09 October 2016

When evolution runs backwards

By Mike Smith
9th of October 2016

I was reading on National Geographic the other day that evolution actually does run backwards sometimes.

Snakes once had legs. Bird evolved from dinosaurs and once had teeth. Penguins lost the ability to fly about 60 million years ago.

A fossil of a 300-million-year-old hagfish (a slimy, eel-shaped marine animal) revealed that the animals once had working eyes—and evolution took them away. Today these creatures are almost blind, finding their way around the seafloor primarily using their sense of smell and touch.

Aphids (plant lice) have no arseholes although it is in their genes to have one. They just drink plant sap that is molecularly simple and easily absorbed so they don’t need arseholes to excrete rests. Incidentally some ant species keep plant lice as milk cows milking them for their honey dew and even defend them against attacks.

Nevertheless, the plant lice, having no arseholes actually makes them more advanced than the Springboks, because in South Africa the Springbok once had only one arsehole (a kicking one by the name of Naas Botha or Henry Honiball aka “Da-gaat-die-bôl”) but today it is full of such arseholes.

In the past, to a South African there was nothing more beautiful than a mighty Springbok in full flight on his way to the try line. That ability has now been completely lost. It has lost its ability to think and mindlessly and randomly runs around mimicking the behavior of baboons. The Springbok of today is an almost blind, slow and stumbling creature that secretes butter at the finger tips.

The once mighty Springbok will inevitably and eventually go the way of the Dodo, beaten into extinction by a shy nocturnal ratite (flightless bird) the size of a chicken known as an Apteryx, a bird without tail feathers also known in New Zealand as the Common Kiwi.

It is maybe sad and tragic to watch the regression and devolution of the Springbok, but one should be reminded never to interfere with Nature. All I can say is, "Good riddance".


  1. Anonymous3:00 am

    Go Affirmative Action Stinkboks go! You show `em you AA Stinkbox, you just show the world how stinking you can be!


    1. Anonymous11:04 pm

      affirmative action springboks = AAS

  2. Anonymous3:43 am

    Reading this reminds me of Leon Schuster sweet and short rugby game.


  3. The Coach is doing a fine job. I now have 2 hours a day back for myself. There is much I can do in 2 hours. Go, Bokke Go!

    1. Anonymous8:25 am

      Too right! My husband watched this tragicomedy right to the bitter end. I had already buggered off out of the lounge half an hour into the game to go read a book instead. Tee-fee is for the mindless. The other day our tenant housed in the refurbished servant's quarters went on a fishing trip as to why I should upgrade to DSTV Compact. I said fine, DSTV Compact it is, as long as you pay the additional R250 a month.

      Only stupid people watch a lot of tee-fee - unless for research purposes, like Mike does. Somebody has to watch all that crap.

  4. Anonymous4:24 am

    obviously didnt watch the game. just like to read the ignorant whiteys' excuses and comments on news media. they just dont get it, transformation at all cost, and they allow these savages to rule their lives with sport. what a world class display of transformation though...

  5. Anonymous4:34 am

    Fuck yes sending a bbbee second rate team to fork it out against a AAA team. Go kaffers go. Fuck sport into oblivion. Vaalpens

  6. Anonymous8:49 am

    Who cares about rugby or any sport just like the lie of evolution it is nothing but state protected religions to appease the masses into falsely believing what is right or what is wrong.

    1. Anonymous2:48 pm

      Absolutely right. Sport is the classic bread-and-circuses weapon of mass-distraction. As far as thugby goes, the whole deal is as real as pro-wrestling: the all blacks are a mega-buck brand property. So their games are rigged from the jump - no different from reality TV. The IRB money men wouldn't have it any other way.

    2. Anonymous10:12 am


      @Anonymous2:48 PM

      And dont forget a political tool.

      Look how Russia was kicked to the curb in the Olympics. They use sport as a weapon. If the sanctions dont work, then they hit you with their sports shit.

