13 October 2016

NWO priest Bob Dylan Gets the Nobel Prize for Litarature - Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

By Mike Smith
13th of October 2016

Satanic NWO musician Bob Dylan who openly admitted that he sold his soul to the Devil to get where he wanted to be was awarded the Noble Prize for Literature 2016.

Seems like someone at the Nobel Prize council is a Bob Dylan fan. As far as I am concerned Mr Tambourine man shouldn’t be blowing it in the wind and rather be blowing it out his ass.

Watch the 2009 interview on 60 minutes below: You want any more proof? Anybody that advances the Satanic NWO is richly rewarded here on earth...including Nelson Mandela, Arch Bishop Tutu, Albert Luthuli, Nadine Gordimer and of course...our very own Pink Frikkie...and then they die.

Matthew 7:15-20

The Tree and Its Fruit

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Malachi 4:1

The Day of the Lord

For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.


  1. Anonymous11:44 am

    So Bly Jy het nie"YHEWE" of so iets gebruik in jou storie nie😉

    1. Anonymous1:28 pm

      Die term "kognitiewe dissonansie" kom skielik by my op. Na wie verwys jy dan nou eintlik as jou god?

    2. Anonymous2:47 pm

      Anon 11:44 Charlize Farron is dit jy?

      Lol Mike jy maak my lag soms, jy sê die snaakste shit. Carry on soldier!

  2. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Yawn...just another kumbaya so called celebrity that is hyped up by ignorant people. In the end a doos like this adds no real value to mankind.

  3. Anonymous12:30 pm

    "Anybody that advances the Satanic NWO is richly rewarded here on earth.." Correct, another one that comes to mind is Bono, it amazes me how many Christians think that he is one. Meanwhile, he is playing them for the fool and promoting the NWO agenda.

  4. Anonymous1:14 pm


    And just when you thought Karasites couldnt get more interesting.

    Now I (think) I have heard it all...


    1. Anonymous6:15 am

      Tomcat thanks for that comment, dude I can't stop laughing. These people are so far gone,

    2. FredBarbarossa6:31 am

      Haha... The husband probably wanted nothing to do with her parra!

  5. Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan has ALWAYS been a leftist.
    The same as most of his type in the entertainment, so-called, industry.

    Part and parcel of the use of music, film, television to plant in the Whites minds the attitude of DEFEAT and SURRENDER.

    They tore down Christianity, they tore down the MANLINESS of too many of our males. Yet what they DAMN us for THEY support in spades in their little outlier, Israel. They built a huge wall with American taxpayers money and yet the CRY OUT over a wall to be built by Trump. They take DNA samples of potential immigrant to ensure that they are of that ethnicity, whereas THEY pushed third world immigration into the US, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It truly BOGGLES the mind that so few of our people see this.

    We have so-called Christians, who apparently have never read what Jesus said in the Gospels and the Book of Revelation, lecturing US as being UNchristian, in fact thousands of Christian pastors in the USA have DAMNED Trump as a "racist" who is against immigration. Christianity Today the largest magazine for "Born Again" christians spent the latest issue damning Trump.

    I tell you what happened to SA and Rhodesia was the trial run for the BIG GOAL, the eradication of the Whites, worldwide,from their homelands. And so Robert Zimmerman gets the Nobel Prize, just like Obama did.

    The Boer males I have met have been, or WERE, some of the toughest men I have ever known. So it wasn't that the Whites in SA were "weak" on the contrary, the Enemy of our race, used "entertainment" and poisoning the minds of Christians so that they did not follow what JESUS said...

    And we all know that the NIA and SAPS are watching the people they regard as threats, i.e. true WHITES.

    And it is not unique to SA that the police, the White police, help the kaffers, it is so in every single White homeland, truly we have NO FRIENDS in the government. It is ALL up to us.

    And I must tell you that we are ENOUGH, more than enough.

