29 October 2016

The ANC giant is falling

By Mike Smith
22nd of October 2016

The rift in the ANC cannot be denied anymore. Apparently 101 ANC stalwarts signed an open letter to warn Zuma They now have publically expressed their “deep concern” about the state of the country and thrown their support behind embattled Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan facing corruption charges. They “strongly believe the charges are without foundation and clearly show a misuse of state agencies”.

The full text of the letter and the names of the 101 signatories can be read here

Yesterday Zuma’s goons in the Hawks, who are supposed to uphold the law are now using criminal tactics themselves, kidnapped SARS deputy director of law Vlok Symington who was locked in a boardroom in the SARS head office while the Hawks‚ and SARS boss Tom Moyane's bodyguards attempted to get him to make an affidavit in the fraud case against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

The Save South Africa campaign has called for the immediate sacking of National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) head Shaun Abrahams and South African Revenue Service head Tom Moyane Zuma hints at conspiracy against him within the ANC and the other day we saw that he doubled his amount of bodyguards.

The mind boggles as to what Zuma seems to wish to achieve, because he is just making it worse by stumbling from one embarrassing blunder to the next. He even fell asleep in parliament during Gordhan’s budget speech. One cannot help but feel that these are the actions of a desperate and ever increasing paranoid president who can see the writing is on the wall for him and unless he makes plans to skip the country might find himself in prison soon.

Zuma is trying to block the release of the Public Protector’s report on state capture by him and his corrupt Gupta cronies Zuma set on postponing court hearing on state capture report

Rehad Desai, the award winning director of the Marikana documentary “Miners shot down” last night released his follow up “The giant is falling”. What an apt title.

Shot over two years “The Giant is Falling” provides an inside look at the big political events of recent years that seemingly signify the dying days of the ANC.

In the mean time the country’s richest Platinum mines are shunning the Guptas and are ditching doing business with the Gupta’s companies . The miners are ending, or not renewing, contracts with JIC Mining Services because it’s difficult to pay for their services after the nation’s biggest banks closed accounts connected to Gupta-linked companies.

Meanwhile the student protests are escalating and gaining momentum. It is starting to become a true revolution now. This past week they marched on parliament and Al Jazeera recorded the violence and fighting between the students and the police and Zuma’s goons have arrested more than 800 students so far

Following UWC (University of the Western Cape), the Cape Peninsula University of Technology has also thrown in the towel and shut its doors for 2016

These are not just black students. Look at how many whites are involved.

Look at these stupid goons harassing the reporters…


  1. Anonymous1:32 am

    When one idolises a criminal like Mugabe then you will try and be a Mugabe.

    Zuma wishes to be Mugabe but he has not the intelligence or the ability but he does have enough stupidity to believe that he will succeed.

    My personal option is that he is just another idiot whose head is so far up his own arse that he is blinded by the shit and cannot see the freight train that is bearing down on him.

    Zuma has no pride, no shame, no intelligence and definitely no brain.



    1. Anonymous5:40 am

      But he does have your wallet

    2. Anonymous11:47 am

      Only because I am thick and dumb enough to pay taxes and give him more to steal.

    3. Anonymous12:41 pm

      for the time being...

    4. Anonymous7:56 am

      @Anon 1:32AM

      Also, Zuma is nowhere near as evil as Mugabe.

    5. Mugabe is an intelligent Kaffir but he is still a typical Kaffir. Studied various university degrees and what does he do with his intelligence and knowledge? Not to better the world. He uses it to gain as much power for himself as possible. The moment a kaffir shows a slight inkling of intelligence, be assured he will use it for devious means.

      In the white Western culture we value intelligence that leads to the improvement of the world as a whole. That is why we admire people like Newton, Da Vinci and Mozart.

      Kaffirs are only interested in themselves. Survive from today until tomorrow. No one year plan. No five year plan nothing. Kaffirs admire deviousness, cunning, slyness...they admire the kaffir that is the most criminally minded. We admire the one that can hunt the best. They admire the one that can steal the best. We admire the people who can achieve the most through hard work. They admire the ones who achieved the most by doing the least.

      Truth is that every bit of intelligence a kaffir gets he uses it for evil purposes.

    6. Anonymous11:33 am

      MS. How can one call it intelligence when they see their actions are destructive yet they continue to repeat their mistakes without even questioning themselves.

      Mugabe did study and showed promise but intelligence is something he lacks totally. Is intelligence the ability to study absorb and regurgitate information or is intelligence the ability to innovate, correct and improve and create?

