27 October 2016

Code Black – Taking on the myths

Sul position

By Mike Smith
27th of October 2016

When it comes to fighting, defending yourself or defending others, there are several myths floating around that might cause you your life. Let us look at some of them that have recently cropped up in comments on this site:

1. “I’ve owned a gun for 30 years; I am a competent shot.”
2. “Never bring a knife to a gunfight.”
3. “Why learn martial arts? Just get a gun!”
4. “I am good at shooting paper targets under normal conditions; I will be a shit hot shooter in distress situations.”

1. Owning a firearm does not make you a competent shooter any more than owning a guitar makes you a competent musician. You can own a guitar for 30 years, but if you just occasionally practice with a guitar you will still not be able to play it. Why should it be any different with a firearm? In fact if you are not properly trained in the usage of a firearm such as a pistol, and if you do not train at least once a week, rather not own one at all, because you might just endanger the lives of others and yourself. It is like someone who is used to driving around town in a Morris Minor for 30 years thinking he is a competent driver simply because he has never had a crash and now believing that when he gets behind the wheel of a F1 car he is going to win the race or worse; be able to out-drive someone in a chase with criminals shooting at his car. It is totally absurd.

2. Denis Tueller proved with the Tueller drill that at a distance of 21 feet (6,4 metres) a knife can be just as lethal as a pistol. Someone with a knife can cover that distance within 1,5 seconds and if you are not able to draw, aim, fire and stop him, you will get seriously hurt and possibly die. Even if you put nine bullets in Centre Mass, he can still reach you and stab you. To see evidence of this 21 foot rule, watch this video where a man stabs four armed cops killing one and seriously injuring three others It was filmed by a television crew in Honduras. The correct way is to put distance and an object between you and the attacker or if that is not possible to knock the blade out of his hands with a weapon or control the knife hand with two hands although there is no guarantee of success. Tueller Drill defence

Click to see larger view

3. This one is a no brainer after understanding the 21 foot rule and the Tueller Drill. A person close-up with a knife or even unarmed can kill or sucker punch and knock out any man with a pistol on his hip before he has the slightest chance to draw his weapon. Problem is that 99% of knife defense techniques are BULLSHIT. This guy explains The reality of knife attacks the best. You need space and distance. You need a shield of some sorts like a chair or something between you and the attacker. A jacket wrapped around your arm is also a good emergency shield. You need to move your vital organs away from the knife hand. If he is right handed move counter clockwise around him to take his back. You need a weapon to knock the knife from his hand. If this is not possible you need to control that knife hand with both hands and you don’t have multiple chances. It has to succeed on the first attempt. You have to do realistic knife attack drills with multiple scenarios and different opponents, over and over. As realistic as possible until it becomes automatic. You need to learn a realistic martial art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

4. Shooting at paper targets is just an introduction to basic sight alignment, stances & position, etc. And most people stop their training there. The mistake most people make is to think that they will be able to react the same way under extreme stressful situations as under normal conditions. The Yerkes-Dodson Law proves that when people’s stress levels go up, their performance goes up, but only to a certain optimum point, thereafter the performance drops off rapidly. When the adrenaline is pumping, their heart rates go over 175bpm, their fine motor skills disappear and they cannot even dial a cell phone or change a magazine on their firearm anymore. Let alone in the dark. They cannot multi task, they cannot make complex decisions. Tunnel vision and tunnel hearing sets in. Loss of memory can occur and even loss of bowel and bladder control. People literally shit and piss themselves.

What makes the difference is proper tactical training. Things like Dry Fire Drills , Pistol Drills , proper and realistic Force on Force Training preferably not the paint ball “simunition” type, because in paintball if the guy is hit and sees the paint blot he stops and fakes death. In proper military FoF training you are trained to continue even after you are hit. The way you train is the way you react. Therefore you need realistic and Competent Pistol Drill instructors . Other methods include SDS (Shoot, don’t Shoot) scenarios, simulation training, etc.


Don’t try to be a hero. Don’t try to fight fairly. Try to stay alive, but do not hesitate to be brutal. Have a force multiplier; a weapon of some sorts rather than fight empty handed. Be trained in all weapons (striking, stabbing, cutting and shooting). Empty handed is a last resort when there is no other way or option.

The ultimate fighter is trained to fight at any distance from 0 metres to 500 metres in all weather conditions, all terrains and by day, night, dusk or dawn. In fact one fifth of all training should be done at night, from Jiu Jitsu ground fighting to sniper training. Specialists can learn to fight in the air, in water to a depth of 18 metres or at a distance of over 1000 metres, but the basic soldier should at least be able to handle himself from 0-500 metres.


  1. Anonymous8:04 am

    Krav Maga is the most excellent training system. Look it up everyone if interested. Brutally efficient.

    1. Anonymous11:03 am

      Dont pay attention to that Israeli kak.

      Develop your own, instead of being fed this Israeli kak.

    2. Anonymous11:58 am


      @Anonymous8:04 am

      I agree. These days one finds a lot of BJJ in KM

      I have done a few MAs & still do.

      MPO is JJs is probably the best, if not the best for the ring and can be used on the street, just dont like going to the ground on the street - you dont know who is watching and going to join in.

      If one trains kicking + punching while doing JJs then its good but each to their own. The great thing about JJs is that most fights end up on the ground so its a good system, just on the street dont want to be in that position and get jumped.

