01 September 2016

Spending and stealing the ANC way

By Mike Smith
1st of September 2016

I never thought I would see the day, but the ANC in East London and Port Elizabeth, in the ANC heartland and stronghold of the Eastern Cape, are also now calling for Zuma to fall

Apparently they have also decided now that they are upset about Zuma stealing R249 million to upgrade his Nkandla palace and his corrupt association with the Über-corrupt Gupta family.

They are also attributing the ANC's worst performance in an election to the president (their’s not mine). Rather than risking losing the elections in 2019, the president needs to go, even if it means him “taking a long sick leave", according to sources.

Tja...They are shitting themselves that they are going to lose their jobs come 2019.

In the mean time, Zuma is enlarging the government with two more ministries and it is getting absurdly big, even for Socialist standards.

Zuma’s monster cabinet to cost the taxpayers R1 billion

South Africa now has 35 ministers and 37 deputy ministers. Compare that to Germany with 16 ministers, Japan with 16 and the USA with 15.

Where Zuma is going to get the money from is unclear. His girlfriend Dudu Myeni has bankrupted the South African Airways, and the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan who has always been holding the purse strings tight and refused to bail her out, has now reappointed her due to pressure from Zuma who set his Hawks goons on Pravin.

This stupid Zuma blessee went and placed an Ad in the newspaper, casually begging for R16 billion, but…Fuck-head that she is, had the audacity to mention she would be giving preference to entities that were 51% black owned and 30% women owned and that hopeful funders need to deposit their tender documents “in the tender box” next to the main security area at OR Tambo airport before 16th of September.

SAA casually asks for R16bn in newspaper ad

Now what if someone goes and drops a letter full of anthrax spores in there? Hey? How dumb can you be? Anyway…good luck with that.

According to black businessman and Fin24 columnist, Solly Moeng a sinister plot called Operation Empty the State Coffers is playing out in front of our eyes in anticipation of a political Armageddon for the ANC in 2019, seeing that they said they will rule until Jesus comes.

Incidentally Solly Moeng has previously called for South African voters to ditch the ANC

According to Prof. David Everatt, Head of Wits School of Governance, University of the Witwatersrand, the ANC has hit self-destruct button

I tend to agree. The ANC is going down...and they are taking the country down with them. Their support is running away and the moment they purge themselves of the SACP members it will be their final death knell. The Communist Party was always the brains behind the ANC.

In the mean time, Eskom is also in serious trouble and looking for a bailout, but another investor Danish Jyske Bank pulled the plug on them

One State Owned Enterprise after the other stolen bankrupt by the useless ANC scum. Last to go will be the Government pension fund and their mission will be accomplished, because that was the only thing the ANC was every interested in; Stealing the country into bankruptcy.

All this crap about “Liberation” and “Freedom” for the blacks was just a smokescreen; an eyeblind for the biggest con trick in the history of South Africa. The ANC feels FUCKALL for the blacks. They are just in it to enrich themselves.


  1. Anonymous10:22 am


  2. Anonymous10:35 am

    So pullout of the SA economy and form your own parrallel economy.

    I stopped paying property taxes several years ago.

  3. Anonymous12:30 pm

    It's quite exhilarating and satisfying watching these blacks and their white enablers imploding daily. What a pleasure to watch all of this unfold. This shit is better than anything on niqqer DSTV.

  4. The ANC's vulnerabilities were apparent even under the holy, venerated St Mandela (pbuh). Here is the ANC's share of the vote by province in 1994:

    Limpopo: 91.6%
    Eastern Cape: 84.4%
    North-West: 83.3%
    Mpumalanga: 80.7%
    Free State: 76.7%

    Gauteng: 57.6%
    Northern Cape: 49.7%
    Western Cape: 33%
    KwaZulu-Natal: 32.2%

    The latter 4 provinces are where the ANC can be beaten by a coalition of whites and other racial minorities (the DA in WC and NC), Zulus (the IFP in KZN), or a combination of the two (Gauteng and South Africa as a whole).

    Here's a possible (probable?) timeline of the ANC's electoral downfall:

    2016: lost Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Johannesburg
    2019: will lose Gauteng
    2021: will lose East Rand, Durban
    2024: will lose Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

    1. Here is my timeline...We get rid of the ANC NOW. September October 2016. I cannot stand seeing them in power for another 3 years.

