07 November 2016

Malema's declaration of war on whites

By Mike Smith
7th of November 2016

Malema appeared in the Newcastle court on charges of inciting land grabs and violence against whites, walks out and incites the exact same land grabs and violence against whites

Speaking outside the court on Monday‚ Malema said the charges brought against him were laid because he had disturbed the peace of white people.

”We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now”-Malema

Which means he is going to call for it in the future when the time is right.

"The prosecution of people who are demanding the land affects us directly because we want the land‚ so the land must be returned to the hands of the people‚" said Malema.

And the people are? Only Blacks. Whites aren’t people.

"This is our continent it belongs to us. We want our land. It must come with everything. The land comes with the sea. The sea belongs to us. The fish in the sea belongs to us. The land comes with the trees. The trees belong to us. That includes dagga. It belongs to us. We want it back.”

"We want everything that comes with the land…The minerals‚ gold‚ diamonds‚ platinum‚ coals everything that comes with land belongs to us."

"We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now… The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in South Africa and whole of the African continent‚" he said.

OK so let me get this right. The continent does not belong to whites who were born in Africa. The land was stolen from blacks by whites. The whites own all the land and the blacks want it all back. Any white person who has bought land, paid for it, inherited it, etc is by default a criminal simply because of the colour of his/her skin.

That is right, that money you paid for your bond over twenty years was all for nothing. Blacks want your land. You didn’t pay for it. You stole it.

Malema said while the call for President Jacob Zuma to step down was gathering momentum‚ he was not the main target. The main enemy‚ he said‚ was "monopoly capital" (read whites) which has continued to benefit from the land while black people struggled across the country.

Malema has identified his enemy, he has warned his enemy that they are going to be driven out of their homes and off their land and will be slaughtered in the future.

I would say it is a declaration of war against whites and I would say it is open season on them…However, Malema should be careful, because sometimes you get the bear, but sometimes the bear get’s you first.

Just listen to this rabid dog foaming at the mouth with his anti-white rhetoric...


  1. Anonymous8:45 am

    If jujus wet dream comes true, he is going to have to pay all these new black farmers for everything they do or don't do.

    The reason I say this is because there are some land reform projects just out of my town.

    They received free farms (land) now they are unhappy because they have to pay for electricity, labour, pumps etc... just like white farmers have to.

    They really do want everything for free.

    1. Anonymous10:46 am

      and so what happens is that the farms will be squashed back down to nothing and they will starve and we will thrive with out them in our Prepper style non GMO local markets and self sustaining efforts. The farms will return to the bush and they will begin to understand (hopefully) that their leaders are of Satan because it is Satan that tried to destroy the seed and those who sow seeds. Sowing seeds brings forth life and thus the Boers are hated for this reason.

      Under God's law they are commiting suicide by killing the seed process.

      Make sure you keep sowing seeds (and no, I dont mean giving 10% to the potato farmer). Actually sow your own seeds. I started with a food garden and stockpiles of storeable food.

      The blacks are going to feel like tools when they realise that they have been serving satan all this time.

      But they are grown ups. and they need to feel the consequences of their own actions. Cause and effect. Kill the seed sower and you starve to death.

    2. Anonymous10:47 am


      Get rid of the meid. Get rid of the garderner. Withdraw your support and refrain from funding your own genocide.

    3. Anonymous1:15 pm

      Just jumping the queue here. We need to grab the opportunity to show them the way to the elite who have robbed us these many years....
      I do believe this huge backfiring to craftily laid plans will happen.
      All Praise be to I am that I am who is our Rock and eternal Father who ever changes.

  2. The International Mafia want whites dead, in line with what they are doing in Europe, The America's and Australasia. Where are just way ahead with the program.

    At the one part where Malema says something along the lines of 'we are not going to drive the whites into the ocean just push them little bit by little bit'...is very clear.

    The way I try and see this is from the behind the scenes AKA follow the strings attached to the puppet – how are these internationalist going to play this out.

    The internationalists have - through the controlled media - turned Zuma (the one puppet) into a leper into order to give Malema - the other puppet - legitimacy when calling for the dissolving of parliament and fresh elections.

    I don’t know how they plan on dissolving parliament and calling fresh elections but time will tell. But if they dissolve parliament how much more warning do you need?

    I think they should occupying the land and get this thing going. We all know what they want.

    For me the greatest irony in all of this is that not only do these bush kaffirs not realise they will still be slaves after all of this as they are been used as well as the fact that whites are still struggling to wake up.

    I ‘support’ Malema in the sense that I want him to get things going. If it means I need to encourage him, so be it, what’s meant to be is meant to be.

    What are your thoughts regarding where they will actually start occupying land. I think Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Free State. Not so sure about Zulu land.

    Thing is when something like land invasions start, it will spread like wildfire. These things gravitate so well towards chaos, so it actually doesn’t take much to get it going as they will be using social media and the likes.

    1. Anonymous10:14 am

      JP, I Totally agree with you. This monkey is busy trying to hide something, but we know what it's intentions are. It want's us(whites) out the way,let them pull in. And, as you said many times before, it will be black on black at first, to our benefit. Their blood will be running ankle deep in the streets, before the real games begin.

    2. Anonymous10:38 am

      It will be like WAco Texas in Muricah...Where the white sheep will bleat and be grateful that it was not them and proceed to graze until the wold leaps out and gets them too in a surprise attack

    3. JP. I agree Mate.

      Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Free State but also the North west and the Cape.

