21 October 2016

South Africa tendering for pariah status. Withdraws from International Criminal Court

Who is now the Rogue State?

By Mike Smith
21st of October 2016

Eyebrows around the world were raised yesterday when It was announced that South Africa is withdrawing from the International Criminal Court

The ICC’s obligations are inconsistent with domestic laws giving sitting leaders diplomatic immunity, South Africa’s justice minister, Michael Masutha said. The document was signed by South Africa’s minister of international relations and cooperation, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, and dated 19 October.

This followed the case from June last year when the tyrant dictator of Sudan, president Omar al-Bashir flew into the country for an African Union conference and the UN general secretary, Ban Ki-moon, the EU and the US called for his arrest. The High Court subsequently issued a warrant for his arrest under the Rome Statue of the ICC which covers four core international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. Omar al-Bashir is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 300,000 people in his country. The ANC, always in love with tyrants and terrorists, allowed him to slip out of the country from Waterkloof Air Force Base before he could be arrested.

South Africa is not only facing a downgrade to Economical Junk Status, but is fast becoming a pariah state in the eyes of the world. When South Africa falls out of favour with the international community and becomes a threat to the world’s peace it will become an outcast and may face international isolation, sanctions or even an invasion by nations who find its policies, actions, or its very existence unacceptable. This is what happened during Apartheid.

One can only shake the head at the choices the malignant, narcissist fools in the ANC make, not just in idiotic foreign policies, but in just about everything. Why would any right thinking government want to go this route, unless it is to ensure the safety of their own tyrants and those of other rogue governments they are friends with? When the day comes that we arrest and prosecute these bastards for crimes against humanity and genocide in South Africa they will probably all try to escape to Sudan.


  1. Anonymous8:41 am

    Does this mean South Africans and residents could commit international crimes and not be deported for trial or arrest in a foreign country?

    If so,, imagine the spike in criminal cartels and foreign fugitives setting up base in SA.

    1. Anonymous9:32 am

      Yes. The country is already packed with foreign criminals rubbing shoulders with top officials in the totally corrupted SAPS.

  2. Anonymous9:29 am

    Oh, and the Hawks want to arrest Trevor Manuel and Johan Rupert as well, for white capitalist state capture.

  3. Anonymous9:41 am

    Welcome to Zumaland and Africa's next dictatorship. It does have to float it just needs a captain.

  4. Anonymous9:46 am

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    1. Anonymous12:34 pm

      Don't wet yourself FFS.

      This isn't a game where you can press reset when the SHTF.

    2. Anonymous5:43 am


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  5. Anonymous10:24 am


    It sets up the president for the coming white genocide not to be prosecuted internationally, same as Mugabe

    1. Anonymous12:49 pm

      My thoughts exactly... but also for other minorities. The Shaka genocide... history repeating itself. Who will be Dingane?... God forbid.
      In my next life I want to be the Tokoloshe... hehe.

    2. Anonymous1:46 pm

      the white genocide is happening since 1994. This fact is just sugarcoated as run of mill crime by leftie liberals and the main stream media.

    3. Anonymous4:37 pm

      I agree.

    4. Anonymous4:26 am


      @Anonymous10:24 am

      Yes while the British also pull out of the European war crimes, van Rensburg warned they would be working together & their plans are well laid out against the people here.

  6. Anonymous11:24 am

    I am confused,are all Kaffir's stupid,or just those that vote ANC,and think that they can get free education and become non stupid?

    1. Anonymous2:05 am

      The king of the Zulus wasn't stoopid. He respected the afrikaner

  7. Well there you have it. The SA they've been dreaming of where every kaffir is a law unto himself. The current SAPS is already there where they are judge, jury and prosecutor, where you have no rights, and where no law protects you.. A kaffir cannot, and will never operate under the rule of law set there to keep peace and order. They want the law of the jungle. Like JP said the other day; "they gravitate towards chaos and anarchy"

    "it is to ensure the safety of their own tyrants and those of other rogue governments they are friends with?"

    Talk about state capture..Haha. The state was already captured 22 years ago..

    To the kaffir loving liberals and their black idiotic friends reading this. You are not exempt. Welcome to your African utopia, welcome to the jungle..

    1. Anonymous2:20 pm

      I was thinking of this 6 months ago.

      Whites = Rule of Law
      Blacks = Rule of the Alpha male

      Whites = Authourity of the peer (eg jury of your peers, american sherrif system. Roman style prefects in school. Democracy etc)
      Blacks = Authourity of the elder.

    2. Yes, I see this everyday in my business.

      Now, this elder figure who is suppose to be in charge is always the most corrupt thing on 2 legs. So the law itself becomes like a commodity and if the price is right, it's for sale. I do things by the book because that's my character, but now my competition who is a kaffir runs his whole business on bribes and corruption and it's just a victimless crime to them..

