18 September 2016

The problem with a fence

The fence around the Oktoberfest 2016

By Mike Smith
18th of September 2016

Yesterday was the start of the 206th Oktoberfest in München, Bavaria. It is the world’s biggest National festival and for the first time in its history there is a fence around the Theresienwiese, cameras everywhere, the police out in full force and nobody is allowed to carry any back-packs.

No, ze Germans are NOT paranoid and it has absolutely nothing to do with “refugees”. They love refugees.

Ten, even five years ago when you went to Germany you could see women travel all alone by subway train at 2-3 in the morning and nobody bothered them.

When you told Germans that in South Africa people live behind six foot high walls with razor wire and electric fences on top, “Slamlock” gates inside the hallway and burglar bars all around are selling points for your home, their dogs are guard dogs and not pets, etc…they would look at you funny and say, “No vee Germans will never be able to live like zat”.

I remember how I told German people that I was not a fan of fences and never had a huge wall. My wife back then built a 4 foot Vibracrete wall just to keep the dog inside. Once I was able to let him sleep at the back, I took the front gate off and stowed it in the garage. I slept with my 9mm next to my head and woke up every two hours to patrol the house and look through all the windows.

This is of course fully normal in South Africa, but Europeans in general and Germans specifically frowned upon it…Until August last year when their Commie Mommy Merkel allowed three million terrorists and “rapefugees” to enter their country. Now the shops are all out of pepper-spray and tazers.

To crown it all…Yesterday the German Minister of Defence, the lying Belgian slut Dr. Ursula von der Leyen went on her knees in front of the Muslim soldiers in the “Bundeswehr” and personally gave each one a virtual blowjob thanking them for their efforts and promised them a bonus for dangerous postings. Tja…they apparently ran away from war to go to Germany to join the army. Go figure. You’ve got to be brain dead to believe and trust a politician.

Nevertheless fences and walls to keep the scum out are not new. Since the days of the Bible, cities like Jericho had massive walls. Didn’t keep the Jews out though. They blew on their “shofars” and the walls came crashing down. Today the Jews themselves have a 708km wall all around the West Bank.

The Romans built two walls across Britain; Hadrians Wall and the Antonine Wall. Didn’t keep the picting Scots or their head-kicked-in cousins, the Geordies, out. Today those same Brits want to build The Great Wall of Calais a 13ft high, one-mile long concrete barrier along the motorway to stop illegal African immigrants sneaking across the Channel. Of course the UK taxpayers will have to foot the £2million bill…most of them gladly, I think.

How that is going to help, one can only wonder, seeing that The Melilla Border Fence around the Spanish city of Melilla in Morocco and the Ceuta Border Fence around the Spanish city of Ceuta (also in Morocco), couldn’t stop the illegal sub-Saharan, sub-IQ scum. Every year several blacks die trying to get through the fence.

Not even natural obstacles like the Saharan desert, the Mediterranean Sea or the Pyrenean Mountains could stop the bastards from flocking into Europe where the white racist scum live. How is a mile long concrete wall in Calais going to stop them?

Nevertheless, building a fence or wall is a natural first instinct if you want to keep the unwanted and unwashed out. East Germans had a wall around West Berlin to prevent contamination from the “fascist, capitalistic scum”.The Indians have a 550km long wall along the “Line of Control” (or ceasefire line) with Pakistan. Recently Hungary erected a fence all along the Serbian border and Donald Trump wants to build a wall between the USA and Mexico.

Ironically most of these countries heavily criticized us South Africans when we erected fences along the Zimbabwean and Mozambiquen borders during Apartheid. Ironically the blacks were fighting to get away from their Black Socialist Utopias to get into the “Evil White Apartheid” country where the whites were “oppressing” the blacks.

In fact, veteran leftist journalist and Mega Anti-Apartheid activist, Allister Sparks, wrote in the prologue to his book “The Mind of South Africa – The story of the rise and fall of Apartheid”, that all South Africa’s problems started with a fence; A dense fence of bitter almonds planted by Dutch Governor Jan van Riebeeck in 1660, stretching 15km from Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to the mouth of the Liesbeeck River in Milnerton. Of course to keep the stinking, thieving Hottentots (Khoi-Khoi) out.

Today only a small section of the fence is still there in the Kirstenbosch Gardens. Last time I visited it (as part of a pilgrimage in January 2016), I saw many white people who flocked there and even asked the blacks and coloureds who worked there to show them where the fence was.

Our future northern border. A wall across Africa.
Today I am dreaming of a wall stretching across Africa from the mouth of the Kunene River on the Atlantic side to the mouth of the Zambezi on the Indian Ocean side. In fact I would get the Chinese in as consultants. At least they built a wall that is still standing after 3000 years.

