11 October 2016

Leftist Academics leaving SA in droves

By Mike Smith

12th of October 2016

I had to chuckle when I read that, Academics are queuing to quit South Africa

Reasons are, because of "freedom of speech vanishing" and "insufficient funds now a reality".

How ironic. For years now these libtard academics at our universities were hugging their beloved Noble Savages and filling their brains with leftist bullshit. Satanic idiots like Karl Marx, Lenin, Franz Fanon and the likes of Julius Nyerere with their egalitarian and relativist junk were pushed forward as the examples of progressive intellectualism and everything to the right was made off as stupid, retarded and backwards.

Real academics, scientists and visionaries like Dr William Shockley (inventor of the transistor), Dr James Watson (discoverer of DNA), Nicholas Wade (“A Troublesome Inheritance”) and Dr H.F. Verwoerd were openly called “idiots” for their strong views on race. Both Shockley and Watson were Nobel Prize winners incidentally.

Now that their houses of cards are tumbling and these leftist academics are picking the fruits of their labour and seeing their institutions burning to the ground at the hands of their beloved Noble Savagae, they want to jump like rats from the proverbial sinking ship.

To go where and do what? Repeat the junk they poisoned the black minds in South Africa with?

However, with these libtards leaving SA I cannot decide if it is something to be worried about or if it is a blessing. Maybe somethings are better Left unsaid. Shame...they must feel so...Left out or is it Left behind? Hehehehe. All I can say is, "Don't let the University door hit you on the arse on your way out.


  1. Anonymous12:04 am

    Don't let the University door hit you on the arse on your way out. :D

    Good riddance

  2. Anonymous12:06 am

    Nice one Mike as always!

  3. Definitely a blessing. Let them fuck off as far as they can. Saves us a bit of work getting rid of them.

    1. Anonymous2:00 pm

      it is not good. They should feel there fruits.
      they are supposed to be cannon fodder

  4. Whiteman12:43 am

    Mike, this is African-cancer at work. It is the most terrible world wide disease, for which there is NO cure. But I must say, it gives pleasure to see the libturds run for their lives ! But they can not be allowed, to get off scot-free, for the destruction, murder and mayhem they caused in this country. When the time comes, a new industry will be created, called the Boere Bounty Hunters. ( BBH } This will be a very well paid, exciting job. Patriotic men/women, will hunt these bastards down, and bring them back, dead or alive ! It is called, prophetic justice at last !

    1. Whiteman, I think when the SHTF overseas they all come running back of their own accord and save us the trouble of going to find them.

      No Boet, either way, they're between a rock and a hard place.

    2. Anonymous1:58 am

      Where can I apply??!!

    3. Anonymous11:21 am

      I'll work for free. All we need are GPS coordinates and a photo.

      Naspers and Afriforum fuckers my team and I will hunt down as a hobby and pet project. They won't get away.

    4. Anonymous5:00 am


      @Whiteman12:43 AM

      Not alive. Dont want to see one from the Cape to the Equator in the end.

      Not 1.

      It will take time, let the fires burn everything here and let it play out and then when it begins there wont be stopping us.

      But not 1 left - sorry. People will see why within the coming months, when it happens you will have whites openly calling for this.

      Do what they did in Oz/Nz but no reservations. Reservations only cause more shit. A Museum is the better option for those who still want to see them.

      No, not alive. Not 1 single 1 left.

      Anyone who tells us that we can work together has a hidden agenda. It has never worked and will never work - alone they cannot make it.

      Was watching guys farm in Alaska, this thing with the most fertile soil cannot even farm with the best conditions on Earth.

      No, there can be only 1 left here.

      If its them and not us, then good on them.
      If its us and not them, then good on us.

      But there will never be peace nor prosperity and only strife if the two are left to work together. Segregation does not work either - so then?

      We do what man has done from the beginning of time - conquer or be conquered. The age of liberalism will soon be over and nations will begin doing what nations have done from the beginning of time.

      See Europe? Either being conquered or conquering, when a country is doing neither, in a state of dormancy, it gets invaded and conquered within.

