31 October 2016

Deputy Minister of terrorists Kebby Maphatsoe caught naked with his “blessee” skelmpie

By Mike
31st of October 2016

ANC MK terrorist veteran and currently Deputy Minister of Terrorists, Kebby Maphatsoe did not confirm nor deny that he is the naked man in the photo, reading the paper whilst his blessee is lying in bed watching him.

Deputy Minister of Defence and Military Veterans Kebby Maphatsoe says his family is traumatised by an uncensored picture purported to be of him standing stark naked in front of ‘yellow bone’ legs of an unknown female

What he did admit is that he has lost his arm when he was training to become a terrorist in the 1980’s. He also reckons he is a family man and a Christian. Go figure. A terrorist who kills innocent people, an MK deserter who held no rank in the organisation whilst in exile and an idiot who shags sluts on the side, calls himself a Christian.

The man who is the boss of the Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) who has looted millions from the organisation whilst true veterans live in poverty, calls himself a Christian.

The top brass of the Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans' Association (MKMVA) like Kebby Maphatsoeturned investment holdings into their personal piggy bank, using funds to pay for jewellery, spa treatments and school drama lessons, and to withdraw large , of cash before Christmas, a forensic report has alleged and he calls himself a Christian.

Of course Kebby Maphatsoe, the man who called the Public Protector a CIA spy, is a big Zuma supporter and is himself being supported by the Guptas

Who is Kebby Maphatsoe? Part One

Who is Kebby Maphatsoe? Part Two


  1. Anonymous8:42 am

    That's now a "yellow bone", that's a white female.

    1. Anonymous9:55 pm

      No thank goodness it's not a white. The 'yellow bone' effect is because the light from the window is shining in there.
      The photo may have also been lightened up as is often the case so that 'kebby can show up in the dark' so to speak.

  2. Anonymous8:46 am

    How do you pronounce that name - ma-fatso? Clearly a honey trap. So who set him up? (Not that I feel any sympathy for the ugly bastard.)

  3. Anonymous9:11 am

    You do manage to make me hate these things more and I thought that it was impossible to hate more than the way I hate.

    Thanking you.

  4. Anonymous9:17 am

    "Reading the newspaper"

    Just getting another whores phone number.

    (That picture is disgusting.)

    1. Believe the movie is on circuit.
      Their version of THE GRADUATE. Starring STOMPIE BO-EN-ONNER.

  5. Anonymous9:41 am

    lol. He does not have a penis.

    Maybe he needs to take some of that muti that is advertised a lot on the flyers that you see floating around black neighbourhoods

    1. Anonymous8:28 pm

      941 from what I read in the attachments here, he doesn't need a penis because it looks like he is a total dick.

  6. Anonymous10:16 am

    Ma-fat-soes days are also numbered when the angry mob gets their hands on him they will throw a tyre around his neck. Bring on the downgrade, and the burnings and the SAPS going on strike to protest against the protesters. When I left the SADF because of the integration of Mk and APLA, they all laughed at me, after all I was the one now without a job medical aid (SAMS in those days) and a pension. Well the screw has turned and the time is counting down.

  7. Have a heart you guys. This 'high ranking' cadre/veteran is physically unable to gooi a proper military salute.
    The best he can do....is to stay in shape cometh short-arms inspection. (Shooting blanks..by the look of things.)

  8. Anonymous2:20 pm

    What a disgusting bunch of racists on this site.our rainbow nation does'nt need all this negativity.

    1. Anonymous8:26 pm


      Kindly show us some positive in this fucking "rainbow nation"...

      Black and white colours don't exist in a rainbow.

    2. justice seeker10:13 pm

      white light is what makes the spectrum of the rainbow.....no black in a rainbow

    3. Anonymous10:26 pm

      @Anon 2:20PM

      It doesn't need Zuma and the ANC.

    4. Anon 2.20 -
      Go tell that to the boeretannie and new owner of Eugene T's (then) farm who was clubbed to death yesterday.
      Thus. Read my lips. Jou ma se......

    5. Which brings me to the point I've already mentioned:-
      Te veel sit met hul vinger in hul gat en wag vir nog n Siener gebeurlikheid om te realiseer ( en stry oor die uitleg daarvan ) - en vergeet van die njaffer wat deur die venster klim.

    6. Anonymous12:34 am

      Everything about this government is negative you dumb fucking doos and I am glad to be a racist. Go fuck yourself.

    7. Anonymous4:36 am

      @Daniel Maartens
      We would prefer to read the actual report rather than your lips
      Why so lazy ?
      In any case according to article person was killed with stones and a garden fork


      WHY -- just about every farm problem has to do with a previously employed
      Are the "boere" still so completely DOF ?
      They must all be zombies living in a fools paradise. AND LAZY !

