12 September 2016

Zombie Hillary Clinton on the brink of death being pushed by the NWO to become president

By Mike Smith

12th of September 2016

To call Hillary Clinton a LWB is a severe understatement. This thing is a fanatical feminist lesbo and Commie Whore and I have ZERO time for this lying NWO witch in her pathetic Mao suits.

Nevertheless her campaign is fraught with incidents of Hillary having seizures, falling down, collapsing and basically on the verge of croaking. She is basically a drug-filled zombie being kept upright by her black doctor and his voodoo poison.

Check the worry in my eye. If it wasn’t for the fact that I dislike queuing, I would spit on her grave.

Their plans are seriously going haywire now. If she croaks, there won't be enough time to field another zombie. So they have got to keep her alive at all cost and try to fool the public.

Nevertheless you can see her collapsing here at Ground Zero. Quite an interesting video.


  1. Satan's tightening his grip on what's left of this evil woman's soul

    1. PreatorianXVI7:52 pm

      Billy boy confirming what everyone is thinking, the comment section is quite entertaining...

      Bill Clinton: Hillary ‘Worked Like a Demon’ and Gets ‘Severely Dehydrated’


      A POCKET OF RESISTANCE dtom2 • 4 hours ago

      She's definitely one Hell of an evil bitch... her own husband even sees the pure evil in that bitch and calls her a "demon!"
      I just wanna thank Bill for confirming what I've been saying about bitch!


  2. Poor granny, unfit for presidency.
    Trump is a good choice, the media is just making him look bad with false accusations. They also lying that Hillary has most votes yet reality is Trump is waayyy ahead of Hillary.

  3. And this is what the Doctor says, a MUST see...


  4. Whiteman11:09 am

    Trump talks like a man, looks like a man, and carries himself like a man. He shows aggression when he has to, and is definitely NO push over. Whether he is dishonest, or bribeable, is another discussion entirely. But they say that females dislike him, because he has insulted females, by being so direct. Let me assure you, NORMAL females absolutely love him, because they all crave a husband like him ! They would also like to compete with his beautiful wife. It is a female thing. Admittedly, the lesbians will not like him, but does he really care ? And mark my words, many men will vote for him, just because of his beautiful wife, and daughter. Many guys dont give a stuff about politics, but can appreciate female beauty !

    1. Anonymous5:27 pm

      60% of American men support him, 70% of white American men support him. The election more or less will come down to whether white American women are more concerned with how "mean" he is or how concerned they are with Hillary Clinton being the most corrupt candidate in history. I suppose also there is the fact that the 30% of white men who don't support Trump tend to be the limp-wristed, unattractive type who believe referring to themselves as a "male feminist" will get them a girlfriend.

  5. Anonymous11:21 am

    She's done son. She and the little SABC Orlando fiasco has a lot in common - DEATH.

  6. Anonymous11:46 am

    LMAO.. old tannie hillary is now being kept alive and on drugs, just like the Doctors did to Hitler, and every leader since.

    Just do some research on all the drugs they have these "leaders" on from even before they start the race, and when they win, it just becomes more drugs...

    at the end of it all, look at them, turned into white shaking old before their time shadows, all because they hook em on drugs, and then use the drugs to control their leaders...

  7. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Hopefully Killiary will be joining Old Nick before the evil old witch can become president. If Hitlery doesn't croak before becoming POTUS, there is a good chance she will start WWIII with Russia which will be the end of all life on earth.

    Unless of course, the Russians deciďe to neutralise the USA first which they will as their doctrine post WWII is to never again fight a war inside Russia - it's the "Thousand Balls of Flame" article http://www.cluborlov.com/

  8. That's why its important to check what political whore her vice president is. If she makes president - with a lot of rigging - check out the circus in Austria - it wont be long that Nr 2 takes over.

  9. Anonymous3:03 pm

    She's going downhill(ary) fast!

  10. Hilary is most probably exhausted.

    1. Anonymous4:02 am

      I think so too.

  11. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Whether Hillary gets in or not or Trump gets in or not, the NWO plans to create a one world goverment with an up coming world leader will still happen. The anti christ has to come to fulfill prophecy with the 7 year tribulation, we are very close.

  12. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Obama, the odious Clinton's, and the baby parts selling 'Planned Parenthood' are symptoms of a greater problem or, greater evil in the American society. Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus must be smiling from hell.