Problem is that a fence or wall only attempts to hold the problem out; it never gets rid of the problem. Now if the problem was gone there would never be a necessity for a fence in the first place, would there?

Maybe the ancient Spartans had the right idea. Where Athens was a walled city with 150,000 people, Sparta, with only 60,000 people took pride in the fact that they never had any walls. They said they didn’t need any…their MEN were their walls. Oh how times have changed.

Nevertheless, let those Europeans build their fences and their walls. I always maintained that the day would come that they would beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid. However, in my opinion, the strongest fence, the strongest wall, you can ever build is in your mind.


  1. I agree Mike we are 100% in charge of our thoughts that's why I make my own rules Anyhow the majority of humans are over educated on information and undereducated emotionally

  2. Anonymous4:25 am

    Walls present problems. Once the zots have climbed over your wall they are safe from being seen from the street. So rather have a palisade fence with beams and cctv where there is street visibility. And keep a big dog. We keep ours indoors, that way the dog bonds better with you and will risk its life protecting you. Also a couple of smaller, yappy dogs.

    We have learned through trial and error. We put up a huge high wall against our interfering, Angus-Buchan-cocksucking neighbours to our right. No problems. Secured the back walls. No problems. But we kept the wall to our left a bit lower because that neighbour isn't a pain in the arse. But those neighbours didn't have proper security and the k's got into our back garden by jumping their front wall and then jumping over the boundary wall. They could see the height of that boundary wall from the front of the property. We put up razor wire on that wall and another set of security beams in the back garden.

    People in Europe can't believe the lengths we have to go to ... or they didn't before.

    1. Anonymous7:47 am

      I've seen those same zots staring through the pallasade fencing studying all the going ons of a up market housing complex, works both ways. And who do you think will come to your rescue while the crime is in effect, the rapid response Kaffir in his corsa bakkie always arrives after anyway.

    2. Anonymous3:01 am

      @Anon 7:47 AM: Also true, we had zots walking up and down our cul de sac checking out what's going on in front gardens. However since we all put in beams, cctv and electric fencing they seem to have disappeared. But you just need one female pretending to be an ousie walking up and down with a cellphone to take photos of weak spots and the munts are onto you like locusts.

    3. Anonymous6:49 pm


      @Anonymous3:01 AM

      I tell you, when I was about 11/12 we had this karasite bitch walking down the road talking to the maids, she started asking me questions at that age, I knew what she was after.

      I told her we had cameras (mind you this was a long time ago) and spoke shit into her head, she never came back.

      Friends of ours, if they caught the buggers sitting on their lawn or across the road, he used walk out with a camera (now you can use your phone) and would take pictures of them - they never came back.

      You have to put the fear into them.

      @Dioscuri Redux8:20 AM

      Asked a good question, what happens when the money runs out?

      That is the question and most of us know the answer and when you know the answer then everything makes sense.

      For example, why isnt Zuma stepping down and how does this country continue to function with the high level of corruption we see going on?

      Simple! They want to destroy it, with instability they will be able to achieve their objective.

      If the whites are no longer protected because the guards, police, army arnt getting paid - then whitee is vulnerable and no one will look out for him - these karasites will come out in force to take from them.

      Is this not what happened in the Congo? Then Zimbabwe? No money = give what them what they like to keep the masses happy but they make sure to make sure that the money runs out in order to achieve their objective.

      Its so evident what their plans are, we just have to watch what they do and then connect the dots.

  3. Anonymous5:14 am


    This is why you have to take this guy with a huge pinch of salt, the shit he speaks.

    Where does Trevor Noah come up with that he could not be seen in Soweto as a Coloured child walking in the streets because the police would arrest him and send him away?

    There were in 1990 3 million colourds in this country - so he is talking kak but the problem is and comedy has always been used as a tool to desensitize the masses.

    He is being used as a puppet to convince people about apartheid and we will see more of this leading up to events here.

    The problem is people, the sheeple simply refuse to even question his crap and here we have some idiot talking out his ass but being taken as gospel.

    His comments are really not funny but irresponsible.


    1. Whiteman7:44 am

      BN, I will admit that noah is funny, and he is good at his job. To be a good comedian, you have to be sharp like a blade. But he definitely has agendas, which might not be so honourable ? He makes too big a thing of his mixed origins. I have often wondered, does he hate his father, or mother, or both ? I saw an interview with Maria Carey. Singer, movie star, with millions in the bank. She said : It is VERY difficult to be multi racial ! That my friends, is the bottom line. So those of you, who love " chocolate, " think carefully about what you are doing. Do you want to create angry offspring ? Then dont cry when they cut your throats one day.

