20 September 2016

The ANC won't see 2019

By Mike Smith

20th of September 2016

I always said that the day the Communists withdraw from the ANC/COSATU/ SACP Troika it would put the nail into the coffin of the ANC. SA Communist Party considers going it alone in the Western Cape in 2019

The ANC are and have always been a bunch of idiots, charlatans and palookas. The Communists are the brains behind the ANC. The only reasons they survived so far were, because of the discipline and intelligence of the Communists. Without that they will crumble into insignificance.

Gwede Mantashe reminds me of that coloured guy in “Tolla is Tops” who gets a small trowel to go and plaster up all the cracks in the Sederberg mountains; Good luck with that.

To me it is clear…Poor ANC is on its last legs. They are faced with a dilemma; Get rid of Zuma and lose, or keep Zuma and lose. Either way they are royally stuffed. The recent local elections were just the start, a foretaste of their total abandonment. Finally their black supporters are starting to see them for who they really are; a bunch of corrupt, lying and thieving Marxist terrorist scum.

Currently, not a day goes by without another high-ranking ANC supporter abandoning Zuma. Like rats from a sinking ship. Not only are there divisions and cracks in the ANC about Zuma, but also in its Troika partners, COSATU and the SACP. The cracks are just getting more and more and bigger and bigger. I doubt it if the ANC will even see 2019.

Zuma is falling into the same trap as all dictators. He is surrounding himself with a few loyalists and pulling into a laager. Every day those loyalists get fewer and fewer. He simply cannot hold. Like Gene Sharp said, when his support pillars crumble away from underneath him, he won’t even have the power or authority to resign. Zuma will simply FALL. Along with him the ANC will go, because Zuma will drag the ANC down with him. What a glorious day that will be. Finally we will be able to close that chapter in our history.

Funny enough…the previous regime went the same way. Who would ever have thought that the once mighty NP would simply crumble away and cease to exist?


  1. Anonymous2:00 am

    I for one hope / wish or pray that it will happen this year. I am so gatvol of seeing these gangstas thieving the place blind and then blaming whites for their mistakes.
    Crime is unbelievable.

    I would love to see fuck face de klerk somewhere and kick his balls into his arse.

    1. Fok pienk Frikkie.
      Die land brand....but they're singing praises for a njaffer called Mandoza.
      Could any of my learned friends on this blog enlighten this boykie from the Karoo - wie presies is dié nerf werfwetter?.
      Sy bydrae tot die fiskale waardetoevoeging vd land of ekonomiese bydrae....was wat?

  2. "Who would ever have thought that the once mighty NP would simply crumble away and cease to exist?"

    Indeed, I always maintained that we would never have a Kaffir government as long as I had hole in my rectum. It was still there this morning?

    Please, SACP, pull the plug on Msholozi Showerhead?

    1. Anonymous5:04 am

      But TT, the communists are bigger thieves than their buddies in the ANC.

    2. So true Tom. My oldman finished school in '71 or '72, same as you I think?

      Anyhow, I asked him if in his matric class, if the teacher asked the class - do you ever think there will be a black government 'ruling over SA' - and my oldman laughed and said the class would have laughed that teacher off the premises.

      Unlike most Saffas, my oldman saw the light in about '82. He was doing a tracking of some monkey with a mine strapped to his back. He was barefoot and they could see by the depth of his feet in the soil he was carrying a big mine.

      This monkey came all the way from Northern Agola or wherever and he was going to stick this to a tank or vehicle or what have you.

      It took about 12 guys and some khoi-san monkeys to eventually track him down andzap him. That's when my oldman finally clicked. It's over. You can't fight like this. What happens when 1 million monkeys with mines strapped to their backs start pouring across the border.

      We only had at most a few hundred thousand men - mostly civvies - for if the shit really hit the fan.

      Our PF was small. This 'winning hearts and minds' kak is simply that. A lot of kak. You can't win the heart and mind of a creature that doesn't have a heart and mind to begin with.

      My oldman started rocking the boat. Pushing for tactic changes. He knew back then what most people are realizing today, extermination is the only answer. His mind changed completely from when it started in '76.

      Like he told me, when you young, dumb and ful of cum you they can put a rifle in your hand, point you in that direction and you will run.

      By about 30, a guy has his wits about him. That's when he clicked it's over unless we changed tactics to extermination.

      He started telling people it's over with the current tactics and ended up been basically booted out and put on reserve. Wanker 'Generals' thought they knew it all. He moved his folks out of Hilbrow and into the suburbs.

      People thought he was mad. A black government, never, a black inner city, never.

      He had it down to the tee. For me, if the plan is not extermination, count me out.

      I'll come and have a dop with you Tomkat rather. We can watch the 'reconciliation' and multicultural chaos on youtube. You won't find me anywhere near a 'winning the hearts and minds' of 'give me more sooner' conscienceless creatures.

    3. Anonymous6:18 am


      "He had it down to the tee. For me, if the plan is not extermination, count me out. "

      JP I said this years, years ago when before I was a teen! I could see it then clearer than most can see it today.

      Unless we are prepared to do what has to be done, its over! You cant have paradise with a karasite.

      The whites have to accept this. Either you give them everything, pack your bags and leave or you make them leave.

      Lucky for us, we were warned about a revolution and this will be the trigger, excuse we need.

      We might be considered radicals now but wait until the world see`s what they do to the whites during that night attack.

      When the power cuts happened in 2007/2007, I told family, friends here, here, look here - he said it, he mentioned this.

      Who would have thought a 1st world country would have power cuts 13 years after a black gov, people seem to forget we had them.

      Those my friends were preparation tactics being put in place for when the ANC loses control and they begin their border war within our country but like I say.

      They have 1 shot, only 1 shot at getting it right. They know it and we know it.

      If they fuck up or mess up just one thing and dont get it right, they know its truly over. Now you know the force, the ferocity of what will take place during that night attack.

      They have 1 shot, only 1 shot and if they mess up its completely over for them. This time there will be no forgiveness or reconciliation.

