catch 22” situation.

The “Electronic Herd”

In another one of his colourful metaphors, Friedman sees the world’s millions of investors as a herd of Wildebeest which he calls, “The electronic herd” concentrated in the great financial capitals of New York, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Hong Kong, etc.

Like any herd of animals on the great plains of Africa they may sniff the air, and catch the scent of something likely to eat and begin moving there to the great benefit of the country they converge on. However, they might just as likely sniff danger, take fright and stampede away leaving financial devastation in their wake.

No one is in control of the herd. It operates entirely by its own instincts based on information it receives and how it interprets it. There is no sentiment involved and no special circumstances are heeded. The herd is impersonal and purely driven by its instinct for profit.

Friedman divides the herd into two categories of investors. The long horn and short horn Wildebeest.

The short horn ones are the portfolio investors, who buy and sell equity stocks, bonds and currencies. They can quickly take their money out.

The long horned ones are the foreign direct investors who build factories and enter into production contracts with local manufacturers. They have a more long term commitment to the countries they invest in. However both types can move much quicker than ever before.

The trick is therefore to attract an ever growing herd of investors and retain them. Easier said than done if you are little Lesotho who only has water flowing down the Maluti mountains to export or Malawi who has a bit of tea and coffee and a pretty lake.

‘Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s are the bloodhounds for the Electronic Herd. These credit-ratings agencies prowl the world, constantly sniffing over countries’ and identifying those that are slipping out of the Straitjacket.

These credit-rating-agencies can make or break a nation’s economy. For example, when these agencies downgraded the credit ratings of Brazil and Venezuela in September 1998 the financial markets of those countries collapsed.

Problem is that South Africa is currently on the verge of a downgrade to junk status. Economists predict that when that happens we will see R30 to the dollar or worse. The ANC of course do not take these ratings agencies seriously.

What do investors look for?

They want to see growth where they can make a fast buck. They want a cheap and skilled workforce with “Labour flexibility”.

“Labour flexibility” is just a euphemism for being able to hire and fire at will. An investor who knows he will have problems retrenching people during hard times will not hire extra people in the good times. For his company to grow, he needs to be able to hire extra. So in the end, “labour flexibility” leads to more jobs, not less. Trying to explain that to the paranoid and useless ANC could prove a challenge.

Nobody feels sorry for blacks

The ANC likes to preach their nonsense of how bad Apartheid was for them, because back in the 1980’s it worked for them. However times have changed. These young investors in the world financial centres probably have never heard of Apartheid. They were born after it.

If they have the opportunity to set up a sweat shop in Pakistan or Malaysia where there is skilled and flexible labour, why would they consider South Africa with labour laws, collective bargaining and lazy, unskilled workers? Because they feel sorry for them about Apartheid?? No.

These investors will move to Indonesia or the Philippines next year if they can make more money. It is not personal. It is business.

Globalisation means a computer company can design its equipment in Germany, have it manufactured in Taiwan, have the software written in India and even have the company’s accounting done in Bangladesh.

That is the reality. Where does South Africa fit into it?

First sort out crime and education

South Africa has a lack of skilled workers on the bottom tier and excessive high crime rates.

If you want to, for instance, do a South Korea and establish a ship building industry, you need highly skilled engineers. You might have to import them. They need to be safe. There needs to be education for their children. You need proper hospitals, etc, etc.

You need welders, fitters, electricians, riggers and an entire army of skilled personnel, artisans and technicians. They don’t fall out of the sky. As Allister Sparks points out, it takes 21 years and nine months to produce a single skilled worker. How many has the ANC produced?

As far as sorting out crime goes. You have 120,000 policemen of which 30% are illiterate. 11,000 officers do not have driver’s licenses. At Police headquarters in Pretoria there is a staff compliment of 14,000 – whilst the streets of Pretoria is bare of patrolling cops.

How to kickstart growth

To get past the Catch 22 situation of "investment follows growth" and at the same time develop skills, one has to start at home.

Instead of having 16 million people on grants, South Africa needs a big, state driven “public works” enterprise similar to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” which employed millions of Americans during the Great Depression.

The ANC has destroyed enough infrastructure to employ everyone in South Africa. The ports need to be bigger. Build new dams and power stations. The railroads can be increased. National parks tourism can be developed and expanded.

Such programmes can be combined with on the job training and skills development.

In the case of pre-war and post war Germany, we can see that Hitler also embarked on a public works programme employing close to 100% of Germans. These skills were essential after the war for the next public works programme to rebuild Germany namely the “Marshall Plan”.

In fact all these successful post war economies such as Japan, Western Germany and Korea started with a public works programme.


South Africa is a difficult country to govern and the ANC have proved that they were always out of their depth. Rebuilding South Africa after the destructive ANC is gone will be a huge task. We need to start thinking about it now if we want to create growth and make this country great again.

25 April 2016

South African medical students in Cuba making a name for themselves

By Mike Smith
25th of April 2016

Readers of my series about Apartheid will know how I mentioned that the unique medical university of South Africa (MEDUNSA) qualified 200 black doctors of world quality every year as well as paramedics and nurses.

The ANC renamed it to Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU). Ironically the black students rioted in 2014 against this name change, but also against lecturers failing them.

Of course when the ANC came to power they thought they could do better than the Apartheid government and as could be expected with everything the ANC touches, it was a total balls-up.

Instead of investing in South Africa’s already excellent medical schools, in 1995 the ANC signed an agreement with Cuba to train “disadvantaged” blacks as medical doctors at huge costs of $60,000 (R840,000) per student…and in Spanish. There is currently 1200 of them over there. They are also flown home annually for a holiday.

Nevertheless…from the outset there were problems. Sexual immorality, pregnancies and partying…The Cubans complained that students would arrive late for classes, if at all. Some failed due to bunking too many classes. They would frequently go on drinking binges and then get involved in fights with the locals. One was stabbed to death by a group of Cubans after a street fight broke out when Cubans wouldn’t allow them into a bar saying they were full of themselves and always getting into fights.

The South African students then complained about the food (too much pork and not enough steak) and their stipend of $200 that was too small to buy booze and fast food. They demanded $700…the same as what the children of diplomats got. When this was refused they started smuggling Cuban cigars to South Africa to earn extra money.

Department of Health spokesperson Joe Maila claimed that the students wanted to buy “goodies and party” and were “spoilt”.

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande – who is also leader of the South African Communist Party and has close links with Cuba was ouraged. "I condemn it in the strongest terms," Nzimande said.

He added that the "sense of entitlement and lack of gratitude" was "totally unacceptable".

With the bit of money that the studens had they flew in a pastor from a Christian sect in KZN called the “Threshing Floor Bible Church” ( I kid you not).

When Pastor Sipho Maduna arrived he started blessing and anointing the students ordaining them into “disciples”, “prophets”, “evangelists”, etc.

It didn’t take long before the Cuban government complained to the South African government that the students had become a “nuisance”, disrupting traffic and stopping cars and by preaching in busy streets trying to convert the locals.

KwaZulu-Natal’s Health MEC, Sibongiseni Dhlomo, and a clinical psychologist jetted off to Cuba to try and get the students back on track, but they were laughed off by the students.
Praying students laugh off Health MEC

It was not the first time. In 2013 the health department dispatched a team including a social worker, psychologist, human resources manager and doctor to “assist the students”.

To crown it all, according to the South African medical journal these students who “qualify” as doctors in Cuba are completely useless when they come back to South Africa and do not even trust themselves to do a Caesarean section. They can hardly give a safe anaesthetic or treat fractures let alone treat complicated TB and HIV cases. They are more trained in preventative primary health care instead of the curative health care needed in South Africa.

