05 September 2016

The day the ANC became above the law...and stayed above the law.

By Mike Smith
5th of September 2016

I believe that nothing in the world is as useless as saying Kaffirs are useless, but once again the Kafricans showed us that they are in fact Kafrican’ts, Kafricunts (or as one of our readers calls them “Kafrasites”) who cannot/ could not even occupy their own head office today.

This past week, with great fanfare and announcement, they set out to occupy the ANC headquarters (Luthuli House) which is a 12-floor building at 54 Sauer Street, Johannesburg, but probably got lost and tried (like the 20,000 idiotically brave IFP Impi’s on the 28th of March 1994) to occupy the former ANC headquarters, “Shell House” a 22 storey building at 1 Plein Street.

The ANC relocated there in 1997.

Nevertheless, I was hoping to see a repeat of The Shell House Massacre when 19 IFP members (Zulus), armed with “Traditional weapons” (a euphemism for hiding the fact that they have never evolved past the Spearchucking Age) were mowed down by the ANC’s goons (MK veterans) situated in safety on top of the roof armed with AK47’s.

On Thursday the 1st of June 1995, President of South Africa at the time, Nelson Mandela, a Xhosa (traditional enemies of the Zulus) and much revered god of the white liberals and Kafricunts alike, stood up in parliament and admitted that HE, the great Xhosa god of all the South African blacks, ordered the killing of the Zulu Impis.

Mandela to face police over killings at ANC head office

Basically, Mandela, Nobel Peace-Prize winner and mass murderer, challenged the world to arrest him. “Go ahead, do it” he said.

Who was going to arrest the Great Mandela? Nobody!

The limp wristed, liberal white doos of a police commissioner we had at the time, General George Fivas, cowered and backed off.

That day…was the signal to the ANC that they were above the law. That they could murder, rape, steal and do as they please…and boy did they take advantage…So good were they that half of their supporters don’t support them anymore.

Over the years a few incidents happened that tried to reverse the situation. On August 27, 2005, a fire broke out on the 6th floor of the building, primarily damaging the ANC's Political Education and Training Unit.

On the 12th February 2014 the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, planned a march on the building and the area was barricaded with coils of razor wire. The march was called off due to security concerns.

Today a bizarre thing happened when the ANC demonstrated against itself, but then backed off. The anti Zuma ANC faction called the #OccupyLuthuliHouse movement withdrew. Fearing another Marikana Massacre when the ANC (Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa specifically) ordered the killing of 34 black miners and wounded 78.

The ANC seems to be turning more and more against their own people.

But wasn’t that what I have always maintained? That the ANC has never given a flying hoot for the blacks of SA? They only used them as voting fodder to get to power so they could steal the country into bankruptcy. The ANC has never been and will never be interested in “The liberation of black people” or their well being. The ANC is only interested in one thing and that is to enrich themselves. They are a bunch of Tsotsis and thieves who think nothing of killing their own people and stealing them blind.

Case in point for instance is Joe Modise ("Bra Joe") co-founder and Commander in Chief of the terrorist organisation Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) at one stage. He was the biggest Apartheid era double agent and former Defence Minister under Mandela, who was responsible for the greatest theft of all times that we taxpayers are still paying for today, The Arms Scandal.

Joe Modise was nothing but a disgusting gangster who killed hundreds of blacks who stood in his way. A township Tsotsi and common criminal who ran a stolen car racket along with an arms and drugs smuggling racket between Zambia and South Africa. Those he didn’t kill himself he betrayed and had them killed by the Apartheid hit squads. Those Vlakplaas agents were the ones who gave him the nickname "Bra Joe".

"In it for myself and fuck everyone else" was Joe Modise's slogan and today we still see that same kind of attitude from other ANC politicians.

Funny that his MK veterans today were prepared to “Kill for Zuma”… MK veterans say they were following Zuma’s orders to defend the ANC at all costs

…Kill their own people, that is; Kill fellow blacks and ANC supporters to defend a corrupt and useless president…not the ANC, I must add.

Fact of the matter is…every day that we, black and white South Africans, back off and let this useless fuck govern a few seconds longer or further, we condone and rubberstamp his theft and corruption. Here is the uncomfortable truth; WE keep them in power with our silence and inaction.

What I would have like to see, were 50 million South Africans rocking up on the doorstep of Luthuli House today…or at least somebody with a .308 WinMag and a Mil-dot somewhere from inside the FNB building taking aim at Gwede Mantashe as he accepted the “Zuma must go” memorandum from the protesters

Same effect. One intelligent man can make the ANC just as scared as 50 million stupid men.