      Anything that has money on it is rigged. I just cant for the life of me understand how, bokke, proud players that love this country could ever play for the Springboks with all the race cards being pulled all the time.

      Would love to eventually watch an international rugby team full of SA rugby players play against the new boks. We see this all the time in football, virtually the entire French team are Africans from African teams. Surly India/China can put a team together full of our players and we can win it for our Chinas?

  7. Fnaark the cnts smelling knaffer arseholes in the scrum.
    I puke watching Pietie & Sannie crossing their hearts ( some even shedding a tear )....cause jirre - 'Kosie ons wil kos hê' is such a lekka spaza rap-song.

  8. Anonymous12:04 pm

    I dont get it though. The boks only had two non boers (3 if you count habana)

    Surely they should be good enough to carry the dead weight...

    1. Rogue1:09 pm

      It's the overall rot, not just selections on the day.

      The ANC has the reverse Midas touch - whatever King Midas touched turned to gold; but whatever the ANC touch turns to shit. What has the ANC touched that has improved? Utterly nothing - and you know it. Everything has gone downhill!

    2. Anonymous10:29 pm

      As amazing natural players as those boers may be, they still need coaching and structure, of which even Japan has better at the moment.

      Just to give you an example, the current springbok attacking coach, a straight kaffir quota, his previous experience is 2 seasons with the Kings (sa's worst team). He is now the springbok attacking coach, its no wonder it looks like our guys have no clue what to do with the ball.......

    3. Anonymous1:54 am

      You are as strong as your weakest link:
      Two useless fuckers in the team and one useless fucker at the helm = fucking useless team.
      get it?

      didn't get it? then go sell peanuts on the side of the road

    4. Anonyphoes 12:04 pm ;-
      One yellow card and the weakening of the team becomes apparent.
      Three token players....and you're talking total chaos. If not absolute boknai.

  9. The real sad thing is, even when the Japanese beat the Boks, nowhere anywhere in the media overseas did the say anything about quotas or substandard coaches. Check out any rugby show (overseas) and they will praise the All Blacks, how good Argentina has become etc when they play the Boks. The world does not care or even acknowledge quotas. If the Boks wish to survive they need to tell the minister of sport to go climb a tree, or do something else he is good at, like stealing. I dont understand why the rugby bosses pay any attention to the government . Then again, white South Africans will ask permission if they want to protest.

  10. Anonymous8:22 pm

    I do not watch rugby or cricket anymore. Springbok sport is gone. Killed by idiot zots. The rest of the world boycotted SA due to political interferece, now they do nothing. The Quoteas are the result of this mess. F them all. I call on all white young players to leave and play overseas. I call on all supporters to boycott all sports. I call on sponsors to not support SA sport.

    1. Anonymous10:13 am


      @Anonymous8:22 PM

      Couldnt agree more.

    2. Anonymous7:27 pm

      @Anon 8:22PM

      The rest of the world will never admit their mistake, hence the silence.

    3. Anonymous10:31 pm

      Thats right 727 the liberal ego is too big for this universe.

  11. Anonymous10:12 pm

    A team of actual Springbok antelopes would probably do better.

  12. Anonymous10:56 pm

    The moral of the story is that we should stop watching the rugby.its against the white man and the All coconuts know that they are playing a B team and not the real boks.only idiots would support the sport that is racist and fixed. I hope the world is happy to have a political mandela team thats now going the same way as bafana(boy) team. If we stop paying for tickets then well hurt them in their stinking pockets.hope the anc will fil the stadiums

  13. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Oregan pine goutkop is a happy man because his all black team is winnig and he is happy to f@ck us whites in the arses and we are lining his pockets with the stupid white mans money because our god is rugby.we have to stop feeding the communist terrorists.

  14. Anonymous11:29 pm

    According to sports analysts, there are now 300 SA rugby players plying their trade in Europe and the USA. South Africa has become a training ground for overseas clubs who use independent talent scouts to recruit new players.