    2. Personally I don't think much of Trevor Noah. hat's probably because I'm a racist? I much prefer Wackhead Simpson & Barry Hilton. Barry's not only funny on stage, he's always funny. We got pissed together after a show one night, what fun.

    3. Anonymous5:51 am

      @Whiteman7:44 AM

      In the coming months we will see more about apartheid brought into the picture on the world stage, this is to convince the world before events happen here.

      Like we see Zims in the news everyday now on the international stage, so we will see apartheid films, stories, books, all selling the "evil whites" to the world to achieve what they want to here.

      Noah, is one such tool - there is no coincidence that he is the man of the hour in the US with one of the most watched shows, there are funnier guys than him - nothing is left to chance in the media, everything is well thought out and planned.

      Lies, lies and more lies. But what they did to us, is being done to them by a far greater power - their evil deeds have not gone unnoticed by the maker.

      The meek shall inherent the earth!

    4. Anonymous1:06 am

      Just watch -- "Person of Interest"
      Not really all that good
      Has some interesting bits and pieces

  4. Anonymous5:33 am

    I've stood on the Israeli side of the wall, it's beautiful and a work of engineering skill. I remember them still erecting the section around Bethlehem and how those Volvo FH 520's hauling the pre cast sections used to arive on site one after the other.
    Apparently such was the demand for concrete that the corrupt PA were themselves selling concrete to the Israelis.
    That's why I reckon when we eventually cop onto the idea of creating our first mini autonomous volks republic just a few hundred km2 at first, we can expand later we dig a 3m by 3m ditch and use the excavation to bank up the inside creating a 5m slope would be a start

  5. Anonymous5:40 am

    I do believe the Berlin Wall was somewhat effective
    Perhaps an example from which to draw lessons ?

  6. Anonymous5:43 am

    Well I differ from you Mike. I happened to like my 2.5m-3m high walls which I hoped would obstruct the view of possible witnesses to the flight of an arrow leaving a crossbow.

    1. Anonymous7:58 am

      True. 3m high at least to muffle the sound of the dogs tearing the remaining bastards to pieces.

    2. Anonymous6:54 pm


      @Anonymous7:58 AM

      Boet - how can you be so cruel?

      Dogs should never have the taste of a karasite, poor animals! Spare them from that vile blood. Rather torture them.

      Mates of mine did this, beat the thing broken with beer bottles and made him sign the document, then took him to where he sold their stuff (wasnt the first time he broke in) and then the women he sold the goods to got stuck into him but with a sjambok and then when the police found him, the also laid into him.

      Me.... Nah bury the thing, cant trust anyone but I would not let me dogs latch onto those things.

  7. And I supposed 5 million Boers are going to make this happen? Mike I used to think you were rational but quickly realized you specialized in snake oil salesmanship. Keep up the good work chap.

    1. Anonymous1:19 am

      Not 5 Million anymore. Actually, no one in NSA really have the stats. But anyway, it will only take two, God and me.

    2. Anonymous4:28 am

      Shaka, have you never been a victim of crime yourself? Blacks are more often victims of crime than whites. Not all criminals are black of course; there are plenty of down and out drug addicted whites, just as there are plenty of down and out addicted blacks prepared to steal for their fences and druglords. The country is kind of fucked.

    3. Anonymous7:00 pm


      @Anonymous4:28 AM

      Shaka is not black but a white poking his karasite. He feels bad after a shagging session & to lament he reads this blog to make himself feel good for not feeling bad - I know, its a psychological disorder.

      He hates to love them. This one is seriously confused, probably plays with himself listening to Johnny Clegg while starring deep into the eyes of that painting of Shaka Zulu.

      Wonder if we cant convince him to try circumcising with one of those blunt assagai ornaments you get in Natal from the street vendors - maybe that will wake him up, hopefully his squeeza walks in on him and he slips cutting it off - after all its just a dick this thing.

      Shaka, go join the EFF and EFF off!

  8. Anonymous8:08 am

    My garden ends where the rocks begin at 94 meter.
    ... guess with a suppressor the Sumatra 2500 should be sufficient.
    Anybody tried this one yet?

    1. Anonymous1:06 pm


  9. Anonymous9:30 am

    In the beginning high walls around one property seemed a good idea. The thugs just moved to the next property that did not have a wall.

    Anyway we have now made ourselves look scared and feeble and are now prisoners behind our walls. We should rather remove the walls and see if they come. There are many early warning devices available which we could use to be forewarned and ready. We should also really beef up our neighborhood watches and become really high tech about it. Use cctv, night vision, and the likes.

