30 September 2016

The Hlaudi and Faith love story

By Mike Smith
30th of September 2016

The Hlaudi Moetsoneng story and how he manages to stay in power at the SABC is just getting more bizarre by the day.

After the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) told this corrupt lying psycho to bugger off and vacate his position as Chief Operations Officer of the SABC he pitched up as “an ordinary employee” willing to scrub the toilets of Auckland Park. The next day the SABC board reappointed him in the same position as “Acting” COO for the next three months and a few days later as permanent COO again, the very same position the SCA told him to vacate.

Not only that. He got a bonus of R11.4 million (part of a total of R33 million bonus) and a pay hike from R3.8 mil per year to R4.2 million per year

SABC gives Hlaudi his old job back

After an outcry by the opposition parties, the media and public…the useless ANC in charge of the SABC (the State Broadcaster) said “it was the last straw” and that they wanted a parliamentary probe into his appointment and the fitness of the board to hold office.

ANC wants SABC board probed What utter rubbish! Who the hell are they trying to fool? The SABC along with ICASA falls directly under the authority of the Minister of Communications Faith Muthambi, the corrupt former mayor of Makhado (Louis Trichardt) . She is Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s boss.

She gave tenders to family members and a boyfriend and sold a luxury vehicle still owned by the municipality and pocketed the money. To top it all…she has a law degree.

Former Makhodo Mayor faces charges of fraud

Municipal manager suspended on fraud and nepotism charges

She is alleged to have appointed her cousin without following due process as a librarian at the municipality. Overpaying a company (R900,000) – reportedly owned by a boyfriend Stanley Radzilani – for a road construction project it failed to execute. Original contract was R4.5million he got R5.4million for work that was never done.

She was vehemently upset about all the charges and her suspension and denied that Stanley Radzilani was her boyfriend. Methinks it was a case of “The lady doth protest too much”.

She also awarded the previous SABC CEO, Frans Matlala, an R18 million golden handshake for terminating his five year contract after him serving just four months into the term. No reason was put forward.

Then the lying, thieving Hlaudi Motsoeneng was appointed after claiming he had a matric certificate which he didn’t have, of course.

Nevertheless…That is how it works in the criminally corrupt ANC. The lazier you are, the more incompetent you are, the more corrupt you are and the more you can steal…the better qualified you are for the job.

Hey…I mean…? Get fired as mayor for fraud and corruption and return as Minister of Communications in Zuma’s cabinet. Azania Mania at its best.

There is a lot of speculation about how Hlaudi Motsoeneng manages to stay in power and get money thrown at him. Some say his mother who abandoned him as a child is Zuma’s Sangoma (witchdoctor), but I think there is a simpler explanation. Maybe Minister Faith Muthambi and Hlaudi Motsoeneng should explain their romantic interest in each other to the people of South Africa.

Seriously it irks me tremendously to think that there are millions of honest people in South Africa; people, who go to work every day, grovel and grind and pay their taxes timeously and religiously and then scum like Hlaudi Motsoeneng, Faith Muthambi and Jacob Zuma just come along and steal their sweat.

Where is the justice in this country? How can the people of South Africa allow scum like this to hold office? Shouldn’t they be charging up the steps of the Union Buildings with pitchforks, pangas and necklaces?


  1. Anonymous4:21 am

    So the law is paralyzed, and justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; so justice goes forth perverted.

    Habakkuk 1:4

  2. Adrem4:49 am

    Mike, absolutely! Another outrageously absurd story about those who continuously rip our country to pieces: there is nothing possible any more that cannot, in one form or another, take place in this crime infested, totally incompetent and utterly pathetic ANC biotope.

    Again I wonder, how long will it still take before, at long last, this brood of vipers are blown off the face of South Africa and buried in the gutters of history.

  3. Anonymous5:00 am

    As I said, they are all members of the national organised crime syndicate.

