06 October 2016

What it means to be a "Public Protector"

Would you trust this woman to protect the public against a thieving, tyranical  regime?

By Mike Smith
6th of October 2016

So it is official now. Zuma appointed the SSA spy with the pink tie, Busisiwe Mkhwebane as the new “Public Protector”.

Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but I couldn’t help but notice how the Looney Left was waxing lyrical over her appointment. Large support for new public protector – Corruption Watch

Out of 8 000 people who took part in a vote conducted by SMS, 87% said they had confidence in her, the corruption watchdog said in a statement on Thursday.

I found it quite ironic that the previous Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, that was giving the ANC so much stick was thanked by the Secretary General of the African National Congress and former Chairperson of the SA Communist Party, Gwede Mantashe for keeping the ANC in check and saving it from collapsing.

Madonsela saved the ANC from itself - Mantashe

"You saved us from ourselves from time to time, that is something we have not acknowledged publicly, but do so quietly," said Mantashe.

"Every report made us think - it became a point of learning. I assure you that you leave the ANC a wiser party, as you go."

See? They are all in love with each other.

The title “Public Protector” is South African Newspeak. It is not there to protect the “Public” it is there to protect the ANC and warns it when it is becoming too greedy and starts stealing too much and is about to be found out by the public.

It is the same as the “Official Opposition”, the DA. They are there to warn the ANC when they stuff up so that they can correct themselves before the public revolts. The DA is not there to “oppose” the ANC or to unseat the ANC…far from the truth. They are there to help the ANC stay in power. South Africa has no “Official Opposition” or opposition parties. That is a myth. South Africa is a Communist One-Party State with a few warning bells as a side show in the form of the DA, EFF, FF Minus, etc. They are nothing put a fake opposition, a “Popular Front” like the former East German “National Front” (NF) and like the NF was controlled by the SED this fake opposition in South Africa is controlled by the ANC.

People forget that the former East Germany in fact did have “opposition parties”. They even had a people’s constitution and regular elections. That is why they could call themselves the “German DEMOCRATIC Republic”.

Here is a rule of thumb…Any country that feels the need to have “Democratic” in its name…is NOT democratic.

The new Public Protector is just a toothless, useless, waste of space and a waste of taxpayer’s money just as the previous one was. She is just there to warn President (yours, not mine) Zuma and the criminally corrupt scum in the ANC when the public is starting to get wind of their corrupt wheelings and dealings.

You don’t need a so called “Public Protector”…You need more people like the ones you find on this blog. WE, the citizens of this country, are the “Public Protectors”…and with “Citizens” I mean those who are armed. The rest are just ANC tax cows and are actually helping the ANC stay in power. A firearm is what turns a Taxpayer into a Citizen. THAT my dear friends, is what it means to be a genuine “Public Protector”.

To think...we once concidered the Swiss political model for South Africa.


  1. Anonymous10:59 am

    Bop during apartheid had 1 quarter of Swiss's population, 5 000 more Square km, sat near and on top of 70+ Percent of the world platinum reserves, yet the swiss average per capital income is 84 000 US$ per annum.

    I think our little precious natives need to resign from the job of the human race.

  2. Anonymous11:19 am

    What a fucking NERVE Gwede Mantashe has, saying the ANC cannot monitor itself, but people must carry on voting for them? Because of the sins of apartheid? You know what ... every black really knows apartheid was entirely appropriate and that blacks are not worth SHIT.

  3. Anonymous11:36 am

    Another nail in the coffin.

    But not in mine.

  4. Anonymous11:49 am

    Great get another crony criminal cunt in, let their implosion accelerate.

  5. RunForrestRun11:59 am

    I have always liked the Swiss model, its the closest thing to true democracy.

  6. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Bill Clinton is a rapist!

    1. So is Zuma. What's your unrelated point?

    2. Anonymous7:55 pm

      @Anon 12:19PM

      What does that have to do with anything?

    3. Dont be rude guys we are brothers on here.

    4. Anonymous11:02 pm

      The Clinton's are in deep shit now...

  7. Rogue1:27 pm

    I have utterly minimal respect for Blacks in authority in the wondrous new SA. However, Thuli Madonsela is one that I do respect - personally I believe Old Showerhead was thoroughly pissed off that he appointed her - she actually did her job!

    Maybe I'm wrong about her, but not all Blacks are corrupt, criminal and incompetent.

    Actually I've met many Black people (abroad) who've I thought very highly of.

    The fact is, I would vote for someone if I thought they were the best candidate for the job, regardless of race or gender.

    1. Anonymous9:20 pm

      Even vote for one that supports discriminarion against you and your children. One that does nothing about the genocide of your race? you are a classic liberal dude.

