18 October 2016

Apathy and the disease of false contentment

"I have learned to be content no matter what happens to me. I know what it’s like not to have what I need. I also know what it’s like to have more than I need. I have learned the secret of being content no matter what happens. I am content whether I am well fed or hungry. I am content whether I have more than enough or not enough. I can do everything by the power of Christ. He gives me strength." (Philippians 4:11-13)

By Mike Smith
19th of October 2016

If you look at what Paul says in the Bible above then it is a good thing to be happy with what you've got no matter what. But how content should we be with an oppressive government hell bent on your destruction?

Satan and his army of Liberation Theologians in their eucumenical temples have often used Romans 13: 1-7 which says that we should obey government, because "there is no authority except that which God has established" to pacify and pussify us to further their diabolical agendas unopposed.

But what if that authority tells us to disobey God, deny God and worship Satan or at least practice Satanic beliefs like free sex, abortion, etc? Should we obey? Here we have a massive contradiction in the Bible.

In 1765, British jurist Sir William Blackstone said in his commentaries on English law: "No human laws are of any validity if contrary to God's Law.”

In 1860, John Wingate Thornton developed this thought further: "We may very safely assert these two things in general without undermining government: One is, that no civil rulers are to be obeyed when they enjoin things that are inconsistent with the commands of God. All such disobedience is lawful and glorious . . . All commands running counter to the declared will of God the Supreme Legislator of heaven and earth are null and void, and therefore disobedience to them is a duty, not a crime."

In 1603, speaking before Parliament, even King James I, who gave us the King James Bible, recognized that a ruler's authority has limits: "A king ceases to be a king, and degenerates into a tyrant, as soon as he leaves off to rule according to his laws."

Tyrannical authority is not from God, but from Satan. Consider the words of the Prophet Hosea: "Set the trumpet to thy mouth. He shall come as an eagle against the house of God because they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my law . . . They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not. (Hosea 8:14)

Further, God cannot contradict himself by opposing King David who killed the husband of Bathsheba. Should David not have been opposed simply because he was king? Expecting people to be content with and obey a government that is unreasonable, cruel, and unjust is robbing God of His own justice and goodness.

God is the supreme authority. In other words, any civil authority not set up and sanctioned by God and not enforcing His laws is not a legitimate authority, at least not over Christians.

In the old Testament we see that Daniel was a very high government official in Babylon. His was an Old Testament example of "being in the world, but not of the world." Daniel recognized that his people's captivity was a God-sent chastisement. Yet, he drew the line when a "federal law" prohibited him from praying to his God.

Therefore...Contentment with Satanic tyranny is a filthy disease. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. It is your DUTY as a Christian to oppose such a government.

However...When you look at different nations, their people and their governments then one can quickly become entangled in an enigmatic Gordian knot, because it appears as if the governments often act differently to how the people really are. However these people voted for their governments and hold them accountable, or at least should, but often don’t. One can then deduce that they are indeed in agreement with their government or content with their decisions and actions.

The reason I mention this is, because I often hear from blacks that they are not all criminal, corrupt, uselessly inefficient, etc like the ANC and that we should not generalise. They tell me that most blacks are just normal people who want to get on with life, yet these very same blacks vote to 90% for the ANC in election after election.

If blacks are all so good and “normal” then why do the townships look so filthy and where does all the violent crime come from? Since 1995 there has been a 3000% increase in prisoners serving life sentences in South Africa

How wrong is it then to generalize? Sure there are a few individuals, who are the exceptions, but that is the main point; The exception proves the existence of the general rule.

However, one can see this phenomenon amongst other nations as well. For instance, during Apartheid I often heard from Europeans like the British and the Dutch that they actually supported us and were against their government’s policies of sanctions and boycotts against their brothers and sisters in South Africa.

It must have been a very quiet opposition, because we never saw any counter demonstrations against the Anti-Apartheid Movements of the world. We never saw any Americans, Canadians, Australians or New Zealanders standing up for white Christian South Africans against their countries’ policies of sports boycotts, disinvestment and sanctions. We never saw any Dutch, French or German person standing up for their Christian brethren in South Africa when they boycotted our fruit, wine, meat etc in their supermarkets.

The deduction can be made that these people were content with what their governments were doing, because they kept on voting for them and never opposed them.

How does one explain this? Self interest maybe? Laissez-faire? Cannot be, because why interfere with South Africa in the first place?

Be it as it may, how wrong is it then to generalize and, for instance, say, “The Dutch were all against us?”

Now look at the picture on the right and the Italian source:

Dutch School Children submitting to Allah

Native Dutch children praying to Allah in the mosque
The photo dates from 30 October 2014. It shows girls and boys of the primary school from the town “Vinkenbuurt” that has only 300 inhabitants. Native, white, blonde Dutch children praying to Allah inside the Ghulzar-e-Madina mosque in Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijssel, in the east-central area of Holland.

The visit to the Mosque was part of a sick liberal curriculum with a project called “Other Cultures”. The Imam, Maulana Noorani Tahier Wagid Hosain, warmly welcomed the children and responded in an entertaining and understandable way to their questions. He made them repeat the Arabic letters, of course praised Islam as a religion of peace and love and then, almost as if in a game, he showed them how to pray like Muslims.

Now I can assure you, not all the Dutch people are content with shit like this. Sure there are some who are against it. However...where is the massive outcry? Where are the demonstrations against their government for forcing this onto their children?

Look, the Dutch are mostly wonderful, sophisticated and intelligent people known for their cheese, architecture, eating chips with mayo and peanut sauce and of course their massive dykes, the ones keeping the North Sea out, I mean. How is it that people who have survived for centuries by keeping the mighty waves of the North Sea out are unable to keep the waves of Islam gushing over their country out?

They must be content with it, because I don’t see them storming the Binnenhof in the Hague.

Now it is one thing to criticize the lame, liberal Dutch for their slackness to sort out the infestation in their country and one can even be permitted to have some Schadenfreude for what they did to South Africa, but let us look at our own slackness; our own white apathy, uselessness and contentment in South Africa.

Since 1994, under a tyrannical Marxist government, there has been close on 4000 white farmers brutally tortured and killed, about 80,000 whites murdered in their homes, thousands upon thousands of white women raped, yet where is the resistance of the white people in South Africa?

Sure there are some who have a blog or two and are alerting and informing the world. They actually have a few followers too. Very few are actively taking self defence and shooting lessons. There is absolutely no combined effort to put a fund together to get people tactically trained up. A few sheep bitch and moan around the braai on Saturday. Most are more concerned about the state of the Rugby than the state of the nation. Hlaudi Motsoeneng is still the head of the SABC and Zuma is still in charge of the country!!! Why???

When Dan Roodt organises a protest march he is lucky if 300 people turn up. Carel Boshoff originally estimated that after 15 years he would have 60,000 people in Orania. Today he is lucky if he can count a thousand. Sundays the churches are empty and Saturdays the Rugby stadiums are full. People moan about the price of petrol, the price of cigarettes, the degradation, the ANC...but further than moaning it also doesn’t go.

How wrong is it then to generalize and deduce that the whites in South Africa are useless, lazy and apathetic idiots content with their situation?

Is God punishing them for their apathy towards tyranny? Prove me wrong. Where are the masses of whites demonstrating at the Union Buildings or parliament? Why are our streets not filled with very angry Christian whites opposing the ANC? What are we doing wrong that we just cannot get the people together? If an idiotic potato farmer can get 200,000 “Mighty Men” together at a concert in 2009 and 400,000 in 2010 then what are we doing wrong? What are the alternatives? Can we really blame God and the world for ignoring our plight when we show them how apathetic and content we are with the New (improved) South Africa?

It is one thing to say that the blacks are voting for the ANC in election after election and keeping them in charge, but what are we doing? Are we not doing exactly the same? We are keeping the ANC in power with our apathy and content. We have to do what God wants us to do. We have to oppose the tyrannical and oppressive ANC regime in every which way possible.