    4. Anonymous12:40 pm

      It will come and we have to be ready for it.siener and johannah brandt have said it would come and like you said they have been prepping for the 1 time punch for a very long time,taxis closing down streets,towns and suburbs.power cuts.kaffers counting white houses in white areas in little notebooks.disarming us and giving our weapons to the blacks.killing us on farms and giving our farms to blacks to be looted.reducing food security.messing up industry and mining that everything gets expensive to make violence easier because a vet kaffer is a happy and lazy kaffer. The key is for them to attack first and be ready for it.if we attack first then the world would crusify and nuke us,but when they attack first then the world would se it as self defence and then we can destroy everything in our way and cleanse the country of them once and for all.

    5. Anonymous9:20 pm


      @Anonymous12:40 PM

      Agree 100%. What they are doing is their ground work, albeit slowly. This way they can boil the frog without it waking up.

    6. Anon 5|04 Agreed, but they will devour or at least weaken one another and make our job all that much easier.

      And, yes 12:40 that is the way we have to play it and as Ninja said all these things are practice for the Big Push.

  3. Anonymous2:28 am

    Good news story of the day, I love it, thanks Mike.
    Will the ANC just give up power though or will they go back to the bush?

  4. Anonymous3:07 am

    I'm seeing the anc slowlymorphing into the Zulu party as the political expression for their tribalism, most of Zuma's loyalist's are from kzn

    1. Ja, that maybe so, but the IFP made some lekker gains in the recent elections.

      More and more people are turning to them and starting to realise that Buthelezi is an honourable and he never planted any bombs in civilian places but fought from inside.

      I mean, if you hate to choose between him and Showerhead? No race . . .

    2. 2:28 there aint no more bush for them to go to. They relied on the supreme belief that Western Powers had in the righteousness of their cause and from support from the communist bloc for safe foreign rear areas. Far from being "in the bush" their shot-callers were living it up on the dime of their stupid Western hosts. The bush in SA is not infinite and their erstwhile African neighbours despise them now too.

  5. Not only did the NP crumble away, they got into bed with the enemy.

    1. Anonymous5:33 am


      Thats why we need leaders & not politicians.

      Leaders cant be bought, which is why Verwoered was assassinated.

      “Politics: “Poli” a Latin word meaning "many" and "tics" meaning "bloodsucking creatures".”

  6. Anonymous3:35 am


  7. Anonymous3:47 am


    Perhaps this is the big strike Oom Siener referred to.

    The anc goes down they sure as shit going to take everything with them.

    1. It is as if in slow motion - oom Siener's prophesies are happening now

    2. Its been happening for some time now. Every new one just gives it all more credibility.

    3. Anonymous5:00 pm


      @LM8:34 AM

      The prudent see danger and take refuge,
      but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

  8. Anonymous4:16 am

    What about SACP, will,they also disappear, after all they are the brains of the ANC?If they are gone things can truly change and hopefully for the better.

  9. Mike, I know I just sent this to you & JP in an email, but I want the others on here to read it as well and understand that we have to become like Manie Maritz again and be very aware of the traitors.

    Boere Ninja, read this if you haven't already and all the other "brothers".


    1. Anonymous5:53 am


      Thanks Tom.

      This is when that Krause document was delivered & mention of it over the airways during world war.

      This according to Siener was the agreement made that would save us here at this moment in time and that special weapon which is being developed now in Germany, be sent to us.

      Siener even told them that they would not succeed with this rebellion but it would be a success in the far future, they had to lose the rebellion in order to win a future war that we are facing now and our new republics get underway.

      That Krause document, these agreements will come into play according to him when the Germans take vengeance against England.

      We see the rift with the Brexit & how the German led EU is already gathering against England, when they cut England out of the financial EU markets this will leave them vulnerable and he said, not even the US would be in a position to help them out financially when the pigs are licking the dam wall - they have money issues & then the hordes from Africa/East and all its colonies stream into England.

      At this time there is a civil war happening in France which starts in the Rhine valley.

      We see England trying to stop Europe from forming an army, they say there is no need since they have NATO. We see how BBC has put a task force/writers in place to combat Russian propaganda and he told us what would happen to England when they sell out the US to Russia but the Russians not trusting them bomb the shit out of them, that not even those in bunkers will survive.

      All is happening right before our eyes. Those who know what is coming will be cool & calm, these lot here who think they have us down - boy oh boy, are they in for a surprise.

      He said 2 statesman will be killed here, Im willing to bet its Zuma and one of his close companions in crime. Zuma will not go & he will be taken out.

      I do not think it will be long now before those German subs pop up here in South Africa, not long at all.

      OH & dont forget (most whites have) that there will be a night attack in JHB. Now that these things can see the end is near, they will do what they always wanted to do.

      Which is why we need to be armed, prepared & waking our people up. It will be so sudden, happen so fast, the world will be left stunned.

      Someone left that link above regarding a huge nationwide strike, that is the one which brings the economy to a halt.

      We must fight, even with our backs against the wall!

    2. Anonymous5:58 am


      The Krause document.

      The above events are confirmed in a secret document (The Krause Document) confiscated by General Smuts in 1942, for fear that should the Seer’s visions become public knowledge, it would incite rebellion against the Government.

      According to the Seer, the above-mentioned nationwide strike will go ahead near the end of black rule (we see it happening now), which would be the time when Afrikaners would finally turn their backs on the Government.

      The Seer said things would go very badly for the strikers, as he had seen ‘the pig hanging from a hook in Johannesburg’.

      Then revolution would break out (Be prepared by brothers & sisters the time is NOW) and in the confrontation that follows, the Afrikaners would take back the country.

      He told grandfather Krause: “The Communists and liberals will lay charges against, and murder us.

      Some policemen and members of the Defence force will also take part in this persecution, and in return many false promises will be made to them.

      A father will betray his son, a sister her brother and a friend will betray the one who trusted him.

      The renegade chiefs will go abroad where they will be plotting in secret, getting their plans in order.

      Then, when we least expect it, they will strike — we will be disarmed, brought before Court on trumped-up charges and imprisoned immediately.

      You see these plans were already in the pipeline long before a black government came into power. Many of our people will be killed in the intense struggle that will follow.

      For that reason we must never surrender our weapons; we must settle our differences and unite if we want to save ourselves from going under”.

      He then explained how we would get help from Germany:

      “When these things start, a man rises up in Germany who will take over the reins.

