28 September 2016

Raising expectations - How much will it cost the ANC this time to bribe off the revolution

By Mike Smith

28th of September 2016

As it was proven in revolution after revolution and as I have mentioned several times before, the worst mistake a dictatorial despotic regime can make is to raise expectation. The moment they do that it is the start of their own downfall.

P.W. Botha found that out when he created the Tricameral Parliament (leaving out the blacks) in 1983 and became “Executive President” (dictator) in 1984. On the 21 July 1985, PW Bothas declared a State of Emergency (complete with SABC censure of violent protests) to counter the violence in magisterial districts representing one-third of the country and tried to undo what he did in his now (in)famous “Rubicon Speech” on the 15th of August 1985.

The result was chaos and an unprecedented escalation of the “Struggle” revolution and the start of a violent campaign known as Operation Vula where the terrorist ANC went from 20% civilian targets to 80% civilian targets.

The government lost control of the Townships in the Vaal Triangle and the Eastern Cape and the ANC basically set up a parallel government and started a reign of terror with their necklaces, murders, violent intimidation, etc known in Marxist circles as “People’s War”.

Botha’s actual authoritarian, dictatorial reign only lasted five years (1984-1989) after he was deposed in a palace revolution from within his own party by treasonous conspirators, Pik Botha, FW de Klerk, Hernus Kriel, Kobie Coetzee, Neil Barnard and other members of the State Security Council.

They started the ball rolling to unconditionally hand the country over to the Marxist terrorist scum of the ANC, PAC and the SA Communist Party.

Today the once mighty National Party is no more. It morphed into the New National Party in 1997 and eventually joined the ANC in 2005 when its last leader and former NIA agent Marthinus “Kortbroek” van Schalkwyk took up a position in the ANC cabinet of Thabo Mbeki as Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism as reward for aligning the NNP with the ANC. With effect from 5 August 2005, all NNP members of parliament crossed the floor and became members of the ANC.

The ANC is now going down that same route.

Last year Minister of Higher Education and General Secretary of the South African Communist Party since 1998, Dr “Blunt” Blade Nzimande promised the students, after a bit of violence, that university fees would not increase, raising expectations that fees would NEVER increase ever again at all and would become free…along with free residence, free food, free transport, free pocket money, free…well, everything.

This year, Dr. Blade raised University fees by 8%, prompting even worse violence that we can see now in the #FeesMustFall protests in which the students are on a rampage burning books, halls and entire faculties.

According to the ANC the founding of three petrol bombs at WITS University residence is proof that the #FeesMustFall movement has been hijacked (not sure by whom) and is being turned militant. They would know seeing that the ANC are experts in revolution.

It will be interesting to see how the ANC will deal with it this time. Last time they simply bought off the leaders in the Student Representative Councils and Progressive Youth Alliance to the tune of R40,000 each after holding secret meetings with them.

How the ANC bribed the SRC and PYA members

If it is going to work this time will have to be seen. Like Oppenheimer once wrote in a letter about black miners: “The more you pay them the more they seem to want”.


  1. Anonymous5:47 am

    Somebody on this blog made a prediction that ZA will start burning in September 2016. Well done, you were so right. Saw today that the unions also want to join the student's protest.

    I cannot agree more with TT, JP, BN and all the others ... be aware and be prepared.


    1. Also read the same thing. With unions involved violence will increase. Praag jas an article on it. Also Matashe crying about color revelutions.

      This rainbow shit is fast comming apart now

  2. I wonder how many CIA operatives are running around there.

    Burn the whole place down before year end exams.

    I'm pretty sure whatever liberal tendencies the white students hold are fast disappearing as the only learning that seems to be going on is that of racial realities.

    1. Anonymous10:53 am

      90% of these "students" shouldn't be at university in the first place. The whole reason they are rioting and burning is because the year end exams are looming. They know they are going to fail. They know they are going to get kicked out of the residences. So with nowhere to stay, they might as well torch everything including the residences, and fuck everyone else.

    2. Anonymous3:27 am

      JP you can bet that they are tripping over themselves. CIA, MI6, Mossad, FSB, MSS, you name them they are all here.

  3. Anonymous7:25 am

    @ MS, I personally do not want these roits, unrest, protest whatever you wish to call it to end.

    This must escalate and become ungovernable for therein lies the opportunity that we seek and we have waited for

    I pray for these critters to rise en masse and to start devouring from within their ranks.

    The ANC knows that this is coming and they have no clue how to prevent it, their own are eating them and its only a very short matter of time and they will be gone then the true struggle will begin amongst them and that is when we can act for our own.

    As fir Hoekvlag that prediction was made by BN, give the credit where it is due.


    1. Anonymous11:28 am

      They will rather drag everything and everyone down with them to hell LT. Catch 22 we must lose everything to be free. The very thing that keeps us prisoner is the only thing we need to break for our freedom.

