13 October 2016

US spends millions to preserve terrorist history

By Mike Smith
13th of October 2016

When will all this sickening hypocrisy end?

US Donates R1,4 million to Liliesleaf Farm to preserve “history”

The Americans have just donated R1,4 million to…as they call it…”help conserve rare items of significant value and relevance to the history of South Africa’s liberation movement.”

A “liberation movement”? OK then The Palestine Liberation Organisation, Al Qaida, ISIS and the IRA are all “liberation movements”, right?

Stupid Yanks are supposed to fight the terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc, yet the praise the terrorists in South Africa. In fact they had Nelson Mandela and several other ANC members on their Most Dangerous Terrorist watch list until 2008, now this shit!

Look what this top diplomat US Ambassador Patrick Gaspard has to say:

“The preservation of the rare materials and documents of the courageous men and women who fought against apartheid ensures that future generations will continue to learn from the lessons they taught us.” Gaspard said.

What valluable lessons are These Mr Gaspard Fucktard? To plant bombs and blow up innocent People? To necklace innocent People? Please tell us Gaspard.

And further…. the US government is committed “to the preservation of cultural sites, cultural objects, and forms of traditional cultural expression in more than 100 countries.”

Oh yes??? And how many historical sites, cultural objects and historical material have you destroyed in the last 25 years since you so courageously marched into Iraq in 1991? Look at Aleppo. You must be really proud of that conservation, right?

Nevertheless, I love how the article states, “The US grant will enable Liliesleaf to digitise oral histories of Liliesleaf farm, …and… how they want to preserve the collection of oral histories of former residents of District Six in Cape Town, who were forcibly removed from their homes by the apartheid government in the mid-1960s.

In short they want to spend millions preserving anecdotal bullshit, half truths and out of context rubbish.

Let them spend as much money on it as possible. The day of our own liberation is drawing ever nearer. The day will still come when we will raze it all to the ground. Not a single brick will be left on top of another.


  1. Exactly the reason why I hope Hilarious Hillary chokes on her dildo.
    Pity none of these libtard-fairies heard what 'our beloved' Julius had to say this afternoon.
    Personally I'm having a spitbraai cometh Nov 2.

    1. Anonymous11:31 am

      Sorry I must have missed it when I took my afternoon shit, what did Kiddi Amin vomit now?

  2. @ Mike,
    Voorts wil ek jou bedank dat jy van tyd-tot-tyd dit toelaat dat boerseuns in hul moedertaal op jou blog mag kôts.
    'Avenues' soos oa N24 et al - maak dit haas onmoontlik. Eweneens sekere ander 'meer regsgesinde' forums.
    Die kriteria daar dat jy eers moet staan vir n 'short arms inspection' ( tril uithaal as bewys jy's besny ) - of n fisiese bewys jou DNA strek tot in Israel.
    Sou graag wou verneem of jy nog kontak het met Uhuru Guru (B.O) - om in keurige Afrikaans n inset op jou blog te lewer?
    Saam kan dit slegs tot logies-beredeneerde debat tot gevolg hê.

    1. Anonymous12:07 pm

      wat de fok het jy teen jode ou? Soos enige ander bevolkings groep is daar n' paar kak jode, net soos in onder afrikaanse wittes dose is.

    2. 'Ou' 12:07/007 -
      As jy n paar kersies in Auschwitz wil gaan aansteek..voel vry en doen so.
      Andersyds mis jy die punt. Bly maar n probleem onder analfabete. Dus:- Fok tog net Noord.

  3. Anonymous6:22 am

    Watch them "learn the lessons" their terrorist darlings taught them. Not only are they running headlong into a new world war from which they won't emerge rich & famous, but they're also destroying themselves from within with the trash they're allowing to overrun their country like a deadly debris-infested ugly brown tsunami. I think they will be taught well if they maintain their present course.

  4. Anonymous6:29 am

    This shit is sickening. Agree with you Mike with their logic isis is also freedom fighters... vaalpens

    1. Anonymous10:31 am

      Was that song by the old bittereinder "Shane"?

      Wonder where he is today?

    2. Yeah, I think it is Shane. I think he might still be lurking around in PE somewhere.

  5. How can you call natives fighting against the reincarnation of Satan whites terrorist? Whites don't belong in Africa and should go back where they came from which is Flanders a region in Belgium curiously.