      They have been preparing in secret for this takeover for many years. And the arms that Germany will produce will be of such a nature that many countries will be afraid of attacking them.

      They also become liberated, regain all their states in Europe and become so powerful that I see it (Germany) seated at the head of the table just after the war ends…”

      And this is why I say, all liberals in this country need to be hung for treason. I have seen now so many of his visions happen that I have no doubt this is going to happen shortly.

      Be armed, trained, prepared, united and wake up our nation.

    3. Anonymous6:03 am


      However, he said at this stage our people are very divided.

      “Furthermore, our enemies will secretly import arms and ammunition from Europe and other places and hide these in secret caches around the country.

      The day they are ready to attack us, they will incite the Indians, blacks and coloureds to join the uprising, which they have been planning for so long.

      It will become a full-scale revolution in which our women and children will be exposed to the greatest danger.

      “But we must not forget: many of the men in the Security Forces, who are supporting us, are now being arrested and replaced with jingoes.

      “However, when they are ready to attack the rebels (whites who are resisting), things will turn ugly and all their well-laid plans will be destroyed.

      It will be so horrific for them that they will flee, but it will not be of any use, for many will die when we as well as German forces retaliate.

      They will never be able to fight against us again.

      “All those advanced secret weapons I wrote about earlier, will be used and their destructive power will be like firebombs that can destroy large cities.

      Smoke and fire will cover everything like a thick blanket for weeks perhaps months and it will become dark early in the morning, while birds will nest early.

      A toxic gas will also kill silently in the cities without even cracking a windowpane. ( This is how we get rid of the Karasite)

      This will be released over port cities from German submarines and warships and it will colour the sky a shiny yellow orange hue that will be seen daily on the horizon.

      The war will not last long, but peace will only prevail once we have ‘cleaned up’ into the north. Many of the neighbouring states will then willingly reach out their hands to us…” ( I say we wipe them out for good - that is how you get peace, no help, the only help is eradicating them)

      Race Riots

      Modern day racial revolutionary anti-white activity has already been put into bloody action in other countries wherever the black population has risen against what they see as White privilege (how accurate was he? Are we not hearing about white privilege now? And people still doubt).

      As far back as 3rd December 1918, the Seer had a vision that racism would increase world-wide.

      In March 1955, Mr. Boy Mussmann wrote a letter to Die Volksblad, relating what the Seer had told him about four important events, which still had to be fulfilled, and when they could be expected to do so:

      1. Great war troubles, which would plunge the country into chaos;
      2. A brown-suited man, who would unite the nation again;
      3. A coup d’etat, and
      4. Total freedom and prosperity for the Afrikaner.

    4. Anonymous6:09 am


      ‘Oupa’ Krause said: “The Afrikaners face a great and beautiful future. We are freed from our enemies; we have a God-fearing Boer President, free from Party politics. He is not concerned with petty matters but looks up.

      He looks at our future. The nucleus of the great Boer republic is the Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape. From here we look north. The Afrikaner nation is a great unit, and we support our good President, a true leader.

      In the course of time, the Boers take possession of the Union and expanded further north as far as the equator. Boers and German commandos marched forward in Africa to make the country safe and habitable for the white man once again.

      This takes time, but everyone works together to achieve this. People from many overseas colonies flee to South Africa to settle here, for there is only death and destruction in their own countries and Mother England is no more.

      We became a great and prosperous nation, for immigrants arrived from all over the world to live in peace and security with us… (I must add here we MUST only take WHITE Christian immigrants no Karasites, arabs, jingoes, latinos, none of that shit)

      Then Van Rensburg saw himself walking during the night to the house of his brother, Pieter, who lived just across the stream.

      Great raindrops started falling and the Divine person (in the grey suit) appeared before him once again and asked him whether he could see the storm clouds, two in the east, two in the north, two in the west and one in the south.

      Those were the seven plagues that would torment England (See Chapter 21 —The Seven Plagues of England).

      With these words, the Seer also referred for the first time to a vision he had about the start and progress of the third (and last) war WW III. One ‘Oupa’ (Grandfather) Krause only made the details known during the 1940’s. Seer said this war would start in Eastern Europe (Russia) and then spread world-wide.

      And what do we see happening with Russia now - if you told people 10 years ago that Russia would even take Crimea, Ukraine, they would have laughed at you & we see their ships heading for Syria now & he said they would swing through Turkey and we know they are now working together and we see the US just killed close to 70 Syrian troops violating their agreements.

      Everything he said, IS happening right now!

      I hope to meet all of you loyal brothers/sisters one day, you truly are one of a kind, special people and a special nation!

      Be armed and prepared now, not much time left here before the revolution breaks out.

  10. Anonymous5:19 am


    I have no doubt they will be gone BUT...

    Will it be without a fight?
    Without Chaos?

    We have seen time & time again that these dictators never leave without a fight, a coup, the country being destroyed, the country left bankrupt and a lot of blood shed.

    I want them gone for sure! Like 22 years ago.

    Sure they will be replaced but what about BEE/AA, the corruption - the DA (for now) seem a better choice, we should though be prepared & ready for the worse but we will deal with this when it happens - first get rid of this shit in office and this time hang all these Karasites.

    He will not go without a fight. This is the same man who was behind the armed wing & with a war like mindset. He will not (in his mind) go back to jail and I which brings me to the thought that he will die in office.

    When pushed into the corner, I can bet 1 thing - they will promise and begin acting on all their promises fast. I.E taking land, wealth distribution and everything in order to win back the masses.

    Just think for one minute, this guy spent time in exile, running, being locked away, enemy #1 of the state & do you think for one minute that he will want to land up in the same place again?

    When the change happens in Zims, it will happen here. I am convinced the two are linked, kill 2 birds with 1 stone and they will want it done before this thing in Europe kicks off with Russia - the bases being built in Botswana are there for two purposes.

    As before, prevent Southern Africa falling into the terrorists hands - they can do the fighting this time, when we stopped them and had it under control they hit us with sanctions and boycotts.

    Those bases being built are for these two purposes. Regime change & to make sure SA is under their control with an interim government put in place. We have seen it before & Siener mentioned this as well - we just need to connect the dots.