    2. Anonymous1:24 pm


      LTMA we need to prepare in the meantime. We need to unite now, train, prepare and do everything we can do to wake up our people.

      This is what we see is the start of everything we have been warning others about for years.

      In the meantime prepare, keep fit, clean, healthy and train/arm - do everything you can.

    3. @ LTMA…Give recognition where it is due?
      OK on the 16th of January BN said it would take three months so his prediction was for May. See Anon 2:24PM on this post ANC monkeys rip Zuma must fall poster
      15 days prior to that, on New Year’s Day, I met with JP at the Voortrekker Monument when he asked me, “So Mike, when do you think it will happen?”
      My answer was in September. My reason was that it would be after the elections in which the ANC would lose a lot of support. Expectations would be raised and the ANC would not be able to deliver on its promises.

      I repeated September 2016 several times after that. In February “Stephen” @ 12:51 PM acknowledged it as well, but he got the year wrong as 2017. See this post No end in sight as the violence escalates
      On the 24th and 27th of November 2015 I also said that Malema is being groomed as the next president of SA by the British Rand Lords.

      Nevertheless it doesn’t matter who said what first. The revolution is here. Are you prepared?

      BN says "In the meantime prepare, keep fit, clean, healthy and train/arm - do everything you can."

      Too late for that mate. If you are not fit already and prepared already, I am afraid it is too late to catch up now.

    4. I agree LTMA, everything must burn to the ground. I feel for the okes missing out on their education but they can pick it up at a later stage. For them to wake up is more important right now. Less universities less liberal programming.

    5. Anonymous5:51 am


      @Mike Smith8:59 PM

      You were spot on!

      I did say the following @ 2:24 PM...

      "South Africans will see 2016 is the year. The year of build up and racial tension like we have never ever seen before."

      That attack on JHB is either this year or next, I cant see the peace lasting in Europe nor with the Russian/US thing.

      It is the build up to the final battle here and WW3. Germany is now experiencing violence.

      That vision of violence in Germany Van Rensburg warned us about has 3-4 visions in it regarding our timeline of events in South Africa.

      1. Our language would be taken away. DONE

      2. SABC blocks news coverage. DONE

      3. An election seems inevitable. ( the nation is still divided) - ON ITS WAY

      4. Major strikes will be initiated - the communist will be doing something, up to something - that is stripping us of everything. - STARTED - check the new expropriation bill.

      I also said, when the ANC see how they had lost and their support dwindle, this would be our most dangerous period.

      Now we will see the terrorist true nature & Winnnie Mandela brought to the forefront with her venom against the whites stirring up on their initial promises.

      You can see how the ANC are now going back to her and getting her to speak to the youth.

      And Van Rensburg had this to regarding the violence in Germany & South Africa...

      *** Now nothing can stop the bloody conflict.***

      And then WW3 breaks out.

      Until the conflict, I believe even a few weeks of training can help our nation.

      But how many whites have woken up in this place? Most are still glued to their rugby.

    6. Stephen9:54 am

      Hi guys , its all coming together now is'nt it.

      And yes , Mike has been saying these things will happen,
      Infact he even got the dates right , he he he .Mike jou doring :-)
      September 2016 surely has turned out to be a month that rattled this country , and I believe September 2017 also- maybe even in a greater manner will rock the world.

      How can I say that with so much conviction , ..
      well , because I am totally convinced and theres not a shadow of a doubt in my mind - what's happening now is the run-up to the prophetic events.

      Revelationa 12 , the woman clothed with the sun ,will happen Sept 2017 which is just around the corner , so one can see where we are at this stage-of-the-game .

      No prophet of doom , I've just seen too many coincidences for it to be a coincidence .

  4. Anonymous8:05 am

    Shits about to get real gentlemen... vaalpens

  5. Just like someone pointed out earlier in a previous post. They want what we want to the point they have it. Then have no clue what to do afterwards as long as its not with whites. How do you equate free uni fees with burning the uni down. Typical Zots.
    @ JP I hope all the liberals get a real good taste of it and more.
    Whats happening is that they are 'empowering' themselves by disempowering themselves right back to when whites arrived. So as we all know, they are inferior by a huge margin. Nature must take its course. White men must rule with an iron fist and exterminate the karasite once and for all.

    1. Anonymous11:26 am

      We don't want to rule over them anymore, fuck `em, let them look after themselves. We want nothing more to do with these parasites - NONE of them!

    2. Anonymous8:54 am


      @Anonymous11:26 AM

      Kind David only found resent when his enemies were totally destroyed, showing them no mercy.

      Until we do the same, there will never be rest nor peace.

      We have to go back to the books of Joshua and follow instruction.

  6. "This year, Dr. Blade raised University fees by 8%, prompting even worse violence that we can see now in the #FeesMustFall protests in which the students are on a rampage burning books, halls and entire faculties."

