26 October 2016

A lesson in Situational Awareness - Never leave your house in Code White

By Mike Smith
26th of October 2016



  1. The video clip - typical. Steal, steal steal! But hilarious, nevertheless.

  2. Anonymous10:52 am

    Regarding the situation in the money side of things.

    Have a look at the cake that has been cut.


    Brown bread in other words. (Stale & mouldy but sliced)

  3. Anonymous11:35 am

    Do you know something about the App being developed to report "racism"?

    1. Anonymous3:03 pm

      This is quite a tricky subject. It would seem that they don't think that they have quite worked out what racism actually means. It would appear that if you speak adversely about black people and their wrongdoings it is racism.It is quite uncanny if you berate white people it is normal, if you berate black people it is racist. Where does one draw the line?

    2. Anonymous3:20 pm

      I'm making an APP to report BEE and Affirmative action myself.

      The ANC is pulling out of the ICC, I'm pulling out of this SA circus incorporated. They break their laws, why should it apply to us then? Fuck 'em!

    3. I love the idea. It is quite simple. You have a contradiction here.

      You can only have racism and racists if you believe that races exist and that one race is oppressing another race. So then YOU are actually the racist for simply believing that races exist.

      For decades now the liberals have told us that there is no such thing as race and that race is just a social construct.

      If you believe that there is no such thing as race and that it is only a social construct, then you cannot have racism and if it is only an innocent mediocre "social construct" then why all the fuzz? Why do you need elaborate laws against it?

      To define "racism" or "racist" they are first going to have to define "race". I cannot wait. There is no way out of this puzzle for the libtards. I find it amusing to watch their logic or rather absence thereof and to sit and watch them chasing their tails.

    4. Anonymous4:35 am

      It is quite painful to watch liberals believe their own illogical way of thinking. As you said chasing their own tails non stop, perpetual craziness, the world is truly mentally ill.

  4. Anonymous12:30 pm

    That code chart: Such a sad state of affairs in South Africa today. Here in Quebec I never lock my doors (home or car), even when I am away for an extended period of time.

    1. Problem is that in SA we are always floating between Yellow, Orange and Red on a daily basis. Everyone has had to deal with a code black at least once, most on several occasions. You are talking about normal people living like soldiers under operational conditions all the time. At least the soldier can get some leave, go home for a few days/weeks and relax in code white. The white people of South Africa cannot remember when last they saw a code white.

      Even inside your own home, behind a six foot high wall, an alarm system burglar bars, watch dogs, an armed response system you still sleep with a 9mm next to you and knives stashed away in secret places all over the house. You are permanently in at least code yellow.

      People accept this as the new normal. They don't realise what it does to them psychologically. How it fatigues them. How they are all battle weary and suffering from PTSD.

      All you have to do is go away from SA for a year or two and come back and you will see what I am talking about. You will see that deadening of the soul in the eyes of the people that you always see in the eyes of people who lived under communism for a long time.

      People start to suffer from the "abused wife syndrome" or maybe more like abused dogs, pissing themselves when the boss approaches yet they never leave. Worst are the children who never knew Apartheid. Who never knew anything else than ANC Marxism, corruption and theft. Yet the abused wife stays for the sake of the kids. Just like the abused wife feels guilty and believes that she is the cause of the abuse and beatings the whites in SA feels guilty and that they are the cause of their own abuse.

      Just like the abused wife believes that if only she keeps quiet, if only she can become a better wife and not upset the husband, the beatings and abuse will stop, so does the whites in SA believe they should just shut up and not upset their abusers and everything will be OK and come right.

      Rescue them? Have you ever tried to beat up a husband who abuses his wife? Whose side did she take? Yours? No, she took the side of her abusing husband. That is what you are up against.

      The best you can do is try to inform her and wake her up. Her choices aren't many. Stay, go or put a damn bullet between his eyes.

    2. Anonymous8:12 pm

      I feel for you. I tell my wife that if Quebec doesn't stay vigilant we will see similar things happen here. She can't see it happening at all. In a way I'm glad that she can't.
      The damn Commies (they are who is really behind this crap) have the USA at the breaking point. If it blows, why would Canada be spared the fallout? I ask them; what happens when a superpower declares war, even on itself? Canadians think that there is something about Canada that makes it immune. It's time to take everything back from the commies. There is no where to run. Greenland? Svalbard Islands? There isn't a decade left to fix this. Maybe not 1 year. When you say "everyone has had to deal with a code black at least once" that really hits home. We've never had to deal with anything. Actually, that's part of the problem at least as far as this feeling of invulnerability goes. It's tough to even own a gun in Canada. You can't get one if you say that you want it for protection, just hunting or target hobby.
      I expect that there would be mass suicides long before Canadians ever reached the level of weariness that you describe. When it hits here it will be lightning fast, not the 20+ year period over which SA had it imposed on them.
      Stay well and remember God is on your side.