    1. Anonymous10:25 am

      Ha ha
      Shaka, your such a cliché

    2. Anonymous11:15 am

      Shaka monkey boy.we built this country and wil one of these days take it back.were not stupid but very very patient in waiting for the right time to get rid of you all once and for all,we wil destroy all youre ancestral graves and make it new again,nothing wil ever be left in this country of you again.we fed you all and you stil disgust us by biting the hand that feeds you.remember the time is coming and we will move very fast and not stop till everyone of you are out.

    3. Anonymous11:19 am

      I think Shaka is actually a white liberal.

    4. Anonymous11:34 am

      shaka, kiss my white ass motherfucker.

    5. Anonymous11:35 am

      Anon 11:19 a rejected by his peers thrown away by his mother and spat on by just about everyone else he encounters white sodomite liberal SJW piece of shit .

    6. Ok Mark, whatever you say pal...

    7. Anonymous12:12 pm

      Ignore this shaka person. He wants you guys to respond to his inferiority complex inspired kak.

    8. Anonymous12:12 pm


      And you can go back into the long drop where you belong.

    9. Anonymous5:15 am

      'Shaka' is apparently looking for a mud hut in the jungles of the Congo in order to go back to the land of his ancestors.

  6. Adrem7:52 am

    Obama, Clinton, Kerry and all the countless liberals power in the US, what else can you expect?

  7. Anonymous8:38 am

    The plastic paddys in Boston supported the IRA and its"cause". Yanks are two faced hypocrites.

  8. Anonymous9:28 am


    Stuff them Mike!

    Mike the reason they are courageous is because they helped the NWO with their objectives. No one can trust Satan.

    15 years ago the Kurds were also terrorists.

    We MUST never trust the US or any western "Allie" they cant be trusted. Today they are your Allie, tomorrow your foe.

    We were setup and well played in Africa.

    CIA/FBI behind all the democracies in Africa, telling us Russia/Communism was behind the unrest. Sure! Where did the finance for the weapons come from?

    The US is motley fool! Being led by the nose here and by the terrorists in the middle east.

    We dont have to worry or be concerned, Game of thrones is live and kicking. We will watch them all take each other out and have the last laugh here.

    The US needs the whites here more than we need them. Europe is weak, the US is bankrupt, their enemies grow by the day - stronger & stronger.

    They now not only face Russia but Iran, China, possibly the Philippines, North African countries, Libya, Somalia, Korea, Pakistan, Turkey turned their back on them.

    The US can never be trusted. In the future they will grovel on their hands & knees before die Boerevolk, the white tribe here in this land.

    I honestly believe that if we play our cards right in this country, when the millions upon millions of Europeans flee from Europe, they will settle here.

    Tens of millions, like they did in the US. If we play our cards right, if we set our goals high, our dreams far into the future. We could have the strongest military might within 30 years and borders that stretch to the equator.

    It seems impossible, seems far fetched... Just wait until a few nukes go off in Europe and see how fast they stream in here.

    We cant trust them at all, only use them for our own objective like they used us for their objective. Their aim was to bankrupt us with sanctions, like they are trying with Russia and when/if we didnt hand over do to us what they plan on doing to Russia.

    Everything they are doing & have done to Russia they did to us. Sports boycotts, sanctions, lies in the media, war mongering.

    Let them play their games! We have a future here, we must bide our time. Arm, train, unite and prepare. One nation, one God, with one objective and they will grovel before us! Them and all those who were against us.

    Those same Europeans who rioted against us, will be under our control - poetic justice on a level that has never been seen.

    We have a future here, a bright one, even though most cant see it - it will be bright and full of prosperity like we have yet to experience.

    The winds of change are taking shape.

    Now Britain wants to enter Syria. Oh, we know what Oom Van Rensburg said about them and Russia. Let them play with the bear.

    Time will tell. I have faith in our people and our future, no matter how bleak it may be right now, glorious days await us.

    Let them eat their words in the future!

    When they grovel before us, we pull out all the articles, bullshit propaganda they spoke against this nation - let them live in shame, all the nations which were against this white tribe.

    Long live the white tribe in Southern Africa.

