09 November 2016

Trump won. Are we going to see the wall now?

By Mike Smith

9th of November 2016

Trump is the new president. Well, all I can say is, “The best man won”.

In fact I slept like a baby last night. Didn’t bother me in the least who would become president of the US of A. I knew nothing much is going to change. The NWO agenda will just carry on as usual. It doesn’t matter who is the illusionary puppet leader, the ones pulling the strings are still the same. With Trump the agenda will just be driven a bit slower than with Hillary.

Interesting was to see, the whole time that Trump was in the lead, how the world’s libtard journalists were squirming and squealing. For months now they drove a blatantly open hate campaign against him, tried every dirty trick in the book and were so blatantly Hillary biased that it made me want to puke, but now the Americans showed them that their campaign backfired. The harder they tried to nail Trump, the more support he got. I wonder why these libtard losers do not just all move to Mexico now.

I would like to see if he sticks to his promise and build a wall with Mexico. If that is such a good idea is debatable. Build a wall and keep the liberals and the rest of the Looney Left out in Mexico.

Speaking of walls…has it ever kept anybody out? As far as history and my personal experience and observations are concerned…NEVER. In fact I think a wall is a bad idea and I will tell you why.

See…a wall is an illusion of security. It is a symbol of fear. Those on the inside of the wall is afraid of those on the outside.

South Africa’s first wall/fence was erected in 1657 by Jan van Riebeeck who built a Bitter Almond hedge from where Kirstenbosch Gardens are today to the mouth of the Liesbeeck river in Milnerton. Did it keep the Natives out. Never.

Did the double electrified fence on the border between South Africa’s Kruger Park and Mozambique keep millions of blacks out who were fighting to get into evil Apartheid South Africa to escape their Socialist paradise? Never.

Does any of the 8 foot high walls in South Africa keep any black burglars out? Forget it.

Walls were tried by many Civilizations. The Chinese built an eight thousand km long wall to keep the northern barbarians (Mongels) out. Did that help? No. The same with the Roman walls across Britain and to the north of the Empire with the European Babarians tribes. The same with the Greek city states. The only ones who never built a wall were the Spartans. They said they didn’t need one; their young men were the bricks in their wall.

See the Spartans understood a fundamental principle and that is that walls do not keep people out; PEOPLE keep people out.

Currently the Germans in the Bavarian town of Neuperlach near München are erecting a 4-Meter high wall to keep the Rapefugees at bay . The wall will be taller than the Berlin Wall which was only 3,6 meters high. I just smiled. Apartheid coming to Europe fast.

However, my main concern is that a wall further signals something else. It signals an unwillingness to fight. It signals a level of sophistication and civilization where you have become soft. It signals that you would rather put your trust in a dead inanimate object such as a wall to protect what is dear to you than in yourself and your fellow brothers.

The same with armed response. It shows that you are too soft and lazy to train and fight to protect what is yours so you rather put your trust in mercenaries. Mercenaries were the downfall of the Roman Empire.

When I had my first house in the early 1990’s the front yard was open to the pavement. My wife later on erected a four foot wall just to keep the two Bullmastiffs from tearing the vagrant muntus apart. When a blonde female rep from ADT came to offer me armed response I told her to take a hike, because I believed they were part of the problem and in cahoots with the criminals. Sure enough two weeks later I had an attempted breaking that ended with me chasing the fuckers across the river firing a few shots at their arses.

However, in the mid 1990’s, around me people started to erect higher and higher walls. More and more security. Electric fences. Burglar bars. Safety gates. Armed response…I thought they were going mad.

The amazing thing was that crime in our area went UP! The burglaries increased. When the one guy’s wife got raped we formed a neighbourhood watch and started to patrol the streets at night two by two. Only then did crime stop and I mean completely stop. We never had another burglary there for ten years.

There is something very intimidating to a munt who is suddenly surrounded by ten white guys kicking the shit out of him. Word got out that we were “Crazy Boere”. Every time they told their stories the “Boere” become more, bigger and more brutal. Never underestimate the power of the bush telegraph.

There was a time that I also contemplated building a wall across Africa from the mouth of the Kunene to the mouth of the Zambezi, but I have changed my mind. Far better will be the following…

All along the border will be FOB's (Forward Operating Bases)every 40 km's supported by MOB's (Main Operating Bases) 50km behind them and about 200 km distance between them.

River banks will be cleared and bermed. Ground surveillance Radars (such as the Squire from Thales) and TIR’s (Thermal Imaging Radars, Netvision360°) will be set up. Arial patrols will be done by UAV (drones) such as the German KZO from Rheinmetall and obviously by helicopter.

The borders will be patrolled by motorized infantry with Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV's) such as Ratels and IMV’s such as Caspirs, Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) such as Land cruisers, Jeeps and Toyota bakkies will also be deployed together with horse mounted infantry (Cavalry, Dragoons), Motorbike squads, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's, quad bikes) with trailers to carry equipment, and General Infantry doing day and night patrols on the ground. All will be kitted out with thermal imaging equipment.

Main thing is…No prisoners will be taken. Bonuses will be paid per insurgent shot. Bodies will be impaled along the border to serve as deterrent.

THAT is how you keep the fuckers out…not with a wall.


  1. Anonymous3:11 am

    ha ha ha!!!! check how the libtards cry fucking raging rivers on the lefie main stream media. Especially that ignorant twat Melanie on news24. Libtards, your time is up, the two most powerful MEN in the world despises litards. Let us see how you libtards react, will you accept it or will you instigate full blown race wars becuase your delusional believes were shattered, AGAIN.

    1. Anonymous6:49 am

      Read Basson's crying river stuff on n24, I can just picture that stunned disbelief expression on his gevreet, a typical libtard's reaction after his delusions were crushed. Man what a lekka feeling, my dop is proeing befok at the moment!!!