They have studied in Spanish and need to be retrained for 12-18 months to learn the English terms. After five years they still have to write their South African final exam. So far, the local failure rate of Cuban-trained students is nearly double that of those trained in South Africa.

Of course if the ANC governed properly and didn’t allow crime and corruption to get out of control…if only they didn’t start Affirmative Action and racial quotas for medical students at our local universities, the country would not have had a shortage of doctors in the first place. The ANC chased them all overseas.

22 April 2016

Losing patience with the status quo leads to war

By Mike Smith

22nd of April 2016

Is it hate whitey week or what? I see the ANC now wants to move the parliament to the iconic Boer War and SADF soldier memorial Fort Klapperkop

Parliament could be held at Boer War fort

Of course it is all in the name of “transformation” and “building a united, inclusive nation”.

I don’t mind if they move parliament. The sooner they get out and stay out of Cape Town the better. The Western Cape should be independent anyway, but “Fort Klapperkop”???

That is a clear Kaffir provocation of the Boers. Why don’t they just come out and declare war on the Boers? It is what they want to do anyway. Since 1994 they have been dreaming of that day that they would come for the Boers. Typical cowards first want to disarm the Boers and demoralize them through relentless terrorist attacks on farms. All part of the softening up process, like a boxer softening his opponent up with body blows, before delivering the knockout to the head.

Now I see that “Kiddie Amin” told Al-Jazeera that the EFF is going to run out of patience with the ANC very soon if the ANC keeps on sending soldiers to intimidate them at their demonstrations.

‘We will run out of patience very soon and we will remove this government through the barrel of a gun‚’ Malema tells Al Jazeera

Personally I wish he would. It is long overdue.

Malema and his EFF are actually not so much concerned about the ANC. Their real enemies are the whites. The ANC is just in the way. The EFF wants in on the action. They ANC have fleeced the whites to the brink of death. There is hardly anything left for the EFF. They are getting impatient and want to take from the whites what is left over.

Said, Malema…“We are not waged in a war against Zuma and the ANC. We are waging a war against white monopoly capital. Zuma is not our enemy. The ANC is not our enemy. They are standing in our way to crushing white monopoly capital‚ which has stolen our land‚ which controls the wealth of our country. As we are in the process of crushing the white monopoly capital‚ there will be some of those irritations that we have to deal with. Zuma represents such an irritation; the ANC represents such an irritation."

Come Malema. Please, please run out of patience. Show us what you’ve got. Do us a favour and get rid of the ANC. Clear the way. Then you can come for us, because we are also out of patience. That day we will see who of us more out of patience than the other is.

And please come with comfortable running shoes. You will need it, because it is a long way to the equator.

19 April 2016

How the ANC could never make any plans or honour any commitments

By Mike Smith
19th of April 2016

Professor Ali Mazrui of Kenya was an intelligent man. As an African “Clasical liberal”, he was as critical of Communism as he was of Global Capitalism. As a devout moderate Muslim he was also anti violence, anti terrorism and believed that Sharia Law was incompatible with democracy.

However, in his 1980’s BBC series called “The Africans: A triple heritage” he said three things were influencing Africa: Western Colonialism, the spread of Islam from the East and the own black African culture.

Nevertheless he blamed a lot of African problems on the Western World saying to his critics, “In a fair telling of history, the western world shouldn’t be expected to come out looking good from the African perspective.”

He also believed Africa should find its own solutions to its own problems and he believed there were six paradoxes central to understanding Africa and finding solutions:

1) Africa was the birthplace of man, but is the last to be made habitable in a modern sense.

2) Although Africans have not been the most abused group of people in modern history, they have been the most humiliated.

3) Africa is the most different from the West culturally, but is westernizing very quickly.

4) Africa possesses extreme natural wealth, but its people are very poor.

5) Africa is huge, yet very fragmented.

6) Africa is geographically central, but politically marginal

So Mazrui believed that if you could get around these paradoxes, Africa would and should be prosperous. Easier said than done.

Mazrui also believed in “The internal re-Colonisation of Africa”.

He believed that the strongest country in each of the continents four regions – South Africa in the south, Egypt in the north, Nigeria in the West and Kenya or Ethiopia in the east - should assume responsibility for establishing order, democratic rule and economic upliftment in its region.

Good idea, big words, but of course at the time Egypt had a dictatorship under Hosni Mubarak, Nigeria had a military dictatorship under Sani Abacha, Kenya was plagued by misrule and corruption, Ethiopia was in a brutal civil war and South Africa had Apartheid with unrest.

But then things changed. South Africa had Mandela and Thabo Mbeki as vice president running the day to day show.

Mbeki had big dreams of uniting Africa. At least that is how it appeared on the surface at first. He wanted to be for Africa what Jan Smuts was for the United Nations.

And so it was that from this original idea of Mazrui that Thabo Mbeki got his idea of an “African Renaissance”.

And this is where the alarm lights started to flicker, because Mbeki attempting to “think” and come up with “plans” can only spell disaster.

Nevertheless, sipping Johnny Walker Blue late at night, Mbeki set out to draw up a kind of ”Marshall Plan” for Africa which he called the “Millennium Partnership for the African Recovery Programme” (MAP).

At the same time, President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal proposed the “OMEGA Plan” for Africa developed.

In 2001 the Organization for African Unity OAU (now AU) decided that the MAP and OMEGA plans should be merged and thus came about what we know today as NEPAD

NEPAD set ambitious goals. It spoke to the West and asked for Western investment. The four primary objectives were: to eradicate poverty, promote sustainable growth and development, integrate Africa in the world economy, and accelerate the empowerment of women.

NEPAD pledged a commitment to good governance, democracy, human rights and conflict resolution. It wanted to create an environment conducive to investment and long-term economic growth.

In July 2002 the AU held a summit in Durban and supplemented NEPAD with a Declaration on Democracy. It stated that NEPAD ‘believe in just, honest, transparent, accountable and participatory government and probity in public life’.

The signatories committed themselves to the “rule of law; the equality of all citizens before the law; individual and collective freedoms; the right to participate in free, credible and democratic political processes; and adherence to the separation of powers, including protection for the independence of the judiciary and the effectiveness of parliaments.”

They even went as far as introducing an “African Peer Review Mechanism” APRM, a kind of “carrot and stick” approach, that would put sanctions on rogue countries and rewards on those complying with NEPAD commitments and the NEPAD Secretariat was/is based in Midrand, South Africa.

Sounds nice…Good objectives, big words, big commitments, but from the start Thabo Mbeki discovered that all these African leaders so committed to NEPAD were all talk. Everybody wanted to meet at expensive hotels, and eat expensive food, but nobody wanted to fork out any money towards NEPAD. So South Africa (white taxpayers) ended up being the major donor and sponsor.

Further…all these promises of “democracy” and “good governance” were just the kind of things that would convince the liberal idiots in the West to throw money at Africa…and boy how they did. They poured billions into NEPAD…about US$ 64 billion a year.

Between 2005-2007 the Dutch government alone poured US$ 14.5 billion into two NEPAD programs one, an APRM in Ghana and the other, the totally useless South African institute of International Affairs that is supposed to ensure “good governance” in SA, but under whose watch Jacob Zuma and the corrupt ANC stole the country into bankruptcy.

Who is Deputy Chairman of the SAIIA? None other than Thabo Mbeki’s brother, Moeletsi Mbeki.

Yet if you ask the average Dutch person if he knows what NEPAD is, he won’t be able to tell you, neither does he have the foggiest idea that his government is pouring his hard earned tax money down a bottomless pit in Africa, because nobody in government ever asked him if they could. They just do it and the citizens just have to shut up.

