06 November 2016

Zuma assembling his horde for the final battle

By Mike Smith
6th of November 2016

Apparently, those in the know say President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma is no stranger to rice water, weak soup, stale bread and dropping the soap in communal showers and in fact frequently did so willingly when he spent 10 years in prison.

He admitted it at a rally in eDumbe Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal.

“Even if I am arrested today, I am used to it. I was in jail for 10 years, so you cannot scare me,” he said. Zuma says he is not scared to go to jail

Black journalist Mondli Makhanya, former editor of the Sunday Times and currently editor of City Press reckons The end is nigh for Zuma and he is desperately running out of options. Either he resigns, negotiates an exit or he fights to the bitter end.

Zuma and the ANC run out of road as bad news piles up

However, Zuma is not listening to good advice, because he knows he cannot resign. Instead he is preparing for the mother of all fights. He is a Zulu, a warrior, he wants to fight.

Former president Thabo Mbeki pleaded with him to listen to the more than a hundred ANC veterans who wrote an open letter to him.

Others who feel sorry for him like Albert Luthuli’s daughter wants an exit plan for Zuma Of course he is too thick to realize she is trying to help him.

Instead Zuma answered the veterans with arrogance and lashed them saying that when you write a letter you address it to a person, not the whole world. Zuma is not exactly the sharpest pencil in the box. He doesn’t know when to fight and when not.

What Zuma does know is that he still has a few fellow corrupt supporters who are backing him. He is currently rallying their support and preparing his army of scumbags.

Nomvula Mokonyane
One of his generals is the Minister of Dirty Water and Diarrhea, Nomvula Mokonyane, who is a key Zuma ally and a member of the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC).

Of course Nomvula Mokonyane was herself investigated by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and the Hawks about how Engineering consultants LTE- consulting, Blackhead Consulting and construction company Khato Civils received water and sanitation contracts worth over R4 Billion. She and the heads of these companies are close friends and whilst they are sitting on golden toilet seats, blacks across the country have to make do with bucket toilets

See here: Noose tightens around Nomvula Mokonyane

Nomvula Mokonyane told the Natal rally that Zuma’s conscience would not guide him, as secretary-general Gwede Mantashe suggested this week, because he, like she, has no conscience.

Goofy. Better than
the ANC?
City Press reckons that South Africa would fare better if it were run by Walt Disney’s Goofy character than by Zuma ...certainly cannot be worse. However they reckon the ANC is not going to get rid of him. All the scandals from the Guptas and their guests landing at Waterkloof air force base, the Nkandla scandal, the State Capture report, etc. will not be enough for the ANC to fire Zuma.

ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte confirmed this and insisted that President Jacob Zuma will not step down and that the party will not force him to go.

In other words, Zuma is not going to resign. Forget it. If you want to get rid of Zuma you have to arrest him or physically take/kick him out.

Nevertheless, Zuma has some junior officers in his impi as well in the form of the paranoid dimwits in the ANC Youth League who are also behind him.

Njabulo Nzuza
Their secretary-general Njabulo Nzuza told City Press: “Anyone who says the president will not last until December (2017) says so because they are plotting something. They are having secret meetings to make that happen.”

Njabulo Nzuza was very disrespectful of the ANC veterans. He said “that the old guard of the liberation movement fought merely to share toilets with whites and drink whisky with them”.

Ironically‚ Njabulo Nzuza who cries “racism” at every opportunity, has himself set his mission as wanting to live with the very whites he disparages inside expensive golf estates.

Collen "Oros" Maine
Further…Youth league president Collen Maine, who called for Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association members to take up arms in defence of Zuma, and who is recorded in Madonsela’s report as having refused to comply with the investigation, agreed: “They must come; we will be there waiting for them.”…and called Advocate Thuli Madonsela a liar and called for her to be disbarred.

Idiot Collen Maine also known as "Oros" after the "Oros Man" should rather stick to fighting with his wife, because in December 2014 Collen Maine’s wife Kelebogile Puso (whose second name is ironically "Patience") smashed all the glass windows of his love nest with rocks and a steel pipe after she found him in bed with another woman. Guess she ran out of her second name. Kelebogile is also not a saint – as she’s been going out on dinner dates with some white guy.