  1. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Clearly for many life is still too good.
    Society has not yet completely collapsed ( it is not intended to )
    Slowly slowly catchy monkey ( and finish him off )

  2. Whiteman11:16 pm

    Mike, thanks for aother thought provoking article. You have basically hit the nail on the head, in terms of everything you said. Our biggest problem was, and has been the fact that we were/are a christian country. It is in the very interpretation of " christianity, " that we signed our own death certificates. We were always brainwashed, that the dominee, was actually God on earth. Just think of the power these priests of Baal, have wielded over the ages. Their interpretation of the Scriptures, was accepted, lock stock and barrel, because they are " educated ! " I was also a victim. But one day, I realised that the churches, were merely extension, of the government of the day. Firstly to make MONEY, and then to brainwash the population, into " christian " submission, on behalf of the government of the day. No matter how evil the government may or may not be. Until enough christians can see through this, and throw off their shackles of deception, and false religion, there will be NO redemption. Hopefully, your article will open many eyes, because our time is running out FAST !

    1. Anonymous8:31 am

      Yes WM. We have indeed been taught a false religion. We were taught that "discrimination is wrong." yet the entire bible revolves around gods people being discriminatory. We were taught that this is some etherial wishy washy principal based upon what "you believe in your heart." We have been dumbed down with a juvenile Sunday School view of the teachings of Christ and have been led astray to ignore that his teachings related to the law the Torah as laid down by Moses and the prophets.

  3. Spot on, Mike. That's why I don't really care and look out for myself and mine [who also don't really believe the severity of the situation]. I have had "Stoere Boere" talk me down when I try and tell them to look around and see what's going on, what is being done to them in their absolute apathy.

    "How wrong is it then to generalize and deduce that the whites in South Africa are useless, lazy and apathetic idiots content with their situation?" It's not wrong at all and it's not due to ignorance, but plain slapgatheid.

    As far as this government is concerned it is our duty as Christian to resist and undermine it in whatever way we can. I said it before here on the blog; the Ten Commandments are the only laws that apply. Any law that transgresses or contradicts them is unlawful. To Christians that is and it is our duty to oppose and reject those.

    These people operating the abortion clinics, mainly for profit, have all booked their one-way ticket to hell. If I ever had to find myself in the company of such it would lead to a hugely embarrassing scene prior to my immediate departure. I've been known not to be "op my bek geval nie".

    I get despondent sometimes though, as I mentioned to JP yesterday. It's not the odds stacked against us that really bothers me [we know the K-factors aren't worth a pint of piss], but the apathy of our fellow White Christians.

    I pray every day that God will open their eyes. Then again, what more must He do? How many more brutal murders of God-fearing Whites will it take before we get up off our arses and say, "Enough, no more of this kak!"? Like you say, get a march of 300 000 people together and go and spell it out clearly to the scum that their time's up.

    Having said all this, what am I doing about it?

    1. When I look at our situation Tom I always think of the story from Judges 6:6 'And Israel was brought very low because of Midian. And the people of Israel cried out for help to the LORD.'

      We really have been brought very low when I look at things from an emotionally detached point of view.

      And spot on about the 10 C's. I have fucked it up myself but will never take the 'born again christian' viewpoint that the Commandments are scrapped. There can be no greater deception than that.

      Materialism has replaced Nationalism. Or at least it has tried to. Money never fully fills the void.

      There is no doubt something quite magical and tremendously powerful about a tiny group taking a stand for what is right - when all the odds and even all your people are against you.

      All these years of physical, mental and spiritual training are going be put to the test in a big way.

      Another Weneen massacre - but on a larger scale - is on the cards for us.

      Listen to the anti-white hatred. Why so many are still blind is stunning to be honest:



      Thought provoking article Mike, thanks!

    2. Anonymous8:17 am

      JP agreed. BTW where are all those books and articles you had on your House of Israel blog? Did you manage to save them or host them elsewhere?

    3. @ Anon 8:17 - I have them all on PDF my man.

      There used to be a site called 'Great White Desert' - the old skool guys will know about it. I downloaded all the books from that site.

      Will try host, but those books aren't disappearing down any worm hole.

      Future generations will have such knowledge available to them.

    4. RunForrestRun2:29 pm

      Yet you still get upset with me when I call out the "slapgatte" as losers and dregs? A bit hypocritical mate, I merely called the dog by its name.

    5. RFR I didn't denigrate them in a destructive way as you are sometimes inclined to do. I merely pointed out a fact in the spirit of unification and in an attempt for them to open their eyes.

  4. Very true & hunky dory.
    Then again:
    Our work ethic is so instilled in our psyche...dat om met jou gat die straat-af te wikkel in n pienk T-hemp ( ala n Dan Doodt optog ) - doen dit nie vir my nie.
    Die opsie om jou 'swart baas' ( specially those in the government sector ) mee te deel jy wil n bietjie 'afhê' om te loop 'gatswaai' - will path your way to become a 'bergie'. No?
    So. Ons kan maar die-en-daai-kant-toe.
    n Herhaling van gebeure in Ierland as voorbeeld....gaan onafwendbaar ons enigste opsie bly. Detenté, soebat en boude wikkel is vir die kinders by n Kinderkrans-dans.
    En neem kennis. Hierdie uitspraak kom nie ligtelik by my groot smoel uit nie. Dit dui immers op n lang en uitmergelende proses. Troos vind ek dat die gewisse moontlikheid v lewensverlies...nie in opoffering sal wees om die sg 'Rooi Gevaar' na buite te hou nie - maar n meer edel oogmerk voor oë...nl bevryding.

  5. Anonymous12:25 am

    We are meant to be a 'set-apart' group of people - obedient to the ways of the Creator, a light in a dark place.

    But most have given over to satan and serve the god of mammon. Most would not know what it is to be 'set-apart'.

    And just like Daniel or the Israelites in Egypt, they did not try to overthrow the ruler, they just continued to seek YHWH and His ways throughout their time in captivity.

    Most whites however in SA have brought dishonour to YHWH and will therefore no longer benefit from His hand of protection.

    How many 'church' attending whites even know what the 'Feast days' (moedim - appointed times) are that are to be observed. No, christmas and easter are pagan days. And what about the Sabbath day = the seventh day? Will the people listen to the Word ad return to the paths of old - it seems not:

    Jeremiah 6:16
    Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.

    I pray for the soon return of our Saviour. Dark days are ahead but we could be a shimmering light on a hill somewhere. Leave the cities to the heathen. Babylon is soon to fall.

    Faith Walker

    1. Anonymous8:14 am

      How about those Churchgoers that think that all they have to do is nothing. What about the Law of the Prophets that Jesus came to fulful Ei to bring his people back to? Well we reject it every day. Who teaches the Torah? That is the law that his people are expected to adhere to yet Christians think that they are exempt and all they need to do is send a little prayer shywards every now and again.

  6. Stephen2:03 am

    Hi Mike

    I'm so glad you mentioned Daniel .
    And that's the miracle right there , through all of this God will bring about a new reality for His people.

    Yes your right , like Daniel we must resolve not to defile our selfs with the things of this world.
    God will honour that and give us wisdom and knowledge above human measure.
    More than that He will walk with us through the fire , and be with us in the lions-den , but its all about your heart and what God sees in it.

  7. Opium of the masses, religion and games, keep us tame.

    1. :-) - Sal maar wyshede in Latyn...hier korthou.

  8. Anonymous3:47 am

    Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society. Aristotle.
    Excellent article Mike, very thought provoking, I sure don't know the answers to those questions, at a guess I'd have to say things aren't hard enough for most people yet. In conclusion things have to get much worse before they get better.

  9. Anonymous3:52 am


    Any nation that bows before another god will simply be removed or destroyed in the end.

    When Israel bowed before other gods they were destroyed or sent out into the wilderness or expelled from Israel.

    How backward have these western nations become. Very sickening.

    Mike I think the vast majority of people are not progressive or take action. Lack of vision, the lack of a future here, I think they think that it is a lot better to be content with what you have than be destroyed.

    People only wake up when something big happens and unfortunately it might be too late by the time something big happens here.

    Those who know what is coming, who are mentally prepared, physically prepared and have armed, trained will be fine.

    But its picking up now, more of the people are waking up but still its slow.

