03 October 2016

Another good story to tell. The ANC's drunk, criminally corrupt foreign diplomats

South Africa's drug dealing ambassador to Singapore
By Mike Smith

3rd of October 2016

Just the other day I was saying, “That is how it works in the criminally corrupt ANC. The lazier you are, the more incompetent you are, the more corrupt you are and the more you can steal…the better qualified you are for the job.”

Now it has emerged that South Africa’s ambassador to Singapore, Hazel Francis Ngubeni, is a convicted drug dealer from the time she was an air hostess. She was first caught in SA trying to smuggle 9 kg’s of heroin from Thailand into the country in 1995 but got off after a key witness from Mozambique refused to testify against her. Coward that she was asked one of her colleagues to carry her bags for her. Poor guy had no idea what was stashed in a false compartment.

Then in 1999 she was caught in the USA with a bag of cocaine and convicted. She spent two years in prison over there. SAA fired her skank ass.

During a vetting process by the State Security Agency, this lying scumbag claimed she did not have a criminal record. Ngubeni left South Africa for Singapore on April 17 2013 and her security clearance was issued three months later, on July 21 2013. If I was her I would leave Singapore as soon as possible. There they hang you for drug smuggling.

SA High commissioner’s drug smuggling past exposed

However the Sunday Times exposé just opened a can of worms. She is by far not the only one.

Drugs booze and fraud – South Africa’s undiplomatic reps abroad

We the taxpayers of South Africa spend around R3.2 billion on SA’s diplomatic missions across the globe‚ it was revealed in parliament in 2015.

Two diplomats were involved in drunk driving crashes in Fiji and Norway respectively.

Thobeka Dlamini‚ as chargé d’affaires in the South African embassy in Dublin‚ landed in hot water more than two years ago when she was accused of paying her domestic worker‚ whom she had brought to Dublin from Pretoria‚ four times less than the country’s minimum wage.

Tami Sokutu was fired as chair of the South African Biodiversity Institute when he arrived to welcome guests‚ drunk‚ at the Chelsea Flower Show in London‚ where he was meant to be welcoming guests in May 2013. He was so drunk he didn’t even know what day it was. Department of International Relations and Cooperation spokesman Clayson Monyela told the Sunday Times: "Sokutu came to the mission a day before the function highly intoxicated and insisted that he be allowed access to the function. The security informed him that the function was to be held the following day‚" said Monyela. "On the day of the function Sokutu's name was not only not on the list‚ but he was‚ according to security‚ again highly intoxicated when he arrived."

Former transport minister Sbu Ndebele‚ high commissioner to Australia‚ is due to face fraud and corruption charges later this year over allegations of R10-million bribe related to his former portfolio in transport.

You see, the problem is that you cannot explain to foreigners that there are two kinds of South Africans abroad. There are the hardworking, disciplined, never complain, never sick, working kind of South Africans...and then there are Kaffirs. Unfortunately these creatures give other South Africans a bad name. People see how they misbehave and they don’t say, Thandi or Sipho are like that...no, ALL South Africans are like that.

I don’t know what went through the minds of our forefathers who thought they could live side by side and in peace with these things. They could have saved us a lot of shit if they simply continued and did to the Kaffirs what the Zulu King Shaka did…or the Australians did to the Abbos or the Americans and Canadians did to the Indians.

You know...Darwin called it “Survival of the fittest”, but every now and again evolution needs a kick up the butt and a little bit of acceleration.


  1. Anonymous8:58 am

    Mike Guess who was presidente al chief THIEF ? no other than Zuma chief RAT. They keep their beloved Leader in place in order to continue Thieving and Law breaking, and since Zuma sees he is to blame and shame wants compensation and helps himself to more treasury.
    Its never gonna stop until its all gone and then the masses are gonna want their bit and like the rest of the africant sample turn to civil war and start attacking one anothers tribe. Dont get in the way it will be ugly.

    1. Anonymous3:10 am

      Anon 8:58
      Go tell the DA that, we would have been a lot forther down the road to re establishing our Boer republics, if that Zille socialist hadn't brainwashed the majority of whites that her multicultural windmill can actually work, in other words this country would have been long time ago another failed bankrupt African state if it wasn't for the idiot white Boxer the horse's killing themselves to make this shit new SA work.