      This is part of their culture and yes, I am generalising because I am still to meet the kaffir that doesn't receive or give bribes to bypass the laws..

      The ICC issue is bigger. They don't want to be held accountable for their future actions by any other international body or country.. They want to be a law unto themselves, and force whatever they want down our throats, and where they and those willing to pay are exempt from any prosecution..

    3. Anonymous2:04 am

      There may be a certain amount of freedom there. You might be able to buy your way out of the mark of the beast. When the rule of law becomes one that states that the mark of the beast is the law, then what do you do?

    4. Anonymous4:25 am


      @Boere LaCosaNostra

      In the Jungle book you must play jungle boy. If Jungle boy must play by the laws of the Jungle, he should not feel bad steeling birds eggs or killing animals to survive, this is the law of the Jungle & survival.

      Its survival! Do what you must do, when it is white rule again...

      Its like trying to run a marathon against someone who is taking shortcuts. At first you get pissed but after the 3rd time when you realize there are no judges, you have to do what you have to do.

      In the Jungle you must become like an animal to survive, not nice but its the law of the Jungle and city laws, rules of law, dont apply when your predators & prey dont follow them or even know they exist.

      Beat the corrupt by being so corrupt they have to become straight. A munt doesnt think further than tomorrow, its easy to play that game and win but you can never trust the things.

    5. Anon204;

      The mark of the beast is not going to be negotiable, and you are not going to bribe your way past it. You're either going to get your head chopped off or get off the grid and go park somewhere in the Karoo where no one can find you..


      Sure mate I hear what you are saying, but...
      In a collapsed society no problem. Right now it's not the way to go for me. To be involved on this blog and making noise about the corrupt ANC and on the side I'm paying bribes puts me exactly in the same boat as the very people I despise. Then I might as well join them because I am no different..

      Remember that everyone will account for himself one day and I would rather stand in judgement with a clear conscience on that one.. If the tables turn and the laws are null and void then it's a different story with certain laws. Also don't confuse what I'm saying with 'world' laws like abortion, gay marriage ect.. That is not from God and I will resist that.. Many laws were established from the bible through God to keep things in order, it's just the world has gone and perverted that to feed it's selfish greed.

      Let the kaffirs carry on, their a godless nation who despises the truth and right living. They abhor God and will be judged fiercly, probably like no other nation..

      My broer het my 1 keer gevra.. "Hoekom dink jy is die houties swart.?"
      Gese ek weet nie..
      Toe antwoord hy en se:
      Want charcoal is swart, so wat dink jy gan die vuur in hel going hou as die hout klaar is, hulle is die charcoal... hehe

    6. Anonymous8:11 pm


      Boere LaCosaNostra8:26 am

      Boet I hear you!

      One cannot bribe me, when you have to survive in a country, doing business with people who are corrupt and that can never operate in a society without bribes....

      Eventually either it makes you stop doing what you are doing or you have to be tactical.

      Boet, Im sorry to say it but SA is a collapsed society. If the Karasite in charge can siphon off billions, steal from us, rape women, get away with corruption and that is right at the top, then we must know it is already collapsed.

      See the bribes/corruption more in line with their former economics, which it is when you analyze it, its nothing more than a form of barter with cash.

      But if you can do business without it and still get on doing it, then it is not a last resort, then the right thing is needed to be done.

      Let me tell you, I had a family member killed 11 years ago in an accident. That was 12 years after Karasite rule, already back then they tried to bribe this family members parent to release the body - We are now 11 years past that.

      How low can you go when you want to bribe a parent to release the body of their child? This is the thing we are dealing with, it has no shame, it is void of any sentiment value, it has no value for anything but death, destruction & corruption.

  8. Mboweni more or less concurred with the judgement of the late Judge Lategan during one of his sentences, namely;-
    'n Benoude kat...maak benoude spronge'.
    Likewise Mboweni is of the opinion....that the more pressure the ZANCS endure...the more irrational their way of thought will become. The eventual realisation that they're to be uprooted - the more radical and illogical they'll react.

    1. Anonymous3:14 am

      Agree, Daniel. But they won't be uprooted until the economy crashes and the IMF takes over. This was the plan of the NWO from the start. Anyone can see what's happening and what the outcome will be. Who benefits? Look at Hillary Clinton, the Republicans are just the same, power is concentrated in the hands of the plutocrats and the people are dumbed down and lied to.

  9. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Said one Masutha: “The implementation of the Rome statute of the International Criminal Court Act 2002 is in conflict and inconsistent with the provisions of the Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Act 2001.”

    Well, if they were serious about the ICC, why not amend the DIP Act to be consistent with the ICC Act? After all, they have known this for more than 15 years, haven't they?

