12 November 2016

Brian Molefe, the scandals and why he REALLY resigned

Corrupt scumbag Brian Molefe
By Mike Smith
12th of November 2016

Following the former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s State Capture report into corrupt ANC officials and their dealings and wheelings with the Gupta family, Eskom’s CEO Brian Molefe did the honourably thing, publicly cried some more crocodile tears and resigned.

Brian Molefe resigns from Eskom; denies wrongdoing

Amazingly the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) reckoned it was a setback for black excellence

Can somebody please explain to me how in the world it is possible that anybody can praise this corrupt scumbag and see him as a symbol of “Black Excellence”, an oxymoron if ever I have seen one?

The destruction of Eskom, load shedding, corrupt dealings between Eskom and the Guptas…Transnet and the Guptas…all on Molefe’s watch and they call that “Black excellence”? They must be condoning corruption.

Recently it has emerged that Molefe and Ajay Gupta, the eldest of three Gupta brothers, made 58 telephone calls to one another between August 2015 and March 2016. Molefe virtually camped out at the Gupta’s Saxonwold Shebeen. What were these calls and visits all about?

Let me explain to you what this bastard did in simple terms by means of a few examples, because everywhere you look, everywhere you start to scratch, you find a can of Gupta and Zuma worms. They are corrupt to the core.

How electricity prices went up and production down
under the ANC
The Guptas and Duduzane Zuma, son of Il Presedente Jacob “Msholozi” Zuma, together has a company called “Tegeta Exploration and Resources” that owns a coal mine called Brakfontein Colliery near Delmas in Mpumalanga which they run extremely dangerously, unsafe and like a typical “Coollie” shop.

Eskom holds a monopoly on electricity in South Africa. So when they hike prices, we have no other choice but to shut the fuck up and pay. Brian Molefe raised electricity tariffs to unaffordable levels and then prepaid the Guptas R650 million of your money for substandard coal Eskom did not need so that the Guptas could purchase all the shares in Optimum Coal Holdings (OCH), a company owned hitherto by mining giant Glencore in order to become the sole supplier of coal to Eskom’s power stations.

How electricity prices escalated and production fell since 2008

The lying scumbag Molefe then went and told the public: “We are just asking for money to deal with the issue of load shedding.”

Eskom needs tariff increase because load shedding is expensive: CEO

Now remember that Sanco calls this: “Black excellence” and sees Molefe as a savior and “The man who ended loadshedding”…

Iqbal Sharma
This is of course just the tip of the iceberg. In 2014, whilst CEO of Transnet Brian Molefe and the chairman of the Transnet board Iqbal Sharma (nephew of now dead ANC mattress Fatima Meer) , awarded contracts to the tune of R50 billion with four international manufacturing companies (China South Rail, Canada’s Bombardier, US General Electric and China North Rail) to build 1,064 locomotives.

Transnet Tender Scheme
According to the state procurement policy these foreign companies are required to source up to 60% of their locomotive components from South African subcontractors.

Of course, Iqbal Sharma got his position at Transnet due to the Gupta’s string pulling, because the Gupta’s and Duduzane Zuma’s company “Westdawn Investments” owns “Craysure Investments” that owns 25% of Boksburg, Gauteng engineering firm “VR Lasers” that was sub contracted to oversee the local manufacturing part of the trains. Salim Essa, another Gupta business associate, took 75% share.

Corporate records show that VR Laser is registered to the same Grayston, Sandton, office park where other Gupta businesses are based. VR Laser’s only three directors are Essa, Pushpaveni Govender, who is also a director of other Gupta companies, and Kamal Singhala, a 25-year-old nephew of the Guptas who gives his address as the family’s Saxonwold compound.

Gupta’s VR Laser holds 49% share in Denel Asia
Transnet bosses R50 Billion double game

Denel, who has the state as its only shareholder, launched its Gupta joint venture, Denel Asia, without approval from the finance and public enterprises ministers (Pravin Gordhan and Lynne Brown respectively) as required.