    Burning entire faculties? Did you mean "entire facilities"? Burning all the teachers sounds pretty extreme.

    1. Oh look. We've got a pedantic doos!

    2. Anonymous11:25 am

      We will see more of these rats the closer we get Mike, it's all normal.

    3. Aw, for pity's sake! I was just trying to be helpful. If you make a mistake, the bad guys always notice (at least that's my experience).

    4. Anonymous11:58 am

      All intelligent people reading that understood exactly what Mike meant in any case. In addition using faculties is not wrong in this case, because faculties also indicate a division of a university dealing with a major subject area. This blog is about ideas and NOT perfect grammar and spelling.


    5. Good grief! Of course I knew Mike was not talking about burning humans. I didn't realize humor wasn't permitted on this site. We all make occasional mistakes in our writing (I've made my share).

    6. Anonymous1:23 pm


      Why is it that guys/girls cant see the trees for the forest or the forest for the trees.

      It doesnt matter if it was called a shack - the point is this is the start of the revolution, we are watching it - even the ANC is saying its the start of a revolution.

      Arm, train, unite, prepare and join your volk!

    7. Anonymous7:28 pm

      Randy, white people in this country are hurt and any small perceived attack is met with a strong response - the same will also be true on the battlefield.

      Let's all rather focus on the real enemy; these visible terrorists burning and creating chaos as well as the invisible terrorists killing us wholesale behind the scenes.

      C'mon boys, let's get cracking there is work to be done.

    8. Anonymous3:19 am

      Randy and Mike, you're both on the same side.

    9. Anonymous4:48 am

      Men you are all going nuts, calm yourselves down. A small piece of advice, the BN has said we will be beaten back until we go on our knees and repent, so whilst you arming yourself, packing bug out bags etc also on the very top of your list should be REPENTING. 1000's will fall at your side, 10000's on your right and you will see the reward of the wicked. Way too many prideful people here, I don't think we have even begun to be humbled, things are gonna get far worse till we call upon the Lord. We need to do this, get to a good church, make your peace with Jesus, then start rallying those who have done the same. When this starts we not stopping until every heathen black or white has either left or been put down.

    10. Anonymous5:35 am


      @Anonymous4:48 AM

      Repenting is the secret to our freedom.

      We can arm, train, have the best weapons - this is here to strengthen the nation to save those Christians in Europe.

      The lord is testing this nations hearts & souls.

      The fining pot is for silver, and the furnace for gold: but the LORD trieth the hearts. Prov 17:3

      We had heart & soul its how we have survived here for this long.

      The true weapon is our Lord & faith. Europe lost their faith - see what has happened in a very, very short period of time!

      Going to war without seeking council and listening to sound judgement nor turning our backs could very well be the end of us.

      First repent, then unite, train, arm, come together as one nation, with one heart with one aim and in spirit and not only will you take South africa but you will take it from the cape to the Equator.

    11. Anonymous11:45 am

      Nuts. You have murder in your heart and you claim to have repented?

    12. Anonymous10:45 pm

      Eye for an eye and all that goodies asswipe 11:45
      You think we are just going to sit still forever while these animals attack and kill and rape us? Are you fucking nuts my main man? Or are you a suicidal death cult lefty liberal? Who needs to check their marbles now? Must everything be spelt out or pictures drawn for you people to understand the situation?

    13. Anonymous6:29 am

      Anon 11:45

      Not so.
      God wills it.

      If an infestation of parasites threatened the life and livelihood of your family would you not retaliate, then go on the offensive to eradicate it completely?

      Or would you save a few for later re-infection?

      Go educate yourself.

  7. Anonymous10:10 am

    Ons afrikaners moet maar reg maak vir die groot slag want dit is nou nie meer lank nie.solank ons die storm kan afweer en daarna kan terug slaan dan sal ons weer regeer!saamleef werk nie,gee werk nie,verniet werk nie so dan jaag ons hulle uit en bou weer op en sorg hulle kom nooit ooit weer terug nie,nie eens emigreer nie. Ons het die pinkie gegee toe die hand en toe die arm en toe die hele bleddie lyf en niks is genoeg nie! Vir ons kinders en ons toekoms en vir vrede moet hulle uit ons land!

    1. Anonymous11:23 am

      That's right my bro. Never again!

    2. Anonymous1:27 pm


      @Anonymous10:10 AM

      Its here! This is it, the beginning of it.

      You hit the nail on the head and I must say this again for our English speaking brothers & Afrikaner brothers.

      Your taal - English or Afrikaans doesnt make you an Afrikaner! You are here to make a future, we are all Afrikaners! This is our home, we have no place to go.

      Let us all unite now!

    3. Anonymous9:26 pm

      English or afrikaans that share the same values and care for this beautiful country are the same people. We all have the same goals and the same enemy and the more we can be together the better for all of us. Een drag maak mag!