    8. Anon 4:36 aka o'll Bluegums -
      If your inference is drawn due/because of remenerution disputes...how come Tokyo Sexwale ( worth 16.7 billion in 2012 ) pays his workers on his Bloemendal farm R126 pd and a WOW bonus of 2x free chickens a week ( nogal ) - but funny enough...never gets stoned or 'fork-lifted'?
      I need no reply cause the answer is simple:
      a) She's white.
      b) Single & defenceless.
      c) More often Afrikaans speaking.
      For the rest of your ad hominems ( lazy dof boere ) - gat vat n stoepkak...rob your muwwah's social grant...en gaan fornikeer met jou ouma innie voorkamer.

    9. The laziness of whites came up frequently on South Africa Sucks. It was generally agreed that you should wash your own socks and clean your own toilet, otherwise, if you found yourself being burned with an iron while tied up with electrical cord, you had no-one to blame but yourself. But this is a farm. Different story.

    10. Stephen9:16 am

      Kaffir 2:20 , funny you should say that

      That's exactly what we say when we get to town in the morning ..''what a disgusting bunch of kaffirs! ''

      And you useless lot are the ones not needed , oh you need us believe me , the fact that your reading on-line proofs that , you kaffirs didn't even make a washing-line

      Yes I know , its because you don't wash animal-skins , why would you need a line .

    11. Anonymous11:43 am

      220. What do you say when you hear " fuck the whites" " kill the Boer" "one settler one bullet" " white monopoly capitalists" ?

      What do you feel when you see whites hacked to death and bludgeoned to a pulp and gutted in the farm murders and home invasions?

      What do you say when whites are victimized because they are naturally superior to blacks and cannot help it but want to keep high standards and improve living conditions for everybody and the blacks just abuse the efforts that these whites put into making something better?

      I suppose that is not racist in your sight, I suppose you believe it is your entitlement and your right to do those things. There is a wake up call for you, who ever you are. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, you bipeds think that you're the only things to do nasties well I have news for you, some of us will not allow you to get away with the shit that you think is your entitlement and your right.

      You see we are not blind or stupid, you think we are but I am letting you into a little secret, we are not. We never during apartheid treated you badly until your greedy, murderous and terrorist excuses for leaders started their shit, then we gave what was necessary but we never once stalked around at night murdering the innocent blacks and threatening them and trying to intimidate them.

      So do yourself a favour take that forest out of your eyes and try be objective, I know its hard for you but if you get it right you might just enjoy the insight and be able to remove your pip from your arse.

    12. Anonymous12:23 pm

      220. Does it not disgust you that your leaders steal from the very people that through faith voted them into power, are you not disgusted by the fact that you are lied to and cheated by those you trust?

      I suppose not if your 220 comment is anything to go by. A rainbow by the way is a symbol of cleanliness and the passing of a storm, the New South Africa is definitely not clean, its is full of corruption and filth and the storm that your leaders started back in the days seem to only be reaching its peak now, so stop the illusion and admit the truth, this is not a rainbow nation it is merely a name given to a cess pit ruled by a bunch of criminals hoping to be able to hoodwink the stupid liberals that will buy into any shit if will make them feel better.

    13. Anonymous12:13 am

      @Daniel Maartens
      Your muwwah needs to wash out your mouth with soap
      Did she not teach you any manners ?
      Learn to read -- carefully so that you actually understand the message.

  9. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Captain Hook is obviously the same as all the other baboons in Africa. Shagging everything that moves.And thanks for the photo.Now its imprinted in my brain....siesa man

  10. Sorry, but this tired husk of a man is just virtue signalling when he says he is a Christian. Or maybe has caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and can sense approaching doom. Come to think of it, that's pretty much how I feel these days on the rare occasions that I shave and have to look at myself, but the reason I don't call myself a Christian or think of myself as good is because I have realised that the really good people don't even think about it, let alone parade it publicly. They certainly don't think of themselves as good. The really good people are almost invisible. They are the hard-working nurses who clean up other people's sick and piss, for example. Or the street sweepers who try that little bit harder even though no-one is looking or cares.

  11. Anonymous9:14 am

    Malema said he does not want white police present tomorrow during their protest. Police are ordered to carry R5's tomorrow...


    1. Anonymous11:43 am

      R5 Coins? Why? TO catch a taxi out of dodge?

    2. Anonymous12:37 pm

      Holy shit! I never thought I'd ever have anything in common with juliarse!
      The last time whites tried to stop the anc from murdering their 'fellow' blacks was with the Internal Stability Unit, remember them? A conscription within a conscription.
      Even then the anc managed to murder 30 000 blacks.
      A crime, I might add, which no one was ever charged for.
      Good juliarse, good, let the anc scum do what its best at, killing blacks.
      This time no help from yt.

    3. Anonymous2:38 pm


  12. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Mike, the support of Christianity amongst the native tribes is merely another form of cargo cult syndrome. Their only true religion is the superstitious belief in forefather spirits and Tokeloshe's.

  13. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Ish hade sir