02 November 2016

The ANC face to face with the full might of the NWO

“There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates to some extent in the way the Radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

Dr. Carol Quigley, in his book "Tragedy and Hope"

By Mike Smith
2nd of November 2016

In a socialist NWO paradise like South Africa the ruling clan, the ANC in our case, is kept in check by a fake opposition (DA) and toothless so-called Chapter Nine Institutions (Pink Frikkie’s “checks and balances”) like the Public Protector, SA Human Rights Commission, Commission for gender equality, etc.

However it should be made clear that their primary job is not to defeat the ANC (like a real opposition), but to whip the ANC back on track of the NWO agenda whenever they step out of it. These opposition parties and Chapter Nines are not directly in cahoots with the ANC nor really working with them, but they are by their actions helping to keep the ANC in power and on the straight and narrow. Their fake outcries and reports are actually warnings to the ANC when they are busy fucking up too much, giving them a chance to correct themselves.

However, nobody is indispensable and when the ANC becomes too greedy, steals too much and like a stubborn, stupid donkey, does not want to listen and does not react to a positive stimulus like top jobs or a negative stimulus such as a whip, it should be taken out. This is what you are witnessing now. The decision has already been made. Zuma and his ANC cronies must go. It is too late for him to still try and listen. He and his supporters will be made examples of in order to keep the next president and the rest of the ANC that remains in check. If they also refuse to toe the line, they will also be taken out.

What is this NWO agenda? What is the ANC’s role or job in South Africa?

The ANC’s primary job is to supply a steady stream of cheap labour (slaves) to the mines belonging to the Anglo American establishment and the supporting industries serving the NWO agenda.

These slaves are both black and white. They need to be educated, transported, fed, immunized and healed, etc. First it was the job of the English under Smuts and his idea of “holism”, but Smuts proved to be too soft to keep the slaves in check.

With Smuts we saw the phenomenon that the Satanic Globalist NWO has no problem getting rid of their own loyal puppets when they become useless and expendable. The NWO is not perfect and often makes mistake and learns through experiments and trial and error. However the ultimate Agenda never changes.

Prime Minister Jan Smuts crushed the Rand rebellion with 20,000 troops, artillery, tanks, and bomber aircraft killing 200 members. By this time the rebels had dug trenches across Fordsburg Square in Johannesburg and the air force tried to bomb, but missed and hit a local church. However the army's bombardment finally overran them.

It was a Pyric Victory. Smuts was replaced by the Afrikaners of the National Party. It was the job of the old NP to manage the slaves with a different style. Apartheid. Keep the peace, keep the status quo and keep the minerals flowing to the Anglo American, NWO machine.

However, the moment the mighty NP endangered this process and in fact became a real threat to the supply of cheap labour, digging the vital minerals for the NWO machine, they became redundant and had to be replaced.

The blacks under the ANC were now to manage this process, but because they were too incompetent, they had to be coached along and supported by white middle management showing them the ropes. That is why you have so many white deputy ministers and Directors General in the ANC.

Nevertheless, these slaves (black and white) need to be happy. They need the illusion of freedom and prosperity. That is why they are fed a constant stream of “Simunye, we are one” feel good liberal bullshit. That is why the Springboks had to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. That is why they are told they are “free” when in fact they are enslaved under a socialist yoke. Liberalism is just a strategy of the NOW to keep the slaves from discovering the chains holding them down. Nobody really believes that liberal bullshit.

However, the ANC lost the plot. Their greed got the better of them. Their stealing and mismanagement were tolerated to a point, but the moment it became so severe that it endangered the supply of slaves and therefore the supply of vital minerals; they had to be whipped back on track.

Problem is that a lot of people do not know how the NWO system works. They don’t know about Cecil John Rhode’s Round Table network and Lord Alfred Milner’s Kindergarten. They don’t know how the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, etc. runs the world and their roles in South Africa.

After World War One the vultures of the world congregated in France in January of 1919 to cut up and divide German and Ottoman possessions in what is known as the ‘Paris Peace Conference of 1919’.

The main aim of this conference was to establish the first attempt at world government known as the League of Nations, supposedly to stop any future wars.

However the result was the Treaty of Versailles, that nailed Germany so hard that it caused another World War.

The man who led the delegation of British and American experts at the conference was Lionel Curtis (Round Table, Kindergarten, RIIA). His mate Jan Smuts was also there.

One of the other outcomes of the Paris Peace Conference was that South Africa was mandated by the League of Nations to administer the German colony of South West Africa (Namibia).

However, one of the more important events at this conference was the meeting that founded both the British ‘Think Tank’ known as The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House (RIIA, CH) and its American equivalent, The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

Both the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs find their origins in a meeting, convened by Lionel Curtis, of the American and British delegates to the Paris Peace Conference on the 30th of May 1919 at the ‘Hotel Majestic’ in Paris.

They decided to establish ‘Think Tanks’ in London and New York , bringing high-level government officials and academics together with lawyers, bankers, and industrialists who would dedicate themselves to the scientific study of international affairs through the methods of expert analysis and debate with the ultimate goals of engineering and establishing an Anglo-American, Anglophile, One World Government…and, of course… world peace.

The inaugural meeting of the RIIA was held on the 5th of July 1920 chaired by Nobel Peace Prize winner (1937) Lord Robert Cecil, a friend of Smuts and one of the Founding fathers of the League of Nations.

Lord Robert Cecil was another Nazi sympathizer and appeaser (just like Curtis) and opposed Nazi disarmament.

On the 10th of July 1996, Nelson Mandela delivered a speech before the RIIA/ Chatham House called “South Africa: Opportunity for business”.

The CFR was officially founded on July 29, 1921 and its first Chairman was corporate lawyer and American Imperialist and arch racist, Elihu Root, who had served as Secretary of State under President Theodore Roosevelt and instrumental in spreading US control over Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines. He was also opposed to, and actively limited, Japanese immigration to the USA.

Elihu Root served as first President of the “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace”, from when Scottish American Industrialist Andrew Carnegie (one of the world’s richest people ever) founded it in 1910 until 1925.

Carnegie was a friend of spiritualist and Newspaper Editor, William T. Stead, a member of the Round Table’s inner circle and a man who believed in “Government by Journalism”.

Carnegie claimed to be a champion of evolutionary thought particularly the work of Herbert Spencer, even declaring Spencer his teacher several times.

Spencerian evolution held that those unfit to sustain themselves must be allowed to perish. Survival of the fittest, but only more hard-core. Wonder how that would go down in black Africa with its starving millions.

On Saturday the 24th of July 1965, the Chicago Tribune ran an article written by William Fulton, UN Correspondent, saying that the Western Delegations to the UN “expressed shock and incredulity” about a detailed UN invasion plan of South Africa published by the tax exempted peaceful “Carnegie Endowment for International Peace” foundation.

Titled “Apartheid and United Nations Collective Measures” the 30 day Blitzkrieg plan was in the form of a 170 page book with elaborate detail of an Air, Naval and 93,000 man ground force invasion of South Africa that would cost US$94, 537,000.

They even worked out the casualties on both sides and the amount of wounded.

They first considered a six month long naval and air blockade but the cost of $165,672,000 showed them that a direct invasion would be cheaper and doable. The plan carried the approval of U Thant the UN Secretary General and Alex Quaison-Sackey of Ghana, General Assembly president.

The invasion idea was later dropped and made place for an elaborate case of treason and handing South Africa over to the Marxist ANC by peaceful means.

It is rather ironic that at the time of leftist racists like Rhodes, Milner, Curtiss, Kerr, Smuts, Andrews, Carnegie and Ghandi their policies and views on race were considered liberal and progressive. They were the pioneers and creators of the artificial country called “The Union of South Africa”, the British Commonwealth, the League of Nations, the United Nations and the idea of the One World Socialist Government...These utter racists and British jingoists were the original globalists and the biggest critics of “racist” Apartheid.

Further, it is quite amusing how these “World State”, “One World Government” proponents always claimed that “Peace” and “Heaven” would come of their efforts, but in reality all it brought was more war, suffering and death?

The system they so bitterly opposed, the Apartheid system, was the only one in South Africa so far that created relatively, true, long-lasting peace.

Nevertheless, all these NGO’s, Chapter Nine organisations and media conglomerates and think tanks in South Africa are all parts of the NWO machine that kept the ANC in power for the last 22 years. Now that the ANC has outgrown its usefulness, got too greedy and too big for its shoes and are unable to control the slaves, their support will be taken away from underneath them. They overstepped the line. They tried to capture South Africa with the help of the Guptas.

That was the moment they came face to face with the wrath of the NWO machine. The top banks closed the Gupta accounts. The top mines refused to do any business with them.

The ANC is currently finding out how small they and the Guptas actually are in the bigger scheme of things. They think they can prevent their collapse and fall. They can’t. That is why the ANC summoned the Nelson Mandela Foundation to Luthuli House for a chat over a cup of tea after the NM Foundation called for the resignation of their leadership.

The ANC is imploding; all their pillars of support are busy crumbling away from underneath them like the 101 ANC stalwarts who penned a letter backing Finance Minister Gorhan, arch enemy of Jacob Zuma

The National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (Nehawu) has also called on President Jacob Zuma to resign . Nehawu is one of the biggest unions in COSATU, ally of the ANC. Analysts and experts are saying that More unions could follow

The fake opposition DA is about to march to the Pretoria Magistrate's Court today in a bid to have the state capture report released and made public

The EFF has vowed to shut down the whole of Pretoria in their march

The NWO’s love affair with the ANC has run sour. The decision has been made. The ANC must pack their bags and go. Their days are numbered.


  1. Quote by Ayn Rand:

    “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion,
    when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing,
    when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors,
    when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you,
    when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice,
    you may know that your society is doomed.

    Money is so noble a medium that does not compete with guns and it does not make terms with brutality.
    It will not permit a country to survive as half-property, half-loot”

    1. Anonymous3:07 am

      Zweli Mkhize will be the next (corrupt Zulu) president. Durban is the capital of South Africa, not Tshwane.




  2. Thank you for enlightening me ;-)

  3. Anonymous2:09 am

    very informative article Mike. One comment, do you think the millions of anc suporters will just stand to the side and accept that their beloved anc is swept to the side? I think not, and that is where the shit really hits the fan. Zooma and his cronies will not give up power with an almighty fight. Al they need is a state of emergency that will basically give him dictorial powers, and once he has it he will not let go. The current kak in sa is just what he needed to get that state of emergency.

    1. Anonymous5:29 am

      Exactly. Zuma's system of patronage will keep him in power until at least next year. The only change might be that his ex-wife and mother of some of his children, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, does not become the next president. The ANC thieves just manage to understand that you cannot carry on looting to the extent that the peasants revolt. That does not mean that the Zulu faction will allow Zuma to be unceremoniously kicked out - after all, he is one of their one. Another equally corrupt Zulu will step into Zuma's shoes.


    2. Anonymous10:14 am

      209 Hau! That Zulu with little learning has really out played, out witted and out lasted everybody.

      Give that number stuttering showerhead credit he is fucking good at ducking shit and escaping the inescapable.

      I agree with you, the shit next year will make this years shit smell like perfume and roses, Zuma will take this country and he will keep it. The nation of Zulu will ensure that and they will not let the house of Zulu fall.

      The whites, NWO and other players were out played by the herd boy and all this time they thought that they were playing him. How many times these big boys have underestimated and misjudged the pure cunning and deviousness of the African.

      We will be a proper African back water in 3 years and our investors and NWO chaps will be focusing on India or South America to try win their goals and establish their systems.

      AWA Africa Wins Again.

    3. Anonymous11:43 am

      Or...make a Mugabe and AK the motherfuckers.

  4. If you believe that a Springbok win in 1995 was engineered as part of an agenda, then it follows that the entire trajectory of their rise & fall is similarly engineered. What, then, is the point of getting annoyed when the team gets racially engineered with quotas etc? If you let that get to you, or feel in any way disappointed or upset at their inevitable consequential decline, then you're just submitting willingly to their manipulation of your emotions... just ignore the whole ridiculous charade.

    Mike you seem very sure about the ANC having fallen foul of their (((NWO))) masters - so what would you say comes next? Is it simply the fall of Zupta they want, or the entire ANC?

    1. Anonymous2:29 pm

      We've all heard how the All Blacks have stated they were all ill and vomiting before the 95 final, they believe they were food poisoned .

      Even the semi-final against France, they did everything to get the boks to play what should of been cancelled and pushed for us to win it.

      It was engineered for sure, the whole thing, Mandela holding up the trophy with Pienaar, whites falling in love with "Madeba Magic".

      Sometimes I'm blown away at these elites abilities to pull these things off.....

  5. Anonymous2:39 am

    The sooner they pack them the better

  6. Anonymous3:01 am

    Who are these elites supporting? The DA?

    I don't believe the DA are 'fake' opposition, they would like to take control of the country.

    Maimane himself said they are a 'center right' party and he believes the EFF are just an extremist wing of the ANC. I thought both of these statements were quite surprising.

    Also, their proposed economic policies are very much free-market and pro foreign investment. So perhaps they will be backed to take over?

  7. Wow, Mike, when I checked the news this morning it is clear that things are falling apart at an accelerated pace. As you predicted. Dr Dan Roodt also predicted it in his book THE SCOURGE OF THE ANC many years ago It is almost like magic.

    I think for the following few weeks there are going to be chaos. Will this not be the right time to make a real move?

    And what happened to the students? Why are they suddenly quiet?

    As for the New World Order - I don't know Mike. I think our problem lies with the Old World Order. Those people you mention in the article are all from the Old World Order. Why would they want to create something new, when they already control the world?

  8. Dmitri3:11 am

    What comes next? Well, I suppose it depends on who the NWO want to run the mines etc here in SA. No-one in the EU have what it takes. The US is screwed. China is a possibility and then you have Putin on the other "side". First though, I reckon for major bloodshed here by the masses.

  9. Anonymous3:28 am

    Mike another piece of art you have written. Beautiful baby!

    Just a pity 95% of the sheeple are still asleep. We'd take back our freedom worldwide within a week if only 20% of the people knew the game.

  10. “when we are done with Zuma‚ we are going for white CEOs” - Malema

    Just another excuse to move in on the whites.. They have already started their kak in Pta. Burning and blocking roads. Might turn into a long night there..?

  11. Anonymous4:03 am

    Educate me further, please. Why did they let the colonies go? They had it all and would have completed their aim by now. Surely it is easier having direct control over people than having to control them through someone else.

    1. Anonymous1:59 am

      The masses will always rebel against the colonisers. No, the masses must be enslaved through a system in which the masses believe they are free - such as democracy and capitalism.

      The masses then sing like a caged bird.

      In the meantime the 'system' taxes the people to death. Brainwashes the kids in school. Makes you chronically ill with the food supply and thereafter makes you deathly ill with their pharmakeia. They then create the environment for wars and use the masses to attack each other whilst making a fortune out of the arms production.

      They keep you desperately enslaved by controlling the energy supply and destroying more cost effective solutions.

      No, the subtle, invisible system of control works better for them.

      Look at SA today. The masses are so ecstatic because they are FREE. But look at the this place, its a hellhole. And the lunatics are running the asylum - the gangsters are running the prison.

    2. Anonymous4:03 am
      Educate me further, please. Why did they let the colonies go? They had it all and would have completed their aim by now. Surely it is easier having direct control over people than having to control them through someone else.

