08 October 2016

Free education for blacks? We’ve been having it

By Mike Smith

8th of October 2016

Just the other day I was saying that all these student protests and giving in to their demands will just raise expectations, lead to more demands and make things worse. Now we see that I was right…again…Students now want curriculum change

Not that I actually give a continental flying toss. They can burn their books and universities as much as they want. Check the worry in my eye. I have my education. Apartheid education that I am extremely proud of, that is.

Nevertheless…Sasco uMgungundlovu chairperson Siyabonga Ngubane said the curriculum being taught at tertiary institutions was no longer relevant.

“They are still teaching us about the French revolution. We need change so that we can have degrees that are relevant to society,” he said.

Oh yeah? Like a degree in starting a lawnmower? Maybe you should actually pay attention, when they speak about the French Revolution and see how it is done properly, you stupid zot. You will have ZUMA and the ANC run for their lives in a few hours.

You see…even when the education is free they are going to want the food free, the taxi free, their clothes free, etc. It never ends. They have an entitlement culture. They just keep on demanding, demanding, demanding.

Let me tell you a secret about how to become a millionaire in South Africa.

There are white liberal women (and men, but mostly women) working in the townships teaching the munts useless courses that they have strung together from Unit Standards (chunks of learning) they have pulled off the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) …total bullshit like Domestic Worker courses so that the maid knows the difference between dishwashing liquid, fabric softener and not use bleach to wash the dishes with…

Or gardner courses so the Munt knows what is a weed and what is a plant so that he doesn’t smoke the poisonous shit he rips from your garden, because, as you know… they will smoke everything.

Another one is “life-skills”…I kid you not. They actually have to teach Kaffirs how to fill out an application form for an ID or a child’s birth certificate. How to open a bank account. They don’t know…They are really THAT stupid.

Another one I saw was a group of whites teaching the Munts on the West Coast basic hygiene when they work with fish. They actually taught a five day course in washing your hands after you have been to the toilet, something we teach our three year old children in the by.

Another one was teaching blacks how to start an outboard engine and change a spark plug.

These white people are making a fortune out of the SETA’s (TETA, etc) by teaching blacks bullshit. They set up small education companies that they give a stupid Kaffir name like “Imfundo Training and Assessment” and of course with the kitchen maid as a BEE“partner” and run the most ridiculous courses in the townships and get paid millions for it.

The training and education is completely free (paid for by the white taxpayer), but when they complained that the blacks still didn’t want to come on the courses, because they are lazy fucks, the government started paying the blacks R30 to R100 a day to simply sit there and stare at the flip chart. They even get their food, coffee and biscuits sponsored by the government. Of course most of the blacks don’t know this so the greedy white trainers rip them off and pocket these allowances.

Read here about how Dr. Peit Bothma of TETA was arrested for corruption

It is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of these companies and SETA’s pocketing taxpayer’s money from the education fund.

What it is, is that in the old days, the Apartheid government forced companies like Eskom, Iscor, Telkom, etc to train a certain amount of artisans and technicians every year in order to keep the manpower standards up. If they didn’t they were fined horribly and hauled over the coals.

Of course when the ANC came to power, they had a “better” idea. Every company employing more than a certain amount of people should pay into this training and skills fund. When they train X-amount of artisans they can claim all the money back from the fund. If they don’t they forfeit the money. Problem is that most companies don’t know how the system works. They just keep on paying, thinking it is another ANC tax and they never claim any money back and they also never train anybody.

There are literally BILLIONS upon BILLIONS in this fund.

Now for every sector in the industry like Hotels, restaurants, etc or the mining industry or the fishing industry there are so called “Sector Training and Education Authorities” (SETA’s). For instance Services SETA or Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) etc…

Every year the government allocates Billions to each SETA to train the Munts. If they don’t train enough people with the money they have to give it back. Next year they get less. Of course nobody knows what the fuck they are doing so no training ever gets done.

Here is the best part. Believe it or not, the ANC government does not want the money back from the SETA’s. They want the SETA’s to train the people so that the ANC “has a good story to tell”…

Hence all these training companies who are making a fortune running bullshit courses in catering, how to make beds at a guest house and how to rake leaves in a garden. It is a Gold Mine. If you know how to fix a computer or a cell phone you will make ten times more money teaching munts in the township how to do it rather than fixing it for white customers.

Why can the ANC not use this money from the Training fund they already have to fund free university education for blacks?

We all know that free education is not what blacks want. They literally want to be PAID to learn and even then it is too much effort.They just want a piece of paper that will guarantee them free shit for life.

Kaffirs don’t need free education or free universities. They need degree and diploma mills…sausage machines that churn out endless reams of fake degrees like Mugabe prints out fake Zim dollars so they can get paid for doing fuckall.

You would think that there would come a point where they would see the futility of it all; a point where they would realize that it costs more to print a Zim dollar than it is actually worth, so why carry on printing them?

Why go to university at all when you can buy a degree at the Spaza shop on the corner or at the shebeen? Why bother going to school and get a Matric certificate then? Umalusi has been found out and even openly admitted that they adjust the black student’s marks 10% up and the white student’s marks 10% down. So what is the point of it all? It’s all just bullshit pieces of paper. Just dish them out.