    "The Rightists, those who would but conserve the established order, are provoked into extremism only by the Leftists. They have learned that it is only by extremism that extremism can be defeated."
    – White Man Think Again by Anthony Jacob Johannesburg 1965

    1. Quintus, amen to that Brother.

    2. Anonymous3:28 am


      "I tell you what happened to SA and Rhodesia was the trial run for the BIG GOAL, the eradication of the Whites, worldwide,from their homelands. And so Robert Zimmerman gets the Nobel Prize, just like Obama did. "

      We are living during the Ezekiel 38/39 prophecy.

      When Gog, Gomer, Libya, Phut, Cush go to war with Israel.

      If you read those chapters, if you know who, where Israel settled and then can grasp the difference in those verses where Ezekiel sees the "land of Israel" and then mentions the people "Israel" being invaded and attacked it makes perfect sense.

      The only nations which dont have fortified cities are found in the West. Today Israel, the land has fortified cities and they cannot be the land of Israel mentioned where it says "they live in peace".

      The only nations that have been living in relative peace are found in the west.

      If one knows who these nations are Gog (Russia), Gomer (Turkey), Cush (North Africa), Phut (Libya) Meschech, Tubal - the surrounding nations of Russia Armenia, all the stan nations ie Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.

      Then understand that the Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Celtic nations, of which the white tribe are from in Southern Africa are the literal descendants of Israel who accepted as nations Christianity.

      Then understand that only a Remanent of Judah still lives in Israel today.

      Once we know who the nations are in modern times, then it becomes very easy to see what is happening.

      Cush, Phut are invading Europe - where those Israelites are.

      The Cushites in South Africa who`s roots are from the land of Phut/Cush against us here supported by a finance system - world control, backed by Gog (Russia).

      We can clearly see this prophecy being fulfilled and with Russia in Syria and Damascus destroyed.

      The battle from the beginning has always been to wipe them out. If you wipe them out, you cannot have the Messiah return.

      No Messiah, then Satan wins. Proves the entire book, prophecy a lie. Its been the objective from day one.

      If you look at how Socialism/Marxism, its roots and the pillars of society it erodes, you will find they are Christian, Godly principles.

      If you destroy those, make them weak, you can win any war against those people.

      The NWO is satanic. 2 parts -

      part 1 destroy the west through invasion. The West are the only Christian nations. Or were the only Christian nations until about 20 years ago.

      part 2 - world control. A control of the earth and all the nations.

      Its Satanic.

    3. Anonymous10:28 am

      If anyone is Satanic its you. The prophecy you speak of also tells us that after this war, Gods name will not be profaned. Seeing that the 7 year peace treaty has not happened means that God's name will be profaned after the war.

      The Gog magog war you speak of is the 4th WW. 1000 years after the return of Christ. That war is the only one where Gods name will not be profaned after the fact.

    4. Anonymous3:36 pm


      @Anonymous10:28 AM

      So the alliance of Russia, Turkey, Iran, North Africa, Libya happening now are then not happening, that is just an illusion?

      Its the reptilian brotherhood controlling the media & those nations are not aligning?

      Pull your head out your ass....

      Its happening right now - the nations have aligned against the west RIGHT now - open yahoo.com & go have a look at whats happening in the world, RT, CNN, BBC, SKY, you name it, the alliance is forming.

      Perhaps your timeline is out?


    5. Anonymous8:44 am

      Oh I seeee.... So then what you are saying is that God was wrong about the part of his name being profaned? Who woulda thunk that??!?!?!?!

  6. Anonymous5:57 pm

    If you know what to look for (handshakes, symbols, record label names, etc) you'll see that almost all celebrities are Satanists.

    1. Anonymous12:00 am

      Most people are satanists:
      'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law'(Aleister Crowley ).

    2. Anonymous12:00 am

      “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” ("Aleister Crowley Quotes.") are the infamous words of Aleister Crowley, a Satanist and a man who called himself “the Beast”. These words, part of Crowley’s “Law of Thelma”, inspired The Beatles and other Rock bands.