Yet when Jan Hollander is old and goes on pension he finds out that he is living on the bread line, his pension is not enough, because his government pissed money down a black hole in Africa. Thousands of old people in the Netherlands are living on a starvation pension and has to turn every cent around whilst corrupt black leaders in Africa are wasting their money away.

The Dutch aren’t the only ones. The Danes, the Germans, the British, the Canadians, the Norwegians…are all funding SAIIA and therefore NEPAD.

What did NEPAD achieve up until today? Simply put…Fuckall. Good governance in South Africa? Don’t make me laugh.

Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, one of the original drafters and supporters of NEPAD, accused it of wasting hundreds of millions of dollars and achieving nothing. He doesn’t even go to their meetings anymore. Senegal president slams NEPAD

"Expenses adding up to hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on trips, on hotels. But not a single classroom has been built, not a single health centre completed. NEPAD has not done what it was set up for," he said.

See? NEPAD was never supposed to succeed. It is a racket…a criminal scheme to separate Western liberal fools from their money.

I realized this when Allister Sparks interviewed Thabo Mbeki about his “Quiet Diplomacy” towards Mugabe driving 4000 white farmers off their land. (Mentioned also in Beyond the Miracle; Inside the New South Africa, pg327).

“What about NEPAD?” Sparks dared to ask Mbeki, because according to NEPAD Mbeki should have brought Mugabe to heel.

Mbeki responded angrily saying that Zimbabwe was a preoccupation of white racists…”because white people died, and white people were deprived of their property.”

When Sparks told him that Zimbabwe was a test for the credibility of NEPAD… Mbeki continued foaming at the mouth,

“A million people die in Rwanda and do the whites South Africans care? Not a bit. You talk to them about the disaster in Angola, to which the apartheid regime contributed, and they’re not interested. Let’s talk about Zimbabwe. Does anyone want to talk about the big disaster in Mozambique, from which it is now recovering? No. Let’s talk about Zimbabwe. You say to them, “Look at what is happening in the Congo”. No, no, no, let’s talk about Zimbabwe. Why? It’s because 12 white people died! I am saying Zimbabwe is a big obsession in this country. It isn’t anywhere else on the African continent.”

Actually it becomes clear who has the obsession with what. Mbeki is a total racist with a hatred and an obsession with whites bordering on the fanatical.

He had no problem with Mugabe killing 20,000 Ndebeles (Matabeles) and he had no problem with 4000 white farmers being chased off their land causing the economy to collapse and making Zimbabwe the poorest country in the world with millions of blacks starving to death.

The only thing he is happy about is that Mugabe showed those damn whites who is boss!

Mugabe is a total psycho and narcissist. Watch how Mugabe bows down to his own portrait but Mbeki loves him and the EFF proclaims that Zimbabwe remains an inspiration to the SA liberation struggle . Blacks love Mugabe. They don’t care if all the blacks starve to death, as long as the whites are gone.

That is the reality of Africa. Despite fancy words, phrases and slogans, all the plans of the Africans are and always will be useless failures just like NEPAD.

That is, when they can stick to the plan, but when it comes to admitting the failure of the plan they rather shift the blame to “white racists”.

For instance, you can see it in all the excuses the ANC have for the low turnout at their election manifesto launch in Port Elizabeth. “Bad logistics, the heat, internal sabotage…”

The plan failed, but it is never them. It is never their bad governance or misrule. It is never their corruption or their shenanigans with the Indian Mafia. Always someone else. Always whitey.

Instead of doing some introspection and bettering themselves, anybody trying to complain about them not honouring their own commitments, undertakings and sticking to their own plans is simply called, “a racist”.

Just as the ANC couldn’t stick to NEPAD, they couldn’t stick to their own Freedom Charter and least of all…they couldn’t stick to the Constitution.

No matter how clever they think they are. No matter how intelligent they believe they are, they have proven over and over that they cannot make any plans, they cannot stick to any plans and that they cannot govern with plans. Totally useless at everything. That is why the ANC has to go.

18 April 2016

Melema says he’s coming for the whites after Zuma

By Mike Smith

18th of April 2016

Whites should thank Zuma. He is our protector. He is standing between us and the EFF. When Zuma goes, the EFF seems sure they will be taking over and will then come for the whites.

Said “Kiddie Amin” Malema at the University of Pretoria: "Zuma is standing between us and our enemy. Move out of the way. Zuma must pave the way because they [whites] are the one who stole our land."

Zuma is not our enemy; He is standing between us and our enemy (whites)

"Don’t think that Zuma is our enemy. Zuma is not our enemy, it’s just that he is standing in the way, and we must remove him to get our land back," said Malema.

The Economic Freedom Fighters were glorifying the life of Solomon Mahlangu, an MK terrorist and murderer hanged by the Apartheid government in 1979. Malema reminded those in attendance that white people had killed innocent blacks during apartheid.

Foaming at the mouth this porch monkey continued, "White people are going to return our land the same way Zuma will return our money. White people must never think we have abandoned the land question. We will never abandon it. We are the land, our identity is our land. We are nothing without our land."

"We are coming for you. Zuma must pay back the money, the Guptas have left South Africa, and our land must come back. ABSA bank must never think that by closing the Gupta bank account, you are our friend. You are our enemy in SA," he added.

"White monopoly capital is the primary enemy of the EFF. Who is white monopoly capital? It is the Rupert, the Oppenheimer, and all those who benefited illegally from our land. This land is going to be returned, whether you like or not. There is no white man who came with a piece of land," Malema the Mugabe “Minie Me” said.

Anyway…I would like to see him try. All the more reason to get rid of Zuma as soon as possible. Time to get the road on the show and call Malema’s bluff.

EFF denies knowledge of “All whites will go” poster

17 April 2016

ANC cries as they lose eleven votes

By Mike Smith

18th of April 2016

An ANC bus crashed. 11 African National Congress volunteers died and 59 were injured when the bus they were travelling in left the road and rolled several times.

The incident occurred on the N1 between Ventersburg and Winburg in the Free State on Sunday morning.

Condolences pour in after ANC bus crash

One would think that the DA would be happy that the ANC are now minus eleven votes, but no…Democratic Alliance national spokesman Refiloe Nt’sekhe extended the DA’s heartfelt condolences to the families, friends, and loved ones of those who died in the crash.

I don’t know why people are in schock and crying. They should all be happy. These ANC members are in heaven now.

'Vote ANC, go to heaven': South African President Jacob Zuma accused of blasphemy after claiming supporters will be rewarded in afterlife

Said JZ: 'When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven.

'When you don't vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork, who cooks people.

'When you are carrying an ANC membership card, you are blessed. When you get up there, there are different cards used but when you have an ANC card, you will be let through to go to heaven.'

16 April 2016

Lord of the Flies and why the Guptas bolted

By Mike Smith
16th of April 2016

I see that political analyst, Dr Somadoda Fikeni, said on Thursday that the Guptas, had an amateurish, grotesque, and in your face, corrosive approach” and “they became way too excited about their proximity to the president.”

Gupta family are amateurs says political analyst

I tend to agree with him.

See, money and success changes people. Billionaires have a different mind-set and a different view of the world. Friedrich Nietzsche called it "Der Wille zur Macht" or "the will to power".

Billionaires don’t stop when they have made a few million or even a billion. They never stop. Most billionaires are working very hard, but don’t see it as work, rather as a labour of love. They work from 05h00 in the morning until 22h00 at night seven days a week. They hardly ever take any breaks. To them there is no difference between “job” and “private life”. There is no difference between “work colleagues” and “friends”. It is all the same. It is all one big merged passion that drives them.

Problem is they become so rich and successful that they feel themselves equal to God. That is the point where they become all philanthropic, socialistic and want to better the world. They feel the world cannot function without them and actually worships them. They feel untouchable and if they own the world.