In my days when I was at school during the bad old days of evil Apartheid we did aptitude tests in Standard 5 (grade 7) and we had to choose our subjects in standard 7 (grade 9). They told us not to listen to our parents and choose what WE wanted to become one day. They assumed that the 14year old mind already knew what he wanted to become one day.

In fact most of us did. Those who wanted to become doctors or engineers knew they had to take mathematics, science and maybe biology. Those who wanted to become artisans or technicians went to technical school. Those who knew they were completely useless went to the police, joined PF in the army or went to the Spoor…basically the white equivalent of the Kaffir’s version of “Free Shit”…free houses (housing subsidy), free medical, etc…Ja, Pappa Staat het mooi gekyk na sy wit skapies.

Nevertheless, they realized that university was not for all. Going to university was a privilege and reserved for those in society who had a bit of brains, were willing to work really hard, study hard and lead in society. Sorry to say it, but the common Kaffir is not made of this material.

Even those whites who went to the police or joined PF in the army had the intelligence to realize that not everyone could be an officer and not everyone could be a general. “Ek meneer en jy meneer, wie moet dan die wa smeer?” as C.J. Langenhoven use to say.

The point I am trying to make is that it takes a fair amount of intelligence to realize that you are not intelligent enough…and that maybe, university is not for you. Most white people are capable of this realization, but not the common Kaffir. In his mind is a little beetle bobbing around on a cork whispering in his ear that he can be everything the white man can be and the Kaffir believes this.

Inside the Kaffir’s mind and behind all this shit is an envy, a myth, a belief that he can be everything the white man can be. The common Kaffir cannot accept the simplest of realities that the exact percentage of Kaffirs who were/are the equivalents of Shakespeare, Mozart, Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci was and always will be ZERO.

Now of course my observations are totally unscientific. If you want scientific proof of the stupidity of blacks read “The Bell Curve”, “IQ and the wealth of Nations” or watch What Jared Taylor has to say about race and intelligence

My observations come from being born in Africa and living my entire life amongst these creature and my observations taught me, that just as you don’t need science to tell you that water is wet, you don’t need scientific proof of the stupidity of the common Kaffir. You are surrounded by it every day of your life.

In fact comparing the white brain to the Kaffir brain is like comparing a Ducati to a broken tricycle or a fucked up hamster wheel. Watching the Kaffir brain in action in South Africa, trying to do simple tasks like starting a lawnmower or draw money at an ATM, is like watching a three year old child trying to do a belly dive on a dry Slip-‘n-Slide.

In fact the Kaffir brain works better while it’s being consumed by syphilis or gonorrhea. Even the human colon is better than the brain of the common Kaffir, because at least the colon can take an unending amount of shit and keep on working. Not so the Kaffir brain. But I am getting carried away and worked up...

Nevertheless...Every now and again, black intelligence, albeit an oxymoron, sometimes can surprise you...

I was quite impressed when I saw that the black students are starting to wake up to the uselessness of Socialist “Big Government”…The one smarty piped up:

“After every election there are new ministers so that comrades can benefit. There is also a minister for women now. What is the use of having a minister, deputy minister, MEC, head of department and director-general? Are you not repeating the same thing so that more people can benefit?”

See? There is hope after all. A ray of light and a choir of Angels in white singing Händel’s “HALLELUJA!!” - just appeared before me. At least someone, probably a white man, is telling them which questions to ask.

Now if only they can get that damn lawnmower started…


  1. Dunning Kruger-syndrome is running rampant.
    Dom soos fokken grond.

  2. This article is very good Mike and also very true. I was a training officer for a while in that black township that I'm always talking about. I took over from a white officer, who seemed very relieved to be leaving.
    The "students" were black policemen who had to be taught how to take a statement. (All policemen were taught statement-taking during basic training and it is so easy that you simply cannot forget it, unless you get VERY-VERY serious brain damage). But apparently our black colleagues forgot how, so they were sent on refresher courses. (The problem was that detectives had to retake all the statements taken by our black colleagues, which was a duplication of work and could also be taken advantage of by a clever lawyer.)
    During the first session (on such a course), they would sit in class with a total blank, I’m-not-interested expression on their faces. During smoke breaks, they would talk and laugh loudly, not one of them discussing what we are doing on the course. They were simply not interested. (It should be noted that the course was presented by a black lecturer in both Xhosa and English.)
    After the first break, most of them would come back, clearly smelling of liquor. After the second break, all of them would smell of liquor and a lot of them obviously drunk.
    This would happen day after day.
    Those two days of training were just a huge waste of time. Any other course you sent them on was a waste of time. They are simply not interested.
    I can only talk about what I experienced with these "students" on the courses that I arranged. I will not know how it works with black students whose parents pay for their tuition. BUT based on what I experienced, I can agree that it would be much easier to just give them the diplomas, because the results will be basically the same.
    If you mark blacks' answer sheets on the same level of non-blacks' answer sheets they will always fail. There is always a system in place to make them pass in one way or another.
    There are blacks who genuinely want to learn, but their fellow blacks will tell them they are trying to be White and either ostracise them or bring them into their little camp.
    Blacks have their own way of doing things. And I agree with you, it would be only human to allow them to do their own thing.
    We should be separated. Hence, the system of Apartheid was a brilliant system and everyone was actually happy. The government shouldn't have given it a name, though. Why give something a name that has been practiced all over the world, because it was the logical thing to do? In addition, the government shouldn’t have fought against the agitating blacks, they should have taken out all the liberal Whites, Coloureds and Indians. The blacks were only a danger to themselves and didn’t have the brains to overthrow the government. Those liberal scum were the brains behind it all.
    Those WCI liberals are the cause of all the trouble we sit with today.
    Most people do not know that the majority of black people were forced to take part in the rioting during the 70's and 80's when this whole mess started full scale. The people in the townships just wanted to go to work or go on with their lives, but were forced to take part or risk getting necklaced themselves, getting their houses burned or being raped.
    This thing is going to end badly for all of us and all because of a series of wrong decisions taken in the early nineties. That is why I will go after the liberals first when the real trouble starts.

