05 October 2016

Update on the South African revolution - Running battles between police and students

By Mike Smith
5th of October 2016

The other day I was reading on the rightwing site Praag.co.za that in several articles about the #Feesmustfall protests, they call these students “rioters” (oproeriges) and “hooligans” (belhamels) making out as if they are just a few isolated groups enticed by the DA and the EFF, etc…and…this is what I don’t get…as if they at Praag want them to stop.

I cannot disagree more.

Look, it should be clear to the simplest of minds that these protests have nothing to do with real free education for the unwashed masses. It is a revolution. There is and will never be “free education” for anybody ever. What the one person gets free, the other one must pay for.

Further…I really feel sorry for the students (especially the white ones) who really do want to study and get a good job. I have nephews and nieces at varsity and it is hell for them and their parents, but what needs to be done, must be done.

Although it sometimes seems as if South Africa is cursed, I love this country and I swore a long time ago that I won’t let it fall apart without a fight.

The ANC must fall…as in yesterday. Zuma must go. Hlaudi Motsoeneng and the whole SABC board must go. They must take all the corrupt scum with them. We want them gone, whatever it takes. I don’t care if every single university is burned to the ground. They are all contaminated with the rancid disease of Marxism, Communism and other leftist rubbish anyway. They are all tainted with the ANC’s Affirmative Action, BEE and racial quotas. Burn it to the ground! Gone with it once and for all.

I want more protests. More revolution. I want untold chaos, anarchy and the streets flowing with blood, because that will ring in the start of our freedom. The ANC is the fly in the ointment. I want the ANC gone!! I want their supporters gone. Only then can we rebuild and study like civilized people again.

Nevertheless, these students are doing some things right and others horribly wrong.

If I can give these students some advice, then it is to read my pieces on the revolution I wrote a year ago. Read the books in the links on the right hand side of this blog. Read, Robert Taber’s “War of the flea”.

Rule number one. Peaceful protestors don’t throw rocks at the police.

There is a different place for that.

Don’t threaten the press. The press should be used to your advantage

Point the media to the brutality of the police against unarmed, peace-loving students. What I found good is that the students are not backing down. And yesterday when the women bared their breasts, the police aggression stopped. They stopped shooting.

Those are good things. More of that. Put all the pretty girls and old people (student’s grannies, aunts, etc) in the front line with flowers in their hands. Let them separate the aggressive men from the police. Dish out cigarettes to the police. When your friends get arrested go and support them and protest at the jails where they are held. Bring their parents and family along. Put as much strain on the police resources as possible…

…Then open a second front. A real physical revolutionary guerrilla war. Let Zuma’s goons in the police and armed forces no rest. Give them dilemma after dilemma. Give them problems they cannot solve. War is peace and peace is war. Let them not see the difference.

Let them double or triple their patrols. They cannot be everywhere. They don’t have enough cars, guns, jails or people. Let them spread thinner and thinner and then attack the isolated units one by one. Soon they will withdraw into their police stations and not come out.

Nevertheless…We are in for a rough ride, boys and girls. To paraphrase Gotham: South Africa is not a country for nice guys or sissies. Currently it is on a knife’s edge, but behold…However dark and scary it might look now, there will be light. We will prevail.


  1. Very good analysis Mike and I agree 100%, burn it all down, we'll start from scratch. Just a word practical warning before whitey gets all gun ho.

    Something I have seen over in American comment forums is the bravado of whites, an attitude of 'we have this in the bag'.

    Never underestimate our enemy. Let me state frankly where blacks are - dare I say - better than whites.

    Firstly, be honest with yourself, if you had to put out a call, how many people will come to your rescue? And I don't mean someone from another province whose a 'hardcore manier' etc.

    From your area if something had to go down??? That's right, no one probably.

    I would have to call my oldman and perhaps two other guys who would back me.

    As for blacks, someone can offend someone in Gauteng and they will send a bunch of monkey 'impi's'from Kzn all the way up here and kill the guilt party.

    What whites don't understand yet, on mass, but are about to, is that blacks are what is known as 'felony ready'. They don't hold down serious jobs, with serious responsibility like most whites.

    Whites are paying bonds, paying school fees, paying medical this and that, the wife will cut her husbands balls off if her man said he was taking the day off to go and shoot coons or what not.

    Remember that term - felony ready. Whites are not felony ready, nowhere near to dropping their shit and going to war. Sitting and waiting until we really do have our backs to the wall to react. Ie not proactive.

    Secondly, blacks have a far higher racial loyalty than whites. Accept that. Blacks skin unite them. We have right wing 'alarmists' as we get called, liberal arseholes, those who want weed legalized, abortion legalized, those who vote for the black messiah Maimane etc.

    Whites objectively at this point have a far lower racial than the niggers.

    Thirdly, and very importantly, blacks naturally gravitate towards chaos. Unlike whites who for the most part hate 'causing a scene'.

    When chaos erupts, blacks literally gravitate towards it. This is very crucial to understand. Whites will rather run, save their pretty faces and watch from YouTube.

    I can give more points, but if you can accept the above black strengths - felony ready, higher racial loyalty and how they naturally gravitate towards chaos - you can know make effective plans and I hate to be the spoiler of dreams, but accept cold hard reality.

    Due to whites current reactionary state, blacks will have a clear cut advantage over whites for at least 72 hours, and that is a very long time to be hunted down for, it's not like your usual long weekend holiday.

    This is not me been all negative now, and putting a damper on peoples sentiments, I just wanted to state some - what I think is - constructive advice so that instead of been overly confident, rather sit with what I call an 'constructive/ apprehensive confidence'.

    Keep well...

    1. J-man, you're spot on, stop sweating it. Whitey still has it too comfortable. He needs a huge wake-up call.

      Well done, Mike, keep coaching the revolutionaries. Train the fuckers to burn it all down. You and JP's are both right. Fuck it all up and let's start from scratch.

      On ENCA there's a voice clip of a meid student saying she's heard that they want a White student to be killed to really spark things.

      Hold on tight. Things are picking up.

      Ninja, where have you disappeared to?

    2. Anonymous5:45 am

      Well said buddy. We need cool, calculating and intelligent heads like yours mate

    3. Anonymous6:37 am

      I agree….. That initial onslaught will be big and fast the small pockets of resistance will more than likely be cut down by the horde, however they have no backbone and little to no strategy.
      So as their so called leaders fall to the brave few and there blood lust is cooled from there spoils of war reality will set in, their narrow mindsets take hold many will flee due to xenophobia and tribal conflict. Don’t forget the gang lords and drug lords they too want their piece of the pie.
      Their savage nature is there undoing…… our unwillingness to stand together is ours, we will see the light before the end thou.

    4. Michael Dean Miller6:52 am


      In reference to Americans thinking "we got this in the bag": All any honest person needs to defend themselves and their posterity is a clear, morally unambiguous enemy/target. To shoot a lone burglar in your garage is one thing but pulling my AR15 on 7 rioters with molotov cocktails on my front porch is another.
      When " it " happens and blood begins to flow, whites will pull the trigger without hesitation. There's too much to lose otherwise.


    5. Anonymous7:16 am

      Read the signs...