      This happened to Constantinople when the Roman empire stopped invading and began being a bunch of pussy fags. The Church became weak, they stopped invading and began being invaded by the same people. The EU is nothing more than an attempt to revive the Roman empire IMO.

      Same kak, different year.

      Something new will pop up, some new disease that will ravage the beast. You wont even need to pull a trigger or do anything, we are in a new age. Think cellular - and not your phone!

      Nope! Not 1 in the future.

      Send them to Europe, Canada, NZ, Aus.

      They love them.

      They can house and feed their pets.

  5. Anonymous1:02 am

    I am sure any lecturers worth their salt will be snapped up overseas without much effort.

    For black academics from SA...they don't stand a chance of being accepted now for obvious reasons.

    Wait for all the cry babies at the end of this.

    First lesson in life is:

    "For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction"

    Isaac Newton proved it amongst many other things.

    1. Anonymous1:32 am

      "I am sure any lecturers worth their salt will be snapped up overseas without much effort.

      For black academics from SA...they don't stand a chance of being accepted now for obvious reasons."
      Way to the miss the point.

    2. Anonymous5:27 am

      Exactly 1:02. They won't be looking for Max Price overseas either.

    3. Anonymous6:24 am

      Sorry, I meant black students.

    4. Anonymous5:52 am

      Actually universities in the U.S. are eager to hire black communists, since that demonstrates their marvelous virtue to their peers.
      You'd be amazed at how many black communists have tenure at our most elite schools.

  6. Anonymous4:30 am

    This is what the communists want, an uneducated population which is easy to control and manipulate. They do not want people who can think or let alone think for themselves and stand up for what is right or what is wrong.

  7. Anonymous4:56 am


    In the new republics I dont want to see or hear about liberals.

    In the new republics, I dont want to see or have this modern form of democratization which is implemented by Washington.

    Where they going to run to?

    Europe - infested.
    NZ - taken over in 10 years time - whites a minority.
    OZ - to be called racists? Where the whites will also be a minority in a a decade or two.

    Nah let them go and dont let them back in.

    Anyone who left & changed their citizenship should also not be let back in. They did so because they had no faith that SA would come right and would sink - they will be pleasantly surprised in the end and have to live in shame.

    Thee that has so little faith, let them not return. Let them stay and dont come back. They actually hate the whites that live here, they call them doff, racists, they continually run us down as dumb dutchmen and name after name, yet they watch SA news everyday and visit this blog.

    They can all stay and enjoy their new lives.

    They blow like the wind, lukewarm and spewed out.

    lukewarm like the laodiceans & when know what the Lord had to say about those.

    To the angel of the church in Laodicea write:

    These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation. 15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

    17 You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. 18 I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.

    1. Anonymous3:32 pm

      Well we all have an opinion don't we? ñ Opinie is soos ñ aambei. Elke 2de poepol het een. Jy is geen uitsondering nie.

      Not all Saffas leave South Africa for the same reason poepol.

      I left South Africa because I got tired of hearing the same old line being recited to me time and again... "You are our preferred candidate sir, but I'm afraid sir, you are the wrong colour unfortunately. The next step in the process is to refer our recommendation to the top brass. They always sign off next to the second-preferred candidate - the AA candidate. I am really sorry sir..."

      At my last interview,the organisation appointed a black female chimp who effectively failed the interview. They offered me a six month contract to train her up. That's where Australia was born to me Mr Boere Recce... you see, I wasn't prepared to sacrifice my dignity and my children at the expense of ending up in a white squatter camp where so many unfortunate whites ended up. I can serve my next of kin better from this end Mr Ninja Recce. I made the choice with my wife and children in mind... like any normal person would...

      So, next time when you open your trap, please think twice. Don't be a poepol and a doos.

    2. Anonymous9:09 pm

      Dis "poephol" jou swaap en as die skoen pas...ne` ouch! Seer puntjie?

    3. PreatorianXVI1:48 am

      BN, careful in scorning future allies, the vast majority of South Africans overseas are there because of similar situations like Anon 3:32 PM

      During the Anglo-Boer wars the one requirement for 'Foreigners" who wanted to join the fight against the Empire, was to fully support the cause of the Boer Republic's and their people, that will be the requirement again....