      Krav Mega is my personal favorite out of all of them. From the weapons training, the straight forwardness of the system.

      One can do a 2-5 day intro course around the country, highly recommend them to anyone. They are very practical. Problem with a lot of stand up arts, they take too long to master and get proficient.

      At the end of the day, any form of MA training is going to help you.

      Good punching + kicking skills essential.
      Sweeps are highly effective on the in close situations.
      Being able to handle weapons or defend against them are good.

      Good overall fitness.

    3. Yes it's good but it depends which type of krav maga you're beign trained in. Old or revised.
      I did krav maga ( Kalah ) training with an ex IDF Golani soldier for 2 years. Idan Abolnik, a proper Jew from Israel, hard as nails this guy. Many people don't like him but I sure learned a lot from him. The knife & handgun defence and hand to hand combat is better than 90% of the other fly by night shit out there. Old school krav maga is outdated, too many fancy moves which will never work in real life, his system is totally revised. His gym is in Pta if you're interested.

      You have to be able to mix it up if you want to survive, krav maga can only go so far. Mike have said it many times; "if you can't fight on the ground, you cannot fight." Let that sink in for a second. It's 100% true.
      You can defend against knife attacks and disarm handgun attacks but it can quickly lead to a scuffle and if it goes to the ground that's where a fight is won or lost..

      Do at least 3 diciplines to cover your ass properly.

      Thanks for all the good info uncle Mike. The old saying applies; The more you learn the more you realize how little you actually know..

    4. Anonymous12:49 pm

      fuck the Israelis....

      Train like a Russian!


    5. Oh yeah...Good training going on there. However it is not originally Russian. The guys who developed these concepts, positions, etc were guys like Jeff Cooper, Gabe Suarez, Jack Weaver, etc. All American.

      As for Krav Maga;...I have trained with MANY Krav Maga "specialists"...Krav Maga would like to be MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. However it looks fancy, but in the end they are useless on the ground against a trained Jiu Jitsu fighter. If Krav Maga was so good then why are they not dominating the UFC?

      I discovered that the only parts of Krav Maga that work and are useful are the Jiu Jitsu parts. So why study anything else?

      I wasted six years of my life to acquire a second dan in Karate. I wasted a further four years studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in which I achieved a To-Dai level. It was only when I got into Ju Jitsu and had my ass kicked by guys half my size that I woke up.

      In 1993 the first UFC tournament took place. Royce Gracie, the smallest combatant, wiped the floor with specialists in Karate, Kung Fu, Wrestling, Judo, etc. His father Helio specifically told him not to draw any blood and just use skill. He defeated all the opponents without ever drawing a single drop of blood. It was just a masterful display of grappling skill. UFC two was the same. Gracie won again. Sure, later on they brought in rules to basically favour the "ground and pound" guys to make it more attractive to the viewing public, but the UFC showed and proved that without the Jiu Jitsu grappling skills, you stand no chance of ever winning a fight against a grappler. Does not matter what your background is, if you want to make it in MMA you have to study Jiu Jitsu. Take all the rules and time outs away and you end up back at Jiu Jitsu as the ultimate martial arts. Tested in battle over centuries, it is no bullshit. Six months of Jiu Jitsu training and you will be able to beat any Karate black belt or street fighter. Believe me. In fact I have narrowed it down to six weeks of intense daily training.

      Brazilian Jiu Jutsu as developed by the Gracie family has also been adopted by the elite US Rangers and the US Marine Corps as their Combatives (unarmed combat) base.

      For those who favour Russian Martial Arts forget bullshit like “Systema” Systema - Bullshido

      Rather study a true martial arts like Sambo

    6. Almost shot himself in the foot at 3:47sec into the video.. That would have left a mark...ouch

      Nevertheless, good training.

    7. @ BLCN yes, I saw that too. The correct method to hold the pistol in the "Sul" (Brazilian/Portuguese for south) is at a 30° angle pointing down and away from you with the two thumbs Meeting and the Trigger finger on the side of the pistol not on the trigger. The pistol is gripped as high as possible. When you want to fire, you punch the pistol forward in the direction of the target. The oposite "Close quarter retention" position of "Sul" is "Norte" (North in Portuguese). Of course you can see the guy made a mistake, but that is why he is training. To eliminate the mistakes.

    8. Anonymous2:30 am

      I'm thinking of starting Muay Thai classes as a gym is quite close to me.

    9. "but that is why he is training. To eliminate the mistakes." - true..

      Time is a luxury in todays world. Wish I had more of it.. Would love to train 2 hours a day, but ja..

    10. Anonymous9:45 am

      I thought that ground shot was deliberate

    11. Anonymous9:45 am

      But you watch 2 hours worth of kardashians, no?

      I kid! I kid!


    12. Anon945

      Thanks for the laugh mate. But no, I never watch TV and definitely not that kak.

    13. Anonymous2:59 pm

      Al julle manne met julle fancy styles, weet julle hoe hard en vinnig moer jy met twee halfbricks in jou hande?

  2. Great points Mike. To add to point 1 - another analogy is like sparring against a bag and then having to spar against another gent - 'when the bag hits back' it's quite different.

    Forewarned is forearmed as old lang Hendrik used to say. I always believe in situational awareness been the difference between walking away or getting fucked up.

    Simply using ones eyes. Most people walk around half dazed and only react when the shit actually starts to fly.

