10 September 2016

The road from REAART to TEAART is long and the one less traveled

By Mike Smith
10th of September 2016

I see a lot of right-thinking white South Africans criticizing liberals and blacks. For instance they complain about blacks to blacks and tell them they are useless, retarded, stinking, etc…but…What is the point? What do these whites actually hope to achieve?

Are they hoping blacks will improve? Are they hoping they will someday magically “come right” and become more like whites if they complain more to them?

At first such criticism and complaining would appear “racist”, but is it really? I mean it sounds a lot like what the liberals are trying to achieve by building schools, hospitals, etc for blacks.

At the end, in right and left, conservative and liberal thought the same faint hope of “improvement” can be detected; whether by education, money or insult, the goal is the same:

“If only they can be more like us, if only they can be educated to be more like us, everything will be OK and we will be able to live in peace together.”

This brings us to the contradiction and hypocrisy of the liberal who says that we are already all the same, but if we were, there would be no need to build schools and hospitals for blacks. There would be no need to throw money at them and educated them. Blacks would be able to do it all by themselves.

Whether they want to know it or not, the do-gooder-leftist, racial egalitarian and cultural relativist all have a definite and absolute starting point; We are not the same.

They then start to look for simplistic reasons WHY we are not the same and always seem to find the fault within themselves and other whites.

It is “US”. We, the whites, are the ones who enslaved blacks. We are the ones who colonized their lands. We are the ones who prevented them from evolving, getting educated, getting rich, etc, etc.

They also immediately block out any evidence to the contrary or evidence that in history whites were also enslaved by other whites, by blacks, by Arabs, etc. Whites also had their lands colonized by other whites, by the Mongols, the Tartars, the Huns, the Persians, the Arabs, etc.

Fact of the matter is that history shows that blacks were not the only victims and whites were not the only culprits.

However, the liberal mind is simplistic, weak and lazy. It doesn’t like to be exercised, nor challenged. It is constantly looking for the quickest simplest solution to its cognitive dissonance, but in doing so starts a downward spiral that leads to more contradiction, more dissonance and more hypocrisy.

The liberal suffers from reality blindness and truth deafness. When this is pointed out to him/her the hands are clasped over the ears or eyes and the head goes into the sand.

The result is that the liberal finds self-flagellation far easier than cognitive dissonance. Self-flagellation over the racial failure of blacks is at the same time the method and the symptom of a weak, simple and unthinking mind.

The liberal simply cannot see that if we were all indeed the same, we would all have had the same weapons, the same education, the same values, the same beliefs, etc and if we were all equally strong and intelligent, we would not have been able to conquer and enslave each other, neither would there have been any reason to do so and although all races were victims of colonization and slavery at one stage or another in history, the fact that one infantile race in particular, still sees itself in a liberated age as “eternally victimized”, “enslaved” and “colonized” and constantly bitch, moan, bellyache and gripe about it, shows its inferiority towards other races that do not do so.

In fact, conquest and colonization could be seen as liberating and progressive methods of the past that attempted to civilize and educate those who were not the same as us in order to make them “more like us”.

The trap that the recently enlightened and awoken right-thinker (REAART) often falls into is to think that he/she can somehow “cure” the unthinking liberal which leads to a contradiction in itself, because if he were really “enlightened” or “awoken” he would be able to see the folly of his ways and would not attempt to “cure” the liberal.

Likewise if the “liberal” was indeed capable of being “cured” he/she would have had the original mental capacity to be cured and would not have been a true liberal in the first place, but merely a sleeping, “not-yet-awoken” or “not-yet-enlightened” right-thinker.

Further, the REAART often enjoys holding up the mirror to blacks and pointing out their abominable culture, beliefs, superstitions and ways to them. The REAART might even insult their person or their cultural beliefs, but this is where the motive has to questioned, because what is the ultimate goal of it all? That they should “wake up” and become “more like us”?

The conclusion can only be that the REAART who does this and have as his/her motive the “wake up and become more like us” attitude is not yet fully “awoken” and “enlightened” and in fact still a liberal, for this is ultimately the same goal as the liberal who wants to “educate” and “uplift” the blacks i.e “become more like us”.

If the motive is to simply have fun and laugh at blacks and their ways, the REART is showing his simplistic and unthinking mind and is simply being silly for it would be akin to laughing at a snake for being a snake or a monkey for being a monkey. Blacks cannot help for what they are. They were simply born like that. Laughing at them is not going to turn them into anything else.

Some REAARTs might feel that their motives are to strengthen the camaraderie of the core or group of right-thinkers in order to prevent some from straying over to the dark side and at the same time attract others from the dark side, but if someone does go over to the dark side it is evidence that he/she was never one of us in the first place and would actually be doing us a favour to rid our gene pool of their defective genes.

Some REAARTs might feel that verbally attacking liberals and blacks is a method or tactic of self defence; a way of keeping them at bay, but this projects a certain innate fear of them being able to convince us, lead us astray or to kidnap us over to the dark side.

I must admit that even to the strongest of right-thinkers the urge to tell an annoying liberal or black to go away in an incestual, sexual manner sometimes become overwhelming, but truth is that the truly enlightened right-thinker is already covered by an impenetrable force field known as a “bullshit barrier” from which libtard and kaffir crap simply slides off.

In a perfect world the “truly enlightened and awoken right thinker” (TEAART) is simply a person at peace with himself to whom libtards and kaffirs become visually and audibly invisible; there is no need to attack or insult them. They simply are what they are and there is neither need nor point in trying to convince them, cure them or hold up a mirror to them. They simply do not exist in his world.

In a perfect world a blog like this would actually be superfluous.

However, we know that we do not live in a perfect world. For as long as we are alive and living in this world, the capstone of enlightenment will always be an unattainable goal, for the capstone of the pyramid is a tiny pyramid in itself and if you chop the tip of the capstone off you will have a tiny pyramid again and so on and so forth until it vanishes in your hand.

“Enlightenment” on earth is not a goal, but rather a journey taken by the few. True enlightenment can only be reached by coming ever closer to God and this can ultimately only be reached through the inevitable death.

Therefore becoming a REAART is not the end of a journey, but rather the start. The road from REAART to TEAART is long, difficult, but at the same time also pleasurable. The point is to always know exactly where on this road one is and the further one is, the more the light of truth glares out the evil of the dark side and those in the black abyss of lies, hypocrisy and bullshit become invisible.

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs: 14:12

“Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.“ John 13:7


  1. Anonymous2:51 am

    If the true, righteous and living spiritual GOD was to be found first and foremost in the minds and deeds of the leaders who are elected to rule by the people in their country then the countries of this world would not need any naturally minded government misfits to be their leaders. Those upright people who believe in the righteous laws of the true and living “GOD OUR SPIRITUAL FATHER WITHIN” would never need to have concern about the natural and fleshly minded control of mankind because the wisdom and power of GOD would triumph over all negative matters concerning mankind’s wellbeing. The vast majority of unbelievers who thrive on/in the sins of the flesh would soon diminish and they would become firm and faithful believers in a living God. It would definitely be a righteous and joyful gift/legacy to pass on to all of the future generations that will follow. Unfortunately at present the world is fully contaminated by fleshly minded heathens who worship a bunch of worthless political idiots who believe totally in fantasy and not in reality.

    1. Anonymous2:36 pm


      @ Anonymous2:51 AM

      Very true.

  2. Anonymous3:03 am

    The Serenity prayer comes to mind.
    Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  3. Stephen4:16 am

    Hi Mike

    So true , all the points you,ve made are abselutely correct.
    Curbing one's words gets difficult , even to the best of us ,
    especially when the blood-pressure runs high .

    With the abundance of wrong , corrupt , abominal things happening around us every day , its easy to loose ones cool.

    But at the end of the day its futile to get worked-up about the madness of this world , let the just be just still and let the un-holy be even more un-holy .

  4. Anonymous4:23 am

    My own thoughts and based on creation, evolution and universal order

    We are different species, created differently and made to develop differently.

    We never stole anything from any other species, the law of creation is survival and only the strongest, fittest and most suitable survive.

    We all know this it is a code in our make up, even retard knows this.

    I am not attacking the Christians here so please do not get offended.

    Christianity caused all of the shit we have today, the believers in the Christian faith started all this shit of everybody being equal in the eyes of God.

    Christianity was developed by those to weak to fight for themselves, they started selling love,peace and happy feelings we are all one and the same because they could not progress in the real world they needed to change the reality.

    God the creator, Allah the merciful, Zeus the god of creation, Lord Brahma the creator and more to whichever religion you belong to created order and hierarchy and this was fucked up by Christianity and has created the absolute chaos in the world that we sit with.

    I myself do not blame liberal for our fucked up world I blame Jesus Christ and the Christian faith because they changed the order of the universe and likened themselves to the Creator.

    Even the great I AM instructed his followers to slay every last one of his chosen peoples enemy, there was no mercy in creation and still is not.

    Mercy, compassion, understanding, tolerance are the masters of our situation and we need to stop trying to convert and reach these black creatures and white SOSA libcunts, we need to kill them and take their whinging crying, moaning, sorry arses off this planet because they have only been allowed to stay here because they spin the laws.

    Only weak beings cry injustice, foul play and unfair. Fuck! Strong beings take the shit, fight back, stand up, dust off and forge forward. So we the strong must be allowing the weak to flourish.

    These retards see an act of kindness as a weakness, they see an act of discipline as rascist and they see your hard work and accumulation as their stolen inhertiance. The reason they do is because we allow it, in creation and the natural order of things we would have annihilated the competition, chopped the head off the complaining whinger and marked our territory with blooded stake and definite message but we definitely would never have accept the shit we accept today.

    We do not even piss on a bush today because we are afraid of offending some other culture. What a bunch of wussies we have become.