    2. Anonymous2:51 am

      The libturds on news 24 are at it again. Lying like their father satan in the garden of Eden.
      They say Trump will lower taxes for the elite when in actual fact he said he will raise their taxes.

      These Oxy Morons also state Trump won the elections but not popular support. They forget to mention this popular support is referring only to their desires, not those of the bulk of whites.
      Otherwise Trump would not have obtained a landslide victory.

      Many are waking up to the fact that these libturds are liars and deceivers of this earth.

      Their tears taste so sweet! 😋

    3. Anonymous2:55 am

      We are also hearing of olive branches being put forward to Trump by the vanquished, but only on their libturd terms of course.

    4. Anonymous11:28 am

      I cannot wait for Max du Poes do spew his tjankbalie kak regarding Trump. Fuck, it is going to be a real tear jerker. Melanie moet maar daai tissues solank kry, sy gaan haar ogies uitpis.

  2. Anonymous3:22 am

    Agree. The only people walls keep out are nosy neighbours who are irritating but not necessarily dangerous. Criminals just climb over.

  3. This is a great day in world history, Mike.

    If there is a New World Order, who plans to enslave the world, this proves that they are not that powerful and can be defeated by a determined enemy, like anyone else. Ok, that is unless they kill The Donald before January 20th, 2017, but I doubt that.

    I listened and read mostly every word Trump said during his campaign. All he did was to vocalise what every rational person on this planet know to be true. What made him the man to be voted for was the fact that he wasn't diplomatic in what he said. He said it like it is. That is why Hispanics and Blacks voted for him. I am not a psychologist, but I think that all humans have a built-in love of the plain truth. Even if it is something, they don't like.

    That is why your blog is being read by such a variety of people - black, white, indian, coloured, liberal, conservative, etc. No bullshit, only what YOU see as the right thing and the truth. We might not agree with everything, but we still respect you.

    All people have a natural dislike of liberals, because they go with the flow. When they talk to you, they say what they believe you want to hear. So they never say the same thing twice. In addition, they don't use decisive words, they talk ambiguously so that they can later deny they said what you believed they said.

    A wall is sometimes a good thing. With the samples you gave of the Chinese, Jan Van Riebeeck and the wall between SA and Mozambique. Well, the Chinese and the South Africans are still here. Where are the Spartans today? They only exist in comics written by Alan Moore. It is not the fittest who survive; it is he who can adapt the quickest that survive.

    This is a great day today, Mike. This, combined with the BREXIT vote means the whole world is now turning towards the truth and our enemies will soon be defeated on all levels. Once we have choked the life out of the last liberal, life on earth can go back to normal, with everyone in the place where he should be. When there are no liberals, there won’t be any problems with blacks or muslims, because they will automatically go back to where they belong…

    I am not going to do any work today and is taking the day off...

    1. Jip, Phoenix, mate, I'm gonna give it a bit of a tonk tonight in celebration myself.

    2. Anonymous9:32 am

      Fuck yeah...Its small Friday too.

      Windhoek draught please...

  4. Yeah, my garden wall is 5 feet high and also purely to keep the dogs in. The one dog however still managed to get out, so I put spikes on top in the places I identified where she might be getting over.

    Then I had a great idea and spiked the whole wall, leaving the 3 m gate section bare, thereby funneling any would-be intruders into a "kill zone" and narrowing my arc of fire. I actually considered putting the spikes on the ground, on the inside of the wall, so if the fuckers vaulted the wall they'd land on the spikes, but for the dogs' sake put them on the top.

    1. Anonymous1:31 pm

      Placing a plank with nails inside under the window... that's an old Charles Bronson trick...

  5. Anonymous3:51 am

    Still a great day though Mike, no those globalists won't give up but its deffo a hitch in their plans.
    Also its more than Trump, its the rise of the Alt-right, the destruction of the legacy media. And 150 million Americans who are mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore. Its also those hateful libturds taking a solid kick to the teeth. A lot of good things. And no matter whether or not Trump will deliver the cat is well and truly out the bag.

  6. Anonymous4:42 am

    I think it matters very much that Trump won.
    Evidenced by the NWO and MSM freaking out and even his own party fighting against him. They are poeping themselves now.

    Hillary, her family, friends, enabelers and financiers are satanist murdering paedophiles, and their time is at hand.

    Trump financed his own election campaign and has stated he will not be taking a presidential salary.

    Trump knows what's going down in SA and is disgusted by the way we whites are being treated in our own country.
    The first political person who has publicly supported SA whites.

    Btw. Apparently Trump lost many friends in the 9/11 deliberate demolition. Those who had no prior warning of the event whereas the rats who organized said demolition were all magically engaged elsewhere.

    The owner of the twin towers received a huge insurance payout. Very convenient that the towers imploded as he was being forced to refurbish them as all the dry walling was asbestos.

    No wonder the Canadian immigration website crashed yesterday with all the rats scurrying to jump ship before the great day of reckoning comes.

    I hope Trump sets up a gullotine at the twin tower site. I for one would love to be part of the cheering crowd. 🙆🏼

    1. Anonymous9:31 am

      One of the famous film star darkies also threatened to move to SA if Trump gets elected.

      My mind slips me who it was though. Sorry about that.

    2. Anonymous1:30 pm

      i think it was the one who flew out of the window after Darth poesklapped him

    3. Anonymous6:38 pm

      Samuel L. Jackson threatened to move to SA.

    4. Anonymous9:16 pm

      anon 6:38. you recon he threatetend? He can go fuck himself the motherfucker.

  7. Anonymous4:44 am

    Perhaps Trumps wall will look more like israels one...