  10. Anonymous3:55 am

    Mike, I've been beating this drum for two years now, that's when I truly turned to Christ. Problem is just because one says they are Christian doesn't mean a thing. Look at comments on your blog, so many guys talk of killing, destruction and in the same breath say us Christians. I live for Jesus, I'm his servant, I get out of bed and go to work for him, not me. My earnings he lets me use most but I must give. I would wager that 95% of people do not go to church instead they stay at home and say I'm a Christian, you are not. I belong to the church that all call the whore of Babylon, yes I'm a Catholic. My journey was hard, first got off the booze (6 yrs) then bought a bible and started reading and praying as if Jesus was right next to me, I attended a church where woman preached tithing and the pastor said "we are a tongue speaking church, just start speaking it doesn't matter if you say ganna goo goo". Sure Pastor that's what happened at Pentecost. Also think which church hasn't changed its dogmas in almost 2000 years, no pill, no condoms, no abortions. My church also has had too many false preachers teaching and doing pure evil. May God have mercy on them. The crusader spirit will return we just need to make our peace with God, currently we are paying for our sins and will be humbled even further because of our lack of obedience. We were sent to Africa to preach the gospel, evil followed for the riches and has never left. Now the real meat, blacks are capable of turning to Christ, if you say they aren't then you certainly think Christ had no power. Blacks have been offered salvation and only a few have accepted, whites had Christ but now reject him and worship rugby, liberals have a Christ in Mandela. When Moses came down the hill and saw the calf did he say "love the sinner hate the sin" or did something else happen, the Levites stood for God and became his priests after slaughtering 3000. Before the ancients went to war they seeked counsel from God and asked if they should go to war. Read these things. I detest all evil people even white, let's not play here, we know full well that there are plenty cowards among us and they will betray us it's nothing new. I could go on forever because all of you are close to my heart, even you heathens as I see your blindness yet there will come a day when I will have no choice but to slaughter because you will see my goodness and take it for weakness. Prepare your souls brothers, this fight that's coming is not going to be an easy one like many here seem to think. Mike may the Lord bless you and the Holy Spirit guide you in your writings. Peace to you. Look forward to reading your blog another two years.

    1. Anonymous9:39 am

      The biggest con the devil ever pulled was making you worship Jesus instead of God and disobeying his very first commandment and the only one where He showed emotion.

      You shall have no other gods before[a] me.

      4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God

      According to many Christians, God is a Trinity consisting of the Father, theHoly Ghost, and the Son.
      Lets go over it:
      1. NOWHERE in Scripture is God stated to be or called a Trinity.
      2. NOWHERE in Scripture is the word “Three” used to reference whom or what God is.
      3. NOWHERE in Scripture is God referred to or called “A Person”
      4. NOWHERE in Scripture is the Holy Spirit called God
      Scripture is very clear when Jesus Christ stated:
      “My Father is greater than I” John 14:28

      John 20:15-18 Jesus said to her, "Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?" Supposing him to be the gardener, she said to him, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away." 16 Jesus said to her, "Mary!" She turned and said to him in Hebrew, "Rabboni!" (which means, Teacher). 17 Jesus said to her, "Stop clinging to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father; but go to my brethren, and say to them, 'I ascend to my Father and your Father, and my God and your God.'" 18 Mary Magdalene came, announcing to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord," and that he had said these things to her. NAS

      He sits not in Him but at his right hand. The second in command sits on the right not the first.

      It is a sin to worship Jesus as God

    2. Anonymous12:21 pm

      Catholic? Your pope is Jesuit... just like Mandela and Thabo Mbeki.

    3. Anonymous11:37 pm

      9:39 You must stop reading your JESUIT bible. go back to King James Bible. Then you will find the right Context.

    4. Anonymous2:42 am

      Answers: first anon, you have a point, I know what you say. At Jesus's baptism God speaks out and says "This is my son and I'm well pleased". I understand what you say. The Lord is in me and I in him, this is a mystery. No one comes to the father but through me. I'll stick to Jesus as I'm not perfect, I need a spiritual Doctor.
      No2: see the insults, I know not all the church is good, Jesus told us so, read your bible. A good point of interest you should look at as St Malachys pope predictions, that should wake you up. We are at the end.
      No3, another throwing stones, there is a small difference between bibles, I guess you don't know what they are, the Catholic bible has seven additional Old Testament books but the very same New Testament, so enlighten me. Read those OT books then come talk. If I give money to a church as a way of tithing and the priest uses it himself and I did not know, are you implying I'm guilty as well. Lastly God is greater than he that is in the world. I hope I answered you guys, there is plenty more but by the reading of comments wow no wonder we are lost. Jesuits running the world, no the illuminati, no a third force, no aliens all those are making you blind, forget all your YouTube videos, Hollywood blockbusters and just read prayerfully (knock) and Jesus will respond. Peace to you all.

    5. Thanks DM for the info on who 9:39 AM actually is. I chose not to publish the info for now. She will be banned from here too and her name will be added to our list.

    6. Anonymous9:54 am

      I am 9:39. Publish my identity please if what i said should put me on the list that i am maintaining.

  11. Anonymous3:58 am

    That farmer Angus, I will laugh if he is the guy in the brown suit (SVR), reason he is a potatoe farmer they come in brown jackets

    1. Anonymous5:36 am

      Why would you mock Angus? Is he not trying his level best? Why would we scorn his efforts to unite men against evil???????

    2. Stephen5:51 am

      Anon 3:58

      no-one thinks your cool by trying to make fun of Angus.
      so easily you guys want to laugh at the preacher , I tell you what , he gets a whole lot more respect from me than your ilk.

      Did you get any benefit from laughing at God's people - no , to the contrary you got dis-respect and believe me , it never ends well for those who make fun of His people .

    3. Ju$t another Ray McCauly...I'm afraid. Net fokken meer afgrysliker.
      To Mike :
      Hierdie plasing met n bibliese inslag gaan brommers trek. Van aartappelboere tot muhre met n naelstring tot in Israel.
      'Why me Lord'?

    4. @ Stephen...Since when is Angus Buchan above critique?

      My first problem is the price of R100 that he charges to visit his concerts. With 300,000 men attending, that is R30 million. Not bad for a couple of days of preaching bullshit.

      Then there are the TV rights that broadcasted his conference to 500-million people around the world on GOD TV, one of the world’s largest Christian television networks. Then you have the books, the DVD’s, the TV shows, the video on demand, the apps, etc.

      He is a millionaire over and over if not a billionaire. Apparently he is driving an old car and none of the money goes to him. Bullshit. He’s just being Scottish. Where does the money then go? Always follow the money.

      Is it the Beth-Hatlaim (House of the Lambs), orphanage he founded for 25 Black AIDS orphans? Or maybe the Halalisani Farm School administered by Shalom Ministries with approximately 200 black pupils? I have a serious problem with that. How many orphanages and schools has he opened for white children?

      He preached to 5000 Black Muslims in Mozambique who apparently all converted to Christianity after Angus miraculously healed a man with crutches in the front row. Sorry, but is the word “bullshit” also drifting past your mind and do you also see the winged pigs flying by? The day after, they were all Muslims again.

      He goes on stage and tells the people to put their interdoctrinal differences aside. Jesus warned against these ecumenical preaches and warned us to always question and be careful of false preachers/prophets and the groups spreading false doctrine.

      Buchan even praised Satanist Bob Dylan whom I have exposed here recently when he received the Nobel Prize for Literature saying, “I listened again to that old song that Bob Dylan sang many years ago called, ‘I believe in You’. He sings that he believes in Jesus in spite of everything he is going through.”


      Look, you can believe what you want. I don’t really care. Pay your R100. Go to your Mighty Mouse Concerts and listen to a crazed snake wrangler if you want. Just don’t expect me to come along.

      At least here on this blog you won’t find any soliciting of money. No advertisements. No bullshit. Just the simple truth.

    5. Anonymous8:08 am

      Stephen maybe you want to go and review just exactly who "God's people" actually are and who his law ks meant for. One thing about Christians that old shit Ghando got right was when he said: "Christians, so unlike your Christ."