    2. What's the problem? Let's take our country back from these idiots. They have been fucking about for long enough.

    3. PreatorianXVI6:48 pm

      The Problem to take back our Country:

      Only 1, The overall majority of people in South Africa still have it too good...

      Brazil has reached the point, sort-off...

      Unfortunately to have everyone on the same page, things will have to get a lot worse before the majority will start doing something, critical mass has not been reached yet in South Africa, the ANC needs to steal a shitload more and the quicker the better...

    4. Anonymous7:42 pm

      Mike who is "Let's"? I see lots of frustration, fear, anger and despair among your 'worshippers' but not much else except for the stupidity of the LTMA types. Idealism is good, but if you want to "take our country back . . ." you would need a cohesive, committed and capable group of men to do so. Where are they Mike? Judging by the inconsistency of your articles (e.g. fight vs flee), your self-defeating attacks on would-be supporters, and your encouragement of anti-group divisives such as thicko LTMA, you don't really have a viable plan do you? I see your blogging as noble and good in keeping our hopes alive, but White South Africans really need a leader, i.e. Siener's humble but strong man in a brown suit who rises to prominence in Vereeniging when the time is right. Mike I genuinely appreciate your contributions in helping us through this process that is destined to become unimaginably tough before we see the man in a brown suit. As you would know from martial arts, there is a time to attack (when you see that opening / vulnerability / opportunity) and it is not now. Thank you. White man waiting

    5. Anonymous8:43 pm

      Problem is if we did try take back the country, from the blacks perspective would take it as whites trying to re-instate apartheid, media would push that story as well and would backfire on whites. I don't wanna promote doing nothing tho, but may have to hang around a bit longer and let them destroy it all, while in the meantime start putting plans together and making groups?!

      We need a group that white people can latch onto, that fights for our survival, needs an awesome catchy name (like kaff's had ANC).

    6. Anonymous9:22 pm

      @ white man waiting, this is thicko LTMA.

      You are another one of those excuse originators, I see. " there is a time to attack" what crap you spew. Wake up sunshine have your coffee and a smart pill.

      The whites have been under attack since 94, since Shower head aids rapist coolie arse licker was voted in the while man has been blatantly and constantly bludgeoned, so what the fuck are you waiting for.

      I might be "thicko" and a "stupid" but thank fuck I am not a coward and excuse originator. Admit it you're fucking scared, you're shitting yourself for retard, your crap is neon yellow like the stripe down your back and across your belly.

      Shaka, Sello and MM here is the result of your retards intimidation, this whiteman waiting is what you have created, well done retards you have won this one over. There are plenty more like him, take them now for they are the disease of the boer, they are the weakness of the white people, have them we will not stop you.

      when you done with them then come and fight the men of SA for we do not make excuses and do not bow to your tactics.

      White man waiting go have your tea and plan more excuses for your weakness.


    7. @Anonymous 7:42 PM. "Inconsistency of my articles"

      There is no inconsistency. The fact that you think there is shows me that you do not understand a thing I write. "Fight vs Flee". I do not believe in these two options at all. In fact when it comes to fighting there are four options. Fight, Flight, Posturing and Submitting. Which option did you take?

      "...you don't really have a viable plan do you?"

      No I don't. I am waiting for negative arseholes like you to come up with the plan. I have come up with several plans already. Peaceful revolution, guerrilla warfare, fighting crime like fighting an insurgency, boycotting Rugby, boycotting businesses that support BEE and that are openly anti white such as Woolworths, Pick & Pay and Standard Bank...

      What were the results? The people shot all my plans down. Negative fucks like you always find a way to tell me why it won't work instead of finding a way to make it work...

      So yes. You are right. I am all out of plans. If you have a plan,m then please tell me what it is. I promise you I will publish it. My plans are all shit, so "Let's" try your plan. Come Sparky, I am waiting. Kindly share your super brilliant plan with us. As far as I can gather your "plan", your "strategy" is to sit and hope and wait for some phantom menace in a brown suit to magically pop up and lead the whites to freedom. Good luck with that.

