21 October 2016

How the world is coming to an end for white South Africans

A white policeman kicked by a black student at Wits University
By Mike Smith
21st of October 2016

There seems to be no end to the Student protests.

UWC has closed its doors for the year and Under graduate classes have been suspended at UCT

Now The State has advised universities across the country to shut down

UCT vice-chancellor Max Price has been moered twice and Wits’ vice-chancellor Adam Habib is guarded at his home by securities and Wits’ deputy vice chancellor Tawana Kupe is pleading for peace

At UCT one of the heavily armed security guards in dark cammo and full riot gear had a rock dropped on his head from an upper storey of the Steve Biko Student’s Union building during yesterday's protest action and another guard was beaten up by a group of protesters near the food court.

Watch the video and see how students have attacked police and security guards at UCT and took their shields and helmets away. It is clear that the police are losing the battle and the point of where the police stop resisting the protests and actually join them is now fast approaching. As we know, this will be the major tipping point in the revolution.

Police have arrested several student leaders and their brutality against the students is increasing. Student leader Shaeera Kalla was shot with rubber bullets in the back 13 times at close range and is in extreme pain in hospital. She said she and the other students all had their hands up in the air and she was trying to negotiate with the police not to shoot at students.

Last night, students defied the Wits curfew and blocked Oxford Road in Parktown. With rocks and other objects. FeesMustFall has further mobilized the taxi industry to join forces with them

Are South Africans worried? Not really…Tonight will be the last episode of 7de Laan because production and script writing staff attached to Danie Odendaal Productions have not been paid.

Damn. Horror of horrors…The world is coming to an end for white South Africans.

Will 7de Laan be back on Monday?

As Gill Scott Heron said, "The revolution will not be televised"


  1. Its what we have been waiting for Mike. Let the 'revolution' begin.
    All the whiteys with their heads in the sand, time to get a gigantic kick up the arse. The sooner the nignogs destroy everything the better. The sooner the flooding of nonwhites in europe the better. Time for a major wake up, only the strong survive.
    Our ancestors who came here many moons ago should have culled the land of these creatures that time back. Just like in the old testament when God says to Israel to go forth and take the land and kill all creatures, we didnt listen, now its coming back to haunt us.
    We must Unite!!!

  2. Anonymous2:09 am

    Not only is 7 de laan ending, my DSTV(DarkieSTV) is also in it's final month. Fuck if I'm going to pay to watch.another.repeat of the same shit or another black living the life with its stolen money or to watch another white woman and nigger male copulating. Besides who can afford it anymore?

    And even if by some miracle the DA(ANC-lite) wins a total vote country wide today, this shit that has been happening for the past 2 decades will take at least another 20 years to fix. The money is gone, the expertise is gone, the food and farmers are dwindling. The electricity is failing, the little water left is polluted, the education system is broken, the healthcare system is crumbling. The blame whitey game is ramping up.

    You know nothing John Snow, winter is coming and we are all in for a perfect storm. How long? Next year? Two years? Five years before all of this blows up?

    But remember whitey, it's all your fault! No, really it is. You let this apelike animal in.

  3. Ghmpf. 7de Laan more like 7th heaven for the children of the rainbow ( rainblown-away ? ) nation. Could'nt have happened sooner.
    Manna uit die hemel vir pa se wit seun wat pa se meide-vrou ntjam!?
    En die libtarts klap hande.
    Otherwise you stand to be corrected Mike. Your..."she and other students all had their hands up in the air" - should read "arse". Surely?

  4. Anonymous2:21 am

    Spot on Mike ons worry meer oor vokken 2de laan nommer 11. As oor die revolusie tussen ons. Only when its almost too late will people wake up... vaalpens

  5. Whiteman3:09 am

    I have been praying for thr collapse of this satanic NSA " democratic nightmare, " for twenty two years now ! I never believed all the rainbow bullshit, spouted forth by politicians, churches, traitors and "educated " libturds. However, my faith grew stronger every year, as I saw almost daily, how my prayers were answered. Admittedly, to slow to my liking, but I am a very impatient person. Mike, your ability to focus on what is really going on, has also helped me a great deal. Thanks for all your effort. Maybe Angus will help to get the revolution off the ground, with his Soweto meeting. If he invites malema, to be a guest speaker, we will see good versus evil start to battle face to face ? Like Elijah for instance, with the priests of Baal. Let each side and/or faction pray to their God, and then see, which one answers with fire. ( But the fire must come from Heaven. Burning tyres, cars and buildings, does NOT count ! )

    1. Anonymous5:06 pm


      @Whiteman3:09 am

      I am with you! For 22 years I have been praying every single day that this place go back to the rightful owners, the builders, the architects who actually love this country.

      It will happen, it will come back. If we unite in prayer, unite our people, it will come back. I have no doubt about it - some will laugh, we will see....

      It is happening before our eyes.

  6. Anonymous3:47 am


    In the above article the terrorists threw a petrol bomb at the police. (Yes that word bomb that people get arrested, detained and questioned for merely saying that word out in public.) Here in SA its ok to bomb the law enforcement.

    It appears to me their crash course in training is nearly complete, we are leaving the ICC. Once the universities are closed they will hit the streets for some looting, spill over into the suburbs busy trying to decolonize everything in their path similar to a fucking locust.

    Oh no what will everyone do...?