    1. Anonymous11:53 am


      I hear you though Christ himself said he has not come for peace but for war! His own words.

      The Christianity of today is an adoption of Roman which dates back to Babylon.

      The commies knew to get to the Christians they had to destroy all the pillars, the liberals are their useful idiots while the party is still going, when the party ends they usually dispose of them.

      The world will eventually change, that change will come about when they see a small white nation fighting for what is theirs. Our struggle is not ours alone, the world will look to us, like they did in Ancient Greece when Sparta faced the might of the Persian empire.

      We have been placed in this country for a reason! The cream of the crop from Europe came here from the beginning of time. A strong nation - surviving this long is a testament.

      We must unite, we must wake up our people!

      We will have it again, whether it takes 5 or 500 years, she is coming back to us.

      And we will take half this continent in the end!

      Its ours already.

    2. Anonymous4:48 pm

      Truly the words of satan himself.

    3. Anonymous5:00 pm


      22 And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved. 23 When they persecute you in this city, flee to another. For assuredly, I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

      You are right, Christ warned about people like you that will hate Christians, Christ's own words.

    4. PreatorianXVI7:27 pm


      Your comments are spot on for the Current Roman Catholic Church and its off shoots, The Protestant religions (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.).

      Note however that this abomination under which most of Western Europe has grown up also split from the Real Orthodox Church around AC 1050 for their own nefarious reasons, installing the head drag queen called a Pope, restricting priests from getting married and a raft of other BS they added to line their pockets. From an Orthodox point of view these are perversions of the faith of Christianity.

      Should most Christians actually do some investigation they will find the Roman Catholic teachings quite lacking, compared to the Orthodox Church teachings, which has not changed since the time of its inception and still closely follows the instructions of the Apostals.

      Real Christianity is not a religion for pussy's, it requires you to be a man and defend your family, country and church, to have morals and to the horror of today's political climate Patriarchy is extremely important to the Orthodox.




    5. Anonymous11:34 pm

      At present the pope is in Jerusalem establishing a new faith. No more Christian faith or God. All religions are mingled together, Jews , Muslims, Budhas, Christians , "Toordokters" and whatever dung beatle faith there might be. The same mess as what Constantine had created in 325 AD when he concocted all relgions into one religion and called it the Christian faith.On 23 Sept 2016 the whole world will pray to one god. After that, "doller as kop af kan dit nie gaan nie"

    6. Anonymous12:01 am

      @ anon 448 & 500 PM if I be satsns spawn then so I will face the wrath of the Gods on my due day.

      Your judgement on me is made by your inability to see the cancer that the teachings you behold sacred have destroyed not only the host of human life but the very core of human value.

      I will gladly live in the fires of hades before I sell my birth right and my gift from creation.

      To be accepted by folks that sin 6 days a week a then dress for recognition and forgiveness on the 7th, not interested in that shit.

      Christians are the only religion to seek converts through marketing, the natural order of creation allowed a self choice and if God wanted Zuma as his disciple he would have invite him personally.

      You have no right to play God or Judge me, I am Gods creation and not yours.

      If you cannot accept my opinion then argue it but do not judge me for I too am a part of creation

      @ Preatorian, thank you for the insight, I wish that more had your knowledge for then we would be a stronger nation.

      These creatures that we despise so, these retarded thieves, murderers and corruptors, they were the heathen savage that the christians converted or believed themselves to have converted yet the minute the priest left the folk, the heathen re inhabited the convert.

      This event was a message from the creator to the priest and it said " "kill the fuckers" but like all false Christians they heard " kiss the Fuckers"and they ignored Gods instruction and followed the book written by the Romans to be used to control the world.

      I will be preparing for hell but I will not disrespect my creator by not following the order of creation. I will not be inviting retard to be my brother. Retard will always be the heathen and lower order species to me and I will not uplift him, preach to him or try change him. He was not designed for me to waste energy on.


    7. Anonymous12:53 am

      you are a possessed human. Possessed by a demonic thing that wants to end God's creation of humanity. You and that BN guy... YOu are the same as the other side who want to exterminate us. Puppets... All of you .... puppets and muppets

    8. Anonymous5:41 am

      Anon 12:53 AM, are you a retard or a libcunt? If you are then you are wrong, I do not want to exterminate you, I want to obliterate you with extreme prejudice.

      As for puppets, muppets and other pests that fuck with my world and Gods creation and order they will be in the same line a you.

      The only reason I am possessed is because I do not buy your bullshit lies and try appease you filthy cunts when you want to try your stupid stunts that make thick whites feel sorry for you. Fuck off you doos.

      The only reason you choose christianity as your religion is because it is a forgiving religion, try Islam, those fuckers would have sort you retards long ago.


    9. Anonymous9:36 am

      Anon 12:53 You don't like it when people fight back do you? After what you blacks have done to us the past 22 years you sound surprised at what measures we are prepared to take. You ain't seen nothing yet.

    10. Anonymous12:52 pm


      Anonymous4:48 PM

      Truly the words of satan himself.

      Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

      A sword is a symbol of wars/fighting - anyone with a history book can tell you this, read your old testament.

    11. Anonymous4:27 pm

      But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. ...
      Luke 6 27-36,

      Those are the words of Christ himself, not mine.Go read it yourself.Not judging you, that is God's job. You have too much hatred in your heart, we are living in end times and you need to get saved, I know I am a hypocrite and a liar, but so are you, because we are human yes we are being persecuted because we are white, yes we are being persecuted because we are Christian, but it is okay Christ said we will be hated because of Him but if you believe in the Gospel you will have eternal life.I am not the enemy here,
      I know how you feel, I have had friends and family go through the same thing. But bear in mind Gods wrath is still coming, the 7 year tribulation is going to hit us and soon the way the world is going and I hope you will be saved by the blood atonement of Christ for he died for our sins and rose from the dead, that is how Christ conquered and beat death.

      15 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;

      2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.

      3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

      4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

      1Corinthians 15:1-4.

      I will pray for you, LTMA

    12. @ Anon 4:27 ...Yes, go preach that to the ANC who planted bombs in Wimpy bars, shopping centres and golf clubs.

      Exodus 21:23-25: "And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

    13. Anonymous4:32 am

      Mr Smirh, I agree the ANC is a communist orginizattion that hates Christianity and I agree to take up arms to defend ourselves against the communists who destroys anything that is godly but at the end of the day whether it is them ( ANC, communists) or those fighting for freedom, against those who are doing the oppressing you still need to get saved through the Gospel, Jesus Christ. I am not a preacher nor here to preach to anyone but the signs are there, go read it in the Bible, whether you take up arms or not, what side you are on, that is besides the point.

      The communists days are numbered as you yourself have said numerous times, they are too blind and stupid too see it and wallow in their own wisdom.They laugh and scoff at the Gospel but is okay, keep it up.

      He that trusts in his own heart is a fool: but whoever walks wisely, he shall be delivered

      For he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer

      Romans 13:4

    14. Anonymous5:19 am

      There are some big wounds ready to be given Mike. Big fucking ones!

    15. Anonymous7:18 am

      Anonymous4:27 PM.

      We all have different religious outlooks but if you are talking about Yahshua up here you will know that he was talking to his own people not the dark ones, the children of the devil.

      You can google "racist bible". And when you start reading it in Hebrew it becomes even more racist. Try it.

      All this turn the cheek nonsense is the devil using a phrase intended only for a few against that few manipulating them to surrender before him(devil) and not do anything until its to late.

      He is using their good believes and intentions against them turning the words to mean something else.

      Yes we Afrikaners should apply those believes among ourselves and wouldnt it be great but to extend those believes on to the dark forces is utterly stupid and not what was meant.

      His name is the trickster the great deceiver. Who did he deceive if he is so great. He deceived the majority 99% of Christians. Horus Chrestos of Egypt. It is an insult to cal Yahshua by these names. The person you speak of was not called Jesus. If you dont even know his name and call him by another name how can you possibly understand his teachings.

    16. Anonymous4:53 pm

      Anon 7:18 am

      Question: "What did Jesus mean when He instructed us to turn the other cheek?"

      Answer: The entire section of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in which this verse is found can be understood as one where Jesus actually serves to elevate the importance of following Israel's moral law beyond the letter to the spirit of the law. Much of the material therein complements the nature of His coming characterized by mercy, sacrificial love, and longsuffering toward sinners while at the same time affirming the "last is first" principle upon which the kingdom of God is based. For instance, we are told to go the extra mile for someone who abuses us and to pray for enemies instead of resisting them. All of this can be generally summarized by saying we need to be pure inside and out and should be as accommodating as possible for the sake of a lost world.

      To "turn the other cheek," does not imply pacifism, nor does it mean we place ourselves or others in mortal danger. Like the principle of the eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth in Matthew 5:38, turning the other cheek refers to personal retaliation, not criminal offenses or acts of military aggression. Clearly, Jesus did not mean to negate all God’s laws and injunctions protecting us against violent crime or invading armies. Rather, Jesus is speaking here of the principle of non-retaliation to affronts against our own dignity, as well as lawsuits to gain one’s personal assets (v. 40), infringements on one’s liberty (v. 41), and violations of property rights (v. 42). He was calling for a full surrender of all personal rights.

      Turning the other cheek means not to return insult for insult in retaliation, which is what most people expect and how worldly people act. Responding to hatred with love just might grab someone's attention and afford us a chance to share the gospel. When we respond in a manner that is unnatural, it displays the supernatural power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Jesus was the perfect example because He was silent before His accusers and did not call down revenge from heaven on those who crucified Him.

    17. Anonymous12:02 pm

      Spot on mate.
      People get very pissed off when you crit the church. But, they cannot see that you are notbad mouthing Christ. The church is manipulating us by preaching politics not religion and they always want your MONEY.