    Also ones intuitive/ 6th sense - combine that with situational awareness from above and you can avoid unnecessary fights - or see them coming and make more proactive choices due to having more time to make a decision.

    And most people underestimate knives. Think they can do some Chuck Norris shit and save the day. You gonna get fucked up, rather just run if you have nothing but your dick in your hands.

    1. Anonymous11:03 am

      According to the feminazis, only women have 6th sense.

    2. Anonymous11:41 pm

      or see them coming and make more proactive choices
      rather just run if you have nothing but your dick in your hands.

      Best advice ever !

      How many average Pier Poephol regular guy ever gets anywhere near any of this highly skilled training ?

      People are not going to have five or six or even one year to get "trained"

      What is needed is a quick dirty rough and ready two month training of the basics.
      How well trained is the average perp house breaker ?
      Adjust what you need to know to the likely scenario.
      There should be hundreds of actual case scenarios of crime events in SA
      ( All those thousands of murdered farmers / house owners )

    3. Anonymous 11:41 pm who said "a quick dirty rough and ready two month training of the Basics".

      I have put such a course together. 6 weeks intensive training for the modern guerilla. It is a new concept. It is inclusive training rather than exclusive. A lot of Special Forces guys start and drop out or get kicked off. You start with 100 recruits and are lucky if you have ten left. Exclusive training.

      In my system the training is broken up into modules. Everyone can complete each module and prove his fitness and competency in each module. Some may make it in six weeks, others might take six months. Nobody gets thrown off the course. You simply keep on doing it until you can do it and do it right. I will take you from propaganda training, unarmed combat training through short and long weapon training to sniper training to everything you need to know as a guerilla fighter. The modules also include making explosives from every day chemicals, urban and rural survival, map and compass training, camouflage, patrolling techniques, ambushes, booby traps, improvised explosive devices, etc. Tactical training includes, room clearing, tactical driving, how to kidnap, how to raid and rob stores and banks, assassination techniques (to make it look like an accident) and much more. I already have a lot of guys begging for this training.

      Tja…I always said, the day I stop blogging, I am going to cause big shit. That time is approaching fast.

    4. Anonymous6:33 am

      Mike, do it, I will gladly pay for a course like that. I live in the sticks so there isn't much I can do other than study from the net and books.
      (obviously train physically)

      Obviously you cant buy or learn experience you have to do it to get the experience.

      Like you said, you have to persevere until you can get it right.

    5. Anonymous9:33 am

      "There will be many more of you this time and you will fight differently from the way we fought... "

    6. Anonymous10:33 am

      Piet Pompies does not need a "PhD" in resistance. In any case he is grossly overweight and unfit and unprepared. ( mentally and physically )

      The first training one needs is that of the mind.
      To win though when everything seems impossible.
      To believe and never give up.
      Bravery is not the absence of fear it is the conquest of fear.

      Get this right and even Joe Blogs can do incredible things. ( without professional training )
      Just look at so many crime reports of what normal people have done when under terrible stress -- with the right mind attitude.

    7. Anonymous10:47 am

      In my system the training is broken up into modules.

      You left out the medic stuff ( perhaps the most important for morale )

      Everyone ( the posters here )is brave and gung-ho
      You are lying in a ditch on an wet icy winter night with half your guts blown out.
      You know you going to die -- just a matter of time. ( if the hyenas do not get to you first )
      Screaming and half mad with the pain -- and crying for your mother.
      Yes -- that's what happens.
      Gung Ho types take note !

    8. No I didn't. Combat first aid is the very first module. Before you can kill someone you first need to learn how to heal someone. As a qualified rescue diver I also developed a module for diver first aid. There are also modules for survival at sea and handling fast rescue craft (inflatables, jet ski, etc).

    9. Anonymous12:55 pm

      so where does one find this ninja course? Not that I will join. I am too much of a nancy. But curious to see WTF is going on.

    10. Anonymous2:05 pm


      I would pay big bucks for Mike's training

    11. @Anon 2:05 pm. You won't have to pay for anything. It will be free. Every guy cover's his own costs. We just need a place to train (like a farm) and I will train some instructors who can train other instructors etc. Some things simply cannot be taught from books. The biggest obstacle I see is to find the time for the training.

    12. Anonymous4:44 am

      You dont have time?

      But you have the time to be fleeced of your taxes. I mean, you only work like 6 months out of the year just to earn enough to pay tax?

      Just stop paying taxes :D

    13. LizaD5:07 am

      Count me in for that course.

    14. Anonymous10:42 am

      We just need a place to train (like a farm)

      Just find one of those off the beaten track really in the bundus hunting farms. ( Karoo or Northern Cape Somewhere in the hills )

      They have basic rustic accommodation and are always firing weapons ( hunters testing and sighting in )

      Might even find someone to offer such a facility for free ...... ( booze NOT included )

    15. @ Anon 10:42 am..."Booze not included"...hehehe...You train with me you have to be prepared to go dry for six weeks. We leave the booze for These guys who sadistically like break laaities.

      Sorry, but with me there is no booze, no insulting and no swearing when we train. Only pure, focused and professional tactical training. When there is shouting it is part of training and conditioning and has a specific purpose. This nonsense of bullying laaities, slapping kids around, vloeking their mothers and breaking them with "paal-PT" you won't find with me. Training methods have changed. I don't break soldiers, I build them up.

    16. Anonymous10:08 am

      Please may I come on the mainly women's course where the ratio is about 20:1
      Of course I may regret it
      Still I would rather be tortured with perfume and sweet dreams than fat old men's farts snoring , spitting and kak praat.