      Look at the property market, houses for sale, farms for sale, businesses for sale.
      Reason: Owner emigrating.

      Soon you wont be able to give your house away.
      (Certain areas like KZN coast is very cheap)
      Farms over R10 000 000 very difficult to sell.
      (Cant farm enough livestock / produce to pay the bank)

      The youth time bomb that wants everything for free.

      In actual fact all the "negatives" people like "us" have been talking about for the past 20 years or so.

      It is all coming down to reality...and its scary.

      1 more sign, notice the usual media rich white liberal scumbags that keep pulling their guts out over apartheid have toned down since their "Alma mater" are being destroyed. They cannot believe their pets could do such a thing.

      I have a feeling that this experience is curing a few liberals. (I have spoken with a few and they have done a complete 180 deg u-turn...)

      We might even see Max dP with a bandanna on and a AK shouting and shooting "you mother fuckers let me down"

      Its not going to be like any of us imagine...much worse. But hey this too shall pass.

      Stywe Lyne.

    6. Check this vid from netwerk24. Listen to the faggot white who sides with the savages. Remember his face. In all likelihood he will be cut down by his pet savages.

      The darkies are laughing at him.

      Headsup to the white students for making a stand. Never thought anyone would do it.

      Most importantly listen to the EFF coon at the end saying how 'they will make this place as black as night'.

      The irony in all of this is the nickname of people who go to Wits - 'Witsies'. So imagine when there are no whites there anymore, just darkies, but they still get called 'Witsies' haha

      Here's the vid:


    7. Anonymous7:44 am


      ~JP Viljoen4:20 AM

      And dont forget, one shot fired, one stun grenade and the things scatter like when shooting at a troop of baboons.

      A Karasite in battle always runs backwards! They jump in and the minute they receive fire it drops its weapons & runs.

      The solution is TOTAL, TOTAL but TOTAL eradication. Nothing left, and we put our weapons down when they either kill us all or there are none of them left.

      Let one liberal white doos try stop us, he will be running & hiding with these Karasites.

      Any white standing up for blacks in the new SA, despite the fact of the racial quotas is our enemy.

      Their strength is their weakness. They rely on numbers & attack the weak, old like a bunch of hyena savages.

      They are not long term thinkers, not strategic thinkers, so those they bring to the battle or those who invite themselves will do their bidding/thinking i.e the British who coincidentally yesterday said they they are suspending human rights according to the European convention.

      "British soldiers will never again face a legal witch hunt, Theresa May will pledge as she says that European human rights laws will no longer apply on the battlefield."

      Hmmm remember what he warned us about! They have made deals long ago, secret arms sent, Malema meeting in the UK...

      Just a little reminder, it is not just the Karasite we will be facing but this lot who will secretly be plotting to overthrow and re-establish SA as their South Briton.

      But all their plans fail!

    8. Anonymous7:49 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations5:42 AM


      Im here, taking not of everything.

      I cant say it more clearly.

      Total eradication, no mercy zippo! Mercy is for fags, if the British no longer will be following the European rights when it comes to warfare, then let my bible be used for warfare.

      "British soldiers will never again face a legal witch hunt, Theresa May will pledge as she says that European human rights laws will no longer apply on the battlefield."

      And nor will the white South Africans ever face ANY European human rights laws, US laws or any international laws.

      We follow 1 law.

      The law mentioned in the book of Joshua - total eradication, no mercy.

      And then we will be able to rest in peace, pray in peace.

    9. Anonymous8:03 am


      @JP Viljoen7:17 AM

      'they will make this place as black as night'.

      And I want this ENTIRE Southern Africa to be as white as snow in the end, no Karasite from the Cape to the Equator - Im not asking for much, just half this continent.

      Let them start their shit, this time they will see they are not dealing with 50,000 Rhodesians.

      They will quickly find they are dealing with 200,000+ armed whites or even more in the end. Even oupajie with his walking stick will get up and fight.

      We need 200,000+ now to stand up, be armed, trained. I cannot see these tribes sticking together when the shit hits the fan. If we can gather 500k men/women anyone who wants to join us - we will take everything from the Cape to the Equator.

      And like the British no longer can be sued for war crimes, none of our men/women will EVER face any bullshit European/US/UN court - the time for eradication is slowly arriving.

      They clearly want to do it and so I pray for the day, problem is some white person, some white liberal will probably try stop us from doing this.

      So lets hope they massacre a few whites for the world to see for us to justify it.

      Hopefully they are liberals, there are no innocent liberals. They are diseased ridden, backward assholes.

    10. Anonymous8:19 am


      See back in the day when we couldnt understand their language, all we saw was destruction.

      Then along the way came the intellectual and decided to educate them. They thought " all these poor savages need is an education and you will quickly see they are no different to us"

      Fast forward 40 years....

      What are they talking about?

      The same destruction but this time we can hear what is on their minds. The same destructive Karasites. Nothing good in them, no bone.

      karasite wants to say they are still protecting the legacy of apartheid but the karasite is talking on the steps of a university built by whites...

      Never argue with a karasite.

      Bullets, bombs, too slow.

      We need something else that targets these things down to the cellular level.

      Bullets, bombs going to take too long to clean up this place.

      That is what Im hoping for, some nice little white scientist can come up with in a laboratory. Why waste your time with 200 million here in Southern /Central Africa, if they can get a Mosquito to transfer Zikka, surly we have something that can target only Karasites?

      Release it, wake up tomorrow and smile - no karasites! That should be the thinking. Complete eradication, no need for gas chambers, camps etc etc

      Now the British can no longer be sued for war crimes despite their horrendous history of war crimes, so then whats the problem?

      Oh Im so evil talking about this, poor me! Shame, Im going straight to hell....Jarra, jarra, jarra

      Before you cry about what I mentioned, dont forget this is EXACTLY what they are planning but with pangas, rape, looting, shooting, plundering, Im just offering a faster solution.

      This is war! Wars aint nice and we agreed to peace with this karasite shit and what have they done?

      One day they are talking about fees and the next they are talking about killing a white student to send a message?

      These are the " most intelligent, the best of the best" they have got - these things know only violence, whether from the bush or from a university makes no difference, they are actually worse with education because then they think they are our equals.

      You are seeing it!

    11. Anonymous10:10 am

      your mindset is wrong.

      Every tool knows that the loudest mouths are the weakest in real battle.

      Also, the tightest wound coil snaps out the most violent. We are being wound tighter and tighter whilest they get pressure relief every day by being allowed to behave this way.

      The white Tsunami will come one day. Just like it swept away the khoisan and the bantu in the last 9 border wars.

    12. Anonymous10:24 am

      This Boere Ninja really is a eugenics weirdo.

    13. I agree. The day will come that we will stand up and face the black parasites of Africa. This shit as it is in SA as we speak, cannot continue anymore. Time to take action. We should pull up together. Train ourselves. If we don't have the numbers, we need to outsmart them and be one step ahead of them in everything we do!

    14. Anonymous11:21 am


      @Anonymous10:10 AM

      And the quietest tools are on the rubbish dumb!

      You say what I say but my mindset is wrong.

      Maybe your coil needs tightening?

      What Im trying to convey is the seriousness of the situation. People havent quite grasped it, there it not much time left here before this shit happens.

