12 September 2016

Will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up?

The Body Double left with the droopy nose and the real Hillary right

By Mike Smith
13th of September 2016
The story about Hillary Clinton’s medical problems and collapsing at the 9/11 memorial service is just getting stranger and stranger. A TV station reported that she died after the ceremony and evidence of her magical weight reduction (15kg in two hours) and her ring finger magically growing taller than her index finger are now surfacing.

WABC New York reports the breaking news of Hillary Clinton’s death

Teresa Barnwell earns big bucks as Hillary Clinton’s body double

The Hillary Clinton body double leaving Chelsea Clinton’s Apartment building

Did Hillary Clinton die after the 9/11 memorial ceremony and was replaced by a double?

The imposter's ring finger slightly longer than the index finger

The real Hillary with ring finger shorter than the index finger


  1. Anonymous5:28 am

    It depends at what angle the fingers in relation to the hand is held at.

    Try this: Hold your right hand in the same position as Hillary's.
    Now shift all your fingers to your right, your ring finger will appear longer.
    Move your fingers to the left and your ring finger will appear shorter.

    The fluctuating weight I don't know about.

    1. Anonymous10:41 am

      The fluctuating weight is due to the kilograms of kak she spews at her rallies. And the body double is just as fucking ugly, no wonder Billie helped himself with some Whitehouse kopkoue, I mean, how de fuck can you pomp something like that?

    2. Anonymous12:25 pm

      It is possible to fluctuate your body weight with your middle finger.

    3. Anonymous12:30 pm

      Holding my fingers at that angle caused serious retardation of lefty brain cell mass. Moving my fingers to the right resolved the feeling of fluctuationation.

    4. Anonymous2:11 am

      Haha! Just had a thought re. the fluctuating weight. Perhaps she forgot to put on a new nappy.😉

  2. Anonymous6:23 am

    Our future Bokke

    this is a blow for the rugby manne. I always thought they were closet queens rubbing each other up in the scrums:


    And the government has denied entry to the Pastor who will share the Truth on gays:


    Maybe SA wants to become the 'gay' capital of the world to compliment the existing title of 'Rape' capital of the world.

    Yes, SA will become a world leader.

  3. Anonymous8:25 am

    Hillary Clinton has a high bridge on her nose, it just looks more pronounced in the photo on the left as she is looking down, and she was having a bad hair day. She needs a hair stylist on call 24/7 to maintain the look in the upper right photo. Nothing mysterious.

  4. Anonymous8:56 am

    The only thing worse than Killiary Clinton is... TWO Hillary Clintons!
    Teresa Barnwell must have really let herself go in order to mistaken for this vile hag.

  5. Anonymous8:59 am

    Rumors...she's got Parkinson's.I think insulting Trump supporters, calling them a “Basket of Deplorables” has caused a huge amount of damage to the democrats chances and won't be surprised if they will admit that she is medically unfit and try to get a replacement....don't think its possible, but there is also talk that Obama might try and 'cancell' the election...playing right into the hands of his beloved Isis Muslims.

  6. Anonymous9:34 am

    Well at least Monica might be happy, give Bill a bit of head again.

    1. FredBarbarossa3:11 am

      Bill did say that Monica had the whitest teeth he'd ever come across!

    2. Stephen7:24 am

      ah FRED ! he!he! .... get your mind out the gutter man:)

    3. Anonymous2:00 pm


      Once a head always a head!

  7. Whiteman4:07 pm

    Wow ! I must admit, this one is too stiff, for even me. But because I have previously stated, that politicians are the lowest form of life in the universe, I have to remain open minded ! Hillarys side-kick VP, seems to me to be a bit of a light weight ? Trumps VP, Pense, creates a lot more confidence, I must say. If Putin wanted to do a first strike on the USA, the period Nov - Dec, would make a lot of sense. The election could generate much confusion, and then the people start chasing turkeys around, and getting pissed, for the big christmas jol !

  8. Shame, the lamestream media are running out of names to label truthers. They also seem to think that sarcasm may even work to cover up their lies.