      John Lennon said, “The whole Beatles idea was to do what you want … do what thou wilst, as long as it doesn’t hurt somebody” (John Lennon, cited by David Sheff, The Playboy Interviews with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, p. 61). The Beatles also included a picture of Crowley on their Sergeant Pepper album.

    3. Anonymous12:02 am

      Sorry. here is the rest of the article:

    4. Anonymous5:02 am

      How The Jesuits Control The Media: Walter Veith

    5. Anonymous8:09 am

      Ag jissis what a load of crap about Aleister Crowley and Satanism. Remember the Anika Smit murder in 2010, and everyone went on about how it must have been blacks who killed the girl and chopped off her hands for muti? Turns out it was a lily-white "Satanist" called Andre van Wyk who was at school with her. The police took six years to find this cunt and then he turned himself in, they didn't even arrest him. What these self-professed "Satanists" were doing with their blood-drinking ceremonies was practising inverted Christianity - which has boggerol to do with Satanism. Satanists believe you shouldn't take kak but you shouldn't dish it out either. If every Jesus-Jaweh shouting son of a dumb whore would behave like non-kak-soeking Satanists, the world would be a much better place.

    6. Stephen9:09 pm

      Devils-advocate much?
      How do you know , are you a satanist?

      If only you would defend God like you
      defend those 'non-kak-soekers' the your life might have been in better shape.

      By saying those things you have only put your foot in it .
      You might think its cool now to be-little God-fearing people , but in the days to come you're gonna miss them when their gone.

    7. Anonymous12:50 am

      Stephen, if God needed defending, it wouldn't be much of a God, would it? God is all powerful and does not need defending. God is within and without all of us and so is Satan, because Satan is a part of God. The word "satan" means adversary. Adversary to whited sepulchres and hypocrites. "Many are called, but few are chosen."

    8. Stephen3:47 am

      Okay yes God doesn't need us to protect him , indeed.
      You know obviously that I meant defending our fiath.

      There's no satan in me buddy,that's a choice you make all on your own,you give the devil way too much credit,he's only as big as you allow him to be in your life.

      And your wrong , satan is NOT part of God , no wonder your so confused.
      Sometimes I wonder if all these anons commenting here are adults? ..seeing that we have to explain fundamental principles all the time.

      Theres one thing thats very clear from all these anon scoffers , one thing it seems they all have in comin - none of them have a personal relationship with Jesus .

      For if they did surely they would'nt use His name so lightly
      surely they would'nt take His name in vaine with their second word,surely they would'nt critisize His people?

      But you did all of those.
      We DO know them by their fruits , and you just confirmed that.

  7. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Yawn, satanist, pagans, Viking gods, who gives a fuck. I truly believe that religion (and rugby) is the fundamental problem of your beloved country. Make viking gods great again and you will see a change in the white mans behavior. Not this kumbaya turn the other cheek shit.

    1. Anonymous6:53 am

      You're correct anon in one aspect only anon 9:10pm.

      Whites' moral compass was destroyed with the loss of Christianity in your Viking country many many moons ago.
      This enabled the massive cucking and subsequent mud immigration into your country.

      South African whites have for the most part held onto their faith. This is why we will retake our country, but unfortunately yours, without any cohesion and a moral compass will inevitably lose yours to the black hordes.

  8. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Bob is the typical beta male, Ugly as fuck,so he became a muso to get attention. He married Joan "let's sing We Shall Overcome" Baez,who then wanted to write her own material.Her lyrics were clumsy. When bBob made a snide comment about her lyrics, her rejoinder was that if Bob could fuck like he could write , they'd still be together.So there it is in a nutshell. Beta male that cant fuck for toffee, arrogant about his prissy little gift and basically not really worth a toss except to liberal dooses.

    1. Anonymous10:24 am

      So his real name is actually "Chad"?

  9. Anonymous12:09 am

    White Christian children of YHWH Almighty were put on this earth to rule over creation using our Fathers immutable laws. We are the husbandmen who were created to look after our Fathers vineyard.

    Throughout the ages the plan of satans race/tree has always been to wrest rulership from whites, but they know their time is short, as written in Revelations (the devil knows he has but a short time).