    One does not need to shoot and kill but even a hiding with a paintball gun would deter them. Or a taser.

    I say we should remove our high walls - they are not helping anyway.

  10. Anonymous9:41 am

    Further to my previous post I would like to add that CCTV and discreet monitoring is the answer. In the UK every city street is monitored by cctv from a control room - obviously only trouble areas. The control room monitors the movement during the night and directs the police to any place where there is trouble or trouble brewing. This enables the police to be pro-active and surprise the thugs.

    I have watched a program on this and it is amazing how effective this system is. It's creepy the way that everyones movements are watched but hey if you are a victim you sure are happy.

    1. Fences, walls, spikes, cameras, etc are all fine, but they are all defensive measures. If you want to seriously STOP the crime, you have to go on the offensive.

    2. Fucking "offensive" Claymores! Blow the fucking things to hell and gone.

      I have a five foot wall as an invitation to them, but then again I don't live in the uncivilisation of a city.

    3. Anonymous5:47 am


      @Mike Smith11:24 PM
      "Fences, walls, spikes, cameras, etc are all fine, but they are all defensive measures. If you want to seriously STOP the crime, you have to go on the offensive."

      We will get there & this time no mercy, complete eradication.

    4. Anonymous1:11 am

      Please explain ???
      I just cannot wait any longer
      To hear this master eradication plan of yours ....
      How long do we need to wait
      Do I remind you every week / month / year /decade
      ( Of what a load of bollocks you spout )

    5. Anonymous9:22 am


      How long is a piece of string?

      When they attack, if we do anything now then we fall into the "white supremacist" agenda and they make an example of us.

      Patience but in the meantime prepare!

  11. Anonymous12:04 pm

    a good tip for fences and walls. You build a high wall with the usual electric alarm systems, razor wire etc. Just behind it you build a lower fence that cannot be seen in the dark from the top of the higher wall, one that sports 10cm spikes an hooks with serrated edges. When the bliksem jumps over to come and have tea 3'clock in the morning the fucker gets a painfull suprise right after that 2 seconds of elation when he thought he is over the higher wall. The screams of pain and terror is like music to the ears, you leave him struggling to get free and get back over the high wall again. And that is only your first line of defence. Even nastier suprises awaits the fucker at defensive line number 2. By that time he shouts for the security company to take him away. No firearms involved, we all know by know shooting a terrorist in your own house is just an excuse to lock you up. There are plenty of ways to keep these terrorists away from your property, just be inventive.

    1. If only people could spend so much time and effort trying to get rid of the root cause of the problem there won't be any need for a fence, wall, spikes, cameras, etc. in the first place.

    2. Anonymous4:23 am

      If you live in sub-Saharan Africa you need fences, walls, spikes, cctv, etc. That is just the way it is and if you don't protect yourself you will be robbed blind or worse.

    3. Anonymous10:29 am

      You make it sound as if the criminal does not do day time surveilance

    4. Anonymous12:07 pm

      I hear you Mike. You still need need to protect your love ones when you go to war.

  12. RunForrestRun2:20 pm

    Your new neighbours, good luck with that fence, ---they have a billion people looking for a better life.


  13. It is long since I have read Mike Smith, I used to read him on SA SUCKS. Now since finding this again, and how I don't remember but it was just a few days ago I've been reading and reading. I had always thought he was an English SA but he was different from MOST, not all, but MOST of those. Now I find out he is a Boer after all!

    This is an excellent article and I have noted in reading some of his posts that he gives us a little bit about safety or self-defence here and there and the attitudes of survival.

    I think I do also what he does, sleep with a revolver, in my case, by my bedside and always up in the middle of the night checking.

    The people, as Mike has posted previously are more concerned with their RUGBY than their people. This is true in just about every White homeland.

    The Glass Toilet as I call the television has played a large part in this mind numbing of our people and the churches have turned into enemies, I hate to say that but it is true.

    Sweden, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Holland, all of these nations have been replacing their native populations with people of color. The USA is far down the road to Hell. And the whites there are so numbed by Television, Movies, education, churchianity, and Wall Street that they, on the whole, seem to be doing as much as the Whites in SA. That is NOTHING!

    I could keep going but I will close with THANKS to Mike for permitting free expression in the comments section. I do know this, I might not agree with him 100% but I consider him a brother in our struggle. His fire and fury is what we ALL need.

    If I may recommend a book, which was published in SA back in 1965:

    White man, Think Again! by Anthony Jacob, published January 1st, 1965, is available at Amazon:

    1. Anonymous5:46 am

      @Quintus3:07 PM

      We are all Boere here!