      No it is not easier. It is better to destabilise it from outside and be seen as a saviour when your come in and restore "peace" with your UN and give huge loans via your IMF against the labour and taxation of the citizens with a puppet government installed. None of the liability and all of the profit.

      Why do you suppose that incredibly wealthy countries in minerals and natural resources remain dirt poor except for the organisations that exploit them and the chosen corrupt few administrators appointed as "Government"?

      Look at the one stable country in Africa. Botswana, run by British Jewry through De Beers (Debswana). If the government there decided to try negotiate a fair deal for Botswanans you can bet your last IOU that a terrorist force would be raised up in no time with one or other social pretext and the funds would be channeled there and the puppets in government cut off.

  12. Anonymous4:14 am


    Nice one Mike!

    I am of the firm belief that we will see two birds killed with one stone.

    Both the ANC & ZANUPF will be taken out more or less at the same time.

    By next year Zuma is gone for sure & perhaps even Mugabe gone. The ANC will never be as strong as they once were and now we will feel the vacuum fill.

    The lull before a new tide sweeps in.

    No revolutions have come about without bloodshed.

    All the NWO plans for SA will always fail and backfire.

    All the plans of the wicked will fall on them.

    1. Anonymous6:21 am

      Hoor hoor!!!

    2. Anonymous1:30 pm

      sies! Wie is jou hoer!?

  13. State capture report will be released and made public by 5pm today on the PP's website.

    1. https://www.enca.com/south-africa/get-the-state-capture-report-here

  14. Mike, great article but I disagree when you say the ANC have 'fallen out of favor' with their masters, as if somehow these NWO gents were not smart enough to see what would happen if kaffirs are put in charge.

    Never, the NWO gentry knew exactly what they were doing. The kaffirs were put in charge knowing full well the outcome down the road. They haven't fallen out of favor, they have played their role stirringly and the NWO is ready for the next move.

    The goal has always been white genocide. Simple as that.

    Resources (spoils of war) are secondary. I mean, what resources are there in Europe/ Germany compared to SA, but they are flooding that continent/ country will all types of monkeys?

    It's an extermination plan.

    If they want the resources, they can simple have them. No one will bother. What can you do with a diamond besides look at it?

    These people are sick. They are psychopaths. They want to genocide whites, plain and simple.

    What does anyone on this blog think will happen when the NWO 'tries to get rid of' the ANC. Do you think any of these bush kaffirs and circus kaffirs you see dancing on boxes at the traffic lights know anything about the NWO?

    The next phase is simple to see what is coming if you know the aim is white genocide. These kaffirs are gonna go wild when they see 'white capital' try and 'remove the ANC'.

    These things say things like 'post apartheid apartheid' and 'decolonizing university'. Have you ever heard of anything so stupid?

    The NWO knows exactly what it is doing. They are master psychologists. In South Africa the kaffirs are as arrogant as ever and truth be told the whites are petrified faggots - to generalize of course, not all of you - but for the most part.

    Most whites are fast asleep. 'My maid never steals, she is so good, just look at Johannes the garden boi, he is so very smart - I don't have to tell him what to do, he hasn't broken the lawnmower yet. Did you see those black advocates in court yesterday, sjoe!!! Very intelligent, they knew their story, very impressive to watch them, Mandela was a lawyer, he would be so very proud of them....''

    And so it goes. Gents, the final bolts are about to be tightened. Make peace with that. As a guy who considers himself a practical kind of guy ( I know that's cliché ja ja) and who doesn't let emotions get to him except when he has to put one of his dogs down, whites for the most part are well and truly fucked in this country.

    Note I said most - yes, a generalization. Not all of you of course. People talk of 'night of the long knives' as if only one night will be filled with bloodshed. C'mon folks, there are going to be plenty nights like this, night after night day after day.

    South Africa and Rhodesia were always pilot projects. No changes. We will be the pilot project for the slaughters and if anything I hope whites world wide will use us as an example to wake the hell up because their similar fate is not so far off.

    It is crystal clear what is about to go down. Whites will be the scapegoat for the collapsing ANC - and why not, hasn't is been that way the last 50 years and more? Whites are always blamed. Only difference now it's pretty much every man for himself if you haven't got some group system going yet.

    Solidify the fact that it's not the ANC they want gone, they want you gone - a filthy fucking white skin. That's all you are to them.

    I'm not gonna tell you to get your shit together, because you should have been doing this already, what I will say is I advise you to make peace with the fact that people you know will croak. So try and disconnect yourself emotionally now, instead of then, otherwise it will hit you harder when it actually happens and you won't be able to function.

    And I need you to be able to function, Nature has no time for emotional wrecks...

    ...and because there will obviously be a shortage of valium so no point in getting all emo and shit... ;)

    1. @JP...Just be careful that you don't credit the ANC or the EFF with a genocidal victory they have not attempted or earned yet.

      Sure there will be white losses, but I doubt it if the whites will just take it without fighting back.

      I further doubt it if the Kaffirs have the logistical capability to pull such a thing off. Draw them into the desert where there is no food or water and see how long they last. Two, three days maybe.

    2. Whiteman7:35 am

      JP, what a blessing to read such consentrated TRUTH and LOGIC ! Thanks man. Mike, I think we are in for a rough christmas. I often worry about what we will do if we loose the internet. I do not trust ANY newspaper, so hopefully we will have contact up to the very last moment. Then we fight !

    3. Ben Klassen8:25 am

      @JP Viljoen 6:21 am

      Brilliant ! - I agree 100%.

    4. Anonymous10:59 am


      @JP very true.

      Dont forget the tribal shit. If Zuma is gone, the Zulu boy, if he is pushed out by the other little tribes, we will see shit hit the fan here.

      We know what the Zulus think about these other lot. They see them much in the same light as they see the foreign karasites.

      If whites havent prepared or are not mentally prepared now then its too late.

      Its now game over. Problem is, with so many riots, strikes, crime, the country the way it is, too much going on for the average white to see what is going to go down.

    5. Anonymous10:59 am

      Mike Smith, I respect you opinion and knowledge but I must disagree with you here.

      These retards will not be coming into the desert, they will be driving you into the desert. You will be the one starving and dehydrating. They have no need to follow you out into the wilderness, they know that you need to refuel and replenish so they will make that an impossibility for you and they will force you to come to them.

      These creatures have destabilized a continent over the last hundred years, they have driven out the whites, run countries into the dirt and broken the infrastructure to state of non repair. They war amongst themselves yet they never seem to become less in number. I do think that you underestimate these creatures and that you truly do not know the African as the true animal he really is.

      You did an article on Liberia a little while ago, so you know how these things fight, they do not need to win the war they just need to kill the opposition and thats enough for them. There are not enough whites here to fight a long drawn out war and we have not the supplies to wage a decent war against these creatures. If whites do go to war here in SA they must be prepared to live like true guerrillas and never stay longer than 2 days in one place before moving on and they must know that whoever is not with them is against them.

      I agree with JP, the aim is to wash the earth clean with white skins blood and they are going to do that, so yes prepare yourself and decide if your stance will be a last stand and take with you some of the curse that wishes to down you or live like an animal that is being hunted and chased for that is the life you will be living if you take the fight on the run.

      I have read here about preparation and planning, I am a simple person but I would like to say this, all your preparation and planning will never get you prepared for a life of the guerilla where you do not have the luxury of relaxing for half a day, where you cannot have a fitful and restful nights sleep and where there is no home to go to. That type of life is lived by those who have been raised to it not by guys that have sat posting on blogs, reading fresh news daily while sipping coffee, guys that do not even walk around the block because the car is easier to get started than the legs are to get moving, guys that pop to m&b for breakfast, Jimmy's for lunch and then mikes for sundowners. I am sorry to say this but I do not think there are enough of the right stuff boys left here for us to succeed.

      I am not negative I am a realist, the guys cannot do the 3 week no bath, no talking, minimal eating hard exertion continuous moving that is required by a guerilla soldier to make him effective. And these guys here are to set in their ways to adapt to a total opposite way of living.

    6. @ Anonymous 10:59 AM...who said: "I am not negative I am a realist."

      Bollocks! You are a defeatist. You are losing the war before it even started. You are running your own people down and crediting the enemy with a win they haven't earned yet. WTF?

      Listen mate...I know where you are coming from. I have seen this thousands of time. Because YOU are scared, Because YOU don't see a solution, Because YOU are soft and don't know how to survive in the bush for extended periods of time, you think everyone else is...well, like YOU.

      Now here is the surprise. Just because YOU are too fucking stupid to design a rocket that can fly to the moon does not mean that everyone is too fucking stupid to design a rocket that can fly to the moon. Just because you cannot explain why a steel ship floats, does not mean everyone is as stupid as you. Just because you cannot lead an army or band of guerrillas does not mean everyone cannot lead an army or band of guerrillas.

      Ag...you know what? You fucking defeatist idiots make me tired. Crawl into a hole and go cry for your mommy. There is a war to be fought. I have better things to do that worry about idiots like you.

    7. Anonymous12:18 pm

      lol Mkike! Hhahahah

    8. Anonymous12:23 pm

      Mike Smith look around you, Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia, Zambia every one of those whites thought the way you do, none ever considered an alternative. Where are they now?

      Get real man, more than half of the whites South Africans are obese, fat, lazy booze swigging slobs.

      If you think I am against you then think again.

    9. Anonymous1:34 pm

      I think you all have the wrong idea with your guerilla nonsense

      This is going to be a sudden death Zombie Apocalypse

      WWIII on the go in Europe
      Power and water out and no relief or repair NO foreign imports NO aid.

      How long do you think before the whole supply chain breaks down ?

      How long before people are actually starving to death ?
      How long before disease takes over ?
      How many people living in the cities with NO alternative to the Mall and the Supermarket ?
      The current resources will not last very long
      Have a look at Zim -- what happens there when ALL aid is cut off ?
      How long before people start eating each other ?

      It is not very hard to work out.

      How are guns and bullets going to help you when there is NO FOOD ?

    10. Anonymous2:07 pm

      100% Jp. Black guys I went to school with are lately continuously putting things on Facebook about "white capital" "white monopoly" "apartheids fault!!" Even educated ones I was friendly with, no matter how corrupt their leaders are, they will always blame us!

    11. Anonymous2:17 pm

      @ anonymous 12.23pm. I know what you mean about it appearing hopeless. I also look around and just see fat white ppl everywhere, and think to myself how could we ever fight back. I often wonder if they have purposely been fattening white ppl up by push such a cheap to eat out culture.

      Anyway, as Mike says tho, don't already be a defeatist!! The fight for survival produces many unplanned unexpected events, there are plenty of sleeping warriors walking all around us. Be positive boet!!! When this thing kicks off many scenarios will unfold that NO one can plan for. If you doubt the whites ability to survive, well then you should also highly doubt the kaffirs ability to maintain their fight against us without making major stuff ups and without killing themselves!!

    12. Anonymous2:22 pm

      12:23 pm

      Rhodesia could have carried on if not betrayed by South Africa and also the British who of course did not keep their word.

      SA was idiotically short-sighted since if Rhodesia fell then they would be next. The selling-out obviously started a lot earlier.

      Those countries did also not have nearly 5 million whites and so much foreign investment and interests located there. Also, as RW Johnson argues, SA is the bottom tip of Africa, there is nowhere else to run. In the past, they knew they could evacuate to SA.

    13. Anonymous3:07 pm


      @Anonymous10:59 am
      @Anonymous12:23 pm

      You are trying to compare 100,000 - 250,000 former colonialists to 4,500,000 settlers.

      The white South African nation is larger than many European nations in Europe.

      The whites make the same mistake by thinking "blacks", the blacks here do not stand united. When the system collapses it will go back to square one.

      They know everyone signed a peace agreement in 94.

      The whites shared the first deal with the blacks (this was for the world to buy the BS rainbow nation - the world doesnt get the different tribes), then we had a deal between Xhosa/Zulu.

      Hence Mandela (Xhosa) Mbeki (Xhosa) but I am of the firm belief Mbeki was not meant to rule after Mandela. The deal was Xhosa and then Zulu.

      Hence why Mbeki was kicked to the curb.

      There are too many moving parts in SA. There is the black on white thing but there is also the black on black thing.

      We are not 250,000. We are 4,500,000 (6,500,000 counting those who have left) - a nation larger than the Scotts, larger than the Irish right now in our own country, larger than Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Croatia.

      This is not a small nation.

      Those were colonies, we are settlers - big difference.

      If you think we will not survive, how have we survived when the odds have been stacked against us from day 1 when we arrived?

      When push comes to shove, you will see the beast released and when that day comes, I feel very sorry for any nation within our borders who tries to mess with us.

      And we will have Europeans looking our way.

      Which nation can stand before the Lords people?

      The Afrikaaners/White tribe has been put here for a reason and they are here to stay and here to stretch our borders far, far North.

      No nation can test the Lord! If you know who the Afrikaners/whites are, where they come from, then you will know that the Abrahamic covenant is a ever lasting covenant which is why Christ said "go but unto the lost sheep of Israel".

      When it sinks in who we are, then it should come as no surprise why we have lasted this long and despite every obstacle in our way, we continue to thrive.

      All their wicked plans will fail and instead fall on them.

      Let them try it and sure they will take many down, but when the retaliation comes, who can stand before the Lord and his people?

      No plans can succeed against the Lord!

    14. Anonymous7:27 pm

      Mike Smith, I think you're not a defeatist but you're definitely a denialist.

      How many of your worshippers have signed for your Rambo come latey course where you will teach them the art of sf guerrilla terr in 6 months?

      I bet they've kicked your door down and overrun your street. I know that you have set your training ground and organized your material and now you're just wait for the last little thingies to fall into place.

      Mike wake up smell your own crap and go wipe your mouth. You are not going to fight, you have no intention of putting in resistance, if you were going to you would have already.

      Anyway let me not destroy your dreams but careful when you wake you might just realise that you've live in fantasy world.

      Come now call me a defeatist again it should really boost your ego for the day, then get off your fucking arse and go start doing something physical to prove your intent. Whites cannot even rally for a protest march and here you think they are going to flock to you for a fucking guerilla war.

      Careful there matey you might need to change your name from Mike to Chuck shortly, the way you are going even the onions will weep when you set to close.

    15. @ Anon 12:18…Was that your best attempt at humour? BTW, only idiots laugh at their own jokes.

      @Anon 12:23…The whites from Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia, Zambia all had places to go; either their mother countries or SA. We don’t. That makes a hell of a difference. Our backs are to the sea. We will have no other choice but to fight. You say, “more than half of the whites South Africans are obese, fat, lazy booze swigging slobs.”…Yeah you might be right. I don’t care about them. I care about the other half. Those who are obese will thin out very quickly when the food supply stops.

      @ Anon 1:34…You are right. Initially it will be like a Zombie apocalypse. It will be like 1949 when the Zulus came for the Indians in Durban in the middle of the night. Incidentally the Indians fought back and killed more Zulus than Zulus killed Indians. The fighting lasted only about three days. Ask yourself why?

      However later on the war will develop more into a highly mobile guerrilla war with whites chasing blacks on horses, motorbikes, bakkies and with helicopters. It cannot be the other way around, because blacks do not have the capability to maintain equipment like bakkies, bikes and helicopters. It will be similar to how Gen. Lothar von Trotha chased the Hereros into the desert in SWA.

      You say, “How long do you think before the whole supply chain breaks down?”…About three days. The shops will be empty. There will be no more food or water. The Zombies will have looted it all like they have shown us many times. I agree with you. What are the bullets going to help you when you have no food? I would like to add…What are 50 million going to help you when you have no food or water? How many days can you carry on fighting?

