10 November 2016

When you decolonise ballet...

...You end up with this

By Mike Smith

10th of November 2016

After 82 years of partnership, Cape Town City Ballet has been booted out of its University of Cape Town premises because ballet is "Eurocentric and colonial".

Cape town ballet too colonial

These bastards literally intimidated and threw the people out on the street. The ballet company’s executive director, Elizabeth Triegaardt, no longer has an office and works at a table in the foyer of Artscape.

According to Triegaardt, the call to push the dancers out — almost half of whom are people of colour — was made by students in the contemporary and African dance streams.

Ironically, saids Triegaardt, it was she who insisted during her 22 years as head of the department on including contemporary and African dance as options for majors.

Oh yes. African dancing so much superior to ballet…

These blacks always claim white people cannot dance yet they stole their Gum Boot dance from the German Schuhplattler. I would like to see them decolonize their Gum Boot dance seeing that the gum boot was introduced by Wellington during the colonial era.

Compare the Gum Boot dance with the Shuhplattler and then look at the absolute sophistication of ballet and you tell me who can dance and who cannot. White man…never forget who you are.

Where they stole the Gum Boot Dance from.


  1. Anonymous2:29 am

    "Ironically, saids Triegaardt, it was she who insisted during her 22 years as head of the department on including contemporary and African dance as options for majors."

    Typical of all liberals, think you can partner with the devil and live in peace.

    1. Anonymous4:06 am

      Liberals.... need i say more. Vaalpens

    2. Anon 2:29 This was going to be my exact response on reading the piece.

    3. Anonymous1:18 pm

      On the nail. Couldn't of said it better.

  2. Anonymous2:49 am

    See what happens when you try to appease the blacks?.. They will spit you in the face. Hope this woman now has learnt her lesson. Western culture is totally incompatible with the black culture. it is like trying to mix oil and water- will never mix!

    1. Anonymous4:15 am

      Hence I am saying to everyone...Be a Trump in a world full of Leftist Idiots!

    2. Graeme1:15 am

      Anon 2:49

      Black Culture? Say that again please.

      A few examples?

    3. Anonymous2:05 am

      Max the Marxist for a Price is responsible for this.

      And I don't mean Max du Preez. MAX PRICE, VC OF UCT. This is all his work.

    4. Anonymous12:47 am

      @ Graeme
      Definition of black culture: rape, chaos , mayhem and destruction, as simple as that.

  3. Anonymous3:37 am

    Mike, sice I was a little girl ballet and to be a ballet dancer has been my dream. It is art in its purest form and Yes I do have tears every time I go see a play.
    A while back there was an advertisement on TV(luckily I do not watch it anymore)about a black ballerina(met die kromstr bene wat ek al ooit geaien het) and how she achieved success and she is so great and blah blah blah.
    And I thought to myself...yes no WHITE ballerina has ever been a Prima ballerina at all...never..just the meid.They are demons from the underearth, they piss me off and each and every one of them have an identity crisis plus a chip on their shoulder.Hulle is die onkruid van die menssom!!

    1. Anonymous7:25 am

      I went to a Hungarian folk dancing concert in Budapest some time back. It was outstanding and a beautiful show. To be honest there was a tear in my eye to experience such a rich culture.


      Yes I agree with you, whenever a floppy does something, it goes "The first black person to ever do this" Ja fuck off whites have been there done that and manufactured the T-shirt.

    2. Anonymous1:21 pm

      100% spot on.

  4. Anonymous3:39 am

    The whole "white man cant dance" thing was just another one of those anti white memes put out there by the baddies.

    The media has done their best to make kaffir style dancing appeal to younger generations, and do their best to make our styles appear as "nerdy, not cool, homo".

    White mans dancing may not be as raw and tribal as most modern popular dances, our dancing is a combination of art, poetry, architecture, engineering, science, maths and nature. Our dancing requires extreme discipline and a strive for perfection. Basically our styles of dancing represent everything we stand for.