  5. Anonymous4:26 am

    “If only they can be more like us, if only they can be educated to be more like us, everything will be OK and we will be able to live in peace together.”

    Mike: Perhaps the Inuit and Yupik were never meant to be 'just like us' Could it be die groot creator maak 'n different plan? Judging from some of the 'plans' we've seen man assemble, why would he not wish choose a different one. I will leave you with a thought, a spin off quote from Zacharias. Related? You decide:

    “Changes in language often reflect the changing values of a culture.”
    ― Ravi Zacharias

    Excellent article Mike.
    Regards, Besoeker

  6. Anonymous6:29 am


    God help us.

    1. If you feel embarrassed on his behalf, you are probably a liberal.

      Let me rephrase...

      When you criticize the Springboks, it is actually because you love them and give a fuck about them. You want them to improve be better.

      If you criticize your wife husband or children, it is not because you mean it in a bad way; you are actually worried about them and love them.

      However when you reach a point of total indifference you simply do not give a flying fuck about them. At this point of total indifference you don't care if they starve, cry, complain or suffer. Even the emotion of hate is a sign that you still feel strongly about them and wishes for them to improve.

      A totally indifferent person, does not hate them, get angry about them or embarrassed by them. You simply feel NOTHING.

    2. Anonymous7:42 am

      @Anon 6:29 AM: Thanks for the link. This underlines the certainty of the IMF having to intervene when it all goes bang.

    3. Anonymous9:12 am

      RAther Zooms than George Soros...

    4. Anonymous10:45 am

      Actually George Soros is not, strictly speaking, Jewish. His parents renounced Judaism.

    5. Anonymous10:49 am

      Exactly, Mike. Most black people are not embarrassed by the stupidity and criminality of Jacob Zuma, so why should we be?

    6. Anonymous11:46 am


      @Mike Smith7:14 AM

      If I had my way, I would ban that shit! Support rugby while your fellow country men are murdered.

      No, Rugby like the liberals should go!

      Can you believe people will put a ball before their people and their future?

    7. PreatorianXVI7:06 pm

      I would say, I am beyond the point of indifference towards any other race / group that is not my own.

      As for most native races, I would not cross to the road to piss on them if they were on fire, I do not want to help them, I don't want them to help me either, leave me the F&ck alone, I feel and care, nothing for them.

      As for the Unicef and other charities, their "tragic" images of starving kids does nothing for me, not getting a penny out of me and I discourage it "politely" with a basic explanation that any money will cause them to breed more and you will have to donate more, it seems to hit home with a few.

    8. Anonymous9:46 pm

      Mike, I never wrote the article,
      however this doos runs the show, I am more concerned as every time he says something the rand dips making life more expensive. You cannot say you simply feel nothing when he is destroying everything.

      Perhaps you don't even live in South Africa?

    9. Zoooma: I just "wing it", hehehe!

    10. Anon 9:46 True, every time the arsehole opens its mouth the R falls, but he also adds another nail in the cANCer's coffin. Let him carry on. He is a total imbecile.

  7. Anonymous6:36 am

    Be enlightened "Elke brommer op sy eie drol, anders spat die kak". This is an eternal universal principle. Even God practices it until now. Only real enlightened people can understand that. Ask yourself why did God separated himself from evil. Simple, not to hear all this bullshit stories for an eternity. That's why it all boils down to one universal principle. Apartheid, separateness. Each and every thing needs his own space and territory where he can rule himself without interference. If not! you will stir never ending wars. Continuous conflict and never ending hatred. Accusing each other will never stop until every blue bottle is on it's own turd. So they will flung dung at each other until they are separated.

  8. Anonymous9:18 am

    Mathew 24:

    ...and many false prophets will arise and mislead many. Because of the multiplication of wickedness , the love of most will grow cold. But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.…

    You have not persevered to the end...

    1. Anonymous5:06 pm

      Absolutely right, Christians will be hated in the end and all the worlds problems will placed on them.THe apostacy is happening, Christians will persecuted to the point that family members will be selling out their own family to kill Christians.

    2. Anonymous12:59 pm


      @Anonymous5:06 PM

      And we can see it happening now but it is just the beginning. Big brother now knows everything, hears everything. You have a smartphone, smart TV, latop or computer, electric car - they can listen in at a moments notice.

      When they ban it, all religions or try some kak like that, all these tools will be used. The commies used the same tactics during the soviet era to spy on traitors.

      All those previous wars have been preparation, keys to these prophecies.

      The attack is on the west. The only nations, entire nations or populations that accept/adopt the Christian faith are under attack from all angles.

    3. Anonymous9:34 pm

      @ anon 5:06 PM. Wake up, Please.

      We have been sold out already, de klerk did it to his family, forefathers, friends and nation out 22 years ago.

      You christians stood by and watched, why did you not join those that stood forth?

      Listen, mate. I try my best to respect you and your belief but you carry on fucking up.

      Stop waiting, start doing, stop blaming and start accepting the responsibility for your non action.

      You were created with ability, God given ability, now you disrespect God by not using what he gave you, you're a disgrace to creation.

      We are not the most successful and destructive species on earth for nothing, God made us so because he created and ability to kill and maim like no other species can.

      Now you limp dick christians take the word of God twist it to suit your own pissy little world and hope and pray that jesus comes to save you.

      Stand up be a man of God and slay these fucking filthy heathens, you have been given all the tools, you choose to ignore them.

      So what are you going to do now, will you go join a mighty man of men at a stadium with angus or will you become a mighty man of God and do what you were created to do.

      Stop looking to hide behind a religion for you shame not only yourself but your creator too.


    4. Anonymous4:15 pm

      LTMA, all I can say to you is, I pray for you to see the the forrest and not the tree, you knock Christianity down,that is okay, you can call us names, knock us down do what ever but I hope for your sake that you are saved through the gospel because one day you might have to fight and die as martyr for Christ.

  9. Whiteman10:02 am

    We are faced with a dilemma. The christians believe that God institutes ALL forms of government. Furthermore, you are to pray for this government, even if they are arseholes. Now how on earth, will you ever inspire people to fight against this government ? They are also quick, to point out, that the nice christian way, is to just vote another government into power ? Now all these good people, have been praying, and voting, for twenty two years. But things are just getting worse, and along the way, we all are paying a TERRIBLE price. But the church has a very good explanation. We are all dirty, sinful, rotten scoundrels, and we are getting what we deserve. Especially these awful right-wing Apartheid type people. So there is actually no hope for us, because you wont get people to become more religious, or " holier, " than they already are. And the black christians, with their vast numbers, keep on voting arseholes into government ? The Holy Spirit is supposed to lead you into truth, wisdom and rightiousness. What the hell is wrong ? At the end of the day, us bad okes, will just have to fight it out. Somebody has to do the dirty work, and I am not convinced we will go to hell, for saving a WHOLE country !

    1. Anonymous10:40 am

      What? Your church told you that God institutes all forms of government??? That's like saying God loves head lice. The less government parasites, the better.

    2. Anonymous5:12 pm

      Because your whole country and the world for that matter is preparing for the rise of the anti christ, false christianity is ruling south africa and the world for that matter.

      2 Corinthians 11:13-15:
      For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

    3. Shaking and pulling faces making mumbeling noises while having a laugh fit in church is not the presence of holiness. It is an partly involintry mockery of the Highest set on by a mindtrickster controlled by mamon the tool of the fallen.

      My opninion is that too many people in this world think they are guided by the spirit when infact they are guided by brainwashing from their money hunting pastures.

      Very view people are guided by holiness and you can observe this through there daily actions apart from Sundays for an hour or two.

    4. Whiteman2:42 am

      Thanks for all the quality posts I have read on this article so far ! Maybe we should start with the false apostles, deceitful workmen, priests of Baal, etc. They do much more damage than the average libturd, or black " leader, " for that matter. No wonder, the prophet Elijah, consentrated on them first, to free the Isrealites from their terrible oppression they were experiencing. He chopped off the heads of five hundred of these satanic creatures. How many do we have today ? Definitely too many for one man to handle. But I am willing to help, free of charge. My weapon of preference, is a Samurai sword. Man, I cant wait ! But I will only do it under the instruction of a TRUE prophet, otherwise it will not be blessed by God. Does anybody know a true prophet at the moment ? Would love to meet him ! Maybe he will appear at a Geloftefees on 16 December, and start chopping off heads, and lead the way, for the rest of us !

    5. Anonymous7:53 am

      @ WM, I will join forces with you, allow me to burn the hypocrites, I will take a flame thrower to those that that deserve to feel the flames before entering hell.

      These that claim the false prophets are rising, they are the ones allowing the false ones to rise.

      The christians that believe " turn the other cheek" are the false prophets for the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob stated clearly," an eye for an eye" the bible in the old testament also stated that the bible shall not be added to or subtracted from.

      These christians that post here are not the descendants of the Boer of Blood river, for those bowrs believed the old testament and swore an oath to the great I AM,


    6. Anonymous1:01 pm


      @Donycero1:54 AM

      "My opninion is that too many people in this world think they are guided by the spirit when infact they are guided by brainwashing from their money hunting pastures."

      So, so true!

      They have given up their control to some pastor who molests children and decides what is a sin and what is not.

    7. Ninja, LT, Dony, WM, JP and all my other brothers. I give you A Sniper's Prayer: "Forgive me Father, for I will sin."

      But who are what says it's a sin to kill God's enemies? The false churches who have perverted God's words over the centuries?

      As for pursuing materialistic things. Remember Jesus said that it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven.