    But TIA... this is how they roll. Plucking out an apparent "conflict and inconsistency" from a piece of legislation when it suits them. They're a bunch of amateurs.

    While we're on the subject, I wouldn't mind them investigate the life-long communist Mr Jacob Zuma's (a.k.a 'Namba Wan') "missing years" and the prominent role he played in the ANC's detention and torture camp, Quatro...

    Drolletjie Drie in sy Ford Capri

  10. Anonymous5:36 pm

    The UN is a meaningless Kabuki dance. It's not the International Criminal Court that is feared, it is the publicity and visibility it brings. Tossing the 'rule of law' into the rubbish bin is vital. As evidenced by the current presidential race in the States, controlling 'both the 'rule of law' and the media are essential to a successful progressive/kommunis takeover.

    I still cannot determine if the ANC is copying the Democratic playbook, or if the Democrats are copy the ANC playbook.

    Rgds, Besoeker

  11. Anonymous11:43 pm

    All criminals now welcome in gangster land.....thanks Pink Frikkie to a job well. Hope you read this blog and comments and enjoy watching our once beautiful universities being destroyed. Pray that the Lord blesses you with many more years to see the damage that you and your taskmasters, the one's that you sold us out to, have done to this once beautiful country. Shame on you, handing South Africa over to the communist ANC as if you did not know that this would not happen. You tube is loaded with videos of the havoc and chaos that is happening at the universities and yet the media keeps it well hidden from the brain dead public's eye. The youth is now being stirred up by the powers to be to start a full blown revolution in this country. Wake up people, it is here.....

  12. FredBarbarossa12:48 am

    I think there are pros and cons to SA thumbing their noses at the ICC... This action has 'thrown a spanner in the works' for the Globalists' One World Government.
    Many fine military men would have been hanged after WWII had it not been for the few countries which offered immunity from prosecution.

    1. Oh I know who you mean... Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris who not only bombed thousands of refugees and civillians in Dresden and Hamburg, but also his own allied soldiers kept as POW's. After the war he came to South Africa and started Safmarine and became a billionaire. It pays to be a war criminal.

  13. FredBarbarossa2:10 am

    No Mike! Bomber Harris' actions were deplorable yet had Allied protection.
    I was referring to Leon Degrelle.

  14. Anonymous2:39 am

    One can only simply ask why is US not a member of ICC but still dictate as to who must be arrested and who shouldn't. UK and US through George Bush commited many war crimes but thus far we haven't seen any of them coming before ICC to face charges. It is now obvious that this court was designed specifically to indite only Africans. It will be best if we can have our own African Criminal Court.

    1. Ja...African Criminal Court. You steal my cow; you die. You white; you die.

      The reason the USA is not a signatory is because of a technicality that needs a constitutional change. Americans won't change their constitution. Forget it. However it does not absolve SA from honouring an agreement they signed.

    2. Anonymous4:11 am

      Mike, only if you can bring Bush and Tony Blair before this court, then I will be convinced that it is not a kangaroo court or just another apartheid hangpaal which only used to execute Africans. The time has now come that Africa must stop being puppet of the west.

    3. Anonymous5:42 am


      Africa can be self sustaining, the only glitch is tribalism. Nobody will do anything unless there is something in it for them.

      Oh ja and the blatant greed of losers (leaders)

    4. FredBarbarossa6:07 am

      Anonymous 4:11am
      Your statement, "just another apartheid hangpaal which only used to execute Africans" is incorrect. The apartheid regime did not discriminate when it came to murder. Even women were hanged if found guilty.

    5. @4:11 am ...The ENTIRE ANC should be in front of that court.

      In the 1960's the International Court of Justice aka The World Court heard a case (brought by Ethiopia and Liberia) of Apartheid being a crime against humanity and oppressing the blacks of South West Africa (Namibia). Both Liberia and Ethiopia had far worse Human rights records than South Africa. Nevertheless, in 1966 SA was found NOT GUILTY.

      Not content with the court ruling the Communist USSR and Guinea started a process at the UN in 1971 that led to the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (ICSPCA). Originally only 20 countries ratified it. Today it has 31 signatories basically all third world Communist countries and none are from Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Basically the White Western World does not acknowledge Apartheid as "A Crime against Humanity" and are still keeping their options open. Soon they will be begging us to show them how to introduce it like the German mayor of Garmisch-Partenkirchen recently pleaded for help, because the town is overrun by Kaffirs and sexual assault and crime has shot through the roof.

      Read about it here: Street fighting, sexual assault, vandalism and crime explode: German mayor begs for help

      Note that the mayor is a woman and belongs to the leftist SPD (Socialist Party of Germany)

      Nevertheless, until today nobody has ever been tried for this Crime of Apartheid.