Not only that. All whistleblowers and Transnet employees who questioned these dodgy tender deals were threatened and intimidated and “Mafia style” investigations by a “forensic team” under Transnet’s bosses was used to dig up dirt on them. They even tried to gag newspapers reporting on their criminal dealings

But it doesn’t stop there. Transnet contracted Neotel to the tune of R2-Billion to supply them with routers and other equipment. Neotel contracted a “letterbox company” called Homix to supply the equipment at R66 million in kickbacks. A further R25-million was agreed but not yet paid.

Homix "head office"
Homix’s “headoffice” turned out to be an empty, boxy little home with a blue front door in Mayfair West, Johannesburg. A year’s rent – about R45 000 – was paid upfront. Neighbours said: An “Indian gentleman” came in perhaps twice a week after hours, “two months at a stretch”.

This Indian man turned out to be Ashok Narayan, who claimed to be Homix’s Chief Executive Officer, a 2013 LinkedIn profile, (now offline) identified him as the then managing director of Sahara Systems, a business owned by the influential Gupta family. Of course the Guptas have distanced themselves from their association with Narayan – and from Homix, but a Mail & Guardian investigation showed that Narayan is claiming to be managing director of a Dubai company, the Marketing Quotient, since April 2014. It appears to do sales for Etisalat, one of two mobile phone providers in the United Arab Emirates.

Transnet has awarded two more large projects – closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems worth R835-million – to Neotel without tender and while Neotel was interacting with Homix. The CCTV’s were to be used in the harbours of South Africa.

Brian Molefe, the chief executive at the time, approved the “confinement” of this contract to Neotel in May 2014.

Neotel’s board commissioned an investigation into the payments after the company’s auditors (Deloitte) blew the whistle to it in April 2015. In August, its CEO and CFO took special leave and resigned.

Kickback scandal engulfs Transnet

Transnet kickback scandal widens

Where did all the Transnet money come from that they throw around and siphon off to Gupta companies? White railway worker’s pension fund of course. That is why former Railway worker’s wives are starving and living on bread and water today.

Now The DA wants to lay charges against Molefe

The EFF called Molefe a “mythomaniac” (a person who lies or makes up stories) and called for the entire Eskom board to be sacked because his conduct would not have been possible without consent from the board.

However…I say blindfold the bastards and put them up against a wall.Molefe first!!

Watch the scumbag cry: “I never got the chance to answer” – Brian Molefe.


  1. Anonymous4:39 am

    an somebody please explain to me how in the world it is possible that anybody can praise this corrupt scumbag and see him as a symbol of “Black Excellence”, an oxymoron if ever I have seen one?

    Its all about titles and dick swinging.

    We are blek.. We aah een chaaj!

    What a joke

    1. Anonymous2:22 pm

      @Anon 4:39am

      Karasites don't see anything wrong with it because they are immoral and unethical. This corrupt scumbag is a symbol of Black Excrement and does not deserve a blindfold.

    2. Anonymous6:38 pm

      Would be an excellent black target even if it didn't have a white background. They all would.

  2. Anonymous7:36 am

    As part of the push back let's make it happen that the train never reaches the Gupta maatjies fontein.

  3. Anonymous8:04 am

    Where is the Boere_Ninja
    I thought he might come along and tell us something about Siener and the "Indians"
    Perhaps this is it ?

    1. Anonymous8:45 am

      @anon 8:04 am. Fuckwit Limpdick, is that your name?

    2. Anonymous10:35 am

      ag fokkof net jou ou poes.

    3. Anonymous11:29 am

      But quite clearly by your comment YOU are.
      If you have nothing useful or of value to contribute then excuse me while I suggest that you must be Malema's HOE

    4. Anonymous1:20 pm


      @Anonymous8:04 am

      The guptas, those that own the newspapers, media houses, online news site, just appear to be Indians, its a reptilian mirage - Ask David Icke, they just look Indian, eat Indian food, speak with Indian accents, come from India, but in reality it is a giant conspiracy.

      Whats the saying, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck then it must be a .....?

      Siener got it all wrong, these people are not Indians they just look like them and come from India.

      Yip you right, he is wrong again.

      Is it me or do they appear to be Indians?

      Perhaps Afrikaners with masks on.