Then you get a bunch of corrupt criminals like the Russian oligarchs or the Guptas who also became billionaires albeit not through hard work, but rather through theft. They also start to think they are equal to God and are untouchable, but mostly they believe that THEY own the world and can do with it what they want.

And so it came that the Guptas started to believe that they own South Africa and could do with it what they wanted. This pissed of a few REAL billionaires; the ones who REALLY own South Africa (and the world for that matter). The Guptas became too big for their shoes. They had to be put back into their place. It was time to whack the mole.

Suddenly a few strings were pulled in the background that set a machine in motion; a machine so powerful that it made the little Guptas look like Kindergarten children and wannabe upstarts who got their peepees whacked.

These REAL world powers, (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, et al…) , disappointed by the happenings in SA and who expected “a better show” dispatched their agent (Johann Rupert) from England and sent him to South Africa to sort out the naughty boys like the naval officer who arrived on the island in “Lord of the Flies” and quickly reduced the powerful, savage boy Jack Merridew to nothing but a sobbing child.

Suddenly, synchronized and almost like one man the banks, the auditors and the stock exchange sponsors turned their backs on the Guptas in South Africa. Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.

I mean “State Capture”? What were the Guptas thinking? Don’t they know who really owns South Africa? The Guptas learned their lesson quickly and realized their place in the bigger scheme of things.

Like overconfident amateurs they tried to play in a league far above their own. Then reality replaced bullshit fantasy and they realized who they were really up against. In no time they were reduced to sobbing little boys who ran away with their tails between their legs.

15 April 2016

Transformation DOES eqautes failure

By Mike Smith

15th of April 2016

One thing that irks me tremendously, is when the most racist bastards this world has ever seen (the ANC) call other people “racists”.

Take Zuma “gatkruiper” and crony, our illustrious Minister of Sport(s) Fikile Mbalula, the man who was in charge of Zuma’s election campaign in 2009, for instance. He now got his knickers in a knot because cartoonist Zapiro drew a cartoon with the new coloured Springbok Coach Allister Coetzee having to choose between two balls of “transformation” and “winning”.

Personally I think the cartoon is brilliant. It is the truth. It sums up the ANC’s stupid quota policies 100%, but Mbalulu never asked himself if the cartoon was the truth. No he asked himself if it was “Racist”.

However in 2007 this racist twat likened the University of Kwazulu-Natal to “Bombay” complaining about too many Indians there. Not once did he ask himself “Why?”

Maybe it is because Indians study more and work harder to get into university than blacks. It is not racist; it is the truth, but the first thing the minister saw was race.

He once called the coloured and very competent Finance Minister, Trevor Manuel, “arrogant” and an “attention-seeking drama queen”.

This coming from a man who told the Springboks at a media conference ahead of their overseas tour, “Donner hulle...bliksem hulle”…(Basically “Hit them…fuck them up”).

When the rector of UNISA, Dr. Barney Pityana dared to criticize Mbalula’s boss, Msholozi Showerhead, about his “flawed character in his moral conduct” and that “he has been indicted for serious crimes that involve corruption and dishonesty”, he called Pityana a “clown”, an “ignorant reactionary” and an “ivory-tower academic”.

In 2011 Mbalula who is married with two children, was accused by model and career slut, Joyce Molamu, that he made her pregnant at the Gupta’s house and that he was only one of her many lovers. Her 27yo ex boyfriend dumped her skank ass after he discovered she was dating soccer stars, rich old men and losers like Fikile Mbalula.

Nevertheless, last month, March 2016, Mbalula admitted that his appointment from Deputy Police Minister to Sports Minister was announced to him by the Guptas. Now he wants to rinse his mouth about Rugby, a game he doesn’t understand and will need two lifetimes to learn and understand the rules of.

Mbalula’s party imposed racial quotas in Rugby player selections. His word “Transformation” means never selecting a single white Rugby player ever again and have only black players.

Ironically, in January 2014, after the South African national soccer team “Bafana Bafana” (all blacks) was eliminated in the first round from the CHAN competition, Mbalula said that the national team was "a bunch of losers".

The mind boggles…What does he think is going to happen when the Springbok team is all black? They are going to be winners? If black South Africans cannot make it at a simple sissy game like soccer, how does he think they are going to crack it at a man’s game like Rugby?

So here is it straight Fikile…Zapiro’s cartoon is spot on and you are right. “Transformation”, the way you do it, does indeed equate “losers”.

As long as you are going to pick players, coaches and assistants based on RACE instead of MERIT, your beloved Springbok team will NEVER EVER again win a World Cup trophy. Forget it. They won’t even be able to “Donner and Bliksem” a dent in a castor oil turd.

Due to your ridiculous racist quotas you are choosing players who are 5th or 10th best in their position simply because they are black and the better qualified whites play oversees. That is why you see nowadays a “Straus” and a “Nel” in just about every Six Nations team. Where is the logic in that?

Your party, the ANC had 22 years to “transform” Rugby in SA. If you invested in black children’s Rugby talents 22 years ago, and “transformed” from the ground up instead of from the top down, you would maybe have had a reasonable pool of qualified black players to choose from today.

And you know what? Whites would have FULLY supported them. But no, your racist party chose to waste money on useless black soccer players who cannot even win against impoverished Zambia and little Guinea Bissau yet get paid ten times more than the Rugby players.

No Fikile. You and your racist ANC don’t want “transformation” in Rugby; you want destruction of Rugby. You don’t want to develop and empower black players, you want to destroy white players. To communists, nationalism is the arch enemy and Rugby is one of the strongest pillars of white nationalism in South Africa. Hence your rabid obsession to destroy it.

11 April 2016

Is Mbeki trying a comeback?

By Mike Smith
11th of April 2016

What is with Thabo Mbeki lately? The media is full of his longwinded rubbish. It is as if this paranoid conspiracy dingbat of a former president thinks he is eligible for the job again. I honestly wish he would just STFU and STFD before he embarrasses himself any further.

There was a time when Mbeki was the darling of the liberals.

A pipe smoking Sussex university graduate who speaks English in poetic tones, quoting Yeats, he fooled all of them. They were convinced he was going to prove all the conservatives wrong once and for all and show the world that a black man can indeed govern South Africa. They even made him an honorary Knight of the Order of the Bath and a Knight of Malta.

Oh how the wheels came off.

Hardly did he take over from Mandela or it was clear that Mbeki was finished with the reconciliation politics of Mandela. He was out for revenge on the whites and delivering their jobs and property to the blacks. He introduced Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment and told whites to shut up, because the ANC could have exercised the “Jacobin Option” on their asses, but didn’t.

Of course the Jacobins were known for the “Reign of Terror” during the French Revolution and when the Guillotine was not fast enough, loaded their enemies on barges; man and woman tied together in a “revolutionary marriage” and sunk the barges in the Loire River.

That is what Thabo Mbeki wanted to do to whites.

Mbeki is the idiot who went and wrote an AIDS denialist letter to the White House, 10 Downing Street and other world leaders. It was such laughable junk and conspiracy bullshit that Washington had the letter verified to check if it was a hoax. They then tried to keep it under wraps to not embarrass Mbeki, but the letter leaked out.

According to Mbeki AIDS doesn’t exist and it is all a lie told by white Nazi eugenicists who want to depopulate Africa and steal its riches from blacks.

His crackpot Minister of Health, Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang not only believed South Africa’s AIDS pandemic could be treated with easily accessible alcoholic beverages like Kaffir Beer and vegetables such as garlic and beetroot, she went to an AIDS conference in Toronto, Canada and opened a stand there promoting her quackery.

