08 November 2016

Why I love Malema

By Mike Smith
8th of November 2016

Following fuckhead Julianne Malema’s genocidal rant outside the court in Newcastle about slaughtering whites and her girlfriend Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s echoing thereof several parties want them prosecuted and Malema’s gob muzzled.

F.W. de Klerk Foundation wants a meeting with the SA Human Rights Commision over Malema’s hate speech

Afriforum upset with Malema’s ‘opinion that black people own the fish in the sea‚ mountains‚ big five‚ trees’, etc

DA‚ FF Plus‚ condemn Malema's 'hate speech' comments

Why? …I mean why do they want to silence Malema?

Let the man speak! Let us see and hear exactly what is on his mind and on the minds of his supporters.

Even better…Let us see how many blacks condemn what he said, because up until know I have not seen or heard a single black person condemn him. The silence of the blacks is deafening.

Personally, I love Malema. Every time his mouth boils over with his hatred of whites, it cures at least another 100 liberals who come over to our side. The man should be working for us. He is not the enemy of the right wing. He is our friend;our canony. Let him speak some more. I can hardly wait for his next speech.


  1. Whiteman1:07 pm

    Mike, these libturds are like a bunch of poefters, who had a lovers spat ! They are tearing their tissues to bits, and throwing tantrums ! ( afrikaans for tantrum = Vloermoer. ) But notice how " kragdadig, " they are comming across. Their spineless followers are being bullshitted again, but it keeps them happy, and busy till the next tantrum. And some lawyer is going to make BIG bucks again. But between you and me : Malema scares these libturds shitless !

  2. Anonymous2:50 pm

    I agree. He was/is the best thing that could happen to SA. If it was not for him the ANC's power would have been much stronger. He will split the ANC. In the mean time EFF and DA will run Gauteng to piss off ANC. Ther might be a war but I dont think so. Still to many white snipers/hunters around

  3. Anonymous4:32 pm

    The liberals are the obstacles that hold the country back because they want so desprately to make a lie work.

  4. Anonymous5:25 pm

    I love Malema. He will save africans from this white shit hell. Malema will kick out your whitey pale ass, stupid.
    I love this man.

    1. Well we have something in common then. We must be brothers.

    2. Anonymous9:53 pm


      "I love this man"

      Do you bend and take it or does he bend and take it?


    3. Anonymous3:17 am

      i love it when Mike poesklap idiots like anon 5:25 back into the bush.

    4. Anonymous6:48 am

      @Anon 5:25pm

      Why don't you marry him and see how long you survive?

    5. Anonymous4:37 am

      One wonders Mr Smith IF you knew about this

      Serbia’s Srdja Popovic is known by many as a leading architect of regime changes in Eastern Europe and elsewhere since the late-1990s, and as one of the co-founders of Otpor!, the U.S.-funded Serbian activist group which overthrew Slobodan Milošević in 2000.

      Lesser known, an exclusive Occupy.com investigation reveals that Popovic and the Otpor! offshoot CANVAS (Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies) have also maintained close ties with a Goldman Sachs executive and the private intelligence firm Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting, Inc.), as well as the U.S. government. Popovic’s wife also worked at Stratfor for a year.

      These revelations come in the aftermath of thousands of new emails released by Wikileaks' “Global Intelligence Files.” The emails reveal Popovic worked closely with Stratfor, an Austin, Texas-based private firm that gathers intelligence on geopolitical events and activists for clients ranging from the American Petroleum Institute and Archer Daniels Midland to Dow Chemical, Duke Energy, Northrop Grumman, Intel and Coca-Cola.


      One wonder IF Assange and WikiLeaks keep on putting out more stuff how much more we might learn ?

  5. Anonymous5:28 pm

    I never thought I'd say this but I actually think Mal-emmer is the next messiah. He and his pals locally and from London are our saviours.

    Mal-emmer you can! We are all rooting for you black boytjie!
    Go get them tiger...