  4. "She also awarded the previous SABC CEO, Frans Matlala, an R18 million golden handshake for terminating his five year contract after him serving just four months into the term."

    Sho, not bad at all. That's more than some lotto and powerball winners rake in. 'one day is one day'...

  5. Anonymous5:26 am

    Look at his eyes. He looks stoned as fuck in that photograph!

    1. He's got those psycho Hyeana's-Tail eyes in every picture.

  6. Anonymous6:24 am

    Where in the world do you run a business into the ground thus losing profits and recording a loss, get rewarded with a huge bonus and a pay rise?

    South Africa, no wonder every floppy is trying to get here and get rich, yes we pay you to fuck up, we reward you handsomely!

    He definitely smokes zol, check those red eyes!

    1. The nature of the parasite!!.

      It gets rewarded by destruction of its host.

  7. Anonymous7:19 am

    It's the corporates who continue to advertise on SABC that are the biggest part of the problem. If they reached an agreement to stop advertising until this thug is removed he would be gone like a flash.

    1. Anonymous1:16 pm

      kak man. the fuckers will just divert more of our taxes (private) to this mamparra teevee place. it is just a tool to replendish the trough, like seff efriken airwhys and iskaam.
      regarding the pic, the faith thing looks more manly than the poof on the left, man you must really feel you earned that stolen millions after you pomped that ugly brak.

    2. Anonymous12:15 am

      @Anon 1:16PM

      You're not wrong there. It looks like a gay wedding.

    3. Anonymous1:46 am

      And I thought they were identical twins, one with velcro cap and one without

      Now you inform that they gender differ, Seriously?

    4. Anonymous2:01 am

      @Anon 1:16 PM

      The SABC hardly gets any revenue from TV licences because they're too scared to try to collect it from their voters. They can then only get money from taxpayers, BUT taxpayers are getting smaller and smaller in number. SA Breweries being sold off is a big, big loss for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. More of the few remaining large listed companies will sell out and hey presto, no more JSE. There will only be the mines left to ransack, just like any other sub Saharan post colonial paradise.

  8. Mike wrote:
    "Where is the justice in this country?"

    There is NO JUSTICE in the White world, for Whites of Christian descent. The Architects of White demise, around the world, have pretty much sewn up the government, the media, the education establishment, and the "churches" in the USA and as we have seen with Rhodesia, Southwest Africa and RSA it works VERY well indeed. Look at Africa the ONLY ones who care about the animals and their survival are the Whites who, whether they still believe it or not, come from a Christian background, ONLY those GIVE a damn about the wildlife, about the environment. The blacks in Africa are busy exterminating and eating the gorilla, and they use POISON manufactured in the USA to also poison LIONS, in fact lions will and gorillas will go extinct in the not too distant future. Elephants and rhinos also killed and in ways that are not honourable by blacks. But let a White man shoot a lion or such with all the proper permits and licenses and the WORLD SCREAMS.

    Justice? That is something our forefathers believed in and fought for. I have to tell you that both Rhodesia and South Africa, it increasingly appears to me, and you can add in the USA and Canada also, fought on the wrong team in the World War II.

    Of course if you believe what your governments and schools and churches tell you then of course I would be wrong.

    But you have to ask yourself would the defeated party in that war have FORCED Rhodesia and South Africa to cede power to the blacks? Would he have forced SW Africa to cede power to the blacks? Would he have introduced millions upon millions of male Arabs and blacks into Europe? Or even more into the USA?

    I question the morality of forced assimilation or absorption of peoples. If we were to apply that principle of assimilation as it were the only moral solution to for our problems, what would happen to the white man whose heritage this South Africa is, settled by his forefathers, built by them throughout three centuries and more, a home for its people, drenched with their sweat and blood of these three centuries?
    Dr Hendrik Verwoerd

    I know South African white refugees in Europe today who have lost everything, in Rhodesia and South Africa both, and they are STILL LIBERALS. No matter how many necklacings, voodoo mutilation murders, rapes, and torture cases occur in their immediate area, no matter how many times they are attacked, no matter how many times they lose everything they own, they NEVER LEARN.