    17. Whiteman10:54 am

      Mike, I like your approach to serious training ! ! I hope you manage to pull this off. People who are looking for piss-up parties, have more than enough venues, to go and get motherless. I actually do not trust people who get pissed, because their tongues become loose, sooner or later, and then everybody gets into deep shit. A drunk man, can NOT keep a secret !

  3. justice seeker9:24 am

    i rememebr speaking to a coloured guy in durban and he told me he is more scared of a guy with a knife than with a gun...and you know how true that is

    1. Anonymous11:53 am

      I recall how it is not essential to go for a straight kill with a knife in close quarters combat its the maiming cuts and slices that you should try an inflict. Blood loss is a crippling issue for the human body and bleed outs make the opponent weaken sufficiently enough for one to choose his moment.

      Mike talks of the pump factor and the distress disability that throws the untrained for a loop, an alternative preparation to combat this type of confusion is to train under excessive noise and also get a training partner to taze you with medium voltage hits while you are in training, it really throws the coords and muddles the brain.

      JP with your man to man, muscle against muscle is so important as most people under estimate the strength of their opponent and come horribly short when a small, slim and wiry fellow puts a bulking brute on his arse, it is not always strength that counts its how you use your opponents strength to your advantage and turn it into your strength. Mike has mentioned it on previous posts, a lazy but effect way of fighting it is.

  4. Anonymous10:04 am

    Off topic sorry mike
    Have you heard Leonard Cohen new song?
    You like it darker
    Sends shivers down my spine
    What's it about I wonder?

    1. Anonymous10:32 pm

      I needed medication after listening to that crap.

    2. Anonymous12:04 am

      Leonard Cohen = jewish = Mike Smith must be a fan
      Very interesting person


      I will have to listen to famous blue raincoat again ( as well as a few others )

      This was a man who knew stuff !

  5. Anonymous10:07 am


    1. Anonymous11:25 am

      Someone allready pointed it out, if you post a link at least throw in a key word. It is not fucking rocket science people.

  6. Anonymous10:40 am

    Mike, you mentioned, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, are there any other types of martial arts you would also recommend?

    1. Any grappling art such as Judo, or Wrestling combined with kickboxing.


    2. Anonymous5:06 am


      Ive done Judo & Sambo - very good.

      I like Sambo.

      But when I was overseas I knew a family heavy into the Judo scene. Low and behold I bumped into a SA guy from my very suburb who I knew when I was growing up.

      He was getting his ass handed to him by the Judo guys and they were getting cocky.

      So he said ok you do your Judo and I will do boxing. He broke the Judo guys nose and ended it.

      Boxing is another art which can be used well, only problem is when they take you down.

      All MAs go through a full circle, most who land up doing BJJ have done some other combat training before ending up there.

      I would like to start training in it in about 3-4 months, time permitted.

      And those other MA skills do help, maybe not on the floor but you get fundamentals of kicking/punching.

      BJJ, Judo, Sambo very helpful against larger, muscle bound opponents who rely on strength.

    3. Anonymous9:49 am

      Never liked the idea of two men entangled on the ground

      Please give info on sniping
      History, who had the best etc.

      I am Closter phobic and anti social...he...he

    4. Anonymous10:33 am

      Fuck it.. when one gets in a situation, fuck the rules. Stick your toe in his eye, grab sand and push it in his eye. Bottles, bricks & whatever... kick balls, bliksem the throat, I don't care... Roar like a lion, you have to get mad, mal and bossies at the same time.

      You have your life to lose...
      (Preserve it as that is no crime)

      As Billy the Kid said "Its you and I"

    5. Anonymous6:42 pm

      Aikido is also pretty effecttive, especially against multiple attackers but the best defence against multiple attackers is run,get out of that situation asap because you do not want to go on the ground when surrounded or swarmed by a gang. Aikido has no fancy high flying kicks or strikes but if you know the human body and where there are effective pressure points to incapacitate someone to the point that is taken out the picture as an assailant or attacker, it is pretty effective, when you have no choice but to fight. The only thing that aikido lacks is ground work but as I said when faced with multiple attackes or tight and small areas aikido and styles of kung fu are not perfect but good.

  7. Anonymous11:02 am

    mall ninjas of the world! unite!

    1. Anonymous6:21 am

      Your mother is a werewolf and your old man pomps pekkies.

    2. Anonymous10:36 am

      anon 6:21

      Thabo mbeki? Is that you? YOu old perverted son of the devil LOL

  8. Anonymous11:11 am

    Great article, Mike. Not as easy as it seems to be in the movies. A lot of hard work to even reach a level of competency and that is still not a guarantee of getting out alive.

    In the townships on the Cape Flats it sounds like war at night and sometimes even during the day. Except for the many nine millimetre shots, I also hear shotguns and assault rifles and sometimes even a hand grenade. Strangely I never read anything about it in the news, even when people are actually hurt. The police's reaction time is VERY slow and sometimes they don't even show up.

    I don't know whats going on, but it seems the big day is almost upon us. I can't wait


    1. Anonymous12:56 pm

      You wont like it when you realise that you have come under a world government

  9. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Here is what the Germans think of you...


    And boere mall ninja thinks Ze Germans will come to his aid...


    Don't hold your breath

    1. Anonymous5:18 am


      @Anonymous12:43 pm

      Your logic is so flawed I have no idea where to start.