      @ Anon 2:17 …You say…”If you doubt the whites ability to survive, well then you should also highly doubt the kaffirs ability to maintain their fight against us without making major stuff ups and without killing themselves!!”…Now that is the key. This is the point that the liberal defeatists miss.

    16. @ Anon 7:27…You are a liberal twat. I will tell you why…I have seen this many times in you defeatist cunts. First of all you are worried about their numbers more than us. You think they can survive just as well as us. You think they can fight just as well or better than us. You think their mathematical and logistical capabilities are the same or better than ours. In fact you think blacks are the same or better than whites in general. The flaw in your thinking is that you forget that whites managed to DOMINATE blacks everywhere they went. Was this just due to the gun? I bet you think so don’t you? Reality is that whites are far more intelligent and can organize far better than blacks. Blacks cannot maintain a simple lawnmower. How are they going to maintain bikes, trucks, helicopters, planes, tanks, etc? How are they going to see at night when there is no electricity? How are they going to communicate when there are no cell phone masts? Everything goes for a ball of shit when civilisation breaks down and the technological world is no more.

      You see? This is the difference between war on paper and REAL war. It is what Von Clausewitz called, "The friction of war". Everything in war is very simple. But the simplest thing becomes very difficult. You are making the mistake that it is going to be easy for them. It's not.

      What you have is a classic case of the Dunning-Kruger effect where you over estimate the ability of others and underestimate your own ability. It is a mental condition that you need to do something about. Go see a shrink.

      You are a simplistic fool who knows FUCKALL about fighting, strategy logistics or war. Therefore in your simple brain you cannot see further. You cannot see a solution. You only see your own defeat…and therefore you think everyone else is just like you. Here is the news. Just because you cannot fight does not mean everyone else cannot fight either.

      Actually...In my opinion you are useless. You can die. I don’t care and you mean absolutely fuckall to me. I can do nothing with a person who has been defeated in his mind already and has already capitulated. Why don’t you just fuckoff and go hand your useless carcass over to the Kaffirs.

      Idiots like you always mock other people and shoot them down yet you have no solution of your own. No I am no Rambo or Chuck Norris. I always thought of myself as a MacGyver. You can mock me as much as you want. I have no dreams or illusions. I know exactly what I am capable of. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. On here I have given people some advice. Nobody is forced to listen to me. Nobody is forced to read what I write. At least I have put some ideas forward. If you have a better idea then share with us. Enlighten us. We are waiting for your wisdom, but please don’t come here with your crap that we should all be defeatists like you. That is what the enemy wants. Sun Tzu spoke about it in “The Art of War”. Convince the enemy not to fight. Show him a way out. Show him there is a backdoor open. Show him it is futile to resist. Are you sure you are not the enemy?

      Man the fuck up and prepare for war.

    17. Anonymous10:22 pm

      Mike the Chuck Smith. You are incredible fucking stupid.

      You have read to much nonsense and you fucking live in a book world.

      Jesus fucking Christ I cannot believe they have let dimwits like you out of the cage.

      You I see have actually no clue of what you are talking about, you are an idiot. Have you been in war torn countries, have you seen the way a rebel fights and how he lives? I can see you haven't why do you not fuck off to the Congo, Somalia or the Sudan for3 months, study Joseph Kony see what a true guerrilla is, man you're so fucking short sighted you need binoculars just to find a blur.

      Your other half of South Africans will be to busy telling you to fuck off while they are jumping ship. You really do live in a dream world.

      What about your people with heart problems, arthritis, and other medical conditions, where the fuck will you find their medication?

      Are you going to grow a veggie patch and have a feed lot for food supplies, oh! You will always just pop over to Cavendish Arms and order yourself some 556 and 762 along with some 12 mm and a couple of mortars, RPGs and grenades. Then just stop off at Shell to fuel your chopper and do the Herc to while you are their.

      And you had better get invisible because you wouldn't want sat to detect your position and cover up well because night ray is pretty effective when they want to fuck you right up at night.

      You obviously were an officer when you served, you head is so far up your arse that you cannot distinguish between the grey mush and shit.

      No body is coming to help you mate if anybody does come it will be to help annihilate your white pasty little arse. You are going to be seen as the aggressor, the agitator and the pugilist. You will be considered the shit stirer and believe me the country of the world will not hesitate to assist the blacks to fuck you up and rid this place of you.

      I have a solution for you but it wouldn't help because you're to fucking clever to listen.

      Post some more quotes it might encourage more fools.

    18. Anonymous11:06 pm

      Man the fuck up. Jesus you are a stupid doos.

      You and your worshippers are beaten already by the fucking stupidity of your thoughts.

      If you want to win your war start making your sacrifices and stop talking shit.

      The blacks are not the problem, its the instigators that are. Kill the instigators and you will win your war but as long as he is behind the scene get your boxes ready.

    19. @ Anonymous 10:22 "Have you been in war torn countries....?" - Yes several. West, central and East Africa. North and Southern Africa. Several countries in the Middle East, Timor, Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica...too many. Name them and I was there.

      "why do you not fuck off to the Congo, Somalia or the Sudan for3 months" - Been there. Two tours of duty, four months each.

      "study Joseph Kony see what a true guerrilla is"- You mean a terrorist, right? In fact I have studied guerrilla warfare. Robert Taber, Mao, Che Guevara, Carlos Marighella, David Kilcullen, Hans von Dach, André Beaufre and many more. In fact I can highly recommend Kilcullen's books on modern guerrilla warfare. I have all his books.

      "What about your people with heart problems, arthritis, and other medical conditions, where the fuck will you find their medication?" ...and other bullshit snide comments about ammunition, veggie patches, etc...- The primary source of supplies for the guerrilla is the enemy.

      "Sat and night ray" - Like that is helping against ISIS and Kony, right? First of all night vision optics can be detected if you know how they work. Piece of piss for me. Personally I do not like to use night vision equipment, because it requires special training, it obscures the peripheral vision and it can break down or batteries can run out. Never rely too much on technological multipliers. Basic skills are more important.

      "You obviously were an officer when you served" - Yes, 13 years.

      "No body is coming to help you mate" - I never asked for any help. In fact all I am asking is for everybody else to get out of our way when the party starts.

      The rest of your comment is just mindless speculation, name-calling, swearing and defeatist junk. Not worthy of comment.

      @ Anonymous 11:06 ...So who might those instigators be? Let me guess...The JOOOOS, right?


    20. JP, you hear what Mike's saying about the desert? Way to go boyo! You're heading in the right direction it seems. I have always maintained that we start in the north and then sweep south and east. Siener said Prieska.

      Mike's quite right, these fucking things cannot survive in a harsh environment because they have no foresight and are incapable of planning anything.

    21. Anonymous12:27 am

      However later on the war will develop more into a highly mobile guerrilla war with whites chasing blacks on horses, motorbikes, bakkies and with helicopters. It cannot be the other way around.

      Apropos 10:22PM and Joseph Kony
      You are the "Chucky"
      The operational conditions in the places you mention are COMPLETELY different to sunny SA
      In any case most of the African Guerilla armies live off FOREIGN AID ! ( or what they can loot from the povo ) How many "soldiers" in the army of Kony ? All he is really is an annoyance.

      In the scenario we paint there is NO foreign aid of any description. NO "sat" -- NO foreign interference -- they are ALL busy fighting for survival.
      Completely different setup
      I do however disagree with Mr Smith -- unless someone has stockpiled a shit load of stuff it is just not going to happen. How many horses are there ? How many people know how to ride and look after a horse ? ( 500.000 horses mules donkeys killed in the ABW )
      I suggest he read -- The Sunbird


      This to my mind is what will transpire
      However Botswana is now a desert as is Namibia. Zimbabwe will starve very quickly as will Mozambique ( NO money NO food NO foreign aid -- fuel food everything else )
      The only avenues to the Western Cape are down the East Coast the rest will be a dry empty desert. Hopefully by a scorched earth policy.
      Read the Sunbird and tell me where the last final showdown will be ?
      I wonder if Wilbur Smith knows ?

    22. Stephen12:41 am

      JP, look I see it like this

      Since forever the devil has been trying to destroy God's people. But God has kept His people.

      From Nebucat , to Nero , to Hitler , to Isis and now zuma. Zuma is the Nebucatnezer of our time,
      And if God kept Daniel,Shadrach,Michach and Abednego safe in the fire and lions den , the HE WILL keep us also , yes we will the thrown into the fire , but it will not even singe our hair.

      Remember we have a covenant with HIM ( 16 DEC )
      and your still here so it looks like HE has kept His part , we must keep ours. keep the faith.

      And as to this NWO , ha ha ! ive got bad-news for them . If the they are indeed a reality then it means Jesus Christ is indeed even a greater reality and He is the Son of God , the same God we have a covenant with , so if you believe in NWO then indirectly you are confirming Gods purpose and plan for us.

      Jp , you have a great deal of knowledge , a bit of faith will compliment that nicely.

    23. Stephen1:09 am

      anon 10:22 & 11:06

      Cursed you are for using my Lord's name like that.
      You think you are sooo tough for saying it, you don't realise it is Him that gives you life every day.

      Don't cry when HIS grace is removed , have no excuse .

    24. Anonymous1:12 am

      should also highly doubt the kaffirs ability to maintain their fight against us without making major stuff ups

      In Angola the FAPLA were useless
      Who saved their bacon
      The Cubans
      Read EO account of fighting Unita to see how useless FAPLA was
      I do not doubt Mr Smiths statement
      As FAPLA had Cubans so will the "karasites" have someone saving THEIR bacon
      THIS is what you are missing Mr Smith .......

    25. Anonymous1:17 am

      11:06. Your vile mouth betrays your evil self.

      The pot has been overturned.
      Now it is you and your kind are the frog in the pot instead of God's children.

      The time of our salvation has come.
      The time of your destruction is at hand.

    26. Whiteman1:21 am

      Mike, these " clever " critics of yours, understand nothing about patriotism. They can not understand how somebody can fight out of PRINCIPLE, because they believe they have been wronged, by an enemy. They feel nothhing for their fellow men or women, who are being destroyed. They are usually wealthy, and live in comfortable surroundings, with not a worry in the world. But now people like us, who are willing to fight out of principle, are a major threat to their little bullshit worlds. But at least they just critisise us, and call us stupid etc. The most dangerous ones, are the ones who bring the Bible into the argument as well. They try to convince us, that resisting a " democratic, God created " government, we are just a bunch of useless sinners, and will surely go to hell. Ja, right !

    27. Anonymous1:35 am

      Mike Smith, you do not like the retaliation to your insults and name calling but its ok for you to do it, grow up man.

      If you're this sensitive in dialogue and discussion then you should stay off the line, buddy.

      I recognise the officer in you, you were the prick that got lost on orientation, sent in the wrong sit rep and grid ref, you were most probsbly the one that sat in the office reading war stories and letting others fight.

      You are so stupid that it still hasn't dawned on you that what you are promoting is classed as terrorism, you are the terrorist because you want to confront the government of the day. Study Kony, Kabila, Obote, Tailor you might learn something.

      You think like an officer, you will need to fight like a terrorist here and you will need to kill innocents and infants without hesitation for only by doing that will you win.

      Now I tell you " man the fuck up and fight the battle" I challenge you to prove me wrong because I know that I will prove you wrong within your first week of deployment, you and your troops will be annihilated.

      You so short sighted that you believe me to be talking about personnel night vision, I am talking about the owl eyes on the "Angel of death" believe me start your crap in the desert and you give these Black's the opportunity to see the angel in actions, they will deploy her to shoot your arse right out of the sand and remember she has night optics that lume personnel very efficiently.

      You will need to take yourself into the fray and hide in plain sight and that you are unable to do.

      Stop blowing smoke up your own arse because you're giving your brain cancer.

      Have you informed your worshippers about the Venezuelan SF team that got totally fucked up by Kony, do you know that after them Delta tried to fuck him up and failed and the SAS also had a go, now Kony never wrote a book and never owned a blog, he just did what he does best " defy government and be a terr". Just by the way Che failed dismally in Africa because the Africans operate differently.

      The yanks tried their shit in Somalia, oh! Maybe you know the story about a couple of black hawk choppers, well those in plain sight Terrs fucked up US marines and eventually drove the strongest military force out of the country.

      Afghanistan, well the Brits tried it, same with the Ruskies and then the yanks and their coalition forces,Terr guerillas and committed men fucked all of them up as well.

      Now Mr Mike, if you want to do your thing and be victor start changing your strategy, because you're just going to be worm food along with your worshippers if you practice your current mindset.

      Being practical is not being a defeatist and changing strategy is prudent when facing overwhelming odds.

      And stop telling people to fuck off your blog and start their own blog. Be a man and be a big man, argue fairly fight to win and stop choosing the easy way out, not everybody has to agree with you.

      And this flat edge blade that asks who is the instigators, well son, did they wean you to early or were you just born thick?

    28. Anonymous2:29 am

      You guys really should stop seeing a difference of opinion as a defeatist.

      You're so indoctrinated by Mike Chuck Smith that you cannot have a rational thought and every thought that does come out of your head is not original you have borrowed it from somebody else's book that they wrote to influence people like you.

      Every author will write his version of event and not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      Guys wake up, because somebody disagrees with you he is not a defeatist 217pm.

      Stop labelling people and start listen to alternative views.

    29. @ Anon 1:35 am...So if you are such a good soldier, why have you given up? Why are you such a defeatist? Your opinion of me is water off a duck's back. I have not given up - You have. That my friend is the difference between an officer and defeatists like you. If you fight you might lose. If you give up, you have already lost.

      You are the rotten apple spoiling the whole bunch. Any officer will chuck you out of his squad faster than you can say "Dom troep".

    30. Anonymous3:16 am

      I never claimed to be the good soldier, you once again are on assumption and presumption.

      How do you know I have given up, I might be the only realist in the fray. You talk about this tactic and that tactic, you have fuck all to back it up with.

      Your horses need feed, your bakkies need fuel, your troops need resupply. Will you phone shell and ask them for a desert delivery, phone Cavendish arms and order a couple of cases of 556,762,12.7 throw in some mortars, claymore mines, RPG and some stingers and just get them to fast freight it to desert address.

      As for Kony, my point is exactly that he fought in better conditions and used far better tactics than you lads, you haven't the heart to be guerilla terr and you want open terrain warfare against organised and supported military, dream on cowboys. Their will be no nice funerals, the vultures will clean your rotting flesh from the carcass that you will be.

    31. Anonymous3:58 am


      This isnt a debate blog.

      Your either step in line or find another blog. We only want like minded people commenting. If you dont like what is said, find another site.

      Pretty simple, you could comment on some other happy clappy site.

      Either join in or ship out, if you dont feel inline with what is being mentioned leave. You dont have to hang onto every word but why visit the site and then disagree?

      That would be like me visiting the EFFs site and disagreeing with everything they say? Ja! It doesnt make sense. You dont visit a site continually to disagree, that is unless you are a disagreeable person in your everyday life and simply like to bicker.

      Agree on one thing - a future republic.

      If you can agree with that, then everything else is simply commentary, fluff.

      The main goal ..... A New Republic for our people.

    32. Anonymous4:17 am



      Notice how many more whites are coming here spewing their doubts, creating divisions.

      Its simple. They are shit scared, instead of coming up with a solution to their problem, they have lost already.