      Boere harte!

      The language makes no difference, its what is in the heart!

      You can speak Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Germany, Italian, Swedish whatever language, if you support our cause, if you support our future republics, if you support our people, our nation and want a future - you are a Boer! PERIOD!

      Most importantly, support us with the total eradication of the karasite. Send these karasites back where they belong.

      The worst thing has been educating the karasite, what took us centuries to learn, we handed these savages on a silver platter, to the point where they twist our history and now want to tell us all that we know, that they have learnt is bullshit but the karasite would be in the bush without us....

      Time to eradicate!

      The old world order needs to be re-established with hindsight and no mercy this time.

  14. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Hey Mike, Do yourself a favour and download and watch "Er ist wieder da", a german comedian trying to make fun of hitler being back.

    Do you know the most interesting thing about the movie?

    The interviews that this supposed comedian has, with locals, where he tries to make them sound bad, by carrying on like hitler would.

    There are a few moments that resonate, and that show, the average german is far from happy with multi-culti that is taking place there.

    But check it out for yourself.

  15. Anonymous2:32 am

    Rather join the Kunene and Zambezi rivers. Widen them more and breed more crocodiles by feeding them terrorists.

  16. Anonymous2:41 am

    on another note...


    It says it all, doesn't it... I wonder what top jobs the thugs that torch university buildings will get...

  17. Anonymous3:49 am

    How mentally ill must you be to tie a terrorist's shoe laces and at the end you wash their stinking paws and finally you betray your whole country and hand it over to terrorists? How mentally ill must you be to believe that separate living is wrong? What made people to become that sick. Isn't it something like a false doctrine or teaching that twisted their minds so utterly that they start to substitute good for evil? Mentally illnesses like that were passed down from generation to generation. Parents teach their children the wicked ways and encourage them to even give up their lives for that lies. Backstabbing, murderers, traitors, lovers of terrorists, hate the truth, untrustworthy, confess that they love God, but hate his laws and do the opposite, worshipping mythilogically dead gods, maintaining all the evil feasts of these false idolatry.

    Before we can achieve anything in South Africa the false doctrine which is responsible for all that mentally illnesses must be discarded and the truth must be reinstated. As long as that false doctrine is been taught we will always have division amongst us which is the tool of the NWO to conquer and rule us.

    So Mike, your idea of the wall is good, but I can guarantee you the day that you are finished with the wall on the otherside of the ocean, these mentally ill people would have broken it down halfway from where you have started. Perhaps it is time for you to look into the false doctrine theory and start where it matters. After all, if most whites were not mentally ill and we all believed the truth then de Klerk and his traitors were dead and we would have our country. Liberalism will die without the false doctrine and mentally ill people will return to normal.

    1. Stephen9:44 am

      Yes anon 3:49 it is because of the false doctrine called 'demoncracy' , it places man first , instead of God first.
      ( by the way , democracy totally removes God from the equation)
      In democracy you can offend God , just don't offend man.
      It premotes and defends the things that are utterly abominal to God ( take a pic there's plenty ,-idol worship -adultry - homosexuality -blasphemy and so on ..)

      All in all , democracy pulls in exactly the opposite direction as Theocracy , thus I know its a demonic-system for no kingdom can stand against itself.

      But as Mike said , this in not a perfect world and we haveto deal with it for now , my moto is - keep your head below the radar and your nose above the shait .

    2. Anonymous12:32 am

      Well I can't see any difference between democracy and false Christianity. Both serve the same purpose, to destroy the white race. Show me what is different between the two lies.

    3. Stephen6:05 am

      You cant see any difference between Democracy and Theocracy ???? ..maybe you don't want to see..

      re-read my comment or think for yourself , or do I have to repeat whats written above , the differences are obvious - to those that admit it.

    4. Anonymous1:54 am

      Well, if you are so blind that you cannot see then I will show you something to look at. Democracy and false Christianity are both doctrines of the same group of people who rejected Messiah. Democracy promotes multiculturalism and so does the false Christians. You can't deny that, both believe we are all the same and both doctrines marry all races together. One shit skin society, that's it. Look around you in South Africa and see what is happening, because people there practice both doctrines. So how can you deny that both doctrine's main purpose is to destroy the white race. Both doctrines hate separate living. Ask any false Christian out there and they will tell you that democracy is the perfect system and separate living is evil and racist. If you are not white I can understand that you will defend your evil doctrines. In that case, what is your point trying to reason with me. You sound like a lone hyena that was raised in a lions den now you think you can roar like a lion. Come on now, I gave you a few things to go and chew on. Prove to me that the two doctrines are not destroying the white race?