  2. Anonymous12:49 pm

    What we have here is National Lampcoon's Far Eastern Vacation.

  3. Another scream to high haven: An Air Hostess, convicted twice of drug dealings, sent to prison in the US, got fired by her employer and then - hold on - was promoted to High Commissioner, that is Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, no less, by some utterly deplorable crook in High Office in Pretoria...

    Sorry that I repeated what I just learned from Mike's article above. To me, that is just incredible beyond anything. Does this now mean that I am still 'normal', because something like this upsets me immensely? Well, I just hope it lasts until these miserable ANC scam artists are finally blown out of existence!

  4. Anonymous12:22 am

    Maybe she was employed by Cwele's (then minister if intelligence) wife to carry the drugs. Reward for time served?

    1. Anonymous7:32 pm

      @Anon 12:22AM

      More like Minister of Stupidity.

  5. Anonymous1:13 am

    Mike said:

    If I was her I would leave Singapore as soon as possible. There they hang you for drug smuggling.

    Are you fu©king kidding me, Mike? Someone should instead tip off Singapore's authorities!!! Let this piece of dung hang from the highest lamp post and hopefully all of these lying scumbags follow suit...
    In any case the fact that this piece of shit enjoys such an high level of indemnity makes you think, doesn't it?

    1. Anonymous7:25 pm

      @Anon 1:13AM

      Revoke its diplomatic immunity then alert the authorities.

    2. Anonymous7:05 am

      What would happen if any future south African trafficker is caught and asked her to intervene on their behalf. What a joke if it was then discovered that she has a criminal record for the same, haha

  6. Anonymous1:16 am

    These kaffirs are the laughing stock of the world. Mind you since all our countries have become infected with all this non white shit all the standards has fallen to their level, so I guess, in the end it's just another day in lala-karasite land.

    Remember now, we're all winners and if not we'll just burn the place down until our demands to be deemed as winners are met. Fucking Zoo I tell you.

  7. The photo, "Beauty & The Beast"?

    1. Anonymous5:22 am

      @TT 2:54AM

      That's not fair on the real Beast!

    2. Uhm. Seems like the 'beauty' has done some overtime on all 4'rs. Those knees.....

    3. Anonymous5:08 am

      Was south africa so corrupted before mandela and looking at things tax payers money are not wisely invested in upgrading the nation but to own pockets.

  8. Anonymous3:02 am

    "During a vetting process by the State Security Agency, this lying scumbag claimed she did not have a criminal record"

    State security didn't even check up on her. It should be standard do carry out actual checks in the system and not take somebody's word for it. Being a diplomat comes with certain privileges like not getting bags searched at the airport, how much drugs has she smuggled in this job?

    Strange the SAP still use ink for finger prints and not biometrics, a total fuck up as we can see. Use the available technology.


  9. An anthem for the Libtards?


    1. This link isn't working for me Brother. Tried 3 times already. Stuur n ander een asb...

    2. Anonymous4:01 pm

      Here is another


    3. J-man, I'll send it to you on FB.

  10. Mr Mister4:17 am

    Who's the hottie beside the black cretin ?

    1. Anonymous9:59 am

      That Thai hoe that I banged in Bangla Road?

  11. Anonymous4:39 am

    This shambassador looks like a drag queen.

  12. https://williamdehewitt.com/2016/09/09/blametheheebs-for-white-genocide/

  13. Anonymous6:34 am

    off topic here, but these "students" 1/2 of em look 30+ sang shoot the boer today again to a crowd..... but call them monkeys and you are in deep shit. black feelings trump white lives it seems.

    1. Anonymous9:47 am

      I saw that what has "sosha umkhonto" got to do with getting a degree at a university, the truth is clear to see the war for them has not ended and know we see the 3rd generation are more than willing to take up the cudgel against the remnant of whites. People the only dialogue that remains to be directed at them is 000/LG & hard cast was cutters.