      Ja, mense, as for these fucking Springboks, they too are beyond a joke. Not that I am interested in te least. I put the cat among the pigeons when I told some of my retarded friends [Afrikaners nogal], on Saturday [I didn't watch the shit - they just came around for a beer in the afternoon], that the sooner they take the 'Bok of the jersey and Die Stem out of their kaffir anthem, the better. ha ha ha, Fuck, I had a good giggle.

    8. I meant to add that I have become totally immaterialistic [thanks to my last wife.God bless you, you dear woman!] The only things I "want" are beer and ammo . . . and I need a bit of food, now and then.

    9. Anonymous5:17 am

      Same thing happened to me TT. I told this one karasite at work I don't watch the mammon-rugby thing anymore, you should have seen the look on this thing's face. Total disbelief. Total nakedness once he realized the only perceived link to "togetherness" was not there anymore. Total disbelief that this dumb whitey does not do the offers to rugby-god anymore. Needless to say it does not try and make small talk anymore.

  10. Anonymous10:39 am

    You right Mike just leave them be , why we took them under our wing hell knows , they just bite one in the ass. Hell man when I see the way they conduct themselves , I turn RACIST !

  11. Anonymous10:43 am

    Whether you go via the narrow gate or the wide gate, there will always be a thirsty water buffalo behind you in Africa.

    1. Transvaler1:30 am

      No matter the size of the gate. Chances are good you'll run into a Rottweiler or Boerboel once through it.

  12. Anonymous11:23 am

    Its true Mike , only when one is truly concerned then one criticizes them , but the reason we criticize the Blacks , is because they are F up our Country of Birth and stealing it blind, help Im turning Racist again.

    1. When you have a rat or cockroach infestation fucking up your house then it doesn't help to get angry. You cannot get upset and criticize the rats and roaches to become better rats/roaches. They are not going to improve and they are not going to go away. You have to DO something about them or YOU must go away.

      Now if you are planning on staying in your house in peace and sanity then you need to get off your arse and DO something about the infestation.

      First of all you have to realise that they are parasites living off you. That is right, the only reason why they are still alive and multiplying is because YOU are feeding them.

      You might not do so deliberately, but be it as it may, they scavenge off you. Life is an eternal struggle between parasites and hosts. Sometimes the only way to kill the parasite is to kill the host, but you don't want to do that. You want to live, so you need to get rid of the parasite.

      You cannot now feel sorry for the little baby rats and roaches. You cannot keep on feeding them. If you do, then you are an idiot. Getting angry, upset and hate filled is not going to help. You need a clear head now. You need to think straight and become clinical. You need to focus and tackle the problem with intelligence and cunning. Anything else is just a waste of energy.

    2. Anonymous12:51 am

      Stop feeding the parasites , clean up the house , stop creating conditions for their increase and they go away.
      You could of course use a fumigator
      Problem is you often kill off the good things as well.

      So Mr Smith when are you and LTMA going to stand on the steps of the Union Buildings and burn your tax assesment documents ?

      In 9th August 1956 20,000 woman from the Federation of South African Women (FSAW or FEDSAW) went to the Union buildings and burned their dompas

      The ANC then sent Helen Joseph and Bertha Mashaba on a tour of the main urban areas, accompanied by Robert Resha of the ANC and Norman Levy of the Congress of Democrats (COD)

      But, take it from me, the day I threw away my “dompas”, I felt good inside! I felt free. It was a Biblical feeling of an oppressed people walking out of “Egypt”, crossing the river Jordan, with freedom in their hands.
      As renowned poet, Mongane Serote, puts it in “City Johannesburg”, “my pass” was “my life”. Every time I entered the white city, I saluted the cops with my pass “while my stomach groan[ed] a friendly smile to hunger.”



      You also need to remember that parasites also have "leaders"
      KING RAT
      ( Norman Levy Congress of Democrats )

    3. Anonymous5:08 am

      @ anon 12:51 AM, that is not poetry, you dumb poes, that is kaffir propoganda bullshit, fuck you things are stupid.

      The only reason he was hungry was because he was to lazy to work, his alcohol induced lethargy did not allow his meagre subsistence maize crop to last the year because the stupid fuck didn't know how to do forward planning and plant enough for tomorrow.

      Lastly but not least, you viral maggot of a forgotten and retarded species, what the fuck would a coon know about poetry, its a white mans culture.

      You retards want nothing to do with us, so why are you reading, writing, dressing and trying to be civilised and European. You lot of maggots are the curse of creation, go drink some pool acid it will whiten you from the inside.


    4. Anonymous6:49 am

      @Anonymous12:51 AM

      We wont be burning paper and schools and arts and things like that. We are different. We keep on telling you but you are to dumb to understand. We are not the same.

      When we burn something it is to make food or forge a peace of steel in to a machine or a space rocket.

      Our heads dont work the same in that way and that is where you make the mistake in your reasoning every time.

      "Biblical feeling" what does this mean? Were you with Moses walking out of Egypt or is it something you feel when you touch the white man's talent of putting sacred words on paper. I am sure it must feel magical to you lot in fact i think you guys must be feeling magical all throughout the day using all this white mans magic until you actually see a white person, and you remember what you looked like in the mirror the day before. And then the hating starts.

      We all have dompasses even today but you wont be able to comprehend this. You had it not because you were a black south african. You had it to keep out foreign blacks who you now murder with Xenophobic tendencies.

  13. Anonymous11:43 am


    Well, I think Im part of this blog now lol!

    Once upon a time, I remember Mike even calling me radical but I see more and more people can finally see that there is only one solution.

    When you take out the trash, you got to get rid of everything. If you leave anything behind, you simply have an infestation and so the cycle continues.

    Well there is hope for the liberal.

    That is hanging them in public or shooting them! Yes again I am radical but I also know I am 100% correct & I know that it will work - or we can simply keep on doing the same shit we have been doing for the past 50 years in this country, pandering after the karasites asses and the liberals.

    You dont even have to get rid of the karasite, just get rid of the liberal and you can put the karasite back in his place.

    I ask all of you to please never do anything too early, we must wait this out and let the liberals come up with the solution to their initial solution they said would solve SAs problem back in the 80s/90s.

    When their solution fails (it always does) then when the time is right and we step in. We hunt them down, do to them in front of their families what was done in front of our families by terrorists under the ANC.

    An eye for an eye! Simple as that.

    They have to pay, the reason SA looks like it does is the direct result of this country falling into the hands of the liberals.

    All white politicians in all political parties in this country, journalists, businesses, business men/women supporting AA/BEE, must all face a hanging!

    We dont want to hear crying and I wont accept them jumping ship to join us when the shit hits the fan.

    Before we deal with the karasite, we rid this country of the liberals including all those whites in the DA party who know full well what AA/BEE has done to this country.

    They destroy our future and yet say they want the best future possible for all in SA, knowing full well the future has always hung on the shoulders of the whites here.

    Yet they support policies against our people, that we have lost 2 million whites who left the country due to BEE/AA, crime, we have lost millions of jobs for all in this country due to these policies yet they continue to support them.

    They can tell me all day long, they can cry, they can beg but they have to go and we should hunt them down in every country they run to.

    If you are a white politician, journalist, support BEE/AA you must know you have signed your own death certificate by going against this nation knowing full well, selling out for a few coin.

    DA is the worst! They see what the ANC has done to this country through BEE/AA yet they support it, they back a black politician who calls for die stem to be removed, land expropriation etc etc

    Guilty as charged and execution awaits them all!

    You can all hide, you made your choice and we will now deal with you in the end!

    There is no turning back, we have your statements regarding the future of whites under your current policies and know it is just a matter of time but like an hour glass, your time will run out and when it does expect the same mercy from us "radicals" as you have shown this nation.

    You are not welcome in the future republic of South Africa.

    If you know what is good for you, you should leave the country NOW because when it happens the first hunting squads will be sent to find YOU traitors who sold out your nation for a few coin.

    This is not a warning, its a promise!

    When the attack happens, we will first hit these white liberals. There will be no exceptions, your fate is now sealed, you backed the wrong horse!

    Enjoy your final years of the new SA! We must vow to hunt down these liberals like the terrorist karasites have hunted down and murdered whites in this country.

    1. Anonymous12:33 am

      loony binman... You going to go full retard and execute the Cape Independance party leader too?

    2. Anonymous12:20 pm

      @ BN. Unitate ex Vires.

      When we start there is no stopping until we breathe our last or we have exterminated the last of the liberal curse and the black virus.

      As you say there is no ship jumping, no mercy pleading and no reconciliation, we clean up and wash away the dirt, filth and scum that has infected our land.

      Pugna celleriter.


    3. Anonymous12:31 pm


      Every dreamer is a loony at first until it is adopted by the masses and when it is, then you will be considered loony.

      If anyone supports the ANCs policies, they have to go.

      The ANCs policies are about stripping us, getting us out of the country and destroying the whites - so ANYONE who supports such policies will be hung.

      Im talking about the whites. The first sorting out has to be the white traitors.

    4. Who or what the fuck is this troll @ 12:33?

      I'm with you, all the way Ninja, my mate and agree that we must wait till the time is right.

    5. Dont wory Ninja we will not only be going after the big names. We will have people going through millions of archives on fb and social media posts. It will be their jobs t find these libturds.

      We will clean out the dirt from our people doesnt matter how small. They can run, hide or even pretend to join us but we will find the traitors.

  14. Anonymous11:44 am


    Not ever Zille will be safe, in fact she is the first person I will personally be looking for!

    Her stance is far worse than apartheid, so bitch if you are reading this you should leave the country now and warn your party members.

    I promise you, I promised myself many years ago when my grandfather & cousin were murdered, father shot, mother/brother hijacked, friends shot point blank range in a hijacking & killed 21 years old!

    I will hunt the liberals first with a squad of our staunch brothers/sisters before doing anything to the karasite.