    1. Anonymous7:29 am

      Throw petrol bombs and you become president, throw the "kaffir" word bomb and everyone loses their fucking minds! Only in the Demonic republic inc. of South Africo.

      "Proudly Murderers in South Africa"!

    2. Anonymous10:39 am

      You are right! We should march by the millions do demand the return of the soapie.

  7. Anonymous3:56 am

    Mike where is my comment ?

    1. Anonymous6:22 am

      If you didn't bolt it down its possible somebody stole it.

    2. Nigger stole my comment!

    3. I just couldn't resist, I'm sorry.


    4. Good vid Boere

  8. Anonymous4:11 am

    Zille, de Klerk you useless pieces of shit go in there and sort this shit out you and your useless spineless liberal bastards who helped created this problem! All liberals should be cancelled, all liberals mus fall!!!!

    1. Anonymous5:03 pm


      @Anonymous4:11 am

      Notice how Zille changed her tune about SA?

      I wonder if she reads this blog (I bet the bitch reads every word) she knows, we will deal with her AND EVERY white traitor which assisted the ANC to come to power, that refused the genocide of our people, that continually looked the other way when our culture, history, language was being eroded.

      First sort the liberals out, then the Karasite will be as easy to deal with, as easy as dealing with a fly.

      The liberals first, they are our #1 enemies. Including all those white liberal fence sitters in the DA singing Kumbaya and dancing like jungle bunnies....

      The only one who had balls in that entire party is that Dianne Kohler Barnard - the only white politician who is a women with more balls than all the men in those political parties combined.

      Poor women, it must be so difficult to sit around a bunch of liberal ass holes.

  9. Anonymous4:18 am

    All I hear is rugby and #coetzeemustfall.

  10. Anonymous4:46 am

    Haaaaa haa Sevende loan. Bye bye your multi culti trash. My son never watched that trash until he married a girl from farming stock in Bloemfontein. I could not believe it. He is a ATPL pilot and a captain. He and his boere meisie and my two grand children have ducked for good from Pretoria and moved to Dubai. He is flying for Emirates airlines. I should be glad but his evil Christian boere vrou made him nasty towards my wife and me. I must not generalise but I have lost respect for the afrikaners. Back stabbers and then they run away from Suid Afrika. My son and I were close until he met that afrikaans viper bitch. Now they are gone to UAE.

    1. Anonymous7:14 am

      Maybe he should have married a black woman and she could have shown him the right way.

    2. Anon 4:46. Thanks for the tip. I've been trying to get my son to leave home for some time ;)

    3. Anonymous1:54 pm

      sorry to burst your buble anon 4:46...I dont think it is the boere meisie that took your son from you due to some connection to a rubish tv show..he ran away from you because you sir are a real POES it seems.

  11. Anonymous6:46 am

    What happened to LTMA?

    1. Anonymous10:13 am

      Have you checked groen dakkies?

    2. Anonymous10:41 am

      he got jungle fever... :D

    3. RunForrestRun12:49 pm

      It took him 22 years to figure out SA was fucked, he found this blog and the little light flashing in his peabrain blew all the circuits. I think he is currently recce-ing a white squatter camp to find some other imbeciles to work in his 23/7 enterprise where you work very hard and get paid peanuts.

    4. Anonymous2:09 pm

      Wait till shaka rocks up, LTMA will fucking go beserk again!

    5. Anonymous8:46 am

      Shaka is busy rocking the varsity for a couple of free lessons, while he is there him and his mates are planning the whites must fall and fuck the whites campaign.

      So don't count on him to pass comment here for a while.

      As for LTMA, RFR is most probably right and he is scouting squatter camps, looking for RFR's half breed children that run around hoping their bastard father will come back and take responsibility for his dirty deeds with the black whores that he caught a sly with while telling everybody how intelligent and brave he was.

      LTMA will most probably hire those little half caste bastards at half the going rate that he pays his normal staff, just because he can and he knows that the bastards are as brain dead and ignorant as the idiot macho crap talking nanny shagging white arsehole that sired them, then when the black whores tracked him down to his res he quickly made some lame excuse about SA being fucked and unsafe and made a beeline for the airport telling his wife and legit kids that he was doing it for their safety.

      Hopefully Shaka will put in an appearance so that LTMA can have a bit of fun with somebody that at least can think and respond with intelligence and not with a stooged halfwit moron that ducked his dirty little sinful responsibility by jumping ship.

  12. The best way to test any persons belief system/ ideology is with war.

    Had arseholes tell me they don't own guns because 'we don't believe in guns in this household' etc.

    All belief systems are about to be tested and might will always prove to be right. Every single time.

    I want to make the correlation between the #feesmustfall and joining up with the kaffir taxi association.

    We all know how they will be blocking the roads etc. The #feesmustfall is one part of their army, they are now simply reeling in another department - 'monkey personal carriers'.

    This will be a Chimpcon 5 come mid-November - aka full decolonization.

    Here's a good compilation clip from SL site:


    Have a good weekend cracka'z!

    1. Anonymous10:14 am



      "Had arseholes tell me they don't own guns because 'we don't believe in guns in this household' etc."

      There is no hope for this lot, sadly I have family and in-laws who feel the same.

      I grew up shooting, owning guns, shooting guns, hunting, shooting my air rifle...

      People who have that mentality are losers seriously. Even the apostles carried swords which in todays world would be a gun.

      If Christ avoided areas where they would kill him, how stupid is it in the modern South Africa to not have a gun when we cannot avoid the reality of the new criminal, murder capitol of the world.

