04 November 2016

SANDF idiots: The most ill-disciplined army in the world

By Mike Smith

4th of November 2016

We know the SANDF idiots are ill disciplined and revolting, but this shows exactly what has become of one of the best armies in the world under the ANC. It is not even a shadow of the old SADF and should not even be mentioned in the same breath…so my apologies.

Just take a look at these pathetic boons and then think about what chance they will stand against a dedicated, committed and well trained white guerilla force; A guerilla force trained by former SADF REAL soldiers. Shame; one can almost feels sorry for them.

I remember General Magnus Malan back then when the ANC suggested at Codesa that MK, APLA, etc. should be integrated into the SANDF and the police...He almost broke out in full laughter and told them, "Show me your army and I will show you mine."

Tja...how times have changed.

SANDF “soldiers” dump furniture at Port Elizabeth City Hall


  1. Anonymous10:48 am

    Real tough guys these muppets in camos. Operation "dumping furniture" a big success. Not suprising knowing their officers and commanders were not long ago sitting in bushcamps, cowering from the might of the SADF.

    1. Anonymous11:35 pm

      might? what might? You lost? They raided you and seized all of it, including your women

    2. Anonymous2:05 am

      anon 11:35
      you should stop believing the kak your anc stuffed in your head about the glorious mk and apla. tonight, around the village fire while you make the pap, ask the elders about the SADF. Then you will see real fear son.

    3. Anonymous1:22 pm

      Even paintballers are better than the rubbish SANDF.

  2. Whiteman11:23 am

    Mike, it is a good thing, that the debate around " fight, run or submit, " is still on the table. There is so much, that we still can talk about, and I am looking forward to new contriibutions, on this VERY important subject. With the USA election upon us, no doubt, there will be much to talk about. There has been solid argument, whether zuma will stay, or go ? Let us discuss this further, because it is indeed a KEY issue, in this rainbow-nightmare at present. I would also like to put forward a suggestion, for the true patriots on your website, to try to come together, so we can get to know one another. This could be part of the training course you have suggested, or it could act as a preamble, to plan such a course. In order to trust another person, you HAVE to at least meet face to face. Admittedly, that is not a guarantee, but it is an important, and necessary start. Question is though. Is there still enough time to do this ? ?

    1. Anonymous3:57 pm

      agreed, some sort of organisation is necessary. perhaps a invite only non-public IRC (internet relay chat) hosted on the deepweb, to vet applications and prevent infiltrators. This forum wont do as it's public and more easily infiltrated. The IRC can can act as the inner circle whereas this forum is more the outer circle.


    2. Ooooooh fnok.
      Not the way to go Mack.
      The newer kids on the block are doing things differently.
      Those 'clandestine' garage-meetings only get you to eat jail-grub. You only need to ask Lets Pretorius & Co.

    3. Anonymous11:46 pm

      What, so we can end up like the Boere mag people?

      We will be forged on the battle field.

    4. Hi Whiteman ,
      Whenever patriots got together in the past there were traitors amongst them. Sad reality. Utmost care is required.

    5. Whiteman1:36 am

      ZIPF, I hear what all you guys are saying. In the Boer War, there were fighting generals, who were traitors. ( Actually in every war the world has ever seen.) In the church you go to, there are traitors. Your dominee, who radiates the love of Jesus, could be a traitor, and is on a retainer from National Intelligence. Any person, who makes " right wing " noises, on ANY website, can/are traced. Because how else would these NI agents and operatives, warrant their salaries to their nignog masters. And I can tell you now, a truly good agent/spy, who is operating under deep cover, will outwit you and I, before breakfast. I am not interested in overthrowing the " government, " because they are doing a perfect job themselves. I am for making contact with TRULY like minded people, because there is unity in strength. Mike has mentioned different formats of training, that can only be beneficial to the individual. The fact that he has stated, no alcohol, no piss-ups, no gung-ho bullshit, shows me he is on the right track. Mike will never get a " million men " together, like Angus Buchan, because his message, and approach, is not nice and popular. ( And definitely not politically correct ! ) But at the end of the day, we only need a FEW GOOD MEN !

    6. Some white folks are hell bent on betraying their own. A sad side of our people..

      Tom and JP mentioned the 16th of Dec at the V. Monument which sounds good but still a risk. Once you introduce yourself to me as Anon 10:54 but your real name is actually John Smith, I'm out of there. I know of about 20 or so people on this blog that are regulars. It is my desire as well to meet the real patriots but Daniel is correct by saying it can end you up in jail with the 1 wrong guy present there. That guy you think is your fellow mate will be the 1st to testify against you in court to clear his own arse..

      To be honest we might end up never meeting each other. Go look at how the E.L.F managed their operations. To me that might be the best way to go about it. They we're very difficult to infiltrate.

      Also have a look at the militia of Montana's list about infiltrators. Simple but effective.