    Transformation and SARU have killed rugby in our country. It starts at the Craven Week tournament for both primary and high school level kids, where quotas dictate selection. Talent is no longer a factor.

    If we took only half the number of SA players from overseas and injected them into the Super rugby franchises, we would turn the tide on the dominant NZ faggots.

    1. Imagine that. Springboks beaten by faggots. So what does that make the Boks then?

    2. Anonymous2:55 am

      kaffir boeties.

    3. Suppose other than scrum- or a try 'drukker'....they'd opt for becoming a droldrukker. And lovin it.

    4. PreatorianXVI4:58 am

      The difference with the NZ All Blacks is that they know to keep a fine balance of white players and Pacific Islanders, too many coconuts and they know they will loose badly.

      Look at Samoa, Fiji even the "Maori" All Black team, don't get to far on their own steam, also one of the reasons the Auckland blues don't quite hack it...

      And no, I do not watch any Rugby at all or any South African team playing any sport since a loooong time ago.

      As a side note... The games aren't rigged... Enjoy the bread and circus show.

      Rugby: 'Anomalies' in Dan Carter drug test - manager explains why


    5. Anonymous12:30 pm

      Hehehe Daniel, imagine that a black piece of shit is the dedicated droldrukker of the team on wing.

  15. Anonymous2:35 am


    Poor blacks!

  16. Anonymous2:43 am

    I can't believe that there are still whites in SA. Total insanity.

    1. Anonymous9:35 am

      why? Europe is worse... at least here we dont get SWAT-teamed if we poes klap a rapist, like they do in Sweden.

    2. Stephen11:51 am

      Shot man ! I'm chuffed to know that you realise how mind-bogling crazy it is down here these days.

      I work in the city and I'll tell you this much - if you could imagine a scene from a zombie-movie , where you are serounded by hundreds of thousands of zombified-creatures ,then you got a pretty good idea of our reality.

      Infact over here the ''ama-students'' vs the police fights resemble the soccer-hooligan fights you guys have over there..--- rocks-teargass and balaclavas.

    3. Anonymous8:00 pm

      @Anon 2:43AM

      South Africa is a white country that has been hijacked and you should never give in to hijackers.

      @Anon 9:35AM

      The are too many in the PC brigade here in Europe who think these scumbags have rights.

  17. Anonymous2:46 am

    Winning does not matter. What matters is that we are now FREEEEEEEE

  18. Oh, did the Bontebokke play the weekend?

    1. Anonymous8:40 am

      Yeah, I was the same.

    2. I had a good giggle. I had predicted by 30 points. They exceeded my expectations admirably. Don't get the idea that I watched. I only heard the result on Sunday when a mate came around for a beer.

    3. Anonymous10:59 am

      Liberating isn't it TT?

  19. Anonymous8:12 am



    She is clearly reading your blog. She says what we have said and what I mentioned 2 weeks back.

    This student thing, when the police cannot do what they are supposed to do, there are only 2 outcomes but the end result is the same.

    1. Either a student gets killed.
    2. The students push the police & defeat them off campuses.

    In the end, the same road leads to hell. A full scale revolution will begin erupting throughout the country.

    The signs are now everywhere.

    IMO - If they shut the campuses down, then they will riot somewhere else. If they open the campuses, they will shut them down due to protests.

    All to take the eye off #1 criminal in charge - Zuma & the ANC.


    Cant stand her but nice to see liberals squirm.

    1. Anonymous10:31 am

      3 people have been killed already. (somewhere on N24)


      Chaps I think you were right, this shit is going to spill over big time.

    2. Anonymous10:42 am

      Strange these students are indirectly asking for bantu education to be reinstated.

      Decolonized and funded by whites...they had it.

      (But we all know the real reason: #freeshitforblacks)

    3. Anonymous11:22 am

      Why is the bitch bitching? She WANTED this multicultural liberal kumbaya new sef efriki kak. Maybe she is starting to wish this fuckup up country still had a few of those old polisie manne met sjambokke to sort out the tsiotsies. Better for these idiots to keep it on campuses, out on the streets they wil kak. Nothing like a few poesklappe to sort them out quick quick.