      So they speak about how defeated "we" are, when it is their defeatist mindset they want to project onto us.

      I knew and have met many people in all walks of life like this.

      They love to project their shortfalls onto everyone else. Loser mentality.

      More and more of these fools will find this blog. They are only waking up now to what we have known pre 1994 hand over.

      Anonymous2:29 am - "Every author will write his version of event and not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

      What is truth??

      Your "truth" is that you are right! Everyone else is wrong. Alternative views?

      You mean name calling?

      All I see these days are mockers and scoffers!

      Calling someone a name saying they have only one view point, mocking them but not supplying or mentioning your opinion is not truth, its cowardice.

      JP said above that he liked Mikes article but didnt agree, did Mike shoot him down?

      If you offer an opinion in the form of mocking someone, calling them a name without explaining or giving us your view point, that is not a difference of opinion that is simply being a fool and a motor mouth.

      I have mentioned numerous things here which Mike and others have not agreed with. I didnt run and hide under my duvet pissing through my eyes.

      People only Mock when they have been outwitted and outsmarted and dont have anything to contradict what was said.

      It really damn simple - either you want a future republic or not.

      If you do want one, hope for one, then we stand together but if all you do is bitch and moan about how outnumbered we are, look at the rest of the African colonies, look at how overweight we are (have you not noticed how obese these Karasites are?), and all that shit - please, please save it for some other site.

    33. @ anon 3:16 AM…Oh yes you do make that claim to be the excellent soldier. You are the only “realist” in the fray. We are all idiots. You are the one who knows all the truth, we are the dreamers. You are the better we are the poorer. Tell me who is the GV, Rambo Chuck now? You are not a realist at all you are, are an idiot.
      Read my comments again. You said “horses need feed, your bakkies need fuel, your troops need resupply”…That was exactly my point. Do you grasp what “Logistics mean”. Like I said we are ten times better at it that the blacks. If you don’t think so, you are an idiot and unrealistic. All those small things like being to clear a weapon, maintain a weapon, look after vehicles, etc…These are things blacks don’t and cannot do as well as whites. Therefore their war machine will come to a grinding halt. If you think otherwise then I am sorry, you don’t know the common kaffir. It is evident that you class an idiot like Kony on the same level as a de Wet or De la Rey.
      My advice to you is this: If you are so in love with Kony, go on and join him. Fuck right off my blog you silly fool. Go to the Congo and go party with your Kaffir buddies. You have nailed your colours to the mast by singing the praises of a sack of shit like Kony. The day will still come that we will meet at the equator. You me and Kony., then we will see who has the heart and who doesn’t.

    34. Anonymous4:57 am

      Some chronic defeatist cowards visiting lately. I don't know where this mindset comes from.

      Modern warfare can cause extremely high amounts of casualties especially in confined areas.

    35. Anonymous5:05 am

      80 000 whites have been murdered since 1994
      (Correct me if I am wrong but I know its min of meer 80 000)

      That is a lot of people. (RIP)

      I do not want to fight in any war.

      (My Dad took a bullet in Rhodesia, I read all the books...its fucking nasty shit)

      However there is so much friction in SA now.
      When the shit goes down it will be a free for all, there will be fuckall and you wont be able to trust anybody.

      Work smarter not harder...Be intelligent...
      Think FFS.

      The ultimate goal is to SURVIVE.

      Best of luck chaps, this shit is about to get REAL.

      PS. On the plus side, when this shit starts the nignogs will be looting every makro, game, bottle store for free shit.(losing any focus on whatever)

    36. @ Boer Ninja 4:17...Yes you are right. It is because they are defeated that they project their negative defeatism onto others poisoning the others and call it realism and when you disagree with them and not being a defeatist like them then you are "Stupid, "live in a dream world", blah, blah, fucking blah...Pathetic losers with less than half a brain cell that cannot offer any alternative solutions or plans. They just shoot down everyone elses. It is called "Marxist Critical Theory". You just relentlessly criticise and insult until the opposition gives up. Agents Provocateur.

    37. Anonymous9:15 am


      @Mike Smith5:48 am

      And they will never defeat us! We are here till the bitter end, weapons or no weapons, out gunned, out manned, we will be here.

      Let them convince themselves, I am not convinced. I have faith, the same faith those Boere had when they were outnumbered by thousands of Zulus.

      Its time for these assholes to put their divisions away and either unite, or piss off!

      They will do their best now, more of them will arrive on this blog - "the sky is falling" more like they are all awaking from their rainbow nation coma now and beginning to panic.

      This is what is happening, panic is setting in, they hitting the internet, finding this blog and then finding out that there are still those with hope, faith, a plan, preparation and have been talking about this for years.

      The simple go along and pay the price.

      Screw them, you did more for your people than any politician since Verwoered and were not paid a single cent and told the truth, as it is. You cant put a price on that.

      Good luck & keep up with the spirit. They will never get us down.

      Like I say, you only die once but in the end here, those who fight if it comes to that might die but those who simply lay down & give up WILL die.

    38. Anonymous9:22 am


      @Anonymous3:16 am

      "you haven't the heart to be guerilla terr and you want open terrain warfare against organised and supported military, dream on cowboys. Their will be no nice funerals, the vultures will clean your rotting flesh from the carcass that you will be."

      Speak for yourself!

      No one is saying go to war. We are saying prepare for the worst.

      Besides, before they pull their shit on us, they will pull it on each other. Let me tell you, deep, deep down, the blacks trust whites a lot more than they trust the other black nations in SA.

      Especially the Zulus. The King mentioned it himself in a subtle way last year.

      Who will rule it if whitee is gone? Who will feed them. Do not think these things are all doff, they see Zimbabwe, they all talk.

      They also know they are not dealing with 50,000.

      I pray for peace, hope for the best, but I see the signs and prepare and try my best to prepare those around me.

      Dont give up. Its smart to know our weaknesses, our weak points, I know them, we know them but do they know them?

    39. Anonymous9:24 am


      @Stephen12:41 am

      100% spot on. They fight with weapons and their masses but no nation can stand before the Lord almighty.

      They attack us, they attack the Lord. We simply need to go back to our roots and become humble again and the rest will be taken care of.

    40. Anonymous11:47 am

      the owl eyes on the "Angel of death"

      Sounds to me you are a bit of an "armchair general" who just spouts off crap


      Pray tell who is going to sign off on the combat mission ?
      Seeing as this is a USAF asset ONLY !

      Why not rather tell us what Mugabe and Zuma have been talking about the last day or two ?

    41. RunForrestRun11:50 am

      LOL,- I think your Kony lover is actually LTMA. He's the only one I know on this blog that seems to have a bug up his ass about the officer class, my bet is he failed officer selection and its rankled ever since. I disagree with you on one thing Mike and its the the main reason many of us left. I agree the average white is superior logistically etc, -I just don't see the numbers coming together. Boere Ninja likes to talk about millions, but the reality is it will require some time for those numbers to grow from a hardened core. I know you don't like Hitler, but if you read the history of the brownshirts and how Hitler used them I would suggest that is the way to kick it off. The best way to do it would be to co-opt a sizable organization ripe for this kind of thinking. The only one that springs to mind is Suidlanders, they are big on logistics and comms. They only need to start an armed wing of a few dozen that will grow to encompass many.

    42. Anonymous12:00 pm

      Don't forget your sunscreen when you reach the equator :D

    43. @ RFR who said:... "I agree the average white is superior logistically etc, -I just don't see the numbers coming together. Boere Ninja likes to talk about millions, but the reality is it will require some time for those numbers to grow from a hardened core. I know you don't like Hitler, but if you read the history of the brownshirts and how Hitler used them I would suggest that is the way to kick it off. The best way to do it would be to co-opt a sizable organization ripe for this kind of thinking. The only one that springs to mind is Suidlanders, they are big on logistics and comms. They only need to start an armed wing of a few dozen that will grow to encompass many."

      You know what mate? Every time someone tells me about how we are outnumbered ten to one, 100 to one...I just smile. You mention Hitler. Have you ever read Mein Kampf? Hitler said what is the use of ten cripples tied together against a 100m sprinter? What can ten cripples tied together do to a single professional boxer?

      Kindly educate yourself. Let us not throw out the baby with the bath water The single man is mightiest alone

    44. Anonymous2:29 am

      Where do you see "alternative views" being put forth? Have you been sucking so long at the MSM tit that you cannot tell the difference between "alternative views" and trolls that only wish to promote an attitude of defeatism?

      Maybe it the South African version of Hasbara?

    45. RunForrestRun5:01 pm

      @MS 1:19 pm Thanks for the that, and I agree with Hitler, but it merely proves my point, the best people have made new lives, most are successful and most had to do it alone in foreign countries against all odds. Its a bit of a strawman argument to bring up the outnumbered argument, I agree its not about numbers, its about quality, that same chapter tells you the mightiest man will be brought down in his association with a weaker confederation/union/group.

      And there we find the elephant in the room, judging by some of the commentators here, you don't have a single professional boxer, you have a bunch of cripples tied together.

      Now flame me and start throwing rocks and calling me a loser and a defeatist etc etc. Its all fine, I don't care anymore. Believe it or not I actually agree with almost everything you say,--I just dont believe a piece of land is what constitutes the future of any group. Take a guy like Attila the Hun, he created the Hunnish empire from the back of a horse, conquered just about everybody he came across and while Hungarians call present day Hungary home you still cant find consensus as to where the Huns came from, which piece of land they originated from.

      These days with modern technology and fast travel you can communicate with anyone and be almost anywhere very quickly, your "nation" that chooses "to be" will have to be a group of people that embrace a certain philosophy as their identity,--like Spartans or Huns.

      I don't see such a philosophy amongst your commentators

    46. Anonymous7:45 pm

      Anon 1147 you as thick as your idol, what are you busy buying into? It looks like you're to stupid to understand what you're reading.

      "Pray tell who is going to sign off on the combat mission?" Answer: the NWO, is that not what you have been reading and buying into?

      You're so brain washed and indoctrinated that you cannot even understand what you're buying into.

      When the pill is invented for stupidity, make sure that you drink the factory.

    47. Anonymous12:03 am

      @Anonymous7:45 pm

      The collapse of SA needs to be pretty advanced for the USAF to be flying combat missions in South Africa ( with the "Angel of Death" or any other combat aircraft )
      Please can you inform us idiots as to when the last time was that this aircraft flew on a combat mission in AFRICA ?

      How do you propose that SA reaches the stage that the USAF is flying combat missions in SA ?
      HOW do you propose THAT the NWO issues the order for such a combat mission ?

      EVERYTHING follows a certain path and logic -- even the chain of command that is implicit in the flying of ANY combat mission.
      ( However NOT in your mind it seems )
      Seems you already consumed ALL the stupid pills ever produced !
      Do not even realise it ..........

  15. 'There is no government in South Africa, we have taken charge now' - Julius Malema


    The only reason 'Zuma must go' is because he is in the way of getting rid of the whites. When the dust settles how ever far off in the future that is, we will look back and have a grand case study for white rule.

    Also note how they always talk about 'white monopoly capital'. They always identify the whites. But have you ever heard them say 'these Indians' the Guptas?

    1. Anonymous1:14 pm


  16. Whiteman6:48 am

    It is interesting to see how the international media is taking notice of the nonsense here in the NSA banana republic. Are the money men getting jittery ? I wonder if the world wide viewers noticed that there were virtually NO whiteys present among these red clothed barbarians ! Where are the DA whiteys, showing solidarity with their black brothers, and sisters ? Just like you dont see them on Durban beach during the holidays. Bunch of hypocritical bastards ! !

    1. Anonymous4:37 am

      last time i was on a beach i only saw black monkeys and blacks...i don't go to the beach anymore however

  17. @ Mike,
    I note you mention Gandhi. Would this be the same Gandhi who on Sept 26 1896 said :-
    ".....Europeans who desire to degrade us* to the level of raw Kaffirs whose occupation it is hunting, and whose sole ambition it is to collect cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness".

    * - charras.
    PS. Hardly the kind of lib-talk... I dare say ?

    1. @ DM...Yes that is exactly the Ghandi I was referring to and exactly my point. Read the section in the right context and you will see what I mean. All these "liberal" gods and enemies of Apartheid South Africa in the UN, the RIIA, the CFR, etc. were the biggest hypocrites the world has ever seen, because they were either extremely racist like Ghandi, Nazi appeasers and sympathisers or believed in eugenics and the extermination of lesser races.

    2. Anonymous10:35 am

      yes, George Soros is a Nazi collaborator

    3. Anonymous11:32 am

      No JP, it is not the end of whitey per se, it is the end of humanity. Why do you think they want to ban carbon (which is vital to life), GMO fruit to not produce seeds (seeds = independance and freedom = life)

      Why do you think they have abortion clinics?

      Why do you think Soros sneered at apartheid when Apartheid created 20 countries? (google the 20 bantustans of apartheid - the other 10 were in SWA)
      20 governments, is 19 too many.

      We spawn life, these satanists spawn death.

      Even Christians celebrate life, as do Mike's favourite people, the Jews.

      Islam celebrates death, as does the left.

      They want death and the end of the planet. We want life.

      Just remember, anyone screeching about killing masses of people, irrespective of colour, are on the side of the death cults and are satanists, and yes, that includes Boere mall ninja.

      If you want to curtail black population, you stabilize societies so that blacks only have 2 kids, which happens in a middle class society (one without entitlements that breed kids)

      Now I am not saying you must rush out and save blacks. All I am saying is make sure you are not the NWO's useful idiot.

      And please spare me that whole Boere mall ninja "weowoweowoe" whining about how they are killing us and using that as a justifiable reason to wipe out people... because there... RIGHT THERE... you are the useful idiot, just like these dipshit blacks are used as useful idiots.

      Remember, it is these globalists who triggered the black explosion because they knew that they could use the non whites to destroy the west because they could not compete with the west, so they hijacked it.

      And that is where we are now. A hijacked west, that belongs to us, being used against us, to cause us to fight each other.

      If you must fight, do it in a manner that targets weapons against the true evil, which is satan, the power and principalities of this earth.

    4. Anonymous3:16 pm


      @Anonymous11:32 am

      Boet you need to lay of that ayahuasca or boom. You are seriously paranoid.

      You really should build a bunker and save us and yourself the trouble of your shit comments which add zero value.

      Can you send me Satans coordinates? I will pay him a visit and ask him if he can build a chamber for you.

      "Just remember, anyone screeching about killing masses of people, irrespective of colour, are on the side of the death cults and are satanists, and yes, that includes Boere mall ninja."

      So when the Lord commanded the armies of Joshua to wipe out the Israelite's enemies, that was some cult? When the Aussies, Yanks wiped out the heathen (following scripture) to build mighty empires, that was a cult?

      Like I say, better to lay of the doobie and lay of the ayahuasca, send me satans address will arrange a safe place for you.

      If you use a bank, a phone, the internet you are a NWO idiot - which makes you one. If you drink water, you are part of the NWO - its all finance my friend.

      Without it, we wouldnt have the internet or running water - where do you think they buy the billions of rands worth of chemicals to clean your water?

      And please FFS add something of value rather than ramble here, its best to post or write something when you are not high or coming down from your ayahuasca

      Dick head!

    5. Blacks were on the path to natuaral extinction before whites NWO crazies helped them to breed like rats. Assisting nature to exterminate the parasite is indeed pro life and premotes the spesies that is naturaly oriented towards creating.