      The Taxis are in on it. On the blog I had, I mentioned the taxis and what I saw.

      The Taxis are some of the most controlled criminal syndicates in SA.

      Add Students, Cosatu, Taxis, wage strikes and this place shuts down.

      Fees must fall = Dingaans dance throughout the country.

    2. Anonymous2:00 pm

      If these cunts are going to use taxis as a means to wage war then good luck to them. A nice long convoy full of enemies on a perfect stretch of road to ambush. You take out the few in front, a few at the back, an walla, nowhere to go for the rest. That is also why I just laugh at these Suidlander bunch, same set-up, bugging out in convoys full of women and children, a dream target for terrs.

    3. Anonymous10:34 am


      @Anonymous2:00 pm

      Suidlanders have the right idea and a good idea/ideology and good hearts.

      Their stance seems good but dont believe they or any group will be soft if push comes to shove.

      I think they are wise to keep it cool though, too many traitors around for them to lay their plans out in the open and not the right time/place.

      I dont think they will evacuate all their people in the same direction, they are not that doff but saying that, it will not be wise to do what you mentioned.

      I just hope they have a backup for their backup plan.

      Their hearts though are in a good place, I just hope for their sake that they dont simply think they can outrun this.

    4. An 2

      If you knew anything about the Suidlanders you would know that they preach against having big convoys.

      Suidlanders are regarded as the best prep mechanism in the world and the only one of its kind that can potentialy survive a genocide.

  13. Whiteman7:26 am

    Anonymous 4:46 am, I can detect your anguish in the words you write. If your son fell into the hands of a Delilah, it is truly sad. But you better believe, they come in all the colours of the rainbow. What is it with white females in general in this country ? They freak out on ( false ) religion, and arse creep the nignogs to a disgusting degree. Or they marry a cat or a dog, and will only accept your friendship, if you submit to the cat or the dog, and take second place. I have a theory about this type of thing. Eve was created from Adams rib ? So she was basically a re-build. Lets face it, a re-build can never be as good as the original product. As soon as we can clone females, from a perfect original, the problem will be solved. And you use a remote control, to program the type of chick you want today ! I just hope I live long enough to see this. Just think about it, there will be no more divorces, and broken families. Ag okes, allow me to dream a bit now and then !

    1. Anonymous9:33 am

      Look at the way these woman were raised, in front of TVs, given money to keep them amused, dropped outside clubs and bars to spend Friday and Saturday nights.

      Their father's didn't give a damn about instilling manners and pride into the kids, dad was shagging some slut while mom was sitting on boss's lap swallowing salami white shorthanding the minutes.

      Kids where dressing like cheap tarts and fucking in toilets and car parks by the age of 14.

      Then of course they believe they are equal because some idiot writes naf laws that says all are equal and no corporal punishment and kids have rights and can charge parents for assault.

      WTH happens to society when the basics principles of discipline go marching down the toilet and disorder becomes the order of the day?

      Get the ground rules back then maybe you will see the return of respectful woman and the disappearance of cheap tired whores trying to be wives.

    2. Anonymous10:52 am

      ROFLMAO! You failed the famous "shit test"

      All women shit test their men to see if you have a fucken spine.

      She wants to see if you have the gonads to displace the resident "alpha male" (aka the stupid stoepkakkertjie hand bag dog)

      If you accept second place to the porch shitter, then you need to hand your balls in to the nearest lost and found because those gonads do not belong to you.

      Put the stupid dog or cat in its place and you will see the bitch (the one with 2 legs) submit to you...

      I speak from experience.

    3. Anonymous2:06 pm

      You fuckers really have serious issues with keeping a woman happy. The way you talk about them indicates that you are to slapgat to earn the respect of decent women. Bunch of fucking losers the lot of you.

    4. @ Anonymous 10:52 AM ...Yes, I had a girlfriend like that once. Everything was a fucking little test. You have to jump through 21 hoops first and beware your soul when you just not manage the one, then sorry you are not worthy. Once my eyes opened I dropped her right there. Told her to go play her little games and tests with some other bloke, not with me. Sorry. Funny enough, she never married, never had any kids. All her other boyfriends dropped her and married other women, had children and are happy today. She has two dogs and two cats. Woopy doo. Some women are just not "Relationship competent".

      @ Anonymous 2:06 pm...who said,"...have serious issues with keeping women happy."

      You are right. A lot of men worry too much about keeping a woman happy when it is actually quite simple. Just be a man. Worry about your own happiness. You are not responsible for somebody else's happiness. If you are not happy in the relationship, go. If she is not happy she must go. If one is miserable in the relationship it is miserable for both. Better to split up and try someone new. Find someone you can be happy with for the rest of your life. Compatibility is the key.

      My eyes opened many years ago when I had a Russian girlfriend. She was blonde and grew up from the age of 16 in Germany where she also studied Chemistry. Very clever woman. Beautiful, self assured, independent, successful, etc. Also a tiger in bed.

      My mistake was I wanted to make her happy. I was too much of a gentleman, like I always am. Buying her flowers, opening the door for her, etc. One day we had a discussion. I asked her what is it that women want? What is it that makes a woman happy?

      She told me that all the flowers, gifts and opening doors, etc are nice, but when it comes down to it...and these were her words to me..."A woman just wants to be fucked until she cannot walk anymore."

      I said "What? All women?"