    4. Anonymous3:30 pm


      @Anonymous11:22 AM

      Exactly! She is shitting herself, thats the truth. If you listen to her, she said this thing will be a full scale revolution.

      We must never forget these liberals, she toi-toied to have the ANC in power and now wants police to have proper gear to protect themselves.

      The thing is disillusion.

      She doesnt get it at all! The bricks are to cause damage, if they have proper gear and the bricks can no longer do their job, then they will resort to live bullets.

      There is no way out now guys.

      Just be prepared for this revolution. Its going to explode throughout the country into every aspect of everyone's day to day life. Not at once and not under the same name, it will be students, domestic workers, mine workers, blah blah blah - all to take the economy out of the white boogie mans hands.

      From students, Xenophobia picking up, Cosatu strikes, all strikes, strikes, mayhem, the police will not have enough man power to manage this thing and then...

      What you gonna do when they come for you?

    5. Anonymous5:16 pm

      I like how this stupid liberal useful idiot tries to say we cannot go back to the apartheid years, wtf , so what other way is there ?There is no in betweens, it does not work . You (liberals) supported the ANC and your god mandela to get into power, then you were and still hell bent on destroying the white conservative establishment and now that the monster you help created is getting out of hand you want to go back to apartheid style tactics. For fucks sake make up your minds in what you want to do because you liberals are running around chasing your own tails and making fools out of yourselves, grow a f&@) ing spine you cowards. The ANC is just laughing at you.

  20. Anonymous9:17 am

    Dit is nou wat gebeur as jy die ousie vir 'n enkele dag "meddem" wil laat speel.

    Back stabbing Lindiwe Mazibuko

    Although she thought it was premature for Mazibuko to take over the reins in Parliament, Zille agreed to campaign for her against Trollip.

    "I accepted that a thirty-one-year-old white person, who had been in Parliament for just two years, wouldn't stand a chance of being elected caucus leader. But we were not living in normal times, and I knew Lindiwe had the intellect and the political instinct to do it. Not once in her campaign had she played the race card. She was asking people to vote for the attributes she could bring to the position."

    Mazibuko, whose campaign was driven by DA MP David Maynier like a "military operation", won by a differential of 9.5 votes.

    Zille sensed immediate resistance from Mazibuko after she took over as DA leader in Parliament and realised she Mazibuko merely saw her
    as a stepping stone to become the party's overall leader.

    Zille reveals how Mazibuko had erected a "Berlin Wall" between the offices of the DA's party and parliamentary leaders:

    - Mazibuko refused to share an office with Zille in Parliament;

    - Three weeks into the job, Mazibuko fired Geordin Hill-Lewis, Zille’s "outstanding" chief of staff who was recruited by Mazibuko to help her set up an office;

    - Mazibuko cancelled the practice of joint press conferences by the party and parliamentary leaders;

    - DA MPs addressed Mazibuko as "Madam Leader";

    - A plan was hatched to turn Mazibuko's office into the centre of the DA’s communication network, and

    - Mazibuko initially refused to let Zille's stylist advise her about her wardrobe.

    In a chapter titled The Plane Crash, Zille details the DA's failure under Mazibuko's leadership to properly interrogate and respond to new legislation on Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and Employment Equity.

    When Zille entered the debate, Mazibuko told her to "butt out of caucus affairs". After being assured by then chief whip Watty Watson that MPs had "done nothing wrong", Zille retrieved the minutes of the parliamentary debate on these issues.


    1. Anonymous11:24 am

      who the fuck cares about a putco bus and a bottox lipped libtard?

    2. Anonymous12:27 pm

      Pick up snakes at your own peril, may they all get bit and spit in the face by their pet vipers and cobras. Fuck I love it! Bunch of cunts.