      Either you are prepared or not and we have to get the nation prepared for white Tsunami, they have to know that their is only and only ever will be one solution here.

      The whites have been very accommodating, trying to make the best out of the new SA while they keep tightening their grip on us.

      And now that the Brits decided they will no longer be part of the European war crimes pact, so now we can also stop fooling ourselves and decide to take matters into our own hands without worrying about the Hague, or any European court.

    15. Anonymous1:23 am

      This Boere Ninja really is a eugenics weirdo.

      Not eugenics but genetics
      Empty vessels always make the most noise

      If we can gather 500k men/women anyone who wants to join us - we will take everything from the Cape to the Equator.

      Do you never stop with your nonsense ?
      The whole might of the RSA / SADF could not get the Cubans out of Angola never mind the equator.

      ALL of Southern Africa gone
      Goodbye Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique
      Goodbye Federation of Nyasaland
      Goodbye Rhodesia
      Goodbye SWA
      Goodbye RSA

      I suppose the reality is lost on you ?

    16. Anonymous2:35 am


      Anonymous10:24 AM

      "This Boere Ninja really is a eugenics weirdo. "

      Then enjoy multiculturalism and not sure why you enjoy visiting this site? Whats the purpose? To convince yourself you made the right decision leaving South Africa?

    17. Anonymous 1:23
      "The whole might of the RSA / SADF could not get the Cubans out of Angola never mind the equator."

      You dumb motherfucker, we did just fine considering that we had to fight the cubans,angolans supported by the communist bloc AND supported by most western countries.

    18. Anonymous9:33 am


      @Anonymous1:23 AM

      I believe you are making the most noise fuck head.

      Why do assholes like you guys come to this site? What do you actually hope to gain or learn?

      The only person that seems lost if YOU! WTF are you doing here, if it is lost why visit the blog?

      War maybe lost but the battle is not over YET dick head!

    19. Anonymous9:36 am


      @Anonymous1:23 AM

      I think this one is just miffed out that I showed him the reality of those far off Islands close to Asia.

      You can run but you cant hide.

      You are all outnumbered on those Islands already!

      Reality is tough to handle. We know what we are dealing with in South Africa but all those who left cling to their little security they have.

      The more security you crave, the less you will find!

    20. Graeme5:34 am

      JP, you have absolutely no reason to apologise for anything, conversely you appear to be a smart Fella, "Hou So Aan!'


    21. Anonymous1:14 am

      You dumb motherfucker, we did just fine considering

      However fine fine is it does not change the end result
      THAT is what counts at the end of the day
      All you bunch have is cursing and cussing
      Careful your mom does not come to wash out your mouth with soap.

  2. Anonymous5:24 am

    For the past forty years the darkies have been threatening to kill all the whites but have used terrorist ways to kill 4000 farmers. Why not make it a fullblown event, no , they're to shit scared and they want us to initiate an attack. The only way we are going to get them to attack us is when we withhold our taxes. They are using us as the milking cow to suffice their needs. Withhold taxes and they won't see the need for whities anymore. We have to be prepared though.

  3. Mike said:
    "There is and will never be “free education” for anybody ever. What the one person gets free, the other one must pay for."
    That is a TRUTH that the average person DOES NOT understand.

    "Although it sometimes seems as if South Africa is cursed, I love this country and I swore a long time ago that I won’t let it fall apart without a fight."

    That is what a REAL WHITE MAN thinks in his heart.

    "Nevertheless…We are in for a rough ride, boys and girls. To paraphrase Gotham: South Africa is not a country for nice guys or sissies. Currently it is on a knife’s edge, but behold…However dark and scary it might look now, there will be light. We will prevail."

    The INVADERS and THAT is what the blacks and Asians ARE in South Africa. South Africa, as all who read this blog know, was created by Whites. The land was virtually empty when the Whites came and the few that were there are no longer extant. The Zulus wiped out tribe after tribe as they marched TO South Africa. South Africa MUST be cleansed of these invaders. It is a WHITE HOMELAND and MUST return to being so. There is NO living with the others. And as Sir James Baker the Cambridge taxonomist wrote in his book published by Oxford University Pres "RACE" he said the blacks were a different SPECIES. Of course that was published in 1980, today it would NOT be published. Like:

    "Two hundred years together" is a historical book by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    Solzhenitsyn published this two-volume work on the history of Russian-Jewish relations in 2001 and 2002. The book stirred controversy and is viewed by some as antisemitic. The book was published in French and German in 2002-2003, but there is no English translation to date.

    All that needs to be done is to throw the GANG out who started all this and to, humanely, if at all possible, have the non-humans GO BACK TO BLACK AFRICA, to INDIA, and etc.

    Deuteronomy 17:15 Knox Bible
    The king you appoint must be the man the Lord your God chooses, one of your own race; you must not let an alien, who is not of your blood, bear rule over you.

    ...Haste thee, and come; for the Philistines have invaded the land.
    1 Samuel 23:27 (King James Version)

    Colossians 3:12 New International Version
    “Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

    I Peter 2:9 Knox Bible
    Not so you; you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a consecrated nation, a people God means to have for himself; it is yours to proclaim the exploits of the God who has called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.

    "Thou shall smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them: Neither shalt thou make marriages with them." Deut 7:1-4

  4. Anonymous5:51 am

    @Mike: Praag has an international audience and deserves at least a bit of understanding for their word choices.

    You say that the ANC must go... but who must be in their place? I hope you don't say something in the line of: "The DA, at least they focus...."

    The DA is more NWO- and Soros orientated than the ANC which means that we shall be confronted with more political correctness than ever before if they somehow replace the ANC

    1. @Anon 5:51AM...Look I am not against Praag. I just disagree with them and I have no problem telling them why I disagree. If they in fact agree with me, but pander to an international audience just for the sake of not stepping on any toes then they are being dishonest.

      Who should take the ANC’s place, you ask? Why not the DA? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a DA supporter at all and they won’t last long anyway, but will be the first stepping stone.

      Allow me to explain.

      When you read Dr. Crane Brinton’s “Anatomy of a revolution” then you will see that he explains how, after every revolution, you see the rise of the Moderates (the DA in our case).

      However the moderates don’t last long, ‘cause they are too busy trying to govern and deal with the problems the fallen regime left behind. During this time you see the rise of the Radicals. A small group who are not burdened by having to govern the country. They solely concentrate on coming to power by pointing out the inefficiency of the Moderates to govern.

      The Radicals then defeat the Moderates and bring in the “reign of terror and virtue”, ridding society of all the moderates and all the evils of the past regime. After a while things return to normal (the thermidorian reaction).

      Question is; “Who will be the “Radicals” in the not too distant future? There are not that many options. Either it is the EFF…or it is us. If we want to survive, we better make sure that we are MORE radical than the radicals. Time will tell if we decide this time, “To Be” or “Not to be”. Either that or we join the Dodo in the history books.

    2. Anonymous11:17 am


      @Anonymous5:51 AM

      Who will take their place?

      Anyone please!

      The DA have proven to run their areas, constituencies, provinces, towns far better.

      Sure, they are a NWO party but at this stage, based on their accountability, what they do, have done - I will take them any day of the week.

