23 October 2016

The student protests according to Sipho Singiswa

Sipho Singiswa's only claim to fame is being the hubby of Gillian Schutte

By Mike Smith
24th of October 2016

According to Media for Justice the LWB Gillian Schutte’s husband and former Robben Island inmate, Sipho Singiswa has been filming the student protest since 2015.

They say that: “Because of his political background and his ongoing activism against the injustices meted out by what he describes as “a corrupt state which is reduced to managing white monopoly capital and protecting white interests and their own shares,” Singiswa feels immense solidarity and resonance with the students involved in the uprising.”

Singiswa, in his own words, was apparently one of the youngest “political prisoners” on Robben Island and was arrested for student protests in Gugulethu in 1976 and spent times in and out of solitary confinement and tortured by the Apartheid inquisition by having to stand on a brick for hours, being water boarded with an old white lady’s panties over his face, etc, blah, blah, and bullshit.

Nevertheless, Sipho Singiswa feels that he needs to “continue to struggle against a system that aims to rob them of their right to a free education and a positive future”.

Of course, Sipho is an unsuccessful, non prize-winning documentary film maker today who sells his bullshit propaganda movies to the highest bidder whilst monthly cashing his ANC check for being in the Robben Island inner circle, but last week, whilst filming the Wits University student protests, Sipho Singaswa was baton charged and beaten to a pulp by Zuma’s goons, the SA Police Services.

Couldn’t have happened to a better man, was my first thought.

According to eye witnesses the poor guy was just clutching and trying to protect his camera and whilst the police moered seven types of shit out of him with their tonfa batons, he was squealing like a pig and crying like a baby. Ironically the police were all black and spoke to him in Afrikaans and Xhosa asking him what he was doing and why he was filming. He is currently recovering from his injuries smoking dagga at his house in Edenvale with white wifey Gillian and 16yo half white son Kai.

The Schutte-Singiswa's
Of course most people do not know that hypocrite Sipho Singiswa had a father in the Apartheid South Africa Police Force and is today married to a white woman and has a half white child and many white liberal friends and white family whom he loves to drink brandy and smoke weed with. Yet as the article shows, he never lets a moment go by to take a swipe at whites with his bullshit such as not being able to breathe “under the heavy weight of whiteness.”

Heavy weight of whiteness??? Excuse me, but Whites only make out about 9% of the population. What on God’s earth is he refereeing to? How does he intent to make this 9% white weight lighter? Kill his wife? One can only speculate that this idea of “not being able to breathe under the heavy weight of whiteness” flashed through his brain whilst his heavy arsed white wife Gillian was squatting on his face.

Now try to get that visual thought out of your brain for the rest of the day. Eeeuuuwwhh. Ga-poe.

Nevertheless, according to Sipho Singiswa, the students are little angels, well disciplined, not aggressive, non violent and “they caucus and organise and debate with great depth and intellect.”

Sipho says, “It is the police or the security guards who are the aggressors and violate the student’s right to protest peacefully and not the other way round. In fact I cannot say I have once witnessed the students attacking the security or the police for no reason.”

Apparently, according to Sipho, the students only throw stones and burn buildings in retaliation to police brutality. As he says, “It is not the first call – it is the last resort.”

A bit different to the way the main stream media portrays the violence don’t you think?

Nevertheless, Sipho is currently busy editing an excellent documentary for us on how he was beaten up by Zuma’s goons. I can hardly wait to see it. In fact I think I won’t be able to sleep until its release.
Sipho Singiswa filming just before the police wacked the shit out of him

Heavily armed South African police brutality against unarmed and peaceful students
Zuma's goons against #FeesMustFall protestors
Zuma's heavy handed hired mercenaries from Fidelity Guards against unarmed students
Zuma's goons upholding the student's constitutional right to peaceful protest


  1. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Please encourage this dope head to continue his sterling work, do not slate him, give him advice

    We need this shit to escalate and become uncontrollable, we want a state of emergency and we want these blacks to start taking each other apart.