  5. Anonymous4:31 am

    I just dont understand it, these fuckers want to decolonise the NSA. Fine, let us entertain this idea. It means getting rid of everthing associated with the so called "colonisers". But they want to get rid of balet, and replace it with african dance at the university. But the words "african and dance" is derived from colonial vocabulary. A university is a coloniser concept. In fact, every thing these cunts love so much is from the so called colonisers. Thus, as any weakling/ libtard will do, they cherry pick certian things to suit their fucktup agenda. This by default blows theif decolonising concept out of the water. Dumb is to good a word to describe these idiots. Newton and Einstein is pissing themselves from their graves.

    1. Anonymous5:26 am

      Everything is white, even to the clothes and shoes they wear, car they drive, house they live in, the job they have is a white mans concept, let them return to the bush because that is exactly who they are. You can take them out the bush but cannot take the bush out of them.

    2. Anonymous7:15 am

      Ja...I don't understand why they don't decolonize themselves 100% and go back to their vel lappies.

      Hypocrites of the highest degree.

    3. RunForrestRun10:04 am

      I wish you people would understand just how easy it is to get rid of them. In its simplest form the black race is a parasite, they can not live without the host, YOU. So stop employing a gardener and a meit, stop using them as cheap labourers that break your tools and fuck everything up,-- pretty soon the parasite will go back to the bush to live in a hut and practice subsistence living, it wont breed or flourish as much without a host and in time the parasite will die off.

      Just look at what happened to the Abo's, Native Americans and Koi-San. They are almost extinct because civilized society does not interact with them.

      Lazy white people are their own worst enemy.

    4. Anonymous1:23 pm

      Agree!!! Sorry way too late for that. Way too late.

    5. Anonymous7:16 pm


      @RunForrestRun10:04 am

      Very true. It will happen!

      When the storm is unleashed here on the whites, the cowards will attack us without a moments notice and butcher the whites in such a coward, cruel, barbaric, col manner that there will be no going back here nor in the world.

      This thing is a Karasite - a kaffir parasite. I just dont like to use the word kaffir because when it comes to emotions and these things, the only emotion should be the exhilarating feeling one feels when they are ALL & I mean ALL ALL ALL wiped out.

      Malema accuses the whites of genocide, no my boy you aint seen nothing yet! We were kind never, ever again. You dont make the same mistake twice unless you like living on the edge and in that case go take some heroin and swim with the sharks.

      No reservations like in OZ or the states, they must be wiped out and shown no mercy. They can all smile, play nicey, nicey but at the end of the day they hate us, even those in the DA. Those whites in the DA are the biggest limp dicks I have ever seen.

      Until then, you must be like a machine & this thing is not worthy of any emotional response until such a day! Feel zippo for zotto and our true lotto numbers will come in when every zotto is eradicated.

      Malema is calling for the same thing but against the whites. Why our forefathers failed to see clearly, lacked insight, lacked foresight, didnt even think how future generations would live with these things.

      The same with the US, the white population increased to 200 million from about 50 million and the black parasite increased at the same time, like in SA from a mere 3 million or less to over 50 million and you see the thorn this vagabond has become in their nation.

      This thing is Satan.

      There will be some limp dick liberal white karasite sucking, kumbaya, huggy, happy go lucky, touchy feely who will want to not have this happen but the day is fast approaching now, they will attack us it is just a matter of when not from my lips but yours truly Malema!

      I just hope these whites get it into their thick heads now, no mercy and get rid of them ALL. No treaties, no concessions, no alliances with any karasite.

      They want us out of SA!

      I love Karasites so much that I simply want to put them out of their misery and save the white man and his future generations from this piece of shit, useless karasite. It is not a benefit to humanity but simply a burden.

      In the meantime...

      Prepare your minds, train, arm, unite, group and this time dont show this thing any mercy.

  6. Anonymous5:49 am

    This removal of 'whiteness' in SA is a well planned, systematic agenda. Soon whites will not recognise SA at all. Already I am lost with town names etc.
    All 'whiteness' in SA will go. And we will be reminiscing in our old age on blogs like this.

    Well maybe it's a good thing. We will draw closer to each other and hopefully back to our Creator.

    1. Anonymous7:25 am

      anon 5:49, dont be such a fucking defeatist, this is exactly what these fuckers want you to feel and believe. They dont want to decolonise our achievements in general, only our sense of accomplishment and drag us down to a level of intense inferiority. Fuck them boet, fuck them.

