15 October 2016

Decolonising science in Africa

By Mike Smith
15th of October 2016

UCT’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Max Price, the libtard responsible for keeping white students out of UCT and filling it up with poo-flinging simian bi-peds, got his just deserts yesterday when he was encircled by his beloved Nobel Savages, called a “White Settler” and punched twice in front of the useless police who did nothing but escort him away.

UCT Vice-chancellor punched by protestors

Couldn’t happen to a better man.

Of course these black academic wannabees demand that UCT be decolonized and that Science Must Fall

Said the one Sheboon, “Science as a whole is a product of western modernity and the whole thing should be scratched off. Especially in Africa “

And further, “I have a question for all the science people. There is a place in KZN called Umhlab'uyalingana. They believe that through the magic‚ you call it black magic‚ they call it witchcraft‚ you are able to send lightening to strike someone. Can you explain that scientifically because it's something that happens?”

Now I don’t know how she intends to “Scratch off” science, because even if there is not a single white person left in the entire Africa, science will still be there. The laws of nature do not simply disappear. She has a dig at Newton, but Newton did not invent the laws of nature or gravity. He merely discovered some of it or identified it and explained it.

What I cannot understand is how she intends to make Science Fall if she does away with gravity?

BTW “Umhlab'uyalingana” is a rural area in Northern Natal which means “Flat Land” in Zulu. Maybe she believes that the earth is indeed flat. The ultimate question nobody is asking is this: “What the fuck is she doing at university?”


  1. Anonymous1:17 am

    Niggers are incapable of abstract thought. Many folks in the US are calling for repatriation of our niggers back to Africa.

    1. PreatorianXVI4:58 am

      Kaffirs in Africa don't want them back either...

      Set that ship a sail, let it Dock and send them to Liberia...

    2. Anonymous5:10 am

      No fuck! Don't send them here we have our hands full as it is.

      Unless you sink the ship midway...

    3. Anonymous1:20 am

      Where are zee German U-Boats when you really need them to clean shit-skins sailing from the USA and Europe back to "de-colonized" dark aids infested hungry Efrica?

      Preatorian is right, just drop 'em off in Liberia. They'll fit right in. Once Liberia is full send the rest to the Niger Delta where these entitled things originated from and make them swim the last 100 kms.

    4. Anonymous12:54 pm

      Germans want them in Germany... The do Not want white people in their country


      Germans love the blacks and arabs and hate their own kith and kin... That is why whites are swat teamed if they complain about the rapefugees whilest shutting the door on Ukrainians.

      WHY the fuck do we care about shitty Germany? Do you really believe that the Germans are going to come to your rescue like Boere mall ninja thinks they will?

      Fuuuuuck. Get it through your thick heads. There is a war being wages against HUMANITY by satan who wants to destroy humans and it is pitting us against each other and Germany and the USA have both been hijacked by the satanic elite and their citizens are willing participants.

      Fuck the west. They were ready to launch an invasion into south africa if we did not hand the country over to the terrorists... Fuggem.

    5. Anonymous4:37 am


      @Anonymous12:54 PM

      If you think Europe & Germany are going to carry on like they have, then you are thick.

      The people, the whites are rioting now world wide.

      The Germans will have a leader stand up again, its gaining momentum.

      And YES I KNOW they will be assisting us here in the end.

      Dont lose faith! Dont rely on other nations, rather put your faith in the Lord.

      The beginning of wisdom is to fear the Lord.

      Nothing that these satanic NWO organizations can do will ever hinder his plans.

  2. Whiteman1:54 am

    Mike, you have severely traumatised the libturds, AGAIN ! They dont like to see and hear these embarasing truths, and realities. Remember, they said the poor black people must just get propper education, and heaven will decend on us ? ? Now the average nignog, does have some logic. He/she looks at zuma, and rightly asks, if he can become president, with standard ( ? ? ), why must I suffer with this whitemans colonial bullshit education. So let us destroy these universities, because they are undermining our superior African culture. Pitty I could not follow all that was said on the clip. I need subtitles to understand what these creatures say. The African-Oxford-English, is unfortunately too diffycult for me to understand ! ( And I am fully bilingual ! )

    1. Anonymous6:27 am


      Funny how that thing has these specific type of views on de-colonisation, speaking in the exact same language that colonised this God-forsaken(lately) piece of land

  3. Anonymous1:55 am

    This is way beyond ludicrous. That very example is why university is reserved for intelligent people.

    They think other people should pay for them to get "quality free decolonized education" and this is the best they can come up with?

    I cannot believe these universities are even entertaining these cunts, it looks like Noddy and Big Ears kindergarten for under 5 years of age.

    Get Robben Island back in function and send them there, they can play with their faeces while everyone else enjoys the fruits of science.

  4. Anonymous1:57 am


    Some common sense for a change.

  5. Anonymous2:07 am

    Then Laura Shortridge,probably a LWB also had to lay her rotten egg.White men seems to be the thorn in the flesh of libtards.

    1. Anonymous10:04 am

      Daardie Teef moet DOOD!

    2. Anonymous12:34 pm

      I nearly vomitted from laughing after i read that ignorant little twat's rubbish on that news media site that is renowned for posting grade 2 quality blogs and opinions. Probable had a BBC lolipop while she dreamed up that cuckoo land kak.

    3. Anonymous2:22 pm

      anon 10:04 is that afrikaans that you are typing? or the Boer version of MiXSHIT...

    4. Anonymous1:13 am

      Anon 222 it's legit. It's beautiful. It's poetry. It's the future of all libshits.

  6. Anonymous2:22 am

    I can't believe that whites were actually there listening to this load of bollocks.

    This stupid sheboon is a hypocrite because she (and many others) would refuse to "scratch off" many inventions e.g cars, mobile phones, computers, televisions, kitchen appliances, cash machines etc.

    Kaffirs never think things through before they speak.

    1. Anonymous5:21 am

      Don't forget the braid making machine for their wigs / hair.

  7. Anonymous3:07 am

    Good. While they are at it they must give back the wheel because it is not an African invention, nor is any form of transport. They must give up their tv, western furniture, western buildings - which they burn down to show their disapproval - and no western health care, they can go back to the sangoma in the kraal. They had homelands before where they could practice their own African knowledge undisturbed.

    1. Mr Mister4:42 am

      They can start with their clothes on their backs, their smart phones and all those other things the evil white man invented, otherwise they are committing cultural appropriation, which I believe is in a sin in their tiny world view.

    2. Anonymous1:27 am

      @Anon 3:07AM

      African knowledge. ROFL.

  8. Hi Mike how can I sent you 2 pics that you might find interesting?

    1. uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

  9. Anonymous4:01 am

    The Kaffir free stuff generation that have grown up since 94 have been told that they are wonderful and excellent, obviously at the expense of pushing down whites of the same generation. But they have failed even tho whites who have had to compete handicapped by Bee and AA and have still come up on top of their class. So now the only option left to the kaffir free stuff generation, is to burn and destroy, the latest degenerate thinking is to reject Western science because Kaffir wichcraft makes more sense to them than scientific formulas, such as Newton's, Boyle's etc.
    Well to me this is good news as they, (the Kaffir) is only being true to his nature being guided by his inward compass to return to a lifestyle of primitive tribalism, where all life's problems, solutions and answers can be discovered by the throwing of a few bones onto a cow shit smeared floor.
    Well the time is fast approaching where we as whites will use all the sciences of our Western culture, ballistic coefficiency the very first that comes to mind, and push these savages away.