    The fruit of the evil tribe/trees doings is waking many of our Fathers white people, we see the battle lines between them and us are being drawn closer, and they increasingly expose themselves to the light/our scrutiny.

    Armageddon = Hebrew meaning, The Battle of My Loved Ones.

    Anyone who is not for Christ is against Him, and are of the antichrist/their father the devil.

    Bob Dylan belongs to the tree/tribe of rotten fruit. He is merely doing the works of his father Satan.

    A very true quote, "To know your enemy see those who you are not allowed to criticize".

    White Adamite Christians are YHWH's children.

    1. Anonymous2:10 am


    2. Anonymous3:30 am


      @Anonymous12:09 AM

      Few people will grasp the truth in what you mention.

      See my reply above. IF the western nations knew their origins, they would have a complete different understanding.

  10. Anonymous12:10 am

    At last reality sinks in.

    South Africa is a banana republic, says Malema


    1. (chortle)...and you don't see the irony in his statement

  11. Anonymous12:27 am

    I seen him live before. He's become quite Christian now, I quess he's trying to reclaim his soul...

  12. Anonymous12:30 am

    Bob Dylan doesn't make music.
    He kvetches.
    His voice is a horrible, whining assault on the ears.

    1. ....kat in Oktobermaand...of Blade Nzimande met n 'hot poker' in sy hol.

    2. 12:30, Is he related to any of the other three Bobs?

  13. Listen guys, what the fuck does it matter who they give this shit to? I mean, of late there's been a rather illustrious shitlist; Pink Frikkie, Terrorist Mandela, Crazy Tutu . . .. If I was Robert I would have refused to join that crowd.

    If he has become Christian, as 12:27 says, maybe it's the NWO's way of trying to recruit him back into their fold? He does have a lot of influence with lots of non-thinkers [which you could call the majority of the American youth today].

  14. Anonymous1:56 am

    Don't listen to crap Rock, pop or hip hop, it's all classical for me the likes of Sergei Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Chopin, or good classical baroque by the likes of Haydn.

    1. It's all rock for me, best played loudly.

      I do like the old stuff too, but not as old as the wig and pointy shoe wearing composers

    2. Don't mess with rock. Rock is badass stuff...so is blues.

      Not that stuff composed by mincing, pointy shoe wearing daffodils..

    3. You know why they call it Heavy Metal? Because it's harder than Rock.


    4. Anonymous2:57 am

      Hey Bender what Rock musician would have had the same balls as Dimitri Shostakovich replying to Stalin's dislike of his music because it wasn't proletariat enough. "If they chop off both my hands I will compose with a pen between my teeth". Shostakovich went to bed every evening with a bag packed with a few positions, as he expected to be arrested at any moment.

  15. Anonymous3:23 am

    If you need religion to keep you in line, you are a dumb doos indeed.

    1. Anonymous6:46 am

      Yeah big mouth .Your day will come.

      every knee shall bow, every mouth shall confess (Romans 14:11)

    2. Anonymous10:51 am

      Since when did faith have anything to do with religion?

  16. Anonymous3:31 am



    Can you believe the shit these people write.


    My goodness. Is there any hope for these white liberals?

    1. Anonymous10:07 am

      Ignorant as the day is long! If you had to write a science book based on the scientific (or any other) inventions from Africans it would contain exactly zero pages! Shit, imagine being married to this thing? Then again she is the type that will rather be with a karasite to ease her "white guilt"

  17. Anonymous3:46 am


    I mentioned 2-3 days back regime change coming more/less the same time to Zims + SA.


    We must be careful here.

    They will say the whites are instigating this and turn on us.

    1. Anonymous11:23 am

      numb nuts....almost 100000 whites murdered since 1994 and you recon we must be carefull??? Can someone give this dude a poes klap to wake the fuck up.

    2. PreatorianXVI10:22 pm

      A trigger event is required to move things along, why be scared of it?

    3. Anonymous10:23 pm

      Can you not see the context which BN present or are you usually this thick?