      Don't Create another US and THEM division, rather welcome genuine support.

      The vast majority would be back with the drop of a hat if they could.

      Personally, I also had to deal with other White Boere who did not hesitate to fuck me over so they can be fine, made my choices and moved on, I have a long memory, take care of the traitors inside the walls fist then the ones outside won't be much of a problem.

    4. Anonymous3:03 am

      Paul Kruger went to Europe "Recruiting" people to fight in the Boer war.

      I met a descendant of a Hungarian that fought here. He even had his old leather belt.

      Many Saffas are just overseas working for money and still own property here or intend coming back to buy property.

      Ask any Rhodesian, they had the same kak.

      During the war the runners were cowards, after the war the stayers were the heavy ous. After they fucked the country up most people left anyway. It doesn't really matter anymore.

    5. Anonymous4:21 am

      Anon @ 9.09PM

      noun (South African, slang)
      the anus
      a foolish or despicable person

      Vat so ou katvis! Ek mag al 11 jaar uit SA wees, maar my Afrikaans is nog skerp.

    6. Anonymous4:44 am


      PreatorianXVI1:48 AM

      I know some great boys/girls overseas but dont sell your citizenship or throw it away.

      Ja there are skelms here in white skins as well, white kaffirs. Met many of them.

      As long as they come back and know who they are, then I have no problem if they come back and help us clean up this place.

      I just wonder how many would in the end.

      I might be pleasantly surprised. It just does something to me when I hear them change & become citizens of another country, especial Aus/NZ.

      No diff between a permanent resident & citizen. It sounds crazy, some might call me doff but there is no way I will swap my passport or citizenship (birthright) for any other passport except for the new South African republic passport which will soon be released.

      As long as they support us and come back BUT no liberals.

    7. Anonymous4:48 am


      @Anonymous3:32 PM

      How is it possible other whites find work?
      They dont all leave!

      Dont use the colour of your skin as an excuse, Thats what munts do who feel sorry for themselves.

      If you told me you simply wanted to move on, I would have held you in higher regard.

      Dont use the skin colour issue, that is what these things do.

      Best of luck.

      Enjoy your new country.

  8. Anonymous5:39 am

    I can confirm that one of the political science lecturers at Stellenbsoch University had a large framed portrait on the wall behind his desk in his office. I saw it myself.
    To be fair, he did not push his Marxist beliefs in the lectures though.

    The female lecturer however was blatantly an ANC supporter and male hating arrogant feminazi.

    The rest of them, in the law faculty were also ANC apologists, sell-outs, sycophants and traitors.

    1. Anonymous11:02 am

      Please name them for the record...

    2. Anonymous10:36 am

      Anonynous 11:02 AM

      Amanda Gouws was the female lecturer.

      I can't remember the other lecturers name but he was the one who coined the name 'Kortbroek' for Martinus van Schalwyk of the NNP and apparently was the first to come up with the word 'securocrat'.

      Like I said, despite his Marxist views (which I only realised from his office), he was at least neutral in his lectures unlike Gouws who clearly had an axe to grind.

      In the law faculty, every one of them, all Afrikaners too, were apologists for the ANC and shut down any questions about BEE and Affirmitive Action explaining them as 'just'.

      They made quite an effort to show that it is not discrimination and it is right etc.

  9. Something that needs to be spread through your networks. A short concise clip of what is happening:


    1. Anonymous8:22 am

      That clip should have Pink Floyd -
      "We don't need no education"

  10. ...now they are running. After causing all this trouble that is happening in the republic now. If ever they come back, they must be shown no mercy. I agree with BN. In the new republic there must be freedom of speech for everyone, but as soon as you start with your liberal-we-are-all-the-same BS, there must be a squad who simply take you out. No questions asked, no answers given. Everything is either right or wrong, black or white - NOTHING in between. In places where there are no liberals, everyone is happy, but as soon as the liberals arrive, they start telling you how unhappy you actually are...they are the scum of the earth...