    4. Boere, Ninja, Boere, not just Afrikaners. There are a fucking lot of Afrikaners who don't qualify as Boere.

    5. I was thinking yesterday that the term Boer and Afrikaner is outdated. I am Afrikaans and consider myself these names but times change.

      Our forefathers did not speak Afrikaans. They spoke German, French, Italian, Dutch, English and some other dialects and even their forefathers had different dialects.

      We are not the Boere of the Anglo wars. We are a different breed in another time with different circumstances, culture and technology.

      We will have to define ourselfs in this time and age as modern warriors. We can be proud of our ancestory and heritage but we should not say we are Saxons, Vikings, Boers. They all defined themselves by deeds and with their might and spirit painted the history books.

      Our time to define ourselfs is upon us and we will have to do it by deeds and not just merely rely upon our heritage and the names of our forefathers to define us.

      In 200 years the people need to be reading history books that is painted with the stories of our time and the valour of us whites in the southern tip of the dark continent.

      The times are upon us. Write your name on the pages of history and if you wish, do it in bold.

    6. Anonymous5:28 am


      @Donycero5:04 AM

      You are onto something! Very true, few see it.

      We are a new breed emerging from a cocoon, what comes out is going to be scary for the world and this lot when we break free.

    7. @ Donycero...Dr Eschel Rhoodie called it "The White Tribe of Africa" ...English speaking South Afrikcans, Afrikaners, South Westers, Rhodies and the White Portueguese of Mozambique and Angola.

      If we can all unite and stand together, we will be an unstopable force. Now please tell me...why aren't we?

    8. Because we haven't lost EVERYTHING Mike. Only total loss will serve as the common thread that will ultimately unite us. Not to far off now.

      The parasite will serve it's purpose in that regard superbly.

      When I was blind but nevertheless had my heart in the right place, I used to oppose BEE/ Land Expropriation/ free this and free that for the parasite etc.

      Now my eyes are open. They are serving a valuable purpose. Let it go to hell in a handbag.

      Only when you get taken right down, sleep on the floor with a mattress, then you will humble yourself and have to admit you fucked up.

      But as long as whitey -those with their hearts in the right place like I used to be - keep on playing pokemon this, and pushing buttons on the I-phone 6s plus/ Samsung there, opening the sunroof and drinking the fruity tooty smoothies from the gym, watching 7de laan and isidingo, what tactics are the boks going to use - 'running rugby' or 'kick and go' - or whatever old Naas tells the manne on the weekend, they will remain blind.

      Only a total kick in the nuts and guts will cause the eyes to open. I can speak confidently from experience.

      Seems weird, almost perhaps traitorous to the untrained eye, but support the parasite in what he does and we get what we want quicker, an opening of the eyes.

      For example:


    9. Anonymous8:51 am


      @Mike Smith6:51 AM

      Im praying for it.

      If we stand together, we can take back all these lands that fell into the Karasites hands from the 60s till the present.

      If only we can all join forces now.

    10. Anonymous11:49 am

      JP sounds like that Xhosa prophet that told her people that all they had to do to get rid of the whites is burn their livestock. They did it, and then whitey was still there...



      Didnt see that did you?

    11. Anonymous4:52 pm

      JP @ 8:17
      That is a wonderful experience, to start seeing things different it's like an awakening. I will share an experience of my own awakening back in the 80s while I was doing my national service. There was this big guy in our bungalow that was a bully and because he also knew how to box there were very few that were willing to challenge him after he had given a few guys a hiding, anyway we all thought he was invincible until we went for our bush fase where we slept in our poncho shelters under God's starry night. well it was then that I discovered that this big bully boy who had grown up in he city was shit scared of the dark.
      Ok so what's my point. The liberals are that bully because they have big capital behind them, the media, liberal think tank institutes, universities and the support of nearly the whole world, therefore we were no match for them when they forced us to accept this new SA and then to use all their bully laws Like Bee, accusations of racism lawsuits along with murder investigation for self defense etc. The liberals are willing to throw what ever of white heritage that is still standing into the sacrificial bonfire so that the false light of this new SA can keep on glowing, because the one thing that the liberal is most afraid of is Africa's dark night. They know that's when the Boer volk will call the bully's bluff and rise again.
      Vigilans Et Sciens

    12. Anonymous8:27 pm

      @ JP. When the whites in RSA that really want a change to come about, start taking themselves seriously, then they will start acting.

      Your present stage of thinking is truly the beginnings if your awakening.

      You have not realised your true potential yet and I surely hope you do.

      Third force intervention is a powerful tool that has destroyed empires without wasting to much effort.

      You state " support the parasite" well if you really do want change then why not effect that change? Why not instigate, manipulate and engineer that change?