      Thats like saying because the US has millions of illegals & also a flawed benefit system + illegals entering the country, dont hold your breath of them setting up base on our doorstep or winning a war in the middle east.

      Benefits has zero to do with anything war related.

      ROFLMAO! Obviously been rolling too much & bumped your head, go get your head checked out.

      Do you ever have anything constructive to add to this blog or is the only thing you can do mock and cause strife?

      If you dont have anything positive to say, anything worth while or of value - best to keep your trap shut.

      The scorner seeks wisdom but finds none.

    2. Anonymous10:39 am

      Hey boere mall ninja...

      Just saying that the Germans are very quick to drop suitcases worth of money in the hands of Syrians but put sanction on you...

      Keep in mind that both East and West germany opposed you during the cold war. East Germany was fighting you in Angola and training the peckies. West germany was anti apartheid.

      Get over yourselves. Germany has dedicated its life to opposing you and has not done ONE GOD DAMN FUCKING thing to help you or your clan.

      Fuck the germans. They hate you more than the peckies.

      Just do what Snyman said and take matters into your own hands

    3. Anonymous2:22 pm


      Ahhh where do I even start...

      1st I am not sure not the Germans even know me.
      2nd Synman has never insisted on taking matters into our own hands. Please point out or show me where he has said this?

      You are trying to see the future with your head in the past!

      During apartheid there were not 5 million Muslims living in Germany and there was a soviet union.

      40 years ago there was virtually zero Islam in Europe, today the Netherlands is talking about banning it.

      If you try see the world tomorrow based on what it has been, where it has been, you will never be able to connect the dots.

      1946 the Germans were the enemy, today they are the US largest Allie in Europe, at the head of the EU.

      I really dont know where you get this obsession from.

      Add something of value to the blog.

      Problem is these days, all I find is arguing here.

      Who cares who comes to assist us, what good will that do if we are not united?

      Stop the childish arguing, stop the bullshit mocking, stop with strife, either you are uniting or destroying but who can unite a nation while causing divisions?

      If you can agree on 1 thing - a future republic, then we can get along.

      That is the aim. A future republic, everything else is commentary.

      Unite and add value.

    4. Anonymous3:03 pm

      This fucker really has a hard on for Ninja.

  10. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Did you hear about that guy who had his arm cut off in a panga attack in CT? http://www.google.com/url?q=http://m.ewn.co.za/2016/01/30/Claremont-club-goer-attacked-by-panga-wielding-man&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjVgNjA3fvPAhVEMhoKHaJiA4gQFggLMAA&usg=AFQjCNF2BFIcOKOYtjOJgWrTjEjAO1twKA.They stiched it back on but it will never be hundreds again. You can see he went into an instictive defensive posture, left arm raised. You have to train it out of you, I do mma but would like to learn how to defend against edged weapon attack.
    I've heard good thing things about the AMOK system, started by a US special forces guy.
    Anyone know anything like this in the Durbs area? http://www.google.com/url?q=http://amokcombatives.com/directory/&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjnzIPE3vvPAhWDChoKHdLvB6wQFggLMAA&usg=AFQjCNFRI55PX_YDvIQ5G3uefmWWN3G49A

  11. Anonymous12:48 pm

    (said with a Russian accent) : Don't be beeeech. Don't be beeeg pussy, da? You train like Russian FSB! Cuka Blyaaaat... yebad!


  12. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Shoot them in the face and practice doing it. As Gabe Suarez rightly says the terrorist of today will come wearing body armour and centre mass is no longer a guarantee. In any case a handgun is no guarantee because you simply do not have enough projectile velocity so in order to stop them you must shoot them in the T formed by the eyes, nose and mouth.

    Thinking that a wounding shot will deter a determined knife, club ax or machete wielding attacker will get you nice and dead. just ask the marines that fought the Filipino Moros. Bleeding out takes a relatively long time.

  13. Anonymous1:13 pm


    The sixth phase...

    We are there...

  14. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Fire force...

  15. Anonymous5:08 pm

    When dressing someone as a possible threat with a weapon, you should have your pistol drawn already.


    1. Exactly and thanks for that excellent video. OK I must admit that I am a great fan of Dan Inosanto. He was a personal friend of Bruce Lee and is today a top Jeet Kune Do instructor. JKD was the original MMA philosophy. Dan Inosanto is a specialist in Philipino martial arts like Tanto knife fighting and Escrima stick fighting.

  16. Anonymous12:40 am

    I am most probably one of those guys that go to the range and shoot paper targets every weekend but I also do other scenarios. I move around, shoot while going backwards, forwards, to the side and lying down shooting from between my legs while on my back. Do a roll on the ground with weapon in hand and acquire target and shoot. I shoot from behind cover, left and right handed, I am blessed that I can shoot right handed and left. My draw from concealment is 0.90sec with splits of 0.53sec and the targets do get hit (multiple targets, steel and paper setup, difference sizes). I never stand close to a stranger without a plan A and B already in my head. Yes do your Krav Maga but if you are not able to think on your feet and have no situational awareness you are screwed. I am not Rambo but just an average middle age guy still in good condition lol !!! I train with my old police buddy which has taught me a hell of a lot of life on the street and what goes on.

    Just by the way I have been in that situation with 3 bravos and I walked away. I still shudder when I think of that day.