  11. Anonymous8:51 am

    I'm sure lots of them will be coming to Canada to lecture us as to why we need to let in more Muslims so they can save us from ourselves.

    1. Anonymous12:19 pm

      Enjoy your apartheid free society... Suckerss!!!!!

  12. Anonymous12:11 pm

    The Secret Ingredient to Mass Mind Manipulation

  13. Anonymous12:40 pm

    We don't need no tarred roads

    1. You are right. Fuck off back to the trees of Uganda where your ancesters fell out of. You are unwanted illegal imigrants in a White man's country.

    2. Please just tell me what is your Problem with tarred roads? What did tarred roads ever do to you? Or do they just resemble something a White Person built that you are uncapable of accomplishing? Hey? Do you just hate anything and everything that reminds you of a White person's intellectual capability and your own intelectual inadequacy?

      Please tell me what does that make you? I will tell you...You Kaffirs are the biggest racists alive. So please fuck off and leave my country that my forefathers and I built. You have become comepletely redundant in the 21st centuary. We do not need you.

    3. Anonymous12:26 pm

      @Mike 10:35AM

      Mike, they were always redundant.

  14. Anonymous12:41 pm

    No monkey behaviour in the classrooms

  15. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Hey!kaffir!just leave us alone!

  16. Anonymous1:57 pm


    1. However tragic this is, When you take a concious decision to sleep with the dogs, don't complain when the flees bite you.

  17. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Vir Anonymous 03:32 PM Ag ASB as jy loop (weghardloop is die regte woord) oor een werks onderhoud wat geflop het is jy eintlik `n sussie, ja afrika is nie vir sussies nie, so dankie dat jy ons wys vir wat jy regtig voorstaan, Beslis nie voortbestaan nie). In Genesis staan dit geskryf jy mag vir geen rede jou land se grense wat die Vader jou gegee het verle` nie. So jammer vir jou. Altyd `n verskoning soos: kry nie werk nie, my kinders se toekoms of die land is onveilig. Julle sogenaamde onskuldige bloedjies met 10 sakke vol verskonings tipies LIBERAAL. So kies `n vinger my oumaat. As jy sleg is, is jy K@K sleg. Ja geklae val op verkeerde ore, by my, nie eers LUCIE (Lucipher) soek jou nie. Ek is nou al 24 jaar in die staat met bevoderings moontlikhede op tussen nul en F-ol. Die is my land my voorvaders die Voortrekkers het die land mak gemaak vir my en jou. Hier was F-ol gewees, dit wat jy vandag sien is deur my en jou Sweet, Bloed en Trane (die leuse van `n Voortrekker) verkr en deur die Vader YHWH se Genade, dit was nie verniet nie. So ons sal eerste by julle Liberales begin, want anders sit ons weer in die land met dieselfde K@K oor 25 jaar. Dieselfde lae moraal en denke, geen rugstring nie, Julle wil nog nooit erken dat daar is `n IK VERSKIL tussen Karrisiet en Blanke nie. AS ek storm Volg my, As ek sou Val Wreek my, As ek sou omdraai skiet my. Soos die Iere altyd nog glo " Ready for peace then Prepare for War". Pieter-Jan Van Zyl ..Net deur bloed Sweet en Trane sal ons nader na Ons Hemelse Vader. Lekker Daggie verder -HOOR

    1. @ Anon9:28 PM...So jy werk vir die staat? Dan ondersteun jy mos die ANC. Betaal jy belasting ook aan hulle? Jy weet natuurlik die ANC is 'n spul Satanistiese (Marxistiese) gespuis...en jy is hul slaaf en melkkoei.

      Hier is goeie raad. Moet liewers nie so vroeg in die môre blog as jy nog nie wakker is nie.