  8. Anonymous4:51 am

    I do like the sound of your berm idea. More cost effective too. Perhaps Trump could use your idea too.
    Mind you he hasn't specified a brick wall and he has had to be careful with what he said during the run up to the elections...maybe he will use the illegal immigrants as a wall?

    He did say that Mexicans will build it did he not?

    1. No, he didn't say they'd build it, he said they'd pay for it. He use American's to build it [job creation].

    2. Mexican Immigration Authorities I believe bound to offer free visas & flights to NSA-stoepkakkers.
      Wall won't last a week.

    3. Anonymous11:29 pm

      Yes that is true Tomkat. They will pay/build it.
      I used build here tongue in cheek 😉

    4. Anonymous1:12 am

      Daniel, you can keep your Mexican ass out of my nation. This isn't the Obama administration anymore. Deportations will begin and Mexico will be paying for our wall.

  9. Stephen5:02 am

    Hi Mike

    Agree 100% with your logic.

    No walls , just real men doing what we should have jonks ago. Well for what its worth , I count myself as one of those who will be part of your brigade,it will be an honour.

  10. Anonymous5:02 am

    Mike, I can offer my services in maintenance for those vehicle's. They need to be in tip top shape and well oiled. I have a workshop with all the tools and machines.

    1. We are going to need all the help we can get. Thanks mate ;-)

    2. Anonymous9:18 am

      Mike, I have jotted down your email from previous articles. I will contact you nearer the time.

      My workshop is near the Great Fish River on the Cape side.

    3. I can make one hell of a bunny chow.?.

    4. Anonymous5:04 am

      Are you a Gupta?

  11. Anonymous5:19 am

    The thing about modern walls is that you can mount cameras and motion sensors on them, making it much easier for the border patrol to know when someone is trying to break in.

    1. Yes sure, but the wall itself is a symbol of fear and useless to keep the criminal out. Further it is a barrier for those across the road to see when something is happening to you. But mainly it is a symbol that those on the inside fear those on the outside. Rather put your sensors amongst the shrubs, underground or on masts.

      When I installed the burglar bars and safety gates I knew it would not stop someone who is determined from getting in. I just wanted a two second advanced warning.

    2. Anonymous11:10 am

      I have no burglar bars. I live a greyman life. I have guns.

    3. Anonymous11:35 pm

      I have the same situation as you anon 11:10am. Except no guns.

      Though I have many large protective devoted dogs who only eat raw meat.

      The bush telegraph works well, better than Telekom or cell c.

    4. Anonymous1:10 am

      Walls work great in Israel. One standard for them, another for us.

    5. @Anonymous 1:10 am...In fact the wall in Israel is NOT working very well. I am against it for exactly the same reason that I am against any other wall. In the end you are busy defending a dead object instead of your life and the lives of your loved ones.

    6. Anonymous5:11 am

      Mostly though the wall is meant to make the job easier on the American border patrol, not to actually stop the bad guys. Remember that in addition to illegals there are also problems with drug smuggling- the heroin sent to America by Mexican cartels was a major Trump talking point. The wall slows them down so the border patrol can react more quickly against them.

  12. Anonymous5:25 am

    Well generally part of Trump's schtick is ending things like sanctuary cities which illegally defy federal law and give a safe place to illegals. With the ability to appoint a justice even more conservative than the late Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court Trump will have the constitutional backing to fasttrack illegals through the process of deportation rather than the current system which relies on booking them and then releasing them with the requirement that they come back for their hearing to be deported. Naturally most of them do not do this. The American system has failed, like you say, because it was too soft and cuddly to provide a genuine threat to people who wanted to get in. The wall is just there to further discourage them once the reputation of Trump's America as a bastion of anti-illegal immigrant sentiment grows.

    And of course with the Supreme Court there is the power at last to overturn the opinions of the late Justice Brennan who believed anyone who could just get into the USA past the borders was entitled to all the same rights and privileges as any citizen.

    Really this election is less of a 1980 and Ronald Reagan as you say slowing the NWO, and more of a 1948 when the Nationalist party swept to power.

    1. Anonymous11:38 pm

      YES!!! Anon 5:25am.
      Go Trump!!!

  13. Anonymous5:57 am


    The best bet is to wipe out the Karasite once and for all and then we dont need that. From the Cape to the Equator.

    Just wipe this shit off the face of planet earth. There is no more need for them, their model is defunct, obsolete, we never needed them and we will never need them.

    The Liberals use them as cannon fodder against us.

    1. Anonymous9:53 pm

      @BN 5:57am

      I think that Africa and its wildlife would be eternally grateful.

  14. Anonymous5:57 am

    There are TWO walls you do not mention

    The East Berlin Wall
    The Israeli Palestine wall

    Both appear /ed to be functional and fulfilled their purpose ?

    As far as Trump is concerned

    Politicians can say anything -- and then backtrack
    As have previous American presidents.
    Remember -- Americans voted FDR into power four times
    There is no end to the cupidity of the American voter

    FDR had to answer such attacks. He may have believed war with Germany was inevitable, but he felt forced to declare in a nationally broadcast campaign speech just days before the vote, “Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars ... We will not send our Army, Navy, or air forces to fight in foreign lands.” We know the election result, but the final days of the campaign played out like a political Super Bowl where the outcome wasn’t clear until the very last seconds of play. Even the preternaturally confident FDR thought he had lost the election as he read the first vote counts coming to him at his home in Hyde Park.

    Such pronouncements that he would not intervene made it impossible for the third-term president to go to war—except through subterfuge, which he did—without an actual attack on America. One can speculate that had he been freer to pursue the election’s foreign-policy mandate, the U.S. might have entered the war several months before Pearl Harbor. An earlier buildup of the nation’s armed forces would surely have saved uncountable but likely many lives.



    Who was Harry Hopkins ?