  3. Anonymous4:49 am

    Yeah mate, they became so clever they can already fly to the sun by night. That's why they don't need whitey's stupid lawnmower degrees anymore.

    The best we whites can do now is to launch our own satellite and startup an online University. Teach all white kids at home for free. Let them burn all education institutions because the education is not good for them. They use the education as a tool to create shit. It stirs something in them and switches them over into a category 4 hurricane when they realize they will always be kaffirs. The bullshit that Jesus will change their DNA when they convert to a Christian couldn't rid them from their ape status either.

    You can teach the bluebottle to whatever honey making degree you want, at the end of the day you will get your shit. The moment it gets that turd smell it forgets all that honeybee degrees and changes over into a category 4 turdycane. Fok die baas!, Fok die heuningnes, fok die lawnmower, nou gaan ek kak soek!

    1. Anonymous7:44 am

      Then you have to ensure that blacks can't enrol at your online satellite university, because standards at places like Unisa have dropped like a stone thanks to kaffers complaining about not being able to pass.

  4. Anonymous6:39 am

    Another Factual analysis . If I had taken taken Schooling on a more mature Note , I would have rather wanted to be a Doc cum specialist , instead of a BE . I could kick myself for not being more Profound in my study , instead with so much outdoor activity being a scatter brain. In Europe with 7 months of Kak weather everyone is in doors and then forced to study something bringing up inventions. Not all though , because many have the same acumen as the ones in SA only with white skin.
    In my opinion the Blacks arnt cut out to lead us into the Future he thinks for now and f everyone . Its like our Animal Kingdom , each and everyone has a Task in the Food chain, thats IT.
    Anyway we were trying hard to Develop SA into a Powerhouse on par with the other Powerhouses and succeeded and our currency was propped up with GOLD , not when we were an Empire currency. Then paying so much tax to uplift the sick lame and lazy and proliferating . If one thinks of it the Black Free Loaders , I mean Govermunt is doing more for the Blackman than what the White Gov did for us. Then we still had to do Comp military Duty as well. Then we were told to EMPLOY as many Kaffirs as possible to feed their way of Life . SA the best Climate in the world for anything Developing , the Scenic beauty the Nutricious Food , the fresh air etc. only thing we have is a CURSE the Blackman.
    So yes they must Burn everything down till there is no more for them to use , and their subconscious Desire to Breed can continue , Fuck Reality.
    BTW in Germany before the Pupils reach Matric they are already separated and put into their walks of Life which shows todays success. To the Kaffirs I say good Luck .

    1. Anonymous9:21 am

      It gives me tremendous hope for the future when I observe that more people are coming to the decision reached by reasoning, that it will be the best conclusion to let the black man destroy and burn everything to the ground, being guided by his inward compass to return to his primitive state. It is therefore the right thing to assist and help him back to that condition, that means deny him any first world benefits besides matches, tyres, petrol and a few thousand pangas.

  5. Anonymous7:03 am

    Exactly. That's the way anyone with two brain cells to rub together sees it.

  6. Anonymous7:26 am

    You wrote:

    I was quite impressed when I saw that the black students are starting to wake up to the uselessness of Socialist “Big Government”…The one smarty piped up:

    “After every election there are new ministers so that comrades can benefit. There is also a minister for women now. What is the use of having a minister, deputy minister, MEC, head of department and director-general? Are you not repeating the same thing so that more people can benefit?”

    Well be "impressed" no more, because every single kaffer wants to be on the same gravy train. The money for this shit comes from white man's magic which is never ending for the benefit of useless blacks.

    The cunts KNOW they are useless. Eh-heh!

  7. Graeme7:39 am

    May I take the liberty of correcting you Sir?

    Did you say: "Starting a Lawnmower?"

    Did you mean: "Stealing a Lawnmower?"

    I regret my Ad hominem comment, then again can one award a degree in Socialism to a race who is innately predisposed to rampant theft?

  8. Anonymous8:25 am

    The land will truly belong to those who believe in honesty and integrity.
    I love the book of Proverbs and othe verses of the Bible ( King James version) and the wisdom it gives:
    Proverbs 13:4 - The soul of the sluggard desireth, and [hath] nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.

    Colossians 3:23 - And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

    2 Thessalonians 3:10 - For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

    Proverbs 10:4 - He becometh poor that dealeth [with] a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.

    Proverbs 18:9 - He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster.

    1 Timothy 5:8 - But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

    Proverbs 21:25 - The desire of the slothful killeth him; for his hands refuse to labour.

    Proverbs 20:4 - The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; [therefore] shall he beg in harvest, and [have] nothing.