    5. Anonymous2:25 pm

      @Anon 8:04am

      The second word is 'off', guess what the first is!

    6. Anonymous10:29 pm

      Hey 8:04

      Go to Durban and buy a bunny chow from the Indians.

      Maybe we will SIEN jou having an apocalipse out your arse.

    7. Anonymous10:48 pm

      Hey man 8:04 in all. You got a problem with us charras?

      Tell me where you are...I will get my GTI (Modified, free flow exhaust, 5 K sound system, low profile tyres and larnie fucking mags bru)

      We will come give you one fucking poes klap you will wish you were in Bombay China!

      Guys on this blog are gonna have to hold me back man...Im like a tiger when Im loose!

      En sien Siener...That wit ou was a mamba man.
      He checked all that shit out before you checked your mamas pubes on your first day.

      Guys...seriously hold me back...Hold me back!

    8. Anonymous11:09 pm

      @ anon 8:04.
      net met daai paar woorde kan ek agterkom jy's afrikaans maar jy's maar lekker dom. Die fok weet; Jy sal n mens in die skande steek.

    9. Anonymous11:59 pm

      You search for expletives
      I search for knowledge
      You ridicule people that seek answers
      That's fine
      Don't cry when your ignorance catches up with you


      At this stage, hostility from Indian ranks reaches a crisis over the Afrikaans language, and all efforts to maintain it have already
      failed, because Van Rensburg sees Afrikaans fading into the background: 24th April 1923:

      A yellow paper (Indian influence)
      appears in the Union with something written on it which fades (my writing) (the Language of the Boers—my writing and everything connected with it is now being denied and trampled upon.


      Why not rather try and ascertain how many Afrikaners are in the pay of the Guptas ?
      Walks like a duck ....... etc etc

    10. Anonymous6:18 am

      * Facepalm *

      That which you quote is NOT SIENER! It is Snyman. Catch a wake up.

    11. Anonymous10:37 am

      Anon 11:59 pm. Why should we find out how many Afrikaners are in the pay of the guppies.

      Do you think that we give a fuck? If you haven't realized by now you never will, " we are a few that resist this curse upon our culture, we will stand alone at a time when traitors join the ranks of the foe and others without heart pack their bags and go. We alone will face the hatred and destruction aimed at our culture and breed but no matter what the day holds we will never bow before our foe and we will never let our morals go."

      Those that serve the guppies and the curse will either feel the cold steel of a blood rusted machete or the betrayal of their perceived master's, so why the fuck should we care who they are. Afrikaner or English it matters not for we know with certainty that they do not visit here and will not join our ranks as the greed for money has stolen their wisdom, taken their pride and defeated their courage.

      Let those that serve the emeny stay with the enemy.

    12. Anonymous9:26 pm

      I'm happy with the interpretations of Sieners visions in Snymans book.

      Did you perhaps write a better one* facepalm*.