  9. Sorry Mike off topic.....as every day and night passes by, my hatred for these non whites increases, as i watch the deeds that occur in our land and overseas, i fucking hate them and their evil masters...

    1. Anonymous8:33 am

      Hi ghost, could not agree with you more. But my hatred for the kaffers also make me smile more and more as I see them next to the road begging. Hate is a strong word to use, but I fucking hate !!! them.

      Stand strong, be ready, we will survive.


    2. Anonymous12:40 pm

      HEy, you died in COD MW2!!! OMG Ghost is back! :D

  10. Anonymous11:10 pm




  11. Check this out. Even robots don't like kaffirs!


    Nuff said?

  12. Anonymous5:36 am

    This is getting more weird by the day.

  13. Anonymous6:23 am

    Here's a site that has more comparative photographs of Hillary and her double ... appears to me that the story about a double is real!


    1. Shit, anybody can see it's not the same person.

  14. Dmitri7:31 am

    Looking forward to a false flag in the near future. ISIS is nothing more than another CIA mechanism. Trump will not be allowed to win - no matter what anyone says. Totally off topic but referring to 9/11 (and I have over 2080 pages of research that I have conducted in the past 15 years (Started about a week after the event), Do not put anything past the US government and Soros (to mention one person). How many of you folks know that there was a hurricane on 9/11 around 200 miles off coast and nothing was reported - even on the weather channels. This US "election" has already been decided and the outcome will jolt quite a few folks.

    1. Whiteman10:55 am

      Dimitri, you make a very strong case, as to how dirty politics, and politicians are. Just take the endless propaganda that has been launched against Russia in particular, over the last two years, or so. Something just HAS to happen, so that the West can attack Russia, and have the blessing of the UN, and the world. Putin obviously knows this, and he has the responsibility to out manouvre his enemies, or be wiped out. And both sides know, the one who attacks first, will have a DEFINITE advantage. And if you are the winner, you write the history books, and your opponent is blamed for EVERYTHING !

    2. Anonymous12:48 pm

      'Trump will not be allowed to win'

      and of course with your open eyes to truth you don't believe for a minute that Trump is really opposition do you. It's the same old game of two masks on the same face. Trump is fooling many people. He is one of these 'globalists' as well.

      Same old 'good cop bad cop'. Don't be fooled. Any real opposition to the 'agenda' is terminated.

    3. Dmitri11:14 pm

      @Whiteman. Glad you see this as well. Putin is an amazing strategist. Watch what happens in the Caucasus in the next few months.

      @Anon 12:48. Trump panders to the people of the US by saying what they want to hear. Over the past few years he has made himself known to be "for the people". He shoots from the hip and (un)fortunately is accurate.

      This Clinton illness is an eye blind to what she said about Trump supporters being bigots etc. Both herself and hubby are untouchable in the eyes of the sheeple. The folks in the US have been so brain washed over the decades that they cannot understand or see what is going on. As you say good cop bad cop.

    4. Whiteman, something tells me that the West is underestimating Putin. I know where my money would be if I was a betting man.

  15. Listen - I know this is off topic but I don't know where else I can say this: One Minister of State Jiggaba (as pronounced by a certain pastor) has obviously not heard that thing about "I may not agree with what you are saying but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - so much for freedom of speech and all that. It seems that you are free to say what you like as long as the ANC and the queers agree...

  16. Anonymous9:41 am

    Pastor Anderson Update: Banned from the United Kingdom! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTwoq4oreok

  17. Anonymous12:43 pm

    So where is BN to tell us about how Siener.. I mean Snyman predicted Hillary Clinton's death

    1. Anonymous8:29 pm

      Projecting again? Give it a rest poefie.

    2. Anonymous9:20 pm

      Busy pomping your wife.

    3. Anon 8:29 & 9:20 Well said guys. This dickhead's scepticism & cynicism is really fucking boring. 9:20 The question is, is its wife pompable? He strikes me like a real Limp Dick.

    4. Anonymous3:34 am

      He is probably the wife of another dude....