      Sure they are full of liberal, wet, pandering white ass liberals BUT they are better than the ANC.

      Praag - needs to grow a pair of balls. I like their shit but they tip toe a little bit too much & way too conservative.

      We need white kaffirs when the day arrives. These Karasites need to know that the white kaffir inside is far worse than their worst Karasite.

      Right now, the worst thing that the whites here can do is not be vocal. See the Karasite, if he see`s that you are a push over, a moffie, he will eat you!

      The Karasite needs to know there is still life in these whites bones. If we roll over now, they come tomorrow with their pangas and wake us the F up!

      If you mouth off, they at least know that for everyone of us that goes down, 1,000 of them will go!

      Keeping quiet for the sake of not ruffling up feathers, we are beyond that. The rainbow nation shit is long, long, long, long gone - if they or any other organization hasnt realized that...

      Well, then we all deserve a panga against the head!

      Keeping quiet is not a solution anymore. They need to know these whites, these Boere, this white tribe might be small but we aint no roll over.

      And besides, they are boiling us alive. Being vocal is not going to prevent what is going to happen here, not being vocal is going to simply lead us to more of what we have gotten for the past 22 years.

      Time to prepare, time to tell them what we think. Time to unite. When the show has come and gone, the whites will only say one thing and I can promise, they will say....

      Why did we put up with this shit for a full 22 years!

      Im not saying provoke, Im not saying go to war but I can tell you that if we continue down this path keeping quiet they will see it as a sign of weakness and they will attack us.

      Praag should be telling their readers, their international readers to start preparing.

    3. Anonymous11:26 am

      TO BE! To be is to survive. To be is to live. To be who we have always been, successful in all that we (whites) have done. This time we will be FREE!!!

    4. RunForrestRun12:35 pm

      Mike, after your previous post on “To Be” or “Not to be” it has been something to ponder on and when you question why the peoples who choose "to be" do so you have to face the fact that they have something South Africa does not, they for the most part have centuries of homogeneous tradition,history, shared religion, etc. South Africa is an artificial construct, a mengelmoes of cultures thrown together barely a hundred years ago from bits and pieces, flotsam and jetsam. Now I know people like to quote the Boer war and Border war etc etc, but the reality of it is that the commonality of purpose that makes a nation choose "to be" has never really been present in what is South Africa. There may be a few groups who Amish-like can get it together in Orania size groups, but for the most part WHITE South Africans have never really demonstrated a desire "to be" strong enough to translate into anything meaningful.

      Now before BN and a couple of other roast me, just think about it. A million of us have left the country, most of us have seen service (males), people I know were even in the recces,---living in OZZ now. Yes crime and lack of a future is a major driver, but the fact is most of us who left did so because we perceive there is nothing "To Be" part of. This fixation on race, parasite, karasite etc etc, is part of the problem. I don't like them anymore than the next guy, but then I like the stupid white who acts like a kaffer even less, -he should know better.

      I don;t know what the solution is, but choosing "to be" is not about a piece of land or a indiscriminately hanging onto a few people who happen to share you language, skin pigmentation or share your views on prophets and sky fairies.

      It has to be about more than that.

    5. Anonymous2:33 am


      @RunForrestRun12:35 PM

      No need to roast you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I respect everyone's opinion even though I may not agree with them.

      First I dont know how old you are but what I can tell, is that from the majority of South Africans leaving, they seem to be in the age range of 25-45 (for the most part) I know their are older/younger SAs living overseas but for the most part that is the demographic sweet spot.

      So let me put something into perspective.

      You say for the most part we are a melting pot essentially, with barely a 100 years. And tell me is the US, NZ, Aus much older.

      100 years ago saw over 100+ million white flood the states.
      100 years ago, the white population of Oz was smaller than the white population in SA.
      100 years ago, the Kiwis (in fact today) are still smaller than the entire white population of South Africa.

      Now if for the most part SAs living abroad fit into the 25-45 year range, let me put something into perspective for you guys living in OZ, NZ - I say this to make a point and not to shame anyone.

      I fully understand why everyone has left & its roughly 2.5 million now. Its not nice living in a country where you cant see unity, you see the place crumbling, you cant see a future - So I know!

      1. In 20 years time by 2037 (20 years 90% of the world never had the internet & were getting hooked up with brick cell phones) - The whites in Aus, NZ, UK, US, Fr, Ger will all be the minorities. The whites will be minorities in those lands like they are in SA.

      2. You might not be under black rule but could be under Indian, Islamic or Chinese rule.

      3. There might be no racial tension there but when the whites wake up to the fact that they are all being invaded - I think you will see greater racial issues in OZ + NZ (based on their history) as those demographics change fast. Is Auckland not full of Asians? Melbourne? Sydney? London - whites are a minority, Paris - whites a minority, Berlin/Munich - catching up fast.

      4. When this thing with Russia starts (which it has begun) how or who will protect those Islands in the future? Will those nations continue to have the crown/jack on their flags when England/Britain has been flattened by Russia?

      There is no fixation of race, I just dont want them around me. This is survival, no one says to someone trying to survive that they are fixated on survival - that is the purpose of fixation during a survival period. - To survive.

      Imagine watching Bear Grylls and saying he is fixated on survival while living in the jungles or doing his thing (despite the fact after filming he dines/sleeps in Luxury).

      If the whites continue to be lame ducks, they will soon be roast meat.

    6. Anonymous2:33 am


      @RunForrestRun12:35 PM

      Its easy to not fixate on race now while living in utopia but when things change & by that time SA has sorted its shit out...

      Tell me, are you + the other 2.5 going to come here and also tell us we are fixated with race, now that SA`s and other whites are streaming out of those countries to live in an all white country?

      The reason race isnt being fixated upon in those countries is because the people, the South Africans living among a nation that massacred those locals in their tens, hundreds of thousands.

      And if you think it will not happen in Oz, NZ, UK, FR, US - you really need to do research online.

      Whether other whites like to admit it or not, we are all in this together, just separated by sea.

      http://newobserveronline.com/australia-whites-minority-in-50-years/ (they say 50 years, sure, they dont know how fast people breed)

      http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10837589 (Auckland they say the next few years, article written almost 5 years ago)

      While the city's population was 76 per cent white European in 1976, projections show it will be 51 per cent in 2016, with further reductions in later years.

      Between 1986 and 2006, the numbers born in Asia and now resident in New Zealand increased by 661 per cent, with the Chinese (899.4 per cent) and Indians (841.6 per cent) dominating growth.

      These countries could all be ruled by China! With the amount of Asians, it will simply take a vote and the Asians will run it and their head office based in China under a democratic rule.