    6. Spot on Dony. Nature was doing what creation intended until these do-good fucking missionaries arrived here and convinced the parasite that it was human and entitled to a civilised life. Therein lies the root of the whole fuck-up, "entitled".

      Since then it's been all downhill. It feels it's entitled, but all that civilised means to it is to have all the bling that whites have created; fancy cars, clothes, etc. Just look at how they "protest". They are incapable of protesting in a civilised manner. Its protest is merely a cover for destroying, looting and pillaging.

      But, maybe that's the only language their govern-munts understand? So, hey, who am I to criticise them? Let them fuck it all up and return to the bush when there's nothing left.

      Anon 11:32 I partially agree with your quite astute summation of the situation, but I'm afraid I'm also in total agreement with BN's solution to the problem. The problem I have with your reasoning is that you see their demise as fulfilling the NWO's agenda by "killing masses of people". We aren't promoting the NWO's agenda. We are simply advocating that we should fulfill nature's intended course, that was interrupted by the NWO's agents provocateur - the liberal whites.

    7. Anonymous4:19 am


      @Donycero11:27 pm

      True! Look at Zims, 37 years and their population is culled by 50%. Leave Kaarasites alone and mother nature will always concoct something for them because she hates them, they offer nothing of value.

    8. Anonymous4:43 am

      Boere_Ninja, except a lot of those Zimbabweans are now in SA.

    9. My theory and opinion is that if you read genesis just as it is and not believe that genesis 2 is an expanded summery of genesis 1 you will see that it makes perfect sense.

      In Genises 1 God created the world, animals and humans(male and female) and told them to multiply. This is the wild earth thorns and all.

      In Genises 2 which is another seen he created Eden(farm) Then He created Adam the fist tame human and he gave him a soul. Then he created another set of animals(tame).

      When i look at this story i see God created a wild earth where you had to search hard to find a fruit tree among the rest, with wild animals and wild humans who had to hunt and search for berries and hide from predators.

      Then God set in motion another plan after all this was done. He planted a garden where he collected fruit trees good to eat the fruit of. He brought forth animals that dont want to kill you.(This was clearly the first farm.

      Imagine a wild human in this garden for the first time after coming out of the wild. He will surely call it paradise.

      But God needed a non wild human with discipline and humility with a special kind of moral fiber to water and maintain this garden because wild humans would just decimate the garden eating everything before moving on to a new area and not think about cultivating and maintaining this beautiful farm.

      Then Eve slept with a wild human and now we sit where we sit today.

      You can still see Adam today. The builders the cultivators but you can also see the destroyers, burners resource depleting parasites.

      Many people think that the sons of God who slept with the daughters of men were angels or aliens. I disagree.

      Sons of god are Adamites. Daughters of humans were daughters of wild humans.

      Thus the white people slept with black people in the days of Noah. This was the reason for the flood.

      My point is that people keep on calling karasites people as if they are the same as us. If a karasite is people then i dont want to be called people. I would rather be called something else perhaps a son of God.

    10. Anonymous9:07 am


      @Donycero7:15 am

      In Genises 1 God created the world, animals and humans(male and female) and told them to multiply. This is the wild earth thorns and all.

      Donycero7:15 it mentions God created Adam.

      It could be ultimately derived from Hebrew אדם ('adam) meaning "to be red", referring to the ruddy colour of human skin.

      Have you ever seen a ruddy African?
      Have you ever seen a ruddy Asian?
      Have you ever seen a ruddy Arab?

      There might be throw backs here and there but as nations there are none, however we do find ruddiness throughout Western Europe & the western world.

      There is/are only a few nations which exhibit this skin tone. They are found in the west, they adopted Christianity, they are the nations to which the apostles went to preach the word of Christ.

      The Hebrew word for Adam is "to be red or ruddy".

      If you read the verse prior to David killing Goliath + take the chronological order of his seed-line, he goes back to Adam, hence why David was ruddy & so was Adam - go be red, ruddy and being able to blush as mentioned in the chronicles of the kings of Israel and The Book of the Annals of the Kings of Israel.

      If you read that Cane took a wife from another city, then it comes as no surprise that there were other nations on the earth prior to Adam being created. There is even evidence of civilization in China around the 6,500 (+/-) mark that Adam was created. This is where Science & the bible conflict - they are really not in conflict but rather science not studying Hebrew.

      The book of Enoch also confirms this. Enoch is prior to Genesis.

      No where does it say there were no humans on earth but if one reads further in Genesis then it becomes clear that Cane took a wife from outside the Adamite race, bloodline.

      If one takes scripture, from begin-to-end, uninterrupted, as one long movie then it is clear to see the entire book is about Israel the 12 tribes, Israels children (Jacobs name changed to Israel), Jacob being a descendant from Adam, David being a descendant of Jacob and Christ being a descendant of David and David being from the 1 tribe out of 12 tribes.

      More mention of them than there are pages in the bible.

      It is the Church who have promoted this Adam, man, god created all man at the same time shit, to get the masses praying in their churches.

    11. Correct B_N and "Christians" teach the law as if it is just the ten commandments and that Christ came for "all humankind"

      There is no basis for those teachings and indeed Christ condemns this in Matthew 5:19. The relevance of the law of the prophets like the covenant of Abraham is described by Christ as follows: Matt 5:17 "Do not think that I have come to Abolish the law or the Prophets: I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.
      18: For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law until all is accomplished.
      19: Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments (this relates not just to the ten commandments but to the entire Torah - first 5 books of teachings = The Law)and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven. But whoever does them and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
      20:For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

      So why then has the church relaxed not just the least of these laws but ALL of them. They teach that the ten commandments are the be all and end all and that Christianity is for all. Maybe it is because it is a false religion as is taught by all denominations. Christ never taught Christianity his mission was to bring God's people and only God's people back to the LAW which they had forsaken. Which of us being brought up as Christians was taught the Law of Moses. The Law that the Prophets like Isiah time and again warned the Israelite's to adhere to or face the wrath of God?

      No we are taught that God himself could not foresee the future and thus relaxed the Law to allow all manner of heathens to partake in the Kingdom of Heaven simply by following a few rituals and mumbled slogans. This in the face of Christ's declaration to the contrary in Matt5:17.

    12. @AKAEW...100% correct.

    13. Ah, it's so nice to read intelligent contributions and debate. Thank you guys [AKAEW, Dony, BN]. It's a bit of fresh air after some of the liberal, uninformed, bullshit diatribe we are exposed to from some.

      Dony, there can be no question of these things being "people". If the are I'm with you and also don't want to be one of the "people". We shoud refer to ourselves as Adamites. That'll confuse the kaffir completely.

      Check out this link. They are the same the world over. No matter how "educated" or how long they've been "free" and immersed in a civilised society, they will never be capable of behaving in a civilised manner.

      And they behave like this after a 150 years of "freedom"?

    14. Yes Ninja that is why the line of David runs through Seth the third born and not Cane.

      AKAEW playing tellefoontjie in grade 1 tought us not to believe every thing we hear. Christianity is like playing tellefoontjie for 2000 years with millions of churches and people. That is why i am reading the oldest hebrew scripture i can find and the contrast is huge.

      Sure would love to have some openminded people discussing these issues over a weekend camp... Wink...

  18. Anonymous7:03 am

    I cannot see Zuma just giving up everything. I also don't see him going the Angola route as he does not have political and military enemies that is strong enough to challenge him but he will hold on for dear life to stay next to the trough.

    1. Anonymous11:01 am

      @Anonymous7:03 am

      Nope he is not going to go without a fight.

      There will be a show down here between all the nations, including black on black that will be worse.

    2. Anonymous1:24 pm

      There goes boere mall ninja, licking his lips, hoping for war.

    3. Anon 1:24 Here you go again. BN isn't hoping for war. Can you not see, we are already at war?

      Read Mike's article on "The Slow War". Do you call all the violence that's happening all around us normal?

    4. Anonymous5:22 am

      anon 1:24, give it a break dude, we all know by now the Ninja gives you a painfull pielstyf. Does your boyfriend know you go all froth in the mouth over him?

    5. Anonymous8:51 am


      @There goes boere mall ninja, licking his lips, hoping for war.

      If you cant see that this is a war, then there is no hope for you.

      I dont hope for a war, I hope my people, our nation are ready and prepared for any aggression.

      I pray for peace but prepare for the worst. The signs are there, those who can see them and do see them are prepared.

      The prudent see danger and take refuge, while the simple carry on and pay the price.

  19. Anonymous8:45 am

    Agree. He won't go lying down because he's a psycopath and all they want is to win. Not in the sence of winning a battle but winning the best position at the trough as you mentioned.

  20. Anonymous10:32 am

    going the Angola route

    What is that ?

    Oil still flows better than ever out of Angola ( Cabinda ) mostly all offshore -- NO interference from the locpop
    Dos Santos has been in power longer than Zuma and perhaps Mugabe
    The MPLA waste the Oil revenue on ostentatious bling so there is even more opportunity for making money.

    Mike has a few things wrong
    The Anglo-American Establishment is NO longer in control
    That whole project has been hi-jacked by the Zionists.


    "No man can serve two masters: For either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon!" (Mt.6:24) Now what is Mammon?--Money, pure and simple. Mammon was literally the god of wealth, and if you serve money then you're serving the Devil! But if you are just using a job as a means to an end, in order to serve the Lord, that's different!--Like one meat-packer in Chicago said, "Preaching the Gospel is my main business, but I pack pork to pay expenses!"


    WHO are the lords of Mammon ?
    SA will collapse when cash does -- NO one will be allowed any GOLD ! ( has happened in the US before )

    1. Anonymous12:16 pm

      Anon 10.32 The Angola route is referred to as a typical African civil war all in the interest of power and corruption.

    2. Anon1032

      Mammon is not money. Mammon is a demon (power) who occupies the 6th plane above the earth. He is in charge of the storehouses of Satan in the heavenly realms. He is the treasurer and is often called the 'Golden Demon'. He exercises control of all the demons (familiar and unclean spirits) of greed and selfishness.

      He will work together with the Beast in the end times to take complete control of the world's finances.

      There are no Lords of Mammon. Beign a lord means you own something and have authority over it. No person owns a demon. You have to be very powerfull to summon a pricipality or power of the air. Alisteir Crowley could not even summon a principality..

      "No one will be allowed any gold or silver" - it's called a Kruger Rand, get em' while you still can...

  21. Anonymous10:34 am

    Finally, an article with good sense.

    Hopefully Boere mall ninja will fucking finally realize that waging a genocide campaign in South Africa (cleaning up the place of "karasites") is nothing more than helping the NWO and Soros get rid of black south africans via war and eugenics programmes.

    Boere mall ninjas of this world will be used as useful idiots if they take up arms. You will bleed for the soil only to find that you owe it all back to the NWO

    "You will fight differently from the way we fought" Said Siener.

    Maybe you should take his advice for a change instead of listening to Snyman the Slyman sleezebag liar.

    1. Anonymous11:52 am

      You have a hard on with Snyman,

      What is your book called with your interpretations?

    2. Anonymous12:10 pm

      What part of the plan do you not understand fuck face? We want to get away from these blacks and they won't let us - that means we must "make" them go away so that we can live in peace and worship our God and practice and enrich our culture and celebrate our history.

      So in short, doos, they are busy genociding us here in SA so we have to kill them back to make them stop and understand! It's really that simple you simpleton.

      Before you get to spew your idiocy against people on this blog I suggest you get a moniker so that people can rip you a new asshole, asshole!

      Oh and BTW, do you not think one big happy brown people with no history is NOT part of the NWO plan? Just how fucking thick are you?

      If you want to throw personal punches come out of the shadows you fucking cowardly cunt.


    3. Anonymous12:21 pm

      So what do you suggest?

    4. Anonymous1:18 pm

      11:52 Why the sex innuendo? Are you gay?

      Do you not understand that grown ups have the right to put forward opposing views?

      Go back to playing with your lego

    5. Anonymous1:22 pm

      ZA Man: I never once called for integration. That is what the globalists want.

      I have, for a while stating that apartheid was meant to break the globalist's movement.

      Globalists pile the Arabs onto the swedes. Apartheid would forcibly remove them off the swedes. SO no, I never said we live in the same bedroom as them. Where the fuck do you keep coming up with this nonsense that we must tolerate them.

      What I am saying is that we walk away and not fight. And by walking away, I mean shutting the door on them.

      It means that YOU, yes YOU must stop hiring these things. I will bet you my gold coins that you have a fucking meid. I don't.

    6. Anonymous1:30 pm

      anon 12:21.

      blacks are just sock puppets. The real enemy is globalist elite. Take them down, and the secondary cancer (lovingly called the karasites by Boere Mall ninja) goes away.

      The globalists are the primary cancer.

      Study your own history. You would not even be in this shitty position today, if it was not for these elite in the first place.

      Find the primary cancer....destroy it.

      Don't waste resources battling the secondary cancer as BMN (boere mall ninja) says you must.

      Remember, the Bible does not state that the 7 years will be run by the ANC. It will be run by this globalist satanic system... The same one that has the ANC on its payrol

    7. Anonymous3:21 pm


      @Anonymous10:34 am

      This thing is high when it posts or coming down from some Ayahuasca trip.

      Soros this, NWO that, dont do this or that, destroy weapons, get rid of Satan (Im waiting for him to send me Satans address so I can ask him if he can bunker down there)

      Its very F simple mate. You either get wiped out or you do the wiping out.

      Im not saying do anything BUT BUT BUT (let me say it again) BUT if for whatever reason the Karasite should attack us, after the agreements that have been put in place.

      Then I say, get rid of them all. Besides, you can come visit the last one left in the Museum and tell him all about Soros and the NWO, I will even give you a free pass.

      You can take your Ayahuasca & smoke your boom Mr Smudge :) and have great conversations, he might even come alive or do some monkey jive for you behind the 2inch thick glass window.

    8. Anonymous3:30 pm


      @Anonymous12:21 pm
      So what do you suggest?

      I suggest you (If your this annoying doos) write comments on Alex jones youtube channel.

      This is not a place for pussies high on boom and getting paranoid.

      Or ADD something of value, contribute and stop with the bullshit with others on here. Simple as that.

      If you were in my team I would shoot you myself. My Chiwawa has more balls than this idiot & Chiwawa is not my garden boys name.

    9. Anonymous11:10 pm

      Boere Ninja, that question was directed towards the original poster as he was not indicating what he meant by "You will fight differently from the way we fought"

    10. Anonymous1:35 am

      Please explain how exhorting people to prepare to respond to a genocidal attack is promoting terrorism? You lost me there because your opener is pure unadulterated bullshit.

      Since when is a government that supports and promotes the genocide of white legitimate. In fact it is treasonous of you to consider them so after the anti white rhetoric they have been spewing.

      Further you are promoting the successes of terror groups like Kony but not once did you mention the most successful operations carried out against any terror organisations in Africa were carried out by around 200 odd South African ex military hired by EO.

      This also speaks to the doos who thinks whites cannot live a guerrilla lifestyle.

      Anyway back to the point. You mentioned the Somalian episode during the battle of Mogadishu. Your synopsis was woefully inadequate. Firstly it was not Marines it was mainly Rangers with CAG and a smattering of SEALS supported by other units. Second the Somalians did not as you say "drive out the most powerful military in the world." yes they left but because Slick Will Clinton had no balls and was looking after his term in office. You make it seem like the troops were suing for peace and running from Somalia. Actually they were ready to go back and raze the place to the ground and this would have happened if Durandt was not released.