    1. Anonymous12:07 pm


      @Quintus7:48 AM

      Its coming back to us and more. SW, S-Rh, N-Rh, Ang SA, Moz - when we look back in history we will see a brief pause 40-50 years and then get it back.

      Almost like watching one of those ceremonies at the Olympics, I watched one where they showed you throughout history the different era`s of the olympics and then during WW1, WW2 nothing happened and then it picks up again.

      Same here, when we look at the decline of the white world, we will see it rise, rise some more, it declines, declines some more but when it picks up again it will reach new heights.

      I doubt any whites knowing what they now know, would ever have voted or agreed to the way the western world is looking.

      Next year Europe votes in 3 nationalist governments, add Trump (im sure he will win despite the media), the world has already changed people are going to catch a quick wake up call next year at how fast the world has swung from left to right and then this thing spreads quickly throughout the white countries.

  9. Anonymous11:01 am

    They look like a kaffir version of Bonnie and Clyde.

  10. Anonymous11:03 am

    Hi Mr.Smith
    I want to make a prediction.
    Your blog will get more hits than you ever imagined!
    Just keep giving us the whole truth.
    Keep up the good work

    1. Anonymous4:35 am


      @Anonymous11:03 AM

      This blog is going to light up like a Xmas tree when the whites begin waking up en mass, not just from those in SA but millions of whites going through the same thing as SA overseas, once the shit hits the fan here.

    2. Anonymous1:31 pm

      Do you point and snicker at whites in Europe?

  11. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Just look at those dead soulless eyes, I mean just look at it. Both of them. WTF?

  12. OMNI

    Two baboons rutting in the bush. Those 10 seconds of joy must bring decades of happiness to libturd zookeepers everywhere. And then the boon wants to rut with their daughters..... Mnnnmm.....

  13. Anonymous8:41 pm

    Human nature is that you don't just give to other more than you have yourself. How much does Faith have to give Frans Matlala R 18 million.

    1. Anonymous12:10 am

      @Anon 8:41PM

      Human nature?

      We're talking about sub-humans here!

  14. Anonymous9:40 pm

    It looks to me that the rats are abandoning ship. They are taking everything with them first. I think the anc know that they are fucked and probably don't even care. Expect a whole lot more of thievery. Not one ounce of integrity amongst these despicable things.

    1. Anonymous3:40 am

      @ anon 9:40 PM. Integrity is characteristic that humans possess.

      These retards are inhuman, they have no pride, no history, no skills, no development, no intelligence, no characteristic that is admirable so integrity will never be found in this species.

      As you correct yourself by calling them things do not allow yourself to forget your observations.

  15. Anonymous10:39 pm


  16. Anonymous3:23 am


    Brothers in burning!
    Decolonize the place already...softcocks!

  17. Anonymous5:29 am

    Did you see that guy in the States that dressed in a gorilla suit and handed out bananas to BLM protesters. Brass bells he must have, top kek. http://www.google.com/url?q=http://lawnewz.com/video/student-arrested-after-wearing-gorilla-mask-carrying-bananas-at-black-lives-matter-protest/&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwiqn6GizbnPAhVLHxoKHQeGDtAQqQIIDjAA&usg=AFQjCNFN_S9iKr8nrecOGpgVe3AIvjvsZA

    1. Anonymous4:15 am


      This world is totally screwed lol.

      I couldnt stop laughing while watching this.

      They charge him for "provoking" but the very karasite is provoking with their anti white rhetoric - nothing happens to them.

      Something has taken over the US & Im not sure how they get out of it.

      Its a very funny video. Should take the #1 spot at Americas funniest home videos.