  15. Adrem6:54 am

    I find it amazing to read and listen to the arrogant and stupid comments on the election of Donald Trump as the next US President from the MSM and, equally, the liberal politicians everywhere. It is obvious that they are terrified of the idea of 'draining the swamp' in their respective countries, eliminating unnecessary jobs 'for the boys' within the establishment and getting people to work on genuine issues, rather than on classifying the size and weight of cucumber and farm eggs or, on whether the ears and tails of Doberman dogs should be clipped or not.

    Anyway, I will be joining my friends on this laudable blog in thoughts tonight for a drink on the occasion, cheers!

    1. Anonymous11:55 am

      Trump, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 30, 1999: Let’s cut to the chase. Yes, I am considering a run for president. … Unlike candidates from the two major parties, my candidacy would not represent an exercise in career advancement. I am not a political pro trying to top off his resume. I am considering a run only because I am convinced the major parties have lost their way. The Republicans are captives of their right wing. The Democrats are captives of their left wing. I don’t hear anyone speaking for the working men and women in the center.

    2. Anonymous4:38 am

      Britain did it, America next and France looks to be going that way too. If all the strong Western nations are going that way, then politicians all across the West are going to be faced with movements against corruption all their own. Geert Wilders in particular must be happy after years of the corrupt establishment in the Netherlands ignoring him despite his successes.

    3. Anonymous5:10 am


  16. Anonymous7:01 am

    just listened to Trump's victory speech. No kumbaya liberal bullshit. A plain and pragmatic approach and pledge to make the USA great again.

    1. Anonymous1:09 am

      He's not going to pander to niggers. He doesn't give a shit about them.

    2. Anonymous4:34 am

      Well he already said he'd put "stop and frisk" into place to reduce crime. In New York City it reduced crime massively, but blacks complained it was racist because it turned out if you stop blacks and frisk them they're often in the process of doing something criminal and thus get arrested.

      However in the sense that he's going to engage in trade war with China to force manufacturing back to America while deporting illegals who compete for jobs and housing with blacks he is in fact giving a shit about them, just not in the usual coddling way the Democrats do.

  17. Over the last months, I have grown to like Mr Trump, he represents a West that doesnt want to lay down and die like the rest. Today is a happy day for sane people. He speaks sense and doesnt sugar coat and pander to people. I hope he keeps to his word. Then we will see a resurgence of white domination by healthy white men. We just witnessed true freedom of expression in America. Voters got what they wanted. Trump needs respect for financing himself unlike others who use millions in donations to further Globalists plans. Indeed a good day for a few cold beers, Cheers to Trump!!!!

    1. Anonymous1:08 am

      South Africans are rightly envious of the US. We still have enough balls to resist niggers and their handlers.

      SA has all but given in to the niggers, we won't.

    2. Anonymous4:40 am

      Being arrogant like that will get you no friends, SA was a victim of the liberalism rampant in the West during the dying days of the cold war. We can only hope that SA is able to somehow force the africans to see things the Western way, or at least organize an EsCape.

  18. Anonymous7:45 am

    Go and read the interviews that n24 had with american citizens in Cape Town. What a load of bullshit. Goodness gracious but Adies' libtard news media is scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

    1. Anonymous10:03 am

      Saw that shit, typical white liberal trash, came here to copulate with the local blacks. Hopefully they picked up some or other un curable STD, and can take it back to the States and infect more like-minded liberals as well.

    2. Anonymous4:36 am

      Overseas "world traveling" Americans are often liberals. I wonder if the reason why people reported seeing Trump signs all over states like Massachusetts but that state going heavily for Clinton may have been because of many of that state's people being overseas citizens uninvolved in American affairs except for the purpose of elections.

  19. Anonymous8:41 am

    I think the time is now. Mother nature has given us a small window of opportunity. Cannot emphasise enough, if we do not make the first move all will be lost. Stop paying taxes bleed the enemy from within.
    People on the sidelines and afar and wide be prepared to catch flights back.
    This aint gonna be another ZimBobwe.

    Cheers to you Mike for all you do. Remember folk's we are all in this together.Time we show the world how to do things. This US election was vital to our survival.

  20. Anonymous8:52 am

    Just a small observation...

    All those yanks running away or wanting to leave America now that Trump has won...

    Why are they all trying to get into Canada and New Zealand?

    They crashed the Canadian Immigration website, but none want to go to Mexico? or Africa? or Europe?

    Don't these Hillary voters love the 3rd world? or the 2nd World?

    Shouldn't they be going there to live in solidarity with these poor oppressed peoples of colour?

    Just wondering...

    1. Because they are leftist Communist hypocrites. What they should do is all go and live in North Korea...There is the perfect example of a Socialist Utopia.

    2. Anonymous9:58 am

      Just remember, the biggest hypocrite in life is a spineless liberal. Remember their mantra : Don't do as I do, do as I say....

    3. Anonymous10:24 am

      Ja with their 10 or 20 websites.

    4. Anonymous11:15 am

      WTF you two talking about? North Korea is a paradise. I mean its a gun free zone no?

      So it must be awesome.

    5. Anonymous12:01 pm

      Excellent observation anon 8:52!!!!

    6. Anonymous8:40 am

      Anon 8:52 Blacks are just the useful Idiots for the Clintons, when the Rwandan Genocide was in full swing with Hutu slaughtering a million and a bit Tutsi , President Bill dindu nuttin, the Un with their Dutch contingency where calling Madeleine albright (secretary for state) for help . So the great concern for Blackman wasnt there.

    7. Anonymous4:41 am

      People have been asking for months why liberals love the mexicans but refuse to migrate to mexico. One can only assume they actually realize mexico is shit.

  21. Anonymous9:12 am


    Check the comments...PC brigade are fucked.

    Sane people have had enough of this yes sir no sir crap.

    A spade is a spade. Turn it upside down, inside out, its still a fucking spade.