    13. Anonymous9:02 am

      Merkwaardige Visioen.) ###
      In die jaar 1920 tÿdens mÿ bediening in Kaapstad (NuweKerk) Skryf Dr. Rossouw. Was ek op besoek bÿ mÿ Swaer Ds. Esterhuizen destÿds van Delarey. 'n Seun van Genl. DelaRey en ander het mÿ begin vertel van die ou mnr. van Rensburg en sÿ Visioene met die gevolg dat ek
      spesiaal na hom gereis het in geselskap van oudr. C.A.Gaciano en diaken C.G. v.d.Merwe, albei van Delarey. Ons het die grootste deel van die dag bÿ hom deurgebring en die namiddag
      bÿ hom aan tafel geëet. Hÿ mÿ die tafelgebed laat doen en daar bÿ gevoeg U moet verstaan, ek laat nie elkeen aan mÿ tafel bid nie. Toe vra ek hom, Van waar dan die vertrouë in
      mÿ Daarop begin hÿ toe o.m. sÿ Visioene aan mÿ te Vertel.
      Kloof wat toe val
      Kyk se hÿ. Daar is 'n vreeslike Kloof wat ons volk van mekaar skei, maar die gapende afgrond sal toeval sodat ons weer na mekaar toe gaan en ver mekaar kan gaan kuiër. Maar waar ons twee staan lë die walle teen mekaar.
      Die honde het vermorre nie eens ver u geblaf nie en gisteraand het ek julle drie al sien aankom.
      Ek sien daar gaan in anderland (Europa) groot moeilikheid kom. Hulle is daar soos 'n klomp krioelende slange- Veral is daar 3 grotes wat 'n dreiënde houding om te pik aanneem, 'n bruine 'n Swarte en 'n Gele. Die eerste twee maak net hull gifbekke oop en laat die tongetjie bewe, dog is te verbouereerd om te pik.
      Die Geel slang is Duitsland want ek kan sien hÿ is gekwes en spartel en krul hom. Maar hÿ sluk die Kleintjies in, een na die ander. Dan swem hÿ oor 'n dam water en verswelg die
      kleintjies oorkant die water
      Die ossewaëns
      In ons land sien ek in die woelige tyd ossewaëns en donkiewaëns uit die Suide optrek na die Noorde. Die
      donkiewaëns sak egter uit, en die ossewaëns word al meer en meer. Hulle word begelei deur perre Kommando's en ek sien u op een plek op die voorpunt.
      (Dit het letterlik op Swellendam gebeur, meld Dr.Rossouw.)
      In Kaapland - het die Siener - Voortgegaan sal dit bontspanne wees, Maar oorkant die Grootrivier, pronkspanne rooi Afrikaners wat hul horings teen mekaar sal speel. Dan sal
      hulle bÿ duisende en tienduisende êrens noord van Lichtenburg bymakaar kom van alle kante. Dit sal die Grootste byeenkoms van Afrikaners in ons Volksgeskiedenis wees en dit sonder dat
      die Volksleiërs die volk daartoe sal roep.
      Die Bloed vlag.
      'Die volk sal dinge in sÿ eiê hande neem, en die wat nie wil padgee nie, trap hulle dood. Dan sal daar 'n groot
      stilte heers net voor die storm wat geweldig maar kort van duur sal wees. Daar sal een emmer bloed omval en daarin sal ons vlag gedoop word en die bloedvlag sal dan wapper oor 'n Vryê Volk.
      Dan het hÿ baië gepraat oor verd..de [verdroëde?] mielielande gaan Dr. Rossouw voort oor hongersnood 'n Slagter wat net spek uitsnÿ en 'n menigte ander dinge wat nou minder vreemd
      lyk as toe. Ek maak geen kommentaar nie want ek het nog altyd skepties gestaan teenoor sÿ gesigte maar vreemd is hulle voorwaar in huidige omstandighede, hier en in die buiteland.

  4. Anonymous10:30 am

    Mike, were you posting under an avatar called "made in sa" on news24 when Adie still grudgingly allowed anti-libtard comments? Anyway, we all know white monopoly capital, white privelage, separate development, and off course Oom Jan and his dog will be blamed for all thr millions only eating pap in the ghettos. The fact that the ANC scum stole trillions since 1994 has nothing to do with this fact. Instead these masses of idiots continue to vote in these cunts election after election for that grant they get every month. Only one solution, a few well placed bullets to get rid of these rubbish.

  5. Anonymous10:32 am

    JP, that is a nice summary for you list boet? Obviously you start with the cunt nugget du Poes and that doos from landboukontblad.

  6. Anonymous10:57 am

    And remember black man, it's all whiteys fault you have no future left.

    How easily manipulated and deceived are these blacks? I say on a percentage level more blacks have been sold out than the whites who were betrayed by de Klerk and co.

    1. Anonymous6:53 pm

      Just take a look a uncle Bob next door, he wrecked that country and fucked those zimbo zombies over so badly but hey they don't care that's their leader he is entitled to do it to them.

      These stinking zombies do not give a fuck, they do not care if they are sold out, if their leaders do it its ok, its only wrong when you, Mr Whitey does it to them.

      If I may say this, whites care too much, they have to much pride, empathy and concern we think that these things will suddenly change and wake up. It will not happen and whites need to realise that, only then will you start really looking after yourself and stop trying to save those that do not give a fuck.