  6. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Why will us, "kaffirs" condemn other black man? Malema say what all black native african think. He say the truth that whites dont want hears: Your people are not welcome here, and never was.

    1. Anonymous9:22 pm

      A lot of you "kaffirs" already condemn Zoomer - a black man.

      Yeah next you're going to out-breed the people of Europe and the USA and also claim it as yours. We know your M.O. "kaffir" and every time malema amin and Indian ring licker Zoompoes opens their KFC holes you wake more people to just how evil you "people" are.

    2. So you admit that you "kaffirs" are the biggest racists in the country and always have been.

      Please tell me what is a "black native African"? You are not native to South Africa. Go read your history about Bantu Migration, because your ignorance shows. You fucking lot are native to the trees of Nigeria, Congo and Uganda. Your migration officially ended around 1770 when the Xhosas ran into the white trekboere, but looking at how townships like Khayalitsha and Lwandle are expanding is still continuing till today. Whites have permanently settled in SA since 1652. So who the fuck are you, you stupid cunt? Most of you "hoerkinders" do not even know who your fathers are, so how are you going to know where you originally came from? Fuckoff back to Central Africa where you ran away from. Ask yourself why your forefathers ran away from Central Africa. Why did they run away from their fellow blacks brothers? Why did black Mozambicans run away from their black brothers and fled to evil white Apartheid South Africa (in their millions) during the 1970's and 1980's.

      Look around you. Look at all the Nigerians, Somalians and Zimbabweans. The very ones you so Xenophobicly kill , loot and burn every now and again. Why are they running away from their wonderful black brothers up north to a country created by whites?

      Blacks killing blacks. Blacks running away from blacks. Blacks enslaving blacks. The story of Africa...and you stupid cunts blame the white man for that. What a bunch of idiots. The only relative peace and prosperity blacks ever tasted was during the times of colonialism and Apartheid.

    3. Anonymous9:57 pm

      You also not welcome here...after all YOU only exist due to the whiteman.

      Your mother would have left you in the bush like a steaming boskak.

    4. Anonymous11:04 pm

      Thats fact Mike but the poepol won't understand it.IQ67...

    5. Anonymous1:52 am

      "So you admit that you "kaffirs" are the biggest racists in the country and always have been. "
      Black people canoot be racist.

      1) I am native AFRICAN. So all part of Africa I AM NATIVE. You not.
      2) I am native from south africa too because SA is parte of Africa. You not.
      When whites came here, Khoisans and other Africans were already here first.
      I swear that I try understanding you, when you invade the continent of other peoples, you speak "discovering", you become "natives" without even knowing if the true natives agree with it.
      When not white goes to Europe, we are "invaders", always the "foreigners", for you.

      Dude, not even blacks killed themselves more than you did. I can quote you two epochs (or wars) in which whites killed whites (and no-whites) for stupid reasons.
      But I can not tell you two wars before the arrival of the whites, when we africans killed ourselves in Africa.
      The truth is that despite our differences, most South Africans preferred to be invaded by Zimbabweans and Nigerians, to haven't to look at that pale face of you. A thousand times a wild congoles next door, than a white foreigner running my country and continent.

      And again: If it's africa for Africans, europe for europes and asia for asians So what then white people still do in South Africa and Namibia and another region of my country and continent?
      This land NEVER will belong to white people, never more.

    6. Anonymous1:54 am

      I'm glad Mike came to answer me, which means that what I said is true, and that angered him.

    7. Anonymous3:14 am


      The only time you argue with a karasite is when your gun is in its mouth before you pull the trigger.

      Other than that, wouldnt waste my breath on shit. Kill them all is the only solution.

    8. Just cut to the chase and call it. Play your hand and we will play ours, I promise.

      See that sack of shit you call a leader didn't have the balls yesterday, did he.?. Once again the coward backdoor approach..

      Do we look scared.?. CALL IT.! I've got things to do and places to go and you lot are wasting time here.. 25 years and your only efforts are old people, children and farmers. Always 6 on 1.? I have never heard or read of one attacker going it alone.? Says much of your courage..