    4. Not scared.. careful mate. Sound advice.

    5. Anonymous4:40 am


      @Anonymous11:23 AM

      So your solution is....

      Go to war! Right?

      Im a stuck record and according to some Satans child, a Eugenics freak, a nob or what ever but one thing no one can accuse me of is not having passion for this nation and knowing we DO HAVE A VERY BRIGHT FUTURE but my advice is to...

      Train, prepare, unite, arm and be prepared that they turn it on us and when they do through our training, uniting, preparing, arming we can meet that threat.

      To win a war requires many advisors, you are not going to meet them while watching rugby in a pub.

      You are going to meet sound minded, logical, forward thinking people while training, preparing, uniting and arming and reading this blog but you have to do something else i.e wake up our people, prepare mentally/physically/spiritually, if you can arm yourselves, join groups, unite regardless of English or Afrikaans.

      Plans fail for lack of council!

      Never scared but always prepared.

      Karasites scare me?

      Plz! I have got stuck into 5-8 of them at a time sending them running in all directions in other African countries.

      I aint scared of Karasites but I do not under estimate their planning & who is behind them.

      When my family, friends, people I know were all laughing at Malema when he was in the yuf league, I said watch this guy...

      I mentioned it also on here, this guy is going to be a problem - before the EFF was even thought of.

      Its called forward thinking and projecting. Know your enemy and know yourself and you will win every victory!

      You want a sure victory? Then know that what I mention above is the closest thing to a victory but it requires planning, preparing, uniting, arming and training.

  18. Interesting..


  19. Anonymous12:05 pm

    You know what really gets to me Mike , that this Kind seems to Live for ever or long lives, Castro , Mugarbage , Mandela , Arafat, Honecker and many others with so much in common. Directed Murder and Chaos .

    1. PreatorianXVI10:24 pm

      They know what is waiting for them on the other side, that why they are to shit scared to die...

    2. They know what's waiting on the other side, so their clinging to every last day here.. Fact

    3. Anonymous1:13 pm

      anon 12:05...no more worries mate, science in africa will be decolonised, they recon they will start from scratch, thus no more european science to keep these type of terrorists alive for so long.

  20. Anonymous1:54 pm

    The former NP snakes also sold their souls to the devil when they joined the ANC.

  21. Anonymous1:15 am

    Dylan's real name is Zimmerman. He is a Jew.

    1. So is Billy Joel, Leonard Cohen and Neil Diamond. Your point is? Dylan is as much Jewish as Lady Gaga is Christian.

    2. Anonymous10:53 am

      I also prefer Die Antwoord to Lady Gaga. Much more amusing.

    3. Steve Hofmeyer is a big fan of Neil Diamond and even covered his songs on a tribute CD. Oooh...Horror of Horrors. An Afrikaner supporting a Jooo.

  22. Anonymous10:48 pm

    On the contrary Mike.

    The link is to an Israeli school website. Gaga is held up as a shining example for their youth.


    1. Oooh you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with your anti Jewish fanaticism now aren’t you? See that is why I despise Neo Nutzis cunts like you. Always selectively picking quotes and texts and turning it out of context to fit your bullshit agenda and lies. When the square peg does not fit in the round hole you will shave it and hammer it until it fits. I first came across this phenomenon when I read “My Awakening” by Dr. David Duke and I cross referenced all his rubbish with other works including my own copy of the Talmud. Take any conspiracy and you will find a Jew behind it. The sinking of the Titanic. A Jew called “Iceberg” was involved.

      You Neo Nutzis are ridiculously laughable idiots. It is this exact fanatically blunt idiocy that I cannot stand. That inability to have complex thought that makes you reduce everything to a simplicity of “The Joooos” are behind it all. I have found that no amount of proof, no amount of evidence or reasoning can change such people. They just need to be put up against the wall and shot.

      You present them with all the evidence, show them all the faults in their arguments, they refuse to budge. “Yes, but...” and then they just keep on looking further lifting stone after stone, scratching around in dirt like a rabid Meerkat, going through dustbins like a homeless Kaffir until you find a “Joooo”...then you eat it all up and come and kotch it out on my website and the process repeats itself.