    Weed brain above is a tool for our purpose, let him continue his crap, when he blames whites he throws light on the ANC as well so please do not stop him. If any of your followers think that whites are not targeted already then they are living on planet fool.

    This country is heading for a Rwandan make over, let's get it going sooner than late, at present we are delaying the inevitable.


    1. Couldn't agree more. The idiot should be encouraged.

    2. 100% agreed. Reminds me of a maths lecturer who noted how students always fucked around with equations etc, doing this and that (bit of factorization, bit of this and that), trying to 'delay the evil moment' instead of just solving the fucking problem and if it doesn't balance oh well.

      This useful idiot needs to be supported. Let this country gooi. Stop 'delaying the evil moment'.

    3. Anonymous3:49 am

      Maxie poep*l du Preez seems to think there will be no revolution.

    4. Max du preez is away with the fairies. When the blacks are busy chopping him up with pangas he will still be denying that there is a revolution. Liberalism is caused by a defective gene. The only cure is a bullet to the brain.

    5. Anonymous5:07 am


      @Mike Smith3:55 am

      Mike if we want to sort out this country, we need to first sort out the liberals. They are the biggest thorn in a feet.

      There will never be peace with a liberal and a Karasite. If we deal with prime evil liberals first, the Karasite is easy to deal with.

      I love Karasites so much, I want to see them go back home, far up North.

      Was speaking to a Greek guy the other day, he was telling me that in Greece one of the Islands he is from the illegals are causing so much shit there.

      He was saying rapes of men/women/children are a weekly thing and yet nothing is mentioned in the media. The people stoned the mayors/politicians while they were having a lavish meeting, they called the coast guard to come collect these liberal politicians and told them to open fire on the crowds, but he said they refused to open fire on their own people.

      Not sure how true it is, didnt bother looking it up but Ja, all these nations were against us and are now enjoying the fruit they harvested.

      I think we stood in the way of these long term plans with apartheid, their plan was from the start to destroy the white man in their own lands.

      But they will not get it right.

      Max da prick is my all time favorite. The only reason he writes like he does is to not be called a racist. Im sure this guy is a moff, something about him spells pedophile, child molester or a full blown moff or all 3.

    6. Anonymous12:51 pm

      When I was in Greece, I was repeatedly attacked for being a racist white for apartheid.

      Let the stupid Greek cunts suffer.

  2. Anonymous11:52 pm

    I suppose the bastards deserve it, agree???
    Zuma orders R100m increase in salaries of traditional leaders - http://www.rdm.co.za/politics/2015/06/22/zuma-orders-r100m-increase-in-salaries-of-traditional-leaders

  3. Gapoe.!. Heerlikheid Mike, jy kan n ou darm net vooraf waarsku van daai een.. My bietjie omkant gevang daar.*!!#&

    1. Anonymous11:39 am

      janee, as jy rerig verkragters, pedofiele, vroueslaners en max du preez wil straf gooi hulle in n kamer in met n' jags Shcutte, na so rondte sal hulle nooit weer kak aangaag nie.

  4. Must have liked what he smelled when the security cops used an old (white) lady's bloomer to pull over his head during interrogation.
    No sooner...and he married this white bitch met n nog vuiler stink d@@s. After all. With an addiction disorder...what could be better than a good wiff of napalm-p@esie in the morning?

  5. Anonymous1:51 am

    From bad to worse. Down, down, down we go......

    Madonsela exposed state capture, Mkhwebane is implementing it

    'Madonsela will soon be investigated and threatened with arrest by the Hawks'


  6. Whiteman2:28 am

    Friends, we have some fascinating reality TV, with the rag-head nignogs in Calais. The frenchies want to destroy their " Jungle " habitat, and post them all over France. But they actually want to go to the UK. ( Because it is their " democratic right ! " ) Ja swaer, no matter where you find these creatures, they react and operate the same way, and cause major kak. Truly a thorn in the flesh of the whiteman !