    Proverbs 24:30-34 - I went by the field of the slothful, and by the vineyard of the man void of understanding; (Read More...)

    Proverbs 20:13 - Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, [and] thou shalt be satisfied with bread.

    Proverbs 19:15 - Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.

    John 5:17 - But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.

    Proverbs 6:6 - Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

    Proverbs 12:24 - The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute.

    Proverbs 26:13-16 - The slothful [man] saith, [There is] a lion in the way; a lion [is] in the streets. (Read More...)

  9. Anonymous9:26 am

    This protest has absolutely nothing to do with free education. They want free food, board, transport, branded clothing and, I-shit-you-not, branded condoms (an actual recent demand at a hostel at one of our "universities" of technology.

    Met ander woorde, hy wil vreet, suip, raas, lê en steek. En ek en jy moet daarvoor betaal.

  10. Anonymous9:51 am

    Jisis Mike. I love it when you get worked up!

    1. Anonymous12:19 pm

      Does it make you horny baby? :D

    2. Then you have'nt seen him at his best. This a mere warm-up. :-)

  11. Mike said:
    "Just the other day I was saying that all these student protests and giving in to their demands will just raise expectations, lead to more demands and make things worse. Now we see that I was right…again…"

    Well if Whites worldwide had your understanding of REALITY we would not be in the position we all are in right now.

    Basic hygiene especially in food handling is UNKNOWN and NOT BELIEVED in by workers from black Africa, Latin America and Asia, and THAT is why the food, which in the USA, had been previously VERY safe, is now constantly facing recalls due to ecoli and other bacteria. When one reads news accounts of these incidents they rarely give a reason, sometimes they do and it is fecal contamination. Hershey's one of the largest chocolate manufacturers at is plant in Hershey, PA USA, the employees are all from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Same with other food distributors.

    And the non-whites in USA the more they are given by the government, WHICH SEEKS THE DESTRUCTION of Whites, the MORE they demand, and it isn't just the kaffirs, oh no it is also the Asians and the Latinos and the misnamed, Native Americans, which are just Asians.

    The US government has contract setasides for Arabs, Jews, Asians, Blacks, and Latinos. A smaller number for White women, who they use for now, but white women will also, ultimately, face what ALL Whites face.

    Then there is Affirmative Action and an entire alphabet of Visas, good for the visa holder and his ENTIRE family to TAKE JOBS from American Whites. Microsoft uses these visas to import STOCKING CLERKS at their warehouse in Redmond, WA USA. So from South Africa, Zimbabwe (RHODESIA), to Canada, where they are not hiring any more White RCMP, to the USA the founding people are being discarded. All by DESIGN, not chance.

    The university system of the USA was taken over, pretty much, as early as 1915 by Franz Boas, who pushed the idea that race is something that really is just an environmental and social construct. America, and South Africa were done in by the same crowd.

    The same gang pushed FREE SPEECH in the 1960s so they could tear down the White Christian civilization, now that they have the power they SILENCE SPEECH. And on October 1, 2016 Barak Obama gave control over the internet to an international body. So we might as well talk frankly whilst we still can...

    As important as it is for Whites to know about what the blacks are doing to us, and it is VERY important, I think it is even MORE important to understand the suppression of such information by the owners of the mass media. They also brainwash Whites through the television and the movies, and as research has proven, people tend to accept the embedded values which are in the TV shows and movies as well as their minds thinking that the FAKE representations of blacks, homosexuals etc are REALITY!

    The Gang both SUPPRESSES the TRUTH of what blacks and others of color do and BRAINWASH the Whites via media, as well as their control over the universities and schools, and the government, into believing THE BIG LIE: That RACE does not matter.

    Do my words sound too strong? Do I sound like some sort of extremist? Well then GOOD, for we Whites HAVE to talk straight, and I thank God for a man like Mike WHO DOES IT DAY AFTER DAY.

    1. Anonymous3:03 pm

      Could you stop going full retard with your capitalization?

      It MaKeS My FriGGiNg EyEs HuRt...

    2. Anonymous12:45 am

      Quintus On the Button , exactly as it is.

    3. Anonymous12:47 am

      AO 303 talk about Retarded , open your eyes and see the Light, Dipshlt !

    4. Anonymous1:22 am

      @ Anon 3:03

      THAT'S your COMMENT? After reading all he has to contribute, THIS is what you ABSORBED?

      Why don't YOU go ELSEWHERE where your sensitive EYES won't be so OFFENDED by the rage that THIS MAN obviously feels at the FUCK UP that YOU and YOURS are WREAKING on the WORLD.


    5. Anonymous2:58 am

      hehehehe @ DOOS. Hey DOOS eat THIS you PIECE of SHIT

    6. Anonymous5:17 am

      @Anon 3:03PM

      Quintus has capitalised whole words for emphasis.

      It is what you did (mixing upper and lowercase letters in the same word) that actually makes frigging eyes hurt.

      Which one of the two posts is actually 'full retard'?

    7. And while all you fuckers debate about big and small letters and cursing each other, the kaffirs are still in charge and we're still critisizing each other about bullshit... Still divided and still 'rigting bevok'..

    8. Hear, hear, BLCN, my brother!

    9. Anonymous10:41 pm

      Yes BLCN, but when one detracts and adds nothing of value to a valuable post and attack with words like full retard on a nicely written piece something is wrong and an attack on one of our own is suspected. I say go full tilt and destroy the attacker and his whole family.