    5. Anonymous1:55 pm


      @Anonymous12:43 PM

      I can tell you want to be a believer but he doesnt mention liberal bitches anywhere in his visions.

  18. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Off topic but interesting.Philipines weakening ties with America, why?


  19. Anonymous5:58 pm

    While i do love a good conspiracy story as much as the next guy, i sometimes wonder, whether we are not too gullible for our own good.

    I have noticed a trend of late, and i do hate to point it out, considering the huge amount of enjoyment i get from reading reactions and posts to some of your more fancifull posts mike, but do you really believe in all these stories, or are you as i suspect sometimes just throwing it out there like a mischevious teenager to see what reaction you get?

    1. Anonymous6:54 pm

      I agree with the above comment. This blog should be about the truth only and we don't need these conspiracy stories unless it can be backed up with facts.

    2. @Anon 6:54 PM...So how do you suggest we get to the "TRUTH" without digging?

      See…we all thought the governments of the world were not really spying on their citizens and that it was all a “Big Brother” conspiracy theory…until Edward Snowden came along and showed us that not only was it a conspiracy FACT, but at measures we would never be able to comprehend. The spying on us, the innocent citizens, was far worse than we ever thought, far worse than the KGB and the Stasi.
      You see, we all thought that the US government is a moral giant and example of democracy to the rest of the world and that they would never deliberately bomb civilians and when it did happen that it was accidental and could be attributed to the euphemistically called “Collateral damage”. We also never thought they would torture people without trial at secret death camps around the world far worse than the Soviet did at the Gulags of old …until Bradley Manning and Julian Assange came along and showed us that it was not a “Conspiracy Theory”, but a Conspiracy FACT. The US government was indeed deliberately bombing civilians in places like Bagdad, Iraq and Granai in Afghanistan. The US government was indeed torturing people without trial at places like Guantanamo Bay, Diego Garcia. They are called Black Sites and are found all over the world.

      My experience shows that where there is smoke there is fire and unless we are willing to pry it open to get to the truth, we won’t and these evil bastards will continue doing what they are doing and we will stay in the dark.

      Make no mistake. I have no intention of making this site a conspiracy bullshit site. There are more than enough of those, but I am not going to ignore the facts presented. Now if you have any facts contradicting mine, then put them on the table, but what you should never do is to keep quiet, because then you give them your consent.

      And here is the beauty…do you know how you can tell when you are close to the truth? Watch them get nervous and cry, “Conspiracy Theory”.

    3. Anonymous8:36 pm

      Ja its not like most of the biggest conspiracy theories of the past 20 years have been proven fact or anything resembling the truth...oh wait!

    4. Anonymous9:28 pm

      I would rather read Mike's so called conspiracy theories than that lala land liberal fantasy crap on main stream media, with max du preez's kak leading the charge.

    5. Anonymous11:00 pm

      Well said Mike. One needs to put everything under the microscope and not discount anything to get to the truth.

      Although it may not be a double in this case, Biliary definitely does have a double.

    6. Yeah Mike, 30 years ago the Illuminati was all a "Conspiracy Theory", today it's a household name and everybody knows it's a fact.

    7. Whiteman2:14 am

      Mike, you get my thumbs up for sure ! People generally dont like people who rock the boat, and feel morally obliged, to SEEK THE TRUTH. They want to go to a " nice " church, watch sport and TV, and worship arsehole politicians, who cleverly lead them to the slaughter. I am reminded of the frog, who sat at the bottom of a pit, and croaked continiously, about what a fantastic jol he was having. So the first one jumps in, and discovers it is really unpleasant down there. So he asks the " leader " frog : Why did you bullshit me like this, we are both going to die in here ! The answer was : Man, I was feeling very lonely down here. So the moral of the story is. Shine your light of intelligence, and objectivity, into the well, before you jump.

  20. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Apology for going off-topic Mike, but I see old pielkop's little limp dick kiddy amin british puppet malemmer has given the DA "notice" and has warned that the honeymoon is over if the DA tries to fight Effie land invasions.