      She said, "Yes. All women. She might not want to be fucked by you, but she definitely wants to be fucked and so well that she cannot walk anymore."

      See? Simple. Immediately I realised what my mistake was. I was too much of a gentleman trying to earn her respect and being nice, etc.

      I broke up with her a few days later, but I was immensely thankful for what she told me. What she told me changed my life forever. I still bought flowers and opened doors, but when it came to the bed, there was no more Mister Nice Guy. And you know what...That Russian woman was right.

    5. Whiteman12:01 am

      Mike, I agree with you 100 % ! Do you do part time marriage guidance, and counselling ? Well, if you have shrinks among your readers, they can forget what the professor said, and rather listen to you. I accept the " constructive critisism, " that I dont have balls to handle women, but maybe my critical friend just over simplified a bit. There is also such a thing, as what is the VALUE of the female. Many only deserve a cat, or a dog, and it takes a while to determine that. Funny you mention a Russian female. I think they are a cut above the rest, and would not mind to have one myself. Too many local females, even after having kids, still can not accept having lost their virginity. It is such a sinful terrible, dirty thing to have happened, they need life time of counselling !

  14. Anonymous10:10 am


    Maybe a bit off topic but I believe it is...

    I woke up this morning and immediately had the words "Dingaans dance" come into my mind regarding South Africa and saw it quite clearly, how all these protests are basically the same thing that happened to Piet Retief.

    This is what I believe we are seeing.

    The same Dingaan dance that Piet Retief failed to see before they massacred him, all the commotion, all the noise, all the facade before they show and do what they really want to do.

    The whites shut their minds to this being only a "fees must fall" issue but it is a lot more than that.

    This dance has been going on for ages now.

    Do you remember the posters saying "The white honey moon is over?"

    First monuments, then language, now fees and next it will turn and pounce on the whites with the spears straight into them and they will not even see it coming.

    This is a nation wide Dingaan sing and dance.

    While we sit back thinking this is just the students and fees, its getting closer to a nation wide shut down - like when they closed off the exit points for Piet Retief and his company.

    The taxis getting involved, students being ridden over by cars, students being shot numerous times...

    The hidden, under currents is the white thing in this country as it has been since we arrived here. They dont want a war, they want to get rid of us. If they came out too soon with this and said "whites must fall" we would prepare and respond.

    No it has to be done in a round about way, a sneaky conniving way, a way that lowers our guards and then that strikes when we least expect it and when we are least prepared for it.

    Dingaans dance but this time it is not Piet Retief but the entire white nation that they surround, the protests are throughout the country.

    Its the stirring of the masses before all their eyes focus on us. Also keeps all the eyes off Zuma and the corrupt ANC - this to me speaks of a ANC & 3rd force plan for South Africa.

    Why now pulling out of the ICC? They have planned this long ages ago, but be sure of this - the wicked will not go unpunished and all their evil plans will fall short.

    The greatest danger is simply thinking this is just your typical riot, typical unhappy Karasite, no the Karasite is venting his frustration albeit in an indirect way but when it surfaces thats its the whites they want to fall, then you will quickly see how fast this dance turns into a bloody orgy just like when Piet Retief was murdered.

    They have one shot to get it right, if they fail, if they miscalculate, they know they will not only never get it back but also know they will no longer live in the land - know this, they have one shot!

    Beware of the Dingaan dance.

    There is nothing new under the sun, what has been will be.

    Arm, train, unite, prepare and stop the bullshit bickering we see on so many of these comments. You are either uniting or destroying but you cannot do both at the same time, either you are for your people or against them.

    If you dont want to unite your people, then dont comment and cause strife among like minded South Africans, the future hangs on these staunch supporting South Africans that keep visiting this blog - no nation can survive while divided.

    1. Anonymous7:47 pm

      How exactly would you like to be supported? Would you like people to buy into the bullshit fantasy of you few so very few coming to the rescue of the daily increasing numbers of the destitute and disenfranchised?

      Do you want people to support the dream you harbour of white people banding and standing together against these enforcers of destruction?

      What does your support consist of, do you wish everybody to agree with everything you say and only certain individuals have the right to say certain things?

      Do you only want comments made that make you look and sound good and all others opinions, facts and suggestions that contradict or question your theory to be shelved and silenced?

      Would you like all that enter this domain just to follow certain individuals opinion, blow smoke up their arses and humbly bow and proclaim we are not worthy?

      Do only certain individuals have the rights to insult and defame and curse ideas, comments and posters?

      I seriously would like to know because if I support a cause I would like to know what I am supporting, I would like to know what Alpha is the Alpha and if the team is a team or is the team just a means to the manifestation of one mans desire?

      You state that no nation can survive while divided but you few so very few are so divided that your unity only happens in your dreams, you smoke some shit then blow it up each others arses and you think that you're united. You surely cannot believe that you are the resistance?

      Do you think 1 blog with a few more than a few followers are the resistance? Do you think that a resistance sticker on the internet and on your Nissan hardbody or Toyota Hilux is a resistance movement?

      Come my friend, get real. You few so very few have been defeated, you're gone you just don't know it, you're extinct.

      Pack it up, give yourself a chance, go live in others lands and make a new life for yourself because on judgement day you will stand alone against the masses.
      Mr Smith here will not come to your rescue neither will TT, JP, BLCN, WM and that insane freak LTMA or any of the anons. The others like Dingo, RFR and Cristo they have made their paths and headed to greener pastures now they are sideliners feeding the flames that will cause your destruction.