    Prevent them here doing what they want to do and for Zims. Does a day go by now that you dont see Zims in the world news, just visit any international site yahoo.com/uk/ main sites, forbes, business insider - you see articles all over the web regarding Zims - its over for them there and here.

  11. Anonymous5:19 am


    “We don’t want to do any profiling,” Trump said. “If somebody looks like he’s got a massive bomb on his back, we won’t go up to that person … because, if he looks like he comes from that part of the world, we’re not allowed to profile. Give me a break.”

    Oh & while this is going on & Trump wins (its a definite win after the 2 attacks last week 100% for sure) apartheid profiling comes to the US & then to France & quickly spreads throughout Europe but not for the UK. The illegals will then stream into the UK, we see the walls being built in Calais but its too late.

    Meanwhile Zikka spreads to the most overpopulated non white areas of the US, vaccine is given and their Karasites/half breed Latinos are sterilized like in Kenya.

    So Apartheid laws will spread fast throughout Europe. The EU will collapse, Hungrys vote in Nov will turn the EU upside down when Serbia, Poland, Hungary now that they have joined forces and then we have the elections coming up in France & Germany & nationalism in Europe rises fast....white nationalism/racism spreads throughout the world.

    Then Europe looks our way at what they are doing to us here & then the fight begins but we will not be 4 million but have 200 million looking our way with sympathy & providing support.

    We are so close now, I can almost touch it. I have been waiting for this for years, praying for it, the day will come when what they did to us, will be unleashed back on them and now that we have seen them for what they are, there will be no forgiveness.

    This is a war, make no mistake.

    And no karasites from South Africa to the equator, this should be our long term goal, however we do it I dont care but these Karasites need to vanish off the face of Southern Africa for ever, the only one left like I say....

    In an underground museum, behind a glass window with televisions, news articles showing the future tourists what this place looked like before they took over, when they took over and then what it looks like now.

    Never again!

    These are the lasts days for these karasites.

    1. Anonymous4:44 pm

      BN, I think I will stick to my Bible and believe what the word of God says thanks.

    2. Anonymous9:03 pm


      Which books? You do know the bible from biblios meaning a collection of books. Its not one book but a collection of books.

      So which book are you going to read from the library of books? The ones the church forgot to add (and deliberately removed) or the ones they chose to include?

      Just asking.

    3. Anonymous12:05 am

      Yeah BN, I think that if you are on earth when this stuff is taking place then you have missed the heavenly train out of here.
      I would rather stay focused on my Redeemer and be taken out of this mess as the Bible states.

    4. Ninja, Anon 12:05 & 4:44 seems to be a bit of a fatalist. Sounds like he's just going to sit back and let the karasites rape and kill his whole family? He also obviously seems to read the Bible very selectively and make his own interpretations. Then I'm not even talking about the books they excluded that you mentioned.

    5. Anonymous4:24 am

      Personally BN, not to knock you down, due respect but I do believe that as stated in the Bible, KJV new testament speaks of the rapture and I do believe it is very close when the 2000 year church age ends and the 7 year tribulation starts.The signs around the world are there, we are entering into some strange times as stated we will be living in the days that were the same as Noah before the flood, the signs are there. What I would like to know is what is sieners view is on the anti- christ?

    6. Stephen4:52 am

      Okay TT & BN , I understand your frustration ,but there's no need to attack the word of GOD.

      It is manna from Heaven if you guys would only stop being so all knowing , im not judging you guys , I know you've gone trough plenty hardships , but that doesn't warrant taking it out on people that love GOD.

      I know that once you read it , all of a sudden you'll stop being so critical of it.

      Come on guys , direct your cleverness at those that need it , these people that trust in God have made the correct choice .

      Don't let your pride con you , we cant even count the hair on our arms what about on our heads , and God knows each ones number, so please don't treat HIM with dis-respect .

      One day you'll see HIM , rather take a step back now , humble yourself just a bit when talking about His Word , it will put you in good stead.

    7. Stephen, I am by no means attacking the Word of God and I worship God and so does BN. Without God we are not going to make it through what lies ahead.

      What I was questioning was people's different interpretations of It and how the Bible has been usurped by the church, through the ages, to suit their own agenda. As BN mentioned about the books they deemed fit to omit?

      Having sais I trust in God doesn't mean I trust in the church/es. I definitely don't. To me they are the personification of evil.

    8. Anonymous6:58 am


      Stephen4:52 AM

      Stephen Im going to ask this, not out of being smug, or a non believer. I believe.

      If you ask 1,000 law abiding, bible following, bible believing Christians, where in their mind when they close their eyes do they see God, you will get different responses.

      If you followed Gods laws, if we followed Gods laws, then there would be no heathen and no need for us to write or even create a blog like this.

      Christians tend to pick and choose verses, books, and believe what they are told rather than reading those books from beg to end as one long story yet to be complete.

      Read the book of Joshua during Israels time of trouble. That is a book for now & remember our good Lord and savior never said he came for peace... that is a Christian spin on his words.

      He also never said he came to abolish the law of Moses nor to remove any of the old testament but to fulfill. There is nothing new the Lord said that is not in the old testament.

      Love thy Israelite neighbor - mentioned in Leviticus. It refers to Israelites & not all the nations of the earth. If they were to love thy Egyptian neighbors or other neighbors, they would never have been told to wipe them out.

      And Stephen, remember the verse "dont judge" dont judge us and tell us we are proud or that we are not humble. Humble as caused us to lose this country, humble to the savage that now devours us because we never accepted the law of not allowing them in our lands. You see Europe, with all this multicultural suicide, the first thing going out the window is Christianity.

      So you should actually be encouraging us because the first thing to happen is a cleansing of our Churches & the filth in them.

      That is the root of the problem & why so few have faith these days, when they pick/choose, decide what is law and what is not.

      If you go back on my posts, my comments, you will see I have never attacked the word but been a very strong proponent of following it to the T.

      One day, we will all see him.

    9. Anonymous7:03 am


      @Anonymous4:24 AM

      No problem.

      I invite criticism, Im not sure how long you have been on this blog or been reading it but if you go back several months, you will clearly see that I have long said, the entire message of the bible was and is only for the Israelites found in the western world which up until recently were the only Christian nations on earth that accepted the word as a nation.