      It is called “Confirmation bias”. You already have the answer in the form of some bullshit hypothesis and then proceed to find evidence to fit the hypothesis.

      The reason why it makes you look ignorant, simple and stupid is, because it is contradictory to proper research done in the The Scientific Method . Go ahead click on that link and look up what the “Scientific Method” is all about. Part of the Scientific method of research is that you must be MAN enough to admit when the evidence proves you wrong. Unfortunately you have to be intelligent enough to realize that you were wrong. That ability you sadly lack.

      See why I say it is better to just delete your bullshit? You want to turn every single post I make, every single comment people leave here into some “Joooo” bullshit.

      Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) was born on March 28, 1986, at the Lenox Hill Hospital on Manhattan's Upper East Side to a Catholic family.
      Yes, she is considered a role model to Christian girls in Australia and just about to any other religion in any other country in the world including Japan.

      Here is a link to a catholic website where Lady Gaga is considered a role model by some Catholics on this site Does that mean all Catholics consider her as a role model? I can show you millions of Catholics who don’t. Yet according to your fucked up logic, all Catholics love her and worships her.

      No mate. Rather get the fuck off my site. Go to Stormfront and go spread your bullshit there amongst the wife swapping hillbillies David Duke and Don Black. This website is clearly not for you.

    2. Anonymous12:48 am

      Interesting then that you delete my Wikipedia article ?
      Obviously there is something at play ?

      Any slight reference to anything jewish that does not meet your judophile outlook is verboten ?

      One wonders why this is ?

      Clearly when the same people are always found at the scene of the crime one must ask WHY ?

      Clearly you are not interested in that question.

      Everyone that asks is also clearly not a "Nutzi"
      Was your German grandfather perhaps jewish ?
      How else does one explain the "Nutzi" hate ?
      The love of Israel -- right or wrong !

    3. @ Anonypoes 12:48 AM...Why are you still here? Which part of FUCK-OFF do you not understand? How many times must I tell you I am not interested in your bullshit? No doos. My forefathers were all Christian and no I am NOT interested in any of your stupid questions. This is not a platform for you. Go somewhere else. What are your trying to achieve here? Convince me? I FULLY support Israel. What do you not understand about that? How many times must I say it? Who do you support you fanatical doos? The Hamas terrorists who blow up children on school busses?

      Piss off you lame piece of idiotic shit. At least the original Nazis were intelligent. You fucking Neo-Nutzis are stupid scum. Just look at yourselves. Skinheads and full of tattoos and piercings. 70 years to create the “Master Race” and THIS is all you can come up with? Ihr seid alle braune Dreck. Verpisst euch! Scum of the earth. Worse than kaffirs.

      Do the whites of the world a favour and kill yourselves. You contribute nothing to the white race. You just give other white people a bad name due to your attempt at association with proper whites. You are not white. You are kaffirs born in white bodies.

      One of the best things I ever did was two years ago when two leather clad skinhead gangsters attacked me and punched me twice in the face in a bar on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. In five seconds 30 years of Ju Jitsu training came out and they were both soaked in blood on the floor looking for their teeth. I can still feel how the one’s teeth crushed as I grabbed him by the lapel and slammed my elbow into his gob. On his way down a boot kicked him full in the face and when he hit the deck he was already lights out. I kicked seven types of shit out of him and he should actually thank my girlfriend (now my wife) who stopped me, otherwise the bastard would have been dead. Both ended up in Hospital taken away by the cops of the Davidwache.

      Today I still regret not killing them. That is how much I hate you stupid Neo-Nutzi cunts. Do you understand me now? For the last time: FUCK OFF. Go die somewhere where the maggots can feast on your useless carcass.

