25 October 2016

Libtards wishing the revolution away

By Mike Smith
26th of October 2016

Another night of burning and fighting in central Johannesburg (Braamfontein/Hillbrow) as protesting students torched a police van, rubber bullets were fired and the smell of teargas filled the air...No end in sight, but Zuma is putting contingencies in place. Just in case.

One of the first signs in a revolution is the increased paranoia of the ruling elite and as the noose is tightening around the neck of Zuma, he is becoming more and more paranoid and desperate by the day.

Zuma's bodyguards - Your tax money hard at work
protecting a rapist and murderer
Two days ago, Rapport and City Press reported that Zuma has doubled his security with members of the police’s special task force, as well as heavily armed soldiers. All the additional guards mean Zuma’s motorcade now regularly consists of more than 20 vehicles and motorcycles. Opposition members in parliament pointed out that the amount of money being spent on VIP protection services had increased by 50% over the past three years.

Just shows you what a coward and scaredy-cat Zuma has become.

Of course, being a Zuma bodyguard comes with risks as Phinda Thomo found out

Phinda Thomo
Apparently he had an affair with Zuma’s wife Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma (MaNtuli) and knocked her up. Needless to say six years ago he was found in his bath in a pool of blood shot through the neck with a .357 Magnum in an apparent suicide. The case is still unresolved. His mother, friends and family all said he was someone who loved life and would never have committed suicide.

Subsequent to that Zuma’s wife tried to poison him and he responded by chucking her out of his house in January 2015. These days, Ntuli-Zuma lives with her three minor children in a rented home in KwaZulu-Natal. She continues to receive spousal support from the president (read taxpayer).

Nevertheless, as the South African Revolution intensifies, Zuma is holding on for dear life. He knows that when (not if) he falls he will not only face 783 charges of fraud and corruption, but also murder will be added to his rap sheet.

It appears as if the main stream media is also now in agreement with us, the lone voice bloggers, who have said that the #FeesMustFall movement has nothing to do with free education, but is a precursor to a bloody revolution. The real #FeesMustFall agenda: Fall of South African state? Brilliant analysis

Founder of Trader’s Corner, Garth Mackenzie is saying there are dark clouds ahead when he plays out the worst case scenario of Gupta State capture and it’s a tale of IMF bailouts, junk status and a road like Zimbabwe’s.

As the doings and screwing of the Zupta mob are being exposed on a daily basis and people are starting to connect the dots, it is not difficult to see what Solly Moeng meant when he said Time is running out for the collective Zupta mob

One of the worst libtards Adriaan Basson is also extremely worried about the fact that Zuma can summon Advocate Shaun Abrahams the current director of the supposed to be independent NDPP to Luthuli House (headquarters of the ANC) for a meeting with some talks with top level ANC ministers and the next day Abrahams announced that he would arrest Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan for running a “Rogue spy unit” in his time at the South African Revenue Services”

Forget the Guptas – State capture just became much scarier

Even Liberal twat Max du Preez is starting to ask Is South Africa headed for revolution?

Max du Preez -apologies to all readers
who are sick of his face
Of course Max, writing from Tunisia, doesn’t think so officially , but cannot help that little voice of reason at the back of his mind. You can see that he has NO clue as to how revolutions start, develop and end, because he comes with rubbish like, “ The Tunisia revolution was caused by poverty, corruption, unemployment and inequality”…and it won’t happen by us, because “We are one of the most open societies in the world”.

According to Maxie…SA will experience a period of increased instability, but will then “self correct”.

Self Correct? Can you see the rose tinted liberal lenses Maxie looks through when he looks at his beloved “My little pony” Rainbow land?

Of course Maxie is doing the typical liberal ostrich thing; head in the sand and pretending it is not happening, but sticking your head in the sand is not going to make the revolution go away. It is going to get worse and as it escalates it will devour imbeciles like Max du Preez.