      Fulfilling the prophecy that the word be spread to the Israelite's and we can follow the footsteps of the apostles and see this prophecy fulfilled.

      Not sure why you guys would think I am "anti" the bible, quite the contrary. I suggest you go back several months and see my comments. You will see I am well versed in the bible, it is a subject I studied in depth and practice.

    10. Stephen9:06 am

      Bn and TT , that's great , I'm relieved that you guys stand up and defend the Word ,
      Ofcause I've been following Mike's blog for a while and I know you men are well schooled in the Word.
      that's why I was suprised when you asked ''which books'

      My apoligies if my comment seemed judgemental - I do support you guys , most of the time you guys say exactly what I would have .so sorry for ruffling the feathers.

      Okay here's why my objection - I believe that the bible as you have it now on your bedside table , is an abselute miracle , its devinely inspired and even its binding and exclution of the apocrifa is exactly as God intended it for us.
      so that's why I voiced my concern , knowing that the apocrifa is only additional info .

      Thanks for clearing things up , both of you are great accests to our Cause.

    11. Anonymous11:01 am

      On the money B_N it is very significant that Jesus said he was not there to change the law. The covenant and the law were forever YHWH and the prophets in the OT confirm it time and time. Its not like YHWH made a mistake and had to reconsider. Additionally the use of the term Gentiles in the NT is very interesting and bears some study because it does not mean what we have been taught it means.

    12. Anonymous11:07 am

      As for the rapture being everybody floating into the sky or disappearing well that is a prime example of why the teaching of churches has become so corrupted and a prime example of how Christians love to cherry pick verses and allocate meanings and importance whilst ignoring the true message. Margaret MacDonald and John Darby among others were responsible for the rapture being interpreted as it is.

    13. Anonymous4:35 pm

      BN, okay no problem with respect, we do agree the world is in shambles, including SouthAfrica, we do agree that we as whites the world over and especially in south africa are being oppresed, we are heading for a global government implemented and supported by the globalists and all individual form of identity is being destroyed. So you will have one world goverment with one mmonetary system, take the mark Microchip or slowly starve to death.One world religion.

      We do agree that there is a world leader coming that will see to it that all of this will happen under his leadership, the world leader being supported by the globalists, untouchable system that oppress the average person, especially Christians.

      How will the Christian God fearing Boere together with other Christian nations in the world fit in with the world leaders plans?

      I do not think he will like it at all because to me as I said above he, this world leader, is the anti- christ, the son of perdition hat will rule for seven years. We are very close to this, in actual fact Christs words were A generation will not pass untill all this happens.

      What generation is he talking about? When Israel was formed as a nation in 1948, so that is a long time ago, almost a whole generation has passed.

      To sum up, we are living in the apostasy of the Christian church, we are living in an age of false prophets and anti christs but the world leader still has to come, with all this before the 7 year tribulation when the anti christ rules we are close to the rapture when Christ fetches his bride ( the church), those people who wil be saved, because of the gospel and after that is the 7 year tribulation and then the battle of Armaggeddon when Jesus Christ comes and destroys the world leader and the global government and Christ will take his place as the rightful ruler, the milenium, etc.

      BN, how Sieners visions fit in all of this?

    14. We all know Psalm 23.

      The second line. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

      The picture we get is (Pastures :land covered with grass and other low plants suitable for grazing animals, especially cattle or sheep.)

      So the Lord is making me( David) lie down in this green grass and he is leading me(David) beside still waters like a shepherd.

      Now you will ask what is wrong with this picture.


      I will now translate directly from the same Hebrew source as the KJV.

      in•oases-of vegetation he-is-making-recline•me
      on waters-of resting-places he-is-conducting•me.

      oasis :a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found. (Middle East... makes sense)

      vegetation : Plants and trees. ( this would be palm trees and plants found in an oasis desert area, not green grass lands like in Ireland)

      he-is-making-recline•me : lean or lie back in a relaxed position with the back supported.

      on waters-of resting-places he-is-conducting•me.: (Not beside or next to. It says ON waters of these resting places).

      Now i form a picture of David lying with his back maybe supported by a palm tree in the desert watching as the Lord or his angels instructs David using the water of the resting place as his stage from where He conducts to David.

      These two interpretations now have separate meanings.

      The sad thing is that the entire bible reads like this in Hebrew and is open for interpretation.

      People and churches have been interpreting the Word for thousands of years changing it every so often to suit their own agenda and believes.

      Wouldnt it be self-righteous and self-centered to say that this point in time is the correct point and the Word today is in divine and its truest form just because i find myself alive in this point in time and not in the others where they also believed that their interpretations were the divine and truest format?

      I am not telling you how to interpret the bible nor that mine is the correct one. All i am saying is go and have a look for yourself with an open mind.

      2. Leviticus 18:22: " Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." 3. Leviticus 20:13: "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."Apr 1, 2013

      Oct 9, 2015 - History made as NG Kerk moves to accept gay unions ... of the DRC urged the church to fully welcome gay ministers and same-sex marriages.

      These are the guys interpreting the Word for us. Dont be so naive as to think it is a new thing. The serpent was there in the beginning, it was there with Yashua it was there with Constantine. It is not dumb. It is clever enough to fool 99% of Christians.

      If you underestimate the serpent(trickster) you have already lost the battle against it. It is not on the level of human mental capacity and intelligence, it is far beyond it. It was the mightiest angel, you are no match. Your only salvation is in the Lord who can give you the wisdom to know the truth and to see good from evil.

      But if from thence thou
      shalt seek the LORD thy
      God, thou shalt find [him],
      if thou seek him with all thy
      heart and with all thy soul.

      The question is "Are you seeking and searching or are you just trusting what you are being fed to believe and if the verse applies in the opposite. "If you are not seeking with all of your heart and soul you will not find Him.

  12. Stephen6:05 am

    Hi Mike

    It is as if the words from your mouth hasn't even got cold yet , and already its coming to pass.

    I remember your 'pillars crumbling , post very clearly , and without even going back to check it seems as if that was the script for whats happening now .

    I know you take no big credit but Mike I give it to you ,
    doesn't it feel lekker to be vindicated in what you believed .