      Read an article yesterday that there are 2500 Dollar millionares living in the garden route. Don't think they will go unnoticed when the shit starts flying.
      Malema wets himself sometimes thinking of putting up camp in Stellenbosch and surroundings.

      The land invansions itself will be a fuckup for them. With no sense of managing well organised teams and planning it will be what we have seen with the strikes and so on. Just plundering and theft of goods. While Malema thinks they will actually 'occupy' land is where the joke starts. Within 4 weeks most areas will be plundered into chaos then what.?. You can occupy someone else' house for only so long until you get hungry. Surely Eskom and water suppliers will cut off all supplies sooner or later then what.? No free stuff in the white neighbourhood nigger.

      As for occupying vacant land. Ja, that's the big joke. How long will Mr kaffir EFF sit in the sun with no water, no food, no idea of what to do next. But land he wants, it is land he got.?? WHAT THEN.?. They will slowly go back to their kaffir nests only too happy to have scored a 3 phase motor or borehole pump. ( not knowing that 3 phase motor gaan nie by jou shack werk nie houtkop.)

      Giving them land they will try and sell it the next day already. But once again, dissapointment. His kaffir buddies don't have money to buy it, the whites will refuse to buy it, WHAT THEN KAFFIR.? HAU.?

      Vacant land + dumb kaffir = nothing

      I think Julias forgot how terribly stupid his own people are and his giving them way too much credit for thinking they will go the distance.

      My R50's worth...

    4. Anonymous2:54 pm

      Hon boere lacosta notre 12:19 You know what he is going to do with the Motor and pump ? Sell it. This Lot dont know what work is , let alone spell it , they to far gone , having sat around since leaving school , they probably dont even know where to begin. So they sit and talk crap and come up with ideas that makes sure they dont need to do any EFFORT to get forward by demanding .
      Same with the Poo flingers or shitbucket carriers actually what they good for. His brother mixshitama is good for nothing probably couldnt even hold a broom. So they talk crap and threaten, they get support by the same that are the same, Unemployable just there.

    5. @ JP Viljoen...Could you please do us a favour and ad the name of Albertus van Wyk to our list of traitors...


      Thanks mate.

    6. @ Mike,
      Los die man. Hy't n kwaai sussie.
      Ene Margaret v Wyk. Say no more...except: Birdie num-num.

    7. Good Man.

      Daniel...what do you have on your brain again?

  3. Molon labe little flat nosed, rotund mouth breather. I'll be ready for you ....make my day!

  4. Malema is right and whites should go back where they came from which is Holland, France and Britain. Does a dog born in a stable make it a horse? No! Mike is showing his hypocrisy yet again, using his argument blacks born in Europe have a right to it but he would disagree so quid pro quo.

    1. Anonymous9:52 am

      shaka... what you are saying is just because you were born in a hospital we cant really call you human.

    2. Anonymous10:13 am

      Does a black born in a white hospital make it white?

    3. Anonymous10:14 am

      I am white and was born in South Africa, so fuck you sub human piece of shit!
      If you want me out of this country come and try your luck kaffir. I am waiting for you!

    4. Anonymous10:20 am

      Whatever, dildo brain......

    5. Anonymous10:41 am

      Malema went back to England for us already. We saw how he returned to England to take orders from his globalist handlers.

      You have no idea how badly you have been played. The truth will come out one day and you will feel like a tool when you realise that we were never your enemy to begin with.

    6. Anonymous10:58 am

      Fuck off back to your cave cunt. Your ignorance will be your downfall.... vaalpens

    7. Nog n snotpikkende blue-gum who wants to gooi a little Latin. Eish my bru...first try to get your tenses right. Like in 'Europe HAS....?
      Klink soos daai anner 'regsgeleerde' meid wat sukkel met 'Dollis Ewêntchillis'.

    8. Anonymous11:29 am

      If smwhites born in Africa are africans. Blacks born in Europe are european too?

    9. Anonymous12:29 pm

      The Malema option would be worse than Zimbabwe, worthless money, 80% unemployment, no food, disease, more death etc.

      And fighting, pushing people in corner makes them fight, people who were once peaceful will have nothing left to lose and do whatever it takes to protect themselves and their family. At whatever cost.

    10. Anonymous2:58 pm


      Holland, France and Britain?

      Try Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town.

    11. Anonymous2:59 pm

      Here we have the same pap brain talking shit thinking it will get him far , you just another blackman in africa. Wishing the Whites away will only bring you more shit , when you go full out at each other, so you better watch your brother stupid.

    12. Anonymous6:40 pm

      Aaahh yawn, can you come with some other ridiculous argument why the land belongs to the blacks blah blah, whites stole the land blah blah because it is getting tiresome, if you want the land don' t argue just come and get it okay, capisce!

    13. Anonymous9:01 am

      Is whites born in Africa are africans. So blacks born in Europe are european?

    14. Anonymous2:15 pm


      To this very day you and we are being used by the elite for their own benefit.
      The average dude in the street has no real say, black or white

      You and your brothers project your anger at us as you have been conditioned to do.

      Our anger is projected at you and yours primarily because of the murder of our kind by your brethren, as you experience here.

      You do know that the bulk of whites have had no say in anything of importance that has gone down in this country since the first impoverished settlers to this very day?