  12. Anonymous11:37 am

    Mike I reckon if you had to put up a post about all the things Kaffirs have broke besides the thousands of lawnmowers and tools, you will receive more hits & comments than all your previous posts combined. Next time you fly over eastern kzn just look down at the soil erosion even the land cannot sustain them because they have destroyed that as well.
    And when nature tries to correct itself with Ebola and the like the bleeding heart liberal tries to save them with medical intervention.

    1. Anonymous8:54 am

      That's even before asking why women can't wear gold jewellery in South Africa. Men look less stupid pushing lawnmowers than wearing any kind of gold jewellery, but women also look pretty stupid in gold too, come to think of it.

  13. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Michael Savage takes on HATERS

  14. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Yip, I have an electric lawnmower... but this one has a big yellow knob that you have to push down in order to pull the lever to get it running. Once, I had one fresh from Zim bush land. After about 10 minutes of watching him trying to figure this out I walked away. Zim no mo...

    1. Anonymous12:49 am

      Anon 2:16 you sure it didnt get broken?

    2. Anonymous3:11 am

      POES... why are you hiring them?


    3. Anonymous8:49 am

      Why bother with a big lawn anyway? So you can step on the guard dogs' shit? Have big hedges and large plants like cycads and bougainvillea instead of lawn. The dogs will shit in the borders and chase the rats out of the bamboo plants for no additional cost.

  15. Anonymous9:03 pm



    Mike dont let these things get to you. Easier said than done. They way I see it, if they get to you, anyone or annoy you or anyone, then they have won.

    I refuse to let them get to me.

    Like that annoying fly that comes into your lounge & chooses to fly close to you buzzing, circling while you try watch T.V - only one solution - doom!

    Thats why I like the karasite word. It doesnt generate one iota of feeling for me, that way when the time comes, it will be like whacking a fly buzzing around you while you watch your T.V - you feel zippo once you have nailed it.

    You just do what you gotta do, to get back to watching your T.V!

    The wheel will turn, the fly will fly right into our spray zone.

    What gets to me are the white liberals & traitors. They are the real reason as to why these things get to us and got into our houses, under our skins.

    If they had not been ass creepers, opening the doors, then they wouldnt even be an issue.

    I just wonder how long it will take for the whites eyes to open and will their eyes ever open? That is the real question.

    I believe it will happen sooner than we think or would imagine.

    Things will change for us, the wheel is already turning in our favor. Its just a time game now, waiting, watching it unfold.

    No emotion for the Karasite.

    It must be like flicking the cap off a doom can, pop it off, spray the fly when it gets into the kill zone & get back to watching the springboks get their asses kicked.

  16. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Face it Mike, this is it, the end of South Africa as we know it even though the rugby stadiums are full of bleeding hearts bowing their knee to their rugby god and deliriously swearing allegiance to their idols wearing the green and gold. Read this - http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/dear-white-people-its-time-your-bubble-was-burst-20161007

    1. Anonymous12:45 am

      Stupid young LWB wrote that commentary on news24. The Bokke saw their arses yesterday.

  17. Anonymous9:52 pm

    My parents made it very clear that we could not afford university. I got a job as a spanner boy with a contractor in the mining industry. This eventually led to a 5 year apprenticeship.

    There were a few black appys there but they were permanent staff. Royal game comes to mind. They kicked up shit because the tool box was to heavy and they now wanted assistants to assist the appys. They used to get all the cushy jobs. We used to get all the donkey jobs which normally fell over a weekend.

    They used to laugh at me in their fucking clean overalls. I just put my head down and worked. Everyday was hot sparks, molten metal in your boot, burned flesh, drill swarf everywhere. Noisy, dusty etc...

    Those black appys got fast tracked to qualify. They got sent to training centres for long periods of time. They got qualified and the company told them all to fuck off. I never saw another appy there.

    Look at the picture today, we really need artisans. They fucked up that system too. Sad stories to tell!

  18. Anonymous11:04 pm

    in typical fashion the leftist main stream media will be in solidarity with these tsiotsies fighting for "free education". after all, it is someone else that has to pay for this " free education". but i just love it, all these white liberals that festerred at these institutions looks like deer cought in headlights, that look of bewilderment in their eyes that says "but we are your friends, why are you burning us down"?
    next up is our schools. the marxist scum using these easily manupalative tsiotsies will not stop until they destroyed this country with their footsoldiers. it is just sad that a lot of white idiots will still cry about springbok rugby and not worry about the real issues around them.

    1. Anonymous12:23 am

      SA-NZ 10-57
      What fascinates me is that these idiots are still supporting the 'springboks'. All dressed in their little green jerseys in the pubs, homes and stadia... how sad, while the country burns

    2. What? 10-57? That must be a new record. HAHAHAHA...Useless Kaffirmative Springboks with a useless Kaffirmative coach. What did the Springbok supporters expect? A win? HAHAHAHA. It's called "cause and effect".

      What amazes me is that the All Blacks still bother playing against them. Why? The All Black under 13 Girls Team will beat the Springboks. They're fucking useless...rather watch FIVB women's Beach Volleyball.