  10. Anonymous4:11 am

    The fact this crap is being spoken about shows that the stupid fucks will make more headway than those against it.White people are too decent,afraid of being called racist or whatever so everything is always PC.These not so stupid fucks have found the cracks and bend the rules to nigarize everything.They have found our decency is our achilles heal.Think it is time to stop thinking they are stupid kaffirs but rather clever kaffirs then maybe we can return
    a few.Never argue with stupid cunts,they will bring you down to there level and beat you with experience.

    1. Anonymous8:50 am

      archilles's what?

    2. Anonymous8:53 pm

      Anon 850. don't be a doos, everyone knows what anon 4.11 is saying.

    3. Anonymous1:23 am

      @Anon 8:50AM

      Heal or heel doesn't matter. Anon 8:53 is right, we all know what Anon 4:11 means. Let's stay focused on this damn kaffir problem.

    4. Anonymous2:00 am

      8:53 ... What are we healing? a wound?

    5. Anonymous12:38 pm

      Anonny 8:50

      "Archiles's what?"

      Archiles??? Seriously?

      Sometimes you should just STFU.

  11. Anonymous4:25 am

    The other questions people should be asking is,

    Where do these pekkies think they will work with their decolonized education diplomas?

    How would the decolonized curriculum of mechanical engineering compare to the current curriculum?

    What will a decolonized diploma be worth?

    How would you prove you even have a diploma when paper and printers are a part of science?

    Wit mense het slim goede gemaak.

  12. Anonymous4:28 am


    When I heard Max got klaped the other day, man it made my day. These liberals are all going to wake up from their comas very soon.

    I am surprised they have been able to bullshit themselves this long.

    The Karasite should never been educated. If a nation or nations cannot educate themselves after 5,000 years, then there is no hope for them.

    We all know education in a karasites hands is like a Swine eating cavear - they will never appreciate it. We know if we left education in their hands for 50 years and came back, they would be back in the bush and the schools abandoned.

    There is only 1 and but 1 solution for the Karasite. Chase it back North. All these liberals are going to wake up en masse in the coming week/months. NOT YEARS...months.

    You take one look at that Max price & you know you are dealing with a little liberal. Moffie! I know moffs with more balls than him. These are the same Apartheid apologetic`s.

    Let them eat their vomit BASTARDS!

    Chase them out with the parasite.

  13. Anonymous6:14 am

    I work for an insurane company and we went to one of the Univaristies to do an assessment.
    Yussis guys you have never seen so much broken glass in your life.
    I think this is SAs kristallnacht moment because what we are seeing now is just the mildest of things, the precursor to the main event if you will.
    I'm talking about the national elections.
    Mike just did a post about the leftist academics leaving a canary in the coal mine event for sure.
    Anyway just my 2 cents worth.
    Ps. get more ammo.

    1. Anonymous8:52 am

      Cannot argue with the ammo advice. Constantly looking out for specials in shops.

  14. Anonymous6:18 am

    I truly don't know what do you stand to benefit from being so racist. If you dislike black, pack your bags and fucvvkin' leave a black man's continent in peace than making all those silly diatribes.

    1. Racist? What is your definition of "racist"? Please tell me Kaffir, so I can show you by your own definition that you are the biggest fucking racists on this planet.

      Since when is this your continent? Just because a monkey is born in Africa doesn't make Africa a monkey's continent. The Bible calls you "uncrowned beasts of the field"...look at your peppercorn head and see if you have a crown. That is what you are in my eyes. Just a fucking destructive, poo-flinging, university burning baboon sideshow in a country that I and my forefathers built.

      Tell me...what have you and your forefathers contributed to this country apart from a source of cheap labour? And you want me to leave? You want me to leave the country of my birth? Fuck off! Whites are hard working productive people. Why do you want them to leave? Is it because they hold a mirror up to you? Is it because you don’t like what you see in that mirror and instead of improving yourself you want to destroy the mirror and destroy the person holding the mirror up to you?

      Let us do a hypothetical exercise…Let us just say that all the whites eventually pack up and leave SA…How is that going to improve YOU? Will you be better off? Better people? Here is the reality Sparky; Even if all the whites leave, it won’t change you one iota. You will still be Kaffirs and you will still behave like Kaffirs.

      So here is my suggestion. Why don’t you leave SA? You don’t like to live in this civilized, racist white country so leave and go across the Limpopo border and go live amongst your brethren in their Socialist paradise of Zimbabwe. Go over Komatipoort and live in the Socialist paradise of Mozambique.

      There it is full of uncivilized Kaffirs just like you. Go on…Suka. Hamba wena. We don’t want you here in our country.

    2. Anonymous10:17 am

      Yeah you tell him Mike.

      Hey anon 6:18 you raysist get the fuck out of my white country you black fuck!

    3. Anonymous10:40 am

      @anon 6:18 AM (That's time...)

      Racist = Truth...

      Sad but true.

    4. Michael Dean Miller1:35 pm


      If all humanity originated in Africa, then Whites have legitimate claim.

      Go Orania!


    5. Anonymous2:00 pm

      6:18 AM

      'Science must fall'

      You are a fucking idiot and a joke to humanity.

    6. Anonymous1:06 am

      @Anon 6:18AM

      "black man's continent"

      Why don't you tell the North Africans to leave too you daft cunt?

    7. Anonymous4:26 am


      In the end, there will be just one Karasite left...

      In an underground museum, behind thick glass with a before/after pic - before the white man in the bush with its animal skins AFTER in a suit but a monkey non the less.

      Oh the day will come, its now fast approaching. Karasite, Karasite, do what you must but you will no longer be living in Southern Africa in the foreseeable future.

    8. Oh this article hurt so much you had to comment. Truth is racism, truth is that mirror. They just cant handle it.

      Who named Africa Africa and who named blacks Africans. A stupid white man did and now these things try to do math.

      Africa + African = country belongs to blacks. Fuck the karasites are pathetic.

    9. Anonymous12:41 pm

      jeeez, there goes ninja again promoting eugenics and racially cleansing. George Soros will be proud of you...

    10. Anonymous6:55 pm

      Mike racist like you deserve to be killed mercilessly and be headed while at the same time penetrated in his asss with a red hot rod. You bloody fuvkin racist, I will fuvk you mudafucker. You bloody redneck.

    11. @Anon. 6:55 PM....Oooh I am really quacking in my boots now. I would love to see you try.

    12. JP.... you hear this thing. He is having fantasies about testing his penis on Mike and molesting him with a hotrod.

      Mike.. bonobo shows us exactly why we need to be racist.