This is the woman who went on booze binges in a hospital when she was in Botswana for a shoulder operation and after stealing another patient’s items was deported from Botswana and declared a prohibited immigrant.

In May 2000 Mbeki’s spokesperson Parks Mankahlana criticized Glaxo Welcome for poisoning pregnant black women with AZT. Seven months later in October 2000 Parks Mankahlana, died of AIDS at the age of 36. Mbeki was at his death bed at his parent’s house in the Eastern Cape.

Peter Mokaba, the ANC Youth League leader, known in the 1990s for his use of the slogan "Kill the farmer, kill the Boer”, died of AIDS on the 9th of June 2002. Mbeki attended the funeral of this outspoken AIDS denialist.

Yet in 2003 at the Plaza Hotel in New York, where Mbeki was attending the opening of the United Nations General Assembly this lying sack of shit said in an interview with the Washington Post: "Personally, I don't know anybody who has died of Aids".

Asked whether he knew anyone with HIV, he added quietly: "I really, honestly, don't know."

Nevertheless…Peter Mokaba died of AIDS along with 365,000 people on Mbeki’s watch. The ANC named a football stadium in Pietersburg (Polokwane) after him.

It is fairly well known and was even acknowledged by Mandela himself that during the Mandela presidency, Thabo was running the show. During that period and during the presidency of Thabo himself, Eskom warned him several times that we would run out of electricity by 2008. Thabo chose to do absolutely nothing. He just sat back and for the next seven years we experienced rolling blackouts and load shedding stuffing up our way of life, our businesses and people died in our hospitals.

In 2000 when Mugabe seized white owned farms, Mbeki praised him and supported him. He called this “Quiet Diplomacy”.

When people started complaining about skyrocketing crime, Mbeki called them “White Racists who want to see the country fail”.

Instead, Mbeki put a moratorium on crime statistics and gave instructions to the police to massively massage and fudge crime statistics before releasing it six months later.

When the newspaper The Citizen, and other commentators challenged the apparent fall in crime, Mbeki described them as “pessimists who did not trust black rule”.

In 2007 the Head of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Vusi Pikoli, was suspended by Mbeki after Pikoli obtained an arrest warrant for the corrupt Commissioner of Police and head of Interpol, Jackie Selebi, whose best friend was Mafia Boss, Glen Aglioti.

In 2008 when the local blacks started fighting with the foreigners in Xenophobic attacks, Mbeki downplayed it and did nothing.

He also believed in a bullshit conspiracy theory based on an affidavit by the former ANC Youth League leader, James Nkambule that thre prominent ANC leaders, Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa wanted to assassinate him. At the time James Nkambule faced more than 70 charges of fraud. Paranoid Mbeki’s inner circle became smaller and smaller the more he went off the rails.

No, it cannot be said enough. Mbeki was an embarrassment of a president just like any and all presidents the ANC produced so far. Mandela was a puppet who knew nothing about governing a country and left it all to Mbeki to do behind the scenes whilst he went around smiling and saying “Viva my people!” to all and sundry.

Mbeki I described above.

Now we have Zuma…the worst President in the history of presidents on planet earth and Kgelema Motlanthe who was interim president for seven months supports and protects Zuma.

In the Sunday Times of March 2012 the paper stated that Gugu Mtshali, Motlanthe's partner and wife since 2014, was involved in a R 104 million bribe to obtain support for a South African company that attempted to sell helicopters to Iran in violation of sanctions.

See what I mean? How can any sane person still want the ANC in charge of South Africa? They must go.

The ANC has shown over and over that they cannot govern South Africa. They have proven to the public and the world that their so called “leaders” are nothing but corrupt, racist, lying and thieving scum out to enrich themselves and a small elite at the top. They should be kicked to curb as soon as possible. South Africans cannot allow them to misgovern the country a single day longer. My advice is…Get rid of the ANC. Start new. The sooner the better.

10 April 2016

Cowardly Guptas realize it's "Game Over" - Flee South Africa

By Mike Smith

10th of April 2016

The Rapport Newspaper and Citypress reported that the Guptas were seen leaving South Africa permanently for Dubai with their private jet “ZS-OAK” from Lanseria airport, to the west of Johannesburg. They had enough luggage for twenty people said a witness.

They waited until the small airport was at its quietest at 23h00 and slipped out of the country. The private jet’s transponder was set so that the plane's registration number could not be seen on radars and could not be tracked by the webpage "Flightradar24" .

Personally I would have liked to see the bastards necklaced and their rotten carcasses dumped down a mineshaft...so they should concider themselves lucky that they got away.

Apparently they couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. All the banks turned their backs on them to the point where they could not pay their workers. Even their children were mocked at school. Poor Guptas.

A few weeks ago the EFF said that Zuma visited Dubai to smuggle R6billion of stolen taxpayer’s money out of the country for the Guptas .

As a president he doesn’t get searched. Zuma went to Dubai on an unexplained trip to apparently go and talk tourism, but never took the tourism minister along. Methinks Malema was right. If this proves to be true, Zuma is guilty of treason.

What is now going to happen to all the assets and properties the Guptas own in South Africa? I hope the people seize it. It belongs to us. The Guptas stole billions from South Africans whilst schools and hospitals are falling apart and people live in poverty.

Nevertheless...The Guptas are gone. At least they were intelligent enough to realise when it was “Game Over”, but Zuma is still president, because the equally corrupt ANC protects and backs him. What I cannot understand is how blacks can vote for the ANC who is protecting the president who, together with his Indian pals, just fucked them over big time and stole billions of their money.

I think black South Africans are still turning in the smoke of the Gupta plane and haven’t realised what just happened to them.

“Gryp, rape and escape”. That is what happened.

The Guptas came into South Africa and together with Zuma and the ANC held Sipho down, rectally raped him, left a 50c piece in his palm and escaped to Dubai. It happened so fast that the poor wet bum Sipho can hardly believe it, yet the rectal pain and 50cents in his hand is the evidence. No wonder Zuma cannot stop laughing. It’s all a joke to him.

Zuma must pray that blacks don’t wake up and find out how he and his Indian buddies fucked them over, because he might just end up with a petrol soaked, rubber necktie. No wonder he walks around with 30 bodyguards. He is scared shitless. Paranoid out of his wits. I wonder if he can even sleep at night.

Hopefully Zuma will take Inkwazi and join the Guptas shortly. For now we will let them all go, because we need to press the “reset” button In South Africa, but the day will still come when we will pay them a visit in Dubai or wherever they are hiding and bring our money back. They will still learn what it means when we said, “You can run, but you can't hide”.

Why the Guptas left

Guptas conceded

Exclusive: Guptas leave SA permanently

09 April 2016

Dom Houtkop shocked by spark plug

By Mike Smith

9th of April 2016

How can you put your tongue to a spark plug? The ignition coil pushes out about 40,000 Volts.

"Hau, baas hy byt!"


Why they are called the "Looney Left" - Part 24

By Mike Smith

9th of April 2016

How do you even start to try and explain the mindset of this liberal idiot?

Male Norwegian politician raped by black asylum seeker says he feels GUILTY that his attacker will now be deported because the man might suffer back in Somalia

Karsten Nordal Hauken
Karsten Nordal Hauken reckons he is a heterosexual male who was raped in his home by a Somalian “refugee” and now, after his attacker has served four and a half years in prison and was deported to Somalia, Karsten shed a tear for the poor rapist.


Methinks Karsten doth protest too much. Methinks he enjoyed it. If he feels so strongly about his poor rapist being sent back to Somalia, why does he not marry him then he can stay in Norway?

Don’t worry Karsten, he will be back in a few months time under another name. If you are lucky he will come and visit you again.