      Out of the frying pan and into the furnace. Short term solution to a longer term problem. Come back and fight or live in shame - one way or another, those South Africa will be forced to come back, so I suggest you guys keep your South African accents because we will know who you guys are when you return :)

    7. RunForrestRun11:34 am

      BN,- I don’t think OZZ, NZ or the USA will survive, you miss my point, it’s not about a country/piece of land as such. I saw this shit coming a long time ago; in fact in 1983 I almost got into a fist fight with a "boer" when I told him he would have a black president. I still remember his words verbatim. "Nooit, nie in my fokken leeftyd nie". Even in 1983 I knew I could never choose "to be" with someone as stupid as that. We don't choose these countries "to be" part of them, as Mike aptly alluded, if you are lucky you will make 80, I didn't feel like spending 40 years of my possible 80 living in a hellhole, what happens after I'm gone to the place I live now doesn't concern me and hopefully my children have enough wherewithal to leave on that spaceship going to the "white planet". It’s why I started making plans to leave 20 years ago even though it took me 7 years to accomplish it.
      I am quite a bit older than your sweet spot, I am 56 and I have seen action, it’s why I abhor the people who shout about war, most of them have no fucking idea. Very few people I know who have actually hunkered down hearing actual bullets fired in anger WANT war like a few GV's on this blog do.
      When I refer to the peoples who choose "to be" I refer to Vikings, Huns, Jews, Greeks and Romans. THAT is what I mean by centuries of homogeneous culture, history, cuisine, religion etc. etc. ALL of them have things that make them unique and have something to cling to. So unless South Africa spontaneously acquires that kind history I'm afraid there is nothing "to be" part of.
      Taking it to its logical conclusion the coming WORLDWIDE conflict will decimate the population of the entire world, you don’t need a prophet to see that, I can figure it out with simple logic just extrapolating the impact of modern weapons and our reliance on mass produced food. So when I refer to this myopic preoccupation with race you need to understand my context, don’t get me wrong, I dislike the common kaffer as much as anyone on this blog, I just don’t think we should fixate on what is right in front of us. Mother Nature is a BITCH, she will not care about your colour when the REAL shit hits the fan and those who survive the coming shit will be WORTHY. The stupid Boer and the stupid Kaffer will be shown no mercy by what is coming, - hunger, pestilence and conflagrations will not discriminate.
      When the dust settles those who chose to survive will find likeminded people and they will choose "to be", much like the peoples I have mentioned above that have been through this cycle over the centuries. The Hungarians and Greeks and Jews have seen this kind of thing many times, for the Boer it’s a new experience that still needs a couple of centuries to come to fulfillment. South Africa MAY well be the place that occurs, but personally I don’t think so. I like the idea of a BIG friggin moat around the place I live. MY bug-out bag is a self-contained yacht with solar panels and a water maker, the community I will most likely choose “to be” part of are likeminded people who can fix shit, grow shit and function independently in small units, you will find them in out of the way places all over the world quietly laughing at the people rat racing each other on the highways and byways.

    8. Anonymous2:39 am


      @RunForrestRun11:34 AM

      I get you, totally understand. I said for a long time prepare to many on here and the ones I know.

      I read what Oom Van Renburg said would happen, I look online and I use it like someone would use a translation dictionary.

      He said that or this and then I verify it is happening. Its speeding up now.

      I have seen most of it happening.

      The Boere Afrikaner is stubborn. That is their weakness but also their strength but in todays world they need to be more forward thinking, flexible.

      My great uncle who disliked Karasites more than any Boer/Afrikaner I have met said in 1975/76 we would have a black government, he used to cause bitter arguments among the family.

      But he saw it. His dogs chowed a few karasites - poor dogs.

      With a huge European war, America involved where will those millions of whites settle?

      According to Oom Van Rensburg, they will settle right here in their millions in SA. It happened to the US where in a span of 40 years, they had close to 100 million enter the US.

      With the US finished, Aus/NZ no longer protected, Europe finished, the whites taken control here again through the aid of Deutschland - That is what I see happening.

      Again, I compare what he said and then look at the world. The US army general said verbatim what he mentioned regarding WW3, fast & furious from the air.

      Now remember during his time during the Boer war, they were still riding on horse back! I suggest people read what he said and then look for confirmation or to discredit him, not from me or anyone else but what is happening in the world and South Africa.

      He said entire nations will vanish in the Balkans.

      At the end of the day, all those on this site whether they comment or not agree on one thing, the Karasite has to go! No peace will ever exist with them and us, it cant happen.

  5. Anonymous6:39 am

    Like everything else in this fucked country we must show these coons how to do things properly. Imagine that, show these karasites how to revolt against themselves. If such actions guarantees our freedom away from these people, I'm all for it.

  6. http://www.viralbru.com/disturbing-voice-note-one-white-student-will-have-to-die-to-get-habibs-attention-listen/

  7. Anonymous7:34 am


    hulle moet alles verbrand!

    Let them tear the house apart, let them do what they do best.

    There is a reason we didnt want these things in our schools and to sit next to our people in high educational institutes.

    I watched a liberal lecturer (white one) crying yesterday claiming this is a place of learning, a place to share ideas! Really? WTF - what ideas have these things had besides rape, terrorism, murder and crime?

    This is a revolution or the start of it and it wont be too long before this spills over. A little bit of education is dangerous in the hands of a karasite.

    There is only one solution & we all know what needs to be done now. But prepare because this is just the beginning.

    Free, Free, Free, Free, give me, give me, give me, give me, this is all you ever hear and it doesnt matter if in SA or any part of the world...

    The minute you dont give in, then its burn, plunder, destroy, break, steal - that is what is in their hearts!

    Well the good news is they have kicked the Afrikaans language to the curb! Let them not know one word, in the future they must not think we will negotiate in English or even negotiate.

    Negotiations ended in 1994! They broke the agreement and did what they do best.

    Now the white man needs to grow a pair of balls and turn the NWO back to the OWO - the old world order, white countries for whites and trees for apes!

    1. Anonymous7:41 am

      White countries for Whites and trees for apes: FUCK YEAH!!

    2. Anonymous7:04 pm

      @Anon 7:41AM

      Excluding trees in white countries.

  8. Anonymous7:53 am


    Now wanting to use whitee to show they are serious! Can you see where this is leading?

    Today one white student, tomorrow white people on the streets...The next massacring them all.

    PREPARE people, wake the F up! Time to grow a pair and start training or lose your life.


    1. Anonymous10:42 am

      I think I found Boer Ninja's black brother... The guy at the end of the linked video says "We want this place as black as night, when there is not night"

      This is Boer Ninja's doppelganger

    2. Anonymous9:45 pm

      Ag O.G. you old poeffie, you stink. Go back to the naspers websites where you shits can go and circle jerk each and pat each other on the back for a working rainbow nation while the country burns.

  9. Whiteman7:58 am

    Mike, if there is something that really impresses about your blog, it is the enthusiasim, of your readers ! Even the occasional arsehole, is also enthusiastic, and you can see it as a compliment. And the libturds, are frequent visitors/readers, because they are VERY worried. They are truly between a rock, and a hard place. If the whiteys start making kak and war, they will be wiped out. If the nignogs start making kak and war, they will ALSO be wiped out. And judging some of the patriotic posts here, they realise it will be better, to rather fall into the hands of the nignogs. But nevertheless, a painful difficult descision to make. And JP, you are spot on. This rainbow circus, has to collapse, before we can think of doing anything. I have often asked christian family and friends, to STOP praying for the " government, " as their churches have brainwashed them. Instead, to pray with me, that God wipes the whole parliament, black and white, off the face of the earth. But alas, I get NO support, and they treat me like shit. I am considering to ask malema to pray with me, because he at least had the guts, to publicly call zuma a thief and a criminal ! ( Ok, I am not serious, but do you guys get my drift ? )

    1. Anonymous10:37 am

      no I dont get your drift...