    2. Anonymous11:01 pm

      Ek was voordat die anc oorgeneem het al reeds in die staat, so U erken dat U nie belasting betaal nie, maar ons Verlosser het dit vir ons genoem betaal aan die keiser wat die keiser toekom, dit help ook nie om jou werk te los as jy niks verkeerd gedoen het nie, my vraag is net is jy vir die ook wat die land en sy mense net agterlaat en aan jouself dink en al ons mense wat vermoor word daagliks, soos die Boer nog altyd se`"julle soort moet daar wees om BALANS te skep". Hel ek nie besef jy is so kleinlik nie, dis jammer my ou maat baie jammer. Omdat jou kwaad is vir jou voet nou kap jy jou hand af. dit maak nie sin nie, ek dink in elk geval as die po-po die waaier slaan is daar baie soos julle wat neersien op ons wat net ons alle daagse werk doen. Skuus ek sal nie weer `n opinie lig nie, dit is net vir mense met lae IK`s bedoel die web-blad.Pieter-Jan Van Zyl ..Net deur bloed Sweet en Trane sal ons nader na Ons Hemelse Vader. Lekker Daggie verder -HOOR

    3. Uhm.
      As die YHWH/YAHWEH/JAWHELLA KAPHELA-kak eers kop uitsteek, is die influx van Israel Visioeniste naby.
      Baard groei en voorvelle afsny weer algar se voorland. Fokkit tog!

    4. Californian11:50 pm

      Irony is, where will these academics run to? Black Africans are increasingly swamping western Europe. The USA has a black population which is dragging down every school district it dominates. You have blacks rioting every time a gangbanger gets shot by a cop.

      Looks like the liberals are out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    5. @ Anon 11:01 PM...Jou kômmin-taar is vol gedagtefoute. Eerstens sê die Bybel betaal die keiser wat hom TOEKOM nie waarvoor hy vra nie en nie om te steel nie.

      Wat as die keiser daai Geld gebruik om Christene te onderdruk? Dink bietjie met jou brein en nie met jou gat nie.

      Jy praat deurentyd van "Julle" en "Ons"...Jy is mos nou besig om verdeeldheid te skep. Dan is jy nog fokken beledigend ook om my kleinlik te noem en iemand wat 'n blog vir lae IK mense bedryf. Waarom lees jy dit dan? Wie dink jy is jy? Toemaar jy hoef nie te antwoord nie. Retoriese vraag.

      Toe jy eers kom met daai YHWH Nuwe Israeliete snert en die Manier wat jy "Lucipher" gespel het toe weet ek al klaar...Stokdom en intellegatvol soos 'n klipmuur. Terloops...mens LUG 'n opinie, nie LIG nie. Gaan sweet liewer bloed en trane êrens anders voor ek my humeur verloor en jou goed in jou moer stuur.

    6. Betaal die keiser wat hom toekom, maar nie als kom hom toe nie..?? En nie als behoort aan hom nie, inteendeel absoluut niks behoort aan hom nie..

      Wanneer gaan die mense wat die 'betaling' doen vir die keiser se om te fokkof.??.

    7. Whiteman2:27 am

      Mike, thanks for your valid, logic reply to Anon 9:28. We all suffer from " tunnel vision, " to a lesser, or greater extent. It is human to be like that, but an intelligent human, fights against this deficiency, to improve himself/herself. That is why we debate with other people, and try to BROADEN our own limited perspectives. To generalise, no matter what the subject matter, or issue at hand, is VERY dangerous, and foolish. If we want to critisise people who emigrate, they MUST be given the opportunity to explain their WHOLE situation, if we consider ourselves to be true, decent and fair. Many of the people who say they will never emigrate, are bullshitters. If somebody were to give them enough money, and organise everything neatly for them, they would be gone in a flash ! Let us stop looking down the tunnel. That approaching light, is actually a train, and it is not going to stop.