    Don't worry liberal twats we will clean up the mess you made...filthy fucks.

    Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

  22. Anonymous9:38 am

    "Bodies will be impaled along the border to serve as deterrent"

    Mike, we must gooi a bit of gif in those bodies as these fuckers will return to cannibalism sharp sharp.

  23. Whiteman10:11 am

    Mike, it is true that the big money men control the whole world, and ALL its politicians. They start wars, and they end wars. They are ALL powerful, and live above any civilised law, ever designed by god fearing men. Through their actions, millions of innocent human beings are tortured, murdered, impoverished, and discarded on the rubbish heap of life. And any person who goes against them, is just eliminated. Trump is definitely a prime candidate for elimination, if he does ALL the things he has promised to do. So time will tell. But if nothing else, he has started a momentum of right wing, conservative thinking, that reverberates around the world. The EU is going to collapse, and Trump would have played a major part. Just look how excited he has made us here. Have we ever had a whitey politician, who could take on the libturd trash like he has done ? EugeneTerblanche is the only one that I can think of !

    1. Anonymous9:35 pm

      I still cannot believe that ET has been killed in such a brutal disgusting manner.Well all of our people are killed like animals in any case.

  24. Anonymous10:22 am


    I like Trump..."Grab them by the pussy"

    1. So that is Jeff Wicks' best comment to pull to balance his article about Rhoda Kadalie, a coloured women and academic with ten times more brains than him? Does he even know what his surname means in German? Du bist ein Wickser, bist du. Hahaha...He should rather change his surname before he visits Germany. The passport controller is going to think its a joke and will be looking for the candid camera.

  25. Anonymous11:01 am

    Oom Donald...Jy is welkom hier in Zuid Afrika Oom.

  26. Anonymous12:33 pm

    South Africa!
    The seals are broken

    Our deepest fears are going to materialise

    Race against race

    Brother against brother

    Christian against christian

    Beware the blind and sleeping

    They will cause you to stumble and sell you out

    Keep your thoughts secret and your loved ones safe

    The most volatile metals burn the brightest in the crucible

    We will suffer/offer much before experiencing rest/peace

    Read the WHOLE BIBLE and you will know truth in turmoil and experience peace during persecution

    In Jesus name

  27. Rogue1:27 pm

    Whoo hoo! Go, the Donald!

    First there was Brexit, and now Trumpxit. Great stuff!

    I especially loved the tears and glum looks of the Clinton supporters. And the MSM confusion at the apparent feebleness of their taken-for-granted power.

    Let's hope the Donald will be the Great Donald. Time will tell.

    In fairness to both Hillary and Obama, both of whom I thoroughly dislike, their post-election speeches were very gracious (as was Trump's).

  28. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Waar is die manne met ruggraat???
    The late Mike Vanderboegh can tell us some things about little acts of defiance against tyranny.

    1. “Silence in the face of tyranny implies consent and I do not consent.”
      “Believe what politicians do not what they say”
      “When democracy turns to tyranny the armed citizenry still gets to vote.”
      Great man. George Washington did not defeat the British with his freedom of speech; he did it with guns. In a future South African Republic the right to bear arms will be built into the constitution. It is the only bulwark against tyranny.

  29. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Another dumb munt to deal with:

    Samuel L. Jackson slammed Trump for running a “hate”-filled campaign and said he would move to South Africa if he wins. “If that motherf---er becomes president, I’m moving my black ass to South Africa,” the movie star quipped to Jimmy Kimmel.


    1. Well, Samuel L. Jackson is no stranger to South Africa. He is a millionaire and a keen golf player and loves the rich white people he plays golf with in SA. I bet you that when he moves to SA he won't be staying in Khayalitsha. Probably next to the hypocritical Red Arch in Bishops Court or next to one of the Champagne Socialists in Sandton.

      If he loves Africa so much why does he not move to Liberia. It was created specifically for former slaves and their kith like him, complete with a constitution based on the American one.

    2. Anonymous9:37 pm

      Samuel L Jackson should be damn grateful that his "granddaddy got on that boat".

    3. @ Anon 9:37pm...Samuel L. Jackson, like all socialists and niggers, is a hypocrite. He should burn his American passport, take Liberian citizenship and give all his money to his poor black brethern.

    4. Anonymous1:03 am

      Good, we don't want him here. He is of no value to us. You guys can have the stinking nigger back.

    5. Anonymous8:46 am

      Mike reminds me of that story where Nicky mange landed at OR T , and wouldnt leave the airport , having fear of her wild kin she wanted a Po lees escort. Hell no move back to africa ? Its too comfy and safe in da states.

    6. Anonymous8:15 pm

      @Anon 8:46am

      Now she knows how sensible whites feel in Atlanta and Detroit.

  30. The reality of this "election"


    1. Anonymous10:40 pm

      Walter Veith knows a lot of facts but he still prays to the "god" of wood, does not keep the feasts as per the Word as instructed to Moses for his descendants for all generations.
      Probeer eerder die volle waarheid - gaan klop aan by iemand soos Japie van Zyl...

      Jonathan Pompies

    2. Anonymous12:20 am

      Walter is nie n valse profeet nie. hy het waarlik n verhouding met sy verloser.

    3. What the hell are you on about? Walter Veith and amazing discoveries preach biblical and history facts and serve our God in Heaven and Jesus Christ, not some block of wood. Get your facts straight and watch the whole story, not just 5 min.

    4. My 1:52am answer was directed for pompies 10:40pm. By the way, is Japie van Zyl a sabbath day keeper or a roman sunday preacher? Which bible does he read from? NIV which has a lot of verses and passages removed, so not a very accurate bible to read. Or perhaps NSV? just as much fiddled with and changed through rewritings. ASV? RSV? Or does he quote from the 2 most accurate bibles there are today which is the KJV and NKJV? All these should be investigated for their authenticity and applied to which are used by the preacher. If Japie van Zyl can preach truth equal to Pastor Walter or Pastor Doug Batchelor or Pastor Joel Kratzke OR Mark Woodman, then i might consider hearing what he has to say.