In fact, I think all Governing Parties all over the world should permanently have their head-offices covered by at least 50 snipers from different 3-D angles….Maybe then we will have proper governance. Don't you think?

I mean isn’t that what Zuma said? “Defending the ANC at all cost”?

What is then wrong with defending our constitutional freedoms “At all cost”?


  1. Anonymous10:39 am

    Such a pity...

    I for one could not wait for a new massacre by the anc.

    I would have loved to have seen the ANC shooting their own like they did to the zulu's.

    But, it shows you that these protestors, who are ANC, knew that was a real possibility, and then like the true cowards they are, they decided not to go ahead with their occupation.

    Oh for lost chances...

  2. Anonymous11:00 am

    Got to ask yourself if this isnt supidity past stupid?! Lol gotta love the anc. Vaalpens

  3. Anonymous12:05 pm

    What is that gun in the picture Mike? Serious scope too, looks like you could drop some one at what? 600m? 800m?

  4. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Check out this 4km shot. http://www.scout.com/military/snipers-hide/story/1700056-finnaccuracy-shoots-to-4380-yards-375ct-m10

  5. Anonymous12:26 pm

    So is it popcorn time or not?

  6. Anonymous2:42 pm

    If we bitterenders know how to play this thing against the lberals we would be making suttle little suggestions to the zulus that we work with. eish prez is under so much pressure because Gordhan is a sell out to the DA, eish maybe young Edward should take over the prez he is so clever he will quickly sort out all the problem's
    Vigilans Et Sciens

  7. I think a few of us have pondered about that shot.. What a day that will be.

    1. BLCN - I fantasise about "The Shot" continuously; shots actually because they're always surrounded by colleagues so you can a cull quite a few in one go. Just have to have enough distance to make your getaway.

    2. I hear you brother..

      Go old skool and use a .303 Mk1 with sliding ramp rear sights. What an embarresment it will be for the kaffirs when the police recovers the weapon.. Zuma and Co. klapped by old skool boere rifle..

      These people are beyond the point of arrogance where they think nothing and no one can challenge them. But that's a good thing, don't worry..

    3. Anonymous8:07 am

      I thought the Mauser K98 was the Boer rifle,

    4. Anon 807,

      Nope. Mk1 .303

      Mike, some help here if I'm wrong.?

  8. Here's an interesting perspective.


  9. Anonymous2:03 am

    You posted about African women obsessing about their punanis. This is nothing compared to the ANC wankers at "wek". Porn sites never feature black pussy, only white pussy, usually with black cock. Now why would that be? They use their gubbament e-mail addresses to subscribe to porn.


  10. Anonymous9:52 am

    Anon1205, the rifle in the picture looks like a k98 mauser. Not sure about the scope

    1. Anonymous8:58 am

      952 thanks for the info checked it out at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karabiner_98k
      Effecive range 500m not bad for kit made in 1935. Wonder what it could do with mordern ammo?

    2. Anonymous8:52 am

      Sharp shooters of the late 1800 and early 1900, what they lacked in optics, modern ammo and barrels they certainly made up for in skill and a good understanding in trajectory. American shooters had no problem hurling a 45-70 bullet ten times the weight of a modern .556 bullet at Target 1000 yards away and hitting the bull the Creedmoor matches in long Island New York were very popular. The 500 grain .458 bullets back in the 1870s were still propelled by black powder at +- 1000 to 1200 FTPS so one can only imagine the huge trajectory to the target nearly 1000 metres away yet these sharp shooters of old mastered the technique using metallic sights.

    3. With training anybody can improve his skills.

      Problem is that most people who think they are good hunting marksmen think they are also good snipers.

      A military sniper works under very difficult circumstances, such as dusk and dawn, when light and fog can play a big role. A sniper takes many things into account, not just the distance, but also wind speed and direction, humidity and even the rotation of the earth seeing that whilst the bullet is in the air the earth has moved and on long shots this has an influence on precision and accuracy.

      For instance snipers use different techniques to estimate distance. First thing they do on a mission is to make sketches of what is how far, like an old drum, or a car wreck or a building, etc.

      A church you can still see at 15km even though the earth curvature already starts to play a role. Factory chimneys at 6000m, free standing houses at 5000m, a delivery van at 900m the human head is still visible at 400m, the human face as an oval shape at 250m, the eye-lines at 200m, the eyes of a human as two points at 70metres, etc.