      I can tell you what will happen when and if he comes. The whites will all turn against him. They will all cry for him to be stoned and crucified. He will preach a message they don't want to hear. There will be a traitor in his inner circle who will sell him out for 30 pieces of silver...

      Does the story sound familiar? Just look at who betrayed Clive Derby Lewis and Januz Wallus...a white Afrikaans woman. When the Boeremag boys escaped from prison, who turned them in? A white Afrikaans woman.

      That is what you are up against. You cannot lead people who are not ready to be lead. You cannot squeeze a fruit ripe. The birth of our freedom will happen when the nation is highly pregnant and ready to give birth. It is a natural process that cannot be rushed.

      When the nation is in labour and the birth pains of freedom become more and more frequent, there is nothing I can do but wait. I cannot force my wife to give birth. I can be by her side and hold her hand. I can give her words of encouragement, but she is going to have to give birth all by herself.

    8. Anonymous10:49 pm

      @MS, thank you, you got there before me but you did take the words out of my mouth, just a bit more eloquently.

      White man waiting. When ET put the AWB together, your type branded them as dumb dutchmen causing kak, they were thick, stupid, ignorant dutchmen, am I right? Yes I am and I will tell you that you lead the charge against those men. You're a double tongued, back stabbing, big mouthed poser.

      Come arsehole you've neoned your character now switch the power off and prove me wrong.

      You people are all waiting for a leader when one stands before he will steal your teeth and you wouldn't know it so how the fuck will you know what a true leader is.

      You brand a man arse creeper when he supports an idea and a man that doesn't make a difference but is the difference, so please tell me HTF you will know what a leader is.

      Admit your fears go hide behind your wife and fuck off. You're a pure yellow bellied cunt and you know it. Rather let your wife blog here for she wears the pants in your house and you just dribble behind her.

      MS please publish my previous post to this whiteman waiting.


    9. Mike is correct. To force things will not work. We have to be patient and let this play out in it's own time.. Our day WILL come. Be patient and invest in yourself for when that day comes you will be ready..

      Ignore fools like these Uncle Mike. You just keep doing what you do best. You're a fine example of perseverence to all of us. Thank you.

    10. Anonymous11:09 pm

      Mike, I think what Anon 7:42 is getting at is the Fight or Flee option sounds to risky for him.
      I think he is encouraged by these articles:

      In other words: offer to make your attacker a cup of coffee with koeksisters while he attacks, rapes, steals and then murders you.


    11. Anonymous11:43 pm

      You are 100% correct Mike. Most whites in SA are driven by status. Where you work, what you drive and where you live are more important than the changing environment in our country.

      We are allowing these demons to control us and instead of reacting, we continue giving to these vultures in the hopes that they might accept us and be nice to us and leave us alone to live our lives in peace. Well that isn't going to happen.

      With all of the racial tensions we have experienced this year, it won't be long before these kaffirs openly attack whites en mass, be it school kids, or shoppers in a mall. Maybe these images might wake the white man up. But then again that too could be wishful thinking.

    12. Anonymous12:20 am

      anon 7:42 reverse psychology much?

    13. BLCN, yes, I've said it on numerous occasions; patience is a virtue. They have to bring the fight to us, openly, and before that happens we have to get united and a lot more Whites' eyes have to open.

    14. Whiteman2:56 am

      Mike, there was a time, when it really hurt me, when libturd family and friends, would criticise us patriots, for being just talk, and no action. But they are driven by naked fear. Because they know, if the nignog barbarians dont get them first, the patriots will, and they will still pray, to rather fall into the hands of the nignogs. So why do the patriots share thoughts, plans and information on various right-wing websites ? It is all part of the planning, which HAS to go into any action, where very special people, spread all over the world, must make contact with one another. We also have to encourage one another, because often our close family and friends wont ! So let the scoffers carry on. He who laughs last, laughs best !

    15. Anonymous5:51 am

      In other words: offer to make your attacker a cup of coffee with koeksisters while he attacks, rapes, steals and then murders you.

      The coffee and koeksisters are carefully prepared
      The perp eats -- falls down -- runs away -- craps himself and infects a million other perps -- who then infect another million
      Is this too subtle for you
      Just like that blockhead shit talker LTMA
      What do you do in REITZ -- big man ?