      Mugabe is just another greedy retard that has fucked up a beautiful, bountiful land so that he can have everything that everybody else hasn't, he never once stopped to consider the consequence of his actions and still today he does not realise that all his accumulated wealth will mean fuck all when he takes the long nap.

      There are others like him and there have been others before him, every single one of them has not giving a thought for their actions and that shows that these bipeds are not intelligent. You say that every bit of intelligence they get they use for evil, I say they are just evil from the cradle to the grave they are evil.

      Show these bipeds kindness they will interpret it as weakness. This is a fact whether the bush owns the biped or the varsity taught it they appreciate fuck all and never will.

    7. Anonymous12:21 am

      MS just to enforce my point of appreciation and intelligence.

      Your mate the mister of sport has been promising a Buck here and a coin there to everybody and anybody.

      He cannot deliver on those promises and he knows it so if the creatures are intelligent why do the act so dumb. This idiot doesn't seem to realise that eventually nobody will believe him even his own breed will see through his shit screen and realise he is taking them for a ride.

      They should have stayed North and arboreal.

    8. Anonymous6:22 am

      @Anon 11:33AM

      Intelligence used for good or evil is still intelligence. The problem with Mugabe is intelligence plus kaffir mentality.

    9. Anonymous12:34 pm


      @Mike Smith10:25 am

      Thats why Karasites should never be educated. A little bit of knowledge in these evil things hands is a bad thing.

      Education brings consciousness to this weapon of mass destruction and they go into over drive.

      The Karasite should not even be allowed to read or write. The more educated it becomes, the faster it destroys itself - so hmmm perhaps its a good thing.

      Let them study muti now at these universities and let them try cure Ebola or Zikka with Mamma achas home brew recipe. They can apply their topical ointments to their foreheads to cure Aids as well.

    10. Anonymous10:12 am

      622 I agree to disagree with you.

      The intelligence that you refer to, is it book and institution taught intelligence or is it true natural intelligence?

      Allow me this opportunity to differentiate between the two.

      Book\ institution taught intelligence for example is removing your Land Rover's engine single handedly and then boasting your achievement over the ethers media.

      Firstly had you used a block and tackle or come-along over a sturdy tree branch or on a tripod or gantry, you would have wasted less energy, saved yourself the frustration and anger incurred by the difficulty of holding, pulling, lifting and hauling and you would have most probably completed the task in a fraction of the time it took you to manually manipulate the engine from the body of the Land Rover. Still the fact that you removed the Land Rover engine shows that the education never paid off in intelligence.

      I personally would have phoned Land Rover to come collect their POS and repair it on the maintenance warranty insurance that I purchased with the vehicle, that would show true book\ institution taught intelligence.

      Now if you're talking true intelligence the natural enlightenment and self realisation intelligence then that intelligence does not allow evil to permeate the individual that possesses such intelligence for evil is destructive and intelligence doesn't allow for destruction, intelligence is supposed to be the mind set that enhances and improves life not destroys it.

      Just my thoughts that I air.

      I do apologize if there are two versions of this as the biped intelligence of maintenance of infrastructure has not been absorbed and the connection keeps on failing and I have battled to get this message across the ethers.

  2. Anonymous4:09 am

    "He even fell asleep in parliament during Gordhan’s budget speech"

    IT'S BECAUSE he doesn't have a worry in the world

    You see liberals..globalists...whatever your favourite name for those in power, will never allow it for him to see the inside of a prison

    You cannot be racist if you're black and can definitely not go to prison if you're a black president (sarcastic)

    1. Anonymous12:44 am

      409 do you remember that bipedal that used to be all over SA at the same time? His name was Angazi, when ever something was broken, stolen, lost and you asked the bipedal that was using it what happened he blamed Angazi, Angazi's English name was "I don't know", "Afrikaans Ek weet nie" and universally known as "Huh". Remember you could never locate this Angazi anywhere and he always seem to be in 1000 different destinations at the same time.

      Well I think I have found Angazi's brother, his name is zuma, when you study this zuma biped you will see that he is always in the vicinity of the shit thats going down, there will always be something to link him to the shit that has gone down but bf, he never seems to know anything about the shit fall out around him.

      So how can he go to prison, he like Angazi has no knowledge of anything and cannot be held responsible for anything, even if he wanted to be held responsible for something. Not that he has a clue of what responsibility is.

      So next time shit falls out around biped zums you know like his bro Angazi, zums has absolutely no knowledge of what's going on and if you do catch him red handed doing a deed he will turn around and blame "Was nie ek nie" or "It wasn't me".