      The “crime of Apartheid” is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as "inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over any other racial group of persons and systematically oppressing them."

      By that definition, the entire ANC and all their voters/supporters should be tried. Whites are being discriminated against and oppressed in South Africa through BEE, Affirmative Action, racial quotas in university entry, racial quotas in sport, racial profiling on official government forms, destruction of white schools and white universities, destruction of the Afrikaans language, 4000 white farmers murdered. 80,000 whites raped, brutally tortured and murdered in their homes since 1994.

      I tell you, the day will come where I will personally see these ANC fuckers in court and those who manage to flee to some shitty country that promised them indemnity from prosecution will be hunted down and brought to justice dead or alive like the Israelis hunted down the Nazis around the world. I will be the Simon Wiesenthal or Tuviah Friedman of South Africa who will hunt this corrupt, murderous Marxist scum down. So help me God.

    6. Anonymous12:44 am

      Mike on earth we have legalised discrimination aimed to redress past imbalances created by racists governments. The whole world accept it and in the US where I have been working for the past 12 years, there are such affirmative action policies which empowers minorities for jobs and opportunities over whites. And guess what? It is accepted without any complaint since they are all aware how bad and inhuman blacks of that country were mistreated in the past even to this day.

      In South Africa it is not a secret that apartheid created imbalances which took away the dignity of black people. The world even the west all agree that indeed it was a crime to humanity since the imbalances can clearly be seen in the open.

      In the past black South Africans were not allowed to study technical subjects and thus could not become engineers and establish their own industries and where possible own stakes at mines. Those opportunities were only reserved for whites. That you cannot argue and as a result it ensured that wealth is only transfered to the hands of the minority. It effectively made whites to own means of production and become captains of industry while their black counterparts were left to wallow in the squalor of poverty, reeling in squatters without hope. This practice was perpetuated by apartheid government since 1948 ehen it came to power until it was dismantled in 1994. However, imaginalisation of blacks goes beyond 1948 towards 1913 when they were diapossed of land and reassured never to own land again.

      Now, fastwarding to 2016, a black man is still suffering and a white man still has it all and expect the system to be equal. How do you expect to play equal to someone whom you dispossessed of the land and make him a pariah in the land of his forefathers? You look more like a greedy succesful businessman who will go about harassing street hawkers only because he does not want competition even when it comes from the destitute. BEE and AA are here to stay and they remain the only hope to a black man who does not have a land, mine and indutries. You have enough in your hands to start complaining. You monopolised industry and land. Most of you control private sector, so leave us with our AAs and BEEs for it is our only hope. Please…

    7. Anonymous2:07 am


      You sound very desperate. You sound more like someone who hates the dirt but at the same time prefers to live in the dirt. If I may ask, what do you want in Africa? A black continent. Why can't you cross the ocean and go to live among your people where you will seldom see kaffirs. Thousands of your fellow racist brothers have done that and they couldn't waste their energy writing on their blogs declaring their insatiable hate to blacks. They just packed their bags and fuvkin' leave the country without thinking for a second. Some left as early as 1994 and I advise you that you should have done the same. Get yourself and Ausie girlfriend or Dutch and fuvking leave the shores of this land.

      If you think South Africa will go back to apartheid, just forget. South Africa will never be the same even if DA takes over they will never be apartheid again. Apartheid is just dead as your Oupa and will never raise from the dead. The only thing left about it is its bad memories.

      You so determined to hunt down ANC leaders but the same ANC never took revenge against former government which was not only racist but corrupt as well. They granted them amnesty for the killing black youth and oppressing majority through their draconian laws. That's why the whole world was surprised that the ANC never took harsh action against its former enemy and instead embraced and co-opted him in the new government of unity. The man who was separated from his family for 27 years never took revenge. That same man that America was led to believe he was a terrorist when he was fighting for freedom of his people who were oppressed by whites. Fortunately, America realised it and offered refuge to those same people who were referred to as terrorists in SA. They offered them and their children scholarships and soon British also followed suit in helping ANC and even offered the ANC president residence where most of children were born. America apologised to Mandela for being misled by apartheid government. Yes, your corrupt apartheid government that you worship as your demigod.

    8. @ Anon. 12:44 AM ...Oh,please. What utter rubbish you talk.

      First of all I don’t care a flying fuck if your discrimination is legalised or not. It is still discrimination. Apartheid was also legalised discrimination. Does that make it right in your eyes? It does in mine. It is prescribed in the Bible and legalised by God. So fuck off.

      In the USA Kaffirmative Action is set to empower Blacks? Fuck right off. It has nothing to do with empowering blacks, but all to do with disempowering whites. And here is news for you Sparky...In South Africa whites are only 9% of the population. THEY ARE THE MINORITY. The only country in the world where 80% black majority needs to be protected against a 9% white minority. Go figure. Buch of useless cunts if I ever saw some.