      Take a wiff of my fart....

    2. Anonymous9:42 pm

      Whiteman die wat moet verstaan, verstaan. Moenie worry nie.

    3. Anonymous12:42 am

      In Jude, when the archangel meets Lucifer he doesn't throw accusations at him he said "God rebukes you". Didn't David slaughter the man who killed Saul saying "who are you to touch Gods anointed", my point is this, we are gonna be refined, poured through the sieve, Gods will be done. So certainly there are a lot of souls that are just to stubborn to accept free will of God and will perish. I keep on this and cannot stress enough, this war is not just whites vs blacks see it rather spiritually as Godly vs everyone else. Don't believe me read your bible, even seiner understood this, even Johanna understood this, even Yves Du Pont understood this yet look around you, God has not changed we have. I WILL STAND FOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, may he reward all of us with the heart of crusaders and may the angels help us in battle to clear the land of unrighteousness, may the Mother of Jesus, blessed Mary pray for our wives and kids. So let us not be cowards and be bold in our work. Amen

    4. Whiteman2:18 am

      Anonymous 10:37 AM, I can appreciate another persons point of view, and constructive critisism is ALWAYS welcome. But you have not given yourself some form of identification, so that our readers can follow your line of thought. Do you post regularly, or are you an unmanned drone, firing at random ? Try to make a truly positive, worthwhile contribution next time !

    5. Anonymous4:28 am

      Anon12:42,I agree, the time of the world leader is very close, NWO is preparing for the one world goverment and its leader the anti christ with the mark. Were will you stand? Take the mark and be eternally dead or refuse the mark and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be spiritually alive for eternity? The church age is coming to a close, if you live in the tribulation you will have to die as a martyr for Christ.

  10. Anonymous9:04 am


    @Whiteman7:58 AM

    You are not alone! Im the radical, too intense one but when the shit hits the fan, hijackings, robberies, Im the first they call & SMS.

    But its ok, the ENTIRE nation is going to wake up and those cataracts that blind them will pop off, all at once, in sync and then they will all wake up and then I feel sorry for the Karasite.

  11. Deon van Zyl11:13 am

    Isn't this what you really wanted, Mike Smith? Such a fine student of subversion. Now, when you Leftist project is nothing but a criminal disaster, you want more? Why don't you go and stand in the "front" line? After all, jou bek is reusagtig groot. Amandla.

    1. Stephen9:14 pm

      Jou van se vir ons jys n slang , Zyl weg jou vieslike amandla slang!

    2. Anonymous9:41 pm

      Deon wat sê jy? Gee jy Mike die skuld wat nou gebeur? Sê jy Mike is 'n leftie? Jou boodskap is so bietjie ambiguous.

    3. Anonymous12:29 am

      Deon I think you right, Mike I've been here two years now and really enjoy the comments section however you want to drive violence now but aren't even in the country. I'm sure those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, come to RSA then carry on but while you overseas your just a neighbor with a big mouth as Deon says. So come over and prove your words. That would be manly wouldn't it.

    4. Anonymous2:03 am

      Deon van Zyl, ek gaan jou help, want jy is duidelik n dom donder.

      "Isn't this what you really wanted, Mike Smith?" - DVZ
      Dis is wat Mike en baie ander mense ook soek, maar die bliksems kan dit nie eers reg doen nie ..."these students are doing some things right and others horribly wrong." - MS

      "Now, when you Leftist project..." - DVZ
      As dit Mike se projek was sou die goed dit reg gedoen het of miskien nie, want soos jy weet fok die goed alles op. Mike sal graag wil help "If I can give these students some advice, then it is to read my pieces on the revolution I wrote a year ago." - MS

      "...is nothing but a criminal disaster..." - DVZ
      Ons regering is almal kriminele. As jy nie so deur die kak was nie, sou jy sien wat nou gebeur is deur die regering self veroorsaak. Om Mike die skuld te gee wys duidelik dat jy onnosel is. Miskien n libtard?

      "...you want more?" - DVZ
      Ja hy soek meer, BAIE MEER. "I want more protests. More revolution. I want untold chaos, anarchy and the streets flowing with blood...". - MS

      "Why don't you go and stand in the "front" line? After all, jou bek is reusagtig groot." - DVZ
      Mike het al baie gese hy gaan fight maar sy front line is nie om klip te gooi saam die goed nie "I swore a long time ago that I won’t let it fall apart without a fight." - MS

      "Amandla." - DVZ
      Aah, daars die doos, sorry, libtard/een van die goed nou.

      Ek het een vraag vir jou Deon. Wat dink jy gaan jy daaruit kry om hulle kant te kies? Geld, grond of miskien n lekker vet ousie?

      Jy moet asb n libtard bly. As jy nie meer wit mense om jou sien nie en die goed jou keel afsny, onthou my woorde...ek hoop jy vrek stadig jou poes.


    5. Ja, Arimnestos, jy is heeltemal reg, DvZ is 'n ware poes.

      Baie mooi geantwoord, maar ek's bevrees die doos sal nie begryp nie. Wat dink hy doen ons al die heeltyd, anders as om die vure aan te blaas?

      Sowaar, 'n idioot.

    6. @ DVZ & Anon 12:29 AM...So let us say I go stand in the front line, where are you gonna be? Next to me? No...you are cowards and stupid libtards. You cause the shit and then want to push people like me in front to solve it for you. No my friends, I want the Kaffir to come after YOU. I want the kaffir to sort you out first. Once you are cured of your mental disease known as liberalsm, repented in tears and scream and cry for help, I might consider helping you out. Until then don't expect any sympathy from me. When the Munt Comes for you like in the case of Amy Biehl, I will laugh at you and piss on your rotting libtard corpse.

      @ 12:29...Two fucking years you are on my blog and you never said anything about Zuma or Malema singing, Kill the Boer; Kill the farmer. Two years and you never said anything about the president singing "Bring me My Machine Gun to kill the raping White Dogs"...Dubula! dubula! dubula nge s’bhamu (Shoot, shoot, shoot them with a gun)
      Ziyareypa lezinja (These dogs rape)...

      Two fucking years you are on my blog and you never said a thing about Blacks chanting, One Settler One Bullet.

      ...But now you want to open your mouth...Now that I encourage blacks to carry on doing what they are already doing, Fighting Zuma's goons on Campus and burning These racist institutions down...NOOWWW you want to open your mouth.

      What do you want me to do? Talk nicely to them and ask them to stop? Do you think they will listen to me when I say, "Oh you black boys and girls are so naughty, don't you rather want to stop"?

      STFD and STFU you misserable fool. The day will still come when you will beg me to come and save your sorry ass.

      BTW...If you don't like my blog and what I have to say, kindly fuck off. Nobody forces you to be here.

    7. Anonymous2:18 am

      @DVZ & Anon 12:29 AM, the campus riots are not about free education at all. None of these kaffirs could be bothered to read a single book. Smashing up university campuses gives them a high. Niggers love to chimp out so they have an excuse to riot and loot. Destruction is what makes them happy. You don't go and play into that.