    5. Stephen10:18 am

      lone hyena? -lions den?-roaring? Wow!
      ( I must remember to cover that mirror )

      You keep mentioning 'false christianity' maybe that's your view , I spoke about Theocracy ..do you know what that is. ?

      You do know what Theoligy is yes . So why can't you understand what Theocracy is? Its not the same as this abominal system democracy , its totaly opposite .

      And yes I am white , geepers would a coon be able to reason with your mighty intellect ?

      And why do you say ''there'' is it maybe because your not here?
      Tell you what , I am here and I can see something you can't , I see whites finding their roots again , I see the anc coming to its demise , I see a Light that I'm sure you'd like to put off.

      The things you though you gave me to chew on , I spat them out as a little puppy allready , remember I was mos in that lions den you mentioned , lots of time to think there.

    6. Anonymous2:38 am

      Why do you act as if you are guilty when I mention false Christians. Why can't you just answer me straight forward. Is it because you have a love affair on the other side and they claim to be Christians now you feel you must defend them.

      What is the point to try and get south Africa back to a white man's country, but the majority of people belief they are the same as all the kaffirs. As soon as you have the country back they will turn around and invite them to come and join you again. That is what I am warning about. All fight and pain will be in vain. No, no , no, if the people keep on believing and practice false Christianity , you can forget to achieve any thing , but desolation. You have proven that you know nothing about false Christianity . So this is my last comment don't even reply I am not interested anymore in your idiocracy.

    7. Stephen9:09 pm

      You like using my words I ee , also starting to use paragraphs I see , better , I must be tubbing off on you.

      You asked if I'm white , but I could ask you that, seeing that your words are so jubled together with no spacing
      Doesn't look like you had any formal schooling , also your logic is stuck in a rutt.

      You obviously don't know what Hermeneutics , its the basic rules of how to interpret scripture , and that's the crux of your error.

      No don't run away now , face the hyena you thought roared at you , ha!
      Listen bud I've never defended the heathens and surely your the only one acting guitly here , I keep telling you about a brighter future - you keep loking into the abyss, that's how I know its in your head-wat die hart van vol is loop die mond van oor.

      So wil jy nou regtig vir ons meer van jou swart-hart wys?

  18. Anonymous7:24 am

    There is nothing normal about a black African kaffir because they have clearly shown that they are a nation of senseless greedy idiots. As long as they are alive there will always be a countless number of problems for the righteous to solve upon this planet. Obliterate the bastards and we won't need to build a wall at all.

    1. Anonymous1:36 pm

      @Anon 7:24AM

      BN's underground museum springs to mind.

  19. Anonymous7:31 am


  20. I was born into a high-trust world and I will be leaving a low-trust world. Soon, I hope. The quarter-acre properties in the Joburg neighbourhood I grew up in all had low walls, but today the same street is unrecognisable. High walls everywhere without exception, and now you have to swipe a card to enter a property that half a century ago was demarcated by a wooden gate with a latch. The money system still works: the property in this suburb of my childhood has become hugely expensive, the big Catholic families and blue-collar workers who lived there long gone, but there is no longer any sense of community; street life is dead. In case you think I am being nostalgic or sentimental, let me explain something to you: the high walls were coming up long before blacks started trawling the suburbs looking for something to steal; the walls went up because that is how whites wanted it. Something shifted between, say, 1965 and 1975, and it sure as fuck wasn't because blacks were starting to get uppity. So let's not blame the dindu for everything. In a way, the reason that blacks went wrong is because whites went wrong. Blacks have always pathetically looked up to us, and when we became obviously degenerate, as clearly we did, blacks quite reasonably concluded that there was no further reason to take shit from whitey. In that position, I would have reached the same conclusion. That's because, like most SA blacks, I'm conservative in my outlook.

    Mike is right about walls acting as a screen behind which criminals can hide. I often wondered what would have happened if no one had built high walls or, alternatively, what would happen if everyone tore down their high walls overnight. It won't happen, because the high-trust world our parents enjoyed is gone forever. We traded it in so we wouldn't have to talk to our neighbours.

    Whenever I get homesick these day, which is less and less often, I use Google Earth to go to wherever without having to sit in a plane for 12 hours breathing other people's farts. I particularly like visiting some or other dorp. You hardly ever see a white walking around. That's because they are in their cars. Living behind high walls, working in buildings staffed by security guards, travelling everywhere in the protective bubble of a car, whites look to me like exotic fish swimming in shark-infested waters. As long as there is petrol at the pump, as long as the police and security guards are being paid, as long as the electrical grid still functions, it all looks sweet and the jacaranda trees will soon be in bloom.

    What will happen when the money stops working?