      So FUCK YOU. Get your story right or fuck off.

    11. I always felt as if Somalia was unfinished business. Knowing the Americans, they won't forget and the time will come that they will go back in there and finish it off and settle an old score.

      You are right, the successes of the former SADF soldiers in Africa are legendary. They have proven themselves as formidable fighters in Angola, Sierra Leone and recently as STTEP in Nigeria against Boko Haram.

      South Africans have been fighting on this continent since 1652. They have had a lot of successes and have learned a lot of voluble lessons. They have fought the British, Germans in two world wars, the Italians in Abyssinia, the Russians, the East Germans, the Cubans and Angolans in Angola. Former South African soldiers as mercenaries have fought in the Congo, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Anybody who thinks the white South African soldier is going to be a pushover in a future war is a fool and in for a big surprise.

    12. Anonymous1:29 pm


      The poor fuckface talking about Somalia and the Americans seems to be recalling scenes from the movie Black Hawk Down with no factual relevance other than entertainment...

  22. Graeme11:43 am


    Exceptional, thought provoking and disturbing but nonetheless the truth, strangely many of your detractors decry your sterling efforts without hesitation.

    Call it "Shoot the Messenger! "

    More succinctly you have sought to illustrate that South Africa has become just another "Sweatshop", no different from Cambodia, Vietnam or Bangladesh. .

  23. Anonymous11:46 am


    Calm down listen,

  24. Anonymous12:45 pm

    "You will bleed for the soil only to find that you owe it all back to the NWO"

    This countries soil is soaked in the blood of innocent children, woman and God fearing men and so making it the property of their descendants....what greater offering is there than giving ones life to save another?

    1. Anonymous10:19 am

      Anon 12:45 pm. So why haven't you lead by example?

      Go make the sacrifice, take a couple with you and I am sure your greatest offering will be much appreciated.

  25. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Mike , if there is people who doubt you, and I am sure there is. Think about it logically. If South Africa had no mineral wealth, do you really think the western world would have given a toss where the coons go and piss?

    1. Anonymous5:19 am

      No, but you will see plenty of libtard chicks leaving their hubbies and kids at home to operate soup kitchens and other feel good kumbaya kak.

    2. Anonymous11:01 am

      yes white bitches will travel 400 km to operate a soup kitchen for a rapefugee but will not walk 4 metres to the kitchen to make the husband a sandwich

    3. Both funny comments but sadly true. Some people just need their arses kicked. Can you imagine an Eastern Ukrainian Ethnic Russian woman deserting her husband to serve soup up to a soldier from Kiev?

      What would happen?

    4. Anonymous9:47 am

      AKAEW, the bitch would get a noble peace prize from the cock whores of the west.

  26. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Funny, i always find your page very instructive, and very enlightening.

    I come here to read and learn, and understand more.

    But every so often Mike, you lose the plot it seems, and go full retard with this NWO and other conspiracy stories.

    Here is the thing that always makes me call it bull...

    If there was this cabal of evil, this group of supreme influencers, and so many people (such as you) are aware of it, doesnt it beg the question whether or not this is a opportunity for you, or one of the believers out there, to intercede?

    I mean, whats stopping you, and others from acting?

    Get a rifle? Get a Bomb?

    But DO something, if these people are as evil as you and others claim, surely enough of you can get together, and wipe them out?

    Or is this too much of a Lee Harvey Oswald, Mafia Hit Man, Lone Shooter kind of thing?

    Or am i the only one that finds conspiracy theory to be less than critical thinking?

    anyway, i guess i will have to wait until you regain your normally clear point of view again.

    Not that i suppose this comment will appear, but i thought it worth my time.

    1. Kindly point out to me what in my piece is the "Theory" part in the "Conspiracy theory" that you mention. If there is anything that is not FACT. I would really like to know exactly what part that is.

    2. Anonymous10:54 pm

      TO ANON 9.14PM. Man you are a real fucking gumby. WAKE THE FUCK UP! Can you not see what's going on around you. Do some research and you might grow a brain.

    3. Anonymous11:28 pm

      ....funny how the "compliment" paid is negated by 9:14 pms first opening word funny.......

      Perhaps the very real spectre of terror is knocking at your door?

      The greedy megalomaniac Madbucket knows who the "white privilege establishment money elite" and their enablers are.

      So no, we will not take up arms to take the attention off yourselves, as you so slyly suggest.

      You made your bed, so you must lie on it, although you have now found it to be too short.

      We will let them do the cleansing for us.

      May God's will be done.

    4. https://youtu.be/GGQlsD-ardg

    5. And here's the english version as well...

    6. Anonymous4:13 am

      The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. Quote from The usual suspects.

    7. Anonymous9:31 am


      @Anonymous9:14 pm

      There is without a doubt a cartel that operates like no other cartel we have ever seen.

      The Federal reserve is privately owned, its the lender to banks, it prints it own money, it controls the US stock market & economy, it controls over 50% of all stock markets world wide.

      Anyone who has any doubt can simply go look up the history of the Federal reserve and see that there are money masters, that control everything.

      I once heard a lecture and the lecturer asked everyone in the room "what one thing can a nation not survive without"

      I heard things like the army, water, food, government etc etc

      The answer was the stock market. Without it there is no army salaries, no clean running water, no food, no government and the Fed controls the stock market with its printing.

      Look up Mike Moloney on youtube and watch the documentary.

      There is without a doubt a system so well setup, its invisible but its very system touches our everyday life.

    8. Actually B_N the Fed loans money to Government (and to other Governments by means of the World Bank, IMF, Bank of International Settlements etc)

      All these loans are made against an IOU written on the backs of the future tax revenue of a country's citizenry. That is what is meant by a "debt based economy" and why trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP etc are so important to the NWO. It is also why the loss of industry in the USA to countries like Mexico, China, and Central American proxy states although seemingly counter-intuitive is actually what feeds the debt based economy because in order to make the shortfall you must generate more loans and thus must print more Fiat money (again something conceded by the Government to the privately owned "Federal Reserve") and bialouts can be made out of this new "money" with the taxpayer ultimately holding the responsibility.

      One massive bloodsucking Ponzi Scheme that will implode the moment one of its cornerstones is interrupted.

    9. Anonymous5:58 am


      @AKAEW12:43 pm

      Actually AKAEW12 the Fed loans money to banks.



      (From the Federal reserves website)

      Why does the Federal Reserve lend money to banks?

      The Federal Reserve lends to banks and other depository institutions--so-called "discount window lending"--to address temporary problems they may have in obtaining funding.

      Those problems can range from "garden variety" issues, such as funding pressures associated with unexpected changes in a bank's loans and deposits, to extraordinary events, such as those that occurred after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks or during the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.

      In all of these cases, the Federal Reserve provides loans when normal market funding cannot meet banks' funding needs; while the discount window is not intended for ongoing use in normal market conditions, it is available to cover unexpected developments.

      To encourage banks to first seek funding from market sources, the Federal Reserve lends at a rate that is higher, and thus more expensive, than the short-term rates that banks could obtain in the market under usual circumstances.

      To minimize the risk that the Federal Reserve will incur losses from lending, borrowers must pledge collateral, such as loans and securities. Since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established, it has never lost a cent on its discount window loans to banks.

      Notice they say "temporary problems" all the financial "temporary problems" have since the inception of the Fed been created by them or their banking problems - from funding wars, to the slowing of their financial printing presses.

  27. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Mike another excellent article from you.

    It's interesting that over the last 16 months various members of the ANC "binnekring" have alluded to outside forces (NWO agents) engaged in destabilizing the NSA. Gwede Mantashe and blunt Nzimande have hinted at it and that dumb fuck Collen Maine' outburst at a recent ANCYL rally for a call to arms to protect Zuma and the state, signals their intention to hold onto to power at all costs.

    Things are heating up nicely.

  28. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Mike, that was spot on,you've hit a NWO nerve. All you NWO constipated motherfuckers must be dragged to UNgundlovo. There, your ANC brothers must knock your shitballs to dust and leave the rest of your rotten bodies for the vultures to finish the job. How much blood is already and your filthy paws. We all know the history of your NWO destruction.

    What actually must happen is this. Zuma must order all his followers to eliminate each and every white politician in the present South African government as well as all free masons and international spies hanging around there. These fuckers are the NWO puppets pulling the strings in South African government and still control everything from behind close doors. The NWO is already busy to crumble, just Google "NWO busy to crumble" and see what comes up. It is only in South Africa where a few of these NWO constipated clowns think they are in control. Their days are numbered, too many people already know what is going on.
    So you fuckin NWO idiots, suck your turd, your time is near.

    1. Anonymous2:59 am

      To say 'The NWO is already busy to crumble' is a really stupid comment. This cartel has been pulling the strings for centuries and will continue to do so until the Almighty brings their game to an end.
      Don't be thick then and be deceived by this dumb idea of them 'crumbling'. They own the wealth of the world. They are not some small town gangster group.

      They are in the driving seat of all global conflict.

      It took the Almighty to destroy Babylon the first time and will need Him again to destroy this revived Mystery Babylon.

    2. Anonymous4:29 am

      "The NWO is already busy to crumble" is a really stupid comment.

      BREXIT is not yet over ( couple of minutes ago )

      Brexit to require parliamentary approval in setback for Theresa May

      Government to appeal to supreme court against judgment that MPs rather than government must trigger article 50


      Gina Miller, the lead claimant in the case, said: “It was the right decision because we were dealing with the sovereignty of parliament. It was not about winning or losing. It was about what was right. Now we can move forward with legal certainty.”

      Deir Dos Santos, a hairdresser and the other lead claimant, said: “Today’s judgment is a victory for everyone who believes in the supremacy of our parliament and the rule of law. I have never challenged the result of the referendum – in fact I voted for Brexit for the sole reason that I wanted power to be returned from Europe to the British parliament. But I did not think it was right for the government then just to bypass parliament and try to take away my legal rights without consulting parliament first.”

      Gina Miller
      Deir dos Santos

      WHO ARE THEY ?

      Dream on idiots .......

    3. Anon1132

      The current world order has to collapse to usher in the new. It was designed to be a failure. When everything falls to pieces society will cry out to the leaders in charge for a solution. Hence the new world order will be implemented and will be sold as the solution people have been searching for.

      It's all planned. Look past the smoke and mirrors. The antichrist has to be introduced when society at large are helpless and have no solutions or answers left. This will be the 'saving grace' the world has waited for since the beginning of our troubles. You cannot bring him to the stage now because there is not enough chaos yet for him (antichrist) to be brought forth. He will be the one with the 'answers and solutions'. Many will worship him and receive the mark of the beast..

      Everything is designed to collapse sooner or later. It's even written on the one dollar bill; order through chaos..

    4. Anonymous6:48 am

      The Antichrist is composed of many.

      Christ said that whoever is not for him is against him, and is the anti Christ.

      The antichrist' have been busy for some time, but their downfall is imminent and they know it.

    5. Anonymous8:48 am


      @Anonymous4:29 am

      Now do you think next year when the Dutch + French vote to leave that they will not see what this is all about.

      Its not over.

      They can turn them down but there will be such an outcry that it will end one way or another.

      Brexit is there, if not see what happens when the Netherlands/France go to the vote to get out and they see how treacherous the politicians are.

      The EU is finished.

    6. Anonymous11:32 pm

      Does this include your "white" politicians who were the brainpower of your terrorist organisations? Without whom your pathetic revolution would have never have gotten off the ground.

      The same ones who through their NWO propaganda machine caused the whole white western world to be fooled into taking up your evil cause and without whom you'd never have survived.

      Don't forget "shitballs" Anonymous11:32 pm that it was the NWO that put your beloved ANC where they are today and your are more of a slave today under them then you ever were under Apartheid.

    7. Anonymous11:46 pm

      How can the NWO crumble when the Rothchilds are richer than the whole world. Assets more than $600 Trillion.

    8. Anonymous1:12 am

      Mike Smith wrote:

      "In a socialist NWO paradise like South Africa the ruling clan, the ANC in our case, is kept in check by a fake opposition (DA) and toothless so-called Chapter Nine Institutions (Pink Frikkie’s “checks and balances”) like the Public Protector, SA Human Rights Commission, Commission for gender equality, etc.

      However it should be made clear that their primary job is not to defeat the ANC (like a real opposition), but to whip the ANC back on track of the NWO agenda whenever they step out of it. These opposition parties and Chapter Nines are not directly in cahoots with the ANC nor really working with them, but they are by their actions helping to keep the ANC in power and on the straight and narrow. Their fake outcries and reports are actually warnings to the ANC when they are busy fucking up too much, giving them a chance to correct themselves. "

      So NWO fuck faces, what problem do you have if the Zumas stand up against your puppets in South Africa and knock their shitballs to dust. SOB ,SOB boehoehoe.

      If you are so ("thick" as you express it),that you can't even read properly then why even bother to comment.

    9. Anonymous1:52 am

      Money means nothing when you are actively hunted by say about 200 000 people with a righteous bloodlust.

    10. @ Anon 1:12 AM...Let me guess...You are a Pokémon Go player, right?

      Where is "Zuma standing up against the NWO? He is not even trying. All he is doing is holding on for dear life. The NWO cabal thought they betted on a race horse, but discovered it was a donkey. Watch how they now get rid of Zuma. Do you remember how they got rid of Matanzima?

    11. Anonymous4:38 am

      Mike this is what I wrote in the first place:

      "What actually must happen is this. Zuma must order all his followers to eliminate each and every white politician in the present South African government as well as all free masons and international spies hanging around there."

      I didn't say that Zuma is standing up against the New Whore Order. I said that is what he and his followers actually should do. After all, don't you agree that it would suit them NWO bastards nice.?

      a Few "New Whore Order" donkey ball suckers couldn't read properly.

  29. I wish these "Anonymous Detractors" would just give themselves identifiable names, so we can know who's who amongst the people still living in a dreamworld and not realising what is going on in this shithole of a country.

    Is the situation really acceptable to civilised society? Come on guys, living in virtual prisons, afraid to venture out at night, your women, children and the elderly always in danger? Is that acceptable to you?

    Well, it isn't to me. I grew up in ASA - Apartheid South Africa, - where people knew how to behave and, if they didn't they were punished. It's called law and order which we don't have now.

    1. Law and order in good o'l s.a only applies to the white man, thats how the munts see it.

    2. Anonymous5:16 am

      The libtards called that old law and order "crimes against humanity". Today they call the rape, murder and mayhem a free and fair society. Just ask Max du Preez, the idiot that lives in a fairy land utopia which exist since 1994.

    3. JP v d W - not to get you confused with the other JP. That's how they want to see it now, yes, but in the ol' days they weren't murdered at will by their own kind.

      There was law & order for all. They invent these supposed atrocities perpetrated against them by the "hated Apartheid regime" which as we know is pure bullshit. Sure, the shit-stirrers got a bit of a going over, but that's what they were looking for.

      Nah, my mate, fuck them all. They know they had it good then compared to what they have now, but of course they will never admit it.

    4. Anonymous7:04 am


    5. anonemouse deetraktor4:11 pm

      There you go... Are you heppy now? eish...

  30. Here's to all you people who don't believe that we are already embroiled in a war.


    1. Anonymous3:52 am



      Now Tom, factor in that about 50% of all dockets go missing, 25-30% of murders never get reported.

      We are talking about 80-100 people per day being murdered here.