  31. Anonymous7:42 pm

    BREAKING: Donald Trump evicts black family and aging grootmoeder from Government housing and occupies the building himself! Eviction to take place 20 January 2017.

    Regards, Besoeker

  32. Anonymous9:50 pm

    The constipation of the NWO lackeys suddenly converted to a diarrhoea. Without the USA they can't do much, but shit themselves as usual.

  33. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Ek weet nie so mooi nie. Hierdie VSA verkiesing lyk vir my soos 'n krieket toetsreeks tussen die Proteas en Pakistan. Veral as mens kyk na die aantal stemme wat elkeen gekry het 47% teen 48% . Dit is seker net so opgestel sodat dit demokraties lyk. Daar moet geknoeiery betrokke wees. Hierdie wêreld het my al heeltemal te skepties om opgewonde te raak oor Trump se wen. Dis ook te goed om waar te wees... En as dit nie is nie wonder ek of dit rerig ons hier in Gronddomland sal beïnvloed.
    Trump gaan sy hande vol hê met al die radikale beweegings in sy eie land wat hul beste gaan gee om hom sleg te laat lyk. Ek wonder of Trump nie maar toegelaat was om te wen sodat "hulle" 'n bespotting kan maak met die idees van 'n regse president nie. Mens sal nou ook baie meer massa moorde (veral gekoppel aan vuurwapens) in die VSA sien om regse idees slegter en slegter te laat lyk.

    1. Soos ek gesê het...die NWO Agenda bly dieselfde maak nie saak wie die president is nie.

  34. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Collapse the system under Trump's name and start WWIII and blame it on conservative whitey.

    1. Whiteman12:18 am

      Anonymous 10:35 pm, your statement is not far fetched at all ! Right now, there is rioting in seven cities, against Trump. This is ominous, to say the least. So much so, for the much vaunted " democratic elections ! " It is all just total bullshit. If this public unrest escalates, civil war is just around the corner. Already, the nignogs are taking out the " racist " card. Question is, will the American patriots, like the libturds here, just lie down, say SORRY, and play dead ? ?

    2. Anonymous 10 35, That is totally plausible. They must have known Hilary wasnt going to win. The FBi investigation was just to big. Globalists will just crash the system instead. So we will see in the coming months. Cant deny what Trump has stirred up in white peoples hearts the world over. Time for faith!

  35. Anonymous10:55 pm

    I am not sure what to make of this
    I think the only thing breaking is your grasp on reality
    Have you been drinking ?

    20th January 2017 is the day that Trump is inaugurated.

    As to black families being evicted -- that was a long time ago in the past
    Perhaps I am completely wrong and you will provide a link to point that out ?
    Unless of course you are one of those "Trolls" that has escaped from under a bridge and come to worry Mr Smith ?

    1. He means Obama and family will be evicted - from the White House on 20th January, 2017.

    2. Anonymous8:22 am

      Got you
      Fact is there is some stuff about evictions in an earlier -- Trump life
      I need to study the "code" more carefully.

      Does the newly inaugurated president move in immediately ?

      Seems I will have to go and watch all those -- White House has fallen movies again

  36. Whiteman11:04 pm

    Besoeker, you nearly got me there ! Ha, ha. If I were Donald, I would continue using my own chopper and jet, unless they can truly get the smell out of the official transport ! Traditionally, the new president re-furbishes his house and office. It is only fair !

    1. Whiteman, ha, ha, ha, you never get that smell out of a vehicle. Don't we know that only too well in this country.

    2. Anonymous1:01 am

      Getting the stank out will be no easy task. Unfortunately they will probably have to strip the White House down to the studs and rebuild. The smell doesn't wash out.

  37. Uhm. Kan jy nou fnokken meer.
    The Hillary libtarts & kumbya supporters CAN nogal get reactionary!
    L.A. highways like a UCT #wedontwannalearn protest.
    So much for the credo of democracy & 'fair play'.

    1. Anonymous4:14 am

      no suprise. when libtards and inferious dont get their way they burn, loot and destroy all in the name of liberty and civil rights. The Chosen One, Mr Trump, will not fall in their trap by wiping them out. Soon these fuckers will realize the civilized live will just continue without them.

    2. Libtards are only interrested in Democracy when THEY can win. When they lose, they become like Kaffirs at a chimpout.

  38. Anonymous12:50 am


  39. Anonymous1:00 am

    Walls work very well in your native Israel, Mike. And they will work just fine for us, thank you very much.

    And when we get some more traction we will be sending our blacks your way. Repatriation back to the motherland, we don't want them anymore, you can have them back.

  40. Anonymous1:15 am

    I have always thought that placing land mines up and down the border would be cheaper and far more effective. An absolute deterrent to say the least.

    1. Land mines are maybe effective, but not a good deterrant . It is too impersonal. It is the same reason why the Kaffirs used necklaces to publicly burn their oponents instead of just shooting them with a single bullet to the back of the head. You Need thsat personal visual terrorising effect. Therfore you put a stake up the arse of a corpse and let nature takes it course. Vissible for everyone to see.

    2. Ek sal sê bou n muur maar los n stukkie oop en bou daar 'n drukgang soos by die slagpale en laat hulle deurkom hehe

    3. Anonymous3:14 am

      Rhodesian's placed a heck of a lot of landmines along the borders
      They were mostly not inspected watched on a regular basis.
      The infiltrators managed to work out the pattern that was used for laying them.
      Mostly blew up wild life

      The minefield that the Cubans / Russians / East Germans put up around Cuito Cuanavale was very effective.
      Blew up THREE South African -- Olifants
      Which the Cubans then claimed
      Also stopped any attempts by the SA forces to take Cuito

      All one needs is big enough sanitised area three km of cleared desert with nodes / drones / sensors and regular patrols and make it a free fire zone.