    ---green code-- --tac teams are go-- --eliminate kiddy and all those that stand with him with extreme prejudice--

    --repeat-- --tac teams are go--

    1. Jip, Anon 8:10, the idiot has no conception of what he's messing with. Does he really think The Elite are going to roll over and allow him to live his fanciful dream. The idiot is living in Lalaland.

  21. Anonymous1:22 am


  22. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/398136/end-south-africa-josh-gelernter

    A somewhat long read, but the last bit is relevant to us here on the blog.

  23. Anonymous9:50 am

    I think even if Trumpty Dumbty do become President, Hilarious Clueless's trainers will take control of Pompous Trupoes and like old Amstel Vrotschild once said:
    "Give me control over a countries monetary system, and I don't care who runs it"
    Or something like that

  24. Anonymous10:15 am

    By creating new money, the government can decrease the value of the existing money in circulation, thereby lowering the buying power of those holding it. In turn it can use the created money to buy assets on the free market. It's not fair competition.

    This quote is often used in (political) statements against fiat money. They reason that by inflating the money supply, governments are actually stealing the wealth from their people without them (directly) noticing it. It is much easier to just create new money than to raise taxes. Tax revolts were quite common back in the old days, but inflation revolts? None would be the wiser until it was too late. "Read my lips, I will not raise taxes.". He says nothing about national debt, eh

  25. Graeme11:35 am

    Wasn't Hillary's body double named Monica at one time?

  26. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Wow, it seems that the mammon god is really blessing his disciples:


  27. Anonymous1:54 pm


    Not sure if Putin said this but there are quite a few people posting this on other sites...

    Good speech from Putin:

    Vladimir Putin, the Russian president addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament) about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

    "In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live, work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian and must respect the Russian laws.

    If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim's then we advise them to go back to their own places where that's the state law.

    Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will grant no one special privileges, or change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they cry 'discrimination'.

    We will not tolerate any disrespect of our Russian culture.

    --->>> I Love this bit---->>> We must learn from the national suicides of America, England, Holland, France, Belgium, Sweden and Germany, if we are to stand as a Nation.

    The Muslims are taking over those weak countries but they will never take over Russia. The lack of culture and the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Islam are not compatible with the Russian traditions and culture.

    If this honorable legislative body thinks of writing new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslim minorities Are Not Russians."

    The Assembly of the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

    1. Anonymous2:44 pm

      Any bloke who does not have a "man-crush" on Putin is a poofter...

    2. Whiteman6:56 am

      Friends, please take note that Putins party won descisively in this election. Even though voter turnout could have been better. But it nevertheless sends a clear message to all his enemies, who wants to see " regime change " in Russia. Maybe it will cause him to become really " windgat ! " Maybe he sends obama a missile for christmas, packed full of prime turkey, and only a small nuclear devise, just to cook them properly !

  28. Anonymous6:00 pm


    We will see a regime change pretty soon in Zims...

    The writing is on the wall.



    Now tell me, is this not some ork from Lord of the rings? - Fork me, but this thing is one beautiful looking baby...



    1. Anonymous8:33 pm

      Fukcen nailed it Ninja - one ugly mother orc. :D
      These black fucks are all the same.

  29. Whiteman8:30 pm

    Just think about it. The zimbabweans have a chance to vote in a better government, who will govern it back to hapiness, and prosperity. Then the MILLIONS of their citizens, who are burdening the white taxpayer in this country, will rush back, and show the world, how to create a rainbow paradise. After all, they had on the job training here in the NSA, and can now impliment their knowledge, and experience, to create a zimbabwe miracle ! Man, I feel SO positive this morning !

    1. Anonymous2:11 am

      I hope you are being sarcastic.

    2. Anonymous8:56 am

      No that wont work. No matter how much one educates them.

  30. Whiteman10:52 am

    Trump has stirred up the hornets nest again, by implying that hillary will undermine gun rights in the USA ! And we know how after every mass shooting in the USA, the gun-free USA horse is saddled, and given a good gallop. This no doubt a serious winning card in Trumps hand. Never mess with a patriots weapons ! This is how you will activate major kak. Then we have the local abomination called : Gun free SA. These people are our enemies, through and through. If only we could direct the nignog murderers to them, to give them an crash course, in : How to arse creep a murderer, and still get your throat slit !

