16 September 2016

Why is Dudu Myeni not behind bars yet?

Dudu Myeni in her Banana costume.
Jeez what was she thinking?
By Mike Smith

16th of September 2016

Imagine you are the CEO of a company anywhere in the world and steal it into bankruptcy to the tune of a R4.67 billion loss in one year.

Not only will you be fired immediately, but you will be imprisoned.

Not in South Africa though…Dudu Myeni-Zuma (as Malema calls her) has just proved that.

According to the opposition DA, she ran South African Airways like a “Corporate warlord” bullying other board members due to her close proximity to Zuma. She has further showed a middle finger to her critics when she warned that things are not going to change next year, because SAA is going to make ANOTHER R4billion loss.

The advert Dudu placed in the newspaper
She refuses to take responsibility for her past seven years of mismanagement of SAA saying that it is not her fault, she inherited all the trouble. She is clearly above the law.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan at first refused to bail her skank ass out, so she went and placed an advert in the newspaper shamelessly soliciting for a R16 billion bailout from private investors.

Gordhan must have crumbled under pressure from Zuma’s goons in The Hawks who are investigating his doings and screwing at SARS, because suddenly he made an about turn, gave her R5billion State Guarantees and reappointed her as Chairperson of SAA’s Board, saying the new SAA board had been given targets and that state guarantees to the airline would have to be repaid and were not bailouts.

What utter bollocks! That money is gone. Taxpayer’s money flushed down the black ANC toilet (again).

There is no accountability. The thefts just continues and even Gordhan himself said ”It is business as usual for the airline”

The mind boggles at how such blatant, open theft of public money can be allowed. This would not have been tolerated anywhere else in the world, but for some or other reason the world is turning a blind eye to this and not holding them responsible. Is it out of fear for being branded “racist” for criticizing the criminally corrupt ANC? Is it just seen by the libtards of the world as “kiddies allowed to stuff up so they can learn”? Are they seriously hoping that the ANC will improve and become just like them when you throw enough money at them and give them enough time?

All I know is that if Dudu Myeni tried this shit anywhere else in the world she would have been behind bars and the only reason she is not, is because she spreads her legs for Zuma.


  1. Anonymous3:13 am

    SAA, once considered one of top airlines in the world, like many other entities like Escom. Within 2 decades it is reduced to third world rubbish. True symbols of the post 94 SA.

  2. Whiteman3:48 am

    Mike, I am nothing like a financial expert, and I dont even understand the stock exchange. But I need somebody with knowledge, to explain how things work in the NSA. We all know, that vast sums of money is being stolen by all people in high places. Unfortunately, we have to admit that the thieves come in all the colours of the rainbow. My question is, how long can this sort of thing carry on ? What is replacing the stolen money ? Who is replacing it ? Surely they wont do it for free. Who is responsible to service such loans/investments, when this money is then also stolen ? How come, this country has survived twenty two years, and still has not collapsed completely ? And any thief will tell you, if you get away with it once, you just steal more, and more, because you have then out witted the " police." On top of this, you have many creatures in this country, who dont even think they are stealing ! They are merely taking back, that which was stolen from them ? ? Come on, all you clever people, explain to me how long this can still go on. And tell me what to expect, when the wheels finally come off !

    1. Anonymous5:01 pm


      Whiteman, its from our tax payers money & our pension funds.

      The country survives because you see, when you are swapping fiat currency (paper aka worth less than toilet paper) and you know you can give, give, give because its secured by the trillions of gold sitting beneath our feat.

      In fact you cannot measure the true monetary value of gold in a fiat system where the printing presses around the world run continually.

      I mentioned it before, the ANC have landed in a position that no other political party in the world has ever landed in.

      The west have to bow down to them and keep them happy for not selling out to the Asian nations and the Asian nations bow down to them in order to get a piece of that yellow metal.

      The best of both worlds and we are stuck beneath them running the system, trying to keep it alive.

      Asians move against them, they move west. The west move against them, they move east. They landed with their ass in the butter!

      This thing could go on theoretically for another 500-600 years. There is enough gold in kathu northern cape alone for the next 300 years according to Anglo gold, I personally know a very high level one working there who deals with this aspect for the company, estimating how long they can mine there.