    I will have vengeance! I will avenge those murdered, you will have justice in the end and it will be ugly but you will have it.

    Im here on this blog until that day happens and then I look forward to meeting many of you on that day in person when we hunt these fucking bastard liberals down!

    They go first then we can have our little braai with the karasite.

    Now its just waiting but I can wait, I have persistence, if it takes 20 years, doesnt matter, I will do it if I have to alone but they have to go when the shit hits the fan.

    1. Anonymous12:15 am

      oh look... judge jury and executioner.

      Have not seen one of these for a while

    2. @ BN who said, "never do anything too early, we must wait this out..."

      Sorry but I tend to disagree. When you have a rat or roach infestation in your house you need to ACT. You cannot sit around and wait it out. The problem is not going to go away; it is just going to get worse. There is not going to be a better or optimum moment to act. The situation is not going to present itself any better. Every second you waste to "wait it out" is making the infestation worse. You need to ACT and you need to act now.

      Look at the past 20 years. Did the infestation get better or worse? Did a prime moment present itself to act? Yes, in 1993 when we should have acted when the main parasite Hani was killed. We should have nipped the infestation in the bud, but we didn't. We allowed it to get worse. Now we have a problem.

      Waiting another 20 years is not going to magically create a moment to act. That moment is now. You need to start turning back the tide of infestation and you need to start it NOW. Not tomorrow, not next week, not in twenty years; NOW.

    3. Anonymous1:06 am

      BN ek weet nie hoe oud jy is nie maar oor 20 jaar gaan jy nie meer die vuur in jou he as nou nie. Ek wens natuurlik dat dit wel so sal wees maar hel, nog 20 jaar is lank om te wag.

    4. Whites are a parasitic race. If you had stayed in Europe none of this would have happened.

    5. Stephen3:36 am

      Boere ninja , now I understand man .
      I'm so sorry for what happened to your family , I really feel your pain.
      Those that now call you radical and extreme are welcome to have a sip of the cup you had to drink ,
      Rant if you wanto BN , check what they'll do if it happens to them .

    6. Anonymous7:01 am

      @Shakarasite 3:09AM

      "Whites are a parasitic race."

      An inventive, productive, progressive and self-supporting "parasite".

    7. Anonymous12:28 pm


      @Mike Smith12:19 AM

      Mike If we act without preparing, without having our groups, without a support base, then I am afraid we land up like those brave boeramag.

      I feel for them, they were right but too early.

      We have to time it right and in the meantime be getting our minds right (you have been there for several years but what about the other 4.3 million?).

      If we act without preparing, then we might even seal our own fates- the last thing I want for our nation or anyone who visits this blog.

      I agree, we have to sort out the infestation though if we do it while we have people in the house, we risk or put their lives at risk.

      Even fumigation requires planning. Once I worked at a hotel and where ever you have a karasite, you have fleas and bed bugs.

      So happened I left my bag in one of the rooms & brought the shit back with me to my house. I decided I would burn/light one of those smoke bombs.

      But without preparing. When I got back all my house mates were waiting outside looking pissed off and they rightly were justified. I didnt realize how much smoke those things let off, the one girl who was sharing said she choked on that bomb, told her she should have held her breath.

      We wont have to wait even 5 years now. The world is changing fast. Germany said they have roughly 500 terrorists in their country, now we can see where Sieners vision of them coming up with a super weapon is coming into play and that comes into play for us here. IMO those are from Turkey connected to ISIS.

      We have suffered enough since 94, I want to do it in such a way as not to risk our peoples lives, future and make sure we get it right. Sure many of us will have to lay our lives on the line but I think It would be reckless of me or any person to force it to happen - it will happen but preparation.

      We must be prepared, then it doesnt matter when it happens what happens is we are prepared but not over confident in ourselves that we put all at risk.

      Level headed, with a plan and the right action will sort all out but if a lion is let loose from its cage, if it begins eating visitors at a zoo and it keeps on happening.

      What do you do? You shoot the lion? Put it down? Send it back to the bush?

      We have to deal with those traitors that let the lion out the cage. We can keep on releasing it, shooting it, they will simply keep opening the cage.

      The liberals have to first go, those who support the ANCs policies in stripping our nation and robbing us of a future here.

      I am all for getting this started but it has to be done correctly and we need to be prepared because there are many who want a piece of the yellow that lies under our feet, we have enough yellow beneath the ground for the next 500 years - we are the richest country in the world!

      All empires seek it. We have a lot in common with the Kurd's, see how the empires play them all the time?

      Same with the Afrikaner nation, we are played by all the empires, the empires align themselves with the alpha male of the day and then feed us to the lion when it suits them.

      We must make sure we do it right that no one can ever do what has been done, preparation is key.

      I know where you are coming from, trust me, If I could do it, it would have been done yesteryear.

    8. Anonymous12:48 pm


      Anonymous1:06 AM

      Not twenty years my friend, possibly less than 7 but I say within 5 years even shorter - keep an eye out on Europe, this is our leading indicator of things to come.

      This economy is going to fall on its ass THIS year and when it does, this will usher in all their policies and the whites will see what the ANC are really about.

      For a short while all the SA news sites were trying very hard to convince us the rand had strengthened but this was simply a reaction to the BREXIT and US interest rates - if those 2 events did not happen, the Rand today would have stood at R25-pound and possible R20-dollar but now we see it picking up speed again.

      Dont be surprised if by early/mid next year, the Rand is at this level or lower. At this point they will begin touching our pensions in SA.

      This is the quiet before the storm. Terrorists cannot lose, they know they lost this past election hence the silence. They have to do something radical to win the vote, the only radical thing they can do is to now deliver on an old promise.

      @Stephen - Thank you, though I dont seek any pity or anything of that nature but thank you all the same. When it happens to your loved ones, something changes inside.

      The thing is, Im not pissed. Let me give you the right impression. Im straight talking but its not anger, no I cant let a karasite or traitor ruin my peace but every dog has its day and when their time is up, then I/we will take action, first against the traitors that let these animals loose.

      Preparation is key and waking our people up.

      That will all happen within the time frame above. When the shit hits the fan in Zims, when we have 5 million more stream here, we can expect severe Xenophobia, crime way up and this will just further stress and over stressed burnt out economy.

      So we have time, we just have to use it wisely.

      Unite our nation.

    9. I watched Musi on CNN yesterday. The DA was preparing to take the land by 2022 but now reckon they might achieve this by the next election in 2018.

      The ANC is falling apart. There is a big split among the Mbeki and the Zuma group. We know about the EFF that left and now the ANCYL wants to replace the oldies with youth league members. We have ANCWL calling for the next president to be female.

      This is the African way. Everyone wants to be in power but nobody willing to do the job thus the parasite in full splendor.

      This whole thing is coming apart like an old overused cloth, seams bursting in all directions.

      I do not and will never support the DA but it is starting to look like they might get there.

      CNN and the mainstream media is putting them on the stage in front of the NWO, Soros and the likes. I could literally see Musi advertising himself and the DA for their influence and support.

      But that being said we know the communist ANC wont give up power democratically. They will bring the shit first before we act, i am sure. Are they not doing this at a very slow pace already?

      My concern is that when Russia and China get sniff in the nose about what is happening they will tend to lean against the West and NWO and give the ANC support.

      We will be caught somewhere in the middle having to fight of the Karasite and then Broederbonders(part of NWO)

      It is unfolding in front of our very own eyes and like i have mentioned before... Suidlanders are preparing for a scinario where we will have a civil war among whites between the true Afrikaner and the fake Afrikaner.And if you rad this do not underestimate the Suidlanders. I see a definative change in their behavior. They are now pushing for power in their structures. Uniforms will be on the seen shortly and i hear whispers of shadow government officials and the rules for war engagement, espionage and AWOL penalties. This stuff is getting serious!

      Now whether you believe in Van Rensburg's predictions or not this is one of them. Whites will fight whites for the last and main battle of this land and the battle against the Kafrasite before the big one will be short almost insignificant when compared.

  15. Anonymous12:12 am

    Pielkop Smith you're a doos in need of a poesklap

    1. The superior mind of the common Kaffir.

    2. Anonymous3:19 am

      You ain't big or intelligent enough to deliver it you loose mouthed scumbag! So close your huge flapping jaw before and not after a black arse kisser like you disappears into it. A very bad day to you further and your suggestions must choke the last breath of existence from your useless and worthless mind and body.

    3. Anonymous7:49 am

      @Anon 12:12AM

      Google 'pielkop' to see a real dickhead in need of a poesklap (your dickhead not Mike's).

    4. Anonymous12:33 pm

      Anon 12:12 AM you're a nanny shagging SOSA boer tratitor.

      You are so fucking yellow that you cannot even bark with a moniker attached. How the fuck are you going to give poes klaps if you're to much of a coward to brand yourself.

      I suppose you have already made a tribe of caramelo bears with their kroesy hair and caramel skin

      Sies you coward retard shagger, you should be ashamed of yourself, rather go do yourself in and send yourself off to the next world, youre a disgrace to your ancestors.

      I spit on you and your shadow

      Youre not a retard that I can see because retards do not talk like you. Youre the same colour traitor as Fuck Wit De Klerk and his cronies, yellow bellied cunts the lot of you.


    5. Anonymous12:16 pm

      Bwhaha first google image of pielkop in old Zoomer!

  16. The solution needs an xprize (see singularity uni) We need NEWsolutions / we have to reason by first principle rather than by analogy .