    3. Anonymous11:43 am


      @Mike Smith12:38 AM

      I said to a mate of mine last night in NZ - for the NZ to play against us while we have quotas, just shows you the caliber of people we are dealing with.

      They did not play against us when we had quotas but do so now with a giant grin on their faces.

      Even at this stage, if they were all white under a white coach they would lose. Their performance is a reflection of the country.

      They know they arnt playing with springboks, more like playing with dassies.

      Please, one day when things have come right we will play them with the same fire we used to play with and then they will lose every game, every single game!

      I just cant believe the South Africans can actually live in that country with such spineless people who have double standards. Now we know, they were not against us for racial reasons, it was that they would never beat us if they tried.

      The wheel turns - they never liked us from the start. They all whisper in their houses about those racist white South Africans & the Aussies tell them to their faces.

      Enjoy living in Skaam - I wont set foot in those countries even if you paid me. We will have the last laugh, its not too far now, nor is it over.

      Thats why I will never ever watch a rugby match. Those who leave to play for other countries, I solute them. I cant stomach watching whites wave that shit flag, painting their faces, cheering for dassies - fools.

      New Zealanders are spineless! No honor, no backbone - Guess thats why they will be a minority in less than 10-15 years time.

      They will have to suck up all that vomit they gave us - they will have to lick up all those chunks they spewed on us, Europe already is, they will and so will the criminals in Aus.

    4. Anonymous12:01 pm

      Mike, het volley ball getry, het het jags geword en my cherrie rondgejaag in die huis! Nou fokken weet ek nie meer, sy het bevok geraak met rugby en die brannas en braai, nou is sy bevok want ek wil net steek!

  19. Anonymous11:06 pm


    The only solution for free education is to pay for it.

    Goed koop is duur koop.

    Looking at this from all angles, its nothing but pie in the sky bullshit.

    All of their demands from free education, period pads, internet, transport, food etc...

    I would love to see the syllabus of decolonized education.
    I get the vision of drawing pictures in the sand under a tree.

    Anyway fuck it, give it to them...if they ever graduate there is no jobs anyway.

  20. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Yes Mike, they are really THAT fucking stupid as a collective.

    1. Anonymous12:12 am

      That is why you are sitting writing uselessly on this blog and Zuma is the -- el presidente

      You people are like a stuck record -- never really looking for the reality forever moaning , forever pretending to be superior.

      When was the last time you woke up and looked around you ?

      Perhaps Mr Smith can explain ( in simple language) how , why it is so ?

      Quite clearly it is the superior WHITE intellect that has led us here ? ( or is it )
      IF Mr "karasite" is so incredibly stupid and useless how is it that the old WHITE NP party has disappeared and the BLACK ANC rules the land ?
      Please explain Mr Smith.
      Following your logic and believeing the "karasite" to be so utterly useless then HOW did this change take place ?
      Was there an outside invisible hand at work ?
      WHOSE was it ?
      Is that a verboten topic ?
      YOu cannot have it both ways !

    2. Anonymous12:41 am

      obviously it was the hidden hand that did this to all the so called "white" countries

      break down and dilute all the countries in the world that stands in the way of their control

    3. Anonymous1:38 am

      Liberal cock suckers have brought this upon us. For 30 pieces of silver we got fucked, given to the dogs to devour. We were sold out left leaderless at a crucial time. Liberals who thought multiculturism is the next big thing. And that is but just a drop in the ocean of what really transpired. Vaalpens

    4. PreatorianXVI2:38 am

      Easy Anon 12:12 AM

      Sold out by our own spineless politicians, who took their 30 pieces of silver, the big man FW obviously was given at least 3 times that.

      Who did they sell out to De Beers / Anglo-American and International Monetary institutions who needs cheap easy access to the minerals wealth of South Africa.

      A lot cheaper to fling a single piece of silver in the direction of a monkey than a corrupt white politician.

      Through the use of communist tactics and principles implemented, white South Africans have been neutered, all that matters to the vast majority is their useless kaffir-bok team losing like there is no tomorrow.

    5. Anonymous2:45 am

      let me 'splain it... anon 12:12AM

      There is a demonic entity out there. This demonic entity has infected George Soros and others like Boere Ninja here. It is a spirit that demands the end of humanity and the killing and extermination of humans. It plays on race in order to pit people against each other in order to kill each other. BN is just as guilty as the "karasite" that he hates.

      And please stop capitalizing, you stormfront freak. It makes my eyeballs hurt.

      This demonic entity balances the nature of power between warring factions so that there is continuous conflict and continuous death. A bit like what Eben Barlow talks about, when he states that the UN props up losing sides in wars under the guise of humanitarian aid in order to get the losing side to rise up and continue the fight and then the evil spirit switches sides and funds who ever is losing so that the war rages for ever with people constantly fighting.

      So the blacks are pushed into power by this evil entity in order to balance the power. Balance of power ensures that there is no victor and ensures constant war and constant death. Now whites are being triggered so as to tilt the power slightly backwards in the other direction. This evil spirit will not give us victory but the false hope of victory.

      This false hope manifests itself in the false prophecies of Van Rensburg that teach us that Germany is the hero and Russia is the villain in WW3.

      This is George Soros. This is Boere Ninja. This is Satan...

      I may be a jackass myself, but my eyes are open and this constant warring under the name of Satan is whats keeps us in bondage like this.

