25 October 2016

Black minister says Zimbabwe was much cleaner under whites

Salisbury, capital of Rhodesia 1958 under white governance

By Mike Smith
25th of October 2016

I remember how beautiful and clean Salisbury, the capital of Rhodesia was during the 1970’s before it became known as Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

Now with Cholera, Typhoid and disease outbreaks, the blacks are starting to acknowledge it. They say they are busy turning Zimbabwe into a desert.

ZANU-PF Minister admits, Harare is shockingly dirty

Under Whites Zimbabwe wasn’t dirty, Minister says as Cholera hits Harare

"Shocking levels of pollution in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, have seen the city degrade into one of the dirtiest cities in the world, Environment minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri said. "

"Muchinguri-Kashiri — who also lashed out at officials for illegally settling people on wetlands — expressed concern over continued depletion of the country’s flora, saying it was turning part of the country into a desert."

"We say whites were bad but they knew how to settle people. But now we say we are free yet we are destroying our trees, settling on wetlands and engaging in all sorts of environmental degradation. We really need a paradigm shift.”

Paradigm shift for filthy blacks to live cleaner? Good luck with that. It’s far easier for them to call the person holding the mirror up to them a “racist” like in the case of Penny Sparrow when she showed them what filthy “monkeys” they were for messing up Durban Beach on New Year’s day. Just in this case it is going to be a bit difficult, because the one holding the mirror up this time is black.

Harare today under black rule of 36 years


  1. Anonymous7:50 am

    Hey Mike. Those last 3 photo's look just like East London.
    We're not far behind Zims, Broer. Zanu PF or ANC, same shit.

    1. I was shocked when I saw Kroonstad in January. Looked the same. Kroonstad used to be so beautiful.

    2. Anonymous11:44 am

      Jip, Zim and SA are perfect examples of decolonisation. First the european infrastructure is fucked up, and then life is defaulted back to mudhuts.

    3. Anonymous12:37 pm

      ... and Ladybrand too...

  2. Anonymous7:53 am

    You fucking idiot Mike, you deleted my comment.
    You arsehole nxa.....anywho for someone who hates Africans and "does not want anything to do with "blacks" you blog a lot about us !!! Strange if you ask me, if I hate something I want ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with that thing. But you, you on the one hand you obsess and actually put time and effort into this THING you hate, Mikey Mike really, you have nothing better to do with your life than blog about your hate for African people.

    Shapo fine you hate Africans, you want them out of Africa, you want to kill them and you want absolutely nothing to do with them BUT your next ten blog posts WILL be about Africans like really bra?

    I actually thought you are smart like a smart racist but then I realized you're fucken idiot racist - double jeopardy and you white smh.

    The only reasonable and sensible racist here is Phoenix whatever at least he makes sense......soemtimes wena you regurgitate the same shit over and over and over and over again.

    The way you go on about Africans you would swear we colonized the Netherlands.......like we used to share Africa with europeans -


    Mxm you are so exasperating bra, invent a planet/country,continent and go live there.

    Eish we can't even breath in our own land because europeans are everywhere ever since 1652 you things never left and you breeding.


    europe for gay porn, WW I & II, incest, and europeans.

    1. And you love this site. Can't stay away from it now can you?

    2. Anonymous10:09 am

      But you HAVE colonized the Netherlands you neanderthal tree swinger ... Wherever you go, you trash civilization.

      Go look at pictures of Europe where blacks have gone.

      I am waiting for a Thabo Mbeki type to step forward to tell us how whites STOLE European civilization from the native european black man who built it and got done in by the receeest white man.

      I mean we have already heard this sort of bullshit from Thabo mbeki and Egyptian civilizations

      Euros are in for a clusterfuck. We should ship all blacks to Europe. Let them enjoy the "white privilege" Just like we left the white privilege behind in Salisbury for the black man.

      Soon these idiots, like the zimboons, will realize that "white privilege" is actually hard fucking work that they are not capable of... Proof is in the pudding in Zimboonia..

    3. Anonymous11:42 am

      Mike just poesklapped the dumb fuck with a short and sweet reply.

    4. Anonymous11:49 am

      That black chap in the post 7:53 is rather angry, I say what could have caused that?

      Have you enlightened the creature to his despicable habits and the filth that the species carries with it? Maybe you have made him realise the truth of his species inferior and retarded ways? You do state that the truth hurts and I think you have just netted a live one here Mr Smith.

      He does overdo it a little, I think he hates you for proving to him that he and his species could never equal our species let alone be superior to us, all that hogwash of them having cities and libraries and walking with shoes, top hat and tails is now becoming so apparently false that this poor fellow is beside himself. Please do not apologise to the creature for he may just consider you weak or his friend.