      So Sir, without disrespect to your intelligence, I would say care first for yourself and your kin, let be what must be and forget your battle to win back your perceived country, for it never was yours, you always danced to some politicians tune and were fooled into believing it was you playing the strings.

      As for your observation of Digaans dance, it surely has taken you a long time to realise that these enforcers of destruction are not a stupid as you wish them to be. They are coming and they are serious and prepared their plan is to annihilate the whites and have a black paradise where their is no white man to enforce law, make them work and keep a standard. They will achieve it because they know that whites haven't got the courage to be terrorist and that whites have rules and will not enter into self destruct mode to achieve their goal, whites will rather debate and negotiate before they annihilate.

    2. Anonymous4:05 am


      @Anonymous7:47 pm

      You expect me to take you seriously with this comments "Pack it up, give yourself a chance, go live in others"

      Loser! No balls! No spine! Loser mentality, Beta male,Lived there, been there done that.

      Some of us have a spine!

      If you dont have anything constructive to say or add FUCK OFF and enjoy living your wonderful life overseas.

      No south African I have ever met is 100% content overseas and do know many many whites who despite all the shit that is happening here are happier than the "happiest" south Africans living overseas with no crime, good job prospects...

      Please stay there and dont come back.

      WTF are you even trying to convince us for?

      You will die everyday overseas for the rest of your life!

      We might die but only once!

    3. Anon747

      You raised a couple of good questions, questions other people are afraid to ask and I respect you for that..

      At the end of the day what are you willing to die for and how far will you go to protect your people. Yes we are outnumbered with shit odds stacked against us. Then we fight till we die, that's it.!. There's no greater honour than laying down your life so others may live.. The rest of the whites will remain asleep and I couldn't give a shit about dead weight.

      Die boere het nog nooit in n fight ingegaan waar hulle nie die minderheid was nie. 250 jaar later en ons is nogsteeds hier. As ek sterf vat ek n fokken 1000 kaffirs saam met my, dit belowe ek jou.!. Waarvoor is jy bereid om jou lewe neer te le.?.

    4. Anonymous7:59 pm


      @Boere LaCosaNostra8:47 am

      You know Boere LaCosaNostra, some people when they read the story of David & Goliath feel scared for David, but never have I thought that.

      The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. These things think they are above the law, I feel sorry for them not for us.

      So long as we ask for it, it will be given.

      We have from day 1 been outnumbered in this country and globally.

      My biggest fear is for them because when they do it, they better get it right. I will not, under any circumstances be like those Boere who handed in their weapons after the AngloBoer war - to me that was a dof move, it didnt bring their women/children back from the grave.

      They should have continued their fight, had they done so, they would have fled during WW1. If someone brings the war to you, they better make sure they kill us all.

      Having seen this country go like this, 23 years - that is one death, rather die than see it continue like this.

      We are not 70,000 now, we are at least, very least a 400,000+ force. When the nation is pushed, see how many come out. The Russian army has only 500,000 - see what happens when you get 400,000 going with the Lord by their sides....

    5. Anonymous11:05 pm

      Mr LaCosaNostra. I do not intend on giving my life for anybody but I do intend on making others gives theirs as payment for what they believe is rightfully theirs. If these blacks want my skin they must earn it and pay for it.

      I do my bit daily for what I believe in, these blacks are not my friends and I cannot coexist with them but I am forced to. My employer does not employ permanent staff but uses casual and unskilled labour but he has insisted on using immigrants.

      When we collect labour we ask for identification and we turn the NSA's away and take the immigrants, this causes discontent in the ranks of hopefuls and stirs the illness that breeds from jealousy.

      This as was explained to me makes the NSA's hate the imports, take the fact that fees must fall is the rave at present and if we can just ignite the xenophobia flame again along with fees must fall then we have the recipe for an unexpected cook off.

      When you see the absolute hatred on the faces of the NSA's when we tell them that they will not be employed because they are lazy and demand without reason you see that we have hit a cord and I understand that I do not have to affect the nation to achieve my goal I just have to reach one man and push him to the edge, he will infect the others and then the cook off can begin.

      So you ask what am I willing to do? I will do what it takes and I am not waiting for the right time, I am pushing time, I am not waiting for my fellow white I am going it alone.

      You ask what I will do to protect my people? Sorry I am not here to protect my people. I am here to instigate, inflame and arouse my people, I am here to awaken them, encourage them and ignite them. I do not want to protect or defend, I want to attack, demolish and conquer the foe, I want back the life of order and freedom that I grew up in and I want to destroy the curse that has spread its wings over this land I call home.

      I do not talk of numbers and arms, I have the numbers in the ranks of my enemy, I must use those numbers to my advantage by using my skill, intelligence and deception I must bring about the fall of my enemy from within his ranks for presently I cannot counter his strength when I stand alone against him.

      You people use your numbers the man I follow he has taught me that wisdom and deception can be more destructive than any physical tool.

    6. Anonymous5:25 am


      @Anonymous11:05 pm

      What concerns me is that when everything is striking and everyone is doing their thing, it will take someone like Malema to simply rise up during this chaos and get them all to listen to his anti white sentiment and then we have their eyes locked on us.

      It can happen very fast. They are looking to release their inner beasts and deep down, it is on us.