    1. Anonymous11:29 am

      BN, all the rubbish spoken about SA is now being said against Assad in Syria. They are going through what we went through.He is the 'Verwoed' ofthis day being cited as an evil person. The same as Hitler, Gaddaffi etc
      The difference is though that Assad is not giving over like we did in 1994 and therefore is bringing total destruction to Syria - the same that was waiting at the borders of SA pre '94 - pending our resistance,which never materialised.

    2. Anonymous8:48 pm

      Yeah anon 11:29 but instead of a relatively sudden destruction we get this cANCer decay with slow death which in many cases is much much worse than a head killshot. Any now not even the children and elderly are spared by these terrorist blacks and their death squads. This fate awaits all our historic countries.

  9. Anonymous11:01 am

    Reservations and the homelands are also different...
    US fucking A...

  10. Anonymous11:05 am

    The USA has been hijacked by the globalists. So you are mistaken about them being "stupid"

    All you have to do is go to these Alex Jones followers in the USA, all 35 000 0000 of them and ask Alex Jones the following:

    "Hey Alex Jones, did George Soros and Hitlery Clinton support or condemn apartheid? and can you tell us why?"

    That is when the penny will drop on the less stupid ones and they will begin to understand that Apartheid was about creating sovereignties whereas Soros is about destroying them.

    GOogle the 20 Bantustans of Apartheid. There were more than just the TBVC states. The other 10 were in Namibia.

    I think 7 of them had their own militaries and flags. Only the Zulus in the end bought into Trump Style Nationalism

    The apartheid years were just another chapter in the Globalist vs Nationalist wars where Globalists want to concentrate power into the hands of the bilbergers while nationalists want the opposite.

    Like abortion clinics in America that murder new black babies, so the globalists murdered 20 black new born nations in Africa.

    SJW and Shaka here on this site are too fucking stupid to figure it out anyways... To Shaka its about swinging his dick to prove that he isnt inferior to whites. Stupid fool surrenders his independence for the false song of globalism...


  11. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Hey mike
    Like your post
    Don't like your attitude to whites working for govermunt
    You are derogatory towards people like me, not coming from a wealthy family and were qualified to go to university but grew up with a "wife beating grens vegter"and then divorced mother who worked as a secretary.
    I had to take the first job I could find "indiens opleiding" with government
    Tel you what it saved my life because I was a real shit
    And up until today this salary puts food on the table for two beautiful blond and blue eyed children
    I hate working for these fuckers but its all I know and my biggest concern is to give my children what I never had

    So there you have my pathetic story

    1. I also worked for the Staat once. I was stupid enough to listen to my stupid mother who never saw further than her nose was long. “Work for the state. You will always have a job”, she used to say. Half my family worked for the state and the other half was married to someone who worked for the state and they all lived in a small town where everybody had small town mentality. I looked at my mother’s father for inspiration. My grandfather who was a successful businessman and consultant. Who worked hard, never drank a drop, never swore around children and travelled the world. I looked at my father’s father who was a successful cattle farmer and travelled the world. Both of them were soldiers in WWII albeit on different sides. The one German the other Afrikaans. The reason why my English is so shit is because it is only my third language. At least I speak five. I educated myself with not a single cent from anybody in my family. The Staat paid my bursary for which I had to qualify by sitting exams and aptitude tests and sign a contract to work it all back. It was hardly enough to pay my classes and my books. Accommodation I had to pay. Travelling I had to pay. Clothes and food I had to pay. I worked three jobs to pay my way through varsity, which was actually illegal, because I signed a contract and was only suppose to work for die Staat, but it was the only way or I starved.

      In the end I bridged contract. I realized that the Staat was a dead end for losers. You are waiting for dead man’s shoes to get somewhere and when he dies there are 27 guys in front of you all waiting for this one promotion. You must be a fucking moron to work for the government. I walked out there with nothing. They kept my last month’s salary, my pension contributions, my medical aid credit, EVERYTHING. I fucked off overseas and worked for Dollars and Pounds for 13 years. Bought my first house when I was 23. Had three Mercedeses. Where were all my mates and family who worked for the Staat? Still working for the Staat…to this day. One or two did what I did, got out and became successful. The rest…A bunch of losers sucking ANC dick. Geez if I think back and think what would have happened to me if I listened to my mother I cringe. I literally get shivers down my spine.