    2. Anonymous5:12 am

      But according to some dumass libtard comment on the previous article we should fuck off because sa is such a beatifull and wonderful kumbaya country? Can the same cunt please explain?

    3. yeah Anon 5:12 You find these dumbass libtard dooses everywhere. They continue crawling out of the woodwork with their liberal shit until they get hit by their beloved knuckledraggers.

      I really have no sympathy for them when that happens to them.

  31. Anonymous2:18 am

    Its called playing the game. (NWO rules)

    If you don't want to play by their rules, you get fucked properly.

    Libya and Iraq are fine examples of not playing the game.

    1. Anonymous4:41 am

      I wonder

      Do you begin to see that the US will soon be plunged into chaos ( crisis with the election = NO proper functioning government )
      Do you begin to see that the UK faces it's own constitutional crisis in terms of BREXIT and the will of the UK voters.
      There are already rumours of some idiots ( NWO ) looking to defeat the will of the people via the backdoor.

      THIS my friends is the end of the -- "Anglo-American" establishment
      Rhodes is being carted off to who knows where
      THIS was the opening salvo
      We see how the rest plays out .....

    2. Anonymous7:11 am

      Evil has no loyalty.

      When the shtf for them they throw each other under the bus.

  32. @ Mike
    @ NWO conspiracy theorists
    @ Neo Yahwenah Happy Clappy's
    @ Siener broekpisser sê dit...en sê dat;-
    Totdat die rooftige muhre hul jou tot binne-in jou plaashuis bevind...is als bg futiel en n pot vol kak.
    Vra my.
    Kommerwekkend is 95% van plaasseuns in oomblikke soos die....vergeet het wat hul te doen staan.
    Daarvoor het Dubai & Kie hul handjies suf gemaak. God behoed my oor 20-jaar van nou.
    But even then I'll bite them in the ankle. With only gums...if I must.

  33. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Some info from wiki leaks everyone worldwide should read:


    Now it's only a matter of time before the NWO comes crashing down.

    Too disgusting for words. 😰

  34. Whiteman2:39 am

    Mike, this article, with 149 posts to date, has truly been a fountain of knowledge, clear thinking, and MOST interesting debate ! I read ALL the posts, even if I dont agree, and hope that the next guy, will afford me the same respect. But we have a serious problem, with all the readers, who just call themselves " anonymous." How can you debate properly, with a bunch of faceless unknown people ? If there was only ONE anonymous, that could still work, because you can identify that particular opponent. I dont care what a person wants to call himself/herself, but in any mature debate, you have to get an idea what your opponents line of thinking, and/or approach is. Then you can eliminate misunderstanding, and have a MUCH more professional, worthwhile debate, to the benefit of ALL our readers. Surely, this is what our main goal and objective should be ? Then another important thing. This is Mikes " ship, " and he is the captain at the steering wheel. He has a destination, as well as a responsibility, to steer the ship past obstructions, ice bergs etc, to reach this destination. And there MUST be order, and discipline on the ship. Without it, we all sink like the Titanic. But let us debate, but please, with some form of identification, so we can help the Captain to get us to our destination, IN ONE PIECE ! If you prefer a leaking rubber dinghy, full of stinky migrants, you are definitely in the wrong place. We really dont mind throwing you overboard !

  35. This was published on news24 by Waldemar van Zyl....

    Peering through smoke with burning eyes

    04 November 2016, 12:58
    - Peering through smoke with burning eyes
    Let them who want to hear, listen carefully – the deniers of the blatantly obvious facts must carry on hallowing the so-called Ubuntu.
    We are living through the perfect smokescreen – the final take-over script is being followed to the perfect conclusion. All the following events are part of the smokescreen:
    Creation of EFF and its public antics in the parliament as left flank “decoy”, Nkandla, Guptas, Madonsela, Gordan probe and case, SARS, treasury, ICC – and the rest of well publicised “openly criticised” small aberrations of this puppet regime including the honourable Zuma. (EFF was created to contain and slightly subdue the already militant far left until the time is ripe to rejoin the main faction to be in power, and to do so with very noticeable activities dished up on TV almost like cartoons, to capture the imagination of those who would be unhappy that the ANC is not looking after the orchestrated and fanned fire of land-grabbing fast enough).

  36. Those events are so well orchestrated to overwhelm the media and thinking world’s attention and divert attention from the real fact – that South Africa does not have a government delivering anything to the people, whilst the maneuvering for ultimate control takes place behind the scenes. Remember they do not care at all for the international opinion and don’t care about the ratings agencies, which fact was publicly confirmed by honourable Zuma on many different occasions. He only plays to his constituency.
    The next phase – the pre-cursor to the final revolution or rebellion phase has already started: #Rhodesmustfall, #Feesmustfall, #Everythingmustfall the next one will be #Capitalismmustfall – all a perfect training run and winding up of the ticking clock towards the explosion. All orchestrated by the same faction, yes, the Z-faction, go and find out who “injects” (as they call it) the seeds behind the curtains to start these small localised actions every time. (Marikana may have been a simple test of levels of tolerance in the strategic planning scenarios.)
    A script from the past – remember the 1917 Russian revolution? The outcome then – terrible civil war - and I quote - “The decree on land which ratified the peasants seizing private land and re-distributing it amongst themselves.”
    The rest obviously follows the pattern like nationalization of land, industry and banks...
    Thereafter the take-over by totalitarian rule, with the middle-class being shoved back to the peasants’ level, the peasants basically dying of hunger as there will be no production anywhere, and the Zuma faction of the country holed up in their mansions protected by their military and police who will have total control.
    The worst is that racial tensions are being pushed to the extreme from the “force’s” side – ie. blacks are at the moment being radicalised (quietly) against whites even more than they were during the 1980s. All so-called service delivery failures and suffering and delays in “equalising” are being blamed on “the whites” – and if you don’t know this, you are not suitable to read this piece as you are ignorant and have not investigated at grassroots level. There are multiple “Black First Land First” BLF-type movements which divide the populace into the “White capital” and the “Black”, spreading discontent and hatred.
    How could this possibly be true in the holy SA?
    Possible for one simple reason –pure planned greed, under the guise of socialism. The “peasants” mostly rural masses who still voted overwhelmingly for the ANC in 2016 are in quantities of (what the regime believes are expendable, that means useable and disposable) human resources much more than the “thinking” urbanites. This is the expendable power base for the mob. Woe to them who forget that something like 56% is happy to be led by their grants for aunts.
    They are being exercised in mob warfare which is a much more effective warring machine than the SANDF and police combined. It must be obvious to any thinking person by now that the unrest that started with #Rhodes must fall is not really aimed at education and fees. It is being seeded, driven and manipulated by the forces preparing for the new mass revolution, with the sole purpose to keep the faction including honourable Zuma in power.
    Obviously, the huge increase in personnel of police forces, metro, traffic, provincial, national etc is arming selected easily convertible mobs – the rank and file will quickly be convinced en masse to join the mobs. Why do you think are all the “correct cadres” in the security cluster in the cabinet? They have their puppets further down deployed and fed at every level of real command in the forces?
    Why all the talk about #Zuma must fall – and nothing can really be done?

  37. Why is there no possibility to get him and his cronies deposed? Has anybody actually voiced the fact that there is NO way to get him unseated due to the blind ignorance of the cadres they deployed in the “parliament”. Can you still call it parliament or is it now supposed to be called a rubber stamp of the ruling faction, which by the way only “includes” honourable Zuma? Even if the highest court in the land or the even higher authority of the ANC NEC decides to depose him, his cronies and staff-wielding cadres will create the biggest civil unrest you have ever, ever seen on South African soil. He will then stay in power propped up by the same villainous “democracy” that put him there – the same mobs that voted for him will still support him and remember they are 56% of the “countables”, and then they will not use only burning tires.
    The basic root cause is very simple to understand if you do not have your head buried in the sand dreaming about so-called Ubuntu – real democracy works in homogeneous societies – where everybody is individually taking rational decisions. It has been proven over and over that simple democracy does not work in situations where one group can be manipulated collectively such as is happening in the tribal and rural situations all over Africa. Mass mob manipulation through hysteria is the old trick in Africa – the tribes were hyped up for a war with paint, dances, muti etc. – this is still the trick today when they have to vote – the collective is much stronger than the individual. This is manipulated like years ago, strengthened and mixed with the examples from Russia during the 1917 revolution which the remaining ANC revolutionaries are now eventually executing before the Russian training dies out. The result is totalitarian rule, called democracy.
    There are solutions. To follow.

  38. Anonymous5:49 am


    What I want to know is this:

    What is the ultimate goal of the NWO?

    (If its pure evil why don't they just nuke the planet)

    How do these rich families keep providing generations of children to maintain the intent?

    (Look here in SA how farms have been built up over 150 - 200 years in the same family only to be sold as the kids don't want to farm)

    Is it really the minerals they want as many productive mines in SA are actually fucked. Zumas nephew sold the one for scrap steel.

    Where the fuck do these people live that they can stay out of harms way?

    I don't know what to think about all of this anymore other than the opposite.

    People wont like this but I think many churches are evil fucking satanic cunts. Who rapes little kids, who keeps begging for money every Sunday, wars are raging over it for ever.

    (For the staunch Christians, please note I didn't say all churches)

    I will say this, the 10 commandments are a good way to live your life.

    1. Anonymous9:40 am

      There is plenty of vacant land. Problem is that these mlungus cannot survive with out their meids and ousies.

      They will bring their ousies with them ,even to the moon

    2. @ Anon 5:49 am "What is the ultimate goal of the NWO?"

      They don't want to destroy the planet. They want to create heaven on earth.

      See, it works like this. God kicked Satan out of heaven. God also created Paradise on earth. But Satan corrupted the humans so God Drove them out of Eden and placed an angel with a flaming sword in front of its entrance. From that day onward humans would never have paradise on earth again. The only way to enter paradise is to believe in God and reject Satan.

      Earth was handed over to Satan for a short while. He is working his ass off, because he knows his time is limited. His followers want to undo everything God created and commanded. They believe they can actually create heaven on earth, but all they bring are hell and destruction.

      Look at what God did at the Tower of Babel. He created different nations with different languages and spread them over the earth. The Satanic NWO wants to undo this. They want a one world government with no nations and all the same. God gave us free will; they want to enslave us and call it freedom.

      So I can go on...Read the Bible from start to finish; read everything God created and commanded and you will recognise the exact opposite of it in the NWO. They want to reverse and destroy Creation.

      But God gave us a promise. He said that he would destroy Satan and create a new earth and a new Jerusalem and he will live amongst us on earth.

      Now it gets a bit more complicated than that, because there are the ones who are genuine Satanists and strive to undo Creation and then you get those like the Sabateans (Misnagdim), Nizari Ismailis (Aga Khan IV)and the Jesuits who want God to come, but they believe God will only come when the world becomes really evil. So they are doing all the evil in world and turning the world more evil so that God can come sooner. Fact is they don't believe they are evil.

    3. Anonymous11:27 am

      I personally believe that Mike touched on the future in this article. Many of these "conspiracy theories" have their origin in Revelations. But because of the riddle it was written in, we often hear people referring to the Bible (and Revelation in particular) as a closed book.
      But with a bit of research there is nothing closed about it. I bought a 25 CD lecture by Dr David Jeremiah, and that is about the closest interpretation of Revelations I have heard.
      The only thing I disagree with, is Dr Jeremiah says that nothing more need to happen; the time for the rapture is now. But I think he is wrong. Lots more happen. There is a reason all those settles from across Europe came to South Africa. I believe many more settles will come. I do believe that South Africa will be a safe haven for Christians, and the settles of 1820 came to prepare a country for the white Christians of Europe.
      Why I say that, is that never before has God taken people from this earth when He pours His wrath over earth. He has always kept them apart in a safe place.
      And I think South Africa will be that safe place when God finally fights the satanic NWO in Armageddon.


    4. Anonymous12:06 pm

      Thanks Mike. Great reply.

      Understood. We are dealing with some insane people.

      Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. (Margaret Mead)

  39. Great article Mike.
    Read the book you mentioned Tragedy and hope. Has some interesting topics I never knew before.
    I doubt the Anglo establishment is as strong as it once was considering the NWO consists of Zionists and Jesuits as well as other groups. They all want top position. All leads to the bankers. AKA the Rothschilds.
    Interesting to wonder if SA never had any gold to begin with. The Elite wouldnt have wasted time and money on trying to destroy the Boers.
    Rhodes dream of a Cape to Cairo never came to fruition and never will.
    What I got from that book was that the British empire aka Mr Rhodes purposefully wanted to train the blacks to be smart but under Britain, such damn waste. If the Brits stuck to the Bible, should of just wiped out all the heathen from the get go, but nooo, the white man has compassion to uplift the weaker races. The Ego of Rhodes was just to big.
    Your right, Zuma will cling to power for as long as possible, hes been getting tips from mugabe recently. Crazy to see how many whites in parliament but none dare call out the farm murders, fuck them!

    1. Anonymous3:12 am

      Rhodes was a front man for the Rothschild's cabal

  40. Anonymous7:38 am


  41. Anonymous12:55 pm

    For those who aren't Godless Darwinists, we don't need propaganda 'raised clenched fist' or be brainwashed by communist 'divide and conquer'. Communist revolutionaries always seek to exploit and aggravate suffered hardships to justify violent revolution/resistance. Rather restore Biblical principles starting with ones own life. As Christians, we know who the enemy at the top is Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
    “The Bible is the chief moral cause of all that is good and the best corrective of all that is evil, in human society; the best Book for regulating the temporal concerns of men, and the only Book that can serve as an infallible guide…the principles of genuine liberty, and of wise laws and administrations, are to be drawn from the Bible and sustained by its authority. The man therefore, who weakens or destroys the Divine authority of that Book, may be accessory to all the public disorders which society is doomed to suffer…” Noah Webster.

  42. Anonymous1:10 pm

    The NWO already control RSA financially , they are battling to keep these kaffirs inline though.


  43. Aan al die patriotte op die site, ek weet dinge is donker maar soos Jp se wees voorbereid, maak kos en ammo bymekaar, jy hoef nie n profeet te wees om die verskil tussen kak en modder te ken nie en dit wat om die draai le is nie modder nie
    (Mike please translate, my english is up to shit) Die belangrikste is dat ONS ons MINDSET MOET regkry, ons sal doodeenvoudig meer genadeloos as di velcro koppies moet wees as ons wil oorleef, die enigste vertroue wat ek het is in die oorlewingsdrang van die patriot en n onwrikbare geloof in die SKEPPER
    Hier volg n stuk wat ilusstreer wat ek bedoel met mindset
    Copy en paste vanaf Toxic blogspot
    Part one

    Why Whites Would Lose A Fight Against Africans
    The other day a friend of mine said that a fair fight is a fight where there are set rules and both parties abide by those rules, only then is it a fair fight. Fighting against Africans cannot be a fair fight, because they do not abide by the rules, which is why whites cannot win against them, unless they adapt themselves appropriately, which seems unlikely at this stage.

    South Africa won a huge war against the combined forces of mighty Russia and communist Cuba, because it was a fair fight. the South African Defence Force had the superior motivation, determination, the superior strategy and equipment. Our men had superior training under the command of the best tacticians and experts in warfare. In a fair fight where it was strength measured against strength South Africa had to win against the strongest military forces in the World, because at the time South Africa was recognised as the third strongest military force on earth. There were numerous other factors of course, such the fact that we knew the terrain, our vehicles and equipment were developed and tested for the terrain and for the particular battle, we are the masters of guerilla warfare, and many other factors. The fact remains that it was a fair fight where the strongest, best adapted, best prepared and equipped WON!