08 April 2016

After the ANC...which radicals will rise?

By Mike Smith

8th of April 2016

What never ceases to amaze me is that many people just take the shafting dished out by the corrupt and useless ANC scum. They shrug their shoulders and carry on. Fair enough there are some people working hard to get the regime out, but the majority is just status quo sheep.

During the Anglo Boer War (1899-1902) there were a lot of these fence sitters. Status quo wishers and maintainers. They did not want to get involved in any fighting on any side so they signed a treaty of neutrality with the British authorities. They were called “Hensoppers”.

Some went further and actively joined the British and signed an oath of legion to the Queen and turned against their own Boer people. These were called “Joiners”. Joiners were normally killed on the spot by the Boers. No mercy.

After the war there was a lot of bitterness amongst the Boers. Families of Hensoppers and Joiners were shunned, ostracized and spat on. It carried on for decades.

Nevertheless, today we still have “Hensoppers”, who would rather see the status quo being maintained. In other words, leave the ANC in power to carry on stealing as much as they want and we keep on paying. They don’t mind if the ANC fucks us all over and all our families suffer. Whatever their reasons are, the biggest reason I have heard was, because it’s a case of “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.

These people fear the unknown. They fear what will happen when the ANC is gone. Who will take over? They suffer from Stockholm syndrome. I prefer to call it the “Concentration Camp Syndrome”.

See, human beings are funny. Their greatest survival tool, their ability to adapt, can also become their greatest weakness. People can become so used to their miserable conditions that they become comfortable with it. In psychology it is called “Learned helplessness” and Prof Martin Seligman did a lot of experiments with electric shocks on dogs about it. I once wrote an article called: Resistance to resistance - Learned helplessness and the psyche of White South Africans by Mike Smith

This explains why people in North Korea, former East Germany, etc can/could tolerate their horrific conditions for decades without resistance and without trying to escape. However, Martin Seligman also discovered that dogs that were once free could never be subdued and never suffered from learned helplessness and would always try to escape or become free.

Nevertheless, these people who are worried about who will replace the ANC or who will replace the president want to know from me who will take over and what will happen next. I am not a clairvoyant prophet. Frankly…I don’t know.

And there is no need to worry about the problem. It is like Captain Jack Sparrow said in "Pirates of the Caribbean".... "The problem is not the problem; Your attitude to the problem is the problem."

If only they could use all that energy they waste in worrying about who will take over from Zuma and BE the ones who take over from Zuma South Africa will be a better place.

Nevertheless...All I know is what I can see and how I can connect the dots.

Take this poll on TimesLive for instance asking the question. “Who would you prefer as SA’s next president?”

Choice: “Cyril Ramaphosa, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Kgalema Motlanthe, other.”

I mean what kind of herd mentality allows itself to be manipulated and conditioned by the media into accepting ANOTHER ANC president? Look at it! They are all ANC and they are all BLACK.

I find the poll extremely racist. Why is there no white name there? There are many whites in the ANC (and IFP, DA, ACDP, FFminus) far more competent than any of those useless ANC blacks. Why MUST the next president be black? It is as is if a white person is not even being considered. Why?

Is it because blacks are racists and won’t accept a white person no matter how good he/she is? Shouldn’t we be going for MERIT instead of RACE?

So who will come after the ANC?

In the classical study of revolutions we see that Dr. Crane Brinton mentions in “The Anatomy of Revolution” a certain sequence of events that takes place during a revolution.

The spark is almost always a financial crisis. The governing regime is bankrupt and introduces severe taxes or raises taxes unfairly.

Then, following the initial deposition of the “old regime”, comes the so called “rise of the moderates” followed by the “rise of the radicals”. The “radicals” are also the ones who will bring in the “Reign of terror and virtue”.

The same will happen in South Africa.There is no escaping it.

How far are we?

In South Africa, on Wednesday the 6th of April, we saw that petrol rose by 88c/liter when petrol prices worldwide are on an all time low.

How is this possible?

This is due to a new fuel levy announced by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in his budget speech before Parliament on Wednesday, 24 February 2016. The minister announced that the country’s fuel levy would be increased by 30 cents to R2.85 per litre of ULP/LRP fuel and R2.70 per litre of diesel

This means that between 34% and 42% of the petrol price is pure tax.

The ANC knows that if they increase income tax directly, they might spark a revolt, so they do it indirectly through tax on fuel. The result is that transport costs rise and EVERYTHING else rises. Food prices are currently soaring through the roof. Fuel is part of the inset costs of the farmer and part of the transport cost to get the food to the consumer.

In short, the public has just, once again, been fucked over by the ANC and what drives me nuts is that you still have Hensoppers who want to maintain the status quo.

Nevertheless, couple the fuel increase with a weak currency due to an idiotic president and a looming ratings downgrade to junk status and you will have a financial crisis. The spark for the revolution.

Getting the dictator Zuma away is just one step. That will go fairly quickly once the machinery of revolution kicks into high gear.

After him will come the “moderates”. These can be from within the ANC alone or a coalition government of ANC, DA and IFP moderates. However they will not last long. The moderates are always short lived. At most a few months.

Reason for that is that the moderates will have too much to do. They will have to fix everything the dictator stuffed up. They will have to fight corruption and try to please everyone’s expectations. In short they will have way too much to do to simply govern. Therefore they won’t even see their enemies, “the radicals” rising.

In the background is a small, but highly efficient and organized group of “radicals” who do not have to worry about pleasing anybody or governing the country. Their sole focus will be to snatch power from the moderates at the earliest opportunity and when they do, they will ring in the “Reign of Terror” where you will see the mass executions of traitors, collaborators and enemies of the revolution. The streets will flow with blood.

Here comes the interesting part, because everyone is focused on the EFF or the Communists as the possible groups of radicals to take over from the ANC. Even Crane Brinton says the natural movement in a revolution is from right to left.

The Hensoppers are shitting themselves already, because in their minds all they can see are hordes of panga wielding blacks coming to chop them up.

But what if another group of even better organized and more efficient radicals rise? A group nobody expects. A group so radical that they will make the EFF look like kids on a Sunday school picnic. A group willing to do what should have been done 360 years ago.

So this is how I see the rise of the radicals after the ANC:

The South African situation is unique in that there are two groups sitting cocked like wound up springs waiting just for the right moment to usurp power from the moderates.

On the left side you have a highly visible populist group wearing red berets, red T-shirts, red overhauls…and shouting out loud. There is no doubt that they are radical and will take their chance to snatch power from the ANC as soon as the opportunity arises. They might even be the ANC radicals in disguise. Be it as it may, they will be thirsty for blood and will want to cleanse the country of their enemies…the ones they call “settlers”, “imperialists” and “colonists”.

This group I call the “Leftist-majority radicals”.

On the other side, the right side, there is a small group of invisible individuals who hardly know of each other. Hardly radical at all…at the moment at least. In fact one cannot even speak of a group yet, but they exist.

However, this group is not so vocal. They are just quietly making individual plans and setting contingencies in place. Make no mistake; they are as “gatvol” of the ANC as anybody else and as wound up. When the time comes, they will come together with lightning speed, organize and they might just prove ten times more radical than the Left.

In fact if I consider Lanchester’s Laws and if I have to bet any money, I would say THIS group, the “Rightist-minority radicals” will kick leftist butt all the way to the equator when push comes to shove.

Whichever group wants to survive will have to be prepared to be more radical than the other and take the battle to its logical conclusion, because there can be only one. The country will never be big enough for both.

07 April 2016

Revisiting the revolution's detractors

By Mike Smith

7th of April 2016

"Revolution? Mass demonstrations of white people in SA? Neverrrrr."