      You have the most powerful tool at your finger tips, the internet can hide you so effectively that it would take a thousand years to find you and then some more

      We talk war and physical confrontation, tactics and strategies all based on the physical. Why not start start manipulating the ethers?

      If you want to bring about change sow the seeds of destruction into the midst of your enemy.

      Have you ever thought that the retard in the street is more prone to propaganda than you are? We class ourselves their superiors but we definitely do not take advantage of our superiority

      I say to you, use your tools that are freely available to you to feed the flame of destruction that motivates these retards, feed them what they need to bring about their own demise and then let them do your work for you.

      Lots of people here claim the pen is mightier than the sword but I only see them looking for a sword. Stop blaming the NWO and the Globalist for manipulating the system. Discover your own abilities, use them and bring about the change you want, the most powerful weapon is in front of you, use it and use it well. You cannot drag a 50 cal or an AR or mortars around town with you but you can carry your laptop and you can set up decoy accounts and bounce mails and messages off different servers, so why not do it if it suits your purpose.

      These retards are gullible and they love being recognised and all want to be revolutionaries, use their ego, greed and ignorance to your advantage, manipulate them to suit your needs and do not dirty your hands when you can get them to dirty theirs.

      Something for you to chew if you're have taken a couple of bites and swallows already

    13. Anonymous8:36 pm

      @JP, when you cannot unite your brothers then you need to divide your foe.

    14. Anon 8:27 & 8:36 - very astute thinking boys.

    15. Why arnt we Mike? Because we are so full of pride that each and everyone wants to be king instead of recognising the true King and start fighting in His Name.

  8. Anonymous10:35 am


  9. Anonymous11:55 am

    Not very difficult to bribe these studaant leedas. Gooi a few bmw 320's and merc c180's in their direction and walla, the revolution is gone for a year or two, they just love these trinkets. For the more pesky ones gooi in a free mc hammer hair cut and a few gold chains, that walking jewelry box look is da shit for these hardcore freedom fighters.

  10. Anonymous12:28 pm

    So on the weekend Sipho goes to the Party protest rally & signs "Kille de Boer, kille de Famma, and then on Monday he puts on his Tshwane Metro Police cammo gear & gives you a fine for not wearing your seat belt because you could die in a fatal car accident...

  11. Anonymous12:40 pm


    1. Thanks for the link. All those doubters who have scoffed at BN comments should read this and realise that the shit isn't going to hit the fan, it already has.

  12. Anonymous1:00 pm

    what are we going to do when the UN takes over the internet in 3 days ? (1 october)

    1. Anonymous8:10 pm

      If they really pull the plug we will find a way, as we have always done. But think about it, will they really throw the switch on one of their best intel gathering mechanisms?

    2. Anonymous11:23 am

      Really? I mean REALLY? You are a special kind of thick if you believe that one. The UN?

      If there has ever been a more toothless, useless, waste of money organisation than the UN, its probably the ANC.

      Now, if you had said Google, or Perhaps Mister Climate Change who invented the Internet, Al Gore...

      You may have had a bit more credibility than this crap.

    3. Anonymous11:50 am

      They will censor us when it counts.

  13. Anonymous2:24 pm

    PW Botha was right,
    Tricameral parliament was mostly intended for Indians/ coloureds in Durban & Coloureds in the Western cape because they never had homelands unlike the black tribes of RSA who had full
    representation within their own bantustans/ homelands.

    Under the old Tricameral Parliament, Indians & Coloureds actually achieved plenty representation under leaders such as Amichand Rajsbansi & others.

    Many schools were built in Indian & Coloured areas as well as Clinics, swimming pools etc.

    Remember that both Indians & Coloureds were not prepared out of their own to go & live in black areas & the same still applies even 22 years into the anc democracy of FW De Klerk.

    Indians & Coloureds lived within SA & also needed representation, PW Botha realized this & knew they could not go without some sort of voice in their respective areas.

    Many Indian old Indian & Coloured areas were later demolished & newer ones set up by the Nationalist government complete with sewerage, tarred roads etc, Chatsworth in Durban is an example previously these same residents were living in squalor in older areas such as Cato Manor, Bellair, Seaview etc & they were also financially compensated for their move to upgraded townships created by the NP government.

  14. Anonymous2:45 pm

    PW Botha was such a boss, he had to go to make way for american, jewish/ zionist & british imperialism after the cold war.

    He died a bitter man because he felt betrayed by america, britain & Israel, people he thought were his friends.

    He had his eye on everybody & everybody walked straight or faced the state & the law, none of the western powers had a problem with this while Big Bad communist Russia was around.

    I am so happy I lived my young childhood days under his reign, he was a man among men.

    One of my family members served in his security detail, private bodyguard to Krokodil, from the old security branch.

    Unfortunately Henry kissinger, Lord Renwick, raymond Ackerman, Rupert, Anglo american, Anglican Church, & others conspired with FW de Klerk, the ANC & others to stuff SA up, mostly for cheap labours sake, & to deny the NP the Nationalistic ethos they prescribed.