    3. Anonymous9:11 pm

      " Here in Quebec I never lock mydoors" sad news for you, the immigrants are coming they're dark, dirty, mean and nasty.

      Start training yourself to cope and see if your door locks still work.

      I never knew that Canada was paradise and Jesus lived there.

      Mike Smith, how can you pitch into the mix about immigrants overrunning Europe and Europe becoming as bad a SA and also stating that the South Africans that have left SA are not happy and would love to return but now you suggest to your followers to leave for a while and come back again to experience what SA is like?

      No matter where people go, if they are law abiding citizens with ambition to improve and aspirations to succeed, they will always be on the alert because criminals will always be looking for the successful. The awareness code is nothing new, if you're a successful individual you will practice it as a life routine and you will train all those around you to practice it.

      Because we became civilized it doesn't mean that others did, there are those that stayed animal.

    4. @ Anon 9:11 pm. Aah please...another fucking idiot who misses the point. What rock did you crawl out from under? I didn't suggest anything.

      Here, Sparky is what I meant: People living in SA or in any other Communist country for that matter often do not see the wood for the trees, but if you have been away for a while and come back, you see the country, its people and the conditions in a completely different light. It feels eerily strange. You feel like you don't know your own country and its people anymore. You feel like a tourist in your own country.

      Now you say, "The awareness code is nothing new if you're a successful individual you will practice it as a life routine and you will train all those around you to practice it."

      First of all I never claimed it was anything knew. Jeff Cooper developed it in the 1960's already.

      Now if everyone is already following it and training everyone else in situational awareness, please explain to me why whites in SA time and time again find themselves in a situation, completely surprised, overwhelmed and ask themselves, "How did I end up in this situation?"

      What happened was they left their houses in code white and later went straight to code black. However they didn't realise it, because they never had any tactical training.

      Why do people afterwards think, "Why didn't I see it coming? Why didn't I do this or that?"

      The Cooper colour stages are there to prevent you from ever being surprised. I hope you got at least that much???

    5. Anonymous12:56 am

      Mike, your abused wife analogy is very good. You will notice every now and then that someone comments on how trouble is moving into Europe - said with almost glee. That is the same as a beaten wife watching their friends husband beating her and feeling more comfortable with her trauma and excited because it is not just her that is suffering.

      After 45 years in SA I live in Europe now. When I come across a recent South African immigrant I can't believe how aggressive their persona is and how bitter they are. They talk loudly, talk over you and basically display a victim mentality.
      This is exactly the same as I was before I left. I could have killed someone with road rage - all that bottled up anger.

      Although I would dearly like to return to SA, I struggle when I think about the continual fear of imminent crime and the associated brutality of the criminal.

      I personally had three cars stolen in my lifetime in SA with many house burglaries and smaller crimes. When I tell people here they think that I am talking crap.

    6. Anonymous2:11 am

      Why do people afterwards think, "Why didn't I see it coming? Why didn't I do this or that?"

      Because you are trying to lead a normal life where the kind of violence that happens is not part of your normal set of experiences.

      It takes a while to become orientationally paranoid.

      To live in a war zone in peace time.

    7. @ Anonymous 12:56 am...Yes, I know the feeling. Lots of people have left, because it was either that or end up in prison due to frustration and shooting a damn useless taxi Driver that cut in before you. Just not worth it.

    8. Anonymous2:36 am

      Post 12:56 am just look at Mike Smith's response to post 9:11 pm, that is the general response that you get from all the insecure, spook seeing, paranoid white South African males.

      The sad fact about them is that they cannot see any other persons opinion and if you should disagree with them then you are an idiot that dwells under rocks with the name of sparky. Really is a pity that the machoness in their manliness only spreads to the pages on a blog.

      The fact remains that if they were really going to stand up against the ANC or any other black they would have already but they are patiently waiting for the right time which will never be right because they don't want it to be right. Excuses are plenty actions are non existent.

    9. Anonymous3:00 am

      I was our of SA for almost a decade.

      I'm now happily in the Western Cape.

      And yes, it was strange at first coming back, but Cape Town has actually improved a lot, it really surprised me.