      This chap is the type of chap that would love to call you buddy and sit at a table trying to shoot the breeze with you and sipping beer while enjoying the comforts of western civilised culture but he knows that you out play him in every aspect so he thinks the best way to get to you is shout his displeasure over his tardily written posts.

      Black man relax, go back to the bush and realise your place, can you not see that the whites here are not fond of you or does that fact also bounce off the flat surface of your prehistoric features?



    5. Anonymous12:02 pm

      @ anon 7:53 no Mike is not obsessed with you filthy blacks. It's just so much fun ripping you black fucks apart with your own medicine. It's just so much fun showing the whole wide world who and what you simians really are. It's just so much fun knowing we were always right about you - you blacks are not compatible enough to live anywhere near us. And that my little blackish friend will haunt you until the day your soulless body dies and only blackness....enjoy your blackness. Just stay the hell away from us.

    6. Stephen12:19 pm

      Kaffir 7:53 ,firstly Mike didn't delete your other comments

      - you didn't bolt them down so your kaffir brothers stole them.

      And your completely missing the point of this post .
      Its to remind people of what we used to have , and what we can have again when we put you in-your-place again.

    7. Anonymous1:00 pm

      You fucking idiot anon 7:53AM.

      1. This blog is called Mike Smith's Political Commentary, which means that Mike Smith can approve or reject whatever he likes. Posting on here is a privilege not a right.

      2. Mike doesn't hate you or want to kill you. He simply wants nothing to do with you (freedom of association).

      3. Mike 'blogs a lot about you' to reveal the truth about South Africa and open the eyes of others.

      4. Mike doesn't want you out of Africa. He wants you out of his country. A country built by whites and destroyed by your lot.

      5. How can Europeans be everywhere when you outnumber whites 10 to 1? Actually, it's whites who can't breathe surrounded by your foul smell.

      6. Your entire post is a load of bollocks.

    8. Anonymous4:11 pm

      Of course the next 10 articles are going to be about blacks. This is blog is after all a chronicle of events of where blacks have systematically killed all the countries they have invaded and infected. Everything dies under the black hand, and everything is killed by the hands of blacks.

  3. Zimboobwe; Karma's a bitch and I've run out of fucks to give...

    1. Anonymous10:18 am

      NO! You must make like a LWB. You know the types right?

      The ones that travel like 15 000 km to Hati to run soup kitchens for black people but REFUSE to walk 4 feet to the kitchen to make their white husbands a sarmie.

      I always wonedered why women are so weak minded that they would get so easily brain washed

      Can the bitches reading this please explain?

      (and watch how the women get more outraged that I called them bitches but show no outrage at child rape... well except for judge mabel)

  4. Not directly related to your post (my apologies), can someone help me by recommending a book (or books) that gives a sound history of South Africa and Rhodesia, including the early years when Whites arrived?

    1. Anonymous10:16 am

      through thick and thin by Ian johnstone?

      Shows how rhodies settled vacant land (which was vacant due to diseases like malaria etc)

      Which of course is why they tell us that we STOLE land from them (sarcasm/>)

    2. Anonymous10:44 am

      I suppose you have never heard of "Google"
      The Gargoyle of the InterWebz
      The Biblical admonishment to -- seek and yea shall find

    3. Anonymous11:10 am

      Diamonds, gold and war - Martin Meredith

      Laurens Van der Post - a few books

    4. Anonymous11:55 am

      Try some easy reading, TV Bulpin, " Natal and the Zulu Country " "To the banks of the Zambezi " "Storms over the Transvaal" and " Lost trails of the Transvaal ".

    5. Rather fast-forward to the present, and get hold of Mad Magazine's newest addition.

    6. Big oops on 'edition'. Apologies to English readers.
      Happens when you think of adding a comment.

  5. Anonymous9:13 am

    Come now Mike, to be fair at least show the same shot as the top picture taken recently i.e. then and now. Anyone can take a pic of a rubbish dump.

    1. So you are saying the Zimbabwean Minister is wrong? Harare is NOT looking like that?

    2. Anonymous10:19 am

      who the fuck wants to go to that exact same spot..

      Didnt mike and Uhuru Guru do something similar regarding joburg?

    3. Anonymous1:19 pm

      @Anon 9:13AM

      Do pictures 2 and 3 look like rubbish dumps to you?

  6. Like i always say. Its not human. It is a parasite depleting the resources then moving on to a new host.

    1. Anonymous10:24 am

      like Thabo Mbeki who wants to suck the whites dry

    2. Yeah Dony, like this fucking Anon 7:53 thing. They see the physical evidence of the destruction they wrought yet the argue and deny it.

      FFS how fucking stupid are the things really??? They defy all reason and logic. They are definitely not human. There is no question about that.

  7. Anonymous9:33 am

    Watching this makes my blood boil:


    1. Anonymous10:26 am

      So why do you employ them?