    Magnus Malan once made a statement with regard to Russia after the cold war whilst still in the service of PW Botha & it was then that the yanks & British decided the Np had to go, also the NP government were busy tinkering with oil interests in Anglo with the recces which were american owned, they never took kindly to this the yanks.

    Ag, its all a long story & there was a lot happening behind the scenes that pissed the british & americans off about the NP of Botha.

    Had Botha been allowed to continue with his plans, SA would today be a completely different country.

    Mike, you can say what you like about Kroks, he was one of SA's most outstanding men, he loved his people, he never hated anybody & worked for many years to further the aims of Nationalism not just for Afrikaners, but all minorities, including blacks.

    1. Anonymous5:26 am


      Politicians are like staff in a corporation, everyone is your friend & then you wake up.

    2. Anonymous6:28 am

      The entire security structure of SA was in fact pro Botha, FW de Klerk ordered them down & this is why the old security branch/ BOSS/ NIA destroyed most of their files, imfo etc before anybody could rat them out.

      Very little will ever come to light & most that does is simply hogwash, assumptions, half truths & propaganda.

      Botha had loyal people who served him, of this fact i am very sure.

  15. Anonymous2:50 pm


    Watch the video with the article, I agree with you Mike, wtf are whites doing working with these boons!!

    1. Anonymous8:47 pm

      They think they'll be spared. Bwhahahahah stupid libshits.

  16. Anonymous9:30 pm

    These protest pictures are always the same shit, black hand or fist raised in the air, mouth wide open screaming "what we are saying is...more free shit"

    This is the result of child grants, too many people wanting free shit. Not enough jobs or anything else.

    The police must be getting tired and cranky...sooner or later someone is going to crack.

  17. Anonymous9:30 pm


  18. Anonymous10:27 pm

    This is going to have a domino effect soon, just need to throw in a taxi strike, a few service delivery protests and a union strike. Walla anarchy in the RSA.
    Cops will be exhausted and spread too thinly, things start collapsing. We will individually have to protect our homes and families.

    This is the resultant of every fuck up they have made, unfortunately we cant laugh and say we told you so.
    Due to when the SHTF it will spread over each and every one of us.

    Start stocking food.

  19. Just a video I came across for those interested.

    Hillary uses hand signals to communicate with moderator during debate.

    Also see at 5mins 30secs she has a mini seizure the wobbling head action and then watch how trump says seizure and indicates to someone in the crowd with a nod.


  20. Guys, read the vaandel link that Anon 12:40 posted above. IT's not going to happen, it is already happening. BN @ 1:27 is right, it has begun.

    What do you think all those UN APC's and other logistics was coming into the country for????

    Mike was spot-on with his prediction of September and he quite right that it's too late for preparation now. If you aren't prepared yet, you've got huge problems.

    What bets on when "the lights get turned of" forever?

    Ex Unitate Vires.

    It is now the time for this, like it has never been before.

    1. Anonymous6:13 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations1:55 AM

      Tom - we are here now! Its now!

      This is the beginning of it. I mentioned in that post to which I replied above to Mike, that 2016 was there year.

      It was the year, hence the reason I took my blog down in Dec 2015. I couldnt write while watching it happen and that is when I saw what I saw in December.

      We will be alright! They attack us but then turn on each other so violently that its like they forget we are even in the country.

      I saw them start in JHB with each other and then spread throughout the country in an East direction from JHB.

      The whites will be sitting in their houses and waiting for it to calm down but it will be relentless.

      They will annihilate each other with such ferocity, its like they are possessed to eradicate each other.

      I saw it spread like a whirl wind, like the wind blew the entire thing across the land but the whites would be forgotten about - its like we are invisible to them, under protection - its hard to explain the violence I saw yet the whites seemed fine completely protected/invisible after the initial attack.

      The distrust among them from the attack on the whites will cause them to annihilate each other.

      I then saw the Zulu step in & that one who sold us out, leaps to them with his arm stretched out with a hand shake - plans set in motion long ago. They make a deal based on the past.

      That King plays a big role in this thing from what I saw. Not the same Zulu as during Piet Retief. They still respect the whites. His face was calm but his heart was filled with shame, anger, guilt, disgust when he saw what happens to the whites & then he gives the order in relation to the above.

      Now we wait & see.

      The secret deals made prior to 1994 among the tribes and the whites was not upheld and hence the distrust.

    2. Tom i also watch a lot of news its basicly all i watch on dstv. I know its lefty propaganda but by studying it you get to know the enemy a bit better.

      I see a huge increase on news about SA and the ANC.