  17. Anonymous2:53 am

    The most recent scientific discovery by genetic scientists has established and proved that the ignorant and original past black African kaffir is definitely not the original line of creation of the modern white human being. There is distinct and undeniable proof that black Africa is not the original cradle or creation of the white nations after all. The blacks evolved on a separate limb of the evolutionary tree and they are now in fact completely out of the previous scientific theory altogether. So the blacks who are forever obsessed by their belief in black power are most certainly humiliated and have nothing more than the colour of their skin to cling to in defense of their great black ignorance. By the way can any blogger tell me who/what or which came first in black Africa between the so-called black ancestors or the original black people.

    1. Anonymous12:34 pm


      @Anonymous2:53 AM

      And every now and then God also shows us.

      In the form of an Albino, its to show them how ugly they would be if they were white.

      Pseudo science used for political correctness has its roots in universities infiltrated for decades by the communists.

      Hence why the world seems to get older by a billion years per day. Every day, they add a few billion to something - distortion.

      = confusion.

  18. Mike is a dishonest liar. Conflate colonialism with ancient wars. Show me any Arab, Turk or Persian that signed land acts that reserved 87 percent of the country for their personal use. Ancient conquerors assimilated into the conquered population unlike colonization which tried to marginalize natives. The same thing happened to the Irish, do you think their are over British colonialism? Whites don't belong in Africa and deep in your satanic hearts you know it. Whats left for you guys is extermination or repatriation. Liberals and conservatives are the same white supremacist coin, you think we don't know that? You are all enemies that need to be vanquished.

    1. Anonymous4:11 am

      Paging LTMA

    2. Anonymous6:33 am

      Shaka: you dumb, stupid, shit spewing, grossly offensive stinking kaffir.

      Come and exterminate us, you retard of evolution, come I challenge you. Bring your fucked up stinking kin of comrades and carry out your threat. I fucking await you kaffir.

      You mention the turks and the Arabs, as I said earlier today you slap gat, ninny winnie kaffirs grabbed the christian religion because it was so forgiving, I wish the Turks or the Arabs would have got hold of you stinks first. You fuckers would have been obliterated and fucking forgotten by now.

      What the fuck do you know of religion you twat? When religion was born you were still swinging in tree and making strange noises. Sorry the strange noises you still make today but some cunt liberal told you it was a language. I see you retards still miss your trees though, every time you pull that fucking pathetic mandla salute, it looks like you grabbing for a branch to swing on. Your species only hit the ground and learnt to walk upright because a white man taught you how.

      So little stink bantu boy come and vanquish me, I pray you do, until then go find some trees and revert to your ancestral origins. Do yourself a favour neega boy, research your fact before you open your mouth, never make a threat you do not intend to keep and never think that all white men are the wussy pussy libtards that you deal with.

      Now fuck off and leave a candle burning in your shack every night till one falls over and burns you, your shack and the squatter camp and its inhabitants to shit.


    3. PreatorianXVI7:00 am

      Your Karl Marx, Communist infested train of thought is quit load and clear on display here Shaka.

      The biggest landowner in South Africa is the South African Government, your guys run the show now, if your Government is not handing out land to you then they are the ones robbing you of your precisions land, just look very careful at your northern neighbours -Zimbabwe-, the common man owns F. A. Mugabe and his goons have it all, the rest are depended on handouts.

      Not that I care, starve to death, you lot are your own worst enemy, go and destroy a few more educational facilities and blame apartheid, you lot are good at that.

      Remember your ancestors are the worst colonisers, not much left of the original inhabitants of Southern Africa since you lot moved south.

    4. Anonymous7:28 am

      @Shakarasite 3:08AM

      "dishonest liar"

      Does this mean that there are also honest liars?

      Also, if you hate whites so much then why are so many blacks using skin lightening creams?


    5. Graeme7:35 am

      Shaka, where specifically would you like me to be vanquished to?

    6. Anonymous8:02 am

      To Shaka 3:08 AM
      Just your name alone tells the white nationals here about your sad dishonest and tragic story. Though please Do tell us white folks before you go who and what are you. Are you an ANCESTOR or just another mere black fuckup living in fantasy within this black racist country?

    7. Anonymous9:03 am

      Well their you have it liberals, the blacks are coming for you too because you are white as kaka sorry I mean shaka has indicated.

    8. Anonymous9:04 am

      LTMA, you go get him boy!

    9. Anonymous12:37 pm


      The whites in SA are not colonialists but settlers. I think you need to look up the difference and when you do, trace back the karasites to north / central Africa where they eventually settled in SA...

      OH you can read this on the governments website regarding the history and origins of the blacks in SA where they state very clearly, the bantu tribes migrated to SA.

      So your point being?

      I guess you are jealous again that no single African country with Negroids has ever conquered or invented a single thing right?

      Perhaps if you had the wheel and figured out how to sail this could have been achieved but you were to busy chasing animals in animal skins.

      We flipped the switch when we arrived letting you know what year it was and where on Earth you were.

      Shaka you are dishonest, you hate whites but use the internet. Why not go back to the bush and put those skins back on?

    10. Anonymous1:09 pm

      Yes, LT is definitely one of the good guys. We cross swords sometimes but I am pleased to have him on our side. Julius

    11. Anonymous1:46 pm

      Hows that Mike you a dishonest liar , two negatives make a plus, so you Honest .
      Your Facts are Fact , FACT !

    12. Anonymous1:47 pm

      as opposed to what? An honest liar? Like Zooms?

    13. Anonymous1:48 pm

      GO and google the 10 bantustans of Apartheid.

      Then minus the left most part of SA (which is kak desert where nothing grows) and you will see that you had most of the country for yourself.

    14. Anonymous1:56 pm

      Amazing how Shaka thinks. They make demands like "Free mandela, give us democracy, give us BEE, give give give"

      We agree to all of it and what do they do?

      Tell us that we deserve death because we arent grovelling enough. We deserve death because we dont give land and when we do it gets canabalized and they strip the land down and return to their shanty towns only to repeat the cycle.

      WTF is wrong with these things?

    15. Anonymous12:50 am

      @Graeme 7:35AM

      Probably in the cooking pot (I wouldn't put it past them).

    16. Anonymous1:05 am

      Boere_Ninja said

      We flipped the switch when we arrived letting you know what year it was and where on Earth you were.

      Shaka you are dishonest, you hate whites but use the internet. Why not go back to the bush and put those skins back on

      Just brilliant! Doesn't need any further elaboration.

    17. Shaka said: "Show me any Arab, Turk or Persian that signed land acts that reserved 87 percent of the country for their personal use."

      I guess you never heard of the Kurds then? First rule of debate = Know what the fuck you are talking about. What do you know of the Irish? The Irish don't sit around whining they have created on of the more successful economies within the EU. Furthermore they have given their culture to many countries who have benefited from their presence.

    18. I just love LTMA. When one of these things make one of their usually baseless and moronic comments I wait with great expectation for him to come and give them a poesklap.

      He never disappoints me.

    19. Transvaler9:56 am

      Eh shaka bring it on. We're waiting (and the coffee is going cold)....

    20. Anonymous11:57 am

      @ Transvaler 9:56 AM or should I call you TJ?

      Remember the old black back with painted white number plates of the old transvaal, 1970s and a bit earlier, I recall making the trip with Mom and Dad to Vereenigin, I am an old last out post boy, born and bred but when I hear the word Transvaler I always remember the TJs.

      Anyway, Skaka the useless shit spewing kaffir will never bring it on, he knows that men of your character are to strong for him and his breed, they know you are not afraid and that you pray for them to try you.

      No my friend, Shaka is the maggot that feeds on the wounded, he is the mpugane that buzzers around the head irritating you but never settling so that you can flatten him.

      Shaka is a little retard that listens to fantasy tales where Kaffirs are giants and they made cars and computers and telephones and built cities that the white men came and stole.

      Shaka wishes he could take us on but just the thought of us retaliating makes Shaka kak himself in a running slatter.

      You see Shaka and his nest of blue bottle flies will only attack woman and children and they will only take a white man if they can stab him in the back. Shaka is just another spineless kaffir wanting to swag but fearing to step up.

      Drink your coffee, my friend for this little retard is not worth pissing on let alone wasting coffee for.


    21. Anonymous2:31 pm

      @Anon 1:56 PM

      "WTF is wrong with these things?"


    22. Anonymous2:44 pm

      @Transvaler 9:56 AM

      Shaka is like a used diaper or nappy i.e. yellow (from piss) and full of shit!

  19. Anonymous7:02 am

    Who is going to pay for all the "grants" you live by if and when the White man decides to stop paying or your silly little wet dream comes true and we Whites are all murdered out??
    Time to use your brain-cells - Zuma doesn't provide "grand" money. the Whitman you so hate is the one feeding you.

  20. Anonymous8:23 am

    Mike... this article does not sound like you ?????

    REAART???...TEAART??? WTF!

    Might I suggest that you block these Kaboons from using this blog. This would be a step to having nothing to do with them. Difficult not to be a REAART when we have to read their nonsense.
    I enjoy this blog and have learned a lot so lets keep it 'clean' please!

  21. Anonymous9:36 am

    Look at his dumb floppy logic:

    Fewer rhinos poached this year, says Molewa


    this is because the number of rhinos is reduced. When all rhinos are destroyed then the number of rhinos poached will be zero - a huge success attributed to the anti poaching unit.
    This is the same as saying that when all residents in SA have been murdered then the murder rate will be reported as zero - successful policing.

    1. Anonymous9:15 pm

      @Anon 9:36AM

      "dumb floppy logic". LOL.

    2. Mr Mister1:53 am

      Shaka, Just what do you want from us whites ?