      Only the prince of peace can save us. The one messiah, Jesus Christ.

      Have a nice day...

    6. Anonymous3:34 am

      @Anonymous 2:45AM
      At last a tiny light of sanity

      This is George Soros. This is Boere Ninja. This is Satan...

      Hate only begets MORE hate -- where does it all end ?


      Leon Lemmer: Die aktualiteit van verraad

      80% of white Afrikaners must be "libtards" ( verraaiers ) -- they ALL voted YES in the 1992 referendum.
      I always wondered to myself exactly which god it was that van Rensburg prayed to ?
      Germany , Russia , England
      Be careful nothing is as it seems
      Although there is a very long history attached to these nations history may repeat itself it ways never before seen or understood.
      As you point out -- one thing never changes the continual manipulation for continual and ongoing death and destruction.
      The human creature is a flawed experiment !

    7. Anonymous4:03 am

      @Anon 2:45AM

      The only thing that Boere Ninja is guilty of is being passionate about the survival of his people.

    8. Anonymous11:31 am

      @Anonymous2:45 AM

      Let me explain it to you...

      See if you knew anything about the white nations of Europe, where they came from, how they got there, then you would know the good book which has been in their hands for centuries actually speaks about racial lines.

      Im like George Soros? Give me a break...

      Let me put it to you straight. What I say, is EXACTLY what the ANC + EFF + the elite say about getting rid of the whites.

      But like a true liberal that you are, the minute a white person mentions it, then they are demonic, crazy, insane oooh & SATAN - dont forget him.

      Why dont you & anyone who thinks like you, pick up the book of Joshua and read carefully what it says there about the nations around those 12 tribes that were all once in that land.

      Van Rensburg prophecies false? Which ones? Like the AngloBoer war would be lost? That we would have a black government? Like the rebellion in SW would be crushed? Like our language lost? Like our farmers killed? Like Europe being flooded by immigrants? Like Russias revival? Like a NWO running the world? Like the whites losing everything?

      You speak out your ass with nothing to back up your claims, if anyone speaks without proof, that is satanic because its aim is to manipulate.

      You are trying your hardest but you cant explain all the above he mentioned - you still debate whether he lies, whether he is a false prophet - Anyone reading this can go see whether those things he spoke about are happening - read the news.

      People have a brain - let them use it! Go look at your news, see what Russia is doing right now & what the US is saying about Russia.

      Only the prince of peace can save us. The one messiah, Jesus Christ - Yes why dont you test it out tonight, go to Soweto, wind down your window and park there for a few minutes - you will save us all a lot of trouble replying to you.

      You want to speak about Christ yet dont even know about what the bible speaks about prophets - your eyes are closed like your mind. You test their prophecies by what happens - last I checked many have happened.

      I have never read anywhere in any of his visions that he claims Russia is the villain. That is you coming to that conclusion but seen as though you mention the bible, it does mention MAGOG (Russia) OG (China) Tubal/Meschesh, Phut (libya) Persia (Iran), will attack Israel found in the west.

      So before you go and quote the bible, make sure you know what you are speaking about.

      You find those nations mentioned in Ezekiel and Revelations confirming them + the book of Daniel.

    9. Anonymous2:30 pm

      BN, I dont even know why you try and justify our cause to this fuck. This scum is trying to break us. This fuck is going to single you out because you are vocal against this criminality perpetrated against our people, and once in this fuck's little fantasy land he has `silenced` you this fuck will single out the next vocal freedom fighter and so on and so forth. Anyone with half a brain can see it, we've all seen this tactic in the past. Only now we can see these fucks and their foot soldiers from miles away.

    10. Anonymous2:40 pm

      Oh look

      Sierra Army Depot ( California )


      I found where they are hiding the weapons that are un-identified that no-one knows about that the Ninja says the EFF were going to use for elections 2016

      Mike Smith can purchase a few tanks at US$100 ea

      BTW ; I never quoted any religious verses
      but anyway -- for your benefit ........

      The one messiah, Jesus Christ - Yes why dont you test it out tonight, go to Soweto, wind down your window and park there for a few minutes - you will save us all a lot of trouble replying to you.

      It would appear that you are the one confused and do not understand your dogma or the King James
      The scenario you sketch above is one that would not bother a TRUE Christian ( not many of those around ) Christ was persecuted -- so will all TRUE Christians be.

      Matthew 26:52-53: “Put your sword back in its place… for all who take the sword will die by the sword. Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will provide me with more than twelve legions of angels?


    11. Anonymous7:43 am


      @Anonymous2:40 PM

      Anyone who quotes verses here & there is doing so to make a point. Read the thing from beginning to end.

      Quoting this or that and taking it out of context! Thats like watching a movie but debating for hours regarding what a character said for 2 mins.

      You quote the bible but continually mock - you should read what is says about mockers.

      No where did I say the weapons were for the election, they are here for the day of reckoning. An election would be too obvious.

      No point explaining that to a prick.

  21. Anonymous12:57 am


    "Every day we take one zebra and we will tell management if you don’t do what we are telling you, we will deal with these zebras accordingly. Amandla"

    I am lost for words.

    1. Anonymous8:11 pm

      Expect the worst of them and you'll never be lost for words.