    As I said before , my smile is still stretching wider every day , and now , not just because of what I believe but because of what I see .

    Man , im sommer in a lekker mood for the rest of the week now.

  13. Anonymous6:51 am

    I reckon in Natal the fighting that will break out between Zuma's anc and the sacp will be far worse than the unrest of the early 90s when warlords like Sifiso Nkabinde and Thomas Shabalala caused so much death and destruction amongst the Zulus, well this time there will be no Natal Command mailing call up instructions to boost the Commando structure in order to safeguard life and property, or units like 2ssb, 1 para or 32 and later on 2 sai sent in to boost the internal stability unit. Yes this time let the Kaffirs burn and massacre themselves. And I think it has already begun with the latest sacp councilors that were murdered in the valley of a thousand Hills

  14. Ninja, my boet, thanks for this. JP and I were just discussing you and your knowledge of Oom Klasie.

    About the aid from Germany. Is it coincidence that Luderitz harbour has been dredged and deepend and can now accommodate warships? The rail line to Upington has been repaired and upgraded?

    Siener mos said our help would come in via Luderitzbucht. No, it's as you say, everything is falling into place and if we get good rains this year? He mos said something about the 2 Kaffirs dying "en wanneer die groen gras weer hoogstaan", if I'm correct.

    1. Anonymous10:54 am

      The way I see it is like this:

      The Germans are the globalists and the Russians are the nationalists.

      You, Boere neenjaah and Siener are all globalist patsies that go "raah raah Germany!"

      .... When you should be backing Russian nationalists.

      You Boers are going to be used and funded by the globalists as useful idiots to fight the economic ally of Russia, namely the SA government (BRICS you see) It will be the globalists that are going to supply you with weapons. Do you honestly think that its patriots who are doing this? If it was, they would have done it in 1993.

      Just make sure you are aware of the fact that you are nothing but pawns and maybe just maybe you will all grow a pair of brains are realise how we are being treated like fucking muppets and controlled by the globalists... Even now...

      Personally? I am trying to figure a way around being fucked up the ass by Soros.... yet again...

      Remember! Fight with your brains first, before you fight with your dicks...

      Just saying...

    2. Anonymous9:01 pm


      Fortunately we all have eyes, I dont see it like this and again, jumping to conclusions.

      Do you honestly think Russia is not part of the globalists? Really, who or where did they at the height of the soviet era get their funding from to important goods/materials from other countries and pay for them?

      Think! The bolshevik revolution was sponsored by the same banks that implemented the soviet experiment.

      So we are muppets but you are are so intelligent, perhaps if you didnt use the word "dick" & "ass" with your first statement I could think so.

      You talk about Soros? And you want to talk about brains? Really? There are far more richer, powerful people that control the world, Soros himself is just a cock in the wheel.

      Find out where he gets his finance from & who created the fed and who runs it before speaking about Soros.

      Soros is weeny little particle in the sea of finance.

    3. Anon 10:54 AM - I am inclined to agree with you concerning Russia because I think Putin is The Man, but on the whole I'm somewhat ambivalent from whence cometh our help. Who knows what can happen in the volatile situation in Europe. It could all change overnight. The Libs could be out and the Nationalists in???

      I watch and wait and am ready to defend "my patch" as best I can be.

      As far as BRICS is concerned, I think it's just a matter of time before it'll be just RIC. What do those 3 want with us pisswillies,Brazil & SA? The ANC is a spent force and Putin [and China] will see that there are other ways of getting what they want from us and maybe change horses?

      There are so many variables in the game, who can tell where it'll head. That's why I say; watch & wait.

    4. Anonymous7:56 am

      Hallo TT, what I heard is that a new harbour will be built where the old whaling station was in the 'Bucht. You can actually visit the site, but only by 4 x 4.

      Also, according to stories I heard that there is an island south of the 'Bucht where the U-boats would be at anchor and be re-supplied by the locals. The history of that place is something unique.


    5. The West have their super elites so does the East. We all are peasants to them. They control us with paper and fake money created out of thin air with nothing to back it but mass brainwashing and corporate enslavement. They are not even listed on Forbes because all the money combined on earth belongs to them whether it is R50 rand in your pocket or not, it still goes back to them when you spend it.

      I also like the Russians and Putin but we are all subjects of the IMF and its owners Russia included.

    6. Dony, Putin has just booted the Rothschilds out of Russia? They are forbidden from setting foot on Russian territory. He says Russia owes them nothing anymore so there is no reason for them to come there.

      Hoekvlag. I've never been to the 'Bucht unfortunately. Maybe I should renew my passport and go and check it out, but I'm loathe to give these scavengers governing the country one red cent.

  15. Anonymous10:43 am


    Wherever you find this guy, you find problems. Its all orchestrated by the elite.


  16. Anonymous2:38 pm

    "Finally their black supporters are starting to see them for who they really are; a bunch of corrupt, lying and thieving Marxist terrorist scum."

    I disagree with the latter part of this paragraph. Why would the black people have problems with Marxist terrorists when it seems as if it is exactly what they want?

  17. Anonymous6:35 pm

    You know, when i was about 13/14 i was terribly interested in all these soothsayers, nostradamus and the like, i tend to put old siener in the same kraal.

    It amazes me, that the same thing is now said about siener, that is said about nostradamus, and that is "you have to interpret" what he wrote.

    The funnier thing, to my mind at any rate, is that siener, could have written or had his daughter write down, in great clarity, using reasonable language, each of his predictions, and he could have told her what they meant. but no, like the middle aged nostradamus, whom people are STILL trying to decipher, the same goes for siener.

    Each and every verse of Nostradamus must be interpreted.
    Each and every verse of Siener must be interpreted.

    They also have the following in common:
    No real names of people
    No real names of places
    No dates or indication of "when"

    I remember that whole lot of talk when mandela died, that this is IT.
    I rememeber a whole lot of talk when it snowed in JHB, that this is IT
    I remember during the world cup soccer...This is IT
    I remember that Julius Malema... This is IT.

    My point? that just like nostradamus, and like siener, no one can understand what was written, or the iconography used in it, because the meanings attributed to the imagery is so fluid.