  17. Anonymous2:38 am

    The best shooting skills start with a pellet gun.
    Pellets are cheap and good practice.

    Remember if you punch a bushcat and draw blood on your hand there is a good chance of contracting AIDS. I carry a knuckleduster for that reason.

    Diplopoint reloads are decent ammo for the price.

    My 2cents.

    1. Anonymous5:09 am


      Good old air rifles are fantastic for developing shooting skills, especially when not using a scope and only using the markers on the barrel.

  18. Here's for the chaps with dedicated status. Go get yourself 2000 rounds for (almost) half the price you will pay at a shooting range..


    1. Anonymous7:19 am

      I've heard it's very difficult to get a firearm license these days. They basically harass you and your neighbours and make it as difficult as possible.

      Apparently they also call your neigbours etc. Is this true or BS?

    2. Anonymous9:22 am

      Or you could have done what I did and purchased all your reloading equipment just prior to the collapse of the Rand early this year and paid holiday discount prices and you would be reloading the brass you have been collecting since 2001 at 1 third of today's ammo prices by making use of the stockpiles of projectiles and primers that you have been hoarding that you bough when the rand was R7 to 1 dorrah just a couple of years ago.

      When it comes to this sort of thing, I am "American Ready"

    3. Anonymous10:34 am

      Anon 7:19 am

      Yes, it is Thabo Mbeki, the pervert Globalist who cooked up the Firearms control Act.

      If you study it closely, it is identical to the sex offender law in America.

      You become, essentially, a registered sex offender and you get managed as if you are a kiddy fiddler.

      For example (and there are more examples than just this)

      In merica, kiddy fiddler goes to jail if he changes address without informing the police.

      South African gun owner goes to jail if he changes address without informing the cops within x number of days

      Merican kiddie fiddler moves in to neighbourhood. Cops interview neighbours. Neighbours hound the guy out of town and kiddie fiddler ernds up in tent city (even oprah winfrey did a show on this)

      South african gun owner, the cops come and interview neighbours (because Thaboi mbeki is a perverted globalist who sees gun owners in the same way you see a child molester).

      Thabo mbeki is the villain. Mandela was just the sock puppet. Thabo mbeki cancelled the rural kommandoes.

    4. Anon719

      No not really. If all you're documents are in order and you've been approved as competend they cannot refuse you your license.

      From start to submitting your docs will be 3-4 weeks if you have someone who is assisting you. Many ex police men do this for between R400-R800. Just google firearm motivation.co.za

      Once your docs are submitted anything from 3-6 months and your done.

      Get your competency test done with the 1st three primary categories all at the same time. Handgun, shotgun and rifle. Purchase you're handgun 1st because that is your self defence weapon, followed by a nice shottie and then you're rifle. A .270 is not bad but preferbly a .308. These 2 will be motivated as hunting weapons.

      Choose you're guns carefully and have someone with knowledge assist you with this. Once it's paid for and you got your license there's no refunds or exchanges, you're stuck with that weapon until...
      Stay away from handguns that's been molested for 20+ years. Cracked frames and slides are common on these and the salesman selling you that piece of shit will obviously not tell you. Watch out for dodgy gunshops, those guys can be worse than 2nd hand car salesmen from Durban.

      Go onto the NSA website and apply for membership. This will count in your favour when you apply for you're license. Then later get you're dedicated status for sport shooting and hunting. Once you have that for 3+ years you can apply for almost anything, even a semi auto AK47. Easier said than done, but possible. The law allows for that believe it or not.. If you are willing to pass through all the kaffir red tape you can get yourself some nice metal. Note; it is not a cheap hobby..

      Best you get cracking. Every day waiting is a day lost. Hope this helped.

    5. Anon922

      Off course mate. That's the cheapest way yes. Just a kak job loading 500 rounds.

    6. Anonymous3:20 pm

      Anonymous 10:34 am
      Thanks for clearing that up, guess I will be buying a good fighting knife then.

    7. I had my license for a 7mm-08 within five weeks after application at Somerset West SAPS. QED

    8. If you dont want to go through all of that you can always build yourself one. You will be on the wrong side of he law though and the gun wont be for precision shooting.

      I am halfway in the process of building a fully automatic .22, it is one of my spare time hobbies and not quite as difficult as some might think. I just need to hide the bottom receiver somewhere because the rest of gun is actually legal. You can improvise all of the parts needed at your local hardware store. Just need a drill and some basic tools.

      Just remember to hide it properly

  19. Anonymous3:40 am

    The Gurkas are an interesting bunch, unfortunately the UK dropped them. One hell of a knife they use.

  20. Anonymous3:51 am

    Sorry my spelling. Gurkhas


  21. Anonymous4:50 am

    Just to keep some balance on here the following is the verse of today:

    Matthew 10:28
    28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

    I'm no liberal in fact I'm as right wing as you can get. But extreme right for righteousness.

    Faith Walker

    1. Anonymous10:21 am

      Nobody said that we must piss on God to take up MA.

  22. Anonymous5:03 am

    The good ol days hey manne:

    Sudden Impact - "Go Ahead Make My Day."


  23. Anonymous8:56 am

    Off topic

    Wonder when these immigrants will start burning stuff down like they do in SA?

    If they are all the same, then we can expect a hot winter in Europe, no?