      You and your brethren mistake us for the elite and their many mouthpieces who so love to sow discord amongst people in order to cause division amongst two races who were truly living contentedly side by side in a symbiotic relationship.

      Blacks who wanted to further their education could go to one of the quality black universities if they had the calling.
      There were also successful black entrepreneurs.
      There were no starving people in South Africa back in the days of apartheid.
      It was the closest to a rainbow nation kumbaya that anyone could ever wish for.

      The elitist enemy and sowed his seed of Lying discord amongst two nations who were living happily and seperately.

      The reason being they wished for total control of all the wealth of SA and the biggest being they hate us and wish to remove us from the face of this earth.
      They are pushing for our destruction at your hands, and then they plan for it to be Your turn.

      Separation is a good thing:

      It entitles each group to live within their own culture to obtain ultimate happiness without restrictions.

      The elite have removed this natural cultural barrier which exposes both sides to too much friction.

      Just as you suffer we suffer.

  5. Anonymous9:21 am

    They boikot, toi toi and struggle for fucking ever. They are in a revolution for fucking longer than ever. Twenty two years ago we said to ourselves; great, no more kak about revolution and struggle and kak, but seems it will go on for ever and ever into fucking eternity they will struggle. Now they talking about slaughter. This will probably also go on to eternity. Oh fuck, they make me sick, I am going to kots. See you later. Cheers.

  6. Anonymous10:16 am

    LTMA? You gonna let this shit stand?

    1. Anonymous4:11 pm

      Yes, where is LTMA?

  7. Anonymous10:29 am

    These goons are being enabled by the rich globalist elite. They are the enemy.

    If we fight the locals, the globalists will come in with an African marshal plan (right after getting wealthy by funding 1 or more sides) and will use the marshal plan to get Africa indebted to the globalists who will call for Africa's minerals as payment.

    And under a 1 world system, there will be no international community to save these blacks. The blacks will not laugh last and will one day realise that we were never their enemy and that they were played like sock puppets by the globalist elite.

    We know that this will happen because it is how they used wars in Europe to create the EU and NATO and the UN and the league of nations.

    Only problem is that whites will end up under the elite's thumb as well.

    We are being sicked onto each other like pit bull dogs in a cage fight while the fat ugly rich elite sit up in the VIP stands with their hooker women draped all over them.

    Blacks are just sock puppets. We need to find a way to swat them aside as rapidly as possible so that we dont get flanked by the elite globalists in this war.

    Look, we all know that Mal Emmer is getting his orders from the (gay)lords and ladies of London. We see his trips there.

    If they try to exterminate us, we show them how WE burn shit. We burn everything from here to the equator. LEave nothing and take from them everything...

  8. Whiteman10:32 am

    My friends, malema gave an incredible speech ! Especially for a nignog. Take note, he did not even use a telly-promptor. How many whiteys, were able to understand what he was saying, and have the ability, to READ BETWEEN THE LINES ? The last whiteman to be able to give such a POTENT speech, was E.T. I hope the libturds will listen very carefully to this speech, because all whiteys are in the same boat, on this one. Now you may think I am a liberal arsehole, for complimenting malema ? No, I just have the ability to be OBJECTIVE, even if it causes pain and nausea. Malema is the best running horse at present, to make this NSA house of cards to collapse. That is why I like him. Because all the thinking patriots know, this country MUST collapse, if we are to achieve any form of freedom. With every day that passes, the job gets more and more difficult, and the price, in blood gets higher. Bring it on ju-ju !

    1. Anonymous1:04 pm

      you are short sighted. The collapse will not bring freedom. The elite that are funding malema and telling him to do this are not dumb. They want the collapse because it will help the elite consolidate power. Just like they did after 2 world wars with the U.N. and league of nations.

      Blacks are stupid and because they are stupid, they dont realise that they are being played like muppets by the gaylords of London. Blacks are being used as pawns against whites.

      I only see two choices. Either we convince blacks not to wage race war and reject globalism that makes them poor or we go full boere mall ninja and clean up. I would prefer the former. The latter serves the elite, just like the World wars before us.

    2. Whiteman10:21 pm

      Anonymous 1:04 pm, I agree with you, that we only have two choices. There is a ( not so ) undeclared war of atrition, between black and white, going on, in this country. It dates back as far as you wish to go, depending on preference. Money men have ALWAYS ruled te world. And yes, you and I, have ALWAYS been the pawns, and canon fodder in their hands. But right now, we are subjected to a slow genocide in this country. If not physical death, it is financial death, which is probably worse. So if you are a martyr type, you shut your mouth, and take it like a man/woman, and just dissapear off the face of the earth. If you are a fighter, you fight to win, and sort out your immediate threat/enemy first. Then you go for the elites, and you destroy them as well, and you fight as dirty as it takes, to get the job done !

    3. @ Whiteman who said, "...and you fight as dirty as it takes, to get the job done !"

      I don't like it when people use the words "fight" and "dirty" together, although I understand what they mean.

      To me the word "dirty" as in "Fighting dirty" is a completely redundant word seeing that all fighting is "dirty".

      In fact using the word dirty has a negative connotation to it and might even prevent you from fighting "all out", because it will subconsciously hold you back.

      Besides it is all relative. What others call "fighting dirty" I call "using superior strategy and tactics" such as superior speed, superior power, the element of surprise, gaining and maintaining the initiative, etc.