    7. Anonymous9:44 am

      Hey BN, don't be concern, your saviour from other lands will come to the rescue. Keep watch for a big guy dressed in a Lycra body suit with RFR stenciled boldly across the chest and a shield with the letters MM(Macho Man) embossed on it. He will deliver the PKs and other harsh words that will make the Malema comrades crap themselves.

      Fear not SA, RFR is just a flight away.

    8. OK wait now..

      You say the following;

      "So Sir, without disrespect to your intelligence, I would say care first for yourself and your kin, let be what must be and forget your battle to win back your perceived country, for it never was yours"

      Are you on your own team or hoping to join the resistance.?
      If so you contradict yourself because in your reply you say;

      "I want to attack, demolish and conquer the foe, I want back the life of order and freedom that I grew up in and I want to destroy the curse that has spread its wings over this land I call home."

      On the one hand you tell us to pack up and go, and leave a country that was never ours to begin with.. On the flip side you say you want to attack and demolish the foe.?. Are you fighting this alone or with your fellow likeminded countrymen.?. So must we go and you stay and fight or how is this going to work.?.

      You also say care for yourself and you kin. But you respond later by saying; "I do not intend on giving my life for anybody". What about if it's your life or you kids life.?.
      Don't confuse with what I'm saying means to lay down my life for normal slapgat people not in the fight. That only counts for my inner circle and partners of the resistance..

      Sorry mate I'm not trying to be an ass but I can't make sense of the two opposite replies.?

      As for your strategy in using your enemies numbers against them. I agree it's a brilliant idea, but it might take a bit more than just shunting NSA's away hoping it would spread into xenephobia. What happens when all the outside kaffirs are killed.?. The whites will be next on the menu.. And this is what Ninja very well stated in his reply.

      Also remebember that not protecting your people against government coercion is counter productive in a well organised resistance movement. Yes I agree 100% to encourage and ignite them but you will need the masses to protect your interests as well; IE; safehouses, food, information ect. Without them forget about winning a war..

      I'm not against you mate, and if I say things that will not work I'm always open for correction. If I misinterpreted you somewhere please clarify it so I can understand you better.


    9. RunForrestRun1:19 pm

      LOL, - Your mate LTMA now posts selective anonymous messages, but the stupidity, grammar and general dofness is like a signature for all to see.

    10. Jy verstaan Afrikaans ne Forrest?

      Jy's nogal n interresante karakter. Jy suffer van wat ons noem 'klein piel sindroom'. Altyd iets te se oor iemand anders, maar jy is perfek volgens jouself.?. Weet alles, en het al alles ten minste 2 keer gedoen voordat die res van die wereld by jou kan opvang.? Sover het jy nog net mooi fokol bygedra tot hierdie platform nie.. Jou kritiek oor ander mense is altyd jou hoof gesprek en dis waar dit bly. Niks meer, en niks minder. As jy nie iemand uithaal oor sy kak kommentaar nie gaan dit oor jouself, en jouself.. Jou ex weermag dae, en tog hoe fokken hard jy was op jou dag, en hoe kak en onnosel die res van ons is.

      Se my.?. As ons dan so irriterend is vir jou, hoekom lees jy dan ons kommentaar.?. Wat de fok soek jy eintlik hier.?. Jy is n oor die brug 'ex tin pot' vleisbom wat anderkant die draad sit en kritiek lewer, baie trots op jouself.. Jy's n tipiese 'I told you so' idioot wat net wag dat iemand moet misluk sodat jy jou kans kan kry om n doos te wees en te se; "sien jy.? Ek het jou gese"..

      Die probleem met jou generasie is dat julle n obsessie het met wie weet meer, wie is groter, wie is beter, wie is sterker.. Was en sal altyd jul ineenstorting (downfall) wees.

      As jy dan soveel weet en van soveel beskik is hoekom sit jy oorsee.? Kom John Wayne, ons wag in spanning vir jou terugkoms SA toe dat jy tog die draadtrekkers kan wys wat n regte man is, of sal ek se doos is.?. Ek stem nie altyd saam met baie van BN of LTMA se sieninge nie, maar ek het hul eerder langs my in n geveg voordat ek jou langs my het..

      Begin bydrae of fokkof hier asb. Inteendeel, moenie dat ons jou pla nie. Los ons dat ons aan bliksem en glo wat ons wil glo, wat is dit vir jou.? Ek dink jy is in jou moer in verveeld waar ookal jy is en dalk bietjie speit dat jy geen deel in die nuwe oorlog gaan he nie. En ASB.! Bly waar jy is, ons soek nie sulke pielkoppe soos jy terug as als uitgesort is nie. Gaan flippen change jou Land Rover se olie of iets, of kom reg en gaan koop vir jou n Land Cruizer, baie minder kak..

      Jy my maat n fokken poepol.!

    11. Anonymous8:31 pm

      @rfr. Let me help you out here.

      The reason that LTMA would post under anon would be for the reason that Mr Smith protects insignificant little arseholes like you and will not posts certain comments in response to your snide half baked turd spew that spills from the rectum that you like to call a brain.

      You think you're so intelligent and superior but in truth you just an insecure, frightened low self esteemed idiot that packed his bags ran away and hid behind some other countries flag.

      You claim to be so successful and your earnings which you so cleverly make rival the Guptas and Zuma's theft racket seem to make you think that people will admire you and praise you, you think that your pittance is your path to acceptance, alas laddie you are wrong and you are to fucking stupid to realise it. Let me ask you a question quick, if you are so successful over there what stopped you from attaining success here? 2nd question, when last did you manage to invoice a client a bill of 2.7 mil for 21 days work and how many clients could you bill for similar amounts every month?