      You bleat, “…how bad and inhuman blacks of that country were mistreated in the past even to this day.”

      When last have you been to SA? Get your head out of your arse mate. Go see how the five star hotels are full of blacks. See how blacks drive around in cars and SUV’s whites can only dream of. See how they wear brand clothes whites cannot afford.

    9. Suffering? No black ever suffered under Apartheid. Whilst in the rest of Africa blacks were dying in their millions of starvation and disease, we never had any famine in SA, due to white farmers feeding the blacks. Our blacks were the highest educated on the continent. We had excellent schools and hospitals with doctors of world class looking after blacks. That is why our blacks had the highest life expectancy on the entire continent. You are talking through your arse and you know it.
      You parrot the rubbish propaganda you were fed instead of thinking for yourself. Look at what you wrote, “Apartheid created imbalances which took away the dignity of black people.”

      How can you take someone’s dignity away? Where is that dignity today? How do you intend to get it back? Oh do fuck off you silly git. During Apartheid the Indians and most coloureds managed to educate themselves and became very successful. The Indians had a far higher standard of living than Indians in India. The Indian business community, the Indian lawyers, accountants, estate agents, doctors, engineers, technicians, etc can be found everywhere till this day. The only one who bitch about imbalances are the blacks who burned their schools and universities down.

    10. This proves your other statement completely wrong that “black South Africans were not allowed to study technical subjects”…What utter bullshit!!! Medunsa, a unique medical university was turning out 200 black doctors every year along with paramedics. To study medicine you had to have at least Mathematics, Science (Physics AND Chemistry) and Biology on Higher Grade as subjects. Eskom, Iscor, Telcom, the mines, etc were FULL of black engineers, technicians and artisans who all studied technical subjects. The Olifantsfontein Trade Test centre was turning out highly qualified black electricians, welders, diesel mechanics, fitters and turners, etc every year.

      More rubbish with your junk statement of…”1913 when they were diapossed (sic) of land and reassured never to own land again.”

      The 1913 land act resulted in blacks acquiring 65% more land and protecting that land from being sold to whites or Indians. It was there to PROTECT black land, not to take it away. I exposed this land issue rubbish in my article Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 32 – Who does the land belong to

      Go read it and educate yourself, before you come and spew your bollocks here.

      You say: “Now, fastwarding to 2016, a black man is still suffering and a white man still has it all and expect the system to be equal.”

      Here is the truth CUNT…The reason why you have fuckall is because you do fuckall. Not because someone stole something from you, you never had. You are lazy. You don’t want to study. You don’t want to work. You don’t want to listen to advice. You have an entitlement culture. Basically you are useless.

      “…you dispossessed of the land and make him a pariah in the land of his forefathers”

      The land of your forefathers is on the equator where they swung down from the trees. Besides what are you blacks complaining about. You have the WHOLE country now. You have all the riches. You have control of the government, the police, the army…You have had it for the last 22 years. Why are you still poor? You have put the ANC in charge with your votes. The ANC is stealing you blind and you are too fucking stupid and useless to realize it. Don’t look at the whites. Whites are poor today. Milk cows for the ANC. Come…what is your excuse?

      You say, “BEE and AA are here to stay and they remain the only hope to a black man who does not have a land, mine and industries(sic).”

      Yes…thank the whites for Apartheid, because without Apartheid you would never have had an excuse to be useless and steal white people’s jobs, businesses and land. As for “not have land, mine and industries”…most whites in South Africa don’t have mines or industries either. The land they bought through a bond they are paying off to the banks. The whites don’t own the land; The banks do. You are barking up the wrong tree.

      Enjoy your AA and BEE, Cunt…All good things come to an end. When my people see your people using our money to sip Champagne, Cognac and whisky whilst we can hardly afford water, they will start waking up.

      We will get our wealth back that my forefathers and I worked for and you ANC bastards stole. I don’t care if you hide on a beach in Jamaica or in a crappy shack in Dares Salaam; I will find you and your bank accounts and hunt you down.

    11. You bleated, “You sound more like someone who hates the dirt but at the same time prefers to live in the dirt.”

      No I don’t. I want to clean the dirt out of my house.

      You say…”what do you want in Africa? A black continent.”

      O really? First of all I was born in Africa. Secondly the names “Africa” was given to the continent by the Romans. White people. The Phoenicians settled in North Africa thousands of years ago in a place called Carthage. The Phoenicians were White people. So were the Egyptians and the Greeks who built Alexandria.