Collen Maine in broken love nest mess

Maine and his wife Kelebogile , bought a R5.4 million property east of Pretoria last October, six weeks after he was elected league president and The Guptas pays his R140,000 a month bond

Documented proof that the Guptas backed Oros’ bond

Staunch President Jacob Zuma defender and one arm bandit, Kebby Maphatsoe who is also Deputy Minister of Terrorists, called the veterans "empty tins", "irrelevant" and "without struggle credentials".

Coward Kebby Maphatsoe
"The one arm bandit"

As I reported the other day, married grandfather Kebby Maphatsoe was caught naked with his “blessee” skelmpie and nobody seems to know where he actually fought during the anti-Apartheid Struggle. Although he is the MK Military Veterans Association chairperson Everyone knows he was never in MK

Kebby admits he ran away from MK camp

Convicted fraudster Bathabile Dlamini
Nevertheless…Another loyal backer of Zuma is the ANC Women's League president Bathabile Dlamini. Despite the fact that she is forever chewing her own teeth, she is as thieving and corrupt as Zuma. In October of 2006, Dlamini was convicted and fined after she pleaded guilty to fraud involving an amount of R254,000. Dlamini was one of 14 ANC MPs who were convicted and fined after pleading guilty to theft and fraud charges stemming from abuse of parliamentary travel vouchers.

Minister of Grants and Freeshit, Bathabile Dlamini, who has stayed at the luxury Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks (Kwazulu-Natal) 31 times, living it up on all the money she stole despite her handsome ANC paycheck, believes that a black family of five can survive on R753 per month

Over the years Zuma made sure people become depended on him. These sick, corrupt bastards who are still backing Zuma, has no choice but to back him in his fight, because if he goes, not only will they go and become poor beggers, but will also be marched off to prison with him.

Shaun Abrahams
He has further selected his goons in the police and Hawks very carefully. They are not going to arrest their boss. Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor admits that the entire state capture report will come to nought if remedial action was left to politicised arms of the state.

She is right. Currently there is no sign that Zuma’s loyal lapdog Shaun Abrahams, whose mommy calls him "Pikkewyntjie” (little penguin), is going to resign or be fired from the NPA. Finance minister Pravin Gordhan will be charged again before Christmas

How Shaun's mommy sees him
Another one of Zuma’s backers, North West provincial secretary Dakota Legoete, went on the attack and said that new Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane should “expand her scope of investigations in relation to the state capture to include the economic atrocities and state looting that happened prior to the 1994 democratic dispensation.

Yes, why not? I would love to see those old National Party traitors like F.W. de Klerk, Pik Botha, Roelf Meyer, Kortbroek van Schalkwyk, etc. share a cell with Zuma and his criminal cronies. I think F.W. will become very understanding of his Greek wife’s needs, because he will understand exactly what it means to be a Greek wife.

Jokes aside…Zuma is holding on for dear life and even trying to fight back with an army of idiots and corrupt scumbags. However, it doesn’t matter what Zuma does, he is stuffed.

In my opinion, Zuma has only ONE OPTION. If he stays in SA he is going to go to jail. It is just a matter of time. His only OPTION therefore is to skip the country. Go to Sudan on a diplomatic visit and ask his mass murdering buddy Omar al-Bashir for asylum.


  1. Anonymous4:42 am

    Even author Stephen king could not come up with a horror story such as this.

    What a fantastic future suspense film this is going to make.

  2. Anonymous7:12 am

    Someone should tell that kaffir Njabulo Nzuza that he's supposed to be holding Yorick's skull, not his baseball cap.

  3. Anonymous7:40 am

    I wonder if all those in the SAPS and SANDF who are Zulu's will give Zuma the militant support he will need in order to survive.
    Maybe we are looking at the beginning stages of a Yugoslavia style break up, and KZN deciding to go it alone.
    I remember as a young child standing with my father outside an old rural trading store watching as two Zulus were beating the shit out of one another in a stick fight, and even though the blood was flowing not one of them stopped or gave up until the weakest just collapsed onto the dirt.
    I don't think the rest of SA quite understand the brutality of the Zulu, anyone remember Sifiso Nkabinde?

    1. Anonymous8:37 am

      Whites who want to survive better start pulling up the old laager and get the muskets ready, the impi's are coming.

    2. Anonymous9:19 am

      ok ..all together now...Impi....



    3. Whiteman10:42 am

      The problem with most whiteys is that they truly think the nignogs are just like us. They just can not believe why zuma, or any of the other nignog criminals, wont resign out of shame. This is what happens among civilised people. But then ambition, and greed, also play a very large roll. Maybe zuma wants to build a nkandla for each one of his wives ? It is all about true love, and dedication, to the mothers of your children !