      I stopped using the phrase "dirty fight" when I was about 16 years old and kicked the arse off the school bully. To me there is no such thing as a "dirty" fight. There is just a fight. In a true no holds barred fight, there are no rules, no time outs and a possibility to lose your life.

      Every single person on earth has a killer instinct and is capable of fighting extremely dirty. It just comes out at different levels. For a mother it might be when her child is threatened. For you it might be when a taxi cuts you off, but the moment that killer switch is flipped, there is no such thing as a clean fight or a dirty fight. Everything goes.

    4. Convince blacks not to wage war hahaha goodluck with that. We have been trying that for over 300 years. Seems you only have one choice left. Ninja way.

    5. Anonymous1:21 am

      I watched many dirty fights in my youth. It was known as mud wrestling and was almost as entertaining as bitch volleyball.

    6. Whiteman2:10 am

      Mike, you are right ! Bad choice of words on my part. The Isralites were brutal, in their wars against their enemies. By Geneva Convention standards today, they would be up for war crimes, or crimes against humanity. But they operated directly under Gods command, and explicit instruction. I read once, that the sons of Jacob had a war cry during battle. It was so INSPIRED, and frightening, that on hearing it, the pregnant heathen females would abort, on the spot ! ( I think the libturds would definitely call this fighting " dirty ! " )

    7. Yeah, Mike, "fight to win, at all costs, whatever it takes" and while we're about be as brutal as you can be and make it as gruesome as possible. Fuck civilised! Remember what they have done to our farmers, women, old people and children and treat them the same. Let that be our inspiration and motivation.

      Dony, I agree with you and Whiteman, the Boere Ninja way is the only way - total extermination and the we worry about the global elite. Hopefully Putin will take care of them to some extent and they'll be a severely depleted and demotivated force.

      If our fellow blind Whites' eyes are open after this fat little slug's latest rant, I really don't know. I'm in agreement with Whiteman here too. He is doing more to open our non-believers' eyes than anyone else.

      Vasbyt & saamstaan Boere, die kak is nie vêr nie!

      Ex Unitate Vires.

  9. Anonymous10:54 am

    He also wants the banks (how is that connected to the land?)

    He does not realise that after land grabs, the Rand will go the Zim dollar route.

    My fellow white men, if we are not good enough for Africa, neither is our capital.

    Use your discretionary allowances and move all and any asset abroad (after turning it into cash). Krugerrands are also a good bet (just keep them safe).

    I feel like drawing down my entire bond and moving it abroad. If Malema takes my property, I'll let the bank know from whom they can collect payment.

    1. Anonymous11:59 am

      Point taken... but do you think the banks will sit back and let this happen?

    2. Anonymous12:37 am

      WHAT are commercial banks in Zim doing ?
      HOW are they collecting the outstanding bonds from dispossessed white farmers ?
      HOW are they surviving calling in loans and still making money ?
      Find those answers and you may begin to understand that the banks actually do not give a shit about you -- Mr Piet Pompies

    3. Anonymous2:38 pm

      Apart from keeping a hold on SA's natural resources, the elite wish to exterminate the hated whites.

  10. Anonymous11:11 am

    Blah blah blah....the idiot is just big mouth as usual. All huff and puff after his kangaroo court appearance. In reality he is to much of a coward to take the Boere on, him and his muppet sapotas like this shaka idiot. Bring it one bitches, we will wipe the floor with you bunch of bigmouths. All they can do is murder old people on farms, nothing more.

    1. Whiteman2:13 pm

      Anonymous 11:11 am, what you say here, is exactly what the whiteys said about mugabe, long time ago. How come the nignogs have managed to chase the whiteys out of various African countries ? Not just old people, but whole populations. And MANY, who were not so lucky, were chopped to pieces, in true African " tradition ! " Did you notice on that video clip, how the crowd responded to malema, when he started to sing and dance ? It is called mob hysteria. The black barbarian in particular, is very prone to this behaviour. Now when they are in this state, the next step, is when blood starts to flow. Anybodys blood is good enough, because it activates the animal, barbaric, killer instinct in them. They then become unstoppable, and calling them cowards, will not help you at all. Rather become part of a group of patriots, who understands these creatures, and knows how to fight them, and win !

    2. This is exactly what the libs say. This is exactly what the farmer thought before he wass hacked 70 times with a panga, his wife raped and his baby burnt with a hot iron

    3. Anonymous12:40 am

      The ONLY way you can ever win is by scorched earth -- leave NOTHING
      See how the Xhosa starved during the great cattle killing.
      It put an end to the frontier wars.
      Starvation and pestilence are the ONLY way
      There are not enough bullets. ( or Whites )

  11. Anonymous11:12 am

    this same article is under Front National facebook page??


    1. Anonymous1:26 pm

      author Jillian Alcott??

  12. Anonymous11:14 am

    check hoe lag daai antie vir die dom domestic met haar ou rooi beretjie ha ha ha

    1. Is dit ons skuld dat die sleg wetters besef ons is superior. Dis al ding wat hulle nog ooit in hul hele bestaan reggekry het.

  13. Anonymous11:31 am

    No, not Malema. The (((people))) who pull his strings.

  14. Anonymous11:32 am

    Malema is right. European are not african, this is not hour country. Back to Zoorope.

    1. Anonymous12:51 pm

      Thank God I am not homo naledi like you guys :D

    2. Anonymous9:30 pm

      @Anon 11:32AM

      South Africa was built by whites and WAS better than many European countries. Now it isn't even better than some other African countries.

