31 October 2016

Zuma and cronies trying to stop the State Capture report; WHY?

A worried man?

By Mike
31st of October 2016

uNumber One, uMsholozi Showerhead reckons that the previous Public Protector’s report on State Capture by the Guptas is “unlawful”.

Zuma: State capture report unlawful

After Thuli Madonsela went to him, gave him a chance to answer her questions over three days (which he declined to do) he now says he did not have time to answer her questions, so the report is unlawful and should never be made public.

It is clear that this lying sack of shit is just playing delay tactics to prevent the public from getting to know the truth about his corrupt relationship with the Indian Gupta family and how he and his family shamelessly ripped off the people of South Africa and stole them blind.

Ja, nee...Zuma gooi wal vir die vale.

He even has his cronies like Minister of Bling-Bling Mosebenzi Zwane helping him trying to hold the dam break back. Of course Zwane is the man who wanted the government to probe the banks who dumped the Guptas.

Zuma’s other fellow dam proper, the Minister of Tokoloshes and Muti murders Des van Rooyen who was iMali Minister for three days, also wants the State Capture report set aside because the Sunday Times reported that Van Rooyen is alleged to have visited the Gupta family seven times in the days before he was appointed as finance minister in December last year. They managed to get the info off his cell phone records.

Nevertheless, what is it they are so scared of? What is in the State Capture Report that Zuma and his cronies don’t want the public to see? I mean if they are all innocent, then surely they wouldn’t have a problem with the release of the report now would they?


  1. Anonymous9:14 am

    A reference to one of Sieners visions.

    Staring down the barrel to India. (Gun barrel)

    Guptas holding a gun to the RSA head.

    1. Anonymous1:24 pm

      stop speaking in riddles... And stop quoting SNYMAN....

    2. Anonymous8:33 pm

      I didn't quote Snyman.

      Siener said the Indians would start causing kak in this country, that doesn't necessarily mean the Indians in Durban.

      I keep an open mind as Siener said don't hold his visions as exactly.

      Open your fucking eyes idiot.

    3. Anonymous11:33 am

      anon 8:33 Open YOUR eyes you idiot. I read snymans book and I also read the original Siener prophecies. I am telling you to YOUR FUCKING FACE... STOP FUCKING QUOTING SNYMAN...!!!!!

  2. Anonymous9:44 am

    A good Boere attitude to adopt at this time should be to let the anc and liberals wage war upon each other, we have time to recoup, reskill, restock and re unite with our lives long lost brothers whom we have been estranged from, through the cunning and treachery of de Klerk and his Broederbond DMI.

    1. That is exactly the strategy we have to adopt. I have. Let the parasites feed on each other first and then exterminate what's left over.

      I just wish that people would be more aware and prepared and ready to defend themselves. Every fucking day there are more home invasions and farm attacks with old people being brutalised, if not killed. If the fucking thing is on your property, kill it. Feed the corpse/s to the dogs or drop it down a mine shaft or into a river.

  3. Stephen10:43 am

    Hi Mike

    Yeh , you know it we all now it - the report has the evidence that will blow zuma and cronies right-out-the-water.
    Its almost as if we know what will be revealed even though zuma is trying delay it , infact the more he resists it -the more it confirms that this report will reveal enough to make a lot of people ' moerse befok ' .

    Roll-on summer roll-on , I can't wait for that water-shed momemt when people see that this kaffir has embezled a lot more of our money than we know now.

    Ja Mike , you said it a while ago and I second it , the kaffirs are shitting themselfs because they know their days are numbered , I think that's quite evident now .

    1. Anonymous1:26 pm

      They shitting themselves? REally? I dont see that?

    2. Anonymous2:54 pm

      Ever hear of opinion policeman? STFU? Will ya? Dom Poes, wie dink jy is jy?

    3. Stephen12:08 am

      anon 1:26 ,

      None so blind as he that doesn't want to see....

      You don't think trying to block the report is because he is shitting himself ?, nah you don't see that.

      You don't think 101 members calling for his head for even they can see the anc demise coming , is shitting themselves ?

      You don't think Shaun Abrahams withdrew the charge because zuma is shitting himself in the face of the combined opposition that would have been present at the case ? you don't call that shitting themselves huh?

      Yes REALLY , if you don't see that your also in denial.

  4. When your time is up, your time is up. It does not matter how much money you have, how many prosecutors or advocates you know, how well you can manipulate the justice systems. You're done.