      So zums doesn't need to have a worry because its all Angazi's or Wasn't me's fault.

      How can anybody argue against that.

    2. Anonymous3:07 pm

      Agreed. BRICS is now RICS as Brazil has been neutralised with yet another Goldman Sachs affiliated person appointed to a position of power. Zums is not following the NWO script. Putin as the only White, Christian head of state together with Viktor Orban are the targets. Except Duterte of the Philippines is throwing a spanner in the works by cozying up to China and booting the Americans. It's Grab the popcorn time.

  3. Anonymous4:56 am


    Im sure he will be out by next year, if not, it will simply be total chaos here. This is just a precursor of things to come.

    Nice to see the white students. For 25 years we have not seen whites come out, good to see more of them. I hope more join in.

    1. Anonymous4:30 pm

      Sieners predictions? ANC fall, new black Nationalist government takes over(Malema), whites start getting attacked and so on?

    2. Anonymous10:41 am


      @Anonymous4:30 pm

      I think more on the lines of the DA. The DA fits the perfect bill for a NWO government. NWO governments dont like nationalistic governments.

      I think the DA and a few parties will align and probably take over the helm but the problems will still be the same regardless who rules until our future Boer republics come right.

  4. Anonymous5:47 am

    Remember! We are part of BRICS... We are an economic ally of Russia. The enemies of Russia are going to pull us down and it is these globalists who are using the students as useful idiots in their revolution to overthrow S.A

    Now I am not lionizing Zooms. He is corrupt. But he does not seem to be a globalist satanist. He is a fat zulu who wants to shag as many fat black bitches as he can. He is the lesser of two evils. Granted, they could have done better than him

    Bottom line is this: The elite want to get South Africa in an economic choke-hold and this is part of the strategy and the long term plan is to replace us with a worse dictatorship that serves the NWO.

    1. Anonymous11:55 am

      Zuma has proven that his greed is insatiable and he will ruin everything and anything to feed his monster.

      Lesser of two evils? Explain that one. Evil is evil no matter what, when one start classifying evil into categories thats when one starts pussy footing and tolerating. Do we want pussy footing and tolerance?

    2. More like the 'charras' can spot a dumb cnt a mile away.
      Only now it's apparent of how many R-millions the Guptas shifted.
      The handouts to Jaccobus ( who untill 15-years ago was still eating snot with that ugly first bitch in a kaia ) - must think & feel like Donald Trump.
      At times I feel sorry for this dom dwis.
      Only obvious how those in the know-how...will play the 'president' of a State with his/her grade 5 qualifications.
      Gooi daarby n klont wat fnokkol gewoond is nie...what can you expect?

    3. Anonymous4:42 pm

      You are correct! The denialists and ignorant within our midst will neve admit it.

    4. Anonymous4:25 am

      Zooms does not have the will to end humanity like the NWO evil does.

      If you replace the ANC, don't replace it with someone that is as evil as George Soros.

    5. I totally agree with your theory. The thing is that the protests are a vehicle to achieve the goal of the NWO but dont be afraid of it.

      See it like this. A taxi needs to drive from Capetown to Joburg. This is the vehicle.

      We should not try and stop this taxi from driving. We should ride as passengers cause we dont have a vehicle at the moment and we need a lift.

      When the taxi gets to Bloemfontein we jump of and burn it before it can get to Joburg.

      Thats why I say let the students burn and plunder. The Creator is the master architect of all plans even when the enemy thinks that they designed it.

  5. Anonymous5:51 am

    they are turning Cape Town into a shithole. Fuck I hate any type of authoritarianism

    1. Anonymous11:49 am

      Is that since the darkies started ruling the place after that white bitch gave it to her garden boy?

    2. Anonymous12:35 pm

      Anon 11:49am

      She is not white.

    3. Anonymous9:22 pm

      1235. Apology, my mistake.

    4. Anonymous7:05 am

      No need to apologize dear fellow brother/sister.

  6. Anonymous12:07 pm


    I am so fucking pissed off en die moer in! They kill us and we do nothing, they rape our woman and torture our old people, and we do nothing. Boet, the day the shit goes down... and it will once the ANC is really desperate... I am packing up my family and heading to the Cape. From there, with my family safe, I am going bossies on these pigs. I will test there new found apparent superiority.

    1. Anonymous1:17 am

      I feel you bro, but these karasites will melt away like mist in the morning sun. "Eish my friend I never was part of the ANC, my friend let's be friends. I never liked those other black people, I'm not like them my friend"

      But once it happens, I'll be there standing next to you when we start cleaning our land of these evil lying, killing, raping fucking monsters. Bet on it.