    16. Anonymous5:58 am

      SO tell oh wise LTMA

      WHAT happened to ET ?

      WHO dug the hole for his grave ?
      WHO stood over the grave watching it being dug ?

      Stop using your balls for brains

    17. @Anonymous 7:42PM
      Many of us already have that leader in Mike, White Man In Waiting. It might be that Mike will not be The Leader when the revolution starts, but he is definitely the Voice Crying Out In The Wilderness.

      The possibility is there that The Leader is someone who is reading Mike's blog and through what he reads here, suddenly wakes up to his destiny. It might sound overly dramatic, but who says it will not be like that?

      The main thing, however, is that something drastic is going to happen soon in the Republic and then people will start to fight back spontaneously and many of those people would have been inspired by what Mike has been writing all these years. Civilized people right across the land are fed-up with these blacks ruining our country.

      The time ahead is not going to be easy, it is going to get very rough. We, as civilized people should stand together in this dark hour. We should stand together for a common cause, put the Republic back in capable hands and then we can start our petty disputes again. Or we can just agree to disagree and then have a nice braai.

      You must also take note, Whiteman In Waiting; if you don't agree with someone else, does not make that person stupid. You are not the only one with an opinion. Freedom of speech is one of the pillars of a civilization and which allows progressive societies to move forward.

      By the way, how do you know that the "cohesive, committed, and capable group of men" are not already in place and busy working? Hehe...

    18. Anonymous8:39 am

      @ anon 5:51 AM. Oh my! You're even thicker than what you come across on this blog. Can you not differentiate between serious and sarcasm.

    19. Anonymous9:07 am

      @ anon 5:58 AM. Let me draw pictures for you.

      ET was a leader that tried something, the reason he failed was because the defeatist like yourself would rather criticise and past comment instead of standing up and supporting.


      Do you need further lessons?

      You want a leader but when you get a leader you lot of dim wits want to trash and crash him, you want to argue and infight and get smart and cocky but you fucking weaklings cannot stand up and carry the mantle of leadership yourselves, that is why you wish to divide the sow discontent.

      The death of ET has nothing to do with his attempt at uniting whites, I am using the AWB to point out the fact that white smart arsed trash like your breed always calls for leadership but in reality cannot respect and obey leadership.

      You numbnuts are too fucking smart to understand that leaders have to do things that people don't like, they have to make the tough decisions and they have to sacrifice lives to achieve the end goal.

      Now if you were a true leader I would not have to explain this to you but you have shown that you're nothing but a defeated loud mouth poser trying to be clever and smart

      Lastly, I really do not care what you call me, the fact remains that I am here and I stand for my beliefs and at this moment in time Mike Smith does have leadership qualities and is doing more than you are so I will follow him.

      You see, you turds attack me and expect me to roll over and flop, well so far you have all been proven wrong but lets look at something here.

      Mike Smith could have easily blocked my posts because he knows that most of you lot hate me and hate my posts but true to his qualities as a leader of men, he allows me the right to fight back and have my say.

      So fuck you for selling out one that tried to lead you but thank you for showing your ignorance by posting your shit and asking me to respond.

      Now next time I have to lecture you I will send you the bill, numbnut.

      Fuck off and go read your superman picture comic, we have work to do here.


    20. Anonymous12:03 pm

      LTMA the silent majority sees you and all the other numerous monikers on here and you guys give them/us hope. NEVER FORGET THAT! You guys got that? Good! :D

    21. Anonymous2:32 pm

      @LTMA - I have disagreed with you once, but thank you for your posts. Keep it up.
      I just wish we can spread the word (this site is one of them). The ignorance and volstruis-kop-in-die-sand attitude of most whites is killing us. I am amazed each and every day how little most people know what is going on around them. The munts own the media and control the propaganda. Naspers is the enemy now. We need to use the internet - while we can - to our advantage. We need to spread the message.

  5. Mike I would appreciate hearing your opinion on this:

    1. @ Tasha...The best thing to do if you want to find out about Freemasonry is to ask a Freemason. I am not one so I cannot really help you efficiently. However I have friends and family who are freemasons and I have read Albert Pike's book, “Morals and Dogma”.