    Oh, and heres the thing...that man in brown you are all waiting for? that was hitler, and he's dead.

    and seen from siener's point of view in the 1900's 1930-1945 was the future, not the past, like you are looking at it.

    So go, take his "verses" and a copy of South African and world history, read a passage, and start to look for the signs from the year 1900 onwards, and i will be surprised if you dont find a match for them in the years between when siener wrote them and now.

    1. Anonymous8:49 pm


      Anonymous6:35 PM

      No not at all.

      99% of all of Nostradamus "visions" are very much open to interpretation.

      Not once did Nostradamus tell a high ranking official or government officials what was going to happen next Siener Van Renburg did and not just once but on many occasions!

      He mentioned detailed specific events to the generals on the battle field to De La Rey and other such generals in stark detail.

      He told De La Rey in person that they would lose the war - this is a fact. De La Rey being a skeptic himself told him not to tell the soldiers, he did not want them losing the battle and losing spirit - what happened? What would have happened if he heeded the warning?

      If they did listen, if they moved & acted quickly on the info, the war could have been dragged out another 3-5 years & we would never have lost that war, world war 1 happened shortly after they handed their weapons in.

      So it is not open to interpretation, perhaps if you read what he said you would see it happening.

      He did not predict things 300 years in the future but events days, weeks and in some cases minutes before they happened while other lays 30, 50 years in the future, and our present time that we are going through.

      That is a historical fact in the archives!

      So perhaps you cant understand but I understand not from me understanding but from facts, people who he went with to South West Africa with during the rebellion, to De La Rey himself, during a specific court case he told the court room the news that would be delivered to the court room while standing on trial- it was delivered and there were witnesses.

      We have too many witnesses and reputable accounts accounting for his remarkable accuracies about events, famous, well known generals on the battle field.

      I highly doubt they would have any benefit to lie about his visions besides, if they actually listened to what he said - they might have just won that war.

      Can you name one such person who nostradamus told?

      All you have to do is take 20-30 of his visions and ask - did they happen? If 10 out of 20 occured, that is considered good but from what I have read, they all happened.

      We are no longer dealing with hocus pocus visions or some element to seeing into the future. There is now open documents regarding remote viewing which the soviets perfected during the cold war in which the US has now adopted - phenomena which today we still cant quite explain.

      There were nay sayers during the boer war who would not listen, those are the families that are now buried in history, if they had listened his own daughters would not have been killed.

      So before you make conclusions based off of some Frenchie, do the research. Well known people in the country during / after the Boer war came to him from all over the country to speak about the future, including De La Rey - not 400 years into the future but years and decades.

    2. Anonymous8:53 pm

      Anonymous6:35 PM

      They also have the following in common:
      No real names of people - yes he did mention names.
      No real names of places - yes he did mention names.
      No dates or indication of "when" - yes he gives us signs.

      You want to know more - go read the books/accounts.

      Its funny people believe the weather man/women on TV, yet the weather forecast is not accurate 100% of the time. You have a job, there is no guarantee you will be employed in a years time but yet people still take out a bond, you plan for a wedding months in advanced yet you dont know if you will be here or even with the same partner?

      He mentioned events BEFORE they happened NOT after.

      Big difference, because you cant fathom how someone could see future events doesnt make them not real, as I mentioned go look up remote viewing and documented cases of that and then you might begin to understand that the world we know is not quite what it seems - there are eye witness accounts of what he said, documents such as the krause document confiscated and we see current world events.

      I dont and have stated before believe a single thing he said, I simply look at what he said and say "oh this is whats happening here". If he charged people for what he saw, made money from his visions, ran shows, or saw things 400 years into the future, sure I can say anyone could say that but when you have reputable accounts of high players on the battle field listening to him then one should start listening.

      How anyone can doubt that what he says is untrue is the real question. 80 years ago, there were not even 20 million blacks in this country, as JP mentioned above in the 70s if you mentioned we would have a black government, the response was akin to treason.

      Newspapers even back in the 50s would not publish what he said because they said readers would find it offensive. What he said then that the newspapers would not publish is the present South Africa, word verbatim.

      So its a choice, you can believe or not believe.

      Visions, remote viewing - different names same thing - if its good enough for the CIA & Soviets & they use it, then its good enough for me to listen to Siener.

    3. Anon 6:35 The proof of what The Siener said is all around us. Can't you see it, or maybe you're just not well-versed enough on what he predicted?

  18. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Has anyone read this book yet? Rogue: The Inside Story of SARS's Elite Crime-busting Unit:


  19. Whiteman12:59 am

    The USA police have again shot and killed an innocent nignog ? And you again have the riots, in true " African " tradition. Under duress, I watched obamas speech at the UN. I really expected to see his nose grow longer all the time, but somehow, it did not. Obviously, he is not related to Pinochio ! But out of all this worldwide racial tensions, one thing is becomming VERY clear. Black and white, can NEVER live in peace together ?

  20. ANC 2019 confirmed, Mike is a reverse Nostradamus.

    1. Oh fuck, Shaka, not you again! Are you agreeing or disagreeing? Not that I really give a fuck, one way or the other. I am just trying to gauge the depth of your ignorance which you attempt to disguise behind a veneer of attempted sarcasm.

      Do you think the cANCer will last until then? Pray, do enlighten us, Oh Wise One. . . . Doos!

    2. Anonymous12:13 pm

      @Shakarasite 1:03AM


    3. Anonymous3:04 am

      "Shaka", white guy pretending to be Zulu - did you know that you're appropriating black culture hiding under a black name? That's a no-no in zot circles. Only zots may appropriate white people's culture, not the other way round.

  21. Ninja, let's hope this is the Strike Siener predicted?

    Then, if we get good rains . . .

    1. Anonymous6:44 am


      Tom if you ask me its happening NOW! He said towards the end of black rule, we just saw what happened to the ANC & we see the US bases being built in Bots.

      He mentioned the US would try to get the Boere and actually force them to join their war in the middle east.

      So its happening. We dont know the exact time but all the signs we see happening point to us being on the cusp of these events + take into account the middle East with Russia/US in Syria, the EU collapsing, nationalism rising & like I have said, we must look north to see what happens here in the south to get the timeline right and to know where we are in the time/space of these events.