      Unless someone has a good idea of how we can pull it off without risk of traitors joining it is not worth it. Ending up in jail now will be a disaster for some us, and the Gov. would love to make more examples of us..

    7. Anonymous9:30 am

      I agree on the elf model of operating. Only operate in autonomous cells not exceeding 4 members.

    8. Anonymous2:22 am

      EK is hier. Was al hier van SouthAfricaSUCKs blog af. Se nie baie nie. N produk van broderbonder skoolhoofde!. Die spel natzies sal in hulle broeke kak. Maar kan ander goed doen :)


    9. Anonymous1:11 pm

      @BLCN 3:21AM

      "Some white folks are hell bent on betraying their own. A sad side of our people."

      They are too damn stupid to realise that the karasites will never really appreciate them.

    10. JP & I are having a bit of a re-think about the 16th at the Voortrekker Monument. We are considering a road-trip to call personally on a few "brothers". I suppose JP & I are the start of our "cell" although we're hundreds of miles apart, but he knows that he has a relatively safe haven here.

      There is of course also the Suidlanders option to consider?

  3. Anonymous11:41 am


    here it is from another angle where they tried to ram the van. The army should have pushed the van out of the way.

    The snot nosed goon was screaming at the army: "Kill me! Kill me!"

    That is how insane blacks are. You will have to pull that trigger and risk a swat team coming your way or you slink away.

    1. Anonymous4:12 pm

      This like the three stooges on steroids, this funny, I almost fell of my chair laughing!!

  4. Anonymous11:43 am


    here is another hand bag fight between the DA and ANC with politicians being stretchered away... buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. Off topic
      When the state capture report was released, Brian Molefe, the CEO of ESKOM, was photographed crying like a baby. Mobile phone records on numerous occasions placed him in Saxonworld where the Gupta's have a compound .
      The next day he gloated to the media that twice a day he passes the Teasers strip club on his way to and from work - and nobody seems concerned about that and that he was in Saxonworld visiting a shebeen. Next question -where is this shebeen??? We see that blanc stare with the finger up the nose trying to stabilise the corc so the cockroach can get up and try to make a connection between all the hanging synapses. Like- why didn't I see that question coming? What a clever bunch of c*nt's we have running this country and parastatals.

    2. Today it's like ... Hey but you know....I was misquoted,I was just sharing information from one of my friends that there is a shebeen in Saxonworld and he goes there on Fridays and Saturdays. Wao Bona, so now you understand and should have no further queries, unless you are a fuc*ing racist.
      I will accept that I am a racist when you accept the fact that you are a Kaffer. When you can see and accept that there is a difference between us, you can call me a racist.

  5. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Wow, can you believe that? The soldiers were totally in control there, which is illegal. But what could the lone policeman do against them? Where were the rest of the police? I wonder if we will ever get a follow-up story on this.

    Did you see how fat they all are. They don't look very fit to me. Are there any fit soldiers in the SANDF? You don't even need soldiers to fight against this lot, the community will easily take them out and relieve them of their weapons.

    In that video there is not a trace of any discipline; it is just a screaming and shouting like regular blacks...wow...


  6. Anonymous2:12 pm

    The SANDF are experts at being shit.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eke3l8Tmqdc.....

    Maak reg, Staan vas!

    1. Anonymous1:25 am

      living in the past are we?

      This is not how you will fight.

      Times have changed. Nobody stands in formation anymore and throws musket rounds at the other side who all stand there like stiff statues eating the other sides musket rounds.

      times have changed. It is an information war at the moment (hence this blog and others)

      It will then be a cyber war and a nuke war with persecution and hunting of christians.

    2. The true Christians will fight back en dis waar die kak inkom. We have been for 2000 years, in case you haven't noticed. Same Old Shit, Different Day is all.

  8. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Do they still give opvoks?

    Those fatties need it along with the little white twat helping them.

    Actually very interesting to see in the way of professionalism. (Rather lack of it)

    While the Navy are looking for sharks at Kei mouth.

    1. Anonymous1:22 am

      opvok is unique to north euro type of people.

      It does not have a positive thing on other cultures.

      Some other Easter euro cultures, like the Greeks and Italians will respond negatively to an opvok but respond better to other systems.

      I dont know about blacks.

  9. I've watched this lot here at the local SAI Bn. They are beyond a joke. I wonder how many of their Ratels are actually operational. Given the Knuckledraggers' penchant for dis-maintaining and breaking things I would venture to suggest, not many.

    Only a FEW GOOD MEN, believe me.

    1. Anonymous6:51 am

      Hoekom dra hulle cammos, hoekom nie die die tradisonele grys drag met die specs (Chinese) of die groen drag nie. En ek wonder of hulle Chevron onder hulle boots het. Wat maak die cammo so spesiaal vir hulle?