      Even though you lot have turned a prosperous white country into a typical black African country, it's still not yours.

    3. Anonymous1:17 am

      Hey black fuckup, if Malema the big POS is so right , then why do millions of sub human kaffirs risk life and limb to get to the white mans countries?. Surely it then must be better in Africa, not so?.. Yea doos think before you post kak please...

    4. Anonymous9:06 am

      "South Africa was built by whites and WAS better than many European countries. " ?????? And???? SA isnot your country. Go back Zoorope. Africans dont want your people here, you big white shit.

    5. Anonymous2:18 pm

      @9.06 Actually shit is brown, not white....

    6. Anonymous4:05 pm

      @Anon 9:06am

      TT and BN are absolutely right. Debating with you lot is like pissing against the wind.

    7. Anonymous9:18 pm

      @Anon 2:18pm

      Shit is also between Anon 9:06's ears.

  15. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Saul Alinsky rules of radicals.Malema fit profile of the Agent.Continiously agtitating.Remember his early interactions with media accusing i think a jourmalist as a bloody agent.Another tule of radicals.Dont think he will start something he cant stop.

  16. Anonymous12:14 pm

    You Whites are completely delusional. Even other Whites don''t care about you pathetic keyboard warriors. The Brits whacked the Boers. The Nazis whacked the French and Poles. US and UK combined strength and whacked the Nazis good and proper. History is replete with different segment of Whites at each other's throat. Remember the Hundred Years War? Remember the French Revolution? Remember Napoleon and his Grande Armee rampage across Europe. You see you Whites are the most destructive and prone for violence yet you whine and point fingers at other races. Can't you see hypocrisy when it slaps you in the face. And just so you know, before you keyboard wankers call me nigger or other variety of racist abuse, I'm not black. I hope Mike is man enough to approve my comment. I would love to debate you White Bigots!

    1. Anonymous12:50 pm

      You are so right, so go back to Uganda and stop following us around. I mean, we are soooo violent, which is why we build 3 meter walls around our homes to keep us from being violent on you and attacking you.

      We are sooooo violent that we build electric fences to stop us from attacking you as we sit in our homes and you walk past our homes.

    2. Anonymous12:59 pm

      You are very right.

      We whites fight too much amongst each other while we violently oppress black people by building blacks hospitals and schools (which you peacefully burn down while we violently build them and violently pay for them)

      We should not violently attack each other white people. unite against the peaceful muti murderers. Unite against the peaceful child rapists with their ukhutwala.

    3. What do you want to debate about.?

      50 bucks says you're a Koolie.?. I need some help with my lamb beryani bru, any advice.?. Also my GTI is not pulling so strong man. Do you think it's the airflow meter or the new management setup..?

    4. Anonymous1:29 pm

      Wow, put up your real identity and profile big man. Lets talk face to face.

    5. Not black...but definately not white either.
      Which makes you a ghoffel. Probably the pêssin-ghêp kind?
      So. Debate is out. Lets rather discuss the merits of taking dick two ways.

    6. Anonymous2:18 pm

      You might not be black anon 12:14 but you are still a kaffir. I'm a proud bigot you filthy suicidal multi-culti prophet. What are you going to do about it bad boy?

    7. Anonymous2:19 pm

      So whats your point? If you live in SA then you are a liberal idiot if you cannot see the way things are going. If your wife gets raped or you lose your home then I'm sure a slap in the face would be preferable. If you live on Mars then who is the bigot?

    8. Anonymous5:01 pm

      Debate you on what? You make a few historical points and then name call. What do you stand for?

    9. Anonymous6:54 pm

      Well you must also be a keyboard warrior and wanker to read MS and write bollocks like that.

    10. Anonymous9:13 pm

      Anon 12:14PM

      If whites were destructive and prone to violence then there would not be 40 million of you, more like 40,000.

    11. Anonymous10:55 pm

      "I would love to debate you White Bigots!"

      I would love to bliksem you!

    12. Anonymous12:05 am

      Anon 10:55 I would love to help you.

    13. I posted at the wrong reply box. It is corrected now.

      "Whites are the most destructive..."

      In comparison with what other race? You make it seem as if it was only Whites who made war, while history shows that ALL the races on earth made war with each other and with their own at one time or another.

      Check your history on how the Zulu nation was born. There you will see all-out war of black against black. Whole tribes were slaughtered and the interior was made clear of the people who lived there. There were not a single White person involved there.

      The Yellow races; Japanese, Chinese, etc. fought each other all the time. The American Indians fought each other in bloody battles long before any Whites set their foot in the Americas.

      Recently the people in Burundi fought each other, which led to one of the most tragic genocides in the history of the world. In Sudan the Sudanese had been fighting each other in a bloody war for years now.

      War and fighting is a human thing and is not something applicable to one race.

      Whites were actually always keepers of the peace. It seems to me that their wars were mainly to gain peace afterwards. The truth is that it is because of Whites that we actually have less wars today than before. Amongst others, Whites created weapons of such power, that it made war unfeasible.

      Whites were also the ones who put diplomacy in place of war. Just check your history and you will see the greatest diplomats were Whites.

      In modern times, White countries are the most peaceful countries in the world.

      As for calling readers of this blog pathetic keyboard warriors, I don't know, Anonymous. In South Africa we are currently in a very serious situation which is going to end up in bloody fighting.