      You remember a couple of years ago they used to have these late night softporn comercials and films on ETV and had to take it down because these got the ape must rape sickness.

    13. Anonymous9:06 pm

      ha ha ha!!! check how the wetsuit try to speak the US of A slang...to cute

    14. Anonymous2:27 am

      @Anon 6:55PM

      Spoken like a true farm murdering savage.

    15. @ Dony 8:59

      I hear you Brother. I will speak for myself and say, yes, I simply want to get rid of them. No weird fantasy torture shit. Just blow them away as quick as possible.

      Shows you, this one has access to a computer so is presumably 'well to do' compared to his compatriot bush kaffirs out in the sticks.

      These things are sick. Now that they 'speak' our languages we can get a glimpse of what they are saying before it happens.

      Sick fucks. And YES!!!! They will do this to you and your family, they will make it as painful as possible.

      No quarter asked, none given Dony.

    16. Anonymous6:43 am

      You must be fuvked hard before your wife you sucker. You need a real strong Nigerian man to blaksem and fuvk you with his pitch black tollie so that after the ordeal you will never want anything to do with Africa you bloody redneck.

    17. Here you go my black friend..


      It's a book I want to deliver for you, as I really want to help you. Don't mind my friends on the blog, they can be really nasty towards black people.

      Just reply with your address and my good liberal mate JP Viljoen will deliver it for you. He might bring a friend along..

    18. Anonymous9:19 am

      Ok, Anon 6:43 YOu are worse than ninja Boer now. At least he doesnt rape black women in front of black men. Don't make me go join the eugenics weirdo whites now.

    19. Anonymous11:11 am

      @Anon 6:43AM

      If that shit ever happens make sure you find a way off this planet.

  15. Anonymous6:35 am

    Perhaps we need another Marikana on these 'student' 'protesters'.

    It would kill two birds with one stone, discredit the Zuma regime and wipe these idiots out.

    1. Anonymous2:21 pm

      Boere ninja? Is that you? You sound worse than the wahabists..

    2. Anonymous4:29 am


      @Anonymous2:21 PM

      No dick head!

      See people are waking up! The days of the white man being soft are long gone, what we see emerge from the dust & ashes of the new South Africa is the same white man who conquered the world.

      Not afraid to say it how it is and in the end, not afraid to do what needs to be done - I.E wipe all these fucking things off this continent.

      Why is it you call us extremists or nuts but you dont say anything about the thousands of whites who have been murdered in this country - On whos side do you fight or are you sitting on the fence?

      Grow a pair of balls, make a choice.

    3. Anonymous9:22 am

      never called you nuts or extremeists. Called you a eugenics weirdo. I can accept if you kill in self defence, but to call on the policies of George Soros as your solution? Jeez come on dude.

      Remember, Soros ordered Mbeki to inflict all this globalist pain on us. From Fluoride in the water, to the dumbing of the "edumacation" system, to the welfare state, to the arms scandal. To the DSO, to the asset forfeiture unit, the Firearms control act that treats us gun owners like registered sex offenders. And countless other globalist agendas like vaccines.

      Dont be like Mbeki or Soros. Dude, come back to the land of the righteous.

  16. Anonymous7:32 am

    Sheeboon has just confirmed that Science and Maths (probably) is just not for the Blackman and will never be , shows what the she is actually made for , a Breeding Machine, like I said before each Creature on this Planet has a purpose , in the animal kingdom is the food chain , sheeboon is here for one reason only to eat , shlt and BREED, and of course make Trouble for those seeing it a different way. And man there are Millions of these.

    1. Anonymous10:31 am

      Floppies claim they are oppressed blah blah...

      Where does one find a species that multiplies in such vast numbers under oppression?

      Name one other one!

    2. Anonymous2:19 pm

      The Zulus deny being oppressed under apartheid...

      It is these other weak tribes that whine like little triglipuff Social Justice warriors.


    3. I just read an article on Praag where they say that negro numbers all over Africa were dimishing due to natural càuses in a study in the 1800's.

      Only negro slaves under white rule were multiplying.

      One must thus assume that mother nature was busy rejecting this parasitic ofshoot of evolution before the white man interveined.

      They need to go.

    4. Anonymous4:33 am


      @Donycero8:41 PM

      Of course Boet! without the assistance of any nation, mother nature deals with this karasite.

      Malaria didnt just pop up here for no reason, even mother nature knows you have to clean this thing up.

      If you let this virus gain in population - its the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

  17. Anonymous7:38 am

    Whats next to be de colonized, marhematics. This jungle bunny does not even fathom what modern science has done for the world. Icredible people like Newton, EInstein, Marconi, Archimedes, Pythagoras just to name a few developed the foundations for modern science. This is the dumbing down of the youth in progress by communists, we have to do smething and fast.

  18. Anonymous7:54 am

    Hey I loathe these guys religion, but one has to give them credit for mastering the art of gravity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNaEgn8kWfw

  19. Anonymous8:35 am


    Dunno if I understood this story correctly. But it seems this woman needed books from a USA institution to complete her studies.
    And then complains about it being all about America.
    Surely if she wanted, she could have enrolled into a more African institution. Maybe one in Uganda, for example.
    There she could have learnt all the inventions black people have made. Like the spear they invented 2000 years ago, and still use it today. Much the same for the mud hut. Although I must admit they have evolved to a tin shack over the past few years. All around white towns. Like a parasite looking for a host.
    But tin is a white man's invention.
    Arrrggg.... this is too complicated.


    1. The thing is far away with the faries. Turquoise hair...I mean...How can anybody take this stupid kid seriously? Just ignore. Nothing to see here.

    2. Anonymous1:59 pm

      Problem here is that the kid gets top billing if it promotes the NWO or anything that helps the NWO.

    3. mike smith send me your e-mail adress so that I can send you advice on how students can escape these fucking kaffirs and study in Germany for free.

    4. uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

    5. Anonymous12:38 pm

      Germany does not want white refugees. Only muzzie ones.

  20. Anonymous10:13 am

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why the common pavement ape will amount to nothing. Ever.

    1. Anonymous2:29 pm

      I prefer the term "stoepkakkertjie"

      That is what Julias Malema is ... a porch handbag dog that yaps and yaps and yaps and shits himself when a real war breaks out.

    2. Whiteman3:41 am

      Never underestimate your enemy ! Julius is not our only problem, but rather the millions who support him. Just take the Marikana incident. How scared and " useless, " were those nignogs, who stormed the police ? Knowing full well, that they were totally out gunned. Now you may say, the witchdoctor said they would be invincible, after drinking " crocodile piss " etc. Just remember, when they storm your white suburb, there will be NO police. And your neighbour, who thinks you are a doos, for whatever reason, will NOT help you. Plan for the worse case scenario, and you might live !

    3. Anonymous12:38 pm

      My plan is to escape to the garden route and squat there and live off my supplies until I can get my shit together.

  21. Anonymous11:08 am

    What possible value can a contemporary degree from any SA university carry?