    8. Anonymous2:33 am

      Ag `n siestog..so self voldaan en trots, jou blad het goed gedoen tot vandag toe.
      Ek los U maar, want ek sal nie saam laster nie. U wat almal dadelik sleg se` sonder oorsaak. `n Mens kan optel dat u kerklike kennis groot is emaar die waarheid is nie daar nie. Toe ek met Anonymous 3:32 PM van-oggend gepraat het, was jy die een wat sommer dadelik aan-vallend was teenoor my(die persoon wat nou oorsee sit, die persoon is seker familie van jou dis waarom jy nie daarvan hou nie) eerstens dit was nie teenoor u gerig nie, inteendeel ek het opgekom vir Boer_Ninja. Maar gelukkig kan u my nie keer om te lees wat op die blad aangaan nie, my bedoeling was niks sleg nie in elk geval nie teen u webtuiste nie, maar nou ja...
      Nie almal is jou volksgenoot nie al praat hy jou taal en lyk hy soos jy. `n Regering sal altyd daar wees, wat dit onsuiwer maak is die soort wat dit moet bestuur. So as die Blankes weer oorvat, watter regering sal dit wees? (Liberaal/Afrikaner of Boer) Letwel: `n Afrikaner is nie `n Boer nie. Om `n Christen te wees is nie `n gelowige nie, jy is reg ek is nie `n christen nie maar wel `n gelowige en glo elke woord wat in die ewige Woord staan. Gehoorsaamheid is belanriker as goeie dade/werke. Dit was nog altyd die volk se doodsteek onenigheid/tweedrag. Hier stry en baklei jy met iemand wat dieselfde siening het as jy maar jy behandel `n mens soos jou vyand.

    9. Anonymous3:23 am

      And besides, at least the Romans were good for something, building canals and roads and irrigation systems. I don't think any of us in South Africa should feel obliged to pay one cent of tax because we don't actually have any government, just a bunch of parasitic thieves looting left right and centre, and we get absolutely fuck all out of this. The problem with South Africans is not that we complain, it's that we don't complain anywhere nearly enough.

  18. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Good luck with that, saffer akkers.

    Overseas universities can pick and choose - the market's a red ocean and as tight as a crab's gat.

    Funding's tight too, so the best you'll probably get is a one or two semester teaching contract (hint: look up "adjunct" lecturer).

    And unlike SA, there're are no subsidized medical aid, housing loan, car loan - or pension scheme.

    On average, if you luck into a billet, you'll start again at the bottom as a plain vanilla lecturer with a teaching load to match.

    It'll suck donkey balls, but especially if you happen to be an intellectual lighthouse in the punk-arse arts (e.g. wimmin's studies and eng.lit) or soft pseudo sciences like geography and sociology.

    Best you commit to paid non-work days when the students take over the campus, focus on churning out those one-handed research journal articles, and start turning that laser-beam brain of yours onto how you can liberate the content of your lecture materials and think about what you can do with the rest of your life when the affirmative action compulsory redundancy runs into your headlights.

    Because this ain't stopping at fees, oh no, baby.

  19. Whiteman11:24 pm

    Friends, it seems like female power is going to destroy Trump ! This is a classic example of : What you sow, you will reap. I am of the opinion that females should not have the vote, because of this very scenario, we see in the USA at present. Just check how the womans libbers are feasting on this situation. Then there are the " holier than thow, " males and females, jumping on the band wagon, for personal gratification. Then there is the " old biddy, " who now confesses how Trump was all over her, THIRTY YEARS ago ! ! If I were Trump, I would put a hit out on her. Not to kill her, but to let a bunch of very hungry prisoners, show her what REAL groping is !

    1. PreatorianXVI1:39 am

      Pussy, the downfall of many a great men and empires...

    2. Anonymous4:34 am

      @Whiteman11:24 PM

      Whiteman, they said the same thing with Brexit.

      I dont think she can win, the media still think the masses are gullible.

      They are not as dumb as they used to be.

      I think he will win despite all the mass media against him.

      Well if he doesnt, best build your bunkers deep cause that bitch wants a war with Russia, her sponsors.

    3. Anonymous3:30 am

      Ode to Pussy


  20. Mark promotes censorship on this cite of true facts and this is a circle-jerk white hate site.

    1. Anonymous1:24 am

      shaka go make yourself useful and burn down a university or preferably your shack.
      (make sure you are inside when you do it)

    2. Anonymous1:28 am

      Shaka-ffir, you really are the pits!

    3. Ooo jirre. Another full force 'liberation before education' intellectual at work.
      Mike for all to see...but alas:- Lets go with 'Mark'.
      Al gee mens die wêtters die antwoord-vraestelle...dop die fokkers steeds.