      You must keep in mind that war is fought on many levels. Remember that famous quote; the Pen is mightier than the Sword. This has been proven repeatedly. In modern times, it can be seen that revolutions started via messages on social media and blogs. The top armies of the world are already involved in cyber wars of gigantic proportions.
      The Internet is just another weapon of war and the whole world is using it.

      The Internet gives us a way to share our ideas and to debate. Exactly what we are doing here...

      Mike’s blog is going to be in the History books one day and kids will have to write exams about us, baby…

    14. My word, where is Mr/Mrs I-want-to-debate-your-White-bigots now. Are the replies a bit too robust and intelligent for him/her or what? That is the thing about liberals; just sprinkle a little truth over them and gone they are...

  17. Anonymous1:42 pm

    More info on malema's threat from Kenny Kunene


  18. Anonymous1:45 pm

    I saw the video.

    I don't think there is any reasoning with blacks anymore.

    I am done negotiating. Blacks must do whatever. We mlungus did our best without slitting our own wrists to please these evil people.

    1. Anon 1:45 Agreed. I have never considered negotiating with the fucking things. There is no point. And the sooner they get to"doing what they must do", the better. This living in limbo is pure bullshit.

      I feel sorry for those who do not believe and are not prepared, but we can only beg and plead so much for them to open their eyes. I mean we have this blog, Praag, Suidlanders and a host of FB sites all telling them the same thing yet the still cling to the Rainbow Nightmare.

    2. Anonymous2:21 am


      The only negotiating is where in our future museum we put the statue, other than that there will never be negotiating.

      Leave none alive, show no mercy whatsoever.

    3. Anonymous10:27 pm

      It is virtually impossible to reason with kaffir mentality.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anonymous10:59 am

      You are a racist for removing your own comment :D

    2. Hehe, if I was racist, I wouldn't have been on this blog. Check a little higher up at Phoenix 2:46 and you'll see I reposted it there... :)

  20. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Firstly, lets get one thing clear, the globalists are not wanting to take over, they OWN SA already.

    RSA is on loan from the iMF & World Bank, FW de Klerk, Johann Rupert & others put us here in 1994 already. WE ARE SOLD, they thought they could own the ANC of Mandela, it worked, he was a stage managed monkey & all went well.

    They are now dealing with a very different ANC of Jacob Zuma however.

    Jacob Zuma has already said that Africans do not own the SA economy in more than one speech.

    He has also said that "Afrikaners are the true South Africans, as opposed to the English & their capital who killed the boers for gold"

    JZ has also signed BRICS agreements & supports true black empowerment.

    Julius Malema is an agent of white anglo capital in London, his trips abroad, show you who butters his bread for him.

    On the one hand he is a challenge for the ANC because of his radical policies but on the other he has gained marginal support in voters, he is mostly used as a co- partner for the DA & general rabble rousing.

    His aim is really to get rid of the ANC which will never happen.
    The English burnt down Ulundi & Msholozi has not forgotten this.

    Dirk Slabbert
    Burgersdorp, O-K

    1. Anonymous12:27 am

      Here we go again
      The dastardly English
      Battle of ULUNDI
      Burning of oNdini
      04 July 1879

      Please do tell who burnt down
      As well as many other homesteads in Zululand in December 1838

    2. Anonymous2:24 am

      who cares?

    3. Anonymous6:39 am

      Dirk Slabbert should
      Seeing as he made the original statement
      Perhaps it is just that for some people accuracy is not important.

  21. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Why don't we do as the russians, burn the earth, the squater camps and everything else behind us as we retreat to a safety area and let the kaffirs die of thirst and starvation

  22. http://africannewsupdates.com/2016/11/05/people-drink-two-glasses-water-day-will-face-law-says-minister-water-sanitation/?utm_source=WhatsApp&utm_medium=IM&utm_campaign=share

    1. Anonymous10:53 am

      funny guy... Onions anyone??

  23. justice seeker9:05 pm

    africa belongs to blacks but then theu must stay out of every european country and not even be able to bank money there not drive european cars wear european watches ime swiss made or breitling watches etc etc. im all for every white swopping what they have in sa for what a kaffir in europe has. lets start a petition now.

    1. Anonymous1:31 am

      And don't forget the white man's medicine that keeps their AIDs infected arses alive. Without white man the nigger is completely fucked!

    2. Anonymous2:36 am

      Justice seeker, do you know why europe does not want whites returning home ?
      Because they own the SA economy . I hope the SA kaffirs put the pressure down on local whites & in turn Europe will lose their cheap minerals down south to the chinese & russians.

      I agree, fuck africa, let us come home to Europe to a first world country & get rid of the kaffirs in Europe & the whites in Africa.

      Most whites in RSA have never visited the US, UK, Australia or other first world countries so this is why they always claim to be true south africans managing white capital from Europe in the kaffirs back yard of africa.

      Whites in africa are a sick lot, they despise kaffirs in europe yet want to remain in a kaffir continent like africa & expect kaffirs to act like umlungus in europe.

      Start a petition & i will join you.

      Had enough of the kaffirs in africa, they will always be a backward nation in the majority, if Europe lets us return home, I am on the first flight home.