  22. Anonymous11:43 am


  23. Anonymous11:43 am


  24. Anonymous1:04 pm

    You can take the kaffir out the bush but you cant take the bush out the kaffir.the only reasonable solution is to irradicate them all/chase them back to central Africa

  25. Anonymous1:06 pm

    F = M x A
    E = M x c^2
    the Higgs Boson
    general relativity

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how the fuck do you decolonise the above? Lets start with that ignorant little girl from n24. Then we move up to that champion idiot from the youtube clip. Let us see that if she understands the first equation describes the force she feels pulling her fat ass down to earth (the earth pushing her back as per one of Newton's laws). The second equation describes the relationship between mass and energy, the thermal radiation she feels when toy toying in the hot sun a good example. Let us also see if these idiots can figure out the significance between mass and the Higgs Boson, and c^2 and general relativity. Honestly, these idiots must just shut the fuck up and rather enjoy the shiny trinkets resulting from the science they so hate, they are totally out of their depth.

  26. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Do not spread your pearls amongst the swine.

    Remember Weenen

    1. Anonymous4:30 am


      So true!

  27. Anonymous1:18 pm

    i like the idea of de-colonising sceince in africa, that means no more modern medicine and controls which caused the unnatural exponential population explosion. Nature can balance itself again with malaria, Ebola, anthrax and other natural population controls.

    1. Anonymous12:36 pm

      ag neeeeee fok man... not another eugenics weirdo...

    2. Genocide, eugenics. Die goed is nie mense nie. Jy klink al hoe meer na n kafferboetie.

      Globalist agenda is not to destroy bonobo. It is to destroy white man.

    3. Anonymous8:50 pm

      Ag neee fok man...not another multi-kulti we all live happily ever after pipe dream dumb-fuck...

    4. Anonymous9:09 pm

      i am talking about pure population numbers doos.

  28. Anonymous2:07 pm

    As usual, these idiots, like the ANC, are discrediting and destroying themselves without anyone else having to lift a finger.

    It just goes to show what level of idiocy we are dealing with.

    1. Anonymous1:38 am

      What does a racist have to do to prove his point? ... Nothing

  29. Willem Wikkelspies2:16 pm

    Kaffirs no matter how supposedly educated remain as thick as pigshit. Sure she may have learnt to speak english but with a lonely braincell will simply continue to shit on her front doorstep but blame colonialism for the stink . Mike where is that pic of a chimp saying "stop blaming me nigger." Someone needs to send it to this sub simian parastic biped and her retardus velcrocapitus species given that she can read and speak english

  30. Daars net 1 tipe medisyne vir so n arrogante klein kaffir-my(t)..

    Die PK;


    1. Anonymous11:42 pm

      2 tipes Donny
      moenie die sjambok vergeet nie

    2. Ek het so n boom agter op my plot waar jy n ding kan vas maak vir n paar dae met n kla gegroude gat net langsaan waar ek nou nuwe struike plant.

      Niemand sal niks weet nie.

  31. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Mike that was unbelievably painful to watch. My heart goes out to the girl sitting next to the one standing. The look on her face speaks for itself.
    Its their unbelievable self belief that defies logic. That meid is actually saying that Newton was a poepol because he saw a apple fall from the tree and decided thats how gravity works. Surely this video is evidence enough to be taken to the UN as a argument for a Volkstaat.

    1. Anonymous11:44 pm

      someone must demonstrate to her how Newton's laws affect the trajectory of a high velocity bullet.

    2. Anonymous3:05 am

      Anon 3.49. They are libtards and chose to be part of their senseless meeting.

  32. Anonymous4:23 pm


  33. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Just another monkey that needs to go back to the bush.deconilization?we've been having it!and leave your weave behind ousie.

    1. The bush dont want them either. Total wipeout required.

  34. Anonymous8:56 pm


    Its official their success is measured by fucking things up.

    1. Anonymous11:47 pm

      their ill gottn gains (stolen tax money from whites) is safely stashed away in overseas accounts. the rand drops and these cunts make big bucks. But i doubt if they will live long enough to enjoy it.

    2. I was talking to one of these things the other day and she said thats the difference between you white folks and us.

      You teach your children to take over your businesses. We teach our children to party when we have money and that is why our money and businesses dont last.

      You see they can steel all the money they want. It wont last and they cant make it grow.

    3. Anonymous4:30 am


      @Donycero5:23 AM
      Rather you talk to them than me but always interesting to see whats going on in those wooden helmets of theirs.

      Planning & Karasites just dont go.

      The word planning and forward thinking just dont exist in their brains because the concept of time has never been in their brains - we saw it when we arrived here.

      If it had changed, by now 40-50 years of Independence in Africa would have yielded the richest nations on earth when you consider how fertile and mineral rich those nations are.

      If people compare Japan that imports 99% of all its material to be one of the largest exporters in the world - then one must really think. Japan lost 50%+ of its men after WW2 but within 25 years was one of the richest nations on Earth and a huge exporter.

      Africans handed everything, billions, aid, but nothing - not even one prosperous African nation.

      The best thing our education will have done, is prove that there is no hope for them. Like a sick animal thats still in pain, no matter what you do for it, no matter how you try to restore it, in the end there is only one solution for these things.

      When everything they do is evil, murder, corruption, slander, mocking, lying, conniving, then one must surly come to the conclusion that this is Satan or his off spring.

      The Lord makes everything perfect yet this thing cannot feed, educate, uplift, or improve itself without the assistance of other nations.

      You will know them by their deeds!

      Hand it anything that functions and they destroy it. If this was a Lord of the rings film, we know without a doubt these things are those Orks.

      This is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Its walking on two legs like us but everything it touches it destroys. The spawn of Satan.

      There is nothing more destructive than a Karasite.

      Even when there is a museum one day, if you have one there, you will need a thick, solid, 20 inch glass window to make sure it doesnt destroy something - Nothing they do shocks me anymore regarding this thing.

  35. Anonymous9:18 pm

    More than 5000 comments on youtube.

    How embarrassing. The whole world agrees, she is a fucking idiot.

  36. Anonymous11:29 pm

    The chimp out saga continues.....brace yourselves, the dark forces are gathering momentum.


    1. Anonymous9:08 am


      Yes, its playing out like I mentioned.

      When the ANC sees their support shrink, watch their full scale terrorist tactics come out in full force - this is what we are seeing & we will see the stealing of everything reach new heights.

      This time though, they will battle blacks & whites.

      Like Mike mentioned, this is going to be one of the most complicated revolutions. Revolutions within revolutions.

      A revolution for control of the country.
      A revolution among the black political parties.
      A revolution against the whites.
      A revolution between the liberal & the righteous whites.
      A revolution among the tribes.
      A revolution to see which international organization will control SA.

      Too complicated for your over seas dof kops but those who know who is who on the ground can quickly see where this is going.

      That rally is not for Zuma but the power sharing or power control that the Zulus have in this country. They see an attack on him as a personal attack on them.

      I would not be surprised if Malema or someone high up gets killed in the coming months. Many political assassinations going to pick up now.

      Its like 1990 - 1994 all over again and even on the international stage. Its picked up from where it ended.

      Now it is going to pick up speed here.