    2. Anonymous12:55 pm


      In the end the Karasite will not recognize this place because there will be no karasites left.

    3. Anonymous12:24 am

      Anon 5:49 am. Yes the removal of whites from SA is a well planned systematic agenda, I agree BUT not by a fucking halfwitted twat like you.

      First off, Prickface there is a thing call counter planning, ever heard of it? I thought not.

      Secondly, do you really think for one nano second that we whites are just going to be walked over. Ah once again your coffee just burnt your crotch.

      Thirdly I agree that the whiteness of liberals cunts, weak whites and fence sitters will be wipe off SAs face but not by the dark side but by whites that are tired and gatvol of them and cunts that hope it will happen.

      Now you want to get closer to your creator, why not man the fuck up grab a banduki and go take some heathen bastards out before you join your creator because I can tell you, your creator is not interested in weak little pussies like you getting close to him. The creator made strength and dominance for the very order of creation and now you want to piss on his creation with your feebleness.

      You must be a fucking loser, kaffir lover, kaffir or just plain stupid.

  7. I remember at university the gym was located below the hall where the ballet dancers used to practice. Young kids, like 10-12 years old.

    It was always so impressive to watch. Then there was this one kaffir token girl and I always used to laugh. Her ass was simply to fat and she was nowhere near as nimble as the other white girls haha. She had this proper putu mama backside.

    You could see her bone structure was totally different to the white girls. You know when someone is heavy on their feet kind of thing.

    It was hilarious to watch. They should have given her a mob and told her to clean up afterwards. It would have been better prep for her future job.

    Then again she was probably one of the madamz meids cheeldrinz...

  8. If we decolonise the country that means that they have to fuck off back into the bush. It was us "hated Colonists" who lured them out of the bush with all the bling-shit they so worship.

  9. Anonymous7:17 am

    Es ist klar, die deutsche Schuhplattler Tanz ist für Sipho ganz zu technisch...

    Jonathan Pompies

  10. Anonymous7:26 am

    Technically not German, but if you turn up the volume you should be able to get the same feeling....


    1. My favourite German singer...obviously not for the music ;-)


    2. Anonymous12:33 pm


      Obviously not...hehehe.

      Herbie also makes some good music.. this is my favourite ballet video.. ek kry nog steeds elke keer hoendervleis: https://youtu.be/f3eIWx5I5p4


    3. Geschmack ist eben unterschiedlich,ich bin leider nicht so ein großer Grönemeyer fan, aber sie tanzt sehr schön. Wieso meinst du das der Goisern nicht "technisch Deutsch" ist? Er ist zwar Bayerisch, aber die Bayern sind doch auch Menschen ;-) Ich bin mit einer verheiratet.

      Mich zieht es mehr in diese Richtung. Gänsehaut pur:


    4. Anonymous10:49 pm

      In other news

      It is with profound sorrow we report that legendary poet, songwriter and artist, Leonard Cohen has passed away," the statement read. "We have lost one of music's most revered and prolific visionaries. A memorial will take place in Los Angeles at a later date. The family requests privacy during their time of grief." A cause of death and exact date of death was not given.


      If you recollect I posted in another article an interview done with him not so long ago in which he seemed to be OK

      Note ; cause and date of death not given ????
      Someone was / is cleaning up
      We are in a new World now !

    5. I wish you okes would stop speaking gibberish. I am linguistically challenged en kan net Engels, Afrikaans en kak praat!

      Have a great Trump-weekend all.

    6. Anonymous6:23 am

      Ja alles klar... die Bayern sind auch menschen.. %~)...

    7. Anonymous6:26 am

      @Anon 10:49


    8. Stephen11:51 am

      Relax boet , 82 is a bloody-good innings so give the old-man a break will you ....are you related to Piet Pompies?

    9. Anonymous7:15 am


      All the Pompies'e are related...


    10. Anonymous6:56 pm

      ... aber der Goisern kommt aus Österreich.


    11. Ja, das stimmt, aber es gibt nicht viel Unterschied zwischen Bayerisch und Österreichisch. Man versteht sich. Für mich sind sie so wie so alle Schluchtenscheißer ;-)

  11. Anonymous9:25 am

    Askoek vastrap is nie ballet nie. Arme donners, hulle sal ook nooit leer nie.