    3. Anonymous5:19 am


    4. Anonymous6:10 am

      To Shaka 3:08 AM
      Just your dumbo bum fairy name alone tells us all explicitly about your appalling insincere and disastrous lifelong history... SHAME! However before you decide to execute another one of your convenient disappearing tricks do tell us white folks here on the blog who and exactly what are you? Are you perhaps one of those fickle ANCESTORS or just another criminally minded black fuckup living in sheer arrogant political fantasy? Up to now this anti-white racist country has proved to be obsessed and contaminated by political black power supremacists who have led the ignorant blacks to falsely believe that they are the invincible masters of the universe. “Vat jou goed en trek houdkop want dit is klaar bewys dat jou huidige lekker dae voorentoe op hierdie arde baie min gaan wees”.

    5. Anonymous2:20 pm

      @Anon 6:10 AM

      "dumbo bum fairy". You crack me up!

  22. PreatorianXVI10:04 pm

    The very existence of a TEAART is a problem for blacks and liberals it's existence is a highlight of their failure and BS hey convince themselves of.

  23. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Julle maters wat die manne opsteek om te skiet, laat lees man en doen dit self as julle 'n vroee dood soek. Ons het lankal gewaarsku dat die tyd vir optrede sal wees wanneer die groot bulle mekaar pak. Dis wanneer on gereed moet wees. Ek kyk julle manne uit. Julle opstekers lyk eerder asof julle verraaiers is soos daardie bliksemse hoer wat die terrorist mandela se skoenrieme loop vas maak het.Elkeen wat nou uitspring om iets te wil doen sal sy gat sien. Die tyd van oorlog is naby dan kan julle optree, wees geduldig en hou julle uit die kak uit. Moenie op die strate loop en kak soek nie. kry julself eerder gereed vir die dag as die wereld nie hierdie bliksemse terroriste kan kom help nie. Dan benodig ons elke man.

    Moenie dat hierdie klomp NI spioene julle om die bos lei nie. Hulle is die bliksemse liberale wat gehelp het om die land vir die terroriste te gee, nou weet hulle ook dat hulle deur opstokery nog 'n paar manne kan vernietig soos daardie arme boermag manne wat deur hulle verraai is. Dis nie waar julle wil wees nie, maar dis waar die liberale opstokers julle sien. So wees gewaarsku om nie saam met hulle soort van 'n gang te vorm om kwansuis iets te gaan doen nie. Dis waar julle verraai word en jy met jou gat in die tronk beland. Weet dit, hierdie NWO Illuminati is op hulle hoede ,want hulle weet ons moere is baie dik en die kak gaan spat. Hulle Intelligensie diens bestaan uit verraaiers wetende dat wanneer 'n paar manne toegesluit word dit die geesdrif sal demp om op te staan teen hulle. So moenie met die broek op die kniee gevang word nie.

    Wat julle wel kan doen is om uit te kyk wie is die intelligensie manne en lig mekaar in wie hulle is. Kyk ook uit vir die vrymesselaars want hulle is die honde wat die kak stook en die terroriste in die regering aan die gang hou. As die groot dag aangebreek het, dat hulle nie tussen ons kan kom skuil en verder verraad pleeg nie.

    1. @ Anon 10:11 PM...Ja swear...nog 'n bietjie sluimer, nog 'n bietjie slaap terwyl ons mense een vir een vermoor word. Sit op jou gat terwyl jou vrou en dogter verkrag word. Sit en wag en hoop op 'n wonderwerk. Hoop is nie 'n strategie nie. Draai liewer om en slaap verder. Jou koffie is koud.

    2. Anonymous12:27 am

      Why so hard on the poster Mr Smith ?

      People that are getting killed are because they have not prepared themselves properly. Do not understand the War situation SA whites reside in. Do not take the necessary precautions and try to continue living a normal life.
      Are happier to be killed in their beds rather than make them themselves.
      There is NO indication that the poster "sit op sy gat"
      He is merely exercising his right to an alternative opinion.

      Just like in Germany


      Not so Onkel Mike

  24. https://youtu.be/11-EAzsGxgQ

    Hilary Clinton collapse again.

  25. Mike, a very profound piece indeed.

    That is exactly what I've always said and if people look back on the blog they'll see that I've said so. Ignore them totally, visually audibly, then they simply cease to exist, for you.

    Well done . . . again, Boet. Now I'll get to reading all the comments. Cheers.

  26. Anonymous1:58 am

    To all you diluded false Christians that still cling to the lies of Constantine and the christianity which he had created in Nicaea325AD. If you want to be a real believer then you got to follow the laws of God. Only

    then you will understand the meaning of love one another and do to others what you want to be done unto you. For your information, there didn't exist a Jesus Christ or Christians when Messiah talked and preach

    to the remaining tribe of Judah and Benjamin when he walked the earth in these days. When he told them love thy enemy and turn the other cheek he referred to the many nations which came out of the seed of

    Abraham and the covenant which he made with Abraham. When he ordered the the Apostles to go and preach the gospel it was meant for that nations who came out of Abraham with whom he had the covenant.

    In any nation many enemies exist amongst each other, because none of us like all the rubbish of the others. So clearly he meant that these many enenies in these covenant Abrahamic nations should rather

    practise to forgive each other as he had forgiven their sins and turn the other cheeck rather than to fight and hate each other. He didn't mean that you have to love the devil's offspring and turn the other cheeck

    to them. If that was the case then it meant that God Himself had to surrender to Satan and let him back into heaven.

    It was Marcion in 144 AD who took Paul's letters and rewrite it to his likes. Marcion started to interpret all the covenant nations from the seed of Abraham to all nations on earth, devil's offspring included.

    Further more , Constantine escalated on that "all the nations on earth" and willfully neglected to mention who these nations were and concocted a new religion which he called Christianity. He changed the Holy

    name to Iesous. In these days the letter J didn't exist in the alphabeth so there was no Jesus.Being a hybrid, the name “Jesus” has no distinctive etymological root meaning. In fact, the letter J did not exist in any

    language until the time of Christopher Columbus. This is a fact provable from any unabridged dictionary under the letter J. Therefore, no one referred to Him as “Jesus” until the 16th - 17th century or 1,600 years

    after His birth. The real saviour of Israel and the many covenant Abrahamic nations ,Yashua was replaced with the false saviour Jesus of "all the nations in the world" in Constantines's new religion to suit all the

    devils at the council of Nicaea . Therefore new interpretations were formulated to suit all. The truth was cast on the ground and trodd under their feet as prophesied in the book of Daniel. Catholic means

    universal or general and that's why it was adopted to suit and rule all nations. Messiah didn't call any of his believers or followers christians neither did the Apostles. The roman Cathiolic church of Constantine

    called them such things. The very firts Bible you Constantine christians read was written by saint Jerome on order of Constantine .Messiah and all Apostles used the scrolls to read and teach the true believers.

    1. Anonymous5:16 am

      Oh great learned one. The first thing you should have understood is who satan is. If you believe he can have descendants and is an all powerful living being then you have just created another god - A more severe error than all the ones mentioned by you above.

      Now get thee back to the classroom and study some more.

    2. Anonymous7:37 am

      Waar kom jy aan al die kak?

    3. Anonymous2:05 am

      @Anonymous5:16 AM Anonymous7:37 AM

      Hoe onnosel om die geskiedenis kak te noem. Wys jou net hoekom Suid Afrika weggeee is, want hulle wat die land met bloed gekoop het in die geskiedinis word kak genoem. Ploeter voort in jou bol strond tot die kaffers jou ook met 'n knopkierie vrek gebliksem het.

  27. Anonymous1:59 am

    Now, when reading that Constantine concocted bible of yours, you must beware of all the snares therein. It was concocted to deceive, keep it in mind. God cannot change. When he made a covenant He's bound

    by it. It is a lie that any nation outside of God's covenant with Abraham can change to Abrhamic seed simply by believing in the false religion and Jesus Christ of Constantine.
    Genisis 17:4 As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations.
    Genesis 17:7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.

    It's a lie that Messiah rejected the Abrahamic covenant nations because the Jews didn't accept Him, then he adopted the other nations.( Satan's offspring) Who were those Jews that rejected Him?

    It's a lie that we are under a new covenant of love and faith, the old covenant does not count any more, it's gone. God has changed . The same law counts after Messiah's death and resurrection than before.The

    only temporary act was the blood sacrifices of animals for sins which became permanent when he shed His own blood forever. Love and forgiveness are misinterpreted and taken out of context with the false

    Christian religion of Constantine.

    You cannot serve Yahweh and Baal the same time. You cannot serve Yahweh and Mammon the same time. You cannot serve Yahweh and Constantine the same time. The choice, faith, and free will is yours.
    Ask yourself if God would accept a scraficial offering offered on Baal's altar? Then why would he be pleased with your prayers as offerings while trying to serve him through Constantine's doctrines? Or why would

    He be pleased when you call Him Baal?
    Jeremiah 23:27 Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal

    Constantine's Bible replaced God's name Yahweh with Baal.( Baal = Lord = Sir) . Christians call their god ,Lord, the same as the international bankers call their god, Lord Rothschild. No wonder the Pope is now

    busy to concoct a new religion. Something like Chrislum or Budlum or Jewlum, because he knows that the present christian religion is a concoction of all whore religions mingled with the truth to deceive even the elect of God if it was possible.

    1. Anonymous5:10 am

      You are a brilliant example of the fact that 'a little knowledge is dangerous'.

      You have a lot to learn my friend .

    2. Stephen6:18 am

      Anon 1.59 ,

      there's big red warning-bells going off in my head about your theories, its the same bullshit-detector that Mike has.

      I'm afraid it is you that have been deceived , by your own intelligence nog-al.

      You seem to know a lot about nothing.

      There is a new covenant now , unless you reckon you can pass all the laws of the word. but then how did God overlook you , because He said He looked in all of time and couldn't find one man worthy or able to keep all the law,thats when the plan was drawn up for Jesus to become the lamb slain for our sin.