    1. Anonymous10:45 am

      Winds of change, let Macmillan's winds of change blow the Kaffirs onto the white cliffs of Dover. And the hypocrisy of it all how the English khaki bastard had so much to say about our apartheid only to resurrect it for their own island, well all I can say Englander it is far to late, the Kaffirs by the tens of thousands are wetting to get in. Kry vir julle

    2. Does your last sentence include telescopes? Smells more like a rose to pick....

    3. Anonymous3:57 pm

      Ja, Macmillan created the winds of change alright, it will blow from Africa all the way into Europe, Britain and America with nothing but a path of destruction.

    4. Anonymous9:45 am

      When people make themselves hateful carcasses by their sin, God should and does send enemies to destroy them. From the way people react to this judgement it is clear we have entered a time called the beginning of sorrows Matt24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows... 10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. 13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

  7. Anonymous2:59 am

    I fail to understand these arseholes...he is feeling the weight of whiteness but he surrounds himself with whites.They are lefties but nonetheless WHITE!!! I wish their aids infected bodies and weed infused minds can just fucking self combust.What a wonderful world it would be without these good for nothing parasites!!

    1. Anonymous10:51 am

      The cops should have searched him, then they could have arrested him for being in possession of dagga, then throw him into the back of the van take him to the station give him a proper hiding before throwing him into a cell full of tsotsies.

    2. Anonymous9:55 pm

      I fail more to understand the white that will defend these creatures and assist them in the destruction of all that is good.

      This gert van der merwe (guptas gert)is no better than this gillian schutte or any other of the curse that run with the black.


  8. Anonymous4:22 am

    Is it not ironic how WITS and UCT was the start of all this communist filth of destruction and now these same universities years later are being burnt to the ground. The devil does surely come to steal , kill and destroy and make these fools his useful idiots.

  9. Anonymous7:22 am

    Group attack with weapons. The people they attacked were literally defenseless and hopelessly outnumbered... Don't their lives matter, because if you think they don't, why should yours?


    1. Stephen10:21 am

      Anon 7:22 , its as if your words paint a picture

      A picture of a libarel-twat .
      I'll explain ..the word '' literally defenseless '' tells us your thinking the felony-ready terrorists are the victims , which only a liberal doos thinks.

      Then '' hopelessly outnumbered '' tells us you haven't got the foggiest idea of the actual demo-grafic f*up we have to deal with every day,its not shame poor little students .. its shame poor whiteman!

      We are the ones that are outnumbered by millions of freakin zombies you doos .

      Then you cap it off with '' don't their lives matter ''
      And that just seals it , yup , bonified f*cin libtart.

    2. Anonymous12:42 pm

      What we have here Stephen is just another SJW piece of shit.

  10. Anonymous7:24 am

    Why attack the security, who are only doing what they paid to do.

  11. Michael Dean Miller8:20 am


    "Students" exist only in a classroom, seated in front of the teacher.

    "Rioters" exist in the streets throwing rocks and burning buildings , legitimate targets for police actions.

    Choose your status wisely.


  12. Anonymous9:29 am

    Hard to believe that ugly thing even has ovaries

    1. :-)....indeed.
      That's why zoll-kop went through the other 'port-hole'.
      Result:- Halfnaachie. Neither here nore there.

    2. Anonymous12:33 am

      Daniel 12.25
      Hahaha. Very good. Lag my gat af.

    3. Anonymous5:09 am


      That thing should be hung for inciting genocide with her hateful articles. Cant stand her!

      Gosh she must hate daddy/mommy so much.

  13. Anonymous10:57 am

    "a corrupt state which is reduced to managing white monopoly capital and protecting white interests and their own shares"

    So even when the K4's fuck up - it's the white mans fault!