      Christians like to cherry-pick the parts of the bible that fits THEIR agenda whilst completely ignoring the rest. I quote Matthew 5: 19 "Therefore whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven.." Think this refers to the 10 commandments? Go read the previous two versus and study the "Law of the Prophets."

    6. Anonymous9:42 am

      Anyone who asks for money is a false prophet. Any church that send collection baskets around instead of keeping them stationary is of the devil.

    7. Stephen9:46 am

      Hi Mike

      Yes man , that's exactly why i and every one else follow your blog , your a blessing to us Mike and we reapect/admire your ability to run this blog with the integrity and contineud dilligence that you do.
      Without all that money you mentioned , nogal .

      That shows where your heart is Mike , in the right place.

      Now here's my objection about the Angus-bashers.
      I've never been at a mighty-men camp , but on Sunday-mornings while I'm getting dressed for church ,my wife usually listens to Angus and I eves-drop , ha!

      So that's the crux for me , the message not the man , I hear the WORD and its the same Word I believe .
      Mike , some people don't like Angus because his words cuts them in their hearts , usually a scoffers response is an indication of that.

    8. Anonymous10:37 am


      Beware those that have large congregations and have to say what pleases them, beware those who charge for their teachings.

      99% of what these people preach is false because they cant even get their facts straight. They refer to the Jews as Israel - pathetic.

      Anyone who cannot or does not understand those key differences, the bible will remain a mystery and be open to interpretation for the differences are so great that the last 2 chapters of revelations deals with these differences.

      If Israel does not exist (the tribes) the revelations cannot be fulfilled. They exist and are found in the west, the western nations, the Germanic, Celtic & Saxon nations are those tribes.

      Holland/Netherlands is Zebulun


    9. Stephen11:50 am

      Anon 8:08 , I think its quite clear from these comments - who God's people is.

      Cherry-picking , oh, like you just did above with that Verse from Mattew?
      Do you think persons ability to resite Scripture is what secures his salvation? ...or is it his unwavering faith in Christ ?

      So if it is the latter then , is such a person not counter as a child of God?, more-so than he that was born with the law but deny the power thereof?

      Go review a real church oneday soon , youl be amazed .

    10. Anonymous12:36 pm

      Has Angus B ever proved himself not to be a hypocrite by teaching his followers to keep the Shabbat set-apart? Has he ever told them to NOT eat the pig?? A long time ago I was at one of his byeenkomste and seeing how them okes were blowings them shofars willy nilly as if it was some musical instrument... man, no respect for the things of the Creator....

    11. Anonymous2:44 am

      You asses, I meant laugh because it is surreal, not mocking. Gee you guys are tense.

    12. Anonymous2:56 am

      Hey Stephen, I posted the comment, you are full of it. Read carefully SVR stands for seiner. I would laugh because it is a wild card, anything is possible with God. Gee man give me a break better than that if you think I was ridiculing Christians and you seem you are one, instead of insulting my "ilk" who go to church every Sunday, we don't watch tv, listen to the radio, support sport etc etc, we read scripture, listen to scripture, talk scripture, pray for all, give to all and still to you we are "ilk". Still may the Lord keep and protect you, always.

    13. Stephen9:52 am

      Well that's certainly not how you came across.

      And that's why I re-acted ,my apoligies if you felt offended , I just wanted to show you that its not cool and respectable to mock believers.

      But now you have explained yourself better , seems I did'nt have to show you anything.
      Okay well then , its all good.

  12. Anonymous4:37 am

    Because we are being prepped for the coming world leader ( anti christ) as stated in the King James Bible and it has to play out. Yes, the best thing to do is resist it by becoming Christian and accepting the Gospel that Christ died for our sins. We are in the last days. Do not just read the Bible but study it back to front , front to back.
    Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Romans 12:9.

    1. Anonymous2:47 pm

      Anon 4:37 the Pope is the anti christ, this is what all Protestant Christians believed for 100s of years. It was only after Darby introduced dispensatinalism, to Christendom did christians started looking for a political/military/financial man to pin the title to, funny thing is that the popes thru out the ages have been all 3.
      Has no one read about the preachers who marched together with the militia onto the Lexington and Concord battles.
      I tell you sport has Dissolved the backbone of the men in this country, Bashar Al Assad's wife has more spine than the whole lot of us SA men, and I include myself because 22 years ago when I had the means, equipment and youth, as a protest to the handskaffirs and in solidarity with Col Ratte I too should have made my shot ring around the land, oh I probably would have lived maybe a few hours maybe a couple of days at the most before being killed by my once upon a time brothers in arms. But hey you know what I can almost read you spineless liberal arseholes minds after all these years, you probably will say to me you've lived 22 more years of your life, that is exactly the point what has the last 22 years for us in this shit SA been. Back in 2004 when the anc brought in the new gun laws I saw all you pricks melt at the thought of spending a night in prison, and therefore just handed in your weapons, I still got my old SA ID with original gun license's. While lots of you have to beg your enemy every 5 years for a renewal.

  13. Anonymous5:09 am

    By the way what is Pastor potato Angus up to these days. Gone very quiet. And Pastor money Ray Mc Cauley. Anybody can update us would be appreciated.

    1. @ Anon 5:09 - I can't give you an update but my oldman used to gym at old rays gym. He was a like a body builder or something. Walked in oneday and said he was selling the gym because he found a new way to make money. Said he was going to the states for two years to 'learn religion'.

      The guys were shocked. They loved that gym.

      Anyhow, when he came back and got quite big, my oldman got invited to one of his 'sermons'. Uncle Ray went all sci-fi evangie and to really get the crowd throwing their money in threw in his rolex watch to 'show how generous he was'.

      After the 'show' my oldman went back stage with a few of the former gym mates and Uncle Ray asked the money counters where his rolex was.

      My oldman knew he was a chancer. but after that incident had all doubt removed.

      Remember his first wife - I think it was - who mysteriously died because the gas pipes 'turned on' or something along those lines. She croaked from inhaling that shit.

      Don't know of any fucking gas pipes that just turn on by themselves. The saying about 'the devil looking after his own ' comes to mind haha

    2. I saw Potatoe Farmer's face up on a billboard advertising some or other thing. Didn't pay much attention.

      McCauley is still quietly raking in the millions from his congregation.

    3. Ummm. And then there's this couple ( ex VEMMA shysters/kingpins who's selling MM tartans/berets & scarves lattie k@k spat. )
      Vemma having been established to be another pyramid scheme. In a nutshell...this says it all.

  14. Anonymous5:13 am

    Good piece Mike.

    ‘Culture’, is the common denominator here. Western culture and lifestyle is based on individualism. African culture, on the other hand, is based on collectivism. In this primitive type of culture there is but one objective – and that is the total subjugation of the individual to a particular group. They are herded / conditioned to act and behave like herd animals from birth… they are educated from a very early age that “politics” is EVERYTHING. Consequently, they are ‘politically activated’ from a very early age. That’s why you see so many of them rock up for political gatherings and/or protests. They – the participators, and we – the spectators.

    Marxism and Marxist policies appeal to them tremendously. That is the principal difference between us and them.

    It is often said that ‘Afrikaners kan nie saam staan nie’, but that is basically true of Western civilisation all together. Think about it for a minute.

    Our culture is totally incompatible with black-driven collectivism and black-driven collectivist ideologies. We just do not gel. Never have and never will.

    Essentially, if we want to trump Blacks (including their backers – i.e. liberal progressives), we need to improve our understanding of them and their ilk. We need to beat them at their own game. Our forefathers understood them very well – that’s why we had Apartheid – but Political Correctness corrupted the average White man. Kill the Political Correctness disease and you save the White man. It is about time…

    Drolletjie Drie in sy Ford Capri

    1. Anonymous7:27 am

      Couldn't agree more mate. Excellent comment.

    2. Anonymous12:47 pm

      Ons individualisme is ons behoud.

  15. Anonymous5:36 am

    Place water in a pot, boil it and drop a frog in it. The frog will likely jump out.

    But place a frog in a pot of water and gradually heat it to boiling point, you will have frog soup.