      The downgrades will simply be adding fuel to the fire.

    2. Anonymous12:29 pm


      This is the first Ninja Boer Post where you aren't promoting genocide or eugenics or the globalist's agenda to exterminate humans...

      I am impressed.

    3. You call these things human?

    4. Anon 12:29 - BN isn't "promoting" genocide. He, like we others of same ilk, are promising it. It is the only solution or don't you agree?

      What else do you suggest, if you don't agree? What other avenues would you suggest there are left to explore?

      Come on, wise guy, give us the benefit of your infinite wisdom?

    5. Anonymous4:19 am


      @Anonymous12:29 PM

      By the time the white tents are up, the millions of Europeans streaming into this country.

      I dont want a single Karasite in this country. Like Donycero says "you call these things human" - then you might as well go give a baboon a shot and marry one.

      No! By the time the tents arrive, we have to inspect everyone living in those tents gums & hair -- only whites in Southern African then the racism will stop.

      Those who dont fit the profile, ship em to the Brits or Aussies.

      The Cape`ees, lets see what they do during the revolution and where they stand and then we make a decision.

      But only whites! And if you think thats racist, thats your inferiority complex. Racism doesnt exist when a country is all white.

      Check your history book.

      Stay tuned, you will be further impressed when it happens.

  37. Anonymous1:06 am

    Max Price should have his face bashed in and old Alister Sparks must be celebrating underground with his Saint(Mandela) may you burn in Hell Mr Libertard Sparks with your ANC buddies who have passed on into the next life.

  38. Anonymous1:26 am

    My brain hurts when watching the video...dear heavens can someone please give her n mop and a skroplap...but I dont think she will even be good at that.They fuck up everything!

    1. Anonymous9:09 am


      @Anonymous1:26 AM

      A mop? No boet, the mop will go missing, get stolen or used to kill something. They cant even be trusted with a mop.

      Only one thing for this thing - get rid of them.

    2. Anonymous8:26 pm

      @Anon 1:26AM

      Give her a mop? She is a mop. Just turn her upside down.

  39. Anonymous3:51 am


    1. Anonymous1:38 pm

      Check the comments on that news.iafrica story.

  40. Whiteman6:34 am

    One thing is for sure, if Trump wins this election, he will TRULY be the choice of the majority ! Because the odds are truly against him, on ALL fronts. This last debate, in the comming week, is going to be reality TV like we have never seen before. Looks like the women are now competing with one another. Who got the most kisses, gropes, compliments etc, from Trump. What about a bumper sticker : # Did Donald kiss/grope you today ?

    1. Anonymous9:13 am


      @Whiteman6:34 AM

      But the media is relentless with their anti Trump rhetoric. They are doing everything in their power, them, Hollywood scum to make sure he doesnt come in.

      If he is elected, that will be a miracle but saying that, I think more and more people are awake to the MSM and their lies - People do not trust all their bullshit stories like before.

      I really hope he is elected. But can anyone trust a politician? Who controls the politicians?

      Hillary will support this lot here, Trump I think would be more reasonable and a better choice for us but again, lets see.

      I think he will still win despite all the negative press. Few more wikileaks, few more bomb attacks or terrorist attacks and perhaps he could win.

    2. Shouldn't a red light go up for that fact that they never complained before? They are complaining now at this crucial moment about something that happened years ago and which was never mentioned before. They also never laid any civil or criminal chargers against Trump. It is clear that these women are lying and have a hidden agenda to discredit the Donald.
      May they burn in hell of ever and ever...

    3. Agreed, Phoenix, the sluts are only seeking their 15 seconds of fame. If it ever happened they loved it at the time. Fucking whores!

  41. Was hilarious when Zille was sworn at, even more hilarious mr price got smacked.
    I praise the destruction the darkies are doing, we should urge them on. Open more libtards minds. But at the same time, it is sad how much whites can take and still be silent about these issues other than online platforms.
    As Boere Ninja mentions, the only way is Total Eradication of these dumb zots and their Marxist helpers.

  42. Perhaps the boer students should come study in Germany. The education here is free , you only pay 120euros every 6 months for the public transport ticket which allows one to use all public transport(bus, underground rail etc) and maybe a once off fee of 50euro for registration. Students can work for rent and medical aid which is about 380euro a month. There are enough jobs at mcdonalds and kfc or factory work. The students spend 1 to 2 years learning German before going to university and the visas are garunteed student visas, no problems, believe me because I have studied here in Germany for 8 years from bachelor to masters and then phd, even doing work experience in German companies. That way they can study from bachelors degree, masters degree and phd without worrying about these stupid kaffirs. The only thing the boere need to worry about is getting good metric results and money for the air ticket one way ticket, dont worry about anything else. Even before the students arrive in Germany accomodation will be sorted becaused in every city there are student dormitaries where students from foreign countries will get a room for 5 years that is very close to the university.

    If you need advice contact me and I will send you the web links to the universities and student domitories and then you can read for yourselves how it all works. Forget about the kaffirs, dont worry about these stupid kaffirs, let the dumb kaffirs burn all the shit down. Come here to Germany and your children can study in peace. The children must just go work by mcdonalds or in a factory once or twice a week for rent and medical aid insurance. If they are not lazy fuckers then they do well here away from these fucking stupid kaffirs.

    1. Send it to me at uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

    2. Anonymous7:09 pm

      It would be a whole lot fuvkin good when you all leave this country of apes because we can't live together here. It will be better if you reunite with your brothers there and live there forever.

    3. Anon 7:09 I was going to trash you, you piece of inhuman excrement, but you are beneath contempt so I'll just say, fuck you and all your brothers & sisters too!

    4. @ Anon 7:09 PM...See what I mean? You Kaffirs cannot have a decent conversation. You have no argument. Calling people “racist” is admitting that you have lost the argument and is now desperately playing your last trump. Godwin’s Law in action.

      Tell you what you do Kaffir…Here is a challenge for you. Convince me that there is something to like about you. Give it a shot and try to convince me of something I can respect in your culture, your values, etc. Take me on a tour through any township or Kaffir neighbourhood anywhere in the world and she me WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE. I promise you, I will personally buy a house right next to you, braai with you and drink with you.

      Unfortunately as it is, I cannot do that. Just look at yourselves. You have a childish entitlement culture. You always think the world owes you something. You live like fucking pigs. You stink. You listen to kak monotonous music. The whole township is filthy and full of rats that eat babies while they are sleeping. The township is violent. You are lazy, you steal my teabags and sugar. You break everything you touch. You cannot run a bath, let alone a country. You are redundantly and completely useless.

      You always blame Apartheid and “racists” like me that we are the cause of your condition…Jeez man…Do I tell you to throw garbage all around your house? Do I tell you not to wash? Do I tell you to slaughter goats in your backyard? Do I tell you to drink until you fall over on weekends? Do I tell you to kill Somalians and Nigerians and rob their shops? Do I tell you to kill old white people on their farms and torture them for hours with a clothing iron just for fun? Do I tell you to necklace each other? Do I tell you to throw your newborn babies on the rubbish dump or down a pit toilet? Do I tell you to believe in the Tokoloshe, practice witchcraft and carry out Muti murders? Do I tell you to fling poo at statues and burn down universities? Do I tell you to burn down trains that are late, because some of you idiots stole the electricity cables? Do I tell you to practice Ukutwala, chase and rape young girls? The list is almost endless.