    2. Anonymous10:32 am

      What you see is a shit hole. What I see is pennies to the suitcase-full-of-gold real estate in the upcoming zombie apocalypse

    3. Anonymous10:38 am

      its what Europe will look like in 20 years. Then we point and laugh at the Euroes

    4. Anonymous1:36 pm

      @Anon 10:38AM

      What Detroit, Michigan looks like now. Two formerly great cities with a common problem.

  8. Anonymous9:37 am

    Decolonization, has a definite grime and smell to it, something that only a certain species can live in.

    Even nature has order and cleanliness, I ask myself why would nature let some creature survive that is counter to its order. My answer is Nature never let it survive, white people kept it alive. What a huge mistake.

    Imagine the size of the rats that run those streets.



  9. Anonymous9:43 am

    well Boere mall ninja DID say he wanted to clean up till the equator...

    Better get a double thick hazmat suit there bru'


    1. Anonymous11:46 am

      That was funny ha ha ha!!! Ninja, you better step up boet, anon 9:43 just poesklapped you!

    2. Anonymous5:32 pm


      @Anonymous9:43 am

      Not sure where you read that, not once did I say I want to clean up till the equator.

      I said, we WILL clean up, right up to the equator.

      We will need bulldozers as well to dump the millions of rotting carcasses into some furnace, wont want to further pollute the rich soil there.

      If Naledi can walk from the ashes, dont want to take a 2nd chance with a Karasite. Nothing these satanic freaks do surprises me anymore.

      Want van lekker lag kom lekker huil "BRU"!

    3. RAG, you're spot on there Bru.

      It wasn't nature, it was these fucking missionaries who convinced the things that it was human in an effort to add to their soul-count.

      Instead of missionaries there should have been mercenaries convincing them that there is no place on this Earth for them and dispatching into the eternal darkness that awaits all of them.

      I mean, take this arch-doos president of theirs. The thing has no conscience or shame at all in the way it sets about plundering the stat coffers and its fellow non-humans lets it get away with it!

      It's just fucking unbelievable? My mind cannot grasp it.

  10. Anonymous9:54 am

    This video provides an interesting perspective on the victory of the blacks in Zim and SA:

  11. Anonymous10:14 am

    Unfortunately this is how the end of communist Marxist rule looks like. In March 1980 Rhodesia with its British Protestant background was removed and so entered Zimbabwe which is now still led by a Roman Catholic Marxist! It doesn't take a genius to see what's happened here and that even in the case of South Africa and wanting apartheid abolished, it was really South Africa and it's Protestant and biblical foundation upon which she stands that was to be abolished. I do like the 1st picture though, how orderly things were before papal attack.

  12. Anonymous10:31 am

    Zombie @7.53 I see you put a lot of effort into constructing your grade one lingo.

    Please don't try use high caliber language when your contextual usage baffles ones brain. Now go find a pot hole... jump head first into it.... you fucking moron.

  13. Anonymous11:05 am

    That's a fine job decolonizing the road.

    1. Anonymous11:51 am

      Like I mentioned earlier, defaulting back to mudhuts and foot paths. You will see an occasional landcruiser sporting a 50 cal and a bunch of idiots at the back with raybans, NY baseball caps and waving of ak47's. Oh yes, plenty of UN foodtrucks also.

    2. Anonymous1:42 pm

      @Anon 11:05AM

      Even the surface of the moon looks better than that.

    3. Michael Dean Miller2:17 pm


      Ooooh...well said.


    4. Anonymous5:53 pm


      @Anonymous11:05 am

      Like the monuments fall & the name changes, so everything else goes.

      Its like time lapse photography. Give it 20 more years & they will be riding on donkeys again, if there are even any Karasites living there.

      Good news is, fresh rains brings fresh cholera, Maleria and Tsetse fly & who knows perhaps Zikka will be knocking on the door soon.


      The above link says in Africa, the virus has been around for a while and people will have built up immunity but in Southern Africa/central Africa with HIV - there isnt an immune system to start with.

      As one of my china`s told me...

      "This Zikka very poisonous, 1 bite & you die not todie but yesterdie!


      This Karasite is the ultimate bio weapon of mass destruction. Send 5 million to Europe & you see what happens. Italy, Greece, Sweden prime examples.

      They will blame the whites for not colonizing Africa 500 years before they arrived.

      They will say its the white mans fault for not arriving sooner to uplift them - its still going to be said, wouldnt surprise me.

      Malema or some clever Karasite will blame Jans great, great, great, great, great grandfather for not settling in SA in 1152.

      The whites should have arrived 500 years before Jan to have built bantus houses for when the bantus arrived here, the bantus should have arrived here with running water, houses, schools, universities, already built for them and then they would have had a chance.

      Everything is the white mans fault.