    The ANC gradually destroyed this country over more than 20 years. Too late to jump.

  16. By all that is holy, Mike, that is an extremely disturbing photo. Another very good reason to give liberals no mercy. To indoctrinate vulnerable children into such an absolute evil religion must be the biggest sin anyone can commit.

    1. Anonymous7:29 am

      forget the photo - have you any idea how evil a symbol the phoenix actually is. This says a lot about either your ignorance or your evil nature.

    2. A symbol shows the person what he wants to see in it. If you dont believe in it its just a picture.

    3. Come on Anonymous 729, wake up and smell the coffee. Were there any articles in the news lately of phoenixes throwing acid in their womens’ faces because they are not veiled? Any news articles about phoenixes going into an office building shooting everyone they see, because people in that office drew a cartoon of their unenlightened prophet. Going around cutting people's heads off with a blunt knife, because they don't believe in the phoenix god? Or phoenixes simply driving a truck through a crowd killing as many innocent people as possible on purpose.

      No, we didn't read such news articles, because the phoenix is a symbol, not REAL. Muslims and their evil religion are VERY REAL and they commit those evil deeds.

      Like Donycero says, a symbol is not evil by itself, but what the observer sees in it. For me, the phoenix symbolizes destroying the old and bringing in a brighter future.

    4. Anonymous12:50 am

      Nonsense phoenix
      try walking around with a swastika on your jacket. You can say what ever you want about what it means for you. In Europe you would be arrested - before you were stoned.

      The phoenix is used by the global elite to emphasise their evil 'order out of chaos - rebirth' agenda. The symbol makes my blood boil. Remain in ignorance if you will.

      Maybe you could use the hammer and sickle instead.

    5. Anonymous12:25 pm

      Ah you Christians are the best of the best. You see the spooks in the darkness and the evil deeds of all that disagree with your stupidity.

      You will focus on one symbol and pick at it but totally ignore all the symbols that your faith uses to depict its supposed purity actually comes from the Egyptian,Greek, Roman and Celtic religions that existed centuries before your religion came to into being.

      Christian symbols, the cross taken from the the Ank. The trinity= Greek gods Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. The angels= Horus. Satan beast head= Pan.

      You religion thieves then want to tell others that their faith is wrong, you are the dinkum hypocrites and twisted ones.

      You scripture thumpers are so blinded and shallow that you cannot even have an original thought so how do you intend to change the world.

  17. Solid piece uncle Mike, thank you. It's one of those articles that hits a nerve for some and is just a confirmation of what some of us already know and are asking. To me it's a bit of both, and something that sits heavy on my conscience.

    WHERE do we draw the line.?. WHEN do we draw the line.?. We are all looking for answers but it seems we don't find them. Or are the answers staring us right in the face and we are too scared to act.?. This might be a long article on my behalf so if you get bored easily rather stop reading.

    We all know the long term plan of the Communists (Satan) was to strip the whites in SA of their heritage and identity. We can admit that they've done a good job thus far. The whites are paralyzed and scared, obeying every word and instruction from the kaffir government. The 'sheeple' as some people call them. This is wrong, we now this from God's word which says:

    2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV) For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind, and

    1 Corinthians 14:33 AMP(For He [Who is the source of their prophesying] is not a God of confusion and disorder but of peace and order.

    I once listened to a teaching from a pastor who explained the workings of Satan as such; 1 Pet 5:8 " Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." The catch is at the word 'as'. This means that he (Satan) is not a fierce lion, but a fake. Then he explained the following; A lion will, when close to a heard of buck, roar into the ground which makes the noise travel into all directions. The prey his after cannot determine where the noise is coming from therefore is immediately gripped by fear and too 'paralysed' to act. The lion knows this very well and after enough time will have the prey surrounded and will pounce. Is this not what he (Satan) is doing to us through his instrument called the ANC.? Are we letting them control us through fear, but all they are doing is making noise.?.

    Have we forgotten what Jesus said.?

    Luke 10:19 (AMP) I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on serpents and scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you.

    Satan has been stripped of his authority and it has been given back to us, God's Sons. The Devil can only exercise his power once the people gives him the authority to do so.

    Then the infamous Rom 13:1-7.. Well then what about John 2:13-17.?

    I quote a passage from a book called 'Beautiful Outlaw' written by John Eldredge, please bear with me..

    Read John 2:13-17 and you will notice this; In two verses he emptied the temple, a report that reads like the crack of a bullwhip. But take the action slowly.


  18. First, Jesus observes the shenanigans and it makes him furious. then he takes time to make a weapon. where did he get these cords? That required some looking around. Having found them, he had the patience and forethought to weave them together effectively to make a usable whip - he knows what it takes to move large, sedentary cattle and self righteous profiteers. There's time enough here to cool off if this is merely an outburst of anger. But no, this is a planned and sustained aggression ( Particularly unsettling for pacifists )

    Following the flow of the text , it says he then used that whip to drive all of them out of the temple. The livestock would have been kept in some sort of corral; standing for hours, languid, sleepy. An angry man flying upon them with a whip would ignite panic. Mass panic. Animals feed upon one another's fear in seconds. Picture cattle and sheep running for their lives, crashing down the corrals, their hooves sliding frantically on the tiles, making them even more desperate. We have a stampede here.

    It then says he poured out the coins of the money changers and sent their tables tumbling. the money changers - " men who make their living out of extortion" - are reported to have been sitting at those tables. How easy is it to move carefully and quickly from a sitting position while removing you're legs from the table that is being overturned in front of you.? More panic. Meanwhile, the coins - Jesus doesn't permit them to gather their money and move off in an orderly fashion. He dumps the coins, scatters them. This is explosive. Imagine the chaos of hundreds and hundreds of coins erupting off the stone floors..

    Now, layer all this together. The animals would have panicked in every direction, their keepers running after them, shouting, trying to get control, which only incinerates the panic. Add the greedy money changers scrambling around on the ground grasping at their careening coins. Imagine the noise - bellowing of frightened livestock mingled with the crashing of corrals, tables and coins, and the angry shouts of the incensed men. Over this, the shouts of Jesus. It is absolute pandemonium. Someone screaming "fire" in a casino would not be far from reality.

    This is a fierce, intentional man to be sure. But his passions are neither reckless nor momentary. In the midst of the fury there is the touching tenderness towards the doves - these were in cages. If Christ were to hurl them to the floor as he did the tables, the birds - innocent as , well, doves - they would be hurt. So he commanded them to be removed.

    Could a small, unintimidating figure accomplish such a sustained riot.? To pull off driving all of them out of the temple would require more than a few seconds and repeated blows. This is a sustained assault. If a frail man with a meek voice tried this, he'd be logjammed by the sheer number of inertia of the traffic. Jesus is a locomotive, a juggernaut. For all practical reasons here, he is the bull in the china shop.

  19. But is this the Jesus of our worship songs.? the religious fog sneaks in to obscure Jesus with lines comparing him to " a rose trampled on the ground" Helpless, lovely Jesus. vegetarian, pacifist, tranquil. Oh , wait - that was Ghandi. Not Jesus.

    Can you picture Ghandi or Buddha storming into the polling place of a local election, shouting, overturning tables, sending the participants fleeing.? Now throw in a small carnival into the mix, which they also need to rout. Impossible. Whoever did this would have to be really committed to clear the building. Fierce and intentional.

    This is a breathtaking quality - especially to our present age where doubt masquerades as humility, passivity cloaks as rest, and emasculated indecision poses as laid back enlightenment. Jesus could be soft, and he certainly was humble, but his fierce intentionality is riveting to watch.

    Jesus steps out from behind those 30 years of almost total obscurity into the task set before him, both men and demons begin to feel his fierce intentions.

    So to the people saying Jesus would have never started a fight to get rid of unrighteous men in his presence, think again. There it is in your bible. How long will we still be quiet.?.

    Success loves preparation.
    God has a plan even if you don't.

  20. Hi Mike. I posted quite a long comment so had divide it into 3. Please help to arrange it in the right order if nessecary. Thanks

    1. BLCN, my mate I quote:
      "Satan has been stripped of his authority and it has been given back to us, God's Sons. The Devil can only exercise his power once the people gives him the authority to do so."