      I know the Christians believe they must help but the Christians in SA need to start helping themselves.

    2. Anonymous10:31 pm

      I often wonder how F Dubs De klerk sleeps at night.

      My guess is like a rock as he has no soul.

    3. Anonymous3:01 am

      @Anon 10:31pm

      In a coffin, just like a vampire.

    4. Anonymous4:47 am

      ek dink daai griekse parra maak die ou coffin dodger lekker moeg elke aand.

    5. Anonymous9:31 pm

      A true Christian knows the biblical message from God and Christ is that it's only his white fellow Christian he should be helping if need be.

  7. Well presented case you make out Mike.
    WTF needs Deloitte & Touche?
    Daai oog vd skelm werfetter sê als, like in: "Just checking whether the media caught me shedding a crystal tear".
    Kort n fnokken sambok die sleg useless muhr.

    1. Anonymous10:36 pm

      Ja reminds me when we fired our last meid about 17 years ago.

      She also had those crocodile tears, saying no, no it wasnt me...Just somehow all our teaspoons, sugar, teabags and a whole fucking frozen chicken was in her bag while leaving after "work"

      The only shame is being caught...fuckall do do with the crime.


    2. Anonymous1:22 am

      @Anon 10:36pm

      "no, no it wasnt me"

      I guess her bag was open and your stuff just happened to fly into it from all over the house.

      These lying things are not even ashamed when they get caught. It's all an act.

    3. Anonymous10:28 am

      Yes, frozen chickens do fly younknow...

  8. Anonymous11:22 am

    Mike, the pic with " Transnet tender scheme " is cover some writing of yours that I cannot read, can you fix that please.

  9. Anonymous6:32 pm

    I do not want to be the negative influence or the prophet of doom but these Guppy fellas and all, I reckon they could be finding themselves having a Dunlop SP 99 necklace shortly. You know those ones awarded by them darky ous when you're a naughty boy.

    Aye I am telling you, my larneys these Charo's they is busy shopping for those flame and smoke Winnie's masterpieces in the right places and all.

    When Africa bites it bites savage style, these Charo's will find out, they will not be exempt from these creatures that wish to create destruction.

    They think that they are different from them Shaiky fellas, they obviously do not know the coon and his absolute mindless disloyalty and brainless actions.

  10. Anonymous12:14 am

    No words can express how I hate and loathe these dark skinned fuckers. The vermon of this planet. And every white liberal too. They have it in their genes to lie, steal, cheat. No morals or conscience what so ever. Disgusting creatures. Oh how I wish there was justice on planet earth. My late dad always said you can change the face not the symptom. What ever they do or touch turns to evil and filth. All phycopaths.

    1. Anonymous1:25 am

      Anon 12:14 am join the que. There is no hatered that can over come the hatred that one feel's for the dark side. I used to tolerate these fucking stink breath kaffirs then I realised tolerance is weakness in disguise, now I openly hate the fuckers with absolute and complete hatred.

      If I could kill every single sodding kaffir I would and I would not lose a seconds sleep over it or have any regrets, fuck! I would rejoice and dance and be the happiest man on earth.

      There is justice but it must be taken and made. We are still restricted by obedience to law but that is changing.

    2. Anonymous1:52 am

      @Anon 12:14 am

      So true. I live in the U.K. and encountered two young black African males inside the bank. One was attempting to use the deposit machine and the other was standing in front of the cash machine.

      I asked the latter if he was going to use the cash machine and he shook his head. I then noticed him eyeing up my wallet, so I decided to leave then return when they had gone.

      To eye up someone's wallet inside a bank with customers, staff and CCTV just says it all.

    3. Anonymous6:12 am

      Its in their blood, DNA ... born criminals.

      Prove me wrong...Oh please

      Every jail on this planet is full of kaffirs.

    4. Anonymous6:29 am

      so what you are saying is that the black guy was admiring your package? :D

  11. Anonymous2:43 am

    LOL- Coolies are really taking SA for a big ride, no wonder so many in kzn are driving mercs, lambos & ferraris.