      You see rfr, LTMA may not be the most grammatical correct and precise linguist in this blog but he doesn't need to be he goes out and he achieves and actions his dreams and makes them reality, he doesn't throw the towel in when the going gets tough and he will rather motivate than critise, even if his motivation does seem retarded and counter productive. No great initiative can succeed until it is challenged.

      So now LTMA cannot be present here to defend himself so I will carry the flame for him.

      The doffness that you so wish to pass on to other is actually the smoke that you have been blowing up your own arse for so long that has now clouded your vision and your judgement and made you believe that you are so much better than anybody else here and that you can pass judgement on those that have proved you to be inadequate and incapable of the task.

      Now if you ever read this, boy remember one thing you have not a fucking clue of who you are dealing with and no matter how good you believe you are you're not as good as you think you are. When you give the wrong guy shit in NZ one day and he gives you a beating of unimaginable proportions remember these words for the fantasy world the you live in is totally different to the war zones that some of us had to grow up in.

  15. Whiteman11:43 am

    BN, thanks for your very relevant reality check, I am so glad I did not leave my weapon outside of " dingaans kraal ! " I know many decent christian people, who did just that, because it seemed like the right, and honest thing to do. They bitterly regret it today. But I would love to have a RPG. It is such an awesome weapon, and so ideal, to sort out an irritating taxi !

    1. Anonymous2:35 pm

      Caltrops... legal too! :D

      Just saying

    2. Anonymous2:36 pm

      RSRPG-race specific RPG

    3. Anonymous4:55 pm


      @Whiteman11:43 am

      Whiteman, another thing that occurred to me is that we are pulling out of the ICC just when the British soldiers are to be exempt from the European Convention on Human Rights during future conflicts...

      Now connect the dots, what did Van Rensburg say about them working together here.

      Not a coincidence.

    4. Anonymous5:41 pm


      Here is something worth listening to.


      See its not just fees must fall, its colonial education, its higher wages...

      I mentioned, they will cause a complete shut down when they get the unions to strike now for higher wages.

      This is a dance. Its deception.

      While we are focusing on the fees, they are working all their angles, taxis, unions, students...

      Remember it was the students in the Soweto uprising which ushered in and brought the huge pressure on the previous government.

      Organized by the ANC back then, they are doing the same. I dont buy the BS that this is some random student event, its too well organized throughout the country.

      I maintain, when we look back at how well they had been planning events, most will be left stunned and say "I cant believe we never saw it".

      From the power outages, the strikes, the students, everything has been well orchestrated and laid bare for their plans against the whites, too fast and we would have seen it.

      How many white South Africans even think power is an issue? Now its water. One can only focus a few things before becoming numb to everything going on around us.

      To do what they want to do, they have one shot.

      Only one shot, so you can be sure that it will be well planned and be done in such a way as to do/cause maximum damage in the shortest possible time.

      What took the Hutus 1 month to achieve, this lot with modern communication, with their plans, with their lock down will do in a matter of days.

      The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

      There is min time left, connect the dots, the ICC, the riots, the strikes, the water situation, the power situation, the comments regarding whites...

      Dont be simple guys/girls/men/women and pay the price, wake up those around you. As watchmen, we should be waking those up around us.

      "Son of man, I have appointed you a watchman to the house of Israel; whenever you hear a word from My mouth, warn them from Me"

      Sound the alarm!

    5. Anonymous1:26 am

      Mr Ninja, you whites will never be prepared,you have witnessed 4000+ farm murders I have no idea how many wrongful deaths at the hands of these savages yet you still talking about preparedness. You're late mate not by a minute but by years.

      Tell your people to fight with all they have when they are attacked, tell them that if they don't they will definitely die painfully but if the do they might kill the aggressor and if they die fighting then they are able to die with honour and more speedily than begging some savage for mercy.

      Tell your people to become the aggressor and stop waiting for the right time because there will never be a right time, you will all die waiting for a right time. No time like the present to do what you have to do.

      Your enemy is organized and he has activated his plan while you were still sleeping comfortably in your bed now the only way to beat him is to crush him into submission and terrorize his soul into absolute fear.

      If you are real soldier and want to defend yourselves you will start attacking, terrorizing and intimidating. Use the tacticscof your enemy to achieve your aim and be the victor.

    6. Anonymous4:09 am


      @Anonymous1:26 am

      Maybe if you live overseas but there are now more whites prepared here than there were whites prepared during white rule!

      Let me tell you, they might not be out there doing AWB sing/song dances before the TV, they aint that dumb but I can tell you right now, there are more than 200k+ whites armed in this country and more prepared than anyone might expect.

      I will leave it at that and the number above is a small number, its actually higher than that.

  16. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Notice how the blacks attack in groups against one security guard and the run away. They are scared of us. It's time an open war comes where for once since 1994 we can actually fight back. They have been killing us in a low intensity was for decades. Make it official.

    1. Anonymous2:36 pm

      This is why it will never be official. Thats why you will lose. YOu will sit there and take it (like you have for 22 years) until it is declared.

    2. Anonymous4:57 pm


      It is official just the whites have not woken up to it and if they did, you would have liberal asses try to speak for them or try convince us.

      Let it simmer...

      In the meantime, we prepare, unite, put our heads together and plan.