      The financial markets, when you really look and see what is happening behind the scene is nothing more than musical chairs and illusion all started with the inception of the Federal reserve and since then we have had war after war, after war.

      The wars are lost but the battles are always won. They learnt from the British. The US Independence was won but they were bankrupt and so they had to borrow from Britain, he who is borrower is slave to the lender and when you have no lender and everyone wants to borrow, then you can steal all day long like these bastards but thankfully they dont know the true value of what they are sitting on.

      I suggest you watch hidden secrets of money below and


      And money as debt - two very good documentaries regarding the history of money and this NWO of money as debt, its not money but fiat currency.

      The real money is gold/silver - it has been since the dawn of civilization and the largest reserves sit here in Southern Africa.

      Of course money has taken many shapes / forms, whales teeth, shells, sheep, oxen, grain, wheat, rice, teeth, beads, but the most precious of them all was that yellow one, hence the AngloBoer war.


      The gold markets have been suppressed since the AngloBoer war & when gold standard was removed, suppressed by hedge funds and the elite. In order for the system to work in this NWO they need to control the gold.

      Qaddafi was killed for this very reason, he mentioned to all African nations to stop accepting dollars now why does Africa have US dollars if the soviets were sponsoring communism/Marxism in Africa like we were all led to believe?

      Nah, the US was playing us all on this continent in order to implement democracies. Democracy is a code name for new federal banks in new countries bankrupted by war & controlled by the yanks, the elite in the US.

      CIA providing intel on both sides, to the ANC and to the NP - both sides played from different angles. Even the soviets, where did they get their finance from?

      Russia and its satellite states did not have every raw material to make their weapons, somewhere they had to import it - to import you need money - so much for Marxism/communism, its funded by the banks.

      This is another good one to watch, dont mind Jim Marrs stuff, some of it though can seem a bit out there, not quite like David Icke though.


    2. Anonymous1:18 pm

      Hahaha WM 3:48 I said exactly the same thing which came to mind my brother.

    3. Anonymous1:31 am

      How is it that sometimes you speak sense
      and then
      A whole pile of steaming BS ?
      Must be the "meds" ........

  3. Anonymous3:49 am

    From Moneyweb. Old Mutual Investment Managers are desperate, they have tried to downplay Futuregrowth's embargo of SOE's.

    Don't bet against the rand

    If history is any guide, don’t assume the rand is a one way bet – Dave Mohr, chief investment strategist at Old Mutual Multi-managers.

    Currency speculators were gifted a no-lose trade against the rand once the Hawks announced they wanted to interview finance minister Pravin Gordhan over his alleged wrong-doing while at SA Revenue Services. But it could just as easily reverse direction should the Hawks abandon what looks like a pointless witch-hunt. [My comment: Zuma will not stop until he has castrated Pravin Gordhan and eaten his balls for lunch.]

    If history is any guide, it is unwise to extrapolate trends forever [usually true in normal markets], says Dave Mohr, chief investment strategist at Old Mutual Multi-managers, who sees the first buds of spring after a barren winter for the SA economy. [How does a blind person know a Zuma is in the room? By the smell of bananas on its breath.]

    “Given the relative under-valuation of the rand, we should not be surprised to see further gains over the next few years,” says Mohr. [My comment: The markets don't yet get that Zuma and corruption are here to stay. Zuma will have his ex wife Nkozasana Dlamini-Zuma inaugurated as president in 2019.]

    At the start of 2016, the rand jumped the rails to trade briefly above R17 to the US dollar over the “three finance ministers in a week” tragi-comedy, aggravated by sour news from China over its slowing economy. It recovered to R13.20 in early August before the Hawks, at the apparent bidding of hardline elements in the ANC, demanded to interview Gordhan over his supposed role in setting up a rogue investigation unit at SARS during his tenure from 1999 to 2009. Gordhan refused, saying he had done nothing wrong. This sent the rand-US dollar rate crashing back to R14.50.