      Now if you say that's a lie , then your a liar and we are told to turn away from people like you.

      try not to act so clever , maybe remember we are all white and heard/hear the word every day , so your research is useless to us, all wisdom starts with the fear of God.

    3. Anonymous1:49 am

      @Anonymous5:10 AM
      You can't even read and comprehend what I have explained, but you want to commend and judge.
      History is history, how do you want to change it. I gave you facts of what Constantine did, but you are not able to understand it. Further more, you are the brilliant example where God said his people dye because of lack of knowledge.

      a Lack of knowledge is exactly what all the deluded Christians cling to, cast the pearls to the swine and try to convert demons to everlasting life. You waste your time, but just carry on and enjoy lies.

      @ Stephen,

      Read properly what I said, I am not trying to be the perfect law abiding Christian who wants to "bekeer all kaffirs".I gave you facts. History , Do what you want, I know what I know and you pretend you know. South Africa is the perfect example of turn the cheek to the devil and reject God's laws with the contempt that it deserves. That's why the kaffirs will kill all of these Constantine Christians. You idiots say , we are not under the law , we are under the mercy of Constantines doctrines. Good then, your lot of saved baboons ( bekeerde kaffirs) believe that too. That's why they murder you dumb hard headed fucks everyday and tomorrow he goes to Constantine's church and the pope redeem him from all his sins. Washed in the blood, a brand new baboon appears with more lust to murder another white idiot. All the Constantine Christians say, "we all are the same" Does the following make sense,

      Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

      I talk about the covenant that God made with Abraham, you talk about the covenant where none of Constantine's followers are under God's law and they are free and can do whatever they want. Look back in history and you will see that Constantine's Christians deny what I just said, but their deeds proof the opposite. They hate God's law and love to do all evil under Constantine' s mercy covenant. I don't say reject the mercy that we have through Messiah. I talk about Constantine's doctrines.
      1 John 5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

      John 15:10If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love.

      John 14:15If ye love me, keep my commandments.

      John 14:21He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

      2 John 1:6 And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it

      Romans 13:9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

      Reject God's laws and you will not know who "thy neighbour" is. Go figure

    4. Stephen6:35 am

      Okay anon (you might aswell type your name , don't know what your hiding from ).

      I did read your post properly , and I thought you understood that we all heard the Constantine story,
      we know what he did and why

      ..this is what you don't get - when you deny the Name above all names , that's when we switch right off ...

      And when you follow Jesus then you obey those laws
      per se anyway , it comes stock standard straight off the bat.so you don't have to make out like following Jesus is forgetting Gods law , its re-enforcing it.

      And we all know about turning the cheek to a brother , we read the whole book , not just the one line. maybe you only realised these things now. so then your a recently enlightened one .

      and your right , I don't know every thing , but I do know Jesus - and He knows every thing so He passed the test for me....look up LOGOS and RHEMA

      the difference between us I suppose.

    5. Anonymous10:21 am

      Yes, you are correct with all of what you say. But there is much more. Much more than you state and know. I assume you observe the Sabbath day of rest, eat clean etc etc

      And who is satan to you? please tell me. Be careful how you blurt out the Truth. Not many want to hear it. YHWH reveals Truth to those who are searching. Those not searching will be death to your words of warning.

      Save your breath. We all have an obligation to share the good news of salvation but the deeper Truth is for the seekers.

    6. Anonymous12:31 am

      @Stephen6:35 AM
      You are the new one here Stephen, I comment on this blog of Mike Smith when he started as Uncle Cracker. Uhuru Guru had the South Africa Sucks blog and there Uncle Cracker and Dark Raven also posted there comments. So we all went around and comment on their blogs supporting the bloggers. Nothing said here on Mikes blog have not been repeated already a few times since 2008. You know you get tired, after a few years of reading and commenting the same things over and over. There will always be a new one showing up, and then the whole pattern repeats itself. The core of the problem in this world today with all the wrong interpretations of the scriptures and liberalism is that people live and talk what they believe. You believe what you were told in the churches or what your parents told you. As Long as it makes sense to you and there are others around you that believe the same thing as you then live carries on.

      So, according to the comments I can see that some people need to think a bit, because what they believe is going to kill themselves and the more they comment that liberal rubbish the less will people wake up. Mostly all deluded Christians are liberals, because they believe the lie "We are all the same". God created all of us and who are you to judge that way or to think you are better than anyone else. There the trouble starts and they forget anything else and cares more for other nations than their own. Finally it ends up where South Africa is today. They all say the same as you Stephen, we follow Jesus, he passed the test for us. He saved us, they say, and so it carries on that their beloved "kakvel" brethren love them to death night after night. Therefore it is impossible to love one another without the laws of God. The opposite of "Thou shall not kill" is to murder your brother. "Thou shall not steal, is to rob your brother. So, when we get to the commandment where God said : "be holy, because I am holy" and by this time many of this bloggers have search it up to see that holy means separate, "apartheid'. The opposite of that is multiculturalism. You see where it goes to by believing and living and interpret the scriptures wrong. Doing it the Constantine way. If people believe the correct things their point of view in life will be correct too, but to believe and do it the Constantine way you will be a liberal doing it all the way in correct and nothing in this world will change to better, but it will become worse than what you are experiencing now. I wrote to the deluded Christians, you and a few others couldn't resist to fit the shoe. So,if it fits my brother, wear it then, until the pain becomes unbearable then get rid of the lies.

    7. Stephen7:42 am

      sho ! you really have it full blown don't you.

      Firstly , I didn't say you were new to Mikes blog , just looks like your new to some truths.

      Secondly , not all of us learn these truths on the internet ,I respect you for your knowledge but thats what I meant by LOGOS .. its like reading the K53 license book and actually doing it . RHEMA is the living word.

      You seem to know your LOGOS very well but show no signs of RHEMA.( by the way these are Greek words , but then you already knew that didn't you)

      The reason for my response is that I cant sit by and say nothing when some one reckons they know it all but they deny the most core principle .

      Seems like the few words of truth I gave you has drawn out quite lengthy response from you , looks like that cap your talking about came from your head.

  28. Whiteman2:58 am

    The majority of whites in this country, still believe in the " rainbow-dream ! " Some of them are religious, with a very wide range of explanations, and convictions, about what should, and should not be done. They mainly denounce any form of violence, or doing anything that is " illegal. " At the moment, they have the numbers, and the MONEY, to enforce their point of view, onto the rest of us. When they finally truly realise, that the WHOLE government is illegal, they will pehaps join us, and fight for freedom. This means that we have to be patient a little while longer, as painful, and destructive, as that might be. Then we have the go-getters, like myself, who wants to get things done, " yesterday ! " We must be careful, not to despise one another. Personally, I think both sides of this equation are going to get a big surprise. We are going to see " spontaneous combustion, " before too long. Remember how the first Boer War, with the victory at Majuba, started ? It revolved around the auctioning of a mans wagon, and it was percieved by his fellow men, as being unfair, and then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE !

  29. Anonymous5:30 am

    It's amazing to read the comments on this blog and to see how smart and courageous everyone is. When in fact we were the ones who sat back and have allowed this to happen.

    We, the smart ones, have allowed our country to be taken away from us while we were either too busy watching the rugby or too busy looking after our own financial interests and ensuring that BEE/AA was implemented below our grading level.

    Oh how I can remember as a manager at a large corporate sitting around the table with other managers discussing how to implement the BEE?AA targets - as long as it did not affect us. Well eventually it did.

    We all betrayed each other. We now deserve what we have. Our god 'mammon' must now come to our rescue.

    No I am not a self hater. I am just embarrassed at what I was part of then, more than 15 years ago. There are still many senior 'white' managers in companies who are supporting this evil system of BEE/AA to this day and ensuring it's success.

    Where are the 'white empowerment' employers? Where are the whites who will not adhere to these racist rules?

    There is never a 'white' group of protesters on the news. No, whites in SA must stew in this shit.

    1. Anonymous9:33 am

      @ anon 5:30 AM. Some of us are not here to make right, we are here to make war.

      I do not wish to be smart and courageous, I wish to antagonise and inflame, I wish to provoke.

      I was young and so were you, we were allowed to make the mistakes, why beat yourself up about it.

      The shit we stew in will be the shit we create. You choose where you want to be, either you're coming with or you're staying behind.


    2. Stephen11:07 am

      They say the first step towards fixing yourself , is to admit you were wrong ....looks like we have one more fixed-man in you.

  30. Anonymous5:33 am

    Penny Sparrow - the 'poster girl' of the pathetic whites in SA - grovel, grovel and more grovel:


  31. Anonymous5:38 am

    And where does a man like Zuma, who is essentially only an employee, just scrape together 7.8m to pay this back. It was probably his small change from his cookie jar. And no one questions the source of this amount of money - so readily available.

    I have worked all my life and have never seen this amount of money. Well only when playing a game of monopoly.


  32. Anonymous12:16 pm

    @ Mike Smith. Your reeart/ teeart, thank you for enlightening me but in my case its feeding caviar to swine.

    I do not care for kaffir or liberal, I care for my kin and culture, my passion does not allow me to ignore these cunts that make a mockery of 350 + years of whites sweat, blood and tears.

    So if I am not mature enough to ignore these cunts please excuse me for the anger that rages inside me has no knowledge of tolerance for those that would destroy generations of effort and enterprise.

    I will ignore and become passive the day that we have obliterated this curse from our land and further afield, for now please allow my rants and vents for it does control the urge to purge that sometimes overwhelms.

    I thank you for an excellent post and the cost saving of a back to back shrink session. Thanks mate.


    1. Anonymous9:38 am


      LTMA - let them annoy you, just dont let them effect your peace of mind!

      The time will come when we all let off steam on them, fumigate from SA to the equator.

      Like I said, the only one left will be in an underground museum behind a glass window for reference of these things.