      Tell me something. Do you understand the principle of cause and effect? Nobody is born a racist. Nobody gets brought up to be a racist. People see and witness with their own eyes who and what you lot are. YOU and YOU alone, YOUR actions are the reasons why people become racists. People won’t be racists if you weren’t the way you are.

      Prove me wrong and I will personally do a Vlok and wash your stinking feet. In fact, like I said, I will pull into the pozzie next to you in the township and party with you. Problem is you can’t. Just Google “South Africa muti murders” and see the thousands of cases. Same with rats, dogs and ants eating babies dumped on the rubbish dump. Just Google it. Same with running the country…SAA destroyed. Eskom, Railways, waterworks…everything destroyed. Just Google “ANC and corruption” and see what I am talking about. You are beyond useless. Yet instead of looking inwards and correcting yourselves, your solution is to call the people holding the mirror up to you, “Racists”. Do you even understand what Kaffir mentality is? What you are showing is typical Kaffir mentality and the reason why you will never come right.

      Sorry but until you can prove me wrong, I will practice my constitutional right of Freedom of Association and have fuckall to do with you.

    5. Hear, hear Mike! In the infamous words of Meat Loaf, "You took the words right out of my mouth . . ."

      Exactly what I wanted to tell the Knuckledragger, but was too lazy to. There is absolutely fuckall that any human can relate to with that specie. Pure, unadulterated shit!

    6. Anonymous7:33 pm

      @Anon 7:09PM

      You're Nigerian, so what the fuck has this got to do with you. Mind your own damn business you 419 scammer.

  43. Anonymous8:06 am

    I honestly can't believe how these incredibly fucken retarded people made it to university. They have no logic and speak shit! South Africa in in deep shit when retards like these are given a university education, heaven help if they pass. And giving a retard a platform to speak and influence other retards is just gonna be chaos!

  44. Anonymous8:14 am

    This explains without a doubt that black people are retarded, it is not just a white man being a racist saying it. It is proven!

  45. Anonymous9:14 am

    This is really dazzling what this brainwashed sheboon is deluding , wonder what it will do when it needs urgent medical treatment , refuse ? or if it needs medication for Aids or syphilis or TB ?
    When Blacks came into the Military Sickbay for treatment which our White Government ordered us to treat, they had all been to their Witch Docta who mixed certain concoctions may it be Hyena Piss whit shlt and smeared did was it burns or cut etc to go FOUL and stinky puss infected almost Limb losing MESS. We had to remedy with SCIENCE back to Health. The Patient at first very sceptical but helpless had to risk us , or lose it. After a week they came back for redress and were very thankful for the repair and vowed never ever to go Witch Docta again, not on the Chiefs LIFE.

    1. Anonymous10:22 am

      @Anon 9:14AM

      Hyena Piss. LOL.

  46. Anonymous9:52 am

    The most amazing thing here, that everyone ignores, and that is due to the amazing stupidity of her comments, is the fact that its not science she has a issue with.

    Its the fact that science is a "western" or "white" construct.

    Its evident in the way she describes Newton.

    Its evident in the way she idolises her traditional belief in lightning being commanded by africans.

    In the end, she is a racist.

    Because she hates whites, of course she will hate white science...

  47. On a lighter note.. Ja korporaal.!


    1. RunForrestRun12:06 pm

      Its actually not funny, that is pretty much how it went. Its a major reason why a hell of a lot of South Africans have left. Who the hell wants "to be" part of that kind of culture?

    2. Anonymous8:47 pm

      I'll rather be a part of "that" culture than "this" sick kaffir criminal culture.

    3. Anonymous11:17 pm

      Well look where this arrogant dutchman attitude has got them.
      Nothing has changed though. They still believe that they are superior to everyone else. What a laugh.

      Arrogance will be brought down.

    4. Anonymous11:25 pm

      You see anon 8.47 there is no cure for your type. You are now only looking into a mirror. This criminal culture as you put it is the same as the old regime - just a different colour.

      You are seeing now what english speaking South Africans always saw with the dutchman. All the government institutions were full of otherwise unemployable dutchman who thought that they were the divine gift to earth.

      But there are none so blind as those who will not see.

    5. Ag Forrest, buk vooroor en trek die stok uit jou hol uit. Sien dit vir die humor in die video, die laaste deel.

      Ja ja, jy gaan nou seker vir my n lang kak sappige storie skryf oor hoe naief ek is en al daai snert. Wees rustig en maak bietjie tyd om te lag, die lewe is kort..

    6. @ Anon 11:17 PM ...Are you a Troll? What the fuck is a "Dutchman"? Don't come here with your "Soutpiel" attitude. We cater for all Whites on this blog. We are trying to unite the Whites. Don't come here with your devisive kak. You are tendering for a snotklap here.

    7. @ Boere LaCosaNostra...Dis 'n damn funny video en elke keer as ek dit kyk lag ek my slap. Lyk my party mense het net nie 'n sin vir humor nie. Moet alewig ernstig raak oor simpel kak. Kap hulle ignore.

    8. Anonymous1:48 am

      Baie snaaks, ek het lekker gelag, even though I'm an English speaker.

    9. Anonymous1:53 am

      @ run forest run

      Did you leave because of white people?

      I am a soutie and I think the clip is hilarious!

      Anyway don't you have a land rover engine to pull out all by yourself?

    10. Thanks Mike. Lyk my die manne is bietjie 'styf'.. Hehe

    11. Anonymous2:01 am

      Yes, my apologies everyone for the negative comments above. We are in this together now.

    12. MS & BLCN - 11:17 was probably never in the army and as for where that "arrogant dutchman attitude got them"? Right to the outskirts of Luanda in 30 days, that's where. The fastest military advance in history; 1340 kms in 30 days. Se moer with Hitler's Blitzkrieg!

    13. Anonymous4:12 am


      Anonymous11:25 PM

      There is only one benefit so far with a black government. I cant thank them enough for shifting/sieving the real South Africans from the fags that leave this country and then still come back to this blog/sites to call them "dutchmen"

      There are those who left who will come back at the drop of a hat if the shit hits the fan.

      And then....

      There are those who were happy to enjoy the fruits of those dutchies in the old SA, ran it down with their lips, wanted Mandelas ANC to come to power and then pissed off overseas yet continue to tell us how wonderful the rainbow the minute we got a black government.

      These same wets love to marvel at how wonderful the rainbow nation is yet in the same breath enjoy running the dutchies down & yet it never occurs to them, that they lived in SA during those dutchie years.

      I would rather have an arrogant Dutchmen than Karasites running this place. The country functioned! There were more jobs....we can go on and on....

      There are arrogant Karasites, Dutchies, English speakers - what the fuck good does it do to continually call them dutchies?