      Wars are won through many advisors.

  17. Anonymous1:25 pm

    I dearly do hope that Afrikaners will not be caught with their pants down. Perhaps 7d laan ending serves as a good wake up call to all white South Africans who pray to the liberal golden calf with their heads deeply stuck up their own arses.

    What I find disgusting is that whitey still seems all too hot and bothered with South African rugby even though it has been turned into a transformed abomination. It does not seem to have the slightest effect on most, even when you can clearly see that SA rugby has turned into a big fat, filthy turd. And look!, it’s all just business as usual!

    Whitey is still in lala land, totally oblivious to AA, BEE, sports quotas, university quotas and failure of all things state on catastrophic levels. SA has become a miserable crime infested cesspit. It is open season on whitey on all fronts and yet whitey takes the vaseline pot, bends over and takes it up the arse. Lovely! The whole filthy system is rigged against whites and it looks like they are too stupid to realize it.

    Perhaps the fierce, calculating lion that resides in whitey still has to wake up and there is not enough reason to wake up the sleeping giant. Maybe a good thing as the world probably needs some more waking up to what the noble black savage actually is. Everywhere they are, everywhere they go, everything they touch – all turns to sh*t, as if cursed by God himself. The noble savage has a thirst to seek out chaos and he has a lust to devour and destroy all in his wake – and South Africa is a perfect example to the ways of the noble savage.

    What will it take for whitey to wake up? Perhaps an all-out genocide of whites in SA will wake whitey and the world from their slumber, because it looks like we are heading in that direction. It is undeniable that dark storm clouds are gathering over SA and the onslaught against white South Africans is gaining momentum.

    1. Good comment anon 1:25

    2. Anonymous4:11 am


      @Anonymous1:25 pm

      They will try it but not get it right in SA against the whites, there are too many tribal factors at play and yes it will be what wakes the white man up world wide.

      They need some balls.

    3. Anonymous8:03 am

      You all completely misread the scenario

      WHAT were the Irish doing in the Congo ? ( the wonderful movie that was pointed out by the false prophet )

      WHAT will the troops of the UN be doing in South Africa ? ( when things really fall apart )

      Hint ; Finishing off those few whites still trying to resist.

      Whitey will be killing whitey -- just as it happened in the WWI and WWII ( and the Congo )

    4. Anonymous7:50 pm


      @Anonymous8:03 am

      Which part dont you get?

      I am not scared even if I am the last one standing!

      You seem very scared!

      The UN will not get involved, the world is to messed up for them to get involved. They cannot even contain Syria.

      They will finish off whites but not all of us. For every one of us they have killed, millions of them are going to pay in the future 1:1,000,000 seems pretty fair to me.

      No one asked you to be afraid for us, you choose to do that by yourself.

      These things are only strong when no one is shooting back.

      Your seeds of destruction will not dampen our spirits, the more you push us or provoke us, the stronger the spirit will be in the end.

      I like it when this nation is provoked, it will bring out the real spirit in them, the same spirit in them that allowed them to contain these karasites when they first arrived.

      The enemy will only prod for so long & when it happens, outnumbered, out gunned, they better kill us all.

      And if they do - well done!

      But I nor my family, nor close friends will not go out without taking a lot with us.

      They have never scared me, what scares me is what they bring out in me and this nation because nothing will stop this fire when they have light it and this time there will be no handing in weapons, when they start this, when they push the button they must know that there will never, ever be going back EVER!

      So now go climb beneath your duvet cover and continue being scared.

    5. Anonymous2:09 am

      I suggest you start by reading your OWN history
      Try the life of Pieter Retief , Gerrit Maritz , Hendrik Potgieter , Andries Pretorius , Piet Uys
      ( and so many others)
      "Piet Retief The Dubious Hero"
      R.U. Kenney
      Strangely I see many similarities between Retief and the great false prophet here.

      I really pity whoever this great Boer saviour in the brown coat is.

      He is going to get it in the neck
      NOT from the enemy -- but from his erstwhile compatriots.

      Time and place may change but the fail qualities of the "Volk" have NOT !

      There is a difference between being scared and being wise and cautious.

      Apparently -- according to Prof H B Thom


      As Retief rode past the wagon of Maritz he was heard to call out -- "Tot siens , ou bangbroek !"
      You can work out what Maritz's reply was
      We all know how the story ended.

  18. https://youtu.be/q-M2J3itX6I

    1. The strategy is called, "Co-opting the police".

      He is telling the police that they have the same enemy. The ANC is enriching themselves and paying the police peanuts. The ANC is enriching themselves whilst the students starve.

      It is clear that Mcebo Dlamini is well versed in the non-violent methods of Gene Sharp. Probably had some revolutionary training. Problem is that the rest of the bunch are not versed in it and are not disciplined enough. They are still throwing stones at the police. They are still threatening journalists. They are making a lot of mistakes, but they are learning. At least they are doing something. He also openly identified the enemy for them. The enemy is not the police. The enemy is the ANC government.

  19. Anonymous2:21 am

    Fees must fall is not apartheid or racism. It is supported by all, black and white.

  20. Anonymous5:48 am

    Well now PSG is going to establish private universities that have accredited degrees and proper examinations and pass rates let's see how many of the blacks that enroll into those varsities will actually pass.

    Just another example of white superior brain at work, make an alternative when the old system doesn't work, make some bucks while you are about it and show the blacks how effective alternative out the box thinking is.