    2. Anonymous4:30 am

      YOu are going to feel like a glowing tonsil when the "sophisticated black gentlemen" and their NWO masters "let" the koeberg station melt down.

      Move to George/Knysna side rather. Thats my plan

    3. Whiteman5:23 am

      Boer, I wish I knew how many whiteys in this country, feel exactly like you ? I call it the " Trek-fever ! " We want to get away from all the shit, but dont know how. We are all caught in a merciless spider web. And the black-spider, is knocking us off, one by one. But the food chain is a reality. Something, or somebody, is going to eat all the nasty black spiders, we must just be very careful, not to get caught in the web !

    4. Feel the same. I am prompted to say though - If you can get out before d-day comes, do it! If you have a way to get out now, do it.

      Anything happens to my child its gameover. I pack-up my business and life and will have one goal with a gun in the one hand a knife in the other and a rifle over my shoulder and anything slightly dark and moving is game.

    5. Forget about CT & George/Knysna. The "come-back" starts in the north, the Kalahari. Siener said Prieska and our supply line is via Luderitz.

      Is it coincidence that Luderitz harbour has been dredged and deepened to take big ships and the rail line to Upington upgraded?

      Like BN, I believe in Die Siener. Also, it makes sense because the initial resistance will be scratchy at best.

    6. TT,
      Even if you had to believe in 'Die Siener' ( as if this old broekpisser is some kind of Biblical Saviour ) - die donnerse skrif is aan die muur...and still you're waiting for the Trein na Matjiesfontein or the beloved son in his 'brown suit/uniform' to appear.
      Inteendeel. Duitsland is sooo in sy muhr-in...they'll soon be begging Greece for help.
      Dreamers are wonderfull...except I prefer the realistic ones amongst them.

    7. Transvaler10:01 am

      My main worry is to secure a stable water supply ... without decent water all is for nought .... no balistics on a crossbow - fingerprints perhaps?

    8. Anonymous12:29 pm


      @Daniel Maartens7:17 am


      It always amazes me how people say they dont believe in Siener or what he mentioned and in the next breath confirm the current situation in SA - all of which he mentioned while we still had our previous white government.

      The present situation in Germany is in line with what he mentioned before a leader comes to power in Germany and looks our way - if it continues like this in Germany such an event is bound to happen.

      There are so many things he mentioned that have happened that unless he was a time traveler and transported into the future, there is no chance that one can say so many things would happen and then have them happen...

      The EU, Illegals entering Europe, Collapse of the EU, Black rule, black nationalistic party, severe drought, parliament in session, farm murders, Reunification of Germany, land redistribution, Zimbabwe, Fall of the NP, rise of the present government, collapse of the soviet union, Russia rising up again, the US vs Russia altercation, Turkey rising, war in middle east, White nationalism rising, Afrikaners losing their language, losing their heritage, unemployment of whites, illegals streaming into SA, illegals being killed - all mentioned more than 50 years ago.

      Even if you dont believe, you will be forced to believe because all of the above have taken place. No one can doubt that and we know he mentioned them over 80 years ago.

      You are living under ANC rule and that is not an illusion, when he mentioned it back 80 years ago it was seen as offensive and the one newspaper in SA would not even print what he said because they deemed it too offensive for their reads - imagine that!

      Each to their own, I dont believe a single thing he said, I simply look at what he said and then use the media to confirm it - so far I see all of it happening and what he mentioned having happened.

      I believe when I see and I am seeing a lot these days. Simply follow a few news sites and they confirm it.

      Many have even forgotten this current altercation between the US & Russia, he mentioned this would happen after the collapse of the Soviet Union and then Russia would come to the forefront again.

      Dont believe what he said, simply see what he said would happen and then look online, then connect the dots as to what is happening here and world wide and then come to a conclusion.

      All the above he mentioned came true. If they have all come to pass, then why will the rest not come to pass?

      Use the news to verify, keep an open mind and keep vigilant with what he said would happen.

      Im not saying hang onto every word but with those batting averages, I will take note. But each to their own.

  7. Whiteman2:13 am

    Boer, I wish I could know how many whiteys think like you do. Because lets face it, a man has to consider his wife and kids, and their safety, in ALL his actions. This is the most basic approach, to survival of your race, regardless of politics and/or religion. Now I have friends in the Cape, who want to sell their prime property, to buy a farm, where they can become more self sufficient, and be free of the African-cancer. Now here is the interesting part. They have MANY potential buyers, from Gauteng, and other inland areas. But all these potential buyers say the same thing, and that is : We can not get a reasonable price for our property in " rainbow-land ! " I know it is dangerous to generalise, but this disturbing tendency, makes perfect sense to me !