    Love your blog Mike

  24. Anonymous10:08 am

    I grew up hating these martial arts people in the 1980's

    These martial arts guys were always using their skills to bully. Standing up to them did not help even if you somehow prevailed in the fight, since the school teachers always had this fake hollywood belief that the martial arts guy is always the victim who uses the skill to defend. Thus I was always the assailant even if I was minding my own business and even if I never fought back.

    What a fuck up.

    Sometimes, Rattex in the sarmies is more effective than all the 50 cals and jui jitsus.

    1. Well mate i can tell you the opposite was true for me. Few of the bullies studied martial arts. In the days before MMA when i was still a kid i had classes in Karate, Judo,wrestling, Tai Chi and i boxed. No one at school knew this however apart from one or two kids who practice Karate and wrestling.

      In my spare time i would do 600 to 800 push ups a day and about 20 to 50 to a hundred back somersaults depending on my focus for the day.

      I was the smallest kid in my standard every year until st8. I was also the quiet kid but the bullies bullied each other just to sit next to me.

      The teachers took my side every time because i was the quiet kid and had the best grades in class and a shove was enough to justify me defending myself with my fists and i only needed one demonstration to be left in peace.

      I can surely tell you that someone who studies martial arts and use it for bullying is not a true student of the arts. Sparring is a different story.

    2. I have never come across a martial artist who was a bully. In fact in my last two years at school I made it my job to rid the school of bullies. I fucked up the top three after they started fights with me. Made some good examples out of them. After that the school was quite pleasant.

    3. Anonymous4:39 am

      Mike Smith: That's why you never came across a MA bully. Bullies only pick targets that they can get away with.

      Trust me, they exist...

  25. Anonymous11:19 am

    Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

    — Revelation 6:1-2

    1. Anonymous11:53 am

      Whats your point?

      Are you pointing at someone in present times?

  26. Anonymous11:20 am

    When He broke the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come.” And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him

    1. Anonymous11:54 am

      So if the second seal is broken, who is the first horse?

      Hello? Open your mouth

    2. Anonymous4:04 am

      When they broke open the underground safes this is what they found

      Cape Town – A father, his son and his daughter appeared in a court in Cape Town on Monday, following the discovery on Friday last week of a large cache of illegal firearms and ammunition, in a vast underground bunker in Valhalla Park on the Cape Flats.


      But police sources say the stash is directly linked to Prinsloo who was arrested in January 2015.

      ”This cache belongs to Prinsloo,” one police officer said.



      It emerged that a Germiston police officer, Colonel Chris Prinsloo, with 35 years’ experience was arrested in January. Prinsloo, who was in charge of the firearms safe, had allegedly taken heavy boxes from a safe and taken them to his house in Vereeniging.

      The police officer was said to have sold weapons to gangsters in the Western Cape and was found with R100 000 in cash at the time of his arrest.

      In June last year, the Sunday Times had reported that three police officers from the Central Firearms Registry in Pretoria were taken into custody while three Capetonians - including 28s gang kingpin Ralph Stanfield, his girlfriend and his sister.


      I hope Boss Mike never bought any guns from this dude
      I bet he is spilling his guts as we speak......

    3. Anonymous5:46 am

      One wonders IF anyone ever reads ? ( and pays attention )

      What firearms are shown in the images ?

      Standard Police issue sidearms ( pistols )
      Are these the weapons supplied by Prinsloo ?
      Do they look like weapons handed in during the firearms amnesty ? ( private firearms of many different descriptions )
      1.) Were firearms handed in for destruction noted listed and entered into a register ? ( description and serial number )
      2.) Are police issue firearms listed as having been issued to a particular person ?
      3.) IF the police firearms recovered are NOT from the Prinsloo theft then where did they come from ?
      4.) Is anyone following up the information that should be available from the now recovered firearms ?
      5.) Will we ever know what is really happening ?

  27. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Is pepperspray effective? I am not a fighter and I don't have a gun because I too emotional to have free access to a firearm.

    1. Anonymous11:05 pm

      318 When the time comes there is a definite place for your type in the thick of it, forget the pspray arm up and get busy. The is a lot of culling needed in certain areas.

  28. Just something else i want to bring to your attention. This is not a conspiracy theory.

    We have great unbelievable computer programs. Just think about it. They ricca your phone.

    They know where you stay
    They know whether you own a fire weapon or not, what tipe and how many.
    They know if your neighbor has any weapons.

    This is good Intel for the enemy.

    They can track hotspots, gatherings even poorly defensive neighborhoods to attack.

    My advise is to buy a sim card that is already riccad from a stranger or even better from another person from a different ethnicity

    1. Anonymous1:56 am

      Donycero1247. They can track your transmissions off your cell phone signal so even if you did change sim it would not make much of a difference anyway.

      However I do think that the chaos within the government itself is more important at present and has all the attention focused on it. These things are so busy fighting themselves that we no longer matter. They will first have to sort each other out before they sort the whites out.

      With the government eyes on each other we do make excellent targets for the criminal elements looking for liberties though.

      Saying the above I must add that its still not an excuse to relax and take your eyes off the ball. One never knows what shit will strike the fan next in this place.



    2. Anonymous4:13 am

      interesting... until the Zulu's decide to go after the Xhosa's and you bought the phone from a Xhosa.

      Or you can obtain a pdf editor (if you know what I mean)

    3. Anonymous5:00 am


      @Donycero12:47 am

      In 2011 I was sitting in an office with a manager discussing business with this company they wanted to do business with, they made software applications.

      In 2011 they had already sold a application which scans every social network site for specific keywords in real time.