    Investec warns that if Gordhan-gate escalates much beyond this point, we could be looking at R19 to the US dollar. That would be tantamount to suicide. [To a rational mind, suicide is irrational. We are not dealing with rational people. Investec is right. ]

    Mohr points to several fundamental improvements in the economy, not least of which is the improvement in the balance of payments. “Our oil bill declined by R120 billion over the last 18 months, and our exports improved R42 billion in the first half of this year compared to 2015. This is a net injection into local economy,” he says. [Oil price is down, nothing to do with our local economy. Real imports like replacement of industrial machinery are not happening so much. Exports artificially add up to more because the rand is weak.]

    Another positive for SA is the recovery in commodity prices, and positive real interest rates of around 8.5% versus almost nothing in the developed countries. This means we should expect to see a return in the so-called “carry trade” – where investors borrow abroad at cheap rates and invest in SA and other emerging markets at higher interest rates. [When the credit downgrade happens and the rand crashes to R19/R20:$, interest rates will go up to attract "carry trade" which is just short term money which leaves the country just as fast again. So yes, the rand will strengthen after plummeting after the downgrade, but will remain volatile.

    Six months ago, Mohr says one of the country’s major risks was electricity outages. “We didn’t know if we had enough electricity to power the forecasted growth. Lower growth has certainly reduced demand, but the threat of blackouts has now receded.” [Low demand = less electricity outages. More demand = more electricity outages. All fine, then. This man thinks we're all dumb, Futuregrowth included.]

  4. Anonymous4:00 am

    What I cannot understand about all these corruption deals is where is the paper trail and why does nobody follow it.

    "We "lost" another few billion" and that's it. No investigations fuck all. Everyone must just accept that its gone.

    1. My gat se deksel....jy sien NOOIT n fokker agter tralies nie?!.
      Just recently the Hawks (yawn) disclosed they've investigated 400+ cases - but on a follow-up question had to admit they've got fnuckall to show for it.
      As for the baitch in question....one would have thought recent polling events/results would make them ponder.
      But no way José. Halstarrig en dikdom harregat. I think we're all somewhat punchdrunk. Almal fok net voort.

    2. Anonymous5:26 pm


      @Anonymous4:00 AM

      There is a paper trail and let me prove it....

      A little while ago, just when the sanctions were being put on Russia a little man by the name of Sepp Blatter decided to push for the world cup to be hosted in Russia.

      Immediately he was hit with corruption charges, SA brought into the picture and spotlight regarding corruption and mention of numerous South African bank accounts in Switzerland which were about to be leaked.

      There is a trail, its in Europe. You must know one thing, the Jewish bankers in Europe during world war 1 & 2, were cashing in on the gold teeth from their very own Jewish brethren being burnt, gassed and starved to death.

      There are plenty of documentaries on youtube about bankers melting gold from teeth and storing it in their vaults.

      That paper trail was about to get opened when Blatter was about to have a multi billion football tournament in Russia, acting against instruction from the elite and propping up their economy which would have interfered with the elites sanctions.

      The football world cup is not about football, that is too keep the masses happy like in Rome. The real money is in the deals done in those boxes where the movers/shakers make deals while the masses enjoy their 90 mins of idiots kicking a ball from one side of the field to the other.

      The result was he was axed, SA was mentioned and those bank accounts mentioned.



      Now you can see why these bastards were very happy and conveniently against us throughout the apartheid years.

      MONEY or fiat money.

      The trail is above, scratch the surface and we see what is really behind those vaults, probably tens, perhaps hundreds of billions from this country.

      They allow these Karasites to do what they do best, corruption and stealing like their father the devil. Its leverage! No leaks after the axing of Blatter - why?


      They use the karasites to make them money, they know they are useless, so why not hand them a country, let them run it down. Make your money while they run it down, make your money when there`s war, make your money re-finance it after the war.

    3. Anonymous5:26 pm


      When you re-finance and replace the previous regime with an interim/power sharing structure like in SA, you control them right from the get go.

      They need wars in order to exert control, hence we had to be pushed into a border war. Wars cost money and a lot of it.

      Watch those documentaries I mentioned above and then let the light bulb go off, when it does you will never see it the same again.

      SA is such an important country in terms of gold that few understand just how integral it is to the sustainability to the worlds financial markets.