  21. Anonymous10:53 am


    1971 – Queensland, Australia in response to fears over increasing protest over the 1971 Springbok tour

  22. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Love your shit
    But you remind me of this guy

    Voor die ABO was Vilonel ‘n prokureur op Senekal wat geweet het hoe om homself finansieel as bv boedelberedderaar en afslaer te bevoordeel. Later word hy die stadsklerk. Hy het op Edenburg skoolgegaan en “verkies om Hollands te praat” (258) maar die “Engelse taal [het] net so gemaklik as Hollands in sy mond gelê” (259). Sy mate van Engelsgesindheid skemer van meet af deur in bv sy liefde vir krieket en sy aangetrokkenheid tot ‘n Skotse dame, miss L Sutty. Hy hou van Engelse leesstof (106) en het geen erg aan boeresport nie (60).

  23. Anonymous12:33 pm

    That bok mascot is so new south africa it's so fucking ghey

  24. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Don't be surprised if u see the stinkboks demanding free penalty tries soon.gibs me 5points

    1. Anonymous10:28 pm

      eh eh eh we......demand.....actually we demand in actual fact....eh....eh...to be....eh...given....eh...the top spot of rugby...because...eish...eh...in actual fact....eh....eh...apafheid made us dumb.....so our struggle to be given the title of...eh...eh..world champ...champions....eh...eh...is our right....and...eh will continue...eh...eh....we will burn down and bomb every.....eh...eh every stadium and wimpy....eh...eh...until...our demands..eh...eh are met. Ok chief?

  25. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Of course they turn on you , we all knew when de kleerk released st Mandela , that things would become real bad. This kumbaya Bollocks of "we are one and the same" ! would just bite us in the ASS . The Boss is the one that pays the wages , was slowly being dismantled, in the real world he who pays is the BOSS . The Propaganda of the "Boss" was aimed at the Whites by the Commie anc would actually turn on them anyway , because the respect would be lost. No Blacks want a Black Boss to tell him what to do because he feels this Black is just as much in it as himself , to help himself at the Goods of the Country , the reality is those in anc helped themselves and wernt gonna share.
    So as the anc load themselves with the LOOT , those that are not getting are getting restless. So fees must fall and all these protest are wanting for free , houses , Food, electricity , because they want their SHARE.
    ALAS most of it is already GONE and there isnt much left for the MASSES. It has already begun . So as most are genuinely starving with nothing they join in and help in the destruction and looting of something they are not getting.
    So we have some rough times ahead and those Whites that slaved to build up something will have to Gaurd their goods closely.
    Like Mugarbage started confiscating farms to please the masses only for most to fall into non productive waste lands .
    BTW what pissed me off at the time is when the Farmers were forced off their Land by intimidation and Death Threats , they left their beloved pets tied up only to be stoned to DEATH by the Cowardly Black Savages . Dammit take them with you. So the Black man self destructs to suffer for his Ignorance , and blindness , that a Boss is the one who pays and is NEEDED .

  26. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Its simple really , its because a AA coach is put in charge with Political Commie involvement and it turns to SHLT just like we have seen in every department in SA . Its a of total FUCK UP ! In Engineering a F UP , marked and cut is Scrapped and boy does it cost to Bankruptcy .

    1. Anonymous10:22 pm

      So in other words "where ever there is a commie hand involved it's a fuckup of epic proportions, more so if it's a black commie hand". Right, understood.

    2. Anonymous12:08 am

      Anon 10:22 IN SA the Leadership is Commie and Marxist driven so everything will be down that line of thinking AA , power to the people etc with or without Merits.

  27. Anonymous5:38 pm

    This makes me want to puke, how proud he was to be a south african.

  28. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Looks like WW3 is on the way anyway. Stock up and brace yourselves..

  29. Anonymous5:41 am

    Yep its so nice not to have to rush back home from the shooting range on Saturday afternoons to watch the rugby. Really liberating and I burn a lot of powder now. Hunting rifle in the mornings and 9mm in the afternoons.

    1. Kerkorrel12:41 pm

      Watch the cricket you silly cunt