  21. Anonymous9:52 am


    Messed up world...

    Internal documents leaked this month show that the World Bank has a $400 million cash injection in the works despite the fact that Mugabe has engineered disastrous economic reforms and ferociously clamped down on a growing movement demanding his ouster.

    The documents are from July and contain praise for those reforms and for Mugabe himself, calling him "popular" and a "source of stability." Furthermore, the documents indicate that a reduction or eradication of human rights abuses isn't considered a prerequisite to financial support. All that is required is that those abuses "level off or decline from the 2014 average and/or no unwarranted arrests of key opposition leaders."


    1. Anonymous11:54 pm

      Mugabe but be financially supported. He has been the most successful leader in any western country in support of the 'globalist' plan to bring down the western world.

      The 'western countries' need to be destroyed to make way for the new 'system' of global governance.

      SA was the same. They used white apartheid as the excuse to bring down SA - using the 'destroyers'.

      Look around you. All 'white' western countries are under attack. They are being brought down. Why? - because they would stand in the way of the 'globalisation' agenda.

  22. Anonymous11:13 am

    Ag nee wat Mike die beste muur was nog altyd die swaard, tref die bliksems met die banvloek en kry klaar.

  23. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Ek wou al krokodille probeer, maar ek is nie seker of krokodille stinkvleis sal vreet nie....sal eerste keer wees wat ek een sien kots.

  24. Forget about Germans my friend. Those people are old nws and will soon be extinct. The majority in Germany today are Germans, however, of those white Germans the majority of them are over 40, so in others soon dead and buried. The young generation between the ages of 15-35 only number 12million, 6 million males and 6 million females. Statistically each white German woman has 1.1 babies. That those 12 million whites will only produce 6*1,1= 6600000 white babies.
    The white family structure in Germany is fucked. Feminism has destroyed everything. The white men fear producing children. 50% of all white marriages end in divorce within the first 3 years and the men lose everything, have to pay alimony and child support and are left with just enough to live, no luxuries like a nice car or a little holiday. The men never see their children again. On the other hand the darkies and Arabs are are breeding and immigrating into the country. So forget about those idiot Germans, they are a finished people, soon to wiped off the afce of the earth.

    1. Anonymous9:20 am


      Die dood wat loop! But I read today, have a look online but I read that many believe she has awoken the Nazi thing again, the opposite has now taken place.


    2. Anonymous2:18 pm

      Goes against your Siener prophecies...

    3. Anonymous2:20 pm

      AG please, BN, that article is about a year old. The Euroes have folded already. Sweden has surrended.

  25. PreatorianXVI8:40 pm

    Schadenfreude anyone?

    When all else fails liberals just have to double down...

    'There's no way back': Swedes told to accept massive wave of migrants


    Just one year after Sweden began accepting refugees at rates far greater than its European neighbours its citizens are now being instructed in no uncertain terms to deal with the new reality.

    A television ad, backed by Sweden's government, aims to break down asylum seeker stereotypes, and lower rising tension and violence among natives and the country's new arrivals.

    Last year, almost 200,000 refugees entered Sweden - more per capita than any other nation in Europe.

    "There's no way back, Sweden will never be what it once was," the 75 second message begins.

    Smiling faces of different colours flash up on the screen, with the voice over telling Swedes it is time "to find a way to live side by side".

    "New Swedes will claim their space and bring their culture, language and customs – and it's time to see it as a positive force."

    As the numbers of migrants to Sweden increased last year, so too did the voting population's discontent with the ruling party, the centre-left Social Democrats.

    A January poll showed support for the government at its lowest level since polling records began.

    In November last year The Telegraph reported that migrants in Sweden were twice as likely to be unemployed, and begging was commonplace in Stockholm.

    A mob of 100 masked men, dressed in black, stalked the streets of Stockholm earlier this year, attacking anyone who looked like they were a migrant and clashing with police.

    "Let's build a country where we put fear an hate aside," the film urges.

    The charity who produced the advertisement have denied criticisms that the message asks Swedes to give up their "old" culture and views.

    1. Anonymous9:17 am


      Let them rape them into normality but under no circumstances do we accept the liberal shit in the new republics.

  26. Anonymous9:02 pm

    The anti-Semitism fence: For Israel a fence is called apartheid, but when other countries build a fence it's called security?

    1. Anonymous11:39 pm

      One day you will be awoken from your brainwashed state of ignorance regarding Israel. Until then - ignorance is bliss.

  27. Anonymous12:07 am

    I had a thought the other day. I remembered when people were saying that SA would go like Zim one day.
    I remember thinking, nah that could never be. We are a strong, well governed, white dominated country. We whites would never allow that.