    2. Anonymous12:12 pm

      6:34 Anon. Could you try English next time?

    3. Anonymous12:36 am

      12:12 got this predicative text thing that screws things up from time to time

    4. Anonymous12:43 am

      I understood 6:34 just fine. I guess it's only pedantic dose who "struggles" with a little common sense.

  14. sick idiots controlling your life

    1. Anonymous7:44 pm

      @tattooman 10:29AM

      No, they're not the idiots. The NP and liberals are the idiots for allowing this to happen.

    2. Anon 7:44 & Tattooman - No, you're both wrong. We're idiots for allowing them to.

      But the tide is slowly turning. These student riots are just the beginning. Be ready, when the opportunity comes around, to take back our liberty. We won't get a second chance.

  15. Came to think of it: An Ambassador is the representative of the Head of State to his equal in the country he/her is assigned and accredited to.

    Looking at it this way, one could say that that drug madam is quite befitting to represent Umsholozi Showerhead; both come from a less than mediocre background, got involved with crime and rose, with lying, thieving, cheating, deception and more crime into the positions they now hold. Typical ANC gangster career, one of many and for sure not the last one either!

    1. Anonymous7:38 pm

      @Adrem 10:32AM

      This is sanctioned organised crime and they're all involved.

  16. Stephen11:05 am

    Mike I'm onvinced .

    he! he! he! ..surely we're living in a world where up is down, wrong is right,evil is good..visa vera and so on..

    A picture says a thousand words - the one above says 2 .
    Turd / Flower .
    As simple as that , the world has removed the
    labels ( or tried to cover them with other labels )
    but if you look closely...yeh deffinitly ..turd / flower.

    Its sickening to think that these kaffirs commit these atrocities , yet continue to hold office , just
    like zuma , hlaudi , and all the kaffir-names I don't even wanna try remember.

    Yeh Mike , if only more whites woke up earlier
    They would have also voted NO like Colobia.

  17. From: OMNI

    Dear Zuma

    I have outstanding fees from your corrupt and incompetent traffic department. Your e-toll busted me in JHB while I was driving in HANOVER. I must have been cruising!!!! I am a racist, bigot, sexist, maniac, the original basket of deplorabilty (fu fu fu) pro-independence, anti-liberal, anti-ANC, pro-white, anti-commie, black-hating (did I mention that?), pro-afrkaans , anti-black (yet again), anti-multi-culti, pro-christian, anti-islam, anti-jew, I hate rap music but love mozart, and think a white woman with morals and cooking skills is beautiful as opposed to the garbage with red hair and shaved heads who should be sprayed with DOOM before they can lay eggs. My psychmetric tests reveal I am a borderline psychotic with homicidal tendencies and I have a brilliant future in management.

    I am clearly a Normal White Christian Male.
    With luck I will have another traffic fine soon and then I will have a brilliant future in GUVAMENT. Or not, seen as I lack a typical ANC cadre's usual kleptomania while afflicted with on-the-job narcolepsy.

    But I digress. I hate your party but I love your song:

    Its Zuma's occupation
    To stick his cockulation
    In the Tax-payer's ventilation
    To increase his approbation
    With the karasite population.

    The Legal abrogation
    of Nkandla's agglomeration
    now brings the actualization
    of greater aggravation
    Amongst a suffering nation.

    On second second thought, I dont want a government job anymore. Its for kaffers, not humans.

    With all my love, regard and respect


  18. Anonymous9:30 pm


    Might as well start paying prisoners a salary too...

    1. Anonymous12:43 am

      Most of the idiots who comment here are the ones who fund the SA government through taxation and keep them in power.
      Ad then they come on here and whinge and complain about the ANC etc
      Surely the best weapon to bring this lot down is through taxation.
      'In April‚ Whythawk‚ an international data analysis services company‚ warned that due to a comparably small number of taxpayers funding the growing public service wage bill‚ South Africa's service delivery could decline‚ or taxes would have to rise'.
      'In February‚ Gordhan put in place strict measures in a bid to control the wage bill‚ which costs the country in excess of R400 billion annually'

  19. Anonymous9:45 pm


    You were correct Mike.