    2. Anonymous8:06 am

      Did u notice how they took the bananas? Totally incapable of refusing free shit. They're also having a lot of the meme over at SBPDL. http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.co.za/2016/09/is-america-occupied-country-white.html?m=1

  18. Anonymous3:13 pm

    What does one make of this? If it is in the Eastern Cape surely there will be land claims and more trouble?

    1. Anonymous2:52 am

      Yip, its the way forward. I hope to see more people following suite. Good luck manne.

      Let the host pluck themselves from the bosluis!

    2. I will make a plan to go and check it out. I dont stay to far out.

    3. Anonymous9:35 am

      Good luck
      I do not think that it is going to work
      Lets see how many people actually buy land ?

      What is being created is an old age home
      To survive one needs work and an economy
      One wonders how that is going to be created ?
      ( A "spaza" shop is NOT an economy )
      In any case you may NOT sub-divide agricultural land
      The farm in question will have to be re-zoned
      Otherwise no-one who buys a plot will have legal tenure OR title deeds !
      One wonders if these pie-in-the-sky idiots ever think about legality AND reality ?
      Another "Goshen and Stellaland" .......


    4. Anonymous11:10 am

      Interesting comments


      You do not generate much confidence by first pushing out the begging bowl.

      WHY can no-one follow the normal method of establishing a suburb / township / town

      The normal formal method is quite straight forward ( and legal )
      Done by many Afrikaner property development companies

      'n "plakkerskamp" indeed

    5. Whiteman9:11 am

      Over the last twenty two years, there has been numerous attempts by people to create Orania/Kleinfontein type places of refuge, for us Apartheid type people. The problems to do this, can fill a big thick book. But this does not mean there is a real demand for something like this. Many people can just not afford to emigrate, even if they wanted to. Years ago, I recommended to the people at Orania, to build storage garages, of different sizes, and rent them out at a REASONABLE price, for people who know this rainbow nightmare is going to collapse. That would put you in a position to go and store survival equipment, while you are forced to slog away at your job every day. Then when the big collapse happens, you wont need to cart a lot of stuff to go and survive. But if you dont think this circus is going to collapse, this plan is obviously not for you. These grandiose schemes, to go and start a whole new town or city, is wishfull thinking. The plan should be to SURVIVE just long enough, while famine, disease and chaos sorts out the millions of nignogs, together with their libturd whitey slaves. Remember, a time will come, when you cant even travel anywhere. If I had the money, I would have built these storage units long time ago, because I see it as a way to ensure the survival of the white race !

  19. Anonymous12:04 am


    "After getting free education, we will be coming for the land.”

    "I’m also motivated to continue to protest because it is my generational obligation"

    The only free education these cunts should get is a free pair of concrete boots to study the ocean depths.

    1. Anonymous1:13 pm

      Well, one thing I will concede, we will see another Zim in their generation in this country

      Under no circumstances do we participate in our own murder.

      Stop hiring them...

    2. It never was about free education. Only a small number actually graduate. They only go to these institutions to boost their image to seem more white. The better they are at imitating the white men the more it boosts there social stance among themselfs.

      As for the land. Its always been about the land and not fees. Actually it is not about the land but the anger and jealousy toward white success. They do not want land they only want you to not have it just like Mike said.

      As long as we are around they will hate us because as much as they try to imitate us they always come up short in achieving or being blessed with what it truly means to be white.

    3. Anon 12:04 - Education is totally wasted on the things. The fucking thing has no logic or the power to reason, so how he fuck can it be educated???

      They do not belong in varsities. They are hewers of wood and bearers of water. In other words, manual labourers. They were not designed by Satan to be anything but an irksome irritant to humanity, but we've got so soft we allow the things to destroy everything we built.

      It's all thanks to the Libtards.

    4. Let them come for the land. That is what we want. Why are they pussying around with fees first? Perhaps to build some sort of jungle monkey confidence. I tell you deep inside they are shit scared of the whites. This is not Zimbabwe Let them come.

      Yes many people will succumb but i know our farmers. They will not give them up zim style never.