    4. Anonymous3:29 am

      Shaka, how the hell is Mark? What on earth is a cite? And pray tell, what the fuck is circle-jerk? Baboon

    5. Stephen3:33 am

      Shaka doos - who da hell is Mark ?
      and why is 'site' spelled with a 'c' and then a 's'
      ohh , because your a kaffir yes .

      if you were white , we would called you a hit-and-miss-specialist.

    6. Anonymous5:05 am


      Shaka, I once heard that Shakas umthondo could touch his gat...

      Now please pull out yours and see if your umthondo can touch your gat...

      Go on...

      Does it?

      And if it can, then go naai yourself.

      You are not welcome here!


    7. Mike tampered with my sentence as usual, showing his true colours. His rhetoric can't stand up to debate.

    8. Anonymous8:44 am

      Not nearly as much censorship and circle jerking you libs, ANC/DA and EFF white hating evil terrorists have shown the whole world over the last 2 decades. This, what you see here are the fruits of your labour. Wait until the harvest before you open your trap shaka, this is but a drop in the bucket old chap. I just wish the likes of you identify with your cause to the very end. It's going to be such a pleasure.

    9. @ Shaka 6:39 AM...O, really. I tampered with your sentence. Now how is that possible seeing that the Blogger platform does not allow you to change comments. You have exposed yourself as an idiot and you are a fucking lying piece of shit with no brains. Debate you? Please, It would be like debating a parisitic slug growing inside someone's Body...I take it you do know that that is what "uShaka" means in isiZulu. That is what his mother Nandi called him seeing that he was the product of a vicious rape. Rather fuck off from my Website you daft twat.

  21. https://youtu.be/PI5LeFo1EJU


    1. https://youtu.be/kjFp1R5klo4

      Enjoy uncle Mike..

    2. Hehehe...Pedro Sauer is a legend. Beautiful display of the Butterfly Guard resulting in a combination of a triangle choke and Juji Gatame arm lock.

      Just proof again...if you cannot fight on the ground, you cannot fight.

    3. I realised it when you said it the first time last year in a post "if you cannot fight on the ground, you cannot fight."
      Standup is good, but most fights go to the ground eventually.

      My broken hand injury is almost healed. Once it's done I'm getting into BJJ. Die gogga het my gebyt Cheers.

    4. Best decision ever mate. You will meet the nicest People and learn the best self defence System in the world. The UFC has shown that any fighter who does not have a knowledge of BJJ and especially the ground positions and finishing locks and chokes can forget about winning a fight.

      It is simply a fact that a fight will inevitably go to the ground through stumbling over something, a deliberate takedown or whatever.

      You will see that after only three months of BJJ you will defeat any street fighter or black belt in Karate.

      And you know that Uncle Mike is always here to answer your questions or give you tips. Good luck mate.

  22. Anonymous1:24 am

    @ Anon9:28 PM...Jy is verseker n NCO met daai taal gebruik.
    Jy is ongeveer 42 jaar oud. Verseker te jonk om in Angola te geveg het.
    Jy is vinnig om te beledig. Mense met waardes, soos jy dit so mooi beskryf, sal nie vir die vyand werk nie.

    "Those who knew they were completely useless went to the police, joined PF in the army or went to the Spoor…basically the white equivalent of the Kaffir’s version of "Free Shit"…free houses (housing subsidy), free medical, etc…" - MS.

    Jy is verseker paraat, maar onthou net "motivation without intelligence is dangerous".


    1. Anonymous2:43 am

      Is die naam van jou een of ander kombuis skoonmaak middel. Jou pappie iseker asbestos. Wat het angola nou met ons uit te waai as jy wil praat van selfvoldaan dan het jy reserwes my ou (OOM) maat. As jy in elkgeval vir die land in die oorlog was op die grens het dit vandag absoluut F-ol gehelp nie. Jy staar jou self blind in wat ek nou huur skryf plaas dat jy jou medalje politoer vir dapperheid. My een broer was daar om die plek skoon te maak na F(l)W se oorgawe. Julle ou-manne wat so met groot brewade hier rond sluip. Ek en Mike Smith het gepraat nou kom jy weer in soos `n voetsoldaat wat die sersant sy keel hoor skoonmaak het. Nou dink jy hy het met jou gepraat. Nie alles in die lewe gaan oor jou nie ASBESTOS.