      Anyway…too late for you. Stick it out and wait for your pension. Once you have that start your own company and work for the Staat as a consultant and charge them ten times your current salary. Naai them. Naai die staat. Dan kom gesels jy weer met my . Dan sal ek jou hand skud.

      Sorry that I hurt your feelings about loser whites still working for the ANC. Unfortunately I dint give a flying fuck for oversensitive losers supporting the ANC.

    2. Anonymous1:08 pm

      Jy is n ou regte "superman"

      Haal my hoed af vir jou guts

      Started farming on the side
      Trying hard to naai die fokers

      Sterkte met jou blog en onthou daar is lojale wit velle wat n spanner in die staat se wiel Sal gooi as die oorlog begin

      Ek dink nie dis meer lank nie

    3. Anon 12:07 Ou maat, ek verstaan, 'n man moet doen wat 'n man moet doen om die pot aan die kook te hou. Sterkte.

      En wanneer daai dag aanbreek om 'n spanner in die works te gooi is ek oortuig jy sal. Beware the enemy within?

      Ek glo ook ons het nie meer lank om te wag nie.

    4. Mike, with reference to that article about "staatswerkers'. Of course the staatsdiens and SAR & H were the Nats captured voting block, but there was a difference. They worked and things worked.

      Not so anymore. Despite there being 3 [or more] times as many civil servants today the civil service just doesn't function, or hardly.

      The SAR & H was the biggest employer in the southern hemisphere and today it hardly exists and unemployment is running at 40%?

      No, everything they have touched they've turned to shit. Fucking useless barbarians!

  12. Anonymous12:12 pm

    "Hang Nelson Mandela and all ANC terrorists" Yip, exactly what should have been done a long time ago...

  13. "Let them spend as much money on it as possible. The day of our own liberation is drawing ever nearer. The day will still come when we will raze it all to the ground. Not a single brick will be left on top of another."

    I agree wholeheartedly. We will remove every trace of their existence. I don't even think we should consider the Ninja's idea of a "museum-piece". If they can give birth to frogs they might self-inseminate / pollinate at some stage?

    I saw an interview with an Australian re ethnicity some time ago. In Oz, at one stage the Abos were classed as flora & fauna. Way to go!!!

    1. PreatorianXVI11:22 pm

      The State of Western Australia still classified "natives" as part of Fauna and Flora of the Australian Continent.

      Up until 1978 you could get a legal government issued permit in WA to hunt, said Fauna...

      Self-righteous Hypocrites, why did we not think of it in the old RSA, Oh silly me I forgot, our Christian duty to uplift the savages...

  14. Anonymous2:37 am

    US Ambassador Gaspard:

    Wiki: "Prior to becoming Ambassador to South Africa, Gaspard was most well known for his time at the White House and as the day-to-day leader of the Democratic Party headquarters. He served as the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee from 2011 to 2013, overseeing the party committee's efforts to re-elect President Obama. Previously, he was the Director of the White House Office of Political Affairs for the Obama administration from January 2009 to 2011, Associate Personnel Director of President-elect Obama's transition team, and National Political Director of Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Gaspard's early career was spent in New York City, including working on the 1988 Jesse Jackson presidential bid and David Dinkins's successful 1989 mayoral campaign. He went on to serve as a Special Assistant in the Office of the Manhattan Borough President and Special Assistant in the Office of Mayor Dinkins, and later, from 1998-1999, Chief of Staff to the New York City Council.

    In 2003-2004, he worked for Governor Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign as the National Deputy Field Director, and in 2004, was the National Field Director for America Coming Together.

    Gaspard spent nine years as the executive vice president for politics and legislation for the 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East labor union, the largest local union in America.[6][7] He helped coordinate political activity and government relations on behalf of 300,000 members. In 2006, he served as the acting political director for SEIU International during the national union's successful effort to help Democrats capture majorities in the House and Senate. He is also a former community organizer around school reform issues.

    Little need to continue. Typical Obama communist appointee.

    Wiki link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Gaspard

    Regards, Besoeker

  15. Anonymous6:36 am

    Great! when will you turn your high powered perception at Israel?. No I did not think so!