    2. You get different kinds of people and behaviors in in all races. The distribution is what matters. You get a good old black here and there but the problem is genetic. He might behave but his children wont.

      Her(Tuli) daughter is an EFF member and one of the fees must fall instigators. Wonder where she got that kind of thought line from?

      Do not romanticize the better behaved ones because it is an act. They are masters at imitating behavior. You need to get of of that thought pattern because it will blind you partially to the truth of the majority of them as well.

    3. @anon 9:20 (can't you give yourself a handle??)

      No, I'm not.

      The point I'm making is that the Black population overwhelmingly vote by race and tribe - whereas I suspect at least half of Whites in SA would vote for somebody based on competence and sound policy, and not on race and gender alone.

      The reason why few Whites in this country vote for Black candidates is because most realise that just about every Black politician is hostile to their interests.

    4. Kak question Mike [smile]. A dead one, of course.

    5. Anonymous3:12 am

      I know exactly how you are going to end that ......

    6. Anonymous5:10 am


      @Mike Smith12:33 AM

      Thats why Hollywood or how Hollywood, the MSM fooled the world.

      They are perfect actors.
      Learn their lines, play the part, win the awards, walk on the read carpet but has anyone seen 1, just 1 intellectual black film? Well run country? New inventions?

      Yet they have had access to our educational system in one shape or form for over 100 years. If they cant produce one solid bright spark in 100 years, they will never do it and history is a testament to that.

    7. Graeme5:40 am


      I am in the same camp as you, if the rest of Madonsela's wretched cohorts had some semblance of integrity this Blog would'nt even exist.

      I am intrigued, where have you met blacks abroad that you have thought very highly of?

      In one sentence you come across as a smart person yet in the next one questions your intellect? I am in search of the elusive?

    8. Rogue9:03 am


      In my first comment I used the term "many". That probably overstates the case - I should rather have said "several".

      I had a number of Black colleagues in the profession I was in (medical related). A number of these folks were highly educated - mostly in Western universities with Msc's and PHD's. A few, but not all, were Christians. I had a genuine rapport and respect regarding several of them. Partly, no doubt, because I didn't notice any chip on the shoulder. Which, of course, is a lot of the problem that way too many Blacks have in SA - especially the yoof.

      A couple of these guys were actual friends (as opposed to just being friendly acquaintances) that I knew over several years. One a Nigerian (yes, I know) and a Kenyan.

      This was in the UK.

    9. Anonymous7:47 pm

      @TT 2:45AM

      It's not a question. It's a link to Mike's article, but good answer anyway.

    10. Rogue

      I found myself in pretty much the same situation as you with blacks rising to the occasion, only it was in production management positions.

      The thing is what i realize today, is that it is superficial. Some of them can perform a learnt task even better than us but they cant expand it or create a new method.

      The person with the highest marks in my university class was a black girl and i salute her for her achievements. However she got her best marks of learning(booksmart) subjects that overshadowed the ones where you have to show innovation.

      They can show or some of them can show great discipline in achieving booksmart abilities even better discipline than mine at that time, to be perceived in a certain manner.

      Like Saxon mentioned dont be deceived by the top of the cream because their top of the cream is stranded milk when compared to ours. Their majority is milk gone bad.

  8. Frankly every single GOOD WHITE must be armed.

    In the USA this is what the mainstream media DOES NOT report on the Television or newspaper of a national nature:

    While these are American gun rights organisations they have useful material for knowing how to defend our rights to keep a gun.

    I put my faith in God and the Mauser
    ~Boer General Ben Viljoen

    'You must carry your gun and your Bible together at once,' says Werner Selzer.
    South Africa World Cup 2010... and the shooting's already started 10th September 2009

    He who wants your gun, is your enemy.

    The sword was THE military weapon of its day, the Roman Centurions carried SWORDS:
    Luke 22:36 JESUS SPEAKING:
    And He said to them, "But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one.

    The WHITES face GENOCIDE, everywhere in the world.
    They MUST be able to defend themselves.

    1. Anonymous3:19 am

      Where is the Ninja -- you are sounding just like him
      Normal load of BS nonsense
      This is for him ( and the hidden weapons that no-one had ever seen and could never be identified that were going to be used by the EFF for Election 2016 )


      Hint Annie Oakley gets all hot discovering the missing weapons.

      Watch enjoy and don't cream yourself.
      ( Although maybe that is impossible for the NINJA.)

    2. Anonymous5:23 am


      @Anonymous3:19 AM

      Everyone will sound like me in the end because I offer or promote a message of hope! Get rid of the Karasite from the Cape to the Equator - There is no other solution, sorry tried to find one, the last & closest one was known as segregation - didnt work, time to try something else out.

