18 September 2016

Useless AA coach, Useless AA players = Useless AA Springboks

By Mike Smith
18th of September 2016

Die Springboks het alweer verloor. Ag, maar hoe lekker kry ek nou.

40-10 or something my mate (a big Springbok fan) told me. I mean…who the fuck cares?

All relationships go through certain stages:

First you love her unconditionally…then you start seeing the flaws and want to change them. When you see that doesn’t work, you want to compromise and settle for less. Then disappointment goes over into dislike and later… blatant hatred. Eventually you leave, but still do an occasional checkup. Ultimately you reach the stage where you just don’t give a flying fuck who she is shagging at the Moment or not. Life simply moves on; you find someone else.

That is how it is with me, the Springboks and my new love; Women’s beach volleyball.

I was never good at Rugby. Played under 19E for my school. “Die Wynspan” het hulle ons genoem. But I loved the game. Back in the old days, when Uli Schmidt was the hooker, MornĂ© du Plessis the eighth man, Tiaan Straus and Rob Louw on flank, Divan Serfontein the scrumhalf, Naas Botha the flyhalf, Danie Gerber centre and the Du Plessis brothers on the wings…Rugby was an intelligent man’s game. Just about every man in the team had a university education. Uli Schmidt and Divan Serfontein were medical doctors, Tiaan Straus a lawyer, MornĂ© du Plessis a psychologist, etc. Back in those days we didn’t mind players of colour such as Errol Tobias and Chester Williams, because they were there on MERIT and not, because of the colour of their skin. They thoroughly deserved to be in the team.

O my…how it has all changed. A team of idiots, coached by an idiot. Bunch of palookas, man. What an embarrassment to all the great Springboks who once donned those jerseys in the past. And that idiot of a captain who looks like a gigantic baby. How can anybody take him seriously? Dok Craven en Frik du Preez draai in hulle grafte om.

And what is with this “Stampkar Rugby”? I thought the idea was to run past your opponent not into him. Maybe the idea should be to outsmart your opponents. Be so sneaky that it takes five of them to bring you down and you draw them in to create an opening for your mates in the backline.

Maybe in the old days running into and over your opponents worked for the Springboks, because the Afrikaners are genetically freaks and naturally bigger and stronger than the All Blacks, but those days are gone. Have you seen the All Blacks lately? Scientifically top fit, bigger and stronger than the Springboks. Physical domination is now on their side. Stampkar Rugby simply doesn’t work anymore. One All Black now takes down five Springboks, not the other way arround.

You can see the All Blacks know the game. They have studied it into the finest detail. They know how to operate on the edge of every rule. They know how to make the best out of every single centimeter of the field. They are masters at every aspect of the game. No wonder they make it look so easy.

Poor Springboks haven’t got a cooking clue. Running around like clowns more interested in their hairstyles than winning a game. But then who the fuck am I? I know nothing about Rugby. I played under 19E, remember?

I bet you the All Blacks are really proud of themselves. Like Mike Tyson being proud of beating up Robin Givens. Pat yourselves on the back All Blacks. Well done, mates! All those flour bombs worked. You are finally capable of beating the handicapped, dumbed down, cripple and useless Springboks. Finally they are worthy of playing the mighty All Blacks.


  1. PreatorianXVI2:10 am

    All Blacks / New Zealand = Extreme Hypocrites

    They refused to play a team selected a racial basis, but playing a team based on racial quotas if perfectly fine, typical Liberal mental gymnastics.

    As for me, I have long ago buried the Springbok, my friends know not to mention this BS in my company, they only get hammered for supporting an AA team.

    1. Anonymous4:05 am

      You are still friends with people supporting AA?

    2. Anonymous4:30 am


      Amen to you brother! Rightly said!

    3. PreatorianXVI6:17 am

      @ Anonymous 4:05 AM

      No, I cut that cancer from my life where I can, the people who know me, know better than to raise stupid subjects and once I know which way the wind blows I quietly detach from such people, no need for open hostilities all the time, idiots are not worth the time and space afforded to them.

    4. Anonymous12:13 pm

      Amen brother...

  2. Anonymous2:44 am

    Man, you know life well and can sum it up even better Mike! Thank you.

  3. I don't care a fuckin rats ass .Its all fuckin toxic You looking at the future it's just not widely dispersed yet.

  4. Anonymous4:04 am

    What a showcase for transformation. Yet another thing that was world class reduced to rubble. Made a point to listen if people talked rugby at a party last night. A one or two "who cares", nothing else. But a lot of real anger, even a few hard core libtards coming around. The anc and the white libtards are achieving exactly the opposite of what they want to do, they are unifying the whites and stoking the fire of nationalism. Keep it up anc, you are pushing more and more people to the right of the political spectrum.

  5. Anonymous4:30 am


    Kiwis no better than those criminals across the sea from them! They wouldnt play against us during apartheid but willing to do so under the same conditions.