    10. @ Anonymous2:36 am...Just look at yourself...another ignorant doos. Why don't you just Rev up and fuck off away from my site? I honestly don't mind people who differ from me and have a different opinion. One of my pet hates is an idiot with a vague comprehension. You know the type. He sees something in what you said that is completely not there. Then you try to explain it and he still sees something different. Then you try again...Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? Most of the time I just shake my head and delete such rubbish.

      As far as "Standing up against the ANC is concerned"...We are all waiting for you to show us the way and lead us. Now if you are not prepared to do it then STFU and STFD. Like I said, just get the fuck off my blog. You are not welcome here. We don't like ignant Niggers.

    11. Anonymous3:17 am

      The problem is when you try to inform your loved ones they treat you like you are mad and carry on as if their security is a matter of fate and nothing else.

    12. Anonymous4:38 am

      Mike Smith, there you go again. You're inferiority and insecurity is blatantly apparent in your anger.

      Why should I stand up and lead the way, I have no battle with the people of South Africa, I am living my life and doing my thing, the criminals are out there but I look after myself.

      You are the fellows that see danger at every turn and stop street but instead of doing a constructive job in combatting your fears you just try pass them on to others and then act smart on your blog.

    13. Anonymous5:20 am

      Anonymous 2:36am

      And what does your attitude achieve...?

      You think whites in SA are 'paranoid' while the ANC is openly hostile against whites and their culture, has racial laws designed to impoverish whites, has racial laws in sport, while supporting an incompetent thieving criminal who threatens the well-being of citizens of all colour?

      If not for their outdated Marxist views, racial laws and anti-business policies, then SA would be thriving. All races would be better off and living in relative peace.

      There is nothing to be 'paranoid' about, this is the reality.

    14. @Anonymous 4:38 am ...Oh I see what you mean. We are just imagining all the hi-jackings and home invasions, rapes and farm murders in South Africa. These things aren't really happening. It is all a figment of our imagination. And the ANC is not really corrupt and stealing the country into bankruptcy...we are just paranoid White idiots. South Africa is a great place to live. There is no Xenophobia and Student protests on a daily basis. All rosy and hunky dory. We are all holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

    15. Anonymous7:06 am

      Mike Smith, all I can say is what you love hearing. Ja my bass.

    16. Ah Mike, fuck the doos! You told him to fuck off earlier but the thing is too dumb and thick-skinned to get the message.

      They really are such such a pathetic specie, be it a kaffir or a libtard, it matters not which - same thing.

    17. @ Anonymous 7:06 am... It is "Baas"...note the capital "B".

    18. Anonymous8:44 am

      Roep die Baas, Daar is a fokop!

    19. Anonymous9:21 am

      Mike Smith you and some of your followers should rent a room, you seem such a cosy bunch.

      Signing off, under rock dwelling idiot sparky.

    20. Anonymous11:41 am


      @Anonymous9:21 am

      Mike Smith you and some of your followers should rent a room, you seem such a cosy bunch.

      Not a good idea.

      We might just take over the world!

    21. Anonymous12:50 am

      hahaha Ninja, there is no room big enough to contain us all

  5. Anonymous1:52 pm

    That's why I go everywhere with my Emerson.

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTDIsWVjh24&list=PL13eE2x3qhPlBoE1WKcEhwLGIhx70Nmge

    1. Anonymous1:01 am

      JP. Best not to just dump this and run. Explain the reason for putting it here and the value for the reader. Otherwise you will just annoy everyone on here and bring on the anti attack.

    2. anon 1:01.
      With all the chaos in this world we see today, this is a message that needs to spread world wide.

  7. Anonymous8:09 pm

    plz view


  8. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Please will you all read the most informative and emotionally touching lies and tall stories that Trevor Noah wrote for the Americans, it should bring lots of tears to your eyes.

    Read what you are up against white man, when you can learn to lie like them and capture the emotions of the dumb and uninformed then we will win our battles and also enjoy great funding for our cause.

    When you have no pride its easy to be a beggar and a liar, white you have to much pride and your pride defeats you.

  9. Trevor Noah has become a doos, pandering to the masses.

    1. Anonymous12:49 am

      he's always been one of "them" TT

  10. Anonymous1:12 am

    Has anyone else seen an increased interest in guns at gun shops the last week?


    1. Anonymous7:13 am

      How many South Africans handed their weapons in because it was to much effort to reapply for the new licence?

      I stated early that your downfall is self inflicted, look back upon your actions and if you are willing to admit the truth them you will see the light.