      When the farmers take a stand and shoot these thieves then all hell will break loose. Let them come

    5. Indeed, Dony. let the fuckers come. I'm getting tired of waiting.

  20. Anonymous6:33 am


    Watch this feminist choke on her own words regarding white privilege, one of the best.


    @Anonymous12:04 AM

    And now the state has zero tolerance for these protests, lets see what happens. This is when you begin seeing a collapse of everything.

  21. Anonymous11:13 am

    let them come for the land. it wont be bang gat security guards with rubber bullets waiting for them. their litle revolution will be crushed very swiftly and painfully.

  22. I came across this pledge by a man called Michael Hill:

    "The Browning of America, and my native South, was not something to which I assented, and I surely do not approve of it. It is not what my ancestors intended for me to inherit. But truly I have only myself to blame for this tragic fate. While it was happening I did not do enough to stop it. Now, my children and grandchildren may have to pay the price that will come from being a hated white minority in a majority non-white land. And non-Christian, too, I might add, so I don’t expect any mercy will be shown them.
    So whatever time the Lord of Hosts–whom I gladly will serve with all my heart, mind, and strength–may allot for me from here to the end, I pledge to spend fighting to restore the South as White Man’s Land. I do this because I believe the admonition in 1 Timothy 5:8. “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (KJV)
    So, in direct contradiction to the politically correct dictates of the current day, I pledge to be a white supremacist, a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe, and any other sort of ‘phobe that benefits my people, so help me God!"
    It would seem that we are not alone...

    1. Willempie, Amen to Michael Hill!

  23. Anonymous1:22 pm


    This is going to get real interesting now...

    "According to the minutes of Thursday’s meeting, which City Press has seen, in terms of the new security plan, police were expected to “enforce the laws of the country in an uncompromising manner” – and “the criminal justice system should create strong examples of how the law deals with people who venture into acts of vandalism, intimidation and violence”."

    The ANC are so shit scared of being overthrown that they are actually going to contribute to being overthrown by showing a heavy hand.

    When the students are dealt a heavy blow, they will rise up even faster, harder, fight back and then we have a huge problem here.

    First the students, then unions and then everything stops functioning and the country comes to a halt.

    When the enemies of the ANC see what they are doing, they will bring in the strikes.

    I think Zuma is making a huge mistake. If they were clever, they would have said they will fetch the bill but charge the students "when they get work" like they do in many countries.

    But then that would require them to build/add to the economy but they cant because that would defeat their purpose.

    Its going to get very interesting and very intense now. They complained about "apartheid era cops", at least they were organized.

    We will probably see a student or a few lose their lives and then? We know these things cant organize shit, when a stray bullet kills a student? when one is roughed up and dies in police custody?

    I cant see this strategy working.

    All I see happening is the police being attacked and mobs running riot, which will eventually lead to the police not even doing their jobs out of fear.


    Your thoughts guys? Jp? Mike? Tom? Others on here?

    1. Ninja, it will work, in reverse, for us. Let anarchy reign which will create the opportunity to start the extermination process under the radar. The utter collapse of law will afford us the opportunity and excuse to take matters into our own hands.

    2. It's exactly as Mike has explained previously, thank you for pointing this out Ninja. The oppressive government oversteps it's limits because they crap in their pants, then things spiral out of control for them.

      Just like it was for us in the late 80's and early 90's.

      Bring it on, I want chaos. I remember reading RW Johnsons 'How long...' book and he made it clear that this munt government will not be able to handle such anarchy.

      Therein lies our opportunity.

    3. Anonymous3:02 am


      @JP Viljoen4:22 AM

      When things fall apart here, the British will be sending troops, weapons, ammo, their plans have been in the background for years.

      They will do everything in their paths to prevent us from having our own government restored. They know we are against them and if in power again, do you think our future leaders (unless liberal asses like the DA) will deal with treacherous Europe/Britain knowing what they did to us?