    3. Jip, Ninja, ELO's song, "Hold On Tight" comes to mind? Hold on tight, Boys, the ride's about to begin.

      Dony. Yeah, I don't even possess a TV anymore and haven't had DSTV for years. I listen to the news on RSG where they at least try and be as unbiased as they're allowed to be. Further I just check-out articles on the net.

      Have a good one guys, while there's still beer and you can keep it cold!

  21. Whiteman3:20 am

    The USA congress out voted obamas veto, to allow victims of 9/11, to sue Saudi Arabia ! This is a hornets nest, and is going to cause major shit. It will be interesting to see how Trump will play this one. And the Syria thing is definitely hotting up. Some people quote Scriptures, which predicted that Damaskus would be desrtoyed in one day. ? Does not seem to be far fetched at all !

  22. Anonymous5:05 am


  23. Anonymous8:01 am

    The Hatred Of Low IQ Minorities For Whites


  24. Anonymous12:32 am

    I can not decide whether this site is a source of good information/insight or is just alarmist and attended by right wing dramatists over exaggerating the current state of affairs.

    No disrespect to any one who comments here but I have some big decisions to make in my life and based on the expected unrestrained attack of whitey described by most who comment here I will have to leave SA for the sake of my family.

    Or is this the exaggerated view of a minority? there are not many who add comments on here. This does not seem to be the view of most white South Africans.

    For the past 22 years there has been an extreme 'right wing' element who seem to see a scenario not supported by the majority of whites. This element has also brought a lot of embarrassment on themselves with their 'swart geveaar' doom and gloom.

    Like I said, no disrespect to anyone here. We all have our views. I also have grave concerns for our welfare and the writing is most definitely on the wall.

    What will really be the outcome though? Will it be as extreme as some of you suggest? Of course time will tell but that is usually a little too late.

    1. Anon 12:22 - Yes, maybe some us are being alarmist, but with the 80 000+ murders of Whites & 4 000 farm murders, in the most gruesome, cruel and beastly ways, as proof it's a bit difficult not to accept the reality of the situation and pretend that we're exaggerating?

      Unfortunately there are, as you mention, many Whites [far too many] who refuse to see what's happening around them and accept the reality. That is going to result in tragedy if what we "alarmists" believe is happening. They will be slaughtered unfortunately.

      Read Boere Ninja @ 6:13 above. You don't have to leave SA, just be aware and prepared. If you live in a city, join Suidlanders. Of course, I am not saying you mustn't leave, but where to? The rest of the world is in turmoil and that includes Oz. They are also being sold out by the socialist govt. Europe is on the brink of being engulfed in a full scale war. The US keeps pushing Putin?

      No Boet, I don't know whatto tell you. I am not going anywhere. Even if I could, I wouldn't. As I've said, where to? Where isn't there strife and turmoil? Of course, I have this feeling of a job unfinished that also motivates me. The job that the traitorous politicians denied us finishing.

      Good luck to you, whatever you decide.

    2. Anonymous1:59 am

      Well if you need to read a blog in order to form an opinion or make your decisions I'd say you have a problem with your general situational awareness. This blog and the comments are people's reaction and opinions to what is happening all around. You don't need a microscope or a rocket surgeon degree to figure out the steps. But then again I suppose the new religion is to defer to somebody else's viewpoint rather than believe your eyes and trust your own intuition.

      Do you do your due diligence before moving or do you just kick the can down the road for your kids to deal with when it explodes. Just asking.

    3. Anonymous2:24 am

      Ask yourself 2 questions;

      What do I gain or lose if I stay in the RSA?

      What do I gain or lose moving over seas?

      Only you can answer those.

      Best wishes on your choice & good luck.

    4. @Anonymous 12:32 AM...Could you please ellaborate what you mean with "alarmist and attended by right wing dramatists over exaggerating the current state of affairs."

      I was just waiting for you to use the word "racist" too.

      You sound like a libtard. Why are you emigrating? Is it because of the Rightwingers or the Kaffirs?

    5. Whiteman3:05 am

      The post by Anonymous 12:32 AM, could have been from any number of my family or friends. And yes, we, " the right wingers, " have misjudged the NSA situation badly, over the last twenty two years. We failed to fully realise what a powerful, resilient contry this WAS. Built with hard earned taxes of the white man, over hundreds of years. We looked at other African countries, which collapsed in a very short space of time, and we have NO logic reason, not to see the same thing happen here. But admittedly, predicting the exact timing, has not been easy. But what is our situation, now in 2016 - 2017 ? Millions, upon millions of hungry nignogs in this country, with NO prospect of getting ANY job of any kind. ( that is of course, if they are even looking for a job ? ) Just ask the farmers, what they are loosing in stock theft etc. When last did you really check what is happening to food prices in the supermarket ? People tend to say, oh, its just the price of petrol going up. It is also THIEVING, by employees, and customers alike, as this country has NEVER seen before ! These creatures think nothing of stealing from the white man, and actually see it as their ( God given ? ) right. Remember, the white christians are VERY sorry for Apartheid, and therefore, ALL whites must pay. So my " positive " friends, where do you think all this is going to end ? ? Some of us are hoping, they will start fighting with one another, and wipe each other out. ( While we whiteys, have a ring-side seat, and enjoy the spectacle.) I agree that this can and will happen, but we will NOT have a ring-side seat. We will be totally part of it, either as victims, or as fighters. Fortunately, every whitey, has a democratic right, to decide his/her own fate !