      I must admit that I was really impressed by it. It is one of the best books I have ever read in my life. It took me about two years to read through, because it is a heavy book. Great philosophy and values. In fact I discovered that although Freemasonry starts off with the requirement that one should believe in just “a God”, the higher and higher you go the closer and closer you get to the Christian God. To sum it up in my experience, and the masons on here can correct me if I am wrong, Masonry is about this:…Love God, be kind, charitable and benevolent to your fellow man, seek knowledge and try to improve yourself. When you set the example and are a better person, a person who does not swear, drink, gamble, smoke, etc. A person whose word is his life. A person who looks after his family and is kind to others…others will look up to you and will also strive to be like that and better themselves. Now if we all do that…strive to become a better person…we can make the world a better place.
      I have also discovered that 99% of what you read on the internet about Masonry and Albert Pike is total bullshit like the “Three World Wars” letter he apparently wrote to Giuseppe Manzini. You can read about the hoax here:


      Of course there are those in Freemasonry who tell me it is just an old boys club with a bit of amateur theatrics and nothing but an excuse for a piss-up afterwards.

      Just try to keep an open mind and stay objective.

    2. Anonymous5:52 am

      Whitewash of the millenium

      Just try to keep an open mind and stay objective.

      GET INFORMED .......

    3. Anonymous6:29 am

      Mike, did you see this in Pike's book?

      July 14, 1889 – Albert Pike issues instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils of the world. He reveals who is the true object of Masonic worship: “To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine.”

    4. Anonymous8:53 pm

      Natasha, have a look at vigilantcitizen.com.


  6. Anonymous11:39 pm

    From my accountant:

    Good morning

    Spring is finally here and the days are getting warmer and sunnier. The first provisional tax submissions is behind us and filing season is in full swing.

    The economy at the moment is taking strain and is affecting every person and business in the country. The South African Revenue Service is no exception and a couple of very concerning trends have raised its head.

    Tax practitioners have seen an increase in SARS audits and reviews. This is especially prevalent when a refund is expected. As soon as a taxpayer is audited, we are requested to submit all the relevant supporting documents. As soon as SARS have reviewed the documents a completion letter is issued. In the past, the taxpayer would then receive his or her refund within a couple of days. Lately this is not happening. When we contact SARS we are told that a “special stopper” have been placed on the account and that the taxpayer must personally re-submit all the supporting documents at a SARS branch as well as all their FICA documents and bank details. The impression is created that SARS is using red tape in order to hold back refunds. This is very concerning! The various professional bodies are engaging with SARS Head Office in order to resolve the issue. As soon as we receive feedback from the SA Institute of Tax Practitioners or SA Institute of Professional Accountants we will let you know.

    In yet another very unpopular and concerning move SARS appointed three debt collection agencies, Credit Solutions, NDS Credit Management and Lekgotla Trifecta Capital Consortium for an initial period of thirty six months in order to collect taxes older than four years. They have access to the SARS database. We have seen very strange amounts suddenly appearing, amounts less than a R100 dating back to the early 2000’s! In most cases neither the client nor the tax practitioner were aware of these amounts. We have picked several errors, unfortunately it is not always that easy to trace information from 2003. If they do contact you please do not hesitate to us.

    The above has also opened the door for several scam. At no stage should any money be paid to anybody but SARS!

    1. Anonymous3:21 am

      What is concerning to me is what about the taxpayers privacy? SARS is supposedly under oath and may not supply information to third parties?? It seems SARS is now merely in it to make money raising excessive penalties and not considering the man on the streets tax knowledge, they no longer just collecting the taxes due to them but sucking the life out of the taxpayers!

  7. Well, finally they are tugging the last of the plug out of the drain. Now he wants to privatise the Reserve Bank and is now really fucking with the NWO Big Boys. I think the Rothschilds will pull the plug on Zuma shortly.

    I see they've attacked Matthews Phosa for daring to criticise Msholozi Showerhead. I still want to have a look-see to see what Mattchews had to say.

    1. Anonymous2:30 am

      Yes, the dumb heads lower down in the hierarchy are not too familiar with the global banking arrangement.