  20. Anonymous10:50 pm


    Sick...it is everywhere.

  21. Here's a link received from JP that pretty well spells it out for us. Either we , in this country, become The Last Bastion of The Aryan Race or we're fucked?

    1. Anonymous6:22 am

      site/link is blocked in the uk. Could you post some of the text here please Tomkat.

    2. Here's what is wrong: No opposition party will ever get enough votes and the wogs can't govern.

    3. Anonymous10:47 pm

      That link is just a promotion of national Socialism. The same thing that is driving the non white migration in Europe.

  22. Anonymous12:23 am

    Mike is a fraud and a Jew apologist punk.

    Go fuck your mother, Mike!

    1. Hey, Troll, do you know who your mother is?

      Fuck off, pleb.

    2. Anonymous10:31 pm

      JOO! JOO! JOO! JOO!

  23. Anonymous1:10 am

    Very sad indeed - all in vain:



    1. RunForrestRun12:16 pm

      Thanks, brought back some memories,--LOL the best time in your life you never want to have again,---BASIC TRAINING. Who can forget a good "opfok" or transporting your bed, kas and trommel out onto the parade ground at 3AM when some psycho PTI got it into his head to teach you how to stand inspection,---then taking it all back to the tent/bungalow for the REAL inspection.

      Shit like that very quickly taught you teamwork.

  24. Anonymous2:54 am

    The Day Is Fast Approaching When Fence-Sitters Will No Longer Be Possible. You Will Either Stand With The Resistance Or Take A Knee And Willingly Accept The Yoke Of Tyranny And Oppression. ONE SETTLER ONE BULLET.. - Posted by Chris Sankara on Facebook. - http://dillydee.blogspot.co.za/2016/10/south-africa-land-of-hate-speech.html

    1. I think we have to start referring to these Kaffirs as "The Threateners"? I posted a reply to this piece of derck on FB yesterday.

      They keep trying to intimidate us with this kak while preying on defenceless old people, children and isolated farmers. Traet it with the contempt it deserves and shoot the fucker, preferably in the face, if you ever come face to face with it.

    2. Anonymous1:05 pm

      To get those type of guns, you could be a dedicated sportsmen. Someone will know him and can file a section 102 enquiry to get his guns taken. IPSC and IDPA and others will not tolerate this and can have his membership revoked, which will cause his section 16 to be revoked since you have to be in good standing with the clubs to keep your Dedicated Sportsman status.

      If he isnt a section 16'er, then he got his guns under section 14. Doubt he is a collector.

      If he gets the guns from being in security, then he has broken the law because to my knowledge, you are not allowed to take those guns home.

      Or they are airsofts.

      Eitherway, I am looking forward to taking his guns from him one day :) I may have to drop them into some sort of decontamination fluid first.

    3. Anonymous1:08 pm

      one more thing about this guy. Big talkers just talk and then run away.

    4. Anonymous1:13 pm

      There is something wrong with our society...

      They can hid in our suburbs easily but we cannot survive in their shit holes. We are incubating this virus.

  25. http://endingthefed.com/breaking-president-putin-warns-america-if-its-hillary-clinton-its-war.html

    It's hotting up, manne!

  26. Anonymous11:47 am

    Stupid reverse psychology

    Because PUTIN said it now the stupid Americans will go and vote for her
    ( Because they do not want a damn Russian commie telling them what to do ! )

  27. Whiteman2:42 am

    Anonymous 11:47 AM, maybe this is EXACTLY what Putin wants ? What would you do, if somebody you did not like, kept on threatening you every day ? And they were open about the fact that they are going to wipe you off the face of the earth ? And you were not at a party, where everybody was pissed, and you knew nobody would remember the next day what they said ? Makes one think of the wife, who keeps on accusing her decent faithful husband of screwing around. He eventually gets gatvol, and then he does it anyway. We must never forget, all these world leaders are ALSO human beings, just like you and I. They also get the moer in, and over react, and make mistakes. Obviously, the 3rd WW will be a mistake. But I am sure, who ever starts it, will be seriously " sorry " afterwards !