      Just admit it. You kaffirs are scared and intimidated by a 10 to 1 minority.. You're pathetic. Always have been, always will be..

    9. Anonymous11:29 am

      no you are wrong. We want to hear what mal emmer says.

      That is why MS published what he says on this site. No?

    10. Anonymous11:32 am

      You are not Native to Africa. The white Egyptians predate you.

    11. Anonymous11:35 am

      So what this black guy is saying is that because the land is all connected, then since Africa is connected to Europe via the Suez, then this continent is ours? As well as Asia since it is all connected.

      Blacks are greedy. they have more land than whites. Europe is tiny. Africa is huge. The blacks are greedy for stealing all of God's land and not sharing

    12. Anonymous11:37 am

      Hey black guy. I hope you are reading this. There was a time when we were sympathetic to your plight. But then you started with your rape and murder and corruption and kak. That is why we turned against you. Not because you are black. We just like picking on your skin colour because we know it pisses you off. But it isnt the reason why we are against you.

      You just suck at running the country. Step aside and let real men run things.

    13. @anon 1:54 am When you lot refer to Africa as only for Africans (you obviously mean Blacks), why don't you go tell that to the Arabs in North Africa? They're indigenous to Arabia, after all, and not Africa.

      Come on, go tell them to piss off, and see how far you get.

      With the exception of Botswana (which your beloved Commander in Thief criticizes - he prefers the great success story of Zimbabwe) every Black country on the African continent is pretty much a failed state.

      RSA with no Whites or Asians will be the same.

      Also, by saying crap such as "Black people cannot be racist" tells me that you're nothing but a complete moron.

  7. Anonymous 5:29pm.....the thing is we don't care what you think. Die baas is nie lus vir jou k@k nie....

  8. Anonymous10:53 pm

    They always need someone to blame.

    White have been in SA longer than those in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

    Blacks started to move down about the same time.

    This is now a mainstream historical fact.

  9. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Aaahh well ,

    Something to start the morning off with

    A VERY old debate


    Best put on your reading glasses

  10. Mr Trump is 6 electorates away. The guy is going to win.

  11. He's won!!! 276 vs 218, just checked now. There's hope for the world.

  12. Whiteman12:45 am

    BLCN, I am also watching this lot. Fantastic reality TV ! One thing is for sure. If Trump wins, he has given his opponents a totally fair, totally historical, KAFFERPAK ! Because ALL the odds were against this guy. Ok, just heard, Trump is the winner ! ! And I am sure the libturds did as much vote rigging as they could possibly get away with ! And even that failed. WOW ! !

    1. And like Hillary...Nas Pers went into hiding. Almal kontverstom.

    2. Tom & Whiteman..

      I really did not expect him to win with all the odds and corrupt guys against him. Really amazing I must say.!.

      Also, the Republicans won the US Senate and the US house with a majority vote, so he has got almost full control of the whole US.

      Some people are going to kak I tell you. Hillary will be 1st. She can start packing so long, she's going to jail. Let's wait and see what he would do in the future. We might have some US backing here afterall.?.?


    3. Anonymous3:24 am

      Whiteman, it just proves that the ordinary man on the street is gatvol of all this libtard kak, slowly but surely we started to wake up, but now it is going into full avalance mode. Which country is going to stop the USA/Russian Federation juggernaut regarding nationalism and self determination? Time for the Boere to discuss our homeland with these guys.

    4. To all my brothers on here, Whiteman, Ninja, BLCN, Phoenix, JP [both], Dony, LTMA [where's he got to?] and all the others and Anon 3:24 [get yourself a nickname!], yes, I believe it MIGHT be the day of change and agree that the time might be approaching where we can start talking about or own homeland.

      We can only pray.

      Already the Dindus & Libtards have started their usual destructive kak; burning and looting. Fucking useless things!