    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Anonymous8:30 am

      Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

      Caligula in other words ( without the Julius )





      As you can see -- complex family histories

  13. PreatorianXVI5:51 pm

    She rightfully deserves the moniker Hildabeast...

    The whole Clinton gang are a deplorable bunch, George Soros puppets of note, time for that old evil bastard to follow suit, there would be a very long waiting line to spit on his grave...

    1. Anonymous5:33 pm

      When Bill Clinton took office 85% of American voters were English-speaking white people, and 75% of people resident in the United States were English-speaking white people. Bill Clinton doubled legal immigration and refused to enforce laws against illegal immigration during the worst illegal mass migration between two North American countries in history sparked by the Mexican recession. He then had the gall to claim to a graduating university class in the Pacific Northwest in 1998 that by 2050 English-speaking whites would cease to be a majority of the American population. What he didn't mention of course was that it was entirely by his own design.

      Of course George W. Bush could have reversed it entirely, but instead he chose to believe by appealing to the religious sentiments of Hispanics who love their little virgin marys and naming their kids jesus that illegal immigrants who subsist off of welfare and American taxpayer money would someday wake up and vote for the Republican party.

      The Bush dynasty has of course been destroyed, Jeb Bush being an amazingly incompetent candidate but it will take a strong commitment to the task of removing parasites and enacting an immigration system favorable to Westerners in order to fix the current slide of the United States towards second or third world status.

  14. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Here's a link to a site that has more information about Hillary's health than I have been able to find anywhere else. The site's conclusion? Hillary has Parkinson's ...


  15. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Can somebody clarify for me please.

    This chief thief, criminal, corrupt rapist that leads the masses of retards that infest and destroy our land, has paid his 7+ mill back.

    Where did he get that money?

    Is it not the duty of the supposed opposition to query, investigate and determine the source of that amount of money? Can somebody answer that?

    We all know that the DA is to weak to push an issue of such proportions, the eff might make a noise but it will just be a clanging of pots and pans the way these kaffirs do when they have a disagreement.

    Lets see if the ff+ will do something?

    Please somebody answer this for me. I seem to recall that these politicians need to disclose finances and income, if this returd did get a loan how did he structure the repayments? Surely repayments on that amount of money would be in the region of 500 to 700k a month?

    If a president of an almost if not already bankrupt country can cover those repayments every month then one should realise that democracy has left the building and bobs cousin is in.


    1. Anonymous9:27 pm

      Ag LT in this whorehouse of a banana republic no one gives a shit. It's all talk and lip service to the masses. Fuck 'em all!

    2. Anonymous9:01 am

      You're sure you're not a closet liberal in denial? Mike wrote some excellent articles on this recently.

    3. Anonymous2:08 am

      The FF+ are a joke nowadays, their leader is also gullible and as Mike has pointed out seems to be under the pay of the ANC with a strategy of 'working together' with them.

    4. Anonymous4:31 am

      @ anon 9:01 AM. I would not be hiding in the closest if I was a liberal, my name is not anon 9:01 AM, I would be taking arseholes like you to task.

      You really are quite stupid to post that comment.

      You cannot even brand yourself. How many of the retards that knock here have you taken on, I am sure you're one of the resistance blokes that still have the maid and gardener.

      I bet you're one of those blokes that kaffir round the braai and boetie in the office.

      Go learn to fight before you pick a fight, cunt. I feed off your type.


  16. Anonymous9:10 pm

    @LTMA 8:25PM

    Democracy was never in the building.

    1. Anonymous11:21 pm

      @ anon 9:10 PM, thanks mate.

      Shows that even I believe in fantasy till I get a good kick in the teeth by reality.

      Thanks for the update.


    2. Anonymous10:46 am

      @LTMA 11:21PM

      You're very welcome. I really hope that it won't be reality for much longer.

    3. Anonymous4:20 am

      @ anon 10:46 AM, say what you mean, mate.

      Stop the innuendoes and put yourself up to make a stand.

      You hint and hint, that's why nothing gets done because you only hint you never accept or do.


  17. I heard on the news this morning, the bitch is kastig suffering from pneumonia. That's the latest bullshit line. She has degenerative neurological condition which was diagnosed in 2012 already when they only gave her a few years to live and the time's about up now.

    Bye bye Bitch.

  18. Anonymous9:42 pm

    According to a very reliable source, Hillary has recently had
    major surgery in that of an Asshole transplant.
    According to the source, the asshole rejected HER.....!!!!