  12. Anonymous9:29 am

    Anybody got a pic of kAFFIR operated land utilization that contributes to the wealth of the nation?
    Must be in the last 23 years!

  13. Anonymous9:35 am

    Blacks people stole cellphones, PCS, tablets, clothes and cares from whites. What's that you say? Blacks bought this stuff? Sorry, We bought your land too and that, according to mal emmer, is grounds for dispossession.

    If there is one thing I hate more than Boere mall ninjas call for genocide, its this double standards. While I am against BMN (boere mall ninja) genocide, I am all for equality which means we FUCKING SCORCHED EVERYTHING THAT THE WHITE MAN BUILT...ALL THE WAY TO THE EQUATOR.

    We must help them decolonize... Stupid fuckfaces. Then we dont kill them. They leave since they dont get free shit from us ever again.

    1. Anonymous12:05 am

      the problem is there will always be some bleeding heart libtard wat die kaffertjie brood sal wil gee so you can call bn genocidal and mad but hey the man is a visionary we must undo the damage we have done to the planet .... (You know by helping them live and thrive when they were circleing the drain of extinction...)yes we have upset the balance and they must die by our hand

      Yours sincerely
      Hurr Durr

    2. Anonymous7:56 am

      Strange that this cunt thinks Boere Ninja is extreme and he hates BN only second to double standards.

      Well fuckface I suppose you applaud malema when he calls for the murder of whites. Pricks like you should take lead injections to the grey matter.

      BN will always be ten times the man you could ever be or ever dream of being.

      Fuck off with your boere mall ninja shit and go hug something explosive.

  14. Anonymous10:08 am

    Do not forget many men take up ballet to become boxers.

    I remember as a youngster there was a guy that did ballet at school with all the girls. He got ripped, everyone called him a moffie etc... little did they know he was boxing after hours. It all went over his head until one day the switch flicked over...he fucked up one of the biggest bullies in school. I remember it like yesterday, he danced circles around this guy. Torturing him with jabs and finally a KO.

    1. Oooooo jirre. Suppose that's why Mike Schutte & Kallie Knoetze were floating like a butterfly?
      Faaarkit man. Keep this up...and Zuma stand a chance to represent NSA in the 100m hurdles cometh the next Olympics !?
      Can actually visualise the fat phooos participating in his leopard shit-skin and white Nike takkies.

  15. Anonymous1:15 pm


    See how the Karasites are acting in the US.


    Did those Karasites really think they would have a chimp president forever like in the rest of Africa?

    Funny today watched a bit if the debate in parliament and that Karasite Shivamunt stood up mentioning dictators from Nigeria and he must have rattled off about 6 names of dictators and former dictators yet he missed Zimbabwe and immediately called Zuma a dictator.

    We of course know why. He wants to do the same in SA as that thing in Zimbabwe did.

    Wish the US & us should simply wipe this thing off the face of the earth, anything less and future generations will have to pay

  16. Anonymous10:58 pm

    When you decolonize something you get a karasite in animal skin waving weapons jumping up and down in their colony sneakers stinking up the place.

  17. Anonymous11:25 am

    I see Adie's crappy liberal kumbaya "old news" kak called news24 should do some decolonisation with its snotnose SJW columnists in regards to Trump's presidential victory. Fucking hell, if his and his felow libtard tjommies' kak weren't pathetic enough. On the other hand, my dop is still proeing befok Adie, lekker jou liberale moer gekry ne jou doos?

    1. Anonymous9:18 pm

      Everything 24 is the first to get destroyed and burned to the ground when our time comes.

      Naspers, you can't hide...

  18. Anonymous2:05 pm

    On the topic of Schuplattler... I couldn't resist posting this link from National Lampoon's European Vacation where Chevy Chase starts a riot during the Shuplattler at the Bierfest... still good for a laugh after all these years


    Warning partial hot chick nudity

  19. Racist – The meanings hidden inside an abbreviation.



    Because blacks use this word as tender; you MUST give them something. In South Africa, it takes the shape of unconditional and never ending apologies. At its heart, this concept represents an African's mindset of unconditional entitlement, which whites are expected not just to understand, but support. Why? Their Inferiority Complex demands that those who are better/stronger/smarter should apologize for being so.