  13. Anonymous1:36 am

    Be aware. Donald is the 'global elites' Trump card. Hi s win was announced 16 years ago. Be not fooled:

    The Simpsons predicted President Trump 16 years ago as ‘a warning to America’



    1. Anonymous11:41 am

      Dont be a doos. That cartoon was recent. Not 16 years ago.

    2. The episode of Bart to the Future did show Trump as president before Lisa Simpson, however scenes from the 2015 short "Trumptastic Voyage" (which references real-life scenes of Donald Trump around that time) have been mistakenly identified as those from "Bart to the Future".

  14. Anonymous2:24 am


    Glad the karasite opens his mouth. The more he pushes into our camp the better.

    We need to finish what our forefathers should have done. Education, government, giving them the country will never change this parasite.

    It is time to completely wipe them all out. Let the liberals see what their hands have created.

  15. Anonymous3:12 am


    You will note Davids temple wasnt complete until all his enemies were destroyed. Only once their was peace could they worship in peace.

    “The white man has been too comfortable for too long. We are here unashamedly to disturb the white man's peace, because we have not known peace. We don't know what peace looks like. They have been swimming in a pool of privilege. They have been enjoying themselves because they always owned our land.”

    These karasites want a war. He tells it clear as daylight what he wants to do.

    He wants to get rid of us. We are in grave danger but still the people continue like there is no danger.

    He mentions black people but we know there are no blacks but only different black nations, he is right about the slaughter though but not at the hands of whites but by the Zulus and other blacks.

    If it were not for the whites many of these nations would have been wiped out by now.

    No, Im tired of these things. Complete eradication, that is what I want. These things are hateful, hateful satanic bastards.

    His parties numbers are growing now, when the whites wake up it will be too late.

    I wonder if the Zulu is prepared to share their kingdom with the pedi traitor bastards?

  16. Anonymous3:23 am


    Whoooo boys & girls you really need to watch this video.


    03:30 he goes into a full frothing rant about the whites, this is a genocidal call for sure, riling the masses, getting them going.

    There is no time left now, their ball is rolling its just about of time before the bullets start flying and the murders increase & escalate.

    Its scary watching someone like this, so reckless, so careless, the lies...

    Very scary but more scared for them because this time they will have to kill us all, there will be no handing over, there will be no further negotiating there will be nothing and none of that.

    We dont stop until they are ALL and I mean ALL wiped out.

    1. Anonymous11:46 am

      Why does he say that he does not serve white masters?

      We all know that he has been taking orders from the white globalist elite in London.

  17. Anonymous4:06 am

    Trump knows about the plight of white South Africans....and his sympathies lie with us!

    Go white emperor Trump!

    Now we see how Sieners prophecies become a reality. Though I fear the NWO will do anything in their power to prevent him becoming President.

    Will the NWO instigate a war with Russia post haste to keep Bummer in the driving seat before Trump can take office next year?

    1. Anonymous11:47 am

      What prophecy would that be ?

    2. Anonymous1:19 am

      Anon 11:47

      A right wing nationalist uprising is happening world wide.

      These nationalists have been fighting a cyber war and back Trump.
      Trump is disgusted about the treatment of whites in SA. He twittered about it on twatter
      Therefore support for a white SA is now become possible, whereas before there was no hope.

      I know who you are by your writing style.
      You come across as divisive, pernicious and as having an """Agenda""".

      If I am mistaken about your motives you really need to read the prophecies yourself, instead of always obsessing when someone mentions this subject. Its really tiresome to have to explain everything to you.

    3. Anonymous10:04 pm

      Jeeez. I write 5 words and you have already Dr Philled by "agenda" ?

    4. Anonymous10:04 pm

      Adriaan Snyman was not a prophet, so I am not going to read his works. Thanks.

    5. Anonymous8:38 am

      You should say thank you as I have given you the answer in the first sentence.

      Why do you ask then and expect others to point it out for you if you are too lazy to read?

  18. Anonymous11:22 am

    When Trump makes are those illuminati hand signs it gives me the heebee jeebees.