That is what my detractors told me a few months ago when I spoke about removing the pillars of support from underneath the regime.

The Afrikaans journalist Charles Smith said Whiteys must now learn to Toi-Toi because if not, Zuma and his cronies will destroy the country within a year. If ever there was a time then it is now.

He wants every white guy and gal…in fact every man and his dog to unite against Zuma and join the planned mass action (16th of April, Freedom Day) along with opposition parties such as the DA, EFF, COPE and the ACDP.

He calls on every citizen who has declared war on the corrupt “Zuptastan” to step up on that day.

He calls on “farmers, workers, accountants, bakers, café owners, lawyers, academics, churches, NGO’s, associations, garden clubs, grandmothers, grandfathers and granddaughters”…to come and report for a higher service with tractors, Rugby boots, velskoens, and placards to oust Zuma.

He says that people should buy the booklet with the Constitution and shove in the faces of Zuma and his goons. They should realize that the constitution belongs to us.

He also warns that leaders and people should be prepared, because Zuma’s “Warlords” and goons (army, police, Hawks, etc) will crack down on any and all opposition. Teachers and civil servants will be fired and arrested. He calls on everybody to be “Unashamedly South African”, because “if you are today not angry about what is happening to your country, you should expel yourself as a citizen”.

Says Smith further: “If you are not willing to march to claim your country back, you are not a patriot. Motions of no-confidence are good, but not enough. Do the right thing. Let Zuma fall.”

Aahhh yes… I haven’t seen such a passionate call to oust Zuma with Civil Disobedience since I presented Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy” to South Africans last year.

Powerful book, that.

People even accused me of sedition although I called on South Africans to get rid of the thieving and corrupt ANC scum through non-violence and People Power which is fully allowed under the constitution.

Many shot me down, “It will never work”…”Mike you are crazy. Do you really want white girls and grandmothers to go and protest against black cops?” they asked…

Damn right. That is exactly what Charles Smith is saying above too.

Critics said, “But big business won’t allow it. Big Business will not abandon the ANC”.

And now? Following KPMG, ABSA and Sanfin, First National Bank (FNB) became the latest financial institution to cut all ties with the Guptas They closed all Gupta accounts and the Guptas are livid.

In fact, more and more people are joining the revolution against Zuma.

Churches and NGO’s are putting their voices to the cry, “Zuma Must Fall” and has formed under the umbrella “Unite Against Corruption” (NG Kerk or Dutch Reformed Church, Anglican Church, Evangelical Alliance, South African Christian Leadership Initiative, United Front, Corruption Watch, Treatment Action Campaign, etc.)

Mass action plan to push Zuma out

Come 16 of April (Freedom Day) they want people to talk about getting rid of Zuma in Churches, Mosques, towns, townships and informal dwellings, sports clubs, and cultural organizations.

But even more heartwarming is the increasing amount of ANC members calling for Zuma to resign.

The Sefako Makgatho branch of the ANC in Johannesburg wrote a letter to General Secretary of the ANC Gwede Mantashe that Zuma should be recalled

They are only one of many. More ANC branches ready to revolt

Cheryl Carrolus, Ronnie Kasrils, Anglican Bishop Joe Seoka and Judge Zak Yacoob are just some of the ANC heavyweights who have added their voices to Zuma Must Fall.

I won’t say the Zuptas are unhappy. They are worried shitless.

Zuma’s son alleges plot to unseat the President

Crumble pillars, Crumble! Zuma must fall!

Beautiful textbook stuff straight from the 198 methods of civil disobedience by Gene Sharp out of his book “From Dictatorship to Democracy.”

People have lost all respect and fear of the dictator and the regime. They are openly calling for the dictator and the regime to fall in newspapers and on public platforms. Who would have thought? They said this would never happen in South Africa. I said it could and it would. I have been waiting for this for months now.

Now you will start seeing things happen at an exponential rate. You will see in two weeks what used to take two years to accomplish. It is the natural flow of revolution. It cannot be stopped anymore. I have studied revolutions in great detail.

Believe me. Zuma’s days are numbered. He should rather take himself, his corrupt sons and nephews and his slut wives and get the hell out of Dodge while he still can, because when this angry machete carrying mob gets hold of him, he will probably be graced with a rubber necklace and doused with petrol.

Oh how the times have changed, my friends. A few years ago people were still singing the ANC’s praises most notably the white MSM and their white liberal journalists. If you dared to criticize the ANC they would sensor your comments. Eventually they closed the comments completely to stop an avalanche of truth.

It was up to a few daring bloggers like myself to keep the flames of truth burning. Now the Newspapers are calling for a revolt themselves…

I am by no means taking all the credit for all of this, but I never believed this junk that one man cannot make a difference. I have always maintained that there is no need to put up with a tyrannical government. You should never fear your government. Your government should fear you.

I for one will not stand for an incompetent and criminally corrupt government. I cannot sit or stand or otherwise wait idly by whilst these bastards are destroying the country of my birth. I don’t fear the fuckers. I despise them and I have made it explicitly known for the last ten years of blogging. I knew that if enough people believed like me, we COULD make a difference. People sometimes just need a shove in the right direction and be shown the way.

Nevertheless…These are the methods that was used by revolutionary movements in Serbia, the Arab Spring and Iceland with great success. I mentioned it all in my series of posts and analysis during August and October last year when I planted the seeds of revolution in the minds of all South Africans who still gave a fuck about the country. I was convinced it could work in SA as well.  Shortly afterwards the revolution started.

Now, mere seven, eight months later, we see that those seeds have germinated well and are growing bigger and stronger by the day. Those who said that this would never happen in South Africa are now eating their words.

As for the poor ANC...they are faced with a terrible dilemma. Best they can do now is to let Zuma go as soon as possible and hope the people are not angry enough yet. The longer they back Zuma the worst they make it for themselves and the more people will come to resent them. In the end people will not just call for Zuma to fall, but the entire ANC to fall.

If they let him go the whole parliament will have to go, because they are all his supporters and appointed by him. People will come after his backers and the Guptas as well. The ANC will splinter apart. Either way...they are stuffed. They will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat or something.

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06 April 2016

How the ANC waged 22 years of Economic Terrorism on South Africa

By Mike Smith
6th of April 2016

Last year I read an article in the Mail & Guardian about how South Africa’s once proud and strong steel industry (Iscor) is on the brink of collapse. An estimated 190,000 people will lose their jobs.

The article said that it was due to “little protection for the local industry and dumping from China” as well as “a slowdown in demand, both domestically and internationally”.

Now…In February 2002 when the US’s steel industry faced a similar collapse (mainly due to an antiquated and inefficient industry), President George W Bush slammed a 30% tariff increase on imported steel into the USA. To not kill small countries, a few third world countries, including South Africa, were exempted.

Yet in SA today, the ANC refuses to put even a 10% tariff on imported steel from China and even if they do, it won’t be enough to protect the industry because as Steve Nhlapo, head of collective bargaining at the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa said, “Chinese steel is as cheap as cabbage”.

Yesterday, The Afrikaans media reported again on how the steel industry is collapsing and that urgent intervention is needed in the next few days. Catastrophic results await the Vaal Triangle, but the ANC is sitting with their hands folded, because to them it is no disaster at all.

Unions Solidarity and Numsa now want an urgent meeting with the minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel and Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Rob Davies.

How they think that one meeting is going to change the mindset of Communist scumbags or their bad habits of the last 22 years is beyond me.

I am sorry, but what these idiots in Solidarity and Numsa do not realize is that the ANC do not give a flying hoot about 200,000 mostly black, but also white workers losing their jobs. They do not care if their families starve or turn to crime to survive. Destroying the steel industry in SA opens the door for their buddies the Communist Chinese to buy it all for a sixpence and a few spring rolls thrown in on the side. It is all part of the plan.