    Zuma can plug this dam wall with as many plugs he can get his hands on it will not help. He can duck and dive and twist things into oblivion, it will not help.

    Their ignorance and arrogant pride has caught up with them, forgetting that the supreme laws of life will come into play sooner or later. The laws written in their so called beloved constitution were written by men and not by God. Funny to see the creation trying to outsmart the Creator.. They've mocked God and His ways and the time to be judged by the supreme righteouss Judge is at hand. Psalms and Proverbs are loaded with warnings for peolple like these.

    They might even slip past this one but it's all temporary. The old boys club from Robben island will meet again in a much more special place than Robben island. There you will be given no discount, no day off, no suspended sentence...

    Galatians 6:7(KJV)
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  5. AMEN to Boere LaCosaNostra's comment!

  6. Ja, nee... This doesn't make sense. Not long ago you posted an article saying that PP Madonsela was in cahoots with uMsholozi & Co., keeping in check the ANC not going overboard.
    Now you are saying that the same PP is about to destroy the ANC...
    Hmmm, very confusing, ain't it?

    1. Anonymous8:54 pm

      240 you must really be the fucking dimmest doos to scroll these pages, wait maybe you have some competition but you do rate in the top 2.

      Cuntic you Poes, everybody is allowed to change their ideas and opinions.

      Maybe you are just so perfect that you're Jesus Christ and have come to SA to die for our sins.

      Nah! I know that you're just a stupid, arsewipe, self shagging cunt.

      Are you another one of those colour confused liberals that have adopted retards off spring and are hoping that it will save you from the slaughtering, bad news China these retards will take you first.

    2. Anonymous9:25 pm

      Very good question there Sceptic.

    3. @ Sceptic. In Afrikaans there is a saying, “’n Goeie begrip het ‘n halwe word nodig.” (A good grasp/comprehension needs half a word). It is clear that you have no grasp whatsoever as to how the NWO machine works. Every time you come on here under different Anonymous and pseudonyms with your utter dim-witted comments I get a cramp in my arse. Typical agent provocateur crap. I should actually just delete your shit instead of wasting time.

    4. @ Anonymous 8:54 pm : You need therapy... Actually not, you are perfect as cannon fodder, hang around please!

      @ Mike Smith I think you are over-reacting, bru. I'm genuinely confused: some of your articles seem to contradict other articles of yours so allow me... maybe I'm not as sharp as you are or perhaps I don't have the inside knowledge that you have. But I see the article you have just published gives me some perspective.
      Thank you and peace bro

  7. Whiteman4:51 am

    People who do not want to believe, that there is WAR between black and white in this country, will NEVER see the light ! As soon as a nignog makes nice christian, educated, honest sounding, cute noises, they bow down and worship them. We call it the Dingane-syndrome. There is basically no cure for this terrible disease. Who was this other black minister who spoke afrikaans so well ? Nogal did afrikaans poetry as well. Man, the afrikaans libturds competed to get up his backside. To be a good spy, or trojan horse, you have to convince your enemy, you are totally on his /her side. The top NP " intelligencia, " could not even outwit a bunch of terrorists. It has been one big dancing party, in Dingane`s kraal, up till now. But any moment now, he will shout it out : Kill these white spineless dogs !

    1. Whiteman, the poetic politician you refer to is Matthews Phosa and he has been very vociferous in criticising Msholosi Showerhead, not that that makes him a hero of mine, but at least it shows he has a some intelligence if not much else.

    2. Anonymous11:38 am

      yeah.... riiiigggghhhhhttt....

      Max Du POESFACE is bleck... ne???

      It is globalist vs nationalist.

      Boere ninja and others are the globalists who want unified Southern Africa, all the way to the equator

      The rest of us understand that nationalism is the key where we want to split up turf. Compartmentalizing a ships hull prevents it from sinking, remember that!

    3. Anonymous12:14 am

      Compartmentalizing a ships hull prevents it from sinking, remember that!

      Tell that to the iceberg that sank the Titanic !!!!!

  8. Anonymous10:37 pm

    according to Maxine we dont have to worry anymore, the anc will self correct by getting rid of zooma. Idiot is to dumb to realize when the next bunch of anc pigs take over the feeding at the trough will continue as usual, it is in their culture and nature to parrasite. Oh, and i see maxine swithced off the comments, wonder why?