      This chaos comes 11 months since Malema was in London. If this chaos happened the moment he arrived, it would have seemed too obvious.

      The ANC are dead right, there is a movement here in the background. Just like the Romans brought in those germanic tribes, taught them, schooled them, educated them, groomed them for going back and being a subject of Rome.

      So the British empire has been doing this for decades. Just look at where Assad was educated, Mbeki, most of the dictators in Africa.

      The Arab springs, the uprisings all have the marks of the west.

      This is to bring chaos, with the BREXIT, they need to the gold like they always have - see how their pound is losing value? Not good for a nation that imports the majority of its food from abroad.

      When the chaos hits, they will be here in force and inciting those jingoes, traitors and everyone else against us.

      Indian troops will be sent here as well, it will be like the AngloBoer war but in the 21st century.

      The yanks now with their bases being built in Botswana will be here stopping them and assisting us just prior to WW3.

      We are on the cusp of it, happens pretty fast now.

      Right now we need to think far into the future, plan, train, unite, arm and stick together. If we make a move too soon, we will be crushed but preparation met with opportunity will bring us, that so called "luck".

      Knowing where we are on this timeline of events Van Rensburg spoke about can guide this nation. That & our faith are our secret weapon.

      We know their moves before they know their next move.

    4. JP, Ninja what we're preparing for is to defend ourselves and our way of life. We are not planning revolution or mutiny. We are not plotting to overthrow the government like the Boeremag were.

      We are waiting for the cANCer to do that themselves and they're going about it most admirably indeed. We are not committing treason. We might be inspiring them to self-destruct, but that's just what you might call "Intimidating Politics"? Actually, we don't have to do anything; just sit back and wait. They're doing it all on their own, the useless ignoramuses.

  24. Anonymous2:00 pm

    MAnginas... I tell you, they are everywhere...

  25. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Our little White Tribe here at the edge of Africa can learn a lot from the Mujahideen who fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan...just saying

    1. Anonymous2:18 am


      @Anonymous8:13 PM

      We learnt a lot fighting the largest empire of earth.

      78,000 untrained farmers vs over 500,000 trained soldiers.

      Never underestimate your enemy.
      Never think your enemy has the same morals.
      Never underestimate what your enemy will do for gold.
      Never stop fighting no matter what they do.

      Im cant speak for those men nor can truly understand what it must have been like to see their women/children in camps but, the min they put 1 women or child in that camp, there would have been no chance of me EVER putting my weapon down.

      Once that line was crossed their would be no return ever.

      And when someone shows you signs and they happen, make sure you listen to the same man who tells you they would win the war by sending your women and children to concentration camps.

    2. Anonymous4:23 am

      WHO instigated the recourse to unconventional ( guerilla ) warfare.
      Who sat at a krijgsraad in the veld and decided to pursue the war this way ( before farm burnings got under way )
      How many Americans ended up fighting in Vietnam ( and lost the war )
      BTW ; there were NOT 78,000 republican forces in the field in 1901
      How many were still left in the field when the treaty of Vereeniging was negotiated ?


      Unconventional wars are notoriously difficult to combat. The British army is the ONLY one to have successfully concluded victories in these types of conflict.
      See the article on FARC -- how long has that been going on ?

    3. Anonymous1:54 pm


      @Anonymous4:23 AM

      The real question is, if they were so good at unconventional warfare, why the need to resort putting innocent women and children in concentration camps when fighting a bunch of hill billy farmers like they made out in the media during the war?

      Remember they claimed the war would be over in 2 months, 2 years later at £200 million pounds they were bringing in troops from all over the world to assist them.

      YUP very good fighters, very brave. Those women and children must have been easy targets for them.

      My great grandmother used to tell us how the British troops used to simply walk through their farms and simply grab their geese/ducks by their necks and break them.

      They had to hide in the koppies, thankfully my groot oumajie didnt land up in those camps, we got to hear first hand accounts at how brave their soldiers were.