  12. Anonymous11:41 am

    Kyk hoe ry die Boere nou


    One needs to be careful about what one puts out there in the World ( Open Access )

  13. Great article Mike and great comments too. Just to add a few as well. Blacks are black first, before they are anything. Before they are a zulu or pedi or sothu they are back first. They are black first even before they are South African or Zimbabwean or Malawian . They created a brotherhood which goes beyond whats right or wrong, even as extreme as murder. Whites frown upon the way they stick together and the things they do, hence the essence of our difference. FW should have thought things through in his failed negotiations.
    The other point is the mass of blacks and the constant streaming into South Africa from every shithole in Africa. Places where a cup of mielie meal a day is considered a luxury. The more thats coming in with no prospect of getting meaningful work, will self justify crime. Whites as whats normal to us, want to enjoy the fruits of our labour by buying stuff as a reward. Blacks want to take what we have and through their own belief of a racism will go to any means to steal it. Keeping in mind , even prison is luxury for some. So what do they have to lose.

    1. Dingo, mate, what's happened to Ozzie Saffa? She hasn't posted anything for more than a month.

      Limelight if you read this, say something.

    2. Hope she hasn't given up. Her articles was excellent and she had a huge following. Think it must be the pressure of working and running a blog.

  14. Sometimes some people's ignorance amazes me. "Why don't you go and stand in the "front" line?"

    Why go and stand in the front line when the Zot is doing it for you??? They are destroying each other. Why get involved when it's not necessary? Just fuel the flames and let them feed off each other until the time comes for the mop up operation. It's called intelligent strategy, not cowardice.

    And, Ninja, as you say, show no sign of weakness. The Kaffir being the inherent coward that it is feeds on weakness and flees at the first sign of resistance. That's why the Libtards will be eradicated by their noble savages.

  15. I read an article on Suidlanders 2days ago about the protests. It was on what fuels the protests and that when they start romantisizing the idea it creates its own fuel. It is starting to be romatisized in the head of the karasite so we can expect this thing to pick up pace.

  16. Anonymous3:41 am

    Hi mates, fuck this kaffir education, if you ever try to teach a blue bottle how to make honey , you get shit. So if you want shit educate them.

    So I decided to start up an online university for whites only. No access for any kaffir or liberal multiculti democratic ass suckers.

    We will drive them mad, help them to burn all educational institutions so they can creep back to the dark where they came from and have an online University and educational programs free for whites only. WOW!

    1. The " if you ever try to teach a blue bottle how to make honey , you get shit. So if you want shit educate them." sums it up perfectly. It's an exercise in futility.

      Well said, mate!

  17. Big business is at last starting to speak up. The interim government, perhaps?


    1. It's going to be interesting to watch this doringbos regeering. Let them fall over themselves trying to fix the mess they created with their liberal ass world views.

      While the radicals sit in the shadows...

  18. The FeesMustFall protest just turned racist. See what they plan to do. Kill ‘At Least One White Student’ And Gain Attention

    1. Anonymous7:55 am

      It really is amazing how bold these people have become over the 22 years. They now feel that they can get away with anything because ofthe passive whitey.
      The lack of reaction from whitey has made them feel invincible.

    2. It was racist from the start brother. These creatures are backward and yellowbelly. It takes them a lot of courage over time to show their true faces. It was the same in Dingaan's time.

      They dont take on an opponent. They prey on the weak or they only take there chances when they believe the odds in there favour is a 100%.

      They are slowly building courage testing our responses to there intimidation and protests. They see we dont react and then they push it a bit more and so the cycle continues just like with Retief until they are banging on your door one night.

      They danced and made Retief believe it was just a show. They are doing the exact same thing now. When there is protests we drive around it we dont take them serious.

      We argue among ourselfs how stupid it is too burn down the very thing you are protesting for and call them names instead of realizing what they are actually doing.

      They want you to think they are so stupid. They want you to be unarmed, they want you to be relaxed, they want you to look through the curtain of your house while they run down the street looting. They want you to be a puppy before they have the courage to go for the jugular.

      The main thing they dont realize is that we do have Andries Pretorius types among us. There biggest mistake is that they think with an inferior brain and are badly underestimating the most barbaric bloodline of warriors the world has ever known.

    3. All i ask of anyone on here who is preparing for the onslaught to not think you can protect your property all by yourself. You need to form groups and cells not smaller than 30 able people. If your family and friends are still doubting what is coming take the responsibility and build a plan that they can quickly adopt. A plan that includes them and give quick responsibilities and directions. Know what vehicle they have what guns they own and the surrounding you will find yourself in.

      These things dont like a challenge they prey on the weak.

    4. Anonymous9:24 am


      @Donycero8:47 AM

      Let me tell you Donycero, everyone knows but few, very few will even do anything.

      I know from family, friend experience.

      Even if you present all the evidence, the signs, few, very few will listen to you or take your advice or the advice given here.

      I wish more would wake up but perhaps this has to happen for them to wake up.

    5. @Ninja

    6. Anonymous1:14 pm


      @Donycero9:54 AM

      I saw that! Very scary!

      Now take into account that the US sent a very stern warning to Russia.

      Russia preparing their citizens for a possible nuclear attack.

      Then you have Russian jets intercepted yesterday over the Nordic states.

      If the US go on an attack now on the Syrian soldiers, that will ring in the war.

      The Russians just placed those missile intercept systems in Syria & they told the Yanks that if they decide to bomb the Syrian army they need to let the Russians know because they have troops on the ground.

      They also said that IF their troops are killed their will be retaliation.

      Now if we look at why the ceasefire never lasted over Sep in Syria, we will notice that the Yanks do not let the Russians know when they are bombing because the Russians will let the Syrians know when to expect to be bombed which defeats the entire purpose but they expect the Ruskos to let them know when they plan on bombing & they said no more of that game.

      War chess moves!

      Ja very strange, edgy times but the most important point is knowing that events take place in South Africa before this thing erupts.

      So the real question is, how much time do we still have left here before all this takes place? Weeks? Months? A year?

      I cant see this stalemate lasting more than 12 months before the bear & eagle start scrapping.

      Thats why I urge everyone to prepare, train and form groups during this period. Lets pray that what we think is going to happen never does happen but lets all be prepared for it - So far, what Oom Van Rensburg said is happening, we are seeing it.

      The US IMO is greatly underestimating Russia & overestimating their NATO partners & alliances in Europe. Europe is gevrek.

      Russia is also training in Africa with troops now in Egypt - again, oom Van Rensburg said that Egypt is where the great clash occurs.

      Between English/US troops, our soldiers sent there. English speaking SA troops keep fighting, Afrikaans speaking sent back to SA without weapons.

      Best the English men learn Afrikaans fast!

      We need to work together, all of us.

    7. This is exactly my point. I cant see this war delayed for much longer. I am following the accusations and meetings daily. The US dont have any moves left. They messed up during the sees-fire by striking Syrian forces while Russia and Syria kept to the sees-fire.

      There only option is to engage against Russia. This is so close now and thus make one wonder ...yes how close are we now to our fate?

    8. Stephen12:12 pm

      @BN....Boere Ninja my boytjie , believe me - you are so right about that ''12 months" theory your wondering about .