      Read about how the American Forces tried ( and failed ) to stop traffic on the Ho Chi Minh trail

      Walls only work in small urban areas IF they are part of a larger project.

  41. I heard on the news that Trump's campaign manager said that Trump and Pence would be meeting soon to discuss whether to prosecute Hillary.

    1. Anonymous5:01 am

      There is nothing to discuss. Lock the bitch up until she keels over from not getting another blood transfusion

  42. Whiteman4:00 am

    TT, I honestly believe, if Trump, and/or his congress puts Hillary in jail, or even tries to, there will be civil war ! Just look at how these two groups HATE each other. It is not even black against white. It is mixture, against mixture. Lets face it, whether it is sports, religion or politics, there is no such thing as a respectful, balanced, mature loser !

  43. Anonymous5:11 am

    The fear in the States is our Great Kenyan master will move quickly to issue die boef Hildebeest a pardon. 'n klets met Rudy Giuliani reminding Obumbles of the possibility of more Juian Assange Wiki Leaks with his clandestine name on them, might keep the worthless, monkey pawed bugger at bay. Perhaps a discrete info-copy of one or two, with a knowing smile.

    Before any talk of pardon, the Clinton Foundation needs to be permanently shuttered with remaining funds returned to senders. The thought of her behind bars is intriguing. Providing Clinton free daily kos en verblyf, ag, not nearly as intriguing. In the time she has remaining on earth, we must be careful not to establish her as some sort of martyr. No need for further explanation in this forum.

    She and her disgusting, pervert husband are the personification of evil. But evil has always been among us. My worries are the millions of feckless communists disguised as Americans, who actively supported the Beest.

    Ek bid vir Trump has a difficult road ahead.

    Regards, Besoeker

  44. Anonymous5:54 am

    Trump said if he wins he would arrest Mugabe.

  45. Whiteman6:05 am

    Let us speculate a bit. Trump from now on, sits in, on the highly secret meetings, in the White house, where only the very top dogs have access. Now, for the first time, he is going to see exactly how much vice, corruption, satanic shit etc, goes on behind the scenes. He is going to see, and hear of people, who should be fired IMMEDIATELY ! Will he have what it takes ? Remember, these are ALL powerful people, who can have your family blotted out before breakfast. What about the plain useless workers who were buddies with Obama ? What about all the republican arse creepers, who wants to get a job, or special favours out of you ? This is NOT an easy job, for sure. No wonder Bull Clinton needed Monica to relieve the pressure !

  46. Anonymous8:21 am

    Hopefully, following lunch today, Trump will insist on a 100% inventory of the White House silver and furnishings.

    Regards, Besoeker

  47. Anonymous8:55 am

    Mike I think walls are necessary , because we all know that Zombies hardly come singly they arrive with quite a few of them , bolstering each other to do the deed. If Zombie comes alone he is under the influence of something, when they once broke into the furthest corner of my house there was sweat dripped every where. They are truly real scared for their Lives, if one makes a break for it they all scatter. So if you catch them in your house shout out " run " in kafa and man they will scatter like roaches.

  48. Anonymous1:01 am

    Trump protester drops her pants, craps, PICKS IT UP, and then wipes it on a Trump sign. This is what were dealing with now.

    1. Why do they call themselves "Democrats" when the only "democracy" they are interested in is when THEY can win?

    2. Anonymous4:18 am


      The mind pre-programmed to accept what it believes will accept ANYTHING as long as it falls within the realms of the pre-programming

      Unfortunately the link you provide is a perfect example of this

      What we are dealing with is NOT a Trump protestor but a MEXICAN protestor IN Mexico


      WHY does no-one ever take the trouble to check stuff ?
      The pre-programmed gullible South African a danger to himself as well as society

    3. Anonymous4:29 am

      READ this rather ......

      This has all happened before and the testbed for such scenario was invented in Serbia. It was paid by Soros NGO's and now we have complete disaster on our hands. Country in ruins, enslaved, with puppets as politicians.

      This scenario was so successful that CIA organization Stratfor later used it all over the world. In north Africa, Middle east, Ukraine (in this case just replace liberals with fascists) etc.


      Anyone see any similarities ??????

      I am beginning to smell a bit of that false crap on the Geller show ( Uri Geller )

    4. Anonymous5:07 am

      It's a funny question you ask. In Democrat-dominated california they instituted a "referendum" system where the whole state votes on a lot of laws. The funniest thing is when they banned illegals from getting taxpayer funded services in the 1990s or when they banned gay marriage in 2008 the liberal judges in the state said "Oh that's not constitutional, overruled!". Anything not liberal enough gets overturned by the judges there, it's a shitshow of a state and a horrible joke of "democracy" since it only works when it's something liberals like.

    5. Anonymous9:16 am

      .....that woman did a demo-crap......

    6. Anonymous12:48 am

      @Anon 1:01am

      She should emigrate to Liberia where everyone shits in the street.

  49. Whiteman2:39 am

    Man, the libturds are SO embarrased about the riots in the USA ! And suddenly you must differentiate VERY clearly between a protest', and a riot. Apparently a peaceful protest, becomes a riot as soon you see fire and smoke, and breaking of things. Whatever ! Now I could be wrong, but it seems like when it is a protest, the MSM shows you closeups of white ( young ? ) people. When it is a riot, you see far off shots, with a lot of hooded creatures, and you cant see if it is black or white ? ? I think the false veneer, of the USA multi-culti, democratic rainbow-paradise, is exploding before our very eyes. And when it is all over, they will HAVE to build new roads, bridges, schools, buildings etc. Because when nignogs/mexicans are unhappy, they break and burn. That is just a fact of life !