  1. Anonymous9:40 pm

    I think Maxie's pic would be a bit more palatable to the eye if the word "doos" were superimposed on his forehead above his dunce grimace.

    1. Anonymous11:12 pm

      Another dumb and useless comment.Why not contribute something constructive in terms of a solution?

    2. Anonymous11:18 pm

      Every South African should watch this and understand how the Afrikaaner Broederbond 'trojan horse' organised the demise of SA to support the Elite's agenda for world control.

      BN, Tomkat,JP etc were you aware of this?

      The Afrikaner Broederbond

    3. Jip, Anon 11:18 The real decline started with the assassination of Dr Verwoerd. It started before that, but the great man proved to be an insurmountable stumbling block so he had to go. And, from John Vorster onwards the end was always in sight.

      There is only one solution and that is to prepare, observe and wait for things to run their course. It's gaining momentum with every passing day. I'm far removed from all the kak and just observe from a distance.

      Nothing we can do now will change anything, let it go full cycle and the revolution of black against black escalate to it's ultimate conclusion.

    4. Anonymous12:56 am

      Anon 11.12. Why not tell Maxie to stop writing dumb and useless articles.

    5. @Anonymous11:18 pm. YOu are reading way too much into the AB. I know, because I was a member (secretary of my afdeling) and resigned in 2008, mostly because they are useless and powerless. Bunch of old toothless liberal academics and retired dominees who come together once a month and discuss how much money is left in the Christiaan de Wet Fund and what to do with their properties such as the Hawekwa, etc. Up until 1966 they were a good group that truly empowered the Afrikaners and other whites as well, but are today just a bunch of liberal idiots. I had massive fights with them and came close to being suspended several times, because I refused to accept that someone could be a member of the ANC and a member of the Afrikaner Bond at the same time. They were organising camping trips of Afrikaner youth together with the ANC youth league (that was the last straw for me).

      Many former NP members crossed the floor to the ANC and are still in the AB. The AB also has members from the DA and the Freedom Front Minus. In effect they are all left.

      At AB meetings they are all big friends. Come next Monday they are enemies again in parliament. What a joke. They made me take the minutes of the meetings to shut me up and not take part in the discussions, because I used to foam at the mouth when these white ANC members (joiners) started to speak.

      The people who had the biggest influence on F.W. de Klerk were Dominee Fritz Guam with his gay son Dominee Laurie Guam and Dominee Pieter Bingle of the Hervormde Kerk (The Boer Church). The other Gaum Brother, Advocate André Gaum is an ANC MEC. Andre, Papa Fritz, Pieter Bingle and F.W. de Klerk are all members of the same AB afdeling "Leeuwenhof" in Cape Town.

      At its peak the AB had about 18,000 members. Today they have about 1,500 active members and about 1000 honourary members (guys who are over 60 and does not have to pay membership fees anymore and are not compelled to attend monthly meetings anymore).

      Look, maybe they honestly believe that pushing a liberal agenda is good for the Afrikaners. I tend to disagree. They honestly do not believe in a homeland for the Afrikaner and believe the Afrikaner should find his own niche in the New (improved) South Africa. I tend to disagree. I support a homeland, I support an independent Cape. I support a South Africa cleansed of the cANCer. I support a Greater Boer Republic stretching from Cape Agulhas to the equator.

      I thought that I could exercise influence through the structures of the AB, but eventually discovered that my believes were/are incompatible with the current AB. I found that their values are corrupt, they have strayed from the original path and are missing the original goals of the AB. In fact I am convinced that the current AB is just a toothless, morally corrupt nest of liberal fools. I told them that in a six page resignation letter. I left and are now accomplishing far more as an individual on my own. Personally I don't think the AB will last another five years. They were a spent force in 1993 and should have closed their doors back then. They accomplished what they wanted to accomplish, uplifted the Afrikaner. Some people just don't know when to quit.

    6. Anonymous1:40 am

      Is that his face or his arse in picture?