  14. Anonymous11:04 am

    Well people, that means we have 4 enemies.
    1 the white traitor liberal
    2 the criminal hijacking, home invading Kaffir gemors.
    3 the struggling, looting, protesting, entitled 30 year old student.
    4 the Zuma blue lighting 5 wife protecting off duty rhino killing bank robbing goon, or else known as the AMA Berettas.
    Learn technique to combat all 4, think smart, and dont take for granted they do everything in a parrot fashion as they were tought by white officers.

  15. That whitey doing the 'splits' ( foto above ) - a cum laude ballet dancer from Michaelis Art School surely?
    Won't the 28's in Polls Moore just luvhim-to-pieces !?

  16. Rogue9:59 pm

    Quite apart from anything else, I simply don't believe that tertiary education should be free.

    Subsidized, yes. Low interest loans, yes. Have a system that is accommodating for even the poorest in society - but NOT FREE!

    Even if SA was 100 times wealthier than it is, I would not allow - out of principle - free tertiary education.

    No. University students are adults; adults are what makes a society tick - so have some skin in the game.

    1. Whiteman6:12 am

      Rogue, I muat agree with you, because most people do not respect something that they receive for free. It is just in human nature to be like that, and there are hundreds of examples. Even among our own family and friends. We have all heard the lamenting mommy/daddy sobbing in anguish : I gave him/her everything, and look what I got ! And then the most tragic example, which affects us all, SO painfully : The nignogs, got a whole first world, prosperous country on a silver platter, and just look what they did with it !

  17. Anonymous12:37 am


    Max Da Preek has spoken now regarding this revolution.


    The mind of a liberal, sell out....

    "My reading is that instability will probably increase for a while, but in the end South Africa will self-correct, as is in fact happening inside the ANC right now."

    Sure! Then South Africa has been self correcting for what 24 years now? Each year improving from the last, Its sure as hell self corrected from the old South Africa with all its wonderful achievements.

    WTF is this guy smoking?

    When the revolution is self correcting & the attention focuses on whites, we should place him in the front line asking them to calm down like that other liberal lecturer who got his ass moered.

    1. Here is a good rule of thumb: Whatever Max du Preez says, believe the opposite.

    2. Anonymous4:59 am


      @Mike Smith3:52 am

      Mike, I know you have a love hate relationship with old Maxie.

      Wonder when this thing or if this thing will ever wake up?

  18. On the topic of withdrawing from the ICC.

    It's just another predictable step in their genocide agenda so they can't be called to account.

    1. Anonymous4:06 am

      Let them withdraw because if they start their kak on a full scale and we defend ourselves ( whites ) And we fuck them up six love they cannot run back to there international buddies to come bail them out.

    2. Anonymous4:58 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations1:46 am

      And Tom dont forget that the British just pulled out of the EU criminal court for war crimes - so we can see that if they do get involved here (as they think Southern Africa is Southern Britain) that once again like during the Boerwar they will not face war crimes.

    3. Anon 4:06 I agree. Ninja, if iener is right [and we know he usually is] there will be no more fucking Brits to worry about. Putin gonna take care of them - one time!

      Do you see the Illuminati are starting their move to punish Britain for pulling out of the EU and considering moving all the banks' HQ's to Europe?

  19. Anonymous5:02 am


  20. Anonymous10:30 am

    Anon 5:02 am that was sooooooo funny! They're as thick as 2 short planks 😜

    1. Anonymous12:13 pm

      The only reason that they threaten war is because they have forgotten how devastatingly destructive, efficient and lethal a properly trained bushwar soldier can be and they also know that the UN or some other ignorant liberal idiot will step in and save them.

      Blacks will only threaten when they know their is some authority protecting them otherwise they run around slaughtering the weak and defenceless. Their is no honour in these things.



  21. Anonymous1:56 pm

    "Sipho is an unsuccessful, non prize-winning documentary film maker"

    He could always become a Chief Financial Officer i.e. Sipho the C-FO.