    6. Stephen3:43 am

      anon 12:32 , " right-wing dramatists " ??
      what-da-hell ??

      Have you been living under a rock ?

      Did you just land here today ? hav'nt seen any dramatics from the left-wingers , oh you notice our words , but no mention of the Universities burning down , no mention of the whites being murdered , nothing about Zuma's and Claudi and all that corruption , nothing about us losing our family members and barely making it out alive......no you just see our honest words and deem us the minority-extremists...

      Well that's okay , I like being part of this minority group .I'd rather be a door-keeper in the house of the Lord , than a jet-setter looking for riches abroad...

      Remember , like old Angus says...( and his right )
      Meneer ,running away from your problem wont help- you are the problem .

    7. Anonymous10:33 am

      Just move to the KZN and hide behind the king of the Zulus. AS long as the king continues to respect whites (ie stop murdering us and telling it is our fault because of Apartheid) you have nothing to fear.

      We arent out to get you... You must throw the first punch. Then the knuckledusters come out.

      LMTA might disagree.

    8. Anonymous12:08 pm

      Well said Stephen. This is the situation worldwide in a nutshell, crazy huh?

    9. Anonymous12:16 pm

      Oh yeah, "Why are you emigrating? Is it because of the Rightwingers or the Kaffirs?" A total "what the fuck" moment for this guy Mike! Hahaha they still don't get it.

    10. Mate just by reading this blog you hatched on to an internal thought of your own. Trust your instincts. There is truth in the matter.

    11. Anonymous12:05 am

      Anon 12:32

      Just move to the Western Cape.

    12. Anonymous3:03 am

      The Western Cape is full of drug crazed, murderous coloureds and drug crazed, murderous whites. I'd rather take my chances with the more traditional Zulus, Indians and whites in rural KZN.

    13. Anonymous4:20 am

      @anon 10:33 AM. Let me help you out here.

      There is a very important tool in education, its called history.

      Now history teaches lessons from past experience to those in the present, that those in the present may not repeat the mistakes of those in the past. Got it so far?

      Well stay with me, try anyway. I will type slowly so that you can try keep up.

      White people record history factually and in writing, this enables the future generations to read an account that is 90% accurate as to events that created the history.

      Well a couple of years ago, a few white God fearing, honest and respectful white men, met with a certain creature in a country newly discovered and entered into an agreement with these creatures.

      These creatures were black in colour and called themselves Zulu, they had a king, this king was call Dingane, meaning the needy one when translated into english, well this needy king of the Zulu people gave land to these white fellows that had respectfully approached and asked for land.

      Just after signing the land agreement this needy creature called a massive celebration and invited these white fellows to a braai and beer. The white fellows trusting this needy king accepted and attended the braai and beer. Have you heard this story before?

      Anyway, these white fellows trusted that needy creature and went into the mass of black critters unarmed and totally trusting their host. Alas they were fools, you see that needy king creature had them seized and murdered and left their bodies to rot in the sun till the few brave men that were the brothers of those trusting men came and recovered those bodies for decent burial.

      That needy king was the ancestor of this supposed king that you claim respects white and offers them protection. Are you following me?

      WTF would any intelligent white man believe a retard?

      The story that I have just told you is true, it is history, written and preserved for future generations to learn from so why would any white man want to hide behind a creature whose ancestor lied and murdered the white mans forefathers ?

      As for throwing the first punch, yeah, your zulu creatures did that back then I do not know about knuckleduster coming out but I do know that those white men that metered out vengeance for their murdered brothers made the zulu eat dust. You zulu knuckle heads fucked with the wrong boys on that day and you're busy doing it again and that proves that you do not record history and that you're making the same mistake.

      But please continue for they say history repeats itself if it is not studied and learnt from.


    14. Anonymous2:48 am

      Anon 3:03

      Been living in the Western Cape most of my life and have never encountered these 'drug crazed' people

      But then again, I stay out of the poorest crime-ridden crack-den areas which as far as I know would propbably have similar conditions and people across the country.

    15. Anonymous9:36 am

      @Anon 12:32AM

      There is difference between right-wing extremists and people who simply want to return to living normally.

  25. RunForrestRun12:56 am

    Mike, are you aware of your content being reposted on this website?


    1. In my view this is good. Spread the word far and wide?

    2. No actually I wasn't aware of it. It's OK. As long as they give credit and link the source I don't mind.