      Now as far as SA is concerned. The white Portueguese Captain, Bartolomeu Diaz, sailed around the tip of Africa in 1488. Vasco Da Gama came ten years later. Da Gama stopped at where Saldanha Bay, Mosselbay and Durban are today. Why did the Portuguese never start a halfway station at the Cape like Van Riebeeck did 160 years later. Simple, because there were NO people they could trade with. The first time Da Gama met people was in March 1498 when he reached Mozambique which at the time was controlled by Arabs.

      From 1505 the Portuguese started a colony in Mozambique. In 1575 The Portuguese started a colony at Luanda Angola by landing 100 families there. If you draw a line from Luanda to Beira, then ancient history shows that the only inhabitants south of that line were Khoi San people. The Bantu was nowhere to be seen. The Arab and Somali slave trade (Blacks enslaving blacks and selling them to Arabs) that the Portuguese wrote about in their diaries, forced the Bantu down into South Africa stealing the land of the Khoi San. At that time the whites arrived at the Cape and first met blacks 170 years later at the Fish river, 1000km east of Cape Town.

      Point is: It is totally absurd for Kaffirs like you to lay claim to the whole of Africa and especially South Africa when you come from the equator. Today the North is Arabic, the centre is blacks and the south should be white and coloured. So if anyone is going to have to go it is you.

      I have news for you my friend. Apartheid is not dead. It is being awakened in Europe as we speak. YOU…the Kaffirs…are the cause of Apartheid. If it wasn’t for your savage behavior and if in fact there was something to like about blacks there would not be any need for Apartheid now would there?

      Mandela and the ANC never took revenge?? Oh yes they did mate. 4000 whites murdered on their farms, 80,000 whites murdered in their homes since 1994 and are still being murdered. Then you still ask why whites are racist?

      Mandela was a terrorist who wanted to smuggle 7000 Marxist trained terrorists and tons of explosives into the country. He was charged on 198 cases of sabotage and convicted on four. He personally acknowledge in his book “A long walk to Freedom2 that he authorized the Church Street terrorist bomb in 1983. He proudly acknowledged that he authorized the killing of Zulus by shooting at them from the top of shell House down into the street below killing between 19-53 people. Mandela is a mass murderer and so is is former slut of a wife Winnie Mandela who fucked the whole Mandela soccer team and necklaced hundreds of people. BTW, Mandela’s court case was open to the entire world. Even the liberals in parliament said he should have been hanged. Amnesty International said he had a fair trial and never acknowledged him as a political prisoner. That is why he was on the US most dangerous terrorist list until 2008.

      The Amnesty that was granted, was not granted by the ANC, but by the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) who also granted Zuma, Hani, and countless other ANC terrorists for their horrific deeds, including torturing and killing their own people in training camps like Camp Quatro in Angola.

    12. You will see…mark my words…The day will come that the full extent of the ANC’s corruption and theft will come to light. Then we will see the trillions they stole from the people (black and white) of South Africa. That is why blacks are still living in squalor and cannot get free education. The ANC is stealing it all. One day you will see the trillions that disappeared down the ANC’s black hole. Where is that money today? We will find it. You cannot hide such an amount of money. We will close their accounts and bring our money back to SA. And those who caused the theft, collaborated with them and helped in the stealing and cover up will be hunted down, punished to the full extent of the law and hanged.

    13. Anonymous5:10 am


      Apartheid has never been an international policy and AA is an international policy. So I guess you can see the difference.

    14. Anonymous5:13 am


      That same 9% minority oppressed and dispossed majority of material wealth. So in South Africa it needed to be implemented the other way around.

    15. Anonymous5:18 am

      Mike Zimbabweans have always been the most educated blacks in Africa van toeka and it has never changed. That's why they managed to remove all whites in that country and claimed ownership of their country. Their ancestors are supposed to be very happy wherever they are buried.

    16. Anonymous5:25 am

      Mike since when medicine become a technical qualification. Are doctors and engineers the same? You must go and clean up your head.

      Mike I will not fall for your biased piece of writing which will seek to promote racist land act as holy practice. Land act was a villain that bedevilled our people and robbed them of the land. It clearly stated that no black man shall own land

    17. Anonymous6:48 am

      anon 11:44

      Your argument is destroyed by the Phutatijaba act of the 1950s where the law pushed the industrialisation of blacks.

      And to use your anti apartheid argument back on you, you are OPRESSING the people of South Korea and China for not allowing them to get free education and health care in America. You are OPPRESSING the Asians for getting jobs back to Merica.

      You are OPPRESSING the canadians for not letting them vote or have second amendment rights in a country called the North American Union, therefore, you MUST under international law dissolved your borders and soveriegnty and hand in your right to keep and bear arms so that you may all be equal.

      Not so nice when the shoe is on the other foot is it globalist doos..

    18. Anonymous7:26 am

      So on the BUTTON Mike , best in a nutshell I`ve read in years. Such a Fact from all my Read.