  24. The underlining message of these utterances already at work.
    4 Stoepkakkers attacked Buks Oostuizen whilst he and his family were camping on the banks of the Vaal river.
    First engulfing all to eat, they muhred Oostuizen to a pulp with a spade....with the family having had to look on. Festivities were concluded with a bit of dance and sing-a-long.
    Would poephol aka Anon 12:14 care to further debate?

    1. Anonymous12:55 am

      Forget about the debating
      Are you still too lazy to provide a proper link ?
      Of moet ons maar kak praat oor ons weet nie eintlik waaroor ons debateer nie

    2. Anonymous2:22 am

      gaan soek jy gatkramp!

    3. Ignoramus 12:15
      Laziness belongs to those who forever wants a 'link'.
      Lig jou anale gang en lees wyer.
      Otherwise take note :- Ta mere suce le penis d'animaux pour l'argent. ( suppose you need a link you cnt ? )

    4. Anonymous5:38 am

      It's a bit late to say that Buks should have done this or that, but he was 47 years old therefore probably did national service and must have had some foundation in self defense. Besides where was his firearm, or his fighting knife, walking stick, bush knife or pepper spray. These things should be part of every persons EDC.
      I am very sad For Buks family and friends who have lost a very dear person who obviously had a love for the outdoors and nature.
      I myself go camping and I refuse to let the savage Kaffir force me to live a life behind walls, gates, lazer beams and monitoring by a security company, so when I go camping, I make no noise wear or have no bright colours on me, I carry a CQC knife and firearm with at least 3 mags on me at all times even when sleeping and occasionally pepper spray. I do all-round observation at all times and set up perimeter security at night.
      When I did bush fase during national service they took all our R4 straps away so that our rifles were always in our hands ready for action. This should be our attitude more than ever in the times we live.

    5. Anonymous6:35 am

      I am afraid laziness belongs to those who think we must accept THEIR words at face-value
      Sorry but you are not in my "trust-ring"
      It would have been so much easier to just provide the link
      Oh wait
      You don't have one ........

    6. Anonymous8:29 am

      Anonymous 6:35am

    7. Funny how Anon 5:38 ( as part of your 'we'? ) could even establish the deceased's age with no LINK given.
      Your 'easier' spells 'lazier'.
      Otherwise...the only 'ring' I'm aware of....is die ring om jou poephol.

    8. Anonymous12:20 pm

      anon 5.38
      you are an absolute clown and a dickhead of note. Buks was sta a t a fire. He was taken by surprise from the shadows with a klap to the head. He could never have seen it coming.
      Get real you stupid clot.

    9. Never leave your house in Code White.

    10. Anonymous1:37 pm

      Thanks for the links
      My search skills are obviously not up to the mark.
      Thank goodness I still have -- a poephol
      As Mike Smith says -- NEVER leave your house in code white mode.

      Pity the attacked party never had a dog -- even a little fox terrier.

      At night -- NEVER look INTO a fire -- leads to momentary night blindness.

    11. Anonymous3:28 pm

      12:20 I just give up, there are simple procedures that will at least give one the upper hand in a confrontation, you go calling people clown or whatever, but by the Grace of God I am still alive after surviving a failed hijack, and a Kaffir confrontation in the bush twice.

    12. Anon 1:37
      Thks for the links ( cause I'm a lazy phoooos )
      My search skills....( is fcn useless )
      Thk goodness I still have a poephol...( in actual fact you have two. What's that between your ears? )
      Qaint remark about the doggie & fire. Any LINK ?

  25. Anonymous2:13 am

    Ares embodied the physical valor necessary for success in war, he was a dangerous force, "overwhelming, insatiable in battle, destructive, and man-slaughtering."

    The killers should be ready.


  26. Anonymous3:13 am

    Why do I get the impression that blogs like this are the actual 'last stand' of whites in SA.

    1. Anonymous9:40 am

      because everyone else has stock holms syndrome

    2. Is that similar to stock car syndrome. I know some guys who suffer from that.

    3. Anonymous12:00 pm

      hey I was typing and eating FFS :) ... Stockholm?

  27. Anonymous3:27 am

    So scared of the minority ethnic group.

    3.5 million whites.

    X amount are retired / too old to fight. (No disrespect)

    X amount are in school (Sure some will fight)

    X amount are babies

    X amount are liberal and will probably join the eff.

    X amount WILL fight back (My guess + - 500 000)

    In reality they are shit scared of about 500 000 people.

    (The X amounts above can also be translated into the black numbers respectively, obviously just more)

    In anyways they have missed the time to implement an effective genocide.

    Majority was with the ANC in 94, now they have all splintered into different political parties and are hanging on for dear life now which means a headless chicken scenario.

    However remain vigilant its not a Sunday stroll.

    1. Anonymous5:51 am

      Give me 20 of those that are still at school, large physical appearance not a pre requisite rather an aptitude for abstract thinking and prudent foresight IE must have the brains to always be 1 or more steps ahead and well the rest is only speculative, some of us may be to old to fight but not to old to teach, and I don't mean to kom op parade.

    2. Anonymous2:19 am


      Those 500,000 are the same size as Russias army. There are 4.5 million not 3.5 million and dont forget the 2 million over seas.

      And dont forget the white supremacists growing daily in the US and the west.

      We are more like 25 million because if the shit hits the fan here, these guys dont know what they are in for.

      They will not be able to put out the fire. This time there will be no surrender until they kill every last one of us.

      So they better get it 100% right, if not there will be no place for a single karasite in the borders of South Africa.