    Like I say, any white supporting rugby is a traitor! Plain and simple. To watch your people murdered, kicked out the workforce, kicked out of sport based on skin colour and you still support them?

    Im happy they lost! You sell your country down the river for a jersey & a ball? There is no difference between a white rugby player and those paid Hollywood actors, they do it for fame and fortune while their people lose everything.

    This is what the ANC want, they want to shame us. Siener mentioned we will be stripped and shamed before the world until we get on our knees and begin fighting....

    This is our shame for selling out, not sticking to our guns or throwing our guns away for "peace"!

    If I was a white rugby player, I would leave SA for better shores. Let them hand it to the Karasites, why would anyone give the ANC satisfaction with their BEE/AA sport quota?

  6. Anonymous4:32 am


    We are fast approaching the scenario Van Rensburg spoke about when he said Russia will swing through Turkey on its way to the Mid East to battle against the US.

    With the EU creating an army now and leaving Britain out the picture or Britain not wanting to be in the picture, we can see it all coming together.


    It wont be long now and goes hand in hand with our shaming of this nation, where we have been stripped of everything.

  7. Anonymous4:37 am


    More laser weapons as mentioned by Van Rensburg


  8. Anonymous5:15 am

    The same Black Liberal bullshit going on in America as here : Check this out .... https://youtu.be/t6AcLgF9LX0

  9. Remember boys life is not a dress rehearsal

    1. Anonymous9:01 am

      Things don't just happen, things happen just.

  10. Well, I don't feel so alone anymore. I know bugger-all about rugby (I called it a "low IQ contact sport" many years ago and almost got thrown out of the Abraham Fischer Tehuis at was once the UOVS)and it would seem so does the Proteas ag sorry Springbokke!!

  11. Anonymous10:56 am

    Lekker! I love it! Go All Blacks(irony?) Go Aussies! Hell, GO USA even for all I care! Anybody except the Stinkboks please.

    1. Anonymous6:35 am

      Quoteas ...

  12. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Its about time that the whites stop supporting reverse racism from black racists. We where just throwing more fuel on our monsterous rainbow nation fire. We must now start to look at our own people and help them instead of feeding the racist masses that hate us,they only like a white man and call you meneer,meester of my kroon if you have something for them and when you have nothing to offer them then youre dead and the animals rubs their balls when they see youre white wife and daughters. Almost one kworter of whites are living on food scraps or dog food and we must start helping and feeding our own.

    1. Anonymous2:57 am

      Totally agreed. Help your kin before you start helping these bloody parasites, if you should help them at all. The fu©king libtards fall over each other to help these ungrateful leeches while neglecting to take care of their own kith and kin. Bloody disgusting!

  13. I might take some flak here, but I sincerely wish they will change the the name, stop calling them Springboks and rather Proteas or something. They do not reflect the Springboks of old and should not be associated with them.

    1. Anonymous9:44 pm

      Alot of my friends and their friends feel the same,they must change the name to something else because they are destroying the proud image of the true best boks.mabe call it bontebokke.the all blacks are happy to play a second grade protea team and the world wanted it to be a political racist team of B grade BEE players.

    2. Anonymous5:42 am

      How about Banana Banana?

      Should go well with Bafana Bafana.

  14. Anonymous12:16 am

    This is definitely time to get the popcorn out, and keep an eye on News24.
    Although I gave up watching rugby some time ago, I like to keep up with the latest news.
    So we have the sports commentators saying Alistair has no option but to replace the useless Elton Jantjies with Pat Lambie, and also the useless Beast that has underperformed for some time now, but keeps his place in the team. Apparently there is some white guy much better than Beast.
    So then we have the whole transformation process going in the wrong direction.
    Mmmm..... the minister of sports is obviously going to say something within the next week or two about this lilly white team.
    So, if Alistair wants to win a game, he needs to play more whites, or keep the transformation going and get more records for all the wrong reasons.


    1. Fuck the Minister of Sports. De fuck does he know about Rugby? Simply ignore the cunt.

    2. Domste po3s ooit.
      Brett Kebble during a piss-up at his Constantia home, describes how this rimpelnek danced on his R300,000 Grand Piano - wearing his patent leather snake-skin mr Price pointers. ( no skin off my back...but still )
      Die kont bly die epitoom van wat swart naie vergestalt. Dikdom en halstarrig arrogant.

  15. Anonymous6:03 am

    Looks like the 'transformation process' is succeeding, just like everything else which has been 'transformed.

    When the team is losing to everyone and at bottom of the lists, it will then be applauded as an even greater success.

  16. Anonymous6:03 am

    Juan de Jong, failure at sevens failure at 15 man rugby. Beast the sixth best prop in SA. Oupa Mahoje not even in the top ten in SA.

  17. Anonymous3:44 pm

    They should renamed the Shitloks!

  18. Anonymous12:20 am

    From Gtr...

    Remember, we made all those compromizes for Sport and Economics...

    What you compromise for, you end up losing...