    Well well. Look where we are today. It has come about. We are almost identical twins - deformed, disabled and suffering from malnutrition.

  28. Completely off the topic now, but regarding this free higher education kak.

    I heard some or other educator say that anyone who thinks that that is at all possible needs to do a course in logic and a first year accounting course. That makes sense to me?

    That's not the point I want to make, however. My point is, would you employ any of the things, no matter how many degrees it has? I wouldn't.

    Firstly the dumbed-down curriculum make its Matric Certificate not worth the paper it's printed on. Secondly, the things are incapable of reasoning or debating anything, as is evidenced by the baseless comments they post here on the blog. The can only learn something parrot-fashion and are not capable of thinking outside the box it's stuck in. [I'm trying my best to avoid referring to them in any sort of human terms here, but sometimes it's just not possible.]

    And, thirdly and most importantly, I wouldn't employ it simply because of it's attitude of entitlement. You're just looking for shit when you have anything to do with them. It's virtually impossible to get rid of it, thanks to these fucked-up labour laws in the shithole, cesspit of a country. Your HR department will be the biggest and most unproductive part of your business.

    Fuck BEE & AA and look to the millions of unemployed Whites. I know some people say that they're just as useless and don't want to work, but I don't believe that all of them are like that. It's impossible that so many are kak-sleg.

    There, I've done talking.

    1. Anonymous9:16 am


      I would employ them as stuffed animals in my underground museum. Its all part of that strike that is coming, total shutdown then we will wait and see what those liberal lecturers do when they have no money coming in - all of them are against our people, bunch of traitors.

  29. Just to add to what I was saying about this delusional free education crap:

    1. Anonymous11:33 am

      TT look at some of the SJW comments under it, fuck some people need to have their faces kicked in!

  30. Anonymous1:29 am


    Here is a bit of news to brighten Mr Smiths day

    Cape Town – Celebrated South African editor and author Allister Sparks passed away in Johannesburg on Monday at the age of 83.

    Sparks suffered a heart attack after spending 12 days in the Morningside Clinic due to an infection.


    WHAT infection -- will we ever be told ?

    I spoke to him two months ago -- looked pretty good and strong to me then !

    Plans are now so advanced some people are now no longer needed

    One wonders who is next ? RWJ ?

  31. Whiteman4:06 am

    Even the most fancy hospitals, have become dangerous places to spend time. Does not even matter if you are a patient or a visitor. Why do we see these posters everywhere, saying : Wash your hands ! We never saw that in the " horrible " Apartheid days. In one hospital, in the toilet, I saw a whole cartoon strip, with pictures, how you actually should wash your hands ? Then there was this gem, stuck against the wall of the ward where I was lying : Silence heals patients ! Ja swaer, if they dont kill you with germs, they will do it with noise. And your medical aid premium just goes up and up. Viva, to our rainbow-paradise !

  32. Anonymous9:14 am


    Yes Whiteman, even the private hospitals that you pay with medical aid are not safe any longer. I know this, one of my family members went to one about 8 months back & was saying its like the state run hospitals 10 years back.

    Oh well, Mr De Klerk wants to tell us now what we told him would happen 22 years ago. Our time will come, the wheel will turn.

  33. Another well known KZN battlefield tour guide murdered.


  34. Anonymous2:02 pm

    I have always believed in big walls & high fences.
    Big fences make the best neighbours, as the americans always say.

    The Spanish fort in Cartegena, Colombia, Barajas fort has massive walls that the british , french or dutch were never able to surpass.

    The british subjects still tell lies in SA & elsewhere that English is a world lingua franco which is a load of crap, they should visit S-America all the way to Mexico were English is not even a blip on the map because of Barajas fort in Colombia, the same applies in Arabic speaking & Chinese countries.

    English & French was only able to spread among most other white countries & Africa because they never offered any opposition & were easy to brainwash, in a word they are weak characters.

  35. Anonymous2:39 am

    Breaking news! After casting the pearls afore the swine another deluded false Christian preacher was devoured in Malawi.

  36. Whiteman6:44 am

    Give not that which is holy, ( The Gospel, among other things ) unto the dogs, ( nignogs and other mud-nations ), neither cast ye your pearls, ( your Godly status and abilities ), before swine, ( see previous ), lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and REND, ( Genocide ! ) you. St . Matthew 7 : 6. Now think about all this, carefully. I have done what every church, and/or individual christian has done throughout the ages. I have interpreted this scripture, as to what I see, feel and hear around me, EVERY DAY. If you disagree, it is your democratic right. But I sincerely hope, you will see the LIGHT soon, because time is running out !