05 November 2016

Guy Fawkes Day 2016 - The revolution is near

By Mike Smith
5th of November 2016

Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot!





  1. Anonymous1:13 am

    They say Guy Fawkes was the only person ever who went to Parliament with honest intentions.

  2. Anonymous1:44 am

    The time has come for the ANC to takes its place on top of the bonfire.

  3. Anonymous10:43 am

    Nigel Farage says May has BUCKLED over Brexit and will not secure control of borders


    Seems the UK is gearing up for another "Guido Fawkes"




  4. Zuma is toast. Doesn't matter if he goes left or if he goes right. Only a matter of time now. He reminds me of Napoleon in Animal farm... 'The end is nigh'


    1. Anonymous6:56 am

      Ja Boere and the dumb white liberals are all Boxer the horse

    2. We are all Boxer the horse in some sense..

      Personal income tax
      Fuel levy
      Unjust taxes; sugar tax, alcohol ect..
      Toll fees
      Secondary tax on companies / dividends
      Specific excise duties
      Other direct and indirect taxes
      Air passenger tax
      Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
      Corporate Income Tax
      Customs Duties
      Diamond Export Levy
      Dividends Tax
      Donations Tax
      Estate duty
      Excise duty
      Mineral and Petroleum royalties
      Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
      Provisional Tax
      Securities Transfer Tax
      Skills Development Levy (SDL)
      Stamp duty
      Transfer duty
      Uncertificated Securities Tax
      Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)
      Withholding Tax on Interest...... .................................

      Some people seem to have forgotten what happened to Boxer.

    3. Anonymous1:37 am

      You right Boere and thats why I believe a region whether a single farm or an area of a few hundred square kms going autonomous and not paying taxes and being self sufficient except maybe for diesel and meds would be the greatest act of defiance against the anc/DA SA as it would deny thm money.

  5. Anonymous12:35 pm

    KNOW YOUR ENEMY. You might find them under the mask of your friends.

  6. @ Mike,
    Can you by any chance explain more about the Alt-Right movement? Another blog explained insets like yours above - the way to go when 'targeting' leftist forums.
    I don't fully comprehend the rationale behind this all.
    Specially with reference to 'cucks' ( & non-cucks? ) and the like.
    Any idea?

    1. Anonymous1:13 am

      Must Mike draw you some pictures dude? Plenty of stuff on the net that explain it. Even Praag can help you.

  7. Anonymous7:08 am

    Guy Fawks was just one of many plots through the ages by the Jesuits to bring England back under the Pope's control and force the people once again to submit to Vatican priest craft and all its vile superstitions.
    I think another possible reason for the plot was to scupper the translation work of the Textus Receptus authorized by King James, that every man could own his own Bible and not be ignorant of subtlety of that great whore of Babylon which resides in Rome.

  8. Anonymous2:28 am

    The word cucks comes from equation with the cuckoo bird as the enemy within.

    Although birds guard and fight off the cuckoo bird, this bird when it gets a chance, will surreptitiously lays it's eggs in another species of birds nest as they are parasitical by nature.

    When the eggs hatch the cuckoo chick will push the other chicks out, or the hosts true chicks will starve due to its voracious appetite size and strength. The host birds do not discriminate against this alien bird, and break their backs trying to satisfy the cuckoos appetite.

    Liberals are like the birds tolerating and feeding the cuckoo bird in their nests, at the expense of their own chicks, blind to the fact that they are perpetrating the doom of their own kind by their actions.

    Therefore the cuckoo bird is the enemy within our ranks who have cuckolded many of us, the ones who have been cuckolded and can't discern who our enemies are, are referred to as Cucks.

    Leftist forums are attacked with memes (Internet warfare), to awaken white people to the huge cuckoo bird in their midst, before we all get kicked out of the nest.

    These memes awaken people as they are mostly pictorial, satirical and use humor which has the ability to break through years of the politically correct brainwashing of whites.

    A picture says a thousand words ---
    So in a glance pictorially, one can get the essence of the equivalent of a large body of text that presented typographally, many will not bother to read.