    4. Anonymous1:05 am

      Such a pity you don't see the jew in the woodpile, you spout wonderful Bible text yet you deny the who behind the ongoing misery of what’s called life.
      Don’t blow a gasket, I, in my ignorance know that all the so called “Christians” those calling themselves Judaeo-Christian (IsraHell first) will like the proverbial lost sheep wake-up and realize what a mistake they’ve made . . . only thing is – will it be too late.
      Try reading a bit past the jewish prescribed verses, it’s all there in your Bible.
      I know you’re blinded by your love for the jews, and like a true jewish patriot you like them pay homage to satan in your heart, while your mouth confesses your believe in churchianity.
      Even that will pass when you finally realize that you like so many (before and after) have fallen for the satan seed jewish cabal. Again if it’s not to late.
      Now, you may find kicking and punching in a bar (?) and using vile language manly, but is it really?. Most men I know can accomplice that drinking and fighting in a bar makes not a man.
      Oh, and if you feel real superior, just remember your maker and not the Christ killing jews gave you your capabilities.

    5. @ Anon 1:05 AM...Like I thought. You are a moron. “Christ killing Jews”? Da fuck you on about? If Jesus did not die on the cross you won’t be able to be saved. You should thank the Jews. It shows me you do not understand the fundamental and core principles of Christianity that states if you believe that Jesus died for your sins and conquered death through being raised from the dead after three days, you will have eternal life.

      I don’t see drinking and fighting in a pub as “manly” at all. It is not why I go there. I sometimes go there with family or friends to have a good time. Fortunately I am aware of the fact that the world is full of idiots and bullies always looking for shit with others and every now and again they run into a person like me who is prepared for them.

      The alternative is to stay home and avoid them. I refuse to do that, because then the terrorists have won and what are bullies other than terrorists? Sorry, but the law protects me. Nobody has the right to punch me (twice) in the face and if they do, I have the right to defend myself to the point of death.

      Maybe you are not familiar with Jeff Cooper’s colour codes of situational awareness, but the moment I leave my front door I am always in code yellow. During the day I am constantly up and down between orange and yellow, identifying possible threats, looking for contingencies if things turn bad. In a restaurant I sit where I am close to an escape route. The same in a pub or movie theatre. But I am not perfect. Every now and again a definite threat (code red) spills over into code black and then my training kicks in. When the switch for the killer instinct has been flipped, there is no mercy.

      See, unfortunately you cannot “just get a gun” for self defence, because owning a gun doesn’t make you a shooter any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician. You have to train. You have to do tactical drills, dry fire drills, Force-on-Force training. You have to train in the Dennis Teuller Drill that defies the bullshit saying, “Never bring a knife to a gunfight”, because Teuller has proved that a person armed with a knife within seven meters (21feet) will kill you if you cannot pull your pistol out and fire within 1,5 seconds.
      When you are in Code Black it means you are in the fight and there is no turning back. This is where you must have an understanding of what happens to you in such a stressful situation when the “Yerkes-Dodson Law” kicks in. How you get tunnel vision, tunnel hearing, lose your fine motor skills, etc. You cannot even dial 911 or 10111 on your phone, let alone in the dark. Let alone get your safety on your pistol off or change a magazine.

      In Code Black you do not function as you would under normal circumstances and if you haven’t trained for it, been conditioned for it, or merely understand what is happening, you will die. That is the reality.

      Now I don’t want to die, that is why I train regularly so that I am prepared for such situations. If you believe you should turn the other cheek and love your enemy then by all means do so. Good luck with that. I will be practicing the OODA-Loop on the range in FoF tactical maneuvering.

      Personally I don’t really care what you think or what you want to do. It doesn’t bother me if you think that I was “unmanly” for defending myself and my lady against violent scum. I have come across a lot of people like you. Always criticizing me for my ability to fight. The sheep don’t like the sheepdog, because the sheepdog looks almost the same as the wolves, but like Dave Grossman says, when the wolves come the sheep cling to the legs of the sheepdog like scared lambs to their mommies.

      Like I said to my wife...rather just close your eyes, because what I do in such situations is normally not very pretty. My only concern is that you and I survive. God can forgive me my sins the day after.