    7. Thanks anon 11:18, I beamed that up on my site when it was still active, very good documentary nonetheless.

      All organizations eventually get infiltrated. The AB is no exception. Ethic groups start these societies (some secret) when their Volk/ People get klapped - usually by a war _ hence the AB getting started round about 1917 after Afrikaners were getting shafted.

      They have the idea of uplifting the people.

      The same story ensues. When you are poor your ideology is steadfast. You ' self preservation' instinct is very strong.

      The moment you get some money in your bank account, then you will see who is true to their original ideology. Many fall with material gains. The c180 ore 318i, the iPhone S7 etc. yada yada.

      The AB were no exception. Most people, once they taste money, they become easier to bribe and sway.

      The good life has taken many adrift.

      One of my best friends grandfather was Bram (AJ) Raubenheimer - Minister van Bosbou.

      He too ' softened up in the end' as his daughter - my mates mom told me - or more simply put, became more liberal.

      Said the goffels were also Afrikaners.

      Ja, until some goffel wants to fuck your daughter and be her husband because he is an ' Afrikaner'.

      The whole family is basically 'liberalised' as I call it. Believe what you mentioned above Mike, that Afrikaners must ' carve out a niche in SA and not rock the boat' too much.

      In a nutshell, the mega bucks makes people soft. Castrates a man without him actually knowing it.

      That's why civilisations move in cycles, people acquire wealth and then say fuck the rest of the plebs, as long as I can get a cheap kaffir boi and meid to mow my lawn and wipe my arse after me, to hell with everyone else.

      It's not just a race war we are in, there is a class war as well as a gender war.

      A war will always eliminate all pretentious bullshit as it gets rid of the wealth the upper class are so desperately trying to hold onto, otherwise their worst nightmare comes true, they become like the pleb in the street.

      A rich man’s wealth is his strong city, and like a high wall in his imagination. Proverbs 11:18

    8. Adrem4:13 am

      Thank you Mike for this very interesting information. Now, at long last, I can connect more dots in the puzzle and the picture that appears is yet clearer.

    9. And we must stop calling these things ' protesting students', this is nothing but barbarian raids on civilization.

    10. @ JP...Yes you are 100% correct. Like Dr. B.F. Skinner proved with his experiments in operative conditioning...Once the rat discovers which lever gives the cocaine he keeps on pressing until he dies.

      The moment the liberals take over, the self destruct button has been pressed. After that it is just a matter of time. The same with the AB.

    11. Nobel Savages, JP, NOBLE, but savages nonetheless.

    12. Anonymous9:22 am


      Mike, I have the same issues you have with the AB, with the Freemasons. Turned completely liberal, and a bunch of pisscats...

    13. Mike,

      I think you should devise a system call it 'doos alert' whereby you readers know to get the koos ready for some serious vomiting.

  2. Anonymous11:10 pm

    The picture of Zuma and his bodyguards looks like a scene from Reservoir Wogs.

    1. What are all those Reservoir Wogs going to help if he takes a punch from a .50 Cal from a mile out I ask?

      Completely superfluous and ineffectual if you ask me.

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    What amazes me is how most people can see that the state has been taken over by a rogue group who are looting the countries wealth away and yet nothing is being done about it. Why are they being thrown out and jailed.
    Most on this blog laugh at how this looting is bringing down SA but these people actually understand that it is not just tax payer money that is being looted but the National Debt is being increased rapidly - and this debt becomes the responsibility of every SA Citizen.
    When the fog clears you will find yourselves in so much debt to the Central Banks of the world that all your assets will be stripped.

    I care not for the future of SA but for those who intend to stay better you all wake up.

    1. Anonymous2:49 am

      The debt does not become the responsibility of every SA citizen. You cannot squeeze more money out of an over extended, diminishing tax base. SA will go bust, IMF will intervene, change of government. Things get unpleasant while all of this is going on.