      Isn't this exactly what our apathetic White brothers & sisters are doing? Their apathy is empowering Satan [ANC]. and he / they can only be as powerful as he / they is / are allowed to be by us?

      I do not fear Satan. I fear the strength of my own faith, my commitment to God. If that is strong enough nothing can harm me, but is it?

      I'm waffling a bit here but I'm sure you get my drift. It's not just that people are apathetic, they don't really BELIEVE.

      Oh, they might go to church [I don't] and go through all the motions, but they don't really believe. They are doubtful, not convinced of God's salvation when the SHTF. So it's not just apathy. It's that and cowardice, lack of faith and a whole plethora of things that reduces them [us?] to be merely an ineffectual voice of resistance that the scum governing us takes no notice of.

      I'm losing the plot here and beginning to ramble! Cheers.

    2. I agree Mate.. The general folks' detachment and passiveness is a big problem.. Also, faith is not just belief, but a action to act on what you believe. They ( Joe Public, whites in general ) don't believe yes, and then obviously never act on anything.. That is why you can then very well say that the scum governing us takes no notice, nothing, not even a small bit.

      I've personally tried to get some people to change just 5% of their slapgat attitude... What a joke.!. I've printed in hard copy Mike's book and gave it to people to read, ja, think I stopped at book no 10 when I saw people don't give a shit and I'm just wasting paper and toners.. Asked some folks if they are at least armed.? Best response was from a guy who said his dad has a .22 rifle, and the joke is his dad stays 20km away from them..? You cannot make this stuff up.

      See now I'm rambling..#;$÷*.. Cheers Pal..

  21. Anonymous6:41 am

    As whites we do not have a strong leader or leaders with intelligence, integrity and courage, that have the ability to galvanize white populations to stand together and take action.

    We seem to all be waiting for someone who has the courage to call a spade a spade out in the open, regardless of the potential for that person to be arrested, tortured and imprisoned. In other words we are all shit scared.

    The question that we should ask ourselves is whether or not we would all openly support such a leader? Bearing in mind that little support has been offered to whites who have been accused of racist remarks.


    1. Whiteman8:19 am

      Garth, as soon as somebody shows potential to become a leader, he is analised, and scrutinised to BITS ! What church does he belong to ? What political party does he belong to ? What language does he speak ? Why does he have a beard ? Why does he NOT have a beard ? Does he have a degree ? Has he been divorced before ? Does he have money and influence ? And the women ask : Is he handsome ? I am sure you guys can add to this list. When the last whitey gets wiped out, we will sit in the spirit world, and debate about all the good leaders, we foolishly shot down in flames, because we were just a bunch of spineless arse holes !

    2. WM LOL and no one wants to be analised! That might account for why no leaders. Sorry man I couldn't resist we all know what you meant! Yet there is a 'double truth' in your unintentional spelling faux pas which rang true when I read it.

    3. Anonymous11:09 am

      Spineless arseholes? You do think highly of yourselves.

      You're a disgrace to your race and culture, you are all wannabe, neverbeens. You are hopeful losers stewing in the same pot, spilling the same beans and chewing the same cud.

      You all claim heritage to the voortekkers and true men, you wish that you could be a shadow of what those that built this country truly were but alas you all fail dismally and utterly.

      You could not even follow your own shadow if the sun was directly behind you. You are useless that is true but spineless is a compliment when used to describe you bunch of wet wankers.

      These blacks that you so despise have more courage and bearing than you wannebe, neverbeens. You all talk of your army days and your ju jitsu and guns and knives and how you will annihilate the blacks yet you are to afraid to even confront the ills and wrongs that are perpetrated against you, on a daily basis.

      Go home you owners of dreams for those are all you will ever own is the dreams of grandeur that dominate your empty and wasteful lives.

      Your words are as meaningless and your absent actions are effective.

      Your country was not taken from you as you claim, you gave it willingly to a superior being and deserving claimant. Your ancestors recognize not the creature that calls itself kin.

    4. RunForrestRun2:36 pm

      Please don't analise me, LOL. I'm straight

    5. Whiteman, I totally agree with what you're saying.

      Jesus had no degrees and all the other paraphernalia that society today demands of a "leader". We would do well to remember that?

      In a fight it's not the size of the body that counts, but the size of the heart.

    6. Anonymous1:03 am

      Hey anon 11.09 or should we call you Brett Fish or friend of Brett Fish. Are you back on this blog again? with your self righteous crap about checking your privilege.

      I love my privileges and I hat kaffirs. Now fuck off you vomiting fuck stick.

    7. Garth & Whiteman..

      Stop looking around and go look in the mirror. When you look at that guy you will see a leader. We are are all leaders and many will follow. Stop selling yourselves short and realize your potential..

      Yes I agree. We cannot nessecarily go out now and start making noise and take the enemy head on. BUT.. We can invest in ourselves and do what Mike has done. Start with yourself first and have confidence that when that day comes you will stand up with a conviction of your purpose..

      Anon1109. This blog is not for you, rather take a hike my friend.. Don't put everyone in the same camp here. I've been charged and thrown into jail twice for standing up against these kaffirs. If you want the SAPS case no's I will gladly forward them to you. Some of us are not scared and we WILL fight.. From your tone in the post I can see that your frustrated about exactly the same things we are. Please enlighten us then what are YOU doing to fight these people.?

      For now we're between a rock and a hard place, but I tell you this. 1 day someone somewhere will light the fuse and when that day comes peole like us are going to tell people like you what to do... So best you get ready my friend. If you can't add something here piss off..

    8. Whiteman4:19 am

      Anonymous 11:09, I made a hypothetical, figurative statement, to show that I can be critical of myself, and my friends. Surely it is better than thinking your arse is a rose garden at all times ? When Samson capitulated to Delilah, he was the equivalent of a " spineless arsehole. " And he knew it, and ADMITTED it ! That made all the difference in his life, because just look what a helluva come back he made ! I apologise to all our readers when I make spelling mistakes. It does bother me greatly, but I write with a cheap tablet, and I am not a computer wizzard. I do better in Afrikaans, but for the sake of our international readers, I stick to English. Maybe I am the only " spineless arsehole " on this blog, but watch me when I make a come back !

    9. Stephen4:32 am

      anon 11:09 -- and your so courageous you don't even have the balls to type your name. huh?

      And other than your belief , our ancestors know nothing , they cant recognize anything - they are dead, and we know theres no way that they can feel think or know anything for there is no devise in death.

      oh but your probably a kaffir so your ancestors must then be in charge of the lightning , next time you speak to them , remember to ask them to strike some whiteys....up to now its only kaffirs that they seem to hit.

    10. Anonymous4:38 am

      Superior being?


      What cause you breed like flies?

      Show me your inventions?



    11. analmous 11:09; is that you gillian schutte?

  22. Anonymous6:45 am

    Allahu Ahbar. God is truly the greatest. "Inshallah" death to the infidel and his ways.

    You pathetic beings, you cry injustice but you are not prepared to bleed for your belief.

    We the children of Allah will inherit your world and make it ours, we shall discipline your woman and children and make them respectable and we shall rid this creation of your cursed kind.

    Allahu Akbar

    1. lekker man lekker.

      Sit nou af die rekenaar jou ma roep jou. Die kos raak koud.

    2. In a way you are right Mr Mohammed. Some of us are not prepared to bleed for our beliefs.. Time will tell.

      I just want to rephrase your last paragraph for you if you don't mind.

      "We the children of Satan (Allah) will inherit hell for all eternity, and our women and children will inherit it with us.. And the world shall be cleared of all unrighteousness and the kingdom of God shall be established for all eternity."

      Now be a good boy and go braai yourself a pork chop.. Voetsek hier jou vuil bliksem.!.Donnerse sand kaffir.

    3. Anonymous8:19 am

      Groovy. ISIS snuffed you out Mike. The raghead above is really pissed off and sounds hungry. Let's feed him pork chops.