    1. Anonymous7:05 am

      That's why it's arguably better to invest in properties in the price ranges of the middle-class. These are a lot easier to sell and also rent out.

  8. Anonymous2:24 am

    Quality of life is great in the Western Cape. If you can, go for it.

    A lot of whites are already moving to the Cape.

    Many head-offices have also relocated to the suburbs near Cape Town.

    1. Anonymous6:20 am

      Yes, even further up, Langebaan, Velddrif, Port Owen and Dwaarskersbos. Whities welcomed here. Get rid of all your baggage in the cities and head this way, you will never regret it. One just needs a bit of courage and the balls of a bull terrier and you are on your way.....

  9. RSA-The clever whiteskins will make a plan but as a group we will simply wither away


  10. Anonymous7:30 am

    "A lot whites are going to Cape" A lot of blacks too. And Coloured people is not better thab blacks, so, we will continue a minority discriminated and insecure there.
    All the whites need back home and help or folk . Europe and every white country is being invaded by third animals world. For the Cape, forget Africa.
    Help Europe.
    And sorry my bad english. I am italian.

    1. Anonymous4:16 am

      Why you help anti- apartheid campaign?Why you help Nelson Mandela?why you help put sanctions on South Africa? Why you help ANC plant bombs and kill people? Why you help ANC kill white people?

    2. Anonymous5:43 am

      Sad about Italy earth quakes, three already. Lots of historical buildings lost. Culture is in one's fibers, hold on to that. If you reside in Europe, bad news. Europe is in big trouble but we can not help them. They turned their backs on us along time ago. Here is a tip, just because you are reading here on Mike's blog. Pretend to accept that the animals are in charge. It is like standing motionless in front of a spitting cobra. You got to know when to move. We may be a minority but we still have the brainpower, know how and guidance from the Highest Authority to separate ourselves from them. That is why we stuck it out and remained here despite being picked off one by one. How upsetting for those who left, the animals are following them to the new zoo. Our segregation was forcefully taken from us, with the help from Europe and the rest of the world. RIP democracy. We are one step ahead of Europe, once again. The previous time was when we left Europe to obey God 365 Years ago. After 365 years and for 365 days per year, we got to know the animal. Now the invaders will change Europe and they have to tolerate it. We know everything about the animal. We paid in blood for the knowledge. No way we are giving our knowledge away for free, sorry. The whole world has to experience what the Boer's are going through first. Otherwise no mutual understanding will ever be reached.

    3. Anonymous7:11 am

      Coloured people are quite different to blacks, their culture is also very different. The Cape is developing, Cape Town even has to slow down development as roads and other infrastructure cannot cope. New housing estates are popping up everywhere too and property is doing well.

      The problem in Italy, with the illegal immigrants is your own fault. Why don't you people protest and vote in people who will change this....?
      The Navy should be sinking illegal ships entering their waters.

      Parties like the Movimento Sociale are now no more. People are still voting for the Communists and other Leftists who feel sorry for these illegal immigrants. You're destroying your own country.

    4. Anonymous10:42 am

      I agree. The Euroes need to go through what we went through here, otherwise we will be back to square 1.

      The Euro trash needs to learn to not interfere and the only way for them to to do this is to pile this shit onto them.

      When they beg and beg for apartheid, like the japanese did recently maybe then we can learn to trust these backstabber Euroes because without trust there cannot be a diplomatic relationship

    5. Anonymous10:44 am

      hey Italian man... Why did Europe ban us from even flying to Italy? I remember how South African airways had to fly over the oceans to reach Europe. Even there, we are forced to fly over the mediteranean see because you stopped us from flying over land.

      If you can stop WHITES on the ARSE end of Africa from coming within 150 nautical miles from you, SURELY you stupid fuckfaces can stop black people from entering ILLEGALLY...

      Fuck you Euroes and the fucking high horses that you came riding in on. Suffer you bastards.

    6. Anonymous4:59 pm

      No, coloured is not different. They are like black american. Cool some times but stupid and ugly.
      Then you will fight for a piece of land surrounded by black and let Europe be invaded? And if the Europeans do not wake up? We need of you, all white, here, helping. Italy has many immigrants, Britain and France even more, and our people still not wake up. You will wait we turn minority to help us?
      Sorry, European did with you guys. Not all wanted so. Just as not all of us want that African cancer here, but we are obliged to receive them because our "leaders" want.