    2. Anonymous3:54 am

      If the country goes bankrupt

      Consequences for citizens: Anybody who had significant savings in government bonds would be broke. For everybody else, the significant change would be that, with a devalued currency, they would be poor internationally. They couldn't import much or travel, but they could export everything. Anybody exporting from South Africa would start to do very well.

    3. Anonymous4:16 am

      Anonymous11:11 pm

      Yes because the vast majority do not understand that the collateral for debt is the economic base of the indebted country where the average citizen becomes the payor of an IOU issued by certain individuals. You will not partake in any wealth generated by your labour or resources nor will it be invested back into your country and its infrastructure. It will all be taken offshore and you will never see it.

    4. Anonymous5:10 am

      Anon 2:49
      according to the 'legal' entity established using your birth certificate/tax reference/drivers license etc (your name in CAPITAL LETTERS) you are legally an asset in the corporation of South Africa. Your personal wealth can be taken to offset any unpaid debt incurred by the corporation i.e. South Africa.

      Don't be fooled. Every citizen is personally accountable for the national debt, which is ramping up rapidly.

    5. Anonymous10:58 am

      How can we be held legaly responsible for debt that we have no control over?

    6. Anonymous8:03 pm

      Do not concern yourself with the national debt, there are whites and white owned business to pay the taxes.

      PG has said that taxes will increase next year, so why worry.

      Of course the tax money will be stolen and abused, new aircraft, a nice country estate a dress xxxxxxxl in size for mama thembu and lots of KFC.

      When the white dudes, dudeses and businesses have been killed and forgotten then the loans start and the debt mounts, it gets so bad that there is no possibility of paying it back so the lenders just shut the place out and leave the inhabitants to rot.The government that thinks money is just a western thing and doesn't affect African then prints currency in its printing shops and drops this colourfully marked worthless toilet paper into circulation.

      Problem solved there is never to much debt in Africa for and African. These clever and exceptionally intelligent creatures have it all figured. You whiteys are just negative and stoopid, that's why Africa must be decolonized and not have maths and science because it just cannot match the brain power of black power.

      I really do apologize if I have spoilt a few peoples day but I think we all realize that as whites in SA we are a tiny bit fucked and we are definitely bend over and bashed by the system, the law and the blackness at least 50 times a day and that the gang bangers do not even offer us Vaseline.

      The story above is a typical and a repeated experience throughout Africa since these blacks decided they didn't need whiteness and they could do anything better than whites could. The truth is that they can do it better, they can fuck it up so much better than any white could ever even contemplate.

      But yes white people you will be held responsible for the debt and you will be blamed, you're already responsible for every other fuck up over the last 22 years so why will things change for you now? The creature that has created the mess they live in will never change.



    7. Anonymous12:01 am

      I can't believe the ignorance of some of you people. Bob catch a wake up - do some research man.
      Pravin Gordhan has just told us that our SA debt is over 2 Trillion. The interest on this for 2016 was 147 Billion and will increase to over 160 Billion next year. This debt/interest can never be repayed. It is growing exponentially way beyond our ability to pay back. Stop focusing on tax payer contributions and focus on the national debt growth.

      This is how the Global Elites will endebt the world and bring it down. And Citizens are all jointly accountable for this debt of their representative government.

      WAKE UP now.

  4. No need for that.
    Just looking at his mouth....says it all.

  5. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Hy het n regte po$s my gesig.

  6. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Why was Zuma in Angola recently? Possibly to meet with his old allies and get the support 9f the Angolan army should things hit the fan with a revolution here.

    1. Anonymous4:12 am

      Anonymous11:31 pm

      I don't think he has a hope in hell. The Angolans will be uber distrustful of SA after how they were kicked in the teeth following SA's ongoing support for the civil war in order to keep the diamond and rutile mines in the hands of UNITA.

  7. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Ostrich thing with regards to liberals is not head in the sand, its head up thier own or some blacks arse.