      Messing in this area will certainly bring the wrath of the globalists on SA like happened in Libya = Gaddafi wanted to start printing his own money. Look where that ended up. Libya is now a failed state. The globalists will let the government have the taxes but not the control of money.

      But Tito has tried to calm this discussion down. These articles seem to have disappeared from some papers though - strange.


  8. Anonymous5:24 am


    Patience is key.

    Preparing is our future.

    You must prepare and wake up those around you.

    Time has run out, huge turmoil in this country leading up to 2019 and the world is in chaos right now - Strange times we live in.

    Im happy there was an attempt on Merkels life, I just wish someone could have gotten rid of that bitch and all liberals.

    Like I said, bullets, hangings are too fast, drag the bastards through the streets.

    Now that the ANC have hit a wobble, watch them steal like never before.

    1. Anonymous10:48 am

      Ok Satanic Rambo. Why dont you go drag them? Freak

    2. Anonymous9:19 pm

      Hey Ninja you need help dragging these filthy creatures? You know we are ready to help you to get rid of these libs and their parasites. I can see we are going to have lots of fun rounding up these inverting shitbags.

  9. Anonymous7:32 am

    The more you give the more they demand, the more they demand the more the weakened whites give, they have realised that the white man is just scared of them, they know that if they push a white 9 out of 10 times he will rather fold than stand.

    Why do these supposed car guards stand over the white woman in a parking lot, not to protect her but rather to intimidate her. Force her to give him money.

    Until such time as the whites learn to say no, these fuckers will carry on harassing us and playing with us.

    Start saying no in a small way meaning to car guards and traffic light beggars, then you will start learning to say no to bigger things.

    No is not a swear word, its not an offence it is your right, white people. It builds your character and gives you self respect. No is a recognised word in the dictionary and it does not need an explanation to accompany it when you use it, it is your right.

    Stop feeding the empowered species of SA, they wanted this country and must start looking after themselves so please stop the feeding programmes, the homeless shelters and the orphanages because every time you step up so will retard step up and demand more.

    If you don't breed them, don't feed them.

    If you don't infect them stop paying for the treatment.

    White people wake up, stop being used, abused and degraded.


    1. Anonymous10:47 am

      You only figured this out... NOW? Jeeeeeeeeeeeez

    2. Anonymous10:50 am


      Very true!

      I want to say no to seeing a parasite here in 30 years from now.

      Apartheid was cruel to the whites, forcing them to be tough but then having to look at snotkop karasites.

      Next time they will have to learn, that there can never be a next time.

      But first, we have to get rid of these liberals. Once these things are gone, then we can make things happen.

      Liberals are more destructive than the karasite.

    3. Anonymous12:01 pm

      I have seen reviews of the Sumatra2500. Apparently it stops a bleskop at 120 meters...


    4. Anonymous9:17 pm

      LOL @ Ninja for "karasites" Fucking L O L !

    5. Anonymous10:35 pm

      @ anon arsehole 10:47 AM. I have said before and I will repeat it for your benefit, because it is aimed at you.

      One can call a cunt many nice names, a pussy, a vagina, reproductive organs whatever pleases ones heart but the fact remains that a cunt is a cunt, 10:47AM unfortunately you cannot hide your true nature.

      The is not about figuring out, its about reinforcing and supporting. If you had figured it out so long ago why did you not post and reinforce and get your message accross?

      Your commitment to our cause is questionable and I am seeing more of divider tactic than a uniter. I wish you well and hope we meet one day that I may show you the way.

      For someone who claims to be ultra intelligent you sure do possess the ignorance and attitude of a true Malema retard from the backwaters of backwater.

      Your writing style gives you away, you cannot hide behind anonypoes forever.


    6. Anonymous10:37 pm

      @ Ninja. Love the " Karasites" I would like to use at lib and will, thank you.


    7. Anonymous11:36 pm

      more like kaffasites

  10. Stephen9:59 am

    Hi Mike

    Im just as chuffed as you about the demise of these bafoons , and
    although they are stealing the coffers dry thinking theyr gonna get away with it , ...there's a Big suprise waiting for them jut around the corner.