    4. 'Discipline your woman' nogal?
      Meeste boeretannies kan n Massy Fergusson se enjinblok met haar tanne optel.
      Bring jy pseudo masogisme innie prentjie....is ek bevrees jou koelie n@@i gaan draai.
      Drie warm samoesas uit die warm olie innie hol...and that's just for starters.

    5. Anonymous12:19 pm

      oh please, 6:45 is a troll.

      As usual an execellent article from Mike.

    6. Hehe anonymous 645, I am sure you had spit in your filthy beard when you wrote that.

      Muslims will never be able to take over the civilized world. Muslims are too cowardly and superstitious. Plus you have zero science to develop any weapons.

      Don't believe me that your plan will fail? Have you heard of Charles Martel? Well, the new Hammer is being forged as I write this. Oh, sorry, its not one new Hammer, there seems to be a lot of them...hehe

      You have your own huge countries where you can murder, rape, pillage to your heart's content, so stay there and leave the civilized world in peace.

    7. Anonymous12:41 pm

      What do you call a man with pig ham on his head?


      What do you call a dirty arab with more ig ham on his head?


    8. Anonymous12:43 pm

      Islam is a doctrine of demons because it denies the Christ.

    9. Anonymous12:54 pm

      Jislaaik Abdul! Daar's 'n moerse supprise opad... intussen, gaan buig voor jou kaaba klip.

    10. Anonymous3:29 pm

      We need to think more like the Norsemen. A Vikings Shield Maiden should sort out this sissy boy!!

    11. Anonymous8:01 pm

      @Anon 6:45AM

      Why don't you go and bum your camel?

    12. Anonymous9:15 pm

      Anonymous 6:45 AM

      Say hi to the unicorns and fairies from all of us. Oh, and please tell this Allah character to fight his own battles and to stop being a coward. Also, ask Mohammed the "Prophet" for some discount for me on his cotton items in his habidashery shop.

    13. Anonymous4:37 am

      Alluh snackbar is a pig.

    14. Anonymous8:51 am

      Allah don't want you to eat pig, because he want's it ALL for himself.
      Fuckoff back to the desert, sand nigger.


    15. Anonymous10:25 am

      You Lot and your Brothers which you call kaffirs are actually from the same Ilk , you have never invented anything , never ever contributed anything I mean Fokkol to man kind, you are the curse to the planet . The only thing you nappie heads did was steal versus from the Jews and twisted it , to create chaos and war with other tribes. Thats why there are so many contradictions .
      The only reason there are rich ME countries is because of the Oil that our engines run off, otherwise you would have been crawling in the sand until stepped on.
      So you nothing but dogshlt, and a lot can happen to dogshlt , it can dry up and blow away, or it can be squashed.

    16. Graeme10:55 pm

      Anon. 06 h 45

      A Kufr is a Non-believer. At this very moment I am a Non-believer! I don't believe that you are a Muslim, I believe that you are a troll which is also known as a drol in Afrikaans or alternately tril which can be used as a synonym in this context.

      If you want to inherit our world as you refer to it as being you may note that it is being burnt to the ground by Simian Savages, you will therefore need to to use one of two strategies.

      a. Win the Hearts and Minds of the People. (When I use the word People it is given in a derisive context).

      b. Conquer them by force.

      Let me assure you that plan a. will not work, if you are going to opt for plan b. give me your e-mail address and phone number and let's talk!

      Now let me teach you something about Islam.

      Ask your Imam for assistance.

      Are white South Africans really "Mushrikeen"?

      Before you respond make sure that you know what you are talking about.

      Let me give you a few hints.

      Ibrahim = Abraham

      Moussa = Moses

      Dawood or Daoud = David

      Isa or Issa or Issah = Jesus

      Now go and recite your Holy Quran and then do the same with your Holy Bible and then return.

      Quickly, I am/we are awaiting your response, your keyboard is also just desperate to be tickled with your intellect.

      I would urge you not to denigrate Islam nor Christianity the Great War that is about to unfold with the Assyriac peoples at centre stage will open the eyes of many.
      New alliances will be formed the likes of which History has never before witnessed, the Old Order which professes to be the New World Order will crumble before the very eyes of those who survive to witness it.

      South Africa will play a seminal role in this, the current situation is only a temporary one, the wretchedness of the true Kufr will be eradicated.

      Do have a pleasant time whilst you immerse yourself in study and true enlightenment.

    17. Anonymous11:35 pm

      @Anon 10:25AM

      1. Whites and Kaffirs are definitely not the same.

      2. Google 'white inventions' then 'muslim inventions'.

      3. Nappie heads do not have fine straight hair (refer to point 1).

      4. Versus should be verses.

      5. ME countries have a lot more sand to crawl in than white countries.

      6. Finally, dogshit also turns white after a few weeks unlike your worthless hide.

  23. Anonymous9:52 am


    1. Anonymous11:49 am

      Good luck with that. Taxi owners run cash businesses without benefit of education and are not likely to pay any attention to spoilt little whiners, except maybe gunning them down if they try to interfere with business.

  24. Anonymous10:26 am


  25. Machiavelli said something along these lines: "The Christian doctrine is okay but it makes very bad soldiers..." and I say "Turning the other cheek is a recipe to get your head knocked off."

    1. Turning the other cheek is meant to stop strife with your brothers not the beasts of the field.

      The teachings of Christ have been so perverted,

  26. Anonymous11:24 am

    Yip, us Christians have been brainwashed to this point. As long as we got rugby, we ok. Yet we funding another BEE project that thankfully is dying. An article on N24 last week made me smile. The Blue Bulls where asking their supporters to buy tickets for Currie Cup. May this be the start of the end of rugby. Shoot the Bok, as Naas once said.
    But apart from rugby, Dstv and all the other things we finance, something that interests me is all these preachers not speaking out about the Halaal sign on the food we eat. It appears on just about everything you buy. And I am told, we pay for it.
    There was a preacher, Ds. Zevenster from the Evangelies Gereformeerde Kerk in Panorama who spoke out about it quite a number of years ago. I know the Islam guys phoned him and threated him with his life.
    No demands where ever made (from our preachers) to all the big chain stores to separate our food from a handful of Islam supporters.
    We just merrily chow along. They just preach the love of Jesus and everyone is happy in this kumbaya new SA.
    Unfortunately we have a long way to go, before God will let us off the hook. We fallen too far, and we are going to loose a lot more before we fix all the wrongs and revert back to the Ten Commandments.
    At this stage we can't even get the First Commandment right.


    1. Noddy, there's a chain in Australia who told the Towelheads to go and get stuffed and refuses to put the halaal crap on their products.

      Good man!

    2. Anonymous10:20 am

      TT, let me elaborate.
      According to an article dated 31 May 2012 an auditing report by Nkonki KZN, dated September 1, 2011, shows that SANHA’s revenue for 2010 was R9 615 988, and for 2011 it was R11 221 289 for the year ended on February 28, 2011 (Richards 2012:30).
      Now please just keep in mind, according to this:
      there are four established and active halaal certifying companies in South Africa: MJC (http://www.mjc.org.za), SANHA (http://www.sanha.co.za), NIHT (http://www.halaal.org.za), and ICSA (http://www.islamiccouncilsa.co.za). Besides these four, there are many other minor Muslim initiatives trying to establish themselves in order to take a bite from the lucrative halaal trade.

      And we buy this food. So we funding these desert rats.

      According to a research article, Hoodwinked by Halaal, by Concerned Citizens Council chairman, Tony Naidoo, “Rainbow Chicken, for example, pays over R320 000.00 a year for only its KZN operation. Unilever pays over R650 000.00 for its Durban plants” (n.d.). All these astronomic halaal certification expenses are indirectly projected onto consumers.

      And these figures are from 2012....!!!!

      And more.....
      About 98% of South Africa is not Muslim, but all of us are forced to buy halaal food and pay a surcharge to enrich the 2% Muslim population. None of the non-Muslims benefit from the astronomical halaal income but we are all forced to buy halaal products and support the halaal trade.