      Hence why they could not afford an all out war here after 1994 & they needed a puppet to sell the dream.... aka Mandela.

      If there is war here, the world markets will be super super volatile. Its not just about the markets but about the huge key trade deals made ie. The Equity/stock markets average about $250 billion in daily volume traded per day but the FX market which is driven mainly by trade between nations (think imports/exports & how this effects employment & how this then effects politics, which then effects relations between nations) is about $5 TRILLION - volatility effects the trade between nations and effects relationships between nations.

      The ENTIRE system and I literally mean the entire system hangs (IMO) on the gold, minerals here. Just look at a chart of gold production comparing SA in 1880 to the US and the world and how in 3 years we outpaced the world in gold production and hence why the Boerwar.

      We are not the only country with this much gold but the infrastructure in order to mine, control it is better than most countries. OZ is another huge gold producer but I believe based on what I know, as mentioned above, we have far more gold than them.

      SA is literally one huge gold mine.

    4. Anonymous10:43 am



      SA is a gold mine.

    5. Whiteman12:24 am

      Thanks to all you guys for making these things clearer ! Of importance to this whole concept, is the fact that some CLEVER countries are buying up solid gold, at a tremendous rate. Russia is one of them. I think China, and India are some of the others. Then there was a thing about Germany who tried to get their gold out of the USA some time ago, and ran into all sorts of difficulties ? Surely it makes sense, that many countries would like to get their hands on SA gold ? And will be willing to fight VERY dirty, to achieve this ? And you and I will be the canon fodder in the process. No wait, that is a terrible word, and too close to reality. You and I will be the collateral dammage ! To the nignogs, this sounds real cool, like getting free food etc.

  5. Anonymous4:03 am


    1. Anonymous4:52 am

      Anon 4:03....just another ignorant libtard feminist defending her hero.

    2. Anonymous6:04 am

      Who gives a flying fuck what "Leanne Williams" thinks? If she is a city councillor she should go fix up some potholes.

  6. Anonymous4:48 am

    Roughly R20 billion down the drain just from mismanagement at SAA. That is at least 4 decent new universities. Add the other SOE's plenty could have been built, as well as hospitals, schools etc. But no, it is apartheid's fault and legacy...go figure why NSA is a basket case.

  7. Anonymous5:38 am


    A little birdie told me that most of the pilots and technical staff at SAA are WHITE

    Someone please tell me WHY these white traitors keep on taking money from the devil ?

    THEY are our enemy -- happy to take YOURS and MINE tax money to keep on earning their inflated salaries

    IF they had any guts and ALL went on strike then SAA would be forced to close shop within a month.
    ( Without proper procedures and checks they would not be allowed to fly in International airspace )

    Perhaps Mr Smith can tell us WHY WHITE boeties continue to take mammon from the devil ?

    1. Anonymous12:21 pm

      Anon. 5:38

      Perhaps they have families and bonds to pay for...

    2. Anonymous12:35 pm

      First of all, FUCK YOU! And secondly, blacks can fly and maintain aeroplanes like they can swim, that is, not at all.

      Now FUCK OFF out of here with your sneering and whining. As if YOU pay taxes, you loser!

    3. Anonymous12:52 pm

      "a little birdie" told you? Ag assefokkenblief jou doos...anyone knows that you fucking moron. And go ask the white okes yourself poesneus, why must someone else tell you? Next time you want to be witty try harder.

    4. Stephen9:58 pm

      So now not just ancestors , but also little birds talk to you.and what did he say? ...''twiet twiet kaffir geuss what ,inspite of bee whites still hold positions you kaffirs can't dream of..''

      And yes the saa planes reaks like kaffir-taxis inside,sis!

      I bet the cock-pit smells a lot better , die pilots kry mos die wind van voor .

    5. Stephen10:17 pm

      And don't tell us it was a little sparrow! Was it?
      Racist birdies always tell the truth .

    6. Anonymous5:54 am

      It was a -- Piet my Vrou

      BTW ; NOT paying taxes = WINNER

      BTW #2 What is the most successful airline flying out of Africa ?

      BTW#3 Can YOU fly an aeroplane ?

      BTW#4 You idiots are dumber than even I imagined !