    You'll know better than me , but I believe there is a global collective contiousness drive away from the left and back to the right corner . Things like Brexit , Trump , and the fact that were all
    here mingling with people that wanto see a return of law and order , all these kinda things tells me our future is not as bleak as some (most) think.

    People say things must get worse before it gets better , I say not necessarily . I suppose it depends where your treasure lies , I have no time for these kaffirs or any leftis doos , the quicker they can spiral into their abyss - the better.

    Mike I remember a while back one of these trolls said you only had 3 followers who regularly comment , hah! Seems like a lot more to me , and did they count themselfs caus evidently there's a lot of kaffirs reading this blog....lekker.

    Anyhow even if there was only 3 of us , the quality of your writing and the truths told are all helping fan this righteous flame I see.

  11. Hi Mike Assuming you are right are the whiteskins believing it's the right strategy to be onlookers or are we just gutless to take action as things crumble .thanks

    1. Anonymous11:00 pm

      @ KJ 10:31 AM. If I may present my opinion to your question.

      You, if I recall correctly are ex 32bat. You know that in battle opinion is a brilliant weapon or a destructive tool.

      Opinion of 32 by terr was that they were mad uncontrolled fuckers, well most of you were so opinion was also fact but to come back to what you are raising.

      Is it not better that terr thinks we are gutless and are beaten, than to show him that we are still willing to try and do something?

      You know yourself and you know your abilities and you know what the plan is, so let the arseholes that think we are gutless think that because then they relax their guard and we gain another advantage.

      Why should we carry on supporting and rebuilding what these retards break and destroy?

      If we let it crumble we have a better chance of capitalising on the ensuing chaos.


    2. @ Kevin..."Are we just gutless?" is it a "Strategy to be patient onlookers?"

      I don't know. Maybe a bit of both. Maybe we had our chance in 1993 and blew it. Kommandant Willem Ratte stood up and was ready to lead and take the country back from the traitors and Communists. Who followed him? Where were all the MANNE? Where are they today?

      If nobody wanted to follow a fine soldier and officer like Willem Ratte back then who are they going to follow today?

      People look at me as if I have all the answers...I don't. At least I propose, I suggest, I present options...I don't see anything coming from anybody else.

      Maybe it is enough for now that this blog, as I have always maintained, serves only to get people to THINK.

      People need to first think, before a solution will present itself. So think of this blog as a Think Tank and me as the facilitating chairman.

      @LTMA...I think you are confusing 32Bat with Koevoet. 32Bat was the most decorated unit in the SADF and a fine fighting unit. One of the best in the world.

    3. Anonymous12:37 am

      Mike, no disrespect was intended at 32 boys.

      And I agree fully that they were one of the best. But the opinion not only by terrs but some of our own forces were that you had to be on the crazy side to push the way those men did.

      They were and still are super human type men.


    4. Anonymous1:52 pm

      @Mike Smith11:44 PM


      "Maybe it is enough for now that this blog, as I have always maintained, serves only to get people to THINK. "

      Henry Ford said thinking was the most difficult thing to do.

      People dont like to think, most people are doff. They cant see past 7de laan or next weeks Rugby game.

      Thinking - I have met few people who "think", I have met so called "intellectuals" who are book smart but lack common knowledge, I have met fools who simply refuse to think and then there are those who do think and not only think of or for themselves but their people.

      Mike you are a thinker, JP, LTMA, BLC and many of the commenters on here.

      They find that chess players lose as much weight during an intense game of chess as someone working out at the gym.

      Thinking is difficult. Doctors will tell you that more than 90% of peoples illnesses are self inflicted because of their thinking - thinking is tough and hence why few think.

      Fewer think of others and even fewer think of the future of their nation and then even fewer still think of the macro picture going forward.

      People cant think today, Facebook, Google, Iphone, Ipad, Cell phone, whatsapp, email, radio, MP3 player, DSTV, sports, news, internet, work - people have go so much shit going on in their heads that they never stop to think.

      The more distraction, the more confusion, the more confusion, the easier it is to lead the sheeple to the slaughter house.

      The worst thing you can ever do is try get someone to think who has never done any thinking. I think, people dont think because if they actually did thinking, it would scare them - its a self preservation mechanism that 90% of these in denial sheep prefer to do.