    19. Anonymous7:29 am

      Mike can be a POES at times, but it is good that he reads, for he can put forward things that the rest of us may have missed...

      Spoken like a boss :D

    20. Anonymous9:45 am


      @Anonymous5:25 am

      Land ownership has never been the Karasites strong point, hence the wars in Africa.

      Since when have Karasites owned land? In order to own land, you have to first prove it is yours.

      Is there a single black tribe in this country that can lay claim to the land in this country or any land in Southern Africa?

      I suggest you look up the migrations of the bantu nations before opening your mouth and showing how little you know about Karasites.

    21. Doctors and engineers are very much the same pal. The one works with cement, the other with flesh. Both are fundamentally the same; they are problem solvers. The 1 builds a bridge the other rebuilds your broken hip or torn muscles..

      If Zimbabweans are so clever then uuhhmmm .... Guess you can answer that for yourself. So much for them beign the most educated. They are starving and poor. Why can't they put that education into practise and solve their problems.?.
      Oh, it's about the land. All that land and what now.? Fuckall, that's what..

      Welcome to SA. Where 50 million blacks have to be protected against 4 million whites.. What a joke. Still sitting with that victim mentality hey.? Shame. 22 years later with all the laws in your favour, a black government backing you and what.?.

      Do yourself a favour and go look at the photos of Germany in 1945 and 1965. You will never say it's the same country. You might learn something.

      Then please. You are a special kind of stupid to say the ANC never took revenge.. Mike has already covered that and you know it, as the sky is blue and the grass is green, you know it. Our people have been murdered, raped and pillaged for 25 years. You lot get off on it don't you.?. Sick bastards..

      BTW, what are you doing in the US.? SA not safe enough or what's the issue..?

      Here's a hint for you pal..

      How to get Mike upset. Tell him a lie.

      How to get a leftist, self entitled, victim mindset kaffir upset;

      Tell him the truth..

    22. Anonymous12:23 pm

      @ MS, I do not understand why you waste energy and knowledge on idiots and fools. These things will never believe you and the will always need a crutch to lean on an excuse to call on and a blame to pass on.

      They do not give a shit if they suffer and die under a tyrant just as love ng as he is black.

      Let these things rot in their own cess pit. Concentrate on converting these whites that see not the horrors that approach and will not stop watching TV and rugby for they are truly the ones that need to be educated not some dumb idiot with shit for brains.

    23. Anonymous6:49 am

      It's as if the ANC are deliberately provoking the international community.

      Perhaps their racial policies will be challenged?
      Imagine if a scathing article appeared in the New York Times or something similar.

    24. Anonymous4:08 am

      Truthful 12:23 Yes Mike shouldnt entertain shltstaines as these because they know its the truth but as you know , they will always try and rubbish it because it hits home as to what they are. We know from experience that they are Pathological LIARS .
      "Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying.[1][2] It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.[2] Although it is a controversial topic,[2] pathological lying has been defined as "falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime".[1] The individual may be aware they are lying, or may believe they are telling the truth. Sometimes however, the individual may be lying to make their life seem more exciting when in reality they believe their life is unpleasant or boring."
      Even their representative not mine, actually when gruel led about the Money said there wasnt any and yet there was and only paid a 10th back.
      We know why Mike publishes these Goons beliefs to hi-light what crap they been brainwashed with, but through this Bollocks the Goon also entertains himself for recognition.

  15. Anonymous2:53 am

    Mike, ANC is just only taking a strong anti-imperial stance. It was just only done in confirmation that SA is a sovereign state which can never play puppet of the west.

  16. Anonymous10:57 am

    Why should the entire world have raised eyebrows over SA resigning from the ICC ?

    Its only Africa who are signatories, the rest of the free world are not members this is why people like Israel, Bush & Blair can bomb just about anybody & get away with it.

    The ICC is really just a control mechanism by the west, particularly Holland, Brussels, Geneva & others to control Africa & the 3rd world, all for minerals of course.

    When America,Britain & France bombed Iraq, Libya, Serbia & others, where were the ICC then ?

    So aagin, why should they have raised eyebrows over the ANC in SA.
    They say Kenya & a few others will also be resigning alongside SA & Burundi.

    I hope the whole of Africa resigns, there will be those who stay but they will find it increasingly difficult to trade & negotiate with those in Africa who have resigned.

  17. Anonymous11:10 am

    Fuck the ICC. It is just a tool for the globalists who think the planet is a single country with a single court system

    Any recognition of the world court is indicative that you have globalist urges

  18. Anonymous8:34 pm


    @Anonymous9:46 am

    Some people may laugh but they have done studies on the nervous systems of game players who play violent video/TV games and the mind/brain cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy, which is why they train athletes with visualization - the nervous system responds to stimuli as if it were real.