  22. Anonymous1:07 am

    When we were forced to employ as many Blacks as possible by the White Government , a major task lay ahead , Blacks from Zimpopo , Zooloo land and sutoss had to be collected and employed and taught. The whole week hard effort put in , to come weekend lose all input and start again Monday. FFFuuuuuckk , breaking Machines , Tools etc. 40dia drill bits on Kitchen walker snapped off at Mega prices a pop , 14 pound hammers broken until I profiled steel handles and welded head on to that , couple of days later broken. Then talking shlt while rolling plates and the puss fingers get caught in the roll. Grinders not switched off when there is a power failure, walks away and the power comes on...... man and many more it never ended. The skinny blacks worked the hardest , engineering was a tough game,
    Then you go to pick n pay and you see these big burly Xhosa Blacks packing chips and bread . Maybe we that work so hard are the suckers , one things for sure the more you know the more you have to do .

  23. justice seeker9:36 am

    once again mike hits nail on the head. I'm in IT and work with a kaffir who thinks he is so good at IT he went to do an international ms exam and failed o did i laugh fuck him trying to be clever...he irritates me but not much i can do any advice.

    1. Anonymous3:52 pm


      @justice seeker9:36 AM

      any advice...

      Sure get used to a slow, broken network and working with the virus everyday, AVG, Zone alarm,Norton, Kapersky, none of them can get of that virus.

      Best of luck!

    2. Anonymous4:51 am

      Advice eh?...
      Be all the whiteman you can be ;)
      Hurr Durr

    3. Anonymous9:44 am

      keep leaving sic packs lying around. Maybe they will ditch him for drinking on duty... mind you, he will probably get a promotion...

  24. Anonymous3:50 pm


    Oh Mike, Dear readers...

    On the same note.


    UK Theatre Awards: Paapa Essiedu wins for RSC's first black Hamlet


    Looks more like a Hutu holding a Tutsi skull! Perfect parrots. Took them long enough but cant write a piece of art nor ever has has, nor ever will.

  25. Science Confirms: Genes Determine Brain Size


  26. @Boere_Ninja 11:31 AM

    Deneys Reitz in his book BOER COMMANDO, he was a participant in the Second Boer War, was VERY skeptical, one might say even hostile to Siener van Rensburg, yet, as the good and decent Boer he was, an honourable man, he stated that a PROPHECY given in HIS presence by Rensburg CAME TRUE. That should be sufficient, I would think, for any reasonable person to look more closely at the prophecies this mystic gave.

    We must all fight to prevent such as this happening again:

    And it is the case in almost every White homeland, save for Eastern Europe.

    The gang that owns the mass media in the USA does not want the White Christians to know what is going on in the land their ancestors built, the similarities between RSA and USA are too stark to ignore.

  27. Anonymous9:34 am

    The zimbabweans have a 5 point higher IQ than south africans, despite the nordic races (Dutch German and French hugenoits) in south africa raising the standards...

    Ian douglas smith was a gift to the Zimboes because he edumacated them enough to be semi retards only... unlike us here,

    1. Anonymous12:36 pm

      SA blacks are the worst kind of creature on this planet bar none.

  28. Anonymous10:24 am

    I dont know why this Boer Ninja keeps harping on and on about Siener. BN has never read Sieners prophecies. Not 1 word. I can tell you that he has read Snyman's satanic version thereof.

    Everything he bleats about is Snyman. Not Siener. Snyman (Slyman) is a sly little devil who lied about a number of things. There was no race war that was triggered after mandelas death. And if you claim that we are already in that race war, I will tear my hair out, because watever the fuck war we are in right now did not start in december 2013.

    Slyman claimed that there will be only two national elections. Well its 5 and fucking counting....

    If you want to bleat about Siener, then go and fucking read SIENER's original dutch writings, not this kak that Slyman shat out and BN keeps on revomiting out.

    1. Anonymous12:35 pm

      Yeah OK, we get your point, now fuck off back to naspers and dictate your shit there herr stalin hitler.

  29. Anonymous12:48 am

    Ek pis my nat...

    Seriously, i read all this and i laugh.

    I watch the news and hose.

    See, the thing happening here is perfectly aligned with the munts culture of parking under the tree drinking beer.

    Thats all that a munt wants in the end, a few square meters of ground, some mielies and a few goats, a tree to park under while the meid does the work and his kids herd the goats till his daughter is old enough to sell for lobola.

    So varsities and hard work are alien to the munt.

    It confuses his mind.

    And a munt is confused by the west, like a indian magpie, who is attracted by shiny stuff, the munt is dazzeled by chrome cars, jewellery, cellphones and all that rich man stuff.

    so he heads to varsity, to get a degree, to land a job in some goverment department to get the money to spend on all this shiny stuff.

    But, then the munt must actually do 30% of the work and effort to get his degree....and we all know how much munts like work right?

    So what do we get "free" education demands... then "decolonised" education... then "adjusted" results....

    Why? so they get their "degree" and can get that job.

    So they kan have their hut in sandton, replace the mielies with woolies, and the goats with a benz...

    They still sell their daughters though...

    But, if they do get free education...and decolonisation...and all their demands are met...

    who will still have the power?

    The whites. why? cos whites (most) arent afraid of a bit of work.

    So dont get all worked up by all this.

    Dont laugh when they get protesting wrong.

    Help die fokkers in die graf in. Help hulle. Gee free education.

    en lag. Lag. Lag fokken lekker.