      If it doesnt work after 200 years, we can always import them back in for those that miss their maids & gardeners.

      That message will continue to be repeated until 75%+ of our people get it into their heads & each day that this ship sinks to new lows, the more will be jumping on board with that message which is evident! They will come to the conclusion themselves.

      If you dont think the weapons are here, then you are a serious fool. Do you think that the revolution being pushed so heavily doesnt have them? Only armed criminals act brazen.

      I think you need to grow up, seriously - yes, thinking can be difficult but think - no one, no government, no people ever attempt a coup or revolution without arms!

      These are not Ghandis followers! We are dealing with the Karasites.

      Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease.

    3. Anonymous5:25 am

      Dont worry those hidden weapons are meant to be used against the likes of you, the unprepared and uninformed, ignorant, you'l see the weapons before you close your eyes for the last time doos.

    4. Anonymous6:55 am

      I'm proud to sound more and more like BN and the other boytjies here!

    5. Anonymous8:45 am


      @Anonymous5:25 AM

      JA, after I take a kak in your mouth!

    6. Anonymous12:22 am

      Please do
      @Anonymous5:25 AM
      I am sure HE will appreciate it

    7. If i had to be in a group fighting the war to come, just imagine being in one with Mike, Tom, JP, Ninja, "Oak" LTMA and the likes. Its the stuff of legends.

      Of course i will be their to keep the peace among the brothers but never mind, we will be so busy making a path to the equator we will have never ending stories, the stuff movies and legends are made of.

  9. Anonymous3:51 pm

    All the DA leadership supported the ANC during the apartheid years.

  10. Anonymous6:13 pm

    What we have here is the South African Kafia. This "Public Protector" is just another Kafioso on the payroll and is there to protect the Kafia from the public, not vice versa.

  11. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Mike, you made a spelling error.

    It should read


    1. Anonymous12:12 am

      No pubic areas being protected. We're all getting fucked over.

  12. DA just ANC LITE same clowns

  13. Anonymous2:17 am


    The key word is "Zuma appoints". Its like a pastor or priest that gets caught with little boys, says he wont do it again and then appoints another priest to oversee that he does not do it again...

    Or get caught!

    When I saw this thing, I knew straight away! This thing is more evil than the one who appointed it, magosha! Probably shared a bowl of beetroot & a warm shower.

  14. Anonymous3:20 am

    Like I said on one of Mike's previous Posts, the liberal whites in the new SA are like Boxer the horse in George Orwell's Animal Farm. And in just the same way as idiot Boxer got weaker and weaker through overwork, so to is the white liberal being taxed to death, and when they can't tax you anymore because of total collapse, they will slaughter you liberals. You stupid liberal arseholes in the old SA we did the book in STD 8 so that kids would get some common sense and reject Tony Leon's liberalism now look at the mess.

    1. Anonymous6:54 am

      They won't listen to reason. Stockholm Syndrome is a bitch. They will betray you if it means they can stay in the good books of sipho and thandi. They must see it for themselves the terrible truth you and I know.

  15. Who really cares what they do. Let them fuck it all up. The sooner the better as long as they don't infringe on you personally.

    After this weekend it might not matter much anymore. Russia mobilising 20 000 000 citizens in a "drill"?

    1. I would like to supply them with a couple of bombs just to help the incompetent bastards to destroy the universities. Lets get on with it.

  16. Stephen4:44 am

    Hi Mike ,
    right - who needs another kaffir to act like their the 'public protector'

    No public is gonna be protected by this zumnoid , she just there to go through the motions just like thuli..

    I don't for one second give madonsela the credit every one else seems to. Thats whats wrong with people , they've become too accustomed to half-baker , half-measure , mediocre performance.

    They act like thuli was a beacon of light , but she never impressed me , never seemed like a protector more like a tooth-fairy with a soft wand to tap zuma when hes naughty.

    Yeh Mike , why cant the public choose a public protector
    if they protect us , why should our enemy {zuma} choose for us.

    1. I agree completely. When one Karasite(Tuli) fights another karasite(Zuma) doesnt put them on your side, they still hate you for being white.

      I see so many liberals glorifying blacks on fb that says negative things against the ANC and Zuma. It just shows you how racist these liberals are.

      The reason why they glorify blacks and not whites for the same thing is because they internally do expect less of blacks, but then want to call us racist. They are truly a bunch of mental cases.

    2. Anonymous7:35 pm

      @Dony 5:37AM

      It's all smoke and mirrors. Thuli challenges Zuma in public, but is entertained at Nkandla in private, laughing and joking.

      These liberals are too stupid to see that they are being played.