    Bottom line is, a lot of these shootings in the US have one thing in common - violent, shooting video games.

    You play them enough & you become numb to violence.

    They have tested game players adrenaline and found it as high as those on the battlefield.

    There is a reason they train pilots/train drivers now with simulators, because they work.

    I read stories of men who were thrown in Vietnam who had very little combat training but were like Rambos in the jungles there, they found out that a lot of these city slickers were avid arcade junkies addicted to playing shooting games.

    You can watch documentaries on YouTube about the most violent school shootings & my observation from watching these documentaries is that...

    1. The shooter becomes withdrawn.
    2. During the withdrawn period over indulges in violent shooting video games.
    Soldiers train with game simulations in the US for the past 10 years.



    Bottom line is they work.
    Its virtual visualization.

    Its a smart training tool for those who dont want to draw attention to themselves and also to supplement their training, if they are good enough for US soldiers, then it is good enough for those who want to prepare.

    But do so wisely! No going off the rails like we see in the US, simply as a tool to train.

    1. Anonymous2:03 pm

      BN I remember the very first computer commador 64 we learnt on in school back in the early 80s. There was this learning aid game which consisted of a target on one side of a mountain, in order to hit the target one had to set angle of trajectory and speed of the projectile fired from a cannon on the other side of the mountain. Well it must have in some way improved my catty shooting skills, and gave me a good understanding of how to master trajectory when shhoting long distance with handguns in later years,

    2. RunForrestRun6:50 pm

      Seriously mate, were you even alive during the Vietnam war era? I was and let me tell you there were no arcade games realistic enough to prepare you for war, you talk far too much shit to be taken seriously. No video game is going to replace 3 months basic training with opfoks, 2.4's, paaldra's, baba dra and endless fucking pushups. Your video gamer will drop dead from a heart attack the first time he has to run 100m under fire.

    3. Anonymous10:31 am

      Forest I remember back in the early 90s when 1 Parachute battalion started letting troops from black units go for the 3 day selection. Well it was rumoured that the white conscripts were not of the same grade anymore, too much wielie Wallie and Atari,and no walking to school caused middle class white kids to develop TV leg syndrome.
      Vleis bomb needs strong bones, not big bulging muscles, these days I wonder how many of these gym bunnies would handle a skinny koparaal druking all 5 fingers in their faces shouting. hoender, jy gaan dit nie maak nie, and that is the same reason I know of only one samoosa that passed selection. It's all about Bone density and having mental perseverance and not having the Rambo look yet at the same time being soft in the head and legs.

    4. RunForrestRun1:46 pm

      @Anonymous10:31 am Yeah mate, its why I get a bit hot under the collar with all the Rambo GV wannabe's on this site. Its faded a bit now but I still remember running in full kit till I kotched. Nowadays I dont see anybody able to do that kind of shit anymore. In fact if you watch vids of this feesmustfall crap white kids should be very afraid, those skinny black kids dancing shouting and ulululating are way more capable than any Playstation jiggling, fastfood scoffing fat little white kid with his skinny arms, pimply pasty face and fatarse from sitting around doing fokkol.

      They all think playing Battlefield and Call of Duty makes them into the Germanic warriors their forefathers were. NEWSFLASH SUNSHINE, when the shit hits the fan you are going to die in a puddle of kak, snot and trane. There is no substitute for vuur en beweging and situational awareness

  19. Stephen5:45 am

    Hi Mike

    Call me delusional but I see a zombie-apocalapse in the making ..he! he! :-)

    I smile yes , because these kaffirs are totally doomed Mike.
    Like the one above here arguing with you , ha!
    Our days are coming boys , theres gonna be some scores to settle and some hell-to-pay.

    This kaffir above comments about the world , I wanna remind him about the shit he's gonna face soon , right here.

  20. The ANC wants to follow Mugabe. But they somehow think they will still have a good life with lots of money. But if all whites had to leave today, SA instantly become a proper shit hole.
    We as Whites are to blame as well. All this crap started when the Euros started branching out and colonizing, instead of getting rid of the conquered shitskins, we enslaved them,taught them, now they wana rule over us?
    I understand the need for cheap labour back then, the whites then then did not know how advanced we would become. All the shitskins are not needed anymore, simple as that. We need to confront the issue and do what needs to be done.

    1. Anonymous4:16 am

      Anon 10:36 , Cheap Labor ? Not they were paid as per their acumen . Anyway they got a handsome pay @ 4 weeks pay leave with Bonus check every Dec, how do you think it made it possible for their Proliferation ? Home in Homeland and then Home in Township , how great is that ? We as Employers didnt have this , maybe a Caravan but a second Bond , our White Government made sure we paid mega taxes to sars.