    4. Anonymous10:46 am

      The Zulus do not want to fight the whites.

      Not as long as their king is criticizing them and praising apartheid.


      If the Zulus wanted a race war, we would have been on stage 10 of the genocide scale by now, with either us or them doing the denial.

      It is the other weaker and more pathetic tribes that want race war such as these weakling pedis like Malema.

      The zulu impies will not attack unless their king gives the go ahead. And as long as the king lives, no such order will be given.

      perhaps he is the Statue that Boere mall ninja keeps talking about? Dunno...

    5. @ Whiteman,
      You got that one right. The arse of Juju has spoken after his court appearance today.
      Totally defiant. "Blacks can grab land/property to their heart's content".
      Nothing short of a declaration of war. So;-
      Fok Soros.
      Fok NWO & Co.
      Fok Siener in sy voorsienigheid. ( en dose wat op Vaandel bid dat die Yahwenah trane van hul wange loop )
      Die skrif is aan die muur. Jammer vir die reënboogkinnertjies wat so vasgevang in hul illusie...hul hul oupas se skietgoed loop ingee het.
      So donners naïef soos daai dik raadgewende wit lelike obese teef wat vanoggend langs hom in die hof gestaan het.
      Arme stiksiende teef onbewus hul tipe se dhose is eerste wat op n stok gaan hang.

    6. Anonymous7:09 am

      Wanneer jy in die nood beland, in die Leeukuil weet jyt natuurlik om wie se hulp jy moet roep ne Daniel. Was jy DaniEL sou jy besef dat die wat spot met die Allerhoogste GEEN genade kry nie. Maar terug by die onderwerp. Ons weet mos al 22 jaar dat die dag gaan aanbreek. Die wat nog sit en wonder in die stede, agter nog n paar Rand aan,geniet dit. WP toe skuif was die enigste uitweg. Pak op, pak op, sit jou goedjies op jou kop! More gaan ons seaside toe.

    7. Anonymous8:29 am

      Daniel, they'll never openly declare war these cowards. They'll just plod along killing a few dozen of us here over the weekend a few dozen there and rape a few of our women here and kill a few of our children there...

    8. Anonymous1:58 pm

      En wie is JY om te oordeel slim mannetjie Daniel?

  4. Anonymous9:15 am

    This article makes for a good read. And this is my concern for SA. What international debt are the ruling powers commmitting us to?

    Read this about Mozambique:

    When greed kills a nation:

    'That is when it was revealed that Guebuza, his finance minister and others had gone behind Mozambicans’ backs and secretly borrowed nearly $2 billion (R27 billion – 10% of the fiscus) from overseas institutions.'



  5. Anonymous9:20 am

    I don't think the rest of SA quite understand ANYTHING.

    Has anyone had a careful look at the way Zuma is attired ?
    Where he is

    Apart from the fact that he has a cheetah and NOT a leopard.

    Lets see if anyone is knowledgeable about African shamanic traditions
    Can read the coded message of the beads
    The larger meaning of MAKANA

    Zulu and Xhosa fighting each other ROFL ( read Wilbur Smith )

    Oh boy the symbolism is completely lost on you
    But then I do not expect much more from the retards here !

    1. Anonymous9:40 pm

      920, you are asking too much, these bimbos couldn't read a neon sign if it were smacking them in the face.

      Please don't insult the stooges, it hurts their egos and they might start crying and whimpering again.

    2. Anonymous11:00 pm

      To anon 9.20am

      Why don't you educate us then you dumb kaffir boetie. Clearly you are the maestro on black tribalism. In stead of referring to all of us as retards, give us a small piece of your wisdom. Either that or get the fuck off this blog.

    3. Anonymous11:02 pm

      Only the king can wear a leopard skin...

    4. Anonymous12:21 am

      Please educate us then, doos...

    5. Troll alert @ 9:20 am

    6. @11:02 pm...All royal males can wear leopard skin.

    7. Anonymous1:40 am

      @Anon 9:20AM

      I would like to see a cheetah wearing Zuma skin!

    8. @Anon 1:40 am...shame poor animal. It would be like being covered in shit.