      They sold this system to governments & mainly the police. That was in 2011, I have no doubt they have more advanced tactics.

      Like a communist world wide state.

      The level and depth that these scanners can do blew my mind. Even smart TVs connected to your network can be used to listen in.

      Samsung or LG got in shit a few years back for this.

    4. I am not giving a solution to the problem but an idea as how to mess with their data.

      If your group had to evacuate suddenly to a undisclosed area it will fist of all show as hotspot for personal owned fire-weapons on there data. It will show your ethnicity. They will even be able to locate your extended family.

      I know the government is useless in even collecting rates but believe me their intelligence department is up to date concerning technology and intel systems.

      Just an idea for the hardliners to be aware of.

    5. Anonymous3:55 am

      In a 2016 pamphlet produced by VASTech SA Pty Ltd., the company outlines its current capabilities for governments, militaries, and law enforcement agencies around the world, claiming it can conduct “passive detection” of communications transmitted from satellites, fix-and-mobile phones, and fiber optic cable.


  29. Barbaric SAVAGES, and who do we thank for today's scenario/s? The NWO libtards.... The sooner my grandkids emigrate to a country where law and order are still being enforced, and my eight GREAT-grandkids can safely walk to school or play in parks, the better.... I think NZ is a good option - I have friends there who love the country AND THE LAW AND ORDER!!!

    1. Anonymous12:05 pm

      are you like 100 years old?

    2. Anonymous12:43 pm

      Everywhere is locked down or soon to be.

  30. Check out this guy. Amazing skill


    1. Fast moving target like that...Brilliant shooting. Wild boars are actually a plague in Germany. No more wolves. Taste nice though ;-)

    2. Handled a Sig 226 navy seal edition today, the model with the anchor on the side.. Hhhmmm. My Glock was nice but now it's only OK.. One of the best built handguns I've seen in a long time. Worth it's R25K price tag..

    3. Nice Hey? ;-) There are very good reasons why the Seals use the P226.

    4. Was one these moments...


    5. Anonymous9:04 am

      The reason why the military uses any gun is entirely up to politics.

    6. Mike. That was the wrong video,posted the same one twice there.. But anyways..you get my drift.

  31. This piece is interesting: http://leagueofthesouth.com/how-long-white-man/#comment-5159
    Oh, and yesterday on the shooting range some guys got a bit of a revelation concerning the dangers of facing a determined attacker armed with "only" a knife...

  32. Anonymous12:41 pm


    Cutting the bitches

  33. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Hey Mike I feel so ancient and am too embarrassed to go to shooting ranges with my 35 year old revolver, where tacticool guys in wrap around shades have all the latest polymer pistols and holsters.
    Hey well at least I have something, the cylinder is still tight and because of the heavy frame design she has fired thousands of 158gr stoked to the max and has no timing problems. Alas if only I were a rich man.

    1. Anonymous9:45 am

      Why? Are you worried that lighties will give you a wedgie?

      Times have changed. Nobody gives a fuck about other people. No one will care, unless you have a Colt Python rollie. Then you will have the tacticool fools offer you shit loads of money for that Rollie.

      Sell it and buy 2 Glock 17s for the price a mint Python can fetch.

    2. Anonymous2:21 pm

      9:45 thanks for advice but I still have the thing on my old ID book, and I refuse to beg the anc for a 5 year firearm permit stuff that, and if they want it they can come fetch it themselves. Glocks would love to have the 9mm long slide, but I am so accustomed to my revolver instinctive shooting the rolie sends the bullet to exactly where I want it to go. Anyway when the time is right I will upgrade to 90mm or maybe 155.

    3. @Anonymous 2:21 pm.... “Instinctive shooting” better known as ”point shooting” was introduced by William E. Fairbairn and Eric Sykes (who also gave us the Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife) As well as Colonel Rex Applegate after World War Two.

      Applegate was also the man who taught the actor John Wayne how to shoot and was an advisor on the set of the Hollywood movie The Alamo. Applegate also introduced the Combatives fighting system of Defendu which special forces and spies used for many years.

      Personally, I think that Applegate saw and made too many Hollywood movies. Most of the Defendu techniques proved completely ineffective in real combat and has long since been replaced by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by the elite US Rangers and the Navy Seals. See US Army Combatives

      The problem with point shooting is that it wastes a lot of ammunition by firing several rounds from the hip at a target in a short space of time. Under operational conditions it proved extremely ineffective and is hardly taught at serious shooting ranges today.

      The so called ”Modern Technique” was developed by Col. Jeff Cooper and Sheriff Jack Weaver (who gave us the Weaver Stance )

      Even the Modern Technique is not so modern anymore. Personally I have a shooting stance that looks similar to the Modern Isosceles

      I use one stance for everything from Stand-up unarmed combat to pistol shooting to rifle shooting. It looks like a “ready” stance for a boxer.

      As Bruce Lee once said, "Don't fear the man that knows 1000 techniques, fear the man that has practiced one technique 1000 times”.

      My personal motto is "Keep it Simple;Keep it Real."

  34. Anonymous12:19 am

    At the end of the day it is not about how you have the best equipment but it is about "you" and your will to live, survive and never give up.
    No task is impossible, no road to long. It is also advisable to have a friend at your side with the same mindset.
    A pistol, revolver or shotgun is just a way of means to get to a assault rifle.

  35. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Another good knife disarming video, all tactical.