      But like oom Siener said, they wont even be safe in their bunkers when the Russians bomb them. First we cried, now they cry!

    4. Anonymous12:47 am

      First we cried, now they cry!

      Someone else WILL cry
      DO you not see the stupid endless cycle ?

    5. Anonymous11:03 am

      You are crying now 12:47, it is a never ending cycle soft pussy. Nut up bitch! Or get out of the way.

    6. The ten commandments pertain to "Murder".

      King David was hailed and praised for killing his ten thousands. Killing in battle is not wrong. MURDER is wrong. It was only when King David Murdered Uriah, the soldier husband of Bathsheba that he got into trouble with the Lord.

  26. Anonymous9:14 pm

    There is another group buying farms in western cape. Encouraging pple to invest. Start anew. I think its the way to go. Farms too expensive for one person to buy. One needs to get off the grid and produce your own food. Tough times are still coming. Soon. People must wake up. --- jamie mcN

    1. Anonymous2:02 pm

      YOu been living under a fucking rock or something?

      The Afrikaners have been doing this since 1652 and the sophisticated black gentlemen keep marauding the Boers while you Stupid yank fuckers gloriously suck Mandela dick while putting up his statues all over the fucking place while telling us how Mandela is your God...

  27. Anonymous11:20 pm

    One by one the conspiracy theories become fact


  28. http://freedomdaily.com/germans-muslim-migrants-bombs-mosque/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook

    A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel?

    1. Anonymous2:20 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations12:25 AM

      Just the beginning of it.

      Stupid Europeans give these things human rights in Europe, when they have no rights at all in their own countries.

    2. Jip, let's hope so and that the men in Europe find their balls again and let it snowball.

    3. Anonymous1:51 pm

      Probably a false flag to ensure that evil native whitey gets put in his place

  29. Whiteman2:13 am

    Willempie, I really like your " faith confession ! " It is of course totally un-christian, but that does not bother me at all. We must remember, this country has been a " christian " country, from the very start, and doing charity for the " poor disadvantaged blacks, " has landed us in a state of genocide. We need a new religion/philosophy, that will allow us to look after our OWN first, and enhance our own survival, in the long term. BN, if the police/government really start shooting the " student " terrorists, I will eat my dirty socks ! Not only do the police FEAR these creatures, they are in cahoots with them. Why is there so much criminality in the so called police force ? They are all birds of a feather, and the whiteman is the mutual enemy. How often do you hear the following media cliché at a riot : The " police " are monitoring the situation ! ( afrikaans : Die polisie hou die situasie dop ! ) The police are waiting for the shop windows to be broken, so that they can do legal " affirmative shopping ! "

    1. Anonymous5:18 pm

      "We need a new religion/philosophy, that will allow us to look after our OWN first, and enhance our own survival ..."

      Only a return to the old Christianity of our distant ancestors will do that ...



  30. Whiteman, what's unchristian about slaying Satan's spawn? Were the Crusaders unchristian when they slew the Raghead's?

    No Boet, if that's what it takes to defend The Faith then it needs to be done, with maximum prejudice. BN will quote you a lot of scripture that tells us so too.

  31. Anonymous9:48 am

    Ja nee, some people just need a proper PK to wake the fuck up...

  32. Whiteman10:18 am

    TT, I am with you all the way ! But I can not call myself a christian anymore, because the popular description of a christian, is totally unacceptable to me. There is just too much confusion around what a christian is, or ought to be. I read once that there are 33,000 different religions, and/or churches, out of just ONE Bible ! ! I want NO part of this satanic confusion. I prefer to call myself a believer, and know that each person, is responsible for his/her own salvation. Therefore, if you back the wrong horse, you will fall off, and see your arse. I prefer the KISS principle ! ( Keep It Simple Stupid ! )

  33. Anonymous2:14 pm

    The end of the road for the SABC emperor and his board?