    9. Anonymous2:19 am

      So tell us then
      IS Zuma a "royal"

      You could also explain
      What the significance of a Cheetah as opposed to a Leopard is in Zulu tradition / culture ?
      Bearing in mind that Zuma is NOT in a Zulu setting or context.
      ( Who was "Makana" anyway ? )
      Do you suggest that beads and attire have NO significance or meaning ?
      Do tell us then how Zuma is attired
      WHY ?
      As to Trolls -- they live under bridges
      In Mr Smiths imagination and inability to identify them ! ( the real ones )

    10. Anonymous5:16 am

      Anons 920 & 940 you still do read Mike Smith then, don't you?

    11. Anonymous6:38 am

      @Mike 2:09AM

      LOL. It would be worse than being covered in shit.

    12. Anonymous1:20 am

      @Anonymous6:38 am
      You understood Intelligence you would understand that you read everything.
      Besides if you only ever read one point of view you would be depriving yourself of many pieces of the jigsaw.
      Life would be terribly boring !

    13. Anonymous5:42 am

      @Anonymous 1:20am

      Anonymous 6:38am joked that being covered in Zuma skin would be worse than being covered in shit. So what's your problem?

    14. Anonymous6:51 am

      A little slip twixt the finger and the KB

      Too many late nights
      Too many mosquito's
      Too much crap on a persons mind

      Was directed at Anon 05:16AM

  6. Stephen11:12 am

    Hi Mike

    I'm so glad the wheel is turning , these kaffirs are all as guilty as sin , and I hope they rot in jail , then in hell.

    We all know very well that these 'state-capture' atrocities are just the tip of the ice-berg , in reality there's a lot more below the surface . We will see more things come to light , that I'm sure of.

    You know Mike , I hear these ouz saying whites must get ready , I'm gonna take a step of faith and say.... its ali -zuma and the fourty chiefs that must brace themselfs.

    There's gonna be a lot of very pi**ed-off people pretty soon , and we will still see a future un-imagined .

  7. I remember a BBC journalist interviewing the poes....err...president and enquiring whether the rumours that he was a criminal were true ? He just giggled unti
    l the next question. Steve Hofmeyer needs to apologise as well for telling everyone this was someone he could work with after that braai...

    1. Anonymous6:10 am

      Steve Hofmeyer wasn't there.

    2. Anonymous6:32 am

      @68706870 11:49AM

      And the final question was "Mr Zuma, have you seen my wallet?"

  8. Anonymous1:43 pm

    These greedy thieving bastards are derailing their own gravy train. Good!

  9. Must watch video - https://youtu.be/MlJA04iAM3o

    1. Anonymous1:10 am

      And what has this to do with SA. It's just a Trump campaigner. Waste of 30 minutes of my life. This is why you should put a message about the content and not just put a 'spam'link.

  10. Anonymous9:34 pm

    One question for showerhead. Why would an innocent kaffir say he's not scared of jail. Me thinks he knows the inevitable.

  11. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Anonymous7:40 am

    I don't think the brutality of any of trhem is in question or a mystery to one another. I think you meant the tenacity and maybe courage of the Zulu. Because while the others will attack only when they are absolutely sure they will have no resistance and will not come to any harm the Zulu will typically stand his ground.

  12. Anonymous3:29 am

    Bunch of fucking clowns. All of them.

  13. Anonymous6:58 am

    Hey Whitie forget your rugby and cricket. Watch this and prepare, the end is in sight now. Listen @ 5.50 mark and take note and catch a wake up - "....we are not calling for the SLAUGHTERING of white people, AT LEAST NOT FOR NOW....." https://youtu.be/rjBi3z-1yAs

  14. Anonymous6:59 am

    I still belief the big fight will be between black on black. They hate each other, and the competition between them. We Whites must stand clear, do not interfere. So far the police (what a fucking joke) manage to keep them apart .... we monitor the situation. But for how long. I know we are prepared.


    1. Whiteman10:51 am

      Hoekvlag, I agree with you that there will be black on black violence, to our definite advantage. But the majority of whiteys are NOT prepared. Not even because they dont want to be prepared, but just because they are to poor, unarmed, and perhaps too " positive ! " But any army needs supplies to function. And nignog terrorists eat and drink a lot. Where will they get stocks, because all the shops will already be empty ? The average squatter shack has got buggerall in the line of stocks and food. But they all know, that whitey has everything they need. And this is where things will get VERY ugly !

  15. Anonymous7:25 am


    Its game over now, now its simply watching the crash in slow motion. What goes next and when will this thing flip.