      But us Christian say nothing. Nor does the dominee or pastor.
      We are called to proclaim the name of God and to offer both ourselves and all we have to Him. Allowing and funding the offering of our food to any other so-called god, whether it be Allah or Buddha, is absolutely unbiblical. If our tiny Muslim minority want to eat halaal food they are welcome to offer their own food to their own god, at their own expense. However, as the Christian majority we have the constitutional right and the biblical responsibility to reject halaal food and declare the name of our God over our food, our markets and our country.
      If we are going to fix this hell hole, we need to take our food back.
      That would be a great way to start the Resistance. Peacefully.


    3. Anonymous10:49 am

      Correct.The Halaal symbol is on just about everything, including instant coffee. The producers pay the Muslims for this symbol and pass the cost to the consumer. This money is used to build mosques and promote Islam. Yet not one Christian church or Mr Potato Man speak out against this Satanic Stealth Tax.

    4. This calls for a letter to Whitey Basson. And, possibly one to Wouter Basson as well? :-)

  27. Anonymous11:27 am

    well now you know how I feel. I preach and preach and preach about how although you will win the race war, you will lose your sovereignty to the Globalists if you fight this race war. You cannot change Bible Prophecy. You will come under the anti christ and the NWO.

    But if you must fight the war, make sure that you don't end up meeting sipho and Muhamed on the other side.

    1. Anonymous4:12 am

      That is right, accept Christ as the saviour, we are close.

    2. Anonymous4:35 am

      Who told you that this is the end times. It could be in 2060 like Newton said. Hell it could be 3010 for all we know.

      One thing I do know is that every generation thinks they are the last.

      Who knows?

      Perhaps our generation is the one that gives the beast (gov system) it's head wound and set them back a century or two.

  28. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLeDsdvKKLddvAquPeBPfxaSSlYQMsf0h0&v=H-88CDhvb0g

    1. Anonymous11:59 pm

      Yeah you can watch Mark Woodman or A Walter Vaith.
      To bad Mr Woodman died of cancer. I wonder sometimes if they did position him with some radio active something.

  29. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Off-topic but this could fit as an apathy aftermath. I spotted that article who mentionned a report who proposes canceling U.S. aircraft carriers, investing in lasers to combat Russia and China. https://archive.is/smlAu. Didn't Siener Van Rensburg mentionned electrical rays and these lasers might be close to electrical rays?

  30. Whiteman2:42 am

    Anonymous 6:17, I dont know if Siener saw lasers, but we know these things do exist. I the old days, the clever Scripture " boffins, " used to say, the book of Revelation, is full of figurative speech. How can a modern army want to fight with horses ? ( With reference to rivers of blood reaching to the bits of the horses. ) This is now not so far fetched anymore. Everything runs on computers, GPS, etc, etc. Already we know what viruses can do. What about the dependance of machines, bombs and missiles on GPS, to be effective ? No country advertises their true military capabilities. That would be the same as suicide. So maybe somebody already has the technology, to neutralise all the fancy war machinery. So what will be left over ? Only the good old trusty HORSE ! ( That is why it is dangerous, to be a Bible-boffin. You get egg on your face, before you know it ! )

    1. Its called and EMP strike. Detonate a nuclear device inthe stratosphere = bye bye technology and the aging grid of most countries. Hello pre industrial age sans the ability of 95% of the population to generate a living from pre industrial age means. Mass die-off. Will the globe experience a nasty Herxheimer reaction?

  31. Anonymous4:21 am

    This is what happens when you try to reason with degenerates who only want a room to squat and breed in. That communist c*nt Jay Naidoo says only whites get a fair deal in South Africa, boo hoo the poor downtrodden blacks. As if a young white person can still set foot on a university campus in South Africa.

    Let them reduce everything to rubble. They can have black "tishas" to maintain traditional values such as consulting sangomas to strike their enemies with lightning, ukuthwala and baby rape.

    Habib chased out of Holy Trinity church

    Johannesburg – Students chased Wits University Vice Chancellor Adam Habib from the Holy Trinity church during peace talks on Wednesday afternoon.

    Habib snuck out of the church in Braamfontein after an outcry from students about his presence there.

    Student leader Vuyani Pambo said Habib could not form part of any talks, while police were arresting students on campus.

    Some students shouted that Habib should have been arrested, instead of former Wits SRC leader Mcebo Dlamini.

    A short while later, students left the church, saying they could not be part of the talks if university management was present.

    After the chaos subsided, former Cabinet minister and trade unionist, Jay Naidoo, told the audience that his generation had betrayed them.

    "We have let you down,"' he said.

    Naidoo said the country was not working for poor South Africans, but only for the white elite.

    "The progressive intelligence of our country needs to be reorganised. Too many of us have been silent," he said.

    While he was talking, a small group of students in the back of the church disrupted him. There were complaints that the venue was too small. They demanded that the talks be held at Solomon Mahlangu (Senate) House on Wits University’s East campus.

    Those in attendance included Max Sisulu, Nelson Mandela Foundation CEO Sello Hatang, and Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana.


    1. Anonymous12:37 pm

      Jay Naidoo is a multi-multi millionaire. Fuck him and his ill gotten gains.

    2. Anonymous11:07 pm

      The country is only working for skelm anc cadres. Stole close to a trillion rand since 94. And the poor keep voting them in.

  32. Anonymous4:42 am

    Almost missed the boat!! All I have to say....Make viking gods great again! Do not turn the other cheek, instead hit the fucker with an axe right between the eyes. Or blow its head off with a 12gauge...same shit, and a lot of fun. Down with pussy religions!


    1. Anonymous11:38 am


  33. The universities are simply the focal point to get the savages going using #feesmustfall as a smoke and mirrors deception. False flag if you will.

    Now these things are moving towards the union buildings - as was always the plan - to get the counter revolution going.

    It will only get bigger form here on in. With that other thing Malemas' 'planned' march on November 2nd. They are not good with planning, so let's see if it actually happens. :


    Now they must really start burning the place down. Then I want to see old Leanne on morning live shitting in her pants haha

  34. Anonymous7:01 am


  35. Anonymous8:07 am


  36. Anonymous11:37 am

    7de laan comes to an end tomorrow. Contract not being renewed, no notice given. A big "fuck you" from SABC to white viewers.


    1. Anonymous11:05 pm

      err...i dont think any same white gives a rat's ass about that multicultural crap tv show. why do you still care about the sabc anyway?

  37. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Stop bitching and moaning, go watch rugby have a braai and rest. You guys seem to have had a hard week solving the worlds problems, suggesting the solutions and initiating the changes.

    You all deserve a Bells, go put your feet up and congratulate yourselves on a bitching, moaning, whining and griping well down.

    Watch some rugby, have a braai and dream of your utopia.

    Know that you have made a difference with your hard talk and no actions and that next week the world will bow before your effortless verbal barrage.

    Well done whingers of the world, sterling job.

    1. Anonymous10:50 pm

      To anon 8.39. Thank-you for the compliment, I was going to ask you what advice you have for us, but then I realized that you are the ultimate hero.

      Not only are you the oke of the moment, king of the hill, salt of the earth type, but you are also the chairman of the National Institute for troubled homosexuals. You are addicted to interracial m&m porn and you suffer from small man / dick syndrome.You like "guns", but not the firing bullets kind and your nick name is "tail gunner".

      We are truly honored to have you on this blog.In fact we have been cured by your insight. We can see the error of our ways. Having a braai and watching rugby with a bottle of Bells by ones side must surely be the cure for whinging.

      Thank-you once again Mr.Faggot for your insightful contribution and may you be blessed with buttocks of 1000 camels, all suffering from dribbly bum.


    2. Anonymous11:03 pm

      anon 8:39....jeez son, talk about bitching and moaning, you set a great example in that department. now run along and go read a max du preez article to feed your delusinal state. poes.

  38. Maybe a good story uncle Mike.?


  39. Anonymous7:42 am

    Hon anon 11:41 Saw this Snake being interviewed about the hole in her empty 10 cell brainwashed squash , and it is clearly in full support of her baba Zums and his Illegal activity of plundering. Hence her actions on withdrawing from Icc , so SA can have a President for Life , and all can follow his ways of Gain without Effort. The Prob is when it runs out and they attack each other, then SA will not be the same anymore as we sacrificed our Hold for preservation of SA.