    I want to believe him but the fucker loved mandela. Any tool can see that mandela was a globalist stooge together with NWO villan Thabo Mbeki

    1. Anonymous1:20 am

      How do you know Trump loved Mandela?

    2. Anonymous9:28 pm

      Because he fucking said he did. Common cause fool

    3. Anonymous8:41 am

      Anon 928pm

      Should I believe you because you say so?

      Up yours with spikes on you hostile dweeb.

    4. Anonymous8:56 am

      That was a long time ago and things change. You're just pissed and trolling because Hillary lost. Cry me a river. Lol.

  19. Anonymous12:54 am

    Ever heard of Photoshop?

    People, when in front of the public need to keep nervousness at bay so may put their hands together in various ways.
    The only dubious one I have seen so far was a pic supposedly of Trump flashing the horned sign which has so obviously been photoshopped.

    "They" are afraid. Truly afraid and will stop at nothing to ruin his credibility as "they" are liars and cheats from the Beginning.

    1. Anonymous9:29 pm

      You cannot photo shop live footage, fool...

    2. Anonymous8:42 am

      I'm not talking about live footage you cuckturd.

    3. Anonymous12:08 am

      How "live" is the footage ?
      Hint ;
      How do they insert "bleeps" when foul language ( swearing) happens during a live interview


  20. Whiteman12:24 am

    My, my, my, seems like the democratic " opposition, " could not even get rid of zuma ! What a joke. Saw on another website what could be a viable explanation. Christians have been, or are praying fervently for zuma and his " fourty thieves, " because the dominee instructed them to do this. ( It is instructed in the Bible ? ) So where does it leave the suffering whitey in this country, who prefers to pray for his own family and friends ? Maybe the praying " christians, " must be removed first, and then we can sort out the nignogs. I reject any suicide religion, even if it sounds nice !

  21. Anonymous8:51 am

    Actually I think you belong to the God hating non white parasites. Hence your hate for White Christianity.

    Whether by actions of their host to get rid of them or sucking till the host dies, the parasite eventually commits suicide.

  22. Whiteman10:17 am

    Anonymous 8:51 am, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you have not read any of the many posts I have placed over the last few months ? This has been a " christian " country for hundreds of years. The NP government, as well as those before them, also claimed to be " christian. " Now despite all this, with thousands of " christian " churches, thousands of missionaries, and trillions spent on " upliftment " of the poor blacks, we sit with the NSA nightmare today ! I dont fall for the story : Oh, it is because we are all such terrible sinners, and deserve what we are getting. What about the multitude of decent people who live decent lives before God ? I definitely do not hate God, but the " christianity, " which is peddled by the main stream, is a suicidal religion, and I reject it totally. But if you want to be a martyr for your religion, it is your democratic right. Good luck !

  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCldZ4hyrdQ... just to counter Herbert Grö and Helene Fischer... some German bands were Soothsayers, before Rammstein, and gave the world this, summing up white mentalities around the world... that dont wake up before it is too late. Actually for you, Mike, to say thank you for all th input on this site and seeing that you understand German perfectly, thought you might like this but you probably know it anyhow...for the rest of you, use your googlies.

  24. Anonymous12:13 am

    Ok there is a distinction between the lies infested Christian churches preach and what true Christianity is.

    True Christianity preaches that the bibles message is for whites only. Not for other races.

    It's because of the lying infiltration of Christian communities (a church being only a community of people), by satans seed that whites are in the position we are in. I don't attend these churches.

    We all have to draw a line in life to base our principles on.
    My plumb line in identifying the enemy is based on Gods Word.

    The satanic world we live in today hates Christianity and wishes to destroy it because it is our strength.

    The armour Christianity gives us is akin to biblical Samson's hair.
    Delilah representis the traitors who cuckolded Samson, and helped satans seed overcome him.

    I stick to what the bible says as it is good.
    Christianity is the foundation of whires morals, law and past success.

    Without our protective Christian fundamentals we will never succeed, as we are a generous giving kind natured people.

    So many of us do not realize how our own bible has been taken twisted and used against us.