    1. Anonymous5:09 am

      Them? Embarrassed? They consider this to be the "proper" outcome to an election that didn't go their way. Katy Perry called for open revolt on Twitter. They're insane fucks who don't realize the 300 million guns in America are mostly owned by conservatives.

    2. Anonymous12:00 pm

      Katty Perry...seriaaaslly??? Die so called celebrities is niks anders as n' klomp verwaande idiote wat reken as hulle bekke ooogaan dan is dit belangrike shit. All to liberal en daai kak, maar agter die skerms snuif hulle kilos coke, onwettige pornografie en hoer rond en bont met mekaar. Beste ding wat met California kan gebeur is as so 20m meteor wat teen 40000km/hr daai liberale hoernes tref en die lot afvee van die aarde. Maar ek wag vir daai grootbek poes Jackson, sy die boeties gaan hom opkerf vir n paar dollar. hy sal gou agterkom sy Shaft houding gaan veroorsaak dat hy op sy moer kry.

    3. The conservatve voice is overpowering and true. The truth hurts to those who do not accept. Expect retaliation. Never lose the morals and standards of your consevative and patriotic views. This election in America is a wake-up call to the Right, even here in SA!. Now is the time to take a stand. Now is the time to be on the side of logic and sanity

      Liberals reading this, kry vir jul. Your time is near. When the day comes that we round you up, it will not be pretty. No medical aid will help you. No specialist, no surgeon, no doctor will re-assemble you. Pay attention. Tide us turning

      This blog is the expression of all the commentators on here's feelings...let it become our reality. What's happens in the USA can happen here!

      I have my strategies laid out. I have my plans. I have my weapons as a last resort. I have hope for our future as patriots. Screw Katy perry and co. Screw whoever gets in our way. There won't be a liberalist and Marxist ideology any longer, these people and their tools and aids need to be executed. Those that oppose, whether celebrity or in media, are the enemy. No more,apologies, no more sympathy, the cheek has been turned...it did not work

      Do not read or listen to News24, citypress, iol, CNN, CNBC and...especially HuffingtonPost!

      Liberalism will go down in history as a failed strategy and a morally corrupting ideal.

    4. Anonymous10:45 am

      Liberalism will never die. It is a system that promises the weak and the lazy an easy way out by taking from the hard working conservative and patriotic man.

  50. Whiteman9:13 am

    Anonymous 5:09 am, I admit I was talking shit, that a liberal bastard can be embarrased, because they are EVIL to the core. Now and then I try to be nice, and then this happens. Thanks to all you clear thinking readers, when you bring me back in line again !

  51. In hindsight...

    The bias media amplified President Trump's campaign.

    The pussy liberal lefty media never factored in the publicity and constructive Hellary Clinton "polls" as a losing strategy ( ie. majority Americans are white!). Their (media's) own obsession with Mr Trump's habits and "scandals" served only as catalyst to open the patriot's eyes more and more to how badly the MSM represents the muddle class American person, a patriot, opening their eyes to the agenda. The protests have now proven that the anti-Trump establishment cannot handle fairness and an American voting system...see blacks beating up whites for voting Trump...

    Republican/Conservative America...USA, welcome to RSA 22 years ago!!

    Fact is, there is a divide in America, the same divide we have been experiencing for a long time. Diffference is, Americans had made a decision, elected a patriot....such a shame we dont have that luxury.

    We make our own, with or without US help. Our time is near. The far right, even the center right and some leftie libtards are opening up to the idea that there is an anti white movement worldwide. SA is the frontrunner, visionary, the legacy was written for and by whites many decades ago... Like Mike says, they will be asking for advice on how to implememt and execute an Apartheid system. (See Munich and 4 meter wall)

    But as Boere and Afrikaners...we can make our own difference, and, Mr Trump knows whats happening here...in SA.

    Time will tell whether my/our cause have his support. I believe that if Mr Trump is a patriot, he will realize that there is a pattern between SA and the USA.

    Lets hope he stays true, and stays conservative!

    P.s late reply. But to Tomkat, JP, Phoenix, Daniel, B_N, and finally...Mike.Reading you guys' blog/comments everyday. Proud to know I am part of the sane and like minded in these dark times

    ResistANCe 16dec 2016!!

    See you guys at the Monument

    1. Anonymous4:55 am

      Whats the traffic like at the monument on that day?

  52. mexikans shoot people crossing the southern border illegally

    1. Anonymous9:13 am

      Yes Ojr. These Mexicans: another case of do as I say not as I do.

  53. Anonymous11:27 pm

    I went to a braai last night and the Trump election came up.

    Oh my fuck...these librals are truly insane.

    They were so pissed off he got elected.
    All the shit came out, he is evil blah blah fucking blah.

    I merely stated that is democarcy, what a backlash I had. They cannot accept democarcy when they lose.

    I stated some facts like Trump is a successfull businessman comparing with Obama a politician where the US debt has doubled under his watch. Blank stares are the reply.

    To cut a long story short, I said why cant you give the guy a chance? Fuck me more snot and trane from the demented. Fortunately I am well educated from life experiance, books and of course Mikes Pandora box series.

    Mike you are correct 100%, If there eyes dont see it, if malema doesnt do it for them then yes the only cure is to air condition the mother fuckers.

    1. I believe that we, who are in the light, should never argue with liberals - those who are part of the darkness. A liberal's mindset can only be changed by very hard self experience of their own evil. But we should tease them. Like this black supporter of Trump did. http://louderwithcrowder.com/ttrump-supporter-special-message-haters/

  54. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Big walls & fences make the best neighbours.
    Being armed behind them makes it even better.