    3. Whiteman11:30 pm

      Right from the start, the libturds had some pet theories, and motivations, which made them destructively over confident. I remember some of them clearly, from the " old " days. 1). We will create a black middle class, and then we will have peace and happiness. ( They were too crooked, to admit that they would destroy and rob the white middle class, to achive this.) 2). Once you have the " fat black diamonds " in your pocket, and used to the high life, you just tell them what to do. They will control the masses, while we continue making loads of money. ( But they seriously miss judged the ability, and/or desire, of their black pawns to do this.) 3). They think that the nignogs, once they are used to money, will cling to it, for dear life, just llike they themselves do. We know the average libturd, will sell his own mother for money. ( And here is their final shock in the making. A wealthy nignog, can get out of his BMW, and go and sit in a mud hut, and drink beer, while his wives cultivate the land. Because that is his culture, and he longs to live like that again ! )

    4. Anonymous9:05 pm

      White liberals make me sick.

      I live in the U.K. and recently witnessed a bus fare evasion incident involving two Somalian kids. The first one boarded the bus then passed his ticket to other one through an open window.

      I alerted the driver and he demanded to see the first kid's ticket, which he obviously no longer had. Then the first kid said "What's it got to do with you?". Yes, he didn't deny it. I told him that I had duty to report the incident to the driver. He really believed that they had done nothing wrong.

      Only one elderly white passenger supported me. I knew what he wanted to say, but couldn't in public. The other passengers, mostly white, just tutted and looked annoyed with me.

      Then an annoyed white man, who was standing behind the second kid, asked how much the second kid's fare was and paid it. The kid actually thanked him.

      I don't blame the Somalian kids because they can't help being what they are.

      A Bells to the one white who stood by me. To hell with all the other liberal cunt passengers, especially that arsehole who paid the fare. They are worse than Somalians.

    5. I dont blame the kids, I was naughty as fuck back in the day and pulled the same shit. The main thing is the biased reaction because that liberal piece of shit who paid the ticket would have had the boy kicked of of the bus had he been white.

  17. Anonymous10:28 am

    To the students protesting - hear this:


  18. Anonymous12:11 pm


  19. Anonymous8:32 pm


    1. HAHAHA...they will steal from their own aunts and mothers. Nobody is safe when a Kaffir is arround, not even Mama Wethu.

    2. Anonymous9:13 pm

      @Mike 4:20AM

      She would have had him necklaced in the old days.

  20. Mike speaking of Communists and the like...
    Sien op Praag n oningeligde d@@s 'depicts' you as a mugu with a Leninist approach and nogals in hiding in the North Western Cape somewhere.
    Kan maar net aanneem hy't nog snot gepik in die tyd van Uhuru Guru-dae.

    1. HAHAHAHA....Let him come here and we will sort him out. Just because I have a farm between Put-sonder-water and Bad-sonder-seep, does not mean I am hiding on it.

    2. They are on the path but not up to speed. Rather try an bring them up to speed. Educate them. Comment on their articles invite them here. They are brothers or most of them. We need to unite the factions and form a singular thought of reality.

  21. Anonymous12:39 am

    The more I look at those who oppose the globalists, the more I realise that BN and company are really batting for the globalists, although unintentional. This "karasite" war will cause the globalists to do to us what the globalists have done to the rest of Africa.

    Listen to Eben Barlow and how he shows that when the UN comes in and funds the losing side under the guise of humanitarian aid, it keeps the wars fueled and it keeps the UN relevant. This is how the globalists get their police force into our society.

    Now BN and co want to engage in a war with blacks which will inevitably cause the UN and the globalists to sink their claws into SA and we go under a 1 world government authority.

    Both blacks and whites are being played like sock puppets here.

    1. Anonymous12:17 am

      AMEN to that
      Now you have to identify the choir meisters

    2. Stephen2:35 am

      Anon 12:39 , I think there's something you don't understand .
      BN and co ( who ever that is to you) are not gonna start this war physicaly . The reason BN's words sound so harsh is because he feels so passionate about the survival of our race , and he has seen that kaffirs are parasites that just kill,destroy and demand .

      More-over the war is not physical but spiritial .
      The question is , are you gonna keep your intergrity and believes , or are you gonna conform to keep the world happy and be politically correct . Oh yeh and to keep your beloved 'UN' happy.

      We dont give a rats ass about the UN .

      I don't know what it is with you lott . 'UN' this 'UN' that ..
      what a wuss .

    3. You need to look deeper brother. I will give you two months if the lord spares us that many.

      Once we take charge after the initial white black race war we will have an even bigger war against whites.

      We know this but it starts with rejecting their(The whites.. liberal.. globalist) propaganda of multiculturalism.

    4. Ninja


      Even liberal news site are starting to come on board!