      Signing off: under rock dwelling idiot sparky.

    2. Anonymous10:11 am

      Sorry, meant to say the blacks are showing an increased interest in guns...


  11. Whiteman1:59 am

    TN is a man with a mission ! He has powerful white men, telling him what to do and say, and when. He is more effective, and lethal, than the most prominent dominee, politician, missionary, evangelist that you have ever encountered. In satans army, he is a four star general ! ( And he is NOT a happy individual.)

  12. Anonymous5:45 am

    So if you want to know a little more inside info pertaining to the overthrow of the apartheid regime listen to this. Just change the country and the natural resources and vooma - you have it.


  13. Anonymous6:22 am


    Fucking useless lazy cunt...

  14. I only know of the marxist anc run shit hole. I get butterflies when the older folks talk about the good old days. Most people dont want to leave. Its the crime and corruption. Safety first. And most whites sub consciously feel extreme anger that we got sold out by our own.
    Back in 2007 I went to the UK for couple months and what an eye opener that was but first strange feeling I encountered was peace. Although I still looked over my shoulder, it was lovely being in a first world, white majority country. Soon as I landed back in Durban airport, all those negative feelings of anxiety came back and I knew then. As Mike said, we have become so used to this nonsense. We have forgotten what its like. But we shouldnt be so defenceless and carefree as the canadian commenter. Always be on guard.

  15. Anonymous9:52 pm

    South Africa isn't a normal society. I also dont lock doors etc. However if you go to the chemist you will notice the difference between SA and Ozz. We have various types of ear plugs to keep noises out. You know when the wife snores or husband and you can't get some decent shut eye. Thats when it becomes clear how shit it is in SA. I used to sleep with the shotgun under the bed. You dont get a proper deep sleep because if a mouse farts you wake up. Its not normal, seriously. No one needs to live on edge like that, day in and day out. Apart from Sparky who overdosed on magic mushrooms and is living in flipping never never land. My hears goes out to the people of SA.

    1. RunForrestRun11:43 pm

      Reminds me of when we got to NZ, my wife was still checking doors and car doors for a year after we arrived, me, I couldn't sleep for the first 6 weeks because it was just too quiet. That PTSD stays with you for life though, kiwi's often remark on how aggressive saffas are, they dont realize that its a conditioned response to perceived danger.

    2. Anonymous9:25 am

      Here in the UK we have no exterior lighting. It is pitch outside at night and we walk around with no fear. That said though I still want to come back to SA.

      This is the other side of the pendulum .You can't fart here without the cops coming around. The smallest car bump and swarms of cop cars appear with ambulance and fire brigade. It makes one claustrophobic man.

      Where oh where is the happy medium. Either it's complete lawlessness in SA or treated like little kids here and micro governed. And don't dare put a recyclable in your brown (rubbish) bin that should be in the green bin.

      But the zero road rage is a pleasure. If someone hoots the whole world turns around.

      And where is the traditional 6 foot bobby. Most are wimps and 5 foot nothing girls - yes girls. They wouldn't last an hour in Hillbrow.

      Woe is me - I can not get SA out of me.

  16. Whiteman1:49 am

    I like the honest way, you guys have described the situation here in the " democratic rainbow-paradise ! The average whitey does not give this enough attention, becaise it is human to ignore problems that disturb your tranquility and happiness. Here are some of my worries. Getting murdered, and not being able, to take at least a hundred of the bastards with me. Shooting one, and facing all the trouble, lawyer costs, ( possibly jail time ! ), because as a whitey, the odds are completely against us. These, among other things, are the thorns, that stick into our bodies on a daily basis. It is there ALL the time, like festering sores, causing us much pain and anger. I can understand, how people, after emigrating, battle to shake off this NSA mindset. But when the wheels finally come off, we will be able to fight, and not worry about court cases, lawyers, jail time etc. There will only be revenge, retribution, and VICTORY !

    1. Yes, Whiteman. When law & order collapses totally, that's our cue and it's on the way. These revolting revolutionary, looting and pillaging savages [aka students] have started the ball rolling and are keeping it going very nicely, indeed.

      These arseholes who accuse us of being keyboard warriors and doing nothing cannot grasp the fact that timing is everything. If people go off half-cocked now they're just looking for shit with the law who are still semi-functional. And, being Whiteys they will of course focus on us as the perceive a handfull of us to be an easier target than thousands of pillaging 'boons.

      Patience in a virtue and necessary. It drives me crazy, but that's the way it has to be . . . for now.