  14. Anonymous11:37 am

    When the African Union members give Mugabe a standing ovation, what exactly are they celebrating?

    "he really gave it those whites, now they 80% unemployment, a collapsed currency and economy, food shortages, filth everywhere, deforestation, most of the black population suffering, no money and development, only ruin and regression, good job!"

  15. Anonymous1:42 pm

    These "before & after" articles always remind me of that VICE documentary on Liberia where they never had any Colonialists - stinking shithole from day one, Sipho...

  16. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Very easy to take photos of the city center under white rule, and then take one of any poor neighborhood of Harare under black rule. Damn, I thought you were better than that.
    I have no hatred of Africans like you. You're like a black who loves to complain about racism, but live in racist Europe. You are equal. You love to talk of Africans and how shit South Africa, Zimbabwe etc., are bad now, but lives in these countries!
    Do not be hypocritical. Actually, I went to Zimbabwe, and he was already little better, but there are other African countries that go well (thank you), like Ghana, Kenya and Botswana.
    You can return to the Netherlands if you are not happy here. Or go to Orania.
    Sorry my bad english.

    1. @ Aon 1:52 pm - When was the last time you were in Central Harare? I was there two years ago. It is exactly what the minister said. It is one massive rubbish dump. It is disgusting. It is filthy and it stinks. You answer is "Go to Orania"...Yeah. At least Orania is clean. I wonder why? What is the common denominator that makes cities like Harare, Johannesburg, Detroit and Port Harcourt so filthy? This common denominator is totally absent in Orania. Now instead of cleaning up after yourselves, your infantile brains tell you to rather tell the man holding the mirror up to you to go away. What is it you see in that mirror? Could it perhaps be that common denominator?

    2. Anonymous9:08 pm

      @Anon 1:52PM

      And what about the minister? He'll probably disappear for speaking the truth.

    3. She...it was a woman minister

    4. Anonymous10:29 pm

      Mike 9.20
      and how do you know that??

    5. Anonymous11:01 pm

      @Mike 9:20PM

      Thanks for correcting me.

    6. Anonymous11:12 am

      what this doos is saying is pretty much what the dutch liberal anti apartheid people did to us...

      Take pictures of a rusty black water fountain (ignoring the rusty white fountain next to it)

      Take pictures of a golden white fountain (and ignore the golden fountain for the blacks next to - assuming it wasnt stolen by the blacks)

      Then pair the photos together and scream about oppression.

  17. Anonymous3:01 pm

    re 7:53. Amazing how the lights come on when the mirror is shown to you.You see the order and cleanliness but you react with discontent.
    Maybe you like to live with filth and violence.As for us breeding like flies, please check the latest Consensus.Your people have bred 5 times the rate of white people!!

  18. Anonymous4:11 pm

    But still the whites are "bad"...yes and good old Robbie is the best!!??Providing for his people and always putting them first ne?!By the way?How old is the senile thing?cant he just leave for the gates of hell already?

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwk8n8eixBI&list=PLmGvdtMCf1aIxqWLvZH9Czw3GW3QKs9-9

  20. Anonymous1:19 am

    @753, what do you think of the # floppies must fall movement?

    You seem to think that blacks are the only ones with tempers and aggression and rights. I invite you experience the #floppies must fall movement, the way you experience it is carry on driving the whites the way you are.

  21. I notice this Zimbitch says in one of the articles that "the White people were cruel". You see, therein lies the problem. To them discipline is cruelty because they have no concept of discipline.

    An example of this, in this failed state we reside in, is the law that children aren't allowed to be given hidings. WTF? You see it's cruel of the Whiteman not to allow the things to shit in the street or dump its rubbish wherever it wishes to.

    There is no hope fellows, just extermination.

  22. Whiteman3:17 am

    Man o man ! The rag-head nignogs in Calais, are torching their shacks/tents etc. Because they are unhappy. Just like in this country. They are ALWAYS unhappy about something. And the stupid " goodie two shoes " european filantropists, are running around, wringing their little hands in astonished disbelief. What a joke ! The media makes a big thing, of the ones who are getting on the buses, to go somewhere else ? If they have decided to go to the UK, nobody will stop them. They will just do a tour of france first, because they obviously like travelling !

  23. Anonymous9:14 am

    Uhm Mike . . . .....
    That moonscape road is in left-hand-drive country somewhere. Last time (yesterday) I was driving in Harare, we were using the Left Hand Side. Can't you do better than that?

  24. Anonymous8:42 am

    Remember getting the pass out of the army and walking on civvie street? Clean, colorfull and maybe checkout some "meisies" - a break from weeks of looking at Nutria - Now those same Towns look like Townships we used to patrol...

    Route March

  25. Anonymous10:26 pm

    A very disappointing race,always was always will be.