  8. Anonymous6:39 am

    Look at the bottom of the ad... preference to BEE funders.

    By all means! For the first time I support BEE. Go on, invest your money in SAA.

    Don't fly SAA or Mango (subsidiary of SAA).

    Dudu Myeni is the world's most expensive prostitute. Then again, how much would someone have to pay you to be tackled by the Spear of the Nation?

  9. Ladies and gentlemen this is exactly how the destruction of the Zimbabwean economy began. The only thing seperating SA from the historical Zim story is that at the moment the president cannot run for a third term. But that does not mean that the SA government cannot black empowerment(redistribute) the farms and businesses to gain public support they are losing which enables them to stay in power(on the gravy train). The government need a mojority to change the constitution on issues of this nature. ANC + EFF = majority and case closed.

  10. Anonymous4:36 pm


    I flew with this kaffir taxi for the last time about 5 years ago! Last time.

    Karasites lazy as fuck! Patting their heads & that peppercorn hair, attitude galore, useless service, shit food....

    Decided there & then, I will NEVER fly with them due to the above and because of their racist BEE/AA policies.

    Gladly pay R1,000 or more not to be around these karasites on a plane, how no one has been raped by these karasites yet on the plane I dont know.

    Useless beyond words, its a flying kaffir taxi plain and simple. Stinks of kaffirs, dirty like a squatter camp & you ask these karasites for anything and its a huge huge issue, huge attitude.

    Dont waste your money on this piece of shit airline, fly KLM even if it means one stop over in Holland or France. Even if its an additional 4-5 hours, trust me being away for 4-5 hours from these karasites is pure bliss.

    Let them stuff it up like the rest of SA, we will have our fun and games when they begin.

    Like I say, first the liberal traitors and then these things must be gone already, like yesteryear.

    1. Anonymous11:07 pm

      @BN 4:36PM

      "Stinks of kaffirs"

      And you can't even open a bloody window!

  11. Anonymous10:58 pm

    According to the urban dictionary, dudu means shit.


    1. or sleg, kak-sleg, zuma

  12. Last time I spent some money with SAA was 1988. Thereafter not a single cent. This is a commercial, political and also a safety consideration. If all would boycott SAA it would soon be history and the drain on our tax money would cease. I have serious misgivings about the safety standards considering how all other state departments are run.

    1. I also refuse point blank to fly Lufthansa/Germanwings. Since the time they were striking and people were held at ransom, they can honestly go fuck themselves. I was not personally affected, but what they did were just wrong. A Lufthansa pilot earns on average €15,000 per month (R250,000 per month) and they strike for more??? A busdriver earns €2500 per month. What is a pilot other than a glorified busdriver?

    2. Yes Mike , I don't spend money on the Lufthansa crowd either , and Germanwing's nasty habit of flying into a mountain does not endear them to me either. Perhaps one day when normal people - not the present ex Stasi scum and assorted drug using pufters - run Germany again for the benefit of the Germans I might reconsider.

  13. Anonymous1:21 pm

    This will continue till its no more , because we have Chief Thief as President of SA and all other Thieves will follow. Hey , when the F are the rest gonna wake up ? This Zulu thief has got to go.

  14. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Some very important and informative facts about the culprits behind world terror.

    (162) September 12 2016 Mike Walsh-McLaughlin – Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral


  15. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Employment corruption is the root cause of the problem.

    Official employment corruption (BEE and AA) excludes competent whites.

    Unofficial employment corruption (bribery, nepotism, blackmail and favours) includes incompetent kaffirs.

    It's probably how Bananawoman was appointed to a position that requires strategic planning ability, which is not really a kaffir trait.

    There is no ability, responsibility or accountability. She's not even ashamed of or sorry for her catastrophic failure.

    Even a child playing an airline simulator game could do better.

  16. Anonymous1:43 am

    "her close proximity to Zuma"

    Just add another R7.8 million to the losses. No one will ever find out.

  17. Anonymous2:03 am

    I bet Zuma is quite used to peeling this banana!

  18. Anonymous9:57 am

    Let them screw the country broke, the faster this whole longdrop shithouse collapses in on itself the sooner we can create a viable volkstaat from scratch.