    The difference is that currently it is a completely different ball-game altogether. The SA Right-Wing easily talks of war, but they have not even studied their opponent, they do not understand their opponent and they think they are going to a gunfight governed by set rules that both parties would abide by, but they are being ignorant and foolish, because they have no idea what they would be up against.

  44. Parttwo
    The French and the Americans learned this lesson in Vietnam, because they thought they were entering a conventional war, a fair fight, where strength would be measured against strength, but the Vietnamese do not fight that way, they do not fight a fair fight. The Vietnamese caught them and held them in cages where they had the rats eat them alive. They caught them, kicked open ant-heaps and lay the American soldiers over those ant-heaps, then painted them with honey and let the ants eat them, slowly, while dying of thirst and hunger at the same time. They would chop down the bamboo, then tie the American soldiers down across those chopped down bamboo and allow the bamboo to grow through them, slowly killing them in the most inhumane ways, while the other soldiers in cages would watch their friends die. They would hang them upside down, bury them alive, chop them up with knives and let them scream themselves to death from sheer pain. That was not a fair fight, they could not win the fight, because the Americans did not expect what they confronted with. They Vietnamese broke their spirit, drove them mad and insane, they demotivated and demoralised them in the most atrocious, unthinkable of ways. The Vietnamese did not abide by the rules and they broke all the rules, they made their own rules, which rendered it an unfair fight. The Americans were not prepared for such a fight and were not able to fight the same fight, because they were not mentally or physically capable of such inhumane behaviour.

    The Boers were winning the Anglo-Boer war, because it was a fair fight, a fight they could fight, that they were able to fight, and once again they were the inventors of guerilla warfare, a much superior approach particularly at the time. The Boers started losing when the British stopped abiding by the rules, which made it an unfair fight. The British started burning down their farms, killing their cattle, destroying their land and homes, burning them to death, rather than shooting them in a fair fight. The British then caught their wives and children, threw them into concentration camps where they murdered the women and children by starving them to death, letting them die from thirst and disease. The rules were no longer being equally applied and they broke the spirit of the Boers, the broke their morale and the Boers had to capitulate, because they could not win an unfair fight. They held the Boer soldiers to ransom and forced them into submission. That is why the Boers lost, because they were no longer fighting a fair fight. In a fair fight they would have won the British, but they could not stand-up to the inhumane strategies of the British.

    The Whites of South Africa today may have the guts and they maybe willing to go to war, but they have it all wrong. They think they would be going up against a conventional enemy in a fair fight where the rules would apply as expected in conventional warfare. Unfortunately this is not the case and they would be killed like flies, unless they learn to understand and adapt accordingly to meet the requirements for this challenge.

  45. Part Three
    At the Battle of Stalingrad the Russian army used civilians of all ages as cannon fodder, which drove the German soldiers crazy. The German soldiers forced to shoot civilian women and children armed with nothing but axes and spades. Those women and children, forced to the front-line by the Russian army, were understandably ferocious and unforgiving in their attacks on the German soldiers, because in their will to survive they fought with everything they had, in the hope of making it out alive. Being confronted by thousands of innocent, "unarmed" women and children literally drove many of the German soldiers mad and many of them committed suicide right there on the battle field, while others threw down their rifles and surrendered. It was an unfair fight, an unexpected unconventional approach for which the Germans were not prepared.

    In Somalia the American soldiers lost their minds, because they were expecting to fight a fair fight, but they were confronted by 8, 10 and 12 year old uneducated black African children bearing AK47's and the American soldiers could not bring themselves to shooting armed "children", because it was against their morals, their values and their upbringing, it was against their very nature.
    Africans do not abide by rules, they do not fight conventional warfare. In a fight whites would take a gun and shoot their enemy, but Africans do not, they surprise you in an ambush, they then tie you up, then they rape your wife and daughters many, many times over-and-over in-front of your eyes and then they slowly trample and kick and hit them to death, then they start stabbing them, over-and-over again-and-again then they rape and sodomise them again while they're bleeding and screaming themselves to death, then they would string your beautiful young daughter up against a wall, by her feet and slit open her stomach and pull out her gut alive, then while they are dying they start hitting you with knob-kieries and sticks, then they would stone you then they would stab you and cut you open with knives, then they would rape you, sodomise you while you're dying then they would chop you up alive with pangas and then if they feel like it they would shoot you in the knees and then in the hips after they had kicked you and jumped on you and then they leave you and your family to die a slow and horrible death. To round it off they would cut out your heart and liver, sometimes even while you're alive and have it for dinner. This is not a fair fight, this is not a simple gunfight or one-on-one hand-to-hand combat. They are like pack-animals, they never come one-by-one, because they are too cowardly for that, they are a gutless breed that always come in numbers in packs like wild dogs, which is not a fair fight. They will break you, they will devour your soul, they will break your spirit. They would catch one of you, pull a tire over your shoulders, fill it with petrol and light you up so that all your soldier friends can watch you being burned to death and make sure everyone can and hear you screaming for help and pleading for mercy. They are not your standard proud conventional enemy, they do not have rules, while you do. They do not have remorse, while you do. They are inhumane and do not have a conscience, while you do. They are rapists by nature and you are not, They are cannibals by nature and you are not...... That is why the largely Christian convert white South Africans would lose it in a straight-forward fight against Africans.

    While the Boers were fighting a conventional war with newly invented guerilla tactics on the battle fields the British soldiers were raping and murdering their wives and children back on the farms and in the concentration camps, forcing the Boers into submission and the same would happen to the whites today, because they have not contemplated the nature of the African enemy.

  46. Partfour
    Too many of the white right think that if they were holding a 30.06 fitted with a telescopic sight they could have the upper hand, because they know how to use their weapons effectively with deadly accuracy and they could shoot over long distances, but that is not the fight they're up against. I sometimes laugh when I read the notices calling on whites to go for training, conventional military training, in anticipation of a conventional enemy that would abide by the rules. This tendency proves that they had learned nothing from the experiences of the Boers or the French or the Americans or any other similar war where the enemy did not fight a fair fight.

    Particularly over the past 18 years the blacks have been fighting their favourite kind of fight, the inhumane, cannibalistic, typically cowardly style of terrorism intended to instil the fear of hell into their opponents.

    The media and the liberals can call them freedom fighters as much as they like, but terrorists will be terrorists and they will remain terrorists. Terrorists are cowards. They plant bombs in primary school playgrounds and restaurants, like the ANC did and they murder and maim innocent children and unsuspecting civilians, children, babies and pregnant women alike. Terrorists do not have the guts to fight a fair fight, they cannot fight a conventional war, because they know they are not soldiers, but cowards that murder innocent children, just like the ANC did. Terrorists rape, burn down houses, kill nuns and priests, emergency medical personnel, they rape and kill babies, they have no morals, no respect for life, they are like reptiles.

    Once a terrorist always a terrorist. The ANC terrorised South Africans of all colours and backgrounds for more than half a century and they cannot change their ways, because they are still terrorising us to this very day. The media, the churches and the liberals turned them into hero's for having murdered, raped and maimed children, babies, women, girls and other innocent civilians. They promoted and supported them to become the government so that they could be free to terrorise everyone even more, to be free to steal the state coffers to bankruptcy. They the liberals, the churches and the media, supported and promoted them, they financed them and helped them to become the government so they could become drug-lords, turn South Africa into the rape capitol of the world and to be free to commit genocide against the whites of this country WITH THE SUPPORT AND BACKING OF ALL SOUTH AFRICAN CHURCHES, THE LIBERALS AND THE MEDIA TO THIS DAY! The churches, liberals and the media are denying that these murders are taking place, they are denying the high rates of crime and rapes, because they WANT them to continue terrorising us, because they support it today as much as they supported it back then.

  47. Part Fife
    We are still being terrorised by the same terrorists. Terrorists kill, the murder and rape, and they can see nothing wrong with it. That is why the ANC Regime can see nothing wrong with the 50 to 100 people being murdered everyday in South Africa, because to them it is normal, to them it is the right thing to do, because they have been doing it for more than 50 years. They are terrorising people in this country with the unthinkable number of high-jackings, armed robberies, the world record breaking number of rapes every minute of every day. The ANC has done nothing and can see nothing wrong with the high incidence of rapes in this country and they turned it the RAPE CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, because it is in their nature of the African male to rape. People are living in prisons with burglar bars and fencing, armed guards, dogs, and alarm systems. The number of private security armed response businesses shot up by 264% while total active registered security businesses grew by 61% over a five-year period. It is highly sophisticated terrorism. BEE and transformation is nothing other than economic terrorism. They are slowly but surely killing the white race, breaking their spirit and demoralising them, terrorising them by threats of being fired and replaced by unqualified, uneducated, unskilled blacks, taking away their means to earn a living and providing for their families, sophisticated commercial and labour terrorism. This is not a conventional enemy.

    They make examples of every case of murder they commit by being as inhumane as possible and then hail the murderers hero's. The ANC's black Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu defends a man accused of hiring three black men to gang-rape his estranged wife, then cutting off her breasts with an angle-grinder and shooting her 19-year-old son dead at point-blank range, by saying he is "a child of God", with the "capacity to become a saint", because ANC leaders who had also killed and ordered the killings, murders and maiming of thousands of innocent civilian people, had also been raised to the status of "Saint" with the help of the immoral SA churches, liberals and media. Remember that the ANC invented Necklace Murders, pulling tires over people's shoulders, filling it with petrol and lighting them up to make an example of them, terrorising everyone so that no one would dare go up against them for fear of also being killed in such monstrous (or should we say "saintly") ways. They rule by fear, because they are terrorists called freedom fighters. They are freedom fighters because they were free to commit these terrorist acts thanks to the support of the churches, the World's media and the immoral liberals of this sick world. Today they are free to do as they please and they are doing it in every way they please with the support of those very churches, media and liberals.

  48. Part six
    The white right would lose against this enemy, they do not even stand a chance against this enemy, because this is not a fair fight. While the white men would be out fighting in the streets and alleys of major cities, the Africans would be raping, burning and murdering their wives and daughters back in their homes, breaking those men, stealing their souls and their motivation to fight. They would hang the whites from lamp posts and burn them to death for their friends to see, to break them and steal their spirit. Africans rape babies to death, they bash their skulls against concrete walls and as we have seen so many times since the ANC took over, they bash white babies to death with their bare fists, without remorse.

    Every murderer admits that only their first murder was a challenge, but once they had crossed that obstacle of the initial murder, it is easy to kill again and again and again. Not one single member of the ANC ever admitted to their crimes against humanity as a terrorist organisation. They were never expected to say they were sorry for any of their murders and vicious cowardly terrorist acts and they never did say they were sorry, because they never had any remorse, not even the messiah of the liberal world, Nelson Mandela himself.

    Moral whites do not have the ability to fight the Africans according to their own rules, because their conscience and religious convictions would not allow them to do so. Whites would be fools for thinking they would be fighting a fair fight. They think that by going to a shooting range and shooting at stationary targets, being fit and learning about conventional warfare they would be well trained, ready and prepared to face this enemy in a fair fight. Unfortunately this is not a fair fight, it has never been a fair fight and it never will be a fair fight.

    If you want to fight, first study your enemy, study the way he thinks, understand his behaviour and his survival mechanisms, but never underestimate your enemy and least of all never go up against an enemy that does not fight according to the rules you expect him to follow, because you will lose.

    "Why Blacks Certainly Would Lose A Fight Against White South Africans" is another discussion altogether that I may just consider publishing one day .....
    Posted by ToxiNews at 2/01/2012 12:29:00 am

    1. Anonymous5:50 am


      @chris11:59 pm

      Well they will have to kill every white. I have zero & I mean zero feeling for a Karasite. I will not even anger myself by calling them the K word.

      There must be zero feeling towards a Karasite.

      That is if you fight the old way. I say the only one left will be in a museum.

      They have one shot, so they better get it right.

      If not, the same fate awaits them as it did for the abbos & native American Indians, only this time there will be no reserves for any of them.

      I wish them the best of luck, they will need it.

    2. Anonymous3:50 pm

      If you want to fight, first study your enemy, study the way he thinks, understand his behaviour and his survival mechanisms

      uhm oookaaay?

      So then why do you still have a ousie meid and a garden boitjie?

      We have already "studied" their ways and we have already seen that our civilization, medicine etc keep their numbers artificially high.

      So how do you respond? by housing them, medicating them, paying for your ousies' medical care and her spawns' schooling bills. Your ousie may be oh so wunderbar, but are her children? And how do you explain SAPS stats that say that 80% of house robberies are done with intel from the ousie?

      Jeeez people. Even ET had fokken meids and bois.

      Don't even waste your time with internet rambos if they have black slaves in their homes.

      Stop with the black slavery and free your black slaves. So what if they turn around and take you to the CCMA because you gave them their freedom. Pay what you need to pay at the CCMA and tell 'em to fuck right off, together with all the AWB guys who have meids.

      We have already shown how you can cut off supplies to the "enemy" by stop being fucking lazy and making your own fucking bed.

    3. Whiteman8:26 am

      Anonymous 3:50 pm, you have highlighted the devastating chink in whiteys armour ! To own " slaves, " even if it is only one, does make life very comfortable. Especially if you can ignore all the stealing, breaking, and lack of privacy. To some whiteys, your slave count, is actually a status symbol. But this is why whitey survival truly hangs in the balance. Malema has promised the baas and miesies house, to those who work it. And the farm, to those who work it. And the business, to those who work it. Whether they actually can work, and sustain it, ia of NO importance, because in their culture, forward planning is not important. So we have to pray that enough whiteys, get chased off their property, because SOME of them, will become angry enough to fight. Right now, we are ALL slaves of the black barbarians, even in an indirect manner. This whole country, is the victim of black mob rule, whether you like it or not !

  49. Whiteman3:14 am

    Chris, thank you for placing this valuable article ! The libturds, if they had the guts to read it, should be shitting themselves by now. Maybe even some " patriots " also. But again, it gives me pleasure to read such UTTER truth, and clear thinking. But I am pretty sure, the real patriots among us, have a good grasp of the situation, even if we talk " conventional war, " on this, and other blogs. We know, that National Intelligence is working over time, on all the " right wing " sites. But our biggest problem, has always been the churches, preaching their suicidal, " pray for the government, turn the other cheek, " bullshit religion. And they have chained good, honest people to the ground, threatening that they will go to hell, if they dont do it the submissive, cute, humane, " christian " church way. But it is also VERY clear, we HAVE to make plans to get women and children to places of safety, BEFORE the shit hits the fan. That is why I am suggesting that we make contact with one another. Not to overthrow the government, but to ensure our ultimate survival !

    1. Anonymous3:52 pm

      the people who should be shitting themselves are the afrikaners who still cannot live without their meids.

      I am in my 40s now and throughout my life I have been disgusted at how white south africans have more respect for the ousies that murder them in their own beds than they did for me, growing up.

  50. Anonymous4:19 am

    I used to think that you had completely misunderstood the significance of the Anglo interference in South Africa, pulling the strings that made the puppets dance to their tune. With the express aim of subjugation and asset stripping the country. But this article tells me that you in fact do know about this.

    Now all you have to do is understand that the actual power lies ultimately with those who create the money, the pyramid scheme run by the fractional reserve bankers, and even the Anglos are beholden to them.Follow the money......