  12. Whiteman4:44 am

    Anonymous1:52 am, you mention a VERY interesting thing. Here in the NSA, it is the order of the day. You must NEVER open your wallet infront of a nignog, if your money is visible. Their eyes latch onto it like magnets. I know, people who are wide awake, will confirm this. When at an autobank, you must be totally vigilant. Then people still get caught out, at the autobank, when the friendly, well dressed, old nignog approaches you and ask for help, or offers his help. Have you ever watched buck drinking water, if they live in lion country ? They are moerova cautious and alert. This is how we have to live in this country. If you dont want to adapt, and live like this, you become " lion-breakfast ! "

  13. Anonymous6:06 am

    You will feel like a complete tool when you discover that there are whites like this too.

    1. We know there are whites like this, they are called the integrated ones, or wiggas, or white kaffirs, or leftards, or libtards or useful idiots, whichever you prefer.

  14. When this same arrogant Molefe scumbag was still CEO at Transnet, he had the bloody cheek to tell the Transnet pensioners (I think it was during a rally held by them at the Union Buildings - although I'm one of the ole pensioners, I wasn't there) "You are not entitled to ANYTHING because you benefited under apartheid..." But what this same scumbag conveniently forgets is that ±40% of the old Railway workers are also Black and Coloured. At the same time, Molefe had never in his life put a single shovelful of coal into a firebox (believe it or not, I did years ago - fired a 15CA during shunts as the situation was desperate - no relief and the young fireman coujld not drive AND fire at the same time); Molefe never lubricated any moving parts on any train; he never laid a metre of track or spend just 30 minutes in the foulest of weather conditions shunting/compiling trains to transport people and goods. But this same arrogant "FUNSA" (more about that later) was awarded with an HONORARY MASTER DEGREE IN ENGINEERING at Glasgow University! What for? Did they give him a kiddies' tricycle to take apart and reassembel it to show how good an "engineer" he was??? Meanwhile, under his leadership at Transnet alone, he regarded himself as God Almighty and Holy Moses rolled into one - even today many of these old pensioners are having to make do on R200 p.m. while the FUNSA collected six figures salary per month - and at Eskom is getting just under R800 000, PLUS bonuses of millions. I know I am ranting about his attitude towards the Transnet pensioners, because I am in the same boat myself, and were it not for my three beautiful kids, I would also be contemplating suicide like so many of the thousands have already done, while many others are living in squatter camps under the most appalling conditions. And Transnet is still blocking every effort by our trustees and our legal team to get the R90-billion we are demanding from them...Oh, and I prefer to use the word FUNSA's instead of K-4s - an old boss from my 4th-Estate days phoned me one day, saying: "You know you can't call them "riffaks" any more?"
    Ok, Keith, I'll buy it...'
    "Yes, it's a term I've coined this very minute. Remember when that scumbag De Klerk refered to the country as the "New South Africa? Well, FUNSA's stands for Fu**ing Useless New South Africans..."
    And now Scumbag Molefe's chickens are coming home to roost. I understand that in the second part of her State Capture report Thuli also lashes out at him over the Transnet saga - I hope it comes oujt soon, for as I said, I'm but one of those remaining ±56 000 old "SPORIES", or rather, the widow of one who spent 40 years on the workbench - one of many whose generation - and those before his/our generation developed this land into the powerhouse of Africa and the Railways into the arteries of our economy. And we - White, Black and Coloured are being sidelined at very turn - yes, I respect those old SPORIES - from those who performed the humblest of tasks to the highest ranks, regardless of colour, for they all worked to keep the wheels rolling, and without their input the wheels would have ceased to roll....

    1. Anonymous11:42 pm

      Foxie 1:51pm. I read your post and my blood boils, there is only one type of justice for these fuckwits and that is jungle justice.

      Shoot, stab, burn, bash, nuke these fuckers off the face of this planet. I hate them with such venom and you just add to my hate.

      These fuckers are all on about white monopoly, decolonization and racism but they use our western laws to protect themselves, they steal western money and they run western formed, built and managed companies, yet these things talk of apartheid and colonialism. Bastards deserve one thing from colonialism and that is fucking annihilation.