      Apartheid will seem like the best of heaven when it is unleashed on them here in the future.

      Better start training boys/girls if you havent or get your minds right NOW because there is not too much time left.

  28. Anonymous5:27 am


    1. Anonymous12:14 pm

      This argument must be settled in a court of law. Once and for all.

  29. Anonymous5:34 am

    A scenario:

    I am sitting on my stoep minding my own business and I see eff members enter my property.

    Can I shoot them because they have already incited genocide?

    They have publicly stated they want to slaughter whites therefore their presence can only mean they are coming to slaughter me and I have every right to defend my life as it is in danger.

    Sweetie bring my shotgun.

    1. Anonymous9:23 am

      its only an issue if you dont have a spade near by ROFLMAO!!!

  30. Anonymous8:42 am

    Effing bastards - Unconscious man bludgeoned to death with spade - http://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/gauteng/unconscious-man-bludgeoned-to-death-with-spade/

    1. Anonymous12:09 pm

      wow. All the big words on this blog did not help this man. keyboard warfare is clearly ineffective. Sorry guys this is too terrible. We need to think deeper.

  31. Anonymous9:10 am

    "Asia for asians, Europe for european, and Africa for africans"
    So what white european are doing in South Africa? Back to home, back to poor slovenia. TRUE africans dont like you guys.

    1. Anonymous11:59 am

      You blacks brutally oppressed us whites by STEALING most of planet earth's resources in Africa and STEALING more than your fare share of the earth's land. Vacate the African continent, racist oppressor

  32. Whiteman9:24 am

    Anonymous 5:34 am, your light hearted comment, has got more depth than we perhaps realize. We are definitely edging closer to the first serious showdown, between black and white. It would be interesting to test the scenario you have described in a court of law. Maybe the judge will want to know, if the intruder/s wore EFF clothing, and/or identification ? Were they armed with anything, including sticks ? You can kill a person with a stick. I believe we will soon have answers to all these difficult questions !

  33. Anonymous9:55 am

    if we allegedly oppressed the black man because we restricted him to 10 % of the land of SA (yes yes, I have read pandoras box, just humour me) then if you look at Europe, we can say that in a 1 world system, the blacks brutally oppressed the white man for restricting us to tiny europe while the blacks helped themselves to 90% of the worlds resources and most of the land. Africa is huge.

    Black people have now officially brutally oppressed the whites because they took most of the land for themselves in planet earth.

    Therefore are we now entitled to start murdering black farmers?

    Can you not see the hypocrisy ?

    Never ever take the black man seriously ever again for he has brutally oppressed us and taken most of the earth's resources and stolen them from Noah and his sons.

    RAcist blacks have brutally oppressed whites. Time to take a stand against these vile racists who have brutally oppressed the people of the earth by stealing all of the land for themselves

  34. Anonymous10:55 am

    There are 40 blacks per square km in Africa.
    There are 73 whites per square km in Europe.

    Therefore, the blacks have oppressed the whites by stealing more than their fair share of land on planet earth (and the minerals.

    We will take the southern half of africa as compensation for the vile act of racism from blacks and for the suffering they have caused :)

    Can Boere mall ninja agree with me on this? :D

    (suddenly Sipho realised that the shoe on the other foot didnt work out too well for him)

    1. Anonymous5:22 pm

      "We will take the southern half of africa as compensation for the vile act of racism from blacks and for the suffering they have caused :) "

      Die trying, babie :P
      Native africans will not never give to ghosts OUR land. Only die trying, ok?

    2. Anonymous3:15 am

      White will always rule you stinking kaffirs- look up north, who is feeding and keeping your useless kaffirs alive. Yes the white man you fucking sub human piece of shit!

    3. Anonymous6:56 am

      @Anon 5:22pm

      Why don't you take some night classes before posting on here?

  35. Anonymous1:08 pm

    European NEVER will be (south) african. So get out my continent.

    1. Anonymous3:13 am

      And Kaffir will never be human, so fuck you and die!

    2. Anonymous6:52 am

      @Anon 1:08pm

      South Africa is a country NOT a continent. Don't you people know anything?

    3. South Africa is a continent now? well alllrighty then.

  36. Anonymous2:15 am


    Its not long now.

    Notice how this gets louder & louder as Zuma loses control. This is a party setup by them knowing full well they would eventually lose and want to do what they have always wanted to do.

    And then we have dick heads on here who call me crazy for saying the same thing Malema says. I say get rid of these Karasites, every last, single bastard.

    There is not a single bone of decency in any of them. We have no where to go but they have the rest of Africa, he better be careful he puts the lives of all karasites in danger.

    We dont stop until the equator and we dont stop until there is not one single one left from the Cape to the equator.

  37. I think if it wasnt for the Globalists having a tight leash from 1994 on their nignog puppets, they would have wanted to genocide us back then.. now they are becoming restless and grown bold enough to say a big FU to their handlers. According to the liberals apartheid was the most vilest thing ever. But in reality the blacks on the whole grew fat. If it was so bad you can bet your ass they wouldnt have settled for reconcile.
    Malema,Zuma etc, they want what we have. Not even their handlers can tame something so wild and out of control. We should all go marching to Malema and tell him to start putting words into action. And give him a star on his head for saying who really owns SA.
    Time to fight guys!! There is no other way. Either they outbreed us into extinction or they manage to slowly genocide us.