    Arrogance often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power. Malema much? But then, this is applicable to the whole bloody government.



    Another beautiful aspect of this evil world. In RSA, indeed, the modern world, this has been the saving grace of many blacks who would otherwise have been crucified. Look no further than O.J Simpson for an example. A WHITE cop’s testimony was called into question by OJ’s legal council when they inferred the cop was racially biased. All the evidence that was gathered was suddenly doubted because stark reality was CONFUSED by the beautiful race trump card. FYI, Confusion’s has an equally evil twin brother - Destabilization.
    The word destabilization can be applied to a wide variety of contexts such as attempts to undermine political, military or economic power. In a psychological context it is used as a technique in brain washing and abuse to disorientate and disarm the victim. For example, in the context of workplace bullying, destabilization applied to the victim may involve:
    failure to acknowledge good work and value the victim's efforts
    allocation of meaningless tasks
    removal of areas of responsibility without consultation
    repeated reminders of blunders
    setting up to fail
    Shifting of Goals without telling the victim
    persistent attempts to demoralize the victim.



    A shameless abuse of, and assault upon another person’s character and dignity. Due to the extreme levels people will go to – to avoid this slur – the word racist is a de facto verdict of guilty aimed against people who do have the right, under law, to speak their minds. This incrimination is nothing short of emotional and professional blackmail, and its purpose is clear: Force the victim to submit.



    Shame is, variously, an effect, emotion, cognition, state, or condition. The roots of the word shame are thought to derive from an older word meaning to cover; as such, covering oneself, literally or figuratively, is a natural expression of shame. No, folks, this is not about whitey trying to hide his sordid past, but about a black accuser who has no leg to stand upon, and so, lacking the brains to offer an intelligent argument, racism is expounded as the cause of their plight, in what is now a ridiculously transparent attempt to cover their failings and lacks. Regrettably, it is still very easy for blacks to get away with this.



    Wondering what this word is doing here? Read this:
    In a social context, trust has several connotations:
    the willingness of one party (trustor) to rely on the actions of another party (trustee);
    reasonable expectation (confidence) of the trustor that the trustee will behave in a way beneficial to the trustor; risk of harm to the trustor if the trustee will not behave accordingly; and the absence of trustor's enforcement or control over actions performed by the trustee. So, in other words, the people who abuse this word to achieve advantage have been doing it for so long that they have implicit faith in their abuse, and the reactions of not just the victims but their own loyalists and supporters to boot. That is my view on what racism has evolved into. I would like all Afrikaans victims of this system of perversion and crime to set forward their own views on the matter.

    Goeie aand.


  20. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Let's decolonize maize, let's just take away what we can load into trucks and pour diesel over the rest. No rest til we reach 0°. Apparently the UN are finding it hard getting donations to feed the Haitians, people are tired of being told no diff between races, yet they are the ones who have to continually donate in order to lift the Kaffir out of his mediocre disasters.

    1. Exactly. Maize was brought to Africa by colonists from South America. Today it is their staple food. Decolonise Maize.

    2. Anonymous12:14 am

      Correct, nearly everything grown in Africa doesn't come from Africa. Including bananas, sugar cane, apples, peaches, oranges, merino sheep and the colonial list goes on...

    3. Anonymous11:34 am

      Unfortunately for all those that claim African ancestry on the basis of the "Out of Africa" theory

      Neither do Europeans ( come from Africa )

      The “out of Africa” theory of the origin of mankind has been thrown into doubt once again with a new investigation into ancient bacteria found in the “Ötzi iceman” body.

      European man is roughly 3% Neanderthal which makes our DNA distinctly different than Negroes anyway. 3% is not a negligible amount either when it is considered human DNA is roughly only differentiated from chimps by 5%.


      Sub-Saharan Africans have NO Neanderthal DNA !!!!!

      Best update your CV's

  21. Anonymous9:18 pm

    The coloureds keep getting fucked over by the coloured aka africans

    This must stop

  22. Californian10:02 am

    You have to ask, how many liberals who opposed apartheid are now contemplating the loss of ballet in SA? Do they perhaps consider that there are consequences to black-majority-rule(tm)? One of them is White culture being tossed out the window.