      He mentioned the communists will instigate something, who is behind these strikes?

      We have a drought, so fresh rains...

      Most people want a definite date/time/year - those are the faithless. We were given many signs and the majority being in Europe/Mid east. The signs are for us to put the puzzle together & actually use our minds.

      My thought is this - when events happen here, he said they take place before that great and final war with Russia, the US and the rest of the world.

      Now if we look at the cease fire not holding in Ukraine, Syria (both those countries are linked, Russia & US are behind them) and not if but WHEN they are already on shaky ground - so how much longer will this all last in SA?

      5-10 years before the yanks have to take out Russia? I dont think so, when we look at that time line and then know ours happens BEFORE those events, this tells me we are very close.

      They need to get this election out the way & then we see the empire strike back. I am convinced Obama was the monkey to show their enemies they were weak to see who comes out the wood works, the world sees floppies as weak & especially the "mightiest" empire on earth who puts one in power is seen even weaker - the rest of the world works on a cast system. When he came into power, in Eastern Europe many Eastern Europeans snubbed him, few would not even shake the shaboons hand.

      Just like when you track an animal in the bush, the closer you get, the fresher the spoor. The spoor is fresh here in South Africa when we follow events taking place in Europe & we see the economy, mention of these strikes, the black gov on its last leg, the stripping of us, our language - it just needs a spark now.

      This is why we have to make sure our nation knows or is prepared but few will listen. Those who heed & see the warning signs (not my signs) but the worldly signs, Sieners warnings - these events should prepare us not cause people to doubt, they were mentioned for us to prepare.

    2. Yes, and last night I heard on the news "the top businessmen" [The Doringbos?] have called for an urgent meeting with Stortkop. Things are definitely on the move.

  22. Anonymous2:43 am


    1. Exactly as Mike is predicting. Pray God it happens!

    2. Hehehe...Looks like the Ciizen newspaper also reads my blog. Immitation is the sweetest form of flattery.

    3. Anonymous6:47 am


      They going to take out two regimes at the same time. Zims + SA, both ignored and bit their masters hands just before this thing happens between Russia & the US, the US needs Southern Africa for geopolitical & strategic events that are also linked to the South China sea.

      Useful idiots, no longer needed.

      They will because they need quality material Mike, their BEE/AA idiots cant write a story for a 3 year old let alone for adults.

    4. Ninja, see my reply to you on the post above.

      Indeed, Mike, imitation is the sweetest form of flattery.

  23. I dont get why people think Sieners visions are nonsense. In reality its becoming clearer as day and night. Nostradamus on the other hand has become so saturated with so many different versions and translations. For the most part all seers have one thing in common, WWW3!! I believe in Sieners visions. It makes sense to me in the current times. The only issue I got is that its taking so long, the part when we come together and become strong again. Hope and faith brothers!!

    1. Anonymous10:07 am

      I think Sieners visions were nonsense because the "visions" that you speak of are not Siener's

      They are Snyman's.

      Do yourself a big favour and cross reference the furball that the errornet coughed up (which you accept as Siener) against the original creolized Dutch writings of Van Rensburg's, penned by his daughter. (and I mean the original. Not Snyman's claim of what the original writings are)

      ...and you will see why you are wrong. And you too will join the ranks of those that doubt.

      Perhaps Siener was right, but I can guarantee you that you are not refering to Siener but instead you speak of Snyman and you dont even realize it.

    2. Anonymous4:46 pm


      @Anonymous10:07 AM

      OK so then post them on here, if you have them or know of them post them on here.

      If Snyman is so wrong, his book simply "made up" then why do we see what is happening now, happening?

      Post them for us.


  24. Anonymous9:26 am

    Hey, Mike, did you see that David Bullard is COMPLETELY cured of his acute liberalism. I even think he'S overdoing it a bit now. That home invasion sure did him wonders...http://citizen.co.za/1291239/professor-david-bullard-encourages-darkies-to-destroy-wits/


    1. David Bullard? I haven't heard from him or of him in years. Hahahaha...excellent. Like I always said, Liberals always come over to our side; never the other way arround.

    2. Anonymous3:00 am

      Brilliant. They must all go back to their kraals and stick to being goat herds and subsistence mielie farmers. What's wrong with a mud hut, for crying out loud, even Zuma thinks that Zulus who use cow dung to decorate their huts are wannabe coconuts. They should put their own shit to good use in their mud huts instead of spewing it at educational institutions where they don't belong.

    3. A conservative is a liberal who got mugged by reality .

    4. Exactlt what JP suggested yesterday. A dose of wake-up medicine is all that is required to open the eyes of the would-be libtards.

  25. SiTREP : 1/ RSA whiteskins as a volk will simply wither away

    2/The likes of top wealthiest boere actions in RSA tells you where RSA going

    3/Whitekins you looking at the future it's not just widely dispersed yet

  26. Anonymous9:56 pm

    a bit off the topic, go read De Voss's article in the Daily Meveric regarding student/thug terrorism. (what he calls peaceful student protests in line with the constitution). It makes you want to vomit. Can someone please explain to this Marxist fool that the rights of the real peaceful students that just wants to get on with their studies and make something of themselves are being trampled on. And rubber bullets and stun grenades must be packed away and the sjambokke are needed to sort out these tsiotsies

  27. PreatorianXVI11:03 pm

    The time table might be tight, but it always take a small highly agitated group pushing to get the rest somewhere because on their own the average person, will just sit down guzzle beer and watch TV while Rome burns.



    "The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of ideas the public will accept. It is used by media pundits.[1][2] The term is derived from its originator, Joseph P. Overton (1960–2003),[3] a former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy,[4] who in his description of his window claimed that an idea's political viability depends mainly on whether it falls within the window, rather than on politicians' individual preferences.[5] According to Overton's description, his window includes a range of policies considered politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, which a politician can recommend without being considered too extreme to gain or keep public office."

  28. Anonymous4:43 am

    Its notable how the author of the Overton window article pushes his twisted elitist serving perception of Donald Trumps runaway success onto his readers. As though we share his erroneous opinions by default.

    What a white hating cuck!
    Lets all shift that Overton window further ladies and gents! Lets help create a white future for our children.