      These morons do not even have the foresight to see that their dumb think skulled brainless actions will impact on their own children. They do not understand progress, conservation and heritage, its all a locust mentality with these things, the mud people, hewers of wood and bearers of water.

      I cannot wait for these things to start their shit, I want to show them what a sewer looks like and then I am going to let them drown in their own shit.

    2. Same thing surely & gradually happening to ex SAP members regarding their medical benefits.
      An old oom explained it to me like this :-
      Old coppeners of yester-year had two things going for them cometh old age.
      Free medical aid.
      This was the basis on which they joined the SAP as stipulated in their employer's contract at the time of being recruited. With no lavish holidays to treat the family, these the only 'perks' worth mentioning or forthcoming.
      Forward 1994.
      A circular was passed around indicating that members would now be asked to make a minimal monthly contribution of some ludicrous amount of +- R20 bucks. This being neither here nore there ( and not wanting to rock the boat ) - all/most members conceded.
      In having condoned this action - would later appear they got thoroughly fu*cked through the ears.
      Regardless the fact that NO member had IN ANY WAY, specifically signed their right to free medical aid away. The request from the 'top' ( see Fok Vlok )being worded more as a 'donation'...then anything else at the time.
      Thus they were all caught in a process which is reminiscent of what happens in some divorce proceedings. The one spouse ( more often the wife ) gets a decree in asking for R5 in/for personal maintenance. This seals your lot, in opening up the door to an increase of R5000 within 3-years. ( ek meen jirre....at the time 'wat is R5 nou' ? )
      Only difference between the two scenarios says the oom, that at no stage had he or any other member signed off or abandoned their single perk of free medical care.
      With these old members' pension forever decreasing...and the eventual R20 now closer to R1000, most of them ( tensy jy n gatkruipende Genl was ) - tend to fall from the bus.
      It was clear from the start, that 'they' anticipated an increase of FUNSA-cops ( 40,000 to 140,000 now [bearing in my mind every FUNSA's got 3 m8re and 10 offspring] - that the idea of free medical care would thus become totally unsustainable ) - en daarvoor moet die witman weer kak en pa staan.
      So yes dear lady, having read your story I couldn't help but think another scenario is clearly repeating itself.
      Genocide by slow 'verwurging' indeed.

  15. Well said Foxie! Thank you. I too helped out as a fireman (1974). I wasn't very good and still have burn scars on my hands due to my mistakes. However that experience taught me to greatly respect people who do 'real' work.

  16. Watch this country really fall apart now. A mate of mine, a cop, told me that they're offering early retirement to all state employees over the age of 50 in an effort to reduce the number of civil servants. And guess who the majority of over 50's will be.

    There goes the last semblance of what you could call "service" we'll be getting from from the "uncivil disservice".

    I shit myself and rant and rave when I hear this fucking SARS advert on the radio, "Come, let us make this country great.", or soke such shit. My arse, they mean, come give us your money so Msholozi Showerhead can steal some more!

    Fuck them, boys and girls. It is our duty to do our best to avoid paying taxes in whatever way we can. We are funding their genocide against us.

    1. Anonymous3:01 am

      ...or when they say "we are all so happy together" or "the future is bright for black and white" --- what a fucking joke! Who are these people trying to fool? The same fucks who listen to mainstream media lies and bullshit? I wonder how much people turn away from this propaganda daily.

  17. Anonymous2:27 am

    I see Malema is now talking about being President. It is just a matter of time before he takes that seat. He will be SA's president in the not so distant future.

  18. This is what we need more of here, my fellow Boertjies:


  19. @ Typical Mike,
    Leaving us Afrikaner males out to dry - according to prez in waiting...Malema this morning. Lekka op holiday met n Ariese goose. Lucky baitch you.
    Hotpants of me Smith way to short. Something gawking out reminiscent of that poodles tongue.
    Enjoy & seeya. Boertjies sal maar intussen die fort hou. Ou stuk stront. :-)

  20. Anonymous9:50 am

    Question time ... Kaffers and Indiers do not like each other ... WTF happened here.


    1. Easy.
      Curry munchers het agtergekom die ligte tussen die ore...is permanent af. Daarvandaan i$$it allie pad hoekvlag-toe.