In the 1950’s when the ANC drafted their Marxist plan for a future South Africa namely the “Freedom Charter” under a Eucalyptus tree in Kliptown, Soweto, they mentioned extensively how they would nationalize the mines, the financial institutions and the monopoly industry and give land back to the people, blah, blah, blah…Commie bullshit repeated by Nelson Mandela in January 1990 in his press statement about nationalization a month before he was released from prison.

But why did they take the Commie path? Several reasons.

In the 1950’s the Communists took the ANC to all the Communist countries of Eastern Europe, Cuba, etc. and what the ANC saw did not really impress them. South Africa with all its faults was ten times better than any Commie hellhole, but the Communists told the ANC to look further…that all this Communist bullshit about “workers uniting” and coming up for “the poorest of the poor” was only a façade. In truth, behind the curtain and at the core of Communism is a diabolical plan, a recipe to get to power and stay in power forever. This allows you to perpetually steal and to enslave the population of a country and fleece them like sheep for all eternity. This is what hooked the ANC.

Further, there were many examples of how the West backed one country just to turn on them later. SA and Rhodesia were cases in point. Their soldiers were good enough to help the West in two World Wars, just to be turned against as soon as the wars were over. The Communist never did this. When you got backed by the Communists, you could count on them forever. You could trust them. They won’t desert you. The West would desert you at the drop of a hat the moment you did not serve their interests any longer.

Nevertheless…Communists do not care one iota for the poor. Communism is a “Steal-rich-quick-scheme” for a selected few gangsters of about 200 to 300 people in the Central Committee and the Politburo.

If you don’t understand that, and in fact believe that Communism is an ideology that really does care about the workers and the poor, then I am sorry, you belong in the class of what Communists call the “Polezniye Duraki”…useful idiots.

The ANC is a psychopathic, criminal, Marxist terrorist organization. You cannot negotiate or talk reason to them. You cannot convince them of anything morally or ethically. The only cure for Communism is a bullet to the brain.

So bear this in mind. No pun intended.

Now…If you go back to the time in the 1980’s when the National Party of P.W. Botha , the mining bosses, National Intelligence and MI6 had clandestine meetings with the still banned ANC (an act of treason by the way), then you will see that the NP was well aware of what it said in the Freedom Charter and always tried to reverse this point of view of the ANC with negotiations and reason. Ironically, South Africa’s industry under the NP was largely nationalized (Eskom,Telcom, Iscor, Transnet, etc).

The first of these clandestine meetings between the ANC economists and the South Africans took place in 1986 at York University in Northern England. It was organized by Dr. Pieter le Roux, director of the Institute of Social Development at UWC. At this time the Border War in Angola was at its height with Cuito Cuanavale about a year away.

Over the next three years, several more meetings took place with the most important in June 1989 in Lausanne Switzerland, again organized by Pieter le Roux. Remember that the ANC was still banned and the South African public had no idea that their government was negotiating capitulation and a future communist economic model for South Africa with the Marxist terrorist ANC.

People who attended these meetings read like a list of Who’s who in the Broederbond. Jan Lombard (Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank), Estian Calitz (Director General of the Department of Finance), Rudolph Gouws (DG of the Dept of Manpower) and many more bankers and businessmen. They met up with Tito Mboweni and Maria Ramos. Tito later became head of the Reserve Bank and Maria Ramos head of the treasury.

In March 1992, just a month after the unbanning of the ANC by traitor F.W. de Klerk, Pieter le Roux organized another series of conferences at Mont Fluer in the Cape Winelands.

By this time the ANC were wringing their hands in anticipation of the great theft they were going to commit when they got to power.

However, Derek Keys, De Klerk’s Minister of Finance started the presentations, showing them that SA was almost bankrupt. Since 1980 the country was hit hard by sanctions, disinvestment and boycotts. Economic growth had declined racial conflict and labour militancy undermined business confidence. The Bantustans have run up staggering debts. The tax base was not growing. The country was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Sobering stuff for the ANC. They found there was nothing left in the state coffers. SA was down to about three weeks of foreign exchange reserves.

When the NP capitulated, they were not going to hand over the purse strings to the ANC. If there was anything to steal, they were going to steal it before the ANC could get their grimy paws on it.

In his book “Inside the South African Reserve Bank Its Origins and Secrets Exposed”, former Reserve Bank director, Stephen Goodson said that in the dying days of Apartheid, the NP’s F.W. de Klerk transferred about R12 billion (about 1 billion Swiss Francs) to Bank von Ernst, Lichtenstein. At a restaurant in Munich, Germany, De Klerk boasted about how he was this bank’s biggest client. (pg14).

However, letting go of nationalization was not what Mandela wanted to do when he came to power. Big financial people like Chris Liebenberg, CEO of Nedcor and later Mandela’s finance minister tried to talk sense to the old terrorist. Harry Oppenheimer of Anglo American Corporation put together the Brenthurst Group to periodically talk to Mandela. The Canadians visited Mandela in July 1991 to help. Eventually Mandela was swayed by the left. The Dutch Minister of Industry and representatives of China and Vietnam told him how they had to adopt private enterprise in a modern world.

So the ANC drew up a document called “Ready to Govern” in 1992.

By mid 1992 a group called the “Macro Economic Research Group” (MERG) was formed. It drew on more than a hundred economic specialists and academics from all over the world. The heart of the SA economic management, Trevor Manuel, Maria Ramos, Tito Mboweni and Alec Erwin (Minister of Trade and Industry) were all part of MERG.

The group worked for 16 months. They looked at various successful economic models of the “Asian Tigers” like that of Japan, South Korea, Singapore etc. and presented a 300 page report entitled “Making Democracy Work” to the ANC and the business community at the Rosebank Hotel in Johannesburg in 1993, six months before the ANC came to power. It was a comprehensive, well researched success recipe for a truly democratic and non racial South Africa that would have created 300,000 jobs and a growth rate of 4.5% per annum.

What did the ANC do with it? They dumped it.

They did not want to be told by any foreigners how to run SA and besides…it did not fit their Marxist plans for SA. Instead they implemented their own disastrous “Reconstruction and Development Plan” (RDP) just before the election in 1994 with the slogan of “A better life for all”.

The first RDP was drawn up by Cosatu’s Indian General Secretary Jay Naidoo, who became a Minister without Portfolio. In all it was changed six times.

In it the ANC promised to redistribute land, build a million houses, electrify 2.5 million houses, free education, free health care and create 500,000 jobs. RDP hardly lasted a year before it died a quiet death. It was simply crap.

By mid 1995 Alec Erwin set up a team under Iranian economist Iraj Abedian to come up with a new strategy of growth. After nine months they produced GEAR or “Growth, Employment and Redistribution” which Trevor Manuel presented to parliament on the 14th of June 1996.

In his book “Beyond the miracle”, Allister Sparks wrote (pg198). “GEAR’s begetters predicted a GDP growth rate that would reach 6% by 2000 and the creation of 810,000 jobs by 1999. Instead growth fell from 4,3% to 3,4% by 2000 and 2,2% in 2001, while half a million jobs have been lost.”

Today as we speak Telkom is laying off 1200 workers. Most of them highly skilled

All those once proud and successful parastatals like Eskom, SAA, Transnet…all stolen and mismanaged into bankruptcy, driven into the ground by the ANC’s wonderful “GEAR”.

A “good story to tell”?? Indeed…for the ANC. They have managed to steal themselves rich whilst the rest of the people got poorer and poorer. For them, everything is going to plan.

This is what happens when you put a bunch of useless Marxist terrorist in charge and vote for them election after election.