  31. Whiteman8:38 am

    Breaking news ! Muslim attacks in the USA again, albeit on a small scale. But these guys are obviously going to help Trump to become president. And I agree with a previous post that the democrats, and republicans are te same, and dance to the same tune. But somebody has to be president, and the whiteys are definitely waking up. Saw a news clip, stating that purchases of weapons in the USA, is outstripping anything they have ever seen before ! And those people, can buy REALLY potent hardware. Mike, maybe you, or somebody else can tell us more about cross-bows. Would like to buy one, but dont have money to waste, so I must buy right, the first time.

    1. When it comes to crossbows there is only one brand I will recommend; “Excalibur”

      It is without a doubt the best and most accurate crossbow in the world.

      With crossbows you basically have a recurve and a compound choice. All Excalibur bows are recurves.

      The string can easily be changed in the field. With compound bows you need a special jig to change the string and it can only be done by a professional in a workshop.

      If I have to buy a crossbow myself, I would buy the Excalibur Matrix 380 Xtra and kit it out with a Mildot scope.

      However, do not expect your crossbow to be a rifle. It is accurate, but cannot compete with a rifle. Many years ago I owned a Barnett Crossbow. With a lot of practice I could hunt Springbok and Impalas to an accuracy of about 50-60m. Half a Rugby field.

      The Excalibur is probably going to be accurate to about 80 metres with a lot of practice.

      However do not think a crossbow is useless. When it comes to survival, you don’t want to make a lot of noise and attract attention when you hunt. A crossbow is relatively silent and has no muzzle flare.

      However, when the crossbow bolt hits the target other than the brain/central nervous system, do not expect the target (human or animal) to stay quiet or die quickly. There is going to be a lot of shouting, crying, squealing, etc. You will have to go in with the knife,position yourself behind the target, stab into the side of the neck and push the blade forward and away from you, severing the windpipe and both carotid arteries.

      Nevertheless, it has a great psychological effect on the enemy, even better than a sniper with a rifle. Just never make the cardinal mistake of pulling more than two shots off from the same spot. You shoot, you move.

      Snipers know that there are guys with weapons far bigger than theirs with far better reach...A well trained "Cannon-donkey" can put an artillery shell very accurately on his position from 15-20 km away.

  32. Whiteman2:12 pm

    Thanks Mike. I would prefer your advice to any salesman ! I know I am not the only reader looking for a gadget like this. I wear a 9mm-short on my body at all times. Have done so for nearly fourty years, but it has never drawn blood. Can it be, that the criminals dont like me ? ?

    1. I have that same Problem. They never seem to want to attack me. I think it is the way you walk and carry yourself when they are around. Your body language and your eyes must always read "Fuck-Off!!"...Then you generally don't have a problem.

      It is an art. You have to train foreigners how to do this, because they are normally too friendly and nervous around blacks. Blacks spot this straight away and see it as weakness. Africa is not for sissies.

      Personally I don't need to say a thing. When I go to the mall and a group of blacks are standing or sitting around I just need to raze my eyebrows slighly, look at them in a certain way, and they look down and away immediately. I walk straight through them. It is like I have a switch that I flip and my "Fuck-off Aura" is switched on.

      Those of us who grew up in Africa will know what I am talking about.

  33. Whiteman6:19 am

    To all my fine feathered friends ! Check out the riots going on in the USA. It will give you pangs of pleasure, to see how the USA " rainbow-dream, " is comming apart at the seams. Their hypocracy is sure starting to bite very hard. Maybe they will also have a " Sharpeville, " or a " Marikana, " and then we will all be on the same page. And their election is just around the corner. Will it be free, and fair ? Will obama have the guts to really sort out his renegade brothers, and sisters ? Maybe Putin is behind all the black unrest and rioting ? Obama wants a regime change in Russia, so it is Putins democratic right, to reverse the favour ! Man, I think we are in for some awesome reality TV, in the next couple of months !