      These same Dutchies went to Moz/Ang/Congo to bring the Portuguese, French out of those countries during the revolutions - they did a lot more for the west fighting the East than the west ever did.

    14. Funny as hell. Just one question why the hell is the Corpioral standing to attention in front of the troepe? Not in this scenario wouldn't have happened. Otherwise funny sh*t, they certainly had a manner about them.

      In my day everyone was known as Wiele because calling us Piele was illegal lol. Oh and the other one was "Jou Mice!". Everybody was "Jou Mice!" among all the other colourful names they had at their disposal "Jou Mice!" Go figure.

    15. Anonymous2:24 pm

      Some people still dont get it. I remember those days well. The first day during our intake (genuine) the Corporal asked, Enige van tulle manne Engels? A couple answered yes. He said, well ok , maar more oggend is julle Afrikaans. It caused quite a few chuckles. During the two years, it was soutpiel this, engelsman that. However if required each would have given his life for the other without a thought. In other words the ragging was just superficial, it was part of the culture. Great times...

    16. RunForrestRun4:09 pm

      Yeah it was funny, I was there. We had one poor little English guy who would start crying at aantree every morning, he was in the unfortunate position of having a baby face but needing to shave twice a day and he SUFFERED for it. To my shame I was just as guilty as everyone else of abusing him, I have a foreign name because my father is an "uitlander", my mother is a boer whose genealogy in South Africa can be traced back to the 1700's. Luckily I am big enough, mean enough and capable enough to never have taken that shit. A "dutchman" tried once with me in an Afrikaans boarding school I got sent to, I was given a wide berth after that incident.

      BUT you all miss the point, that kind of behaviour is still perpetuated to this day, and yes its funny,---but think about how funny you would find it if the korporaal was some plummy toned red faced guy from Durban giving you an opfok while calling you rockspider, kydaa, plank, duchie etc etc,---would you REALLY like "to be" part of whatever he was smousing?

    17. Funny...we all have different experiences. Most of my officers were English speaking from Rhodesia or SA, Portuguese from Mozambique or Germans from South West. Many had British, Portuguese or German passports yet chose to fight volontarily on our side. My best friend was English speaking and Jewish and although he had an Israeli passport chose to voluntarily fight on our side. Most of my friends were English, but I still have contact with my Portuguese and German friends. I had an English girlfriend. My sister had an English boyfriend. In fact I think most of her boyfriends were English. ALL my Ju Jitsu buddies are English. My diving buddies are all English. Today my friends are 95% English. I got more for English at school than Afrikaans. I hardly speak Afrikaans anymore and when I do I make mistakes or have to think about the words. It is just the way life worked out. Today we all have English speaking or Afrikaans speaking people in our families. Are we still going to call each other "Whenwe's", "Souties", "Rooinekke", "Dutchmen", "Planks", etc?. Come on...we all fought for this country together. We are the White tribe of Africa. That is the way I see it.

  48. Stephen10:11 am

    Hi Mike

    Its enough to make a saint sware , the stupidity of this myt.

    If kaffirs could use lightning strikes why havnt they hit any whites yet?
    And we all know why they wanto scrap Science and Maths,
    -because its too difficult for them to grasp .
    Let's see the 'fallists' marks from the June exams.

    Theres something we have per se , that they don't.
    The reason they can't graps it , and we can so easily...
    quite simple - honesty and integrity , 2 corner-stones in both maths and sience .

    And what-da-heck is 'totalised'?

    Nah Mike , junior-felony-ready-terrorist suits this kaffir myt better than the word student.

  49. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Fuck can't wait for the show to hit the road.yes we are outnumbered 10 to 1,but they will run,seen it before.grootbek maar fokol werd as die kak die fan strike.run fuckwits!
    Back to where you came from.
    We don't need you here.voetsek

    1. Anonymous8:45 pm

      Numbers means nothing on a modern battlefield as you well know my brother.

    2. Michael Dean Miller6:55 am

      After the 1st week of race war, food production would stop and starvation would kill 80% of the populace. Those prepped and ready for survival will get over the worst of it, the rest of the story being a mere snipergame and scramble to survive a dwindling number of mostly ineffective ground attacks. Mostly.
      Remember..food water ammunition. I hear the Suidlanders? have many good ideas along with what others say might be wrong headed ideas. Pick and choose your own course wisely.

  50. Anonymous3:11 pm


    Science is a word which indicates the application of a certain methodology to obtain results. Once results are obtained, facts can be concluded. These facts and conclusions are then checked, verified, reproduced and incorporated into the methodology. What this creature fails to understand is that Every course she has enrolled in had to follow process and methodology to ensure it is viable and correct. To mine ears, this beast just mocked and unconditionally dismissed everything she has studied to date. So what is she doing there?
    Let's recap: The sub-simians want to study for free, but at the same time dismiss it all as drivel because facts, conclusions and methodology is beneath these mud-chewing primitives. So again, WHAT EXACTLY do they want to do at University? Dear God, only in Africa.....

    1. Anonymous8:36 pm

      They want to destroy it - just like they have done to all our systems. Their only goal is destruction. These blacks are the true destroyers warned about through the ages, and we give the Satanic libtards the power to let these sub-humans into our domain, why?

  51. Anonymous6:42 pm

    You can't make this up! Is this true?


    1. Anonymous9:13 pm

      start a chicken bone bussiness, you will make a fucking lot of money!

  52. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Die goed wil steek, vreet, raas en lê.

    'n Lui kont wil nie leer nie. Fokkol uit te waai met "edjakysjin".

    Verniet vreet en als afbreek oor 'n minderwaardigheidskompleks.

    1. Skort nog 2.
      Suip & stink.

    2. Anonymous1:39 am

      En naai.

    3. Anonymous4:17 am

      Dis nou n goeie afsluiting, so bek moet definitief jam kry en sommer n Bells.

    4. Anonymous12:44 pm

      Moenie steel vergeet nie

    5. Anonymous4:06 pm

      En klipgooi! N kaffir is mal oor klipgooi!!

  53. Anonymous12:43 am

    That makes a lot of sense, Cristo. South Africa can be recolonised by white South Africans educated in Germany once the IMF has set out the terms for economic assistance - which will inevitably encompass regime change. There will be enormous upheaval in the country before those changes are accepted, so get a proper education and escape the mayhem in the meantime.

    1. Anonymous10:53 am

      I'm too old and frankly not lus for formally studying
      I'd rather stand and knock a few black labels of the post...hehe(boetie gaan border toe)

  54. Anonymous1:30 am


    Why couldn't any black students design and build this?

    No because there are whites in Austria that will do it for us whilst we play with our shit!

  55. Anonymous1:47 am


    Hier kom kak!

    1. The mainstream media is doing there best to hide the migrant war in Europe. The right is starting to fight back but the media is hiding it. Search sites and you will find.

  56. Anonymous1:54 am

    Dis nou die end resultaat van Enki se aap naaiery. Tot hy het op vlug geslaan en die donnerse goed hier op aarde net so agter gelaat.Nou sit ons met die foksemse gebroedsels.