  19. Anonymous5:21 am

    Watch the full movie...


  20. Anonymous6:43 am


    Something interesting:

    WW3 is guaranteed' U.S. General says country WILL have 'lethal and fast' war with Russia

    een word - EISH!



    1. Anonymous12:17 pm

      BN watch this:

  21. Anonymous7:53 am

    Guys, what do you think of this threat? should we extend an invitation to this goon:


    1. Anonymous9:29 am


      Another loud mouthed karasite.

      Let them do it, let the whites feel it and then perhaps maybe, just maybe they will wake up.

      The karasite wants R28 billion that vanished during apartheid but is not concerned about the R900 billion we know of that has vanished out the country over the past 24 years.

      See a munt! only one place left for them.

      Hot coals! Useless things, oxygen thieves, extermination is the key to peace in South Africa.

      So much for a peaceful, democratic rainbow nation.

    2. Anonymous6:57 pm

      These cunts can't even get their initials right. It should be BFLF, not BLF (not that I give a fuck).

      Only a fool would willingly follow Mugarbage up shit creek and turn South Africa into another Zimbabwe, but that is the mindset of the karasite.

      @Anon 7:53 - Please give him an invitation to BN's underground museum.

  22. Anonymous8:01 am

    To those who are so strongly DA on here, just remember that 90-95% of whites probably vote for them.

    Also, just because you vote for a party doesn't mean you agree with everything their politicians say or all their policies.

    No party is perfect, but they would still be infinitely better than the ANC.

    1. Anonymous11:45 am

      BEE, AA and land stealing all are endorsed by the DA.

      DA=ANC light

    2. Anonymous3:16 pm

      @Anon 8:01: "No party is perfect, but they would still be infinitely better than the ANC".

      That party will fuck SA up even further than the ANC. The ANC has been relatively stable in comparison to the DA. The DA is a voter whore and they WILL turn against whites because that's what will give them votes.

      The DA has done absolutely nothing for Afrikaans and less than nothing to push for resolving farm murders. The fact that my children will not be able to study in their mother-language is partially due to this NWO party that wants SA to become part of Babylon.

      The DA is a very poisonous snake and much more sinister than the ANC.

    3. Anonymous2:20 am

      Maimane has said the that the DA is a 'centre right' party and that he believes the EFF are a wing of the ANC.

  23. Anonymous11:32 am

    Was wondering,if/when this "big fight" breaks out,how many kaffirs would side with the whiteys?not neccesarily alongside us,but in their own groups.many of them earn good salaries from the baas.and they love their flatscreens,fancy clothes,jewelery etc.
    Where will all this come from when the baas is gone?

    1. Anonymous2:24 am


      @Anonymous11:32 AM

      Very simple. Take Rwanda. Hutus/Tutsi families that were intermarried, neighbors for 20 years, cousins turned against each other.

      They will stand up for whites in their houses but few will openly come out to assist.

      If anything, those so called "friends, colleagues" will sit back and wait for you to be killed and cherry pick your belongings.

      Remember speaking to a Angolan Portuguese guy. He said they had workers who were loyal, with them for 20 years. His great grandfather was born in Angola - from the late 1800s.

      The day the shit hit the fan, his maid who raised him walked into the house & told the family to get out of HER house, the gardeners, keepers all joined in. They left on a boat to head for Europe.

      This is how these things are, you cannot trust a heathen, there is no loyalty or bone of honesty in them.

      Trusting or hoping, relying on them is like hoping that when a black mamba bites you that somehow you dont get its venom.

      You cannot trust these things no matter how friendly, how well you get on with them.

      To paint the picture, in the last planet of the apes film, there is a scene where the chimp walks up to some guys on a couch laughing, the chimp plays up, being nice and then turns on them - this is what you are dealing with.

      The only Karasite you can trust is the dead one.

    2. Anonymous8:07 am

      The part about the maid telling you to eff off out of your house is so true - because that is the way they behave in their own "kulcha". If a black family has managed to get their dirty paws on an RDP house they let the adult son use, the daughter-in-law and grandchildren will be to told to fuck off out of the place with the children the day the son/father of the grandchildren dies. Unless she pays rent. They are not even supposed to rent out these RDP houses for personal gain but they sure as hell do.

      And there are still liberal arseholes out there wanting to throw free shit at these karasites.

  24. Anonymous2:38 pm

    That Photo of the kaffir giving flowers to the police was a ploy for the cameras. I was there at the protest on monday and right behind those zots and the camera men are hordes of ZOMS screaming FUCK THE POLICE. I felt that that the police use of force was too moderate against these hooligans. They (the Rioters) were throwing rocks indiscriminately into a crowed of people. I kept a nice looking rock as a souvenir and reminder that the boons were violent. Those flying rocks were my biggest worry, way more than the little rubber bullets the size of paintballs

  25. Anonymous3:03 pm

    For All you ouens and old men arguing politics, the arguments is really simple. Anarchism. it doesn't mean no rules, it means no rulers. Rules are important in anarchism there is just no state authority (Rulers). I suggest you guys do some research on the Austrian School of economics and it's theories on an anarchic society.

    When the boer voortrekkers first set up their two republics in the inlands of SA they were effectively anarchists. they had no duty to any ruler. they had only a duty to the tribe. and yes, we whites are too part of a tribe. many whites have lost this instinct though, to our own determent. Blacks still feel a great sense of duty to their tribe and that's why they are successful. i use the word 'successful' loosely. if you measure success in terms of population size. in this regard they are way ahead of us. the reasons for this are not important. what is important is fostering a culture of tribalism among whites. A sense of Duty to Tribe, To Family, To blood, To nation.

    These are great times. THere is a growing emergence of Right Wing Politics among the awakened youth of the white race. Check out RedIce Radio, American Renaissance, The AltRight. I can proudly say there is no other time i would've liked to have been alive and no other war im itching to fight other than the war to liberate the white mind, body and soul from certain destruction. the stakes are high, our very culture is on the line and once extinction occurs, you never get it back. that must be our motivation, it is at this point, all or nothing.


    1. Anonymous11:55 am

      'sfunny.... The arch Alright, the arch American REnaissance is Alex Jones who criticizes what you say as vile globalism...

      Could you people please make up your minds as to what your motives and agendas are??

  26. Anonymous7:55 am

    There will never be peace in RSA while black & white are forced to live side by side.

    There will also never ever be peace in RSA while whites dominate most of the economy.

    1. Anonymous10:31 pm

      There will never be peace until the government stops its racism, corruption, inefficiency and self-enrichment.

  27. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Anon 7.55 are u sure?guess the billions stolen by your guvamunt does't count?
    Keep flying the stupid flag fuckwit

  28. Whiteman6:21 am

    Nowhere in the world, was their a better experiment to mix black, and white, than in the USA. They had the money, brains and culture, plus larger whitey numbers, to really make a go of it. The size of the country, made it easier for all the people to find space, if they needed space. There was every religion/church, which anybody could desire and/or hope for. Furthermore, loads of cross breeding, between all the inhabitants, on a LARGE scale. But alas, the rainbow-dream, is still just a dream. And slowly turning into a nightmare, just like here. How can any intelligent, honest person, in this country, think that the rainbow-dream can be realised here ? ?