    Even ostriches can spot trouble coming. liberals will always find a reason or explanation to justify the smell of shit in their nostrils even when they know their heads are in the shit chute.

  8. Anonymous12:25 am

    Funny how selective dooses like Maxine are with comments on their "blogs". Before comments, hence freedom of speech, were blocked by lefie main stream media the vast majority told his type to go fuck themselves. Now, sudenly, the majority of "comments" are pro liberal and pro leftist. Just shoes you, liberal types dont want to hear anything that doesnt sync with their fucktup believe systems. Another perfect example is this Melanie chick, man what a deurmekaar person.

  9. Anonymous1:27 am

    The Handbook of Human Ownership


  10. Interesting how this is going to play out..

    You have the tribes sizing each other up. The locals not happy with the foreingers. Then blacks who don't want anything to do with their own, who will actually prefer to fight on our side just to save their own skin. The coolies that's playing a hide and seek game, while some factions of the coloureds are doing the same, not drawing any attention to themselves. Then the white foreigners; Greek, Portuguese ect, whose dead quiet. And then us, the polony in the middle...

    Unless their playing it very well, the middle and upper class blacks couldn't give a damn what happens. They are just to happy to be living in a nice house and to be driving a Merc. I deal with them daily and when we chat politics I always mention the possibility of war and they look scared and suprised. They have 1 thing on their minds; Money. They also cannot fight and survive to the smallest degree..

    The township blacks are the one's that is hungry for revenge, but who will be attacked first and how.?. Will big groups overrun neighbourhoods and kill everything they find.? Whites, fellow blacks, coolie, coloured.? Or will the EFF and ANC have militia groups join the Police and SADF to try and round everybody up.? Or obviously fight each other.?
    This is not going to be a conventional war, and it is not going to be black on white exclusively.

    Uncle Mike you've studied this way more than most us. Please share your thoughts.

    1. Anonymous10:50 am

      BN will kick you in the teeth for keeping a few as pets

      You not man enough to get the job done yourself?

    2. Nee. Gehoop jy kon jou Ouma stuur om my hand vas te hou..

  11. Anonymous2:46 am

    Max du Preez is just one of those soft hearted Huguenot descendants who wants to believe the best of everyone. When you say anything back to him he retreats into his shell. Wait till you see what happens when Zuma suspends Gordhan and replaces him with Molefe. With each false move we get closer to the IMF.

  12. Anonymous2:53 am

    Zuma is trying his absolute best to get our bonds downgraded to junk status. We all know that the Rand will lose value.

    My bet is that Zuma (through a hidden shelf company or agent) has taken a short position on the South African Rand (buying a financial instrument that is betting against the Rand) that will net him millions if not billions.

    1. Anonymous11:09 am

      n moerse klomp geld word gemaak met hierdie" seesaws"

      Somebody makes trillions creating so called fake crises

      Why do you think Zums and Pravie looks so calm under these circumstances?

      Smoke and mirrors boys....and a lot of profit

  13. Anonymous4:35 am

    Zuma's bodyguard, reminds of this movie.


    1. Anonymous10:53 am

      you tube pulled it... So why did you post the link?

    2. Anon 10:53 there are other links to other snippets of the movie.

  14. Anonymous8:43 am

    Cape Town under siege, read commentaries below article and watch video clips....http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/live-students-prepare-to-march-to-parliament-20161026

  15. Anonymous5:23 pm

    I hope when the revolution begins then Max will be its first victim.

    1. Anonymous11:03 am

      I prefer Thabo mbeki. The arch globalist

    2. Anonymous11:07 am

      Hey mike smith, how old are you? You must be like 50 or something...

    3. Anonymous1:36 pm

      Mike's real name is Abdul Pillay,he owns/manages a samoosa,bunnychow caravan in Blouberg.check him there every saturday eksê.
      Don't even get me started on that vindaloo-curry in a hurry no worries
      Keep up the good work larnie