  57. Ai, die ou Kaffertjies tog? Blunt Blade now wants to introduce a B Sc in witchcraft!!! What the fuck next????

    I think there might be a market for hyena piss, jakkalsdrolle and who knows what the fuck else?

    1. Anonymous6:12 am

      TT could be business opportunity for us whites, what could be easier than selling drolle and piss

    2. Tom i think having a dagga zol and going to one of those classes in witchcraft could be very entertaining actually.

  58. Whiteman2:34 am

    Take note how the war to liberate Mosul is dramatized out of proportion ! It reminds me of the news coverage when the USA wet in the first time, to remove Saddam. The whole thing is corrupt and treacherous. But we will be entertained with some potent reality TV again. Funny how nobody ever asks, after the trillions spent, and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, what exactly was achieved in Iraq ? ? Oh, they removed the horrible, terrible dictator Saddam. They could have done it with a couple of top grade hitmen ! And the general public keeps on buying all this kak, that the politicians, and their satanic media dishes up. Just like they say say the truse, is to allow " humanitarian aid. " It is only to re-arm, and work out new war strategies, so that MORE money can be made !

    1. Anonymous12:23 pm

      Sometimes the truth is that obvious!!!
      Thanks whiteman

  59. Anonymous4:12 am


  60. Anonymous4:13 am


  61. Anonymous4:14 am


  62. Anonymous6:06 am


  63. boggom boggom piesang piesang, hoes proes en lippe klap!

    1. Exactly. I am so sory i watched the video. I knew how it was going to go before hand but yet i watched. So disgusted with myself.

  64. Anonymous6:35 am

    ... de-Kaffir the Colonies...?

    RT-Network - all banking accounts frozen.
    No reasons given.
    Free speech binne in hom se moer in.
    Libtard lobby and $$$$$ will dictate.

    1. Ek wonder hoe lank Mnr Putin nog so geduldig gaan wees met sekere wereld leiers.?.

      Die dag as hy sy moer strip gaan almal dit voel..

    2. Anonymous12:48 pm


      @Daniel Maartens7:01 AM

      If only people really realized how close we were to things...

      I am going to love it when these Russians puss klap these liberal NATO fools.

      I dont support the West nor Russia but like to simply watch.

      But all these little liberal western nations musnt complain when the shit hits the fan.

  66. Anonymous8:55 am

    Anon 852
    Ammo is on special no matter the price.
    When those zeros and ones in your bank acc don't work anymore and you can't even use that paper in your wallet to wipe your arse with. The last thing you want to be saying is jeez I wish I had more ammo. Even if its just to trade with.

    1. Anonymous10:18 am

      Right now I do not have ones and zeros in the bank. I have minus numbers :(

      I do have a nice stockpile of reloading components (all legal)

      Better than nothing.

  67. Anonymous8:59 am

    for those of you like BN and other globalist sock puppets, do not for one minute romanticize the upcoming race was as this glorious thing where we defeat the enemy.

    It will play out like this: They attack, we run. We fight back and then suddenly the might of the worlds military clamps down on us for mildly complaining (like the swedes who get SWAT teamed when they mildly whine on facebrick)

    UN deploys its military to "keep the peace" and we go under a world government. AT that point I will SNEEER at Boere mall ninja and say "See? I told you so" but Boere mall ninja will not take responsibility for his fuck up of a decision to wage war.

    1. Stephen10:31 am

      Anon 8:59 ,
      With a mind-set like that , you are allready defeated.
      It could also play out like this : they attack , we retaliate and the next thing you know the river runs red ( i suppose blood-river is just a fable to you ) .

      We all know blood-river happened 16 December 1838
      The day of the covenant , between us and God .
      And He has kept us , on that day and ever since , so that's why were not scared of your UN .

      You know , this global-government your allways mentioning , I get the feeling your probably one of those people that will take the mark . Seeing your gonna 'sneeer' I told you so''....

    2. Thanks Stephen. I was going to rip this idiot a new one , but you basically summed it up. A defeatest mindset. The poison of any Group of soldiers. Just one rotten apple to poisen the rest. These types we Need to identify first, put them up against a wall and shoot them dead. They are worse than the enemy. They poison the minds of our troops from within with their defeatest bullshit. They undermine morale. Get rid of them. Bullet to the brain is the only cure.

      What a fucking idiot who has no understanding of warfare or Military tactics. his ignorance stands there for all to laugh at. Only those who have given up already are defeated. You never credit your enemy with a win he has not deserved yet.

      This stupid doos must still learn the basics of Military tactics and strategy. It is comletely out of it's depth.

  68. "This space is not an antagonistic space it is a progressive space now follow the house rules you whitey. Okay now my black sister carry on being antagonistic it doesnt count for you, you are black. Antagonistic is a colonial concept."

    Why white people even bother debating these clowns are beyond me.

    a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something

  69. Did you see how they reacted to the lightning bolts by magicians. When they got laughed out they were like astonished that people dont know that that kind of magic exists. These things live in a world of there own. Fairy lala land or something.

  70. Anonymous11:16 am

    het boere malll ninja

    Please watch the first 15 minutes of this


    It shows how others are catching onto how they are using race war to push the globalist agenda. You are being psychologically used as a sock puppet by evil.

    Now I am not saying that one cannot defend themselves. But take heed that there is an evil afoot. Do not participate in this evil.

    1. No doos, you are an idiot for listening to this Fundamentalist idiot Alex Jones. Jeez you lost all credibility when you posted that link. I saw ten seconds of that bullshit and couldn't wtach any further.

    2. Kerkorrel3:15 pm

      When you load up for the final showdown with your army of three don't forget to pack the klippies en coke, poes.

  71. Anonymous12:19 pm

    two points that I want to make here...

    1 - BN please stop staring at the abyss. That is dangerous.

    2 - When are you going to remove that flag that you have on your front page? The old apartheid flag. Before you tar and feather me, understand that I see that flag as a globalist flag. A flag that represents the globalisation of the region where nations lost their countries (Traansvaal, OFS, Kwazulu and the rest) and were forced into a European style union.

    In fact the name was "The Union of South Africa". How much more globalist can you get than that? Now I know that the Boeries like bosses seized this union and fucked it in the ass and turned it into a republic in the 1960s but that flag still needs to go and get replaced by 2 of the three little flags in the middle. The TNVL and the OFS flag and if the Zulus dont go full retard like Boere ninja and start a race war, maybe they too can have a country... as long as they never ever EVER set foot in our country under the threat of death...


  72. Anonymous12:37 pm


    @Anonymous8:59 AM

    In your dreams!

    You obviously havent thought very far ahead.

    Can the US contain their own problems, Europe, Russia, the middle east & the Asia pacific region?

    Do me a favour, please stop smoking zol and reading Lord of the Rings.

    When they attack us we run?
    Maybe you!

    Not real men, out gunned, out maned we will stand our grand as we always have.

    If anyone thinks a NWO will succeed in the end, they are wrong! Its already crumbling, simply look at Europe.

    Can evil plans really succeed against the almighty?