    7. Anonymous11:51 am

      Listen you Italian man... Do you not understand?

      The only way we could help you is to implement the system of apartheid. Apartheid would demand the immediate and forced removal of all non Europeans and believe me, we could pull it off. We did it plenty times in South Africa. We dont have small penises like you Italians do.

      The only way we would help you is if 300 000 000 european white trash all apologize for attacking us during the cold war era over apartheid. And to make it convincing. Then reparations for all the boycotts. Then, and ONLY then we will teach you and help you on how to deal with the Africans in Italy.

      Until then, shut the fuck and hand your sister over to the African rapist. When you get tired of doing that, consider my offer.

    8. Anonymous12:24 pm

      Anonymous 4:59 pm

      So where are the protests....?

      I know how dangerous Italy has become, you have violent house robberies now like in SA. People are beaten and killed in their homes too.

      We can't help you, you have to force your governments out and vote for people like the Movimento Sociale.

    9. Anonymous6:01 am

      Apology accepted Mr. Ita. I agree, not all where against us, but no one in the classroom put up their hand for us, accept maybe Israel. That is the fact and history. The tide is turning here. We will be out FIRST under the animal. You best come to South Africa before we close the borders. Haai Boere moenie vergeet die Italiaanse krygsgevangenis het help bou aan ons bergpasse nie. Soos Outeniqua en ek dink Swartberg ook.

  11. I saw EFF poster's today while driving. It's about a march taking place on the 2nd of Nov. The bottom part had a slogan which said. Submit or Fight.

    1. http://rekordeast.co.za/112627/eff-to-march-in-november/

    2. Anonymous11:48 am

      BLCN 849. You do realise that the EFF ing morons were going to claim the credit and say that they pulled the opposition march off in defence of the bean counter?

      Looks like their plan got foiled as dickhead is going to drop the charges and all the hype will fade into the mist and just become a sad and forgotten memory of another fuck up by these idiots.

      What was the prize for submitting? A red beret that can be worn to look like an old long playing vinly record.

      What is the prize for fighting? Washing the earth with the blood of those that did not submit.

      The truth is that if you're white they only have one plan for you.

    3. Do not know what is going to happen but be alert. I think we are beyond times and dates. "It" could happen any day now.

  12. We all have an understanding of how many whiteskins have left RSA what's not well known how many have emigrated financially but still in RSA . Logically their next move will be to leave when the pain of staying becomes greater than the pain of leaving

    1. Whiteman10:45 pm

      Kevin, I am glad you mention this point, because it is basically " invisible, " to the normal man in the street. But it is as devastating, as the salt of the earth whiteys who have emigrated over the years. ( I use the term, " salt of the earth, " on purpose ! ) But the NSA is becomming like an abandoned ant hill. From the outside, it looks OK, but as soon as you kick it, it just collapses into a useless heap. ( With only pirate ants, and parasitic creatures inside.) Yes indeed, the NSA ant hill, is living on borrowed time ! ( But the good ants, will build a NEW ant hill, because that is what they do ! )

    2. Kevin, absolutely correct observation. We are coming closer to this point. Automatic information exchange will also increase the speed of departures.

  13. Anonymous11:41 am

    SO these Italians and Euros hammer us with world sanctions and embargoes and then they have the cheek to expect us to come and help them?

    fuggem... They should not have pissed on us when WE needed their help. All they had to do is just leave us alone.

    Noodle man, you are on your own unless you pay us reparations for the brutality of the anti apartheid movement

    1. Anonymous5:30 am

      11:41full agreement, Besides they have plenty of migrant Kaffir labourers to shovel dirt and push wheelbarrows. Ah! big problem, they will still need one of us old Boere to manage the werkspan, with their liberal softly spoken approach they will get nowhere trying to get a command of a large team of manual labour Kaffirs. Anyway I don't need a kaffir anymore Cat diesel machines don't get tired, drunk or steel, Kaffirs are redundant in the modern world.

    2. Anonymous6:35 am

      @Anon 5:30AM

      Also, Cat diesel machines aren't lazy and won't try to kill you.

  14. Anonymous2:37 pm



    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

  15. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Funny how Mr. Gordhan used to belong to the Communist party and is now complaining about Zuma acting like a tyrant. I thought you liked Communism Mr. Gordhan? Or is it only that you like it when it isn't being used against you?