      There are several techniques to improve distance judgement.

      1)The memory technique: During training someone in full kit places himself at exact distances from the sniper such as 100m, 200m etc. The sniper looks at him with naked eyes, and various optics. Detailed notes are made about what is visible when, like if the skin colour can still be distinguished, etc. This should be done under different light conditions.

      2)Known distance technique: Everyone knows the distance of a Rugby field. (100m) How many Rugby fields fit in the measured distance. Unfortunately only works up to about 400m and not downhill.

      3)Group average technique: Various opinions on the distance are taken into account and the average worked out.

      4)Halving: People can judge shorter distances better than longer ones. The sniper finds a point halfway between him and the target, judges this shorter distance and times it by two to find the distance to the target.

      5) Stadiametric method. The Mil-dot reticle and comparison table. Something of a certain high is visible as a certain amount of dots in the scope and can be worked out with a simple formula. An object of 1 meter tall or wide is exactly 1 Mil tall or wide at 1000 meters distance. Distance between sniper and target is like this. Distance = (width or height of the target/ number of mil of dots) x 1000. If the user sees a man of 1.8 m tall for example as three mil dots tall through the riflescope the object is at 600 m distance – (1.8 / 3) x 1000 = 600m. Or sideways...A car that is 6metres long fills 12 dots in the scope. 1000x(6/12) =500m

    4. Improving distance judgement:

      Of course the sniper should train with all possible equipment. However, during his training the sniper should constantly strive to improve his distance judgement by using a combination of above methods. Always train for the “Worst Case Scenario”.

      The sniper should never become too dependent on technical equipment such as laser rangefinders and night vision equipment, because these can fail or break during a mission and endanger the success of a mission. It cannot be emphasized more: Training, training, training.

      The goal of the training should be that the sniper is able to judge the distance to various targets (not just humans) within 10-15% of the actual distance with a consistency of 70% of all measurements. The instructor should verify the correct distance with a Laser Range Finder.

      Laser Range Finders are expensive. Military models are the AN/GVS-5 (distance 200-9,900m, accuracy +/- 10m, weight 2,27kg) or the Simrad LP-7 (10,000m, accuracy +/-5m, weight 2,2kg). Modern equipment makers are Bushnell or the German company Leica (Geovid 7x42) which will cost about R20,000.

      The best model is of course the
      Leica Vector Range but who has R100,000 for a pair of supped up binoculars?

      I know of several snipers who use relatively simple Golf range finders that cost about R1,500-R5, 000.

      One of my British friends has one with a built in compass, thermometer and height measurement. He seems to be very happy with it.

    5. Anonymous4:07 am

      Thanks for very useful info, but there is just one more thing, the sharp shooter needs to know what the bullet/ammo (the one that I have now & not the one I hope to get later) limitations are with the firearm that he will be shooting it with. You are correct when you stated that a hunter does not necessarily make a good sniper/sharp shooter, in war the humane kill is not always the objective, a wounded enemy from a .22lr that came from who knows where could cause more psychological fear to the rest of the company than an outright kill from a 12.7. Mike what I am trying to get across is that every bullet if it can wound or kill an enemy it is a good bullet, it is really the shooter that must learn to adapt so that he can maximize what he has at his disposal.
      Vigilans Et Sciens

  11. Just to get the facts straight, Its either a 308 Winchester or a 300 Winchester Magnum. Theres no such thing as a 308 WinMag.
    There is however a 308 Norma Magnum.

    1. @ Dirtyoldsix...Of course you are 100% correct. Freudian slip from my side.

      @Anon 9:52 AM...The picture comes from some WWII game I think. The weapon is indeed a K98k and the telescopic sight looks a bit anachronistic. It is too large for the Zielfernrohr ZF 39 Zeiss "Zielvier" which had only 4x magnification. Could be an Emil Busch "Visar".

    2. Anonymous5:35 am

      Have you heard of a game called Battlefield 1? It's a funny new game about WWI where apparently all the Turks are white as snow and all the Germans are black made by a Swedish company. Gotta have that diversity in the trenches.

  12. Anonymous5:33 am

    The problem is that if whites and coloureds and indians decided to show up to protest zuma then the blacks would immediately all support zuma

    Racial tensions between the majority and minorities are too high in south africa for any kind of "rainbow nation solidarity" against zuma to occur. Even the DA will only be successful because of it putting blacks in charge over whites.