      Liberals on the other hand do think but its warped thinking and destructive to their own people ie De Klerk, Zille and the many others in this world.

      Perhaps its better if the sheeple didnt think, most of them work better under autopilot, they might become hazardous to others if they did think.

      Thankfully we have this blog - Many of us have thought the exact same things mentioned and at least we know we are not the crazies.

      Mike I would love to be a fly on the wall :), In your world with all the info you know, your historical perspective, it must be very difficult to convey or speak to people - most of them are asleep! Not sure how you managed to cope this long, perhaps the blog acts as therapy.

      I know from speaking to friends, family, its tiring listening to their crap.

  12. Anonymous5:45 pm


    What to expect now going forward?

    With Eskom and all the other gov failures/bankruptcy, when they fail to raise the finance needed to keep on stealing, they will begin tapping into our pension funds.

    When the west close their doors, we will see this place crumble like Zims overnight. The farms are now of no interest with the drought, the pension funds are about to be raided....

    Again the white thing will be brought up regarding this, they will say its a form of pay back for apartheid.

    Karasites will do anything, they are the worst form of parasite, they believe their own shit because they are evil.

  13. Anonymous7:10 pm


  14. Anonymous7:16 pm

    We the people, the RIGHT white people of SA must get away from this calamity that is currently happening and only going to get worse in South Africa as soon as humanly possible. Under these blacks, black hearted whites and soulless globalists who are going to want to drag as much of our people with them into the depths from which there is no return. We must leave these regressive `smart` plans and people-like creatures very very far behind us.

    Our history books must preserve the evil that is currently holding us hostage for all generations to come, it will never be allowed to happen again.

    There is no fixing this. There is no coming back. We have to start again. We have to break free from all of these things even if it cost some of us our lives because if we don't we are all dead anyway.

  15. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Dan12:1.And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.

    Dan 12:2. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

    All you fat sheep there in Britain filling your coffers with the blood money flowing from the Rothschild's NWO. How do you want to excuse yourselves from the day of shame and everlasting contempt? There is not a country in this world who have not suffered from the Rothschild's NWO illuminati pestilence and freemasonry but Britain only. Britain is his hiding place. Look how they have separated themselves again from the evil through their so-called Brexit. Manupilating the vote, Rothschild separated themselves from the influx of refugees which he had ordered to plague the rest of the white population in Europe. Destroying the last bastion of whites through raping and multiculturalism. Abusing Europe to separate himself from the evil which he had created. In apartheid (separateness) he wants to live while his lackeys propagate how evil apartheid is. I mean real apartheid(separateness) , not the rubbish that he had implemented in South Africa where he literally mingled all races together to create conflict just to blame real apartheid as a skunk system in order to implement his ANC babylon. No other nation has the right to decide for themselves how they want to live but Britain only, through Rothschild . All other nations on this globe are already infiltrated and controled from behind closed doors by Rothschilds lackeys . Blood from each nation on this globe, drips from his paws and yet the fat sheep still cling unto him? You fat sheep there in Britain have no choice but to expel Rothschild out of your midst or suffer the consequences of a total refugee influx. One cannot preach one thing and do another, because the day of shame and everlasting contempt is very near. Your time is running out. Each nation on this globe has the right to govern themselves without the manupilating of votes ,political interference and control of Rothschild and his sick NWO Illuminati freemasons from behind close doors. Simply too many people on this globe are already aware of what is going on.

    Actually, Europe should open their border and let all that refugees through to Britain. Flood them and plague them as they had done unto you. Double it up for Rothschild and his lackeys , because their sins are crying out to heaven. Let their plagues devour them in one day and let the creator of Babylon and his lackeys sink down to the abyss. There in the everlasting life of shame and contempt it will be to late to turn back the clock. The time is now! Reject evil with the contempt that it deserves, turn your back on it, expose it, reveal it and escape the hell of everlasting shame and contempt. Simply get out of Babylon with her multiculturalism NWO destruction before it's too late. Separate yourselves, each nation to their own as it was created kind after it's own kind.

    1. Anonymous10:49 am

      Ja Dominee