    2. Nee, Arimnestos, hy [9:28] is eenvoudig bloot 'n poephol. Niks anders nie.

    3. Anonymous7:30 am

      @ Anon9:28 PM..."Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups". Ek is jonger as jy. Ek was ook nie in Angola nie. Ek het geen medaljes nie. Ek staar my nie blind aan wat jy hier geskryf het nie, maar het wel n probleem met jou 9:28 PM beledigende houding. Daar gaan wel ander ouens nie van jou swak kommentaar hou nie.

      Het jy in jou 24 jaar diens nooit geleer dat jy jou plek moet ken nie? - As jy nie verstaan nie - DIE is nie jou plek nie.

      Dit verbaas my glad nie dat jy nie weet wie Arimnestos was nie. Jy lyk nie soos iemand wat hou van lees of navorsing doen nie (wat seker die rede is hoekom jy steeds in die weermag is...en dan se jy ander mense is sleg), want as jy van lees gehou het sou jy eers deeglik al MS se posts gelees het en verstaan wat jy gelees het voordat jy "jou kômmin-taar" kom gee het.

      Moenie mense kom beledig nie. Probeer verstaan hoekom mense goed se sonder om dit met jou lewe te vergelyk, wat nie n goeie voorbeeld is nie.
      Jy sal nie glo nie, maar niemand gee n fok om oor jou lewe nie.

      My laaste raad is om saam met my te sit en luister as die grootmense praat, want hier kan ons baie leer.


    4. Anonymous9:21 pm

      Wat ook al U laat lekker doe-does

  23. Let these idiot parasites read this and then tell us again that Verwoerd discriminated against them. He was to fair and good to them. F@#king arseholes!


  24. Another pearl of wisdom:


    1. Anonymous12:07 pm

      Thanks Tom. Great read and some excellent other articles to research here.

  25. Anonymous3:16 am

    Goes to show that two women shouldn't share a kitchen. All those deadly knives lying around. Any male readers here had any experience of women waving knives in kitchens?

    1. Detroit Refugee9:56 pm

      Plenty of experience w a blade waving cunt!! Best incident?
      My ex was drunk, acting phsyco bitch on me. I ran into the bathroom rather than catch a case, locked the door, and the crazy bitch slid my Grandfathers Machette under door!!
      Slicing open bottom of right foot.
      I covered linoleum in blood.

  26. Anonymous4:30 am


    He is dead right! The ANC having seen their days are up are basically having their last dance and complete steal before this place finally sinks.


    “The shutdown must continue, the state has collapsed, we are on autopilot,” Malema said.

    Who is behind Malema? Who is funding this?

    Notice how the EFF has been so quit during this thing?

    We know who is the 3rd force behind them.

  27. Ninja, is this perhaps the first step towards the obliteration of the UK?


  28. Anonymous6:43 am

    It is indeed ironic to observe individuals capable of achieving a level of academic success, even up to PhD level, being so utterly devoid of common sense (i.e. liberal-left). My dumb technically wired brain just has no mechanism for understanding them. I merely see people who cr@p on their porch and then flee from the stench. What really p!sses me off is that these so-called academics always pretended not only to be up to date on all matters political/socioeconomically, but had (libtard) solutions for all the problems, and the root cause of the problems always being the intolerant backward "right-wing" elements. I bet if you talk to these fleeing id!ots they'll still be full of it! I have no mixed feelings. Good riddance and don't come back!

  29. Well it happened before. All those psychologists from the various subversive schools of psychology and philosophy that got thrown out of Germany by Hitler hightailed it to the USA where they promptly started their Bolshevik Bulshit unabated.

  30. Detroit Refugee9:49 pm


    What're the trees in Harlem called?

    Public transportation.

    1. Anonymous3:24 am

      Ha ha, funny.

  31. Anonymous4:36 am

    Well said Akaew.