25 September 2016

Noble Savages gone nuts - Just another farm destroyed

By Mike Smith
26th of September 2016

If you have read Dr. Phillip du Toit’s book, “The Great South African Land Scandal”, then the story below is just another in a string of hundreds of farms, confiscated by the Government and handed to blacks who destroyed it.

Land reform model fizzles

Here are some excerpts:

Nelspruit (Mbombela) - A macadamia farming project by young farmers, which has been hailed by government as a model for land reform projects, is on the verge of collapse. In 2011 five aspirant Mpumalanga farmers acquired the 65-hectare farm worth R5.35 million.

But five years on, the business situated in Schagen, 30km from Mbombela, is collapsing – with the young farmers accusing provincial rural development and land reform officials of sabotaging their project by starving it of resources and support services.

[See? It is never their fault. Always someone else to be blamed. Always wanting everything handed to them free of charge.]

The Insimu Yami Cooperative … now faces liquidation by debtors. The electricity is already switched off due to non-payment of a whopping R2.8 million bill, and criminals are stealing from the property piece by piece…the bank may soon attach the farm because of the outstanding loan repayments.

“The value of the farm is depreciating. The trees are dry … Workers refuse to work without pay. We signed a contract with Spar to supply them with chicken, but all of that is gone,” Mondlane lamented.

[Tja…this is what happens when you allow the hyenas to take over the Pridelands.]


  1. Anonymous9:25 pm

    According to malema, they have the land therefore they are rich. What do they need resources for?

  2. Whiteman10:27 pm

    Mike, many years ago, Dr. Phillip du Toit had a regular program on Radio Pretoria. At one time, he discussed a booklet he published, called : Die twaalf maniere van Afrika. He put forward twelve ( painful ? ) facts, why the nignogs will NEVER be like the white man. Regardlesss of all the grandiose attempts, by educators, missionaries, libturds, and miscellaneous arse lickers. I wonder what happened to this man ? One of the most clear thinking, logic, intelligent white patriots, I have ever heard !

  3. Anonymous11:11 pm

    The pridelands no longer have lions they have been overrun with furry wet nose pussies.

    Thats why the hyena can claim kingship.

    So where have the lions gone?

    1. Anonymous1:31 am

      We have all moved overseas mate. It's only the 'dirty dozen' left who aim to take on and destroy the ruling powers.
      They mostly comment on this blog how they are going to destroy this enemy - hey Tomkat.

    2. Anonymous1:35 am

      Here you go:

    3. Anonymous1:39 am



    4. Anonymous1:42 am

      Ok, here is the best one:

    5. Anonymous2:22 am

      Lets face it. We whites can now only sit and watch from the sidelines as this party continues.

      But for us sheep the LION OF JUDAH will soon be here and reclaim the land.

      The ANC will surely rule until 'Jesus/YAHUSHUA' returns but that will be sooner than they realise ....very very soon.

      Faith Walker


    6. Anonymous6:37 am

      131 so you are admitting to selling out and running.

      That's not very manly of you, a true lion needs to be driven from the pride in serious combat with the challenger.

      How can you compare yourself to a pride leader when you deserted your pride to save your own hide?

      Nah! "Mate" as you called me, you're confused, you're the wet nosed pussy cat attempting to imitate lion but I know you're failing.

    7. 6.37 stop been a does there are lots of ex great fighters living abroad Fact.

      I'm talking ex Reece's /32/ koevoet /sap takmag/CCB /Selous Scouts/Vlakplaas

    8. Anonymous8:58 am

      723 has beens.

    9. Anonymous9:42 am

      What are all these videos of actual lions scaring off hyenas?
      You lot are really becoming delusional if you romanticise comparing yourselves to these natural predators. You all have become softer than the most spoilt pussy cats I have had the unfortune occasion to encounter.
      Thank you Mike for creating thios blog, I do not comment often, but hell....this is embarrassing.
      All talk & talk & talk. Start to take the initiative. Set traps for criminals and take care of them. The reports you hear of random bodies found without motive or credible evidence, do that. Every bit helps and conditions you for further initiative, more bolder than the last.
      Tighten your belts and work, stop complaing and fantasising, plan it and do it. We are getting older by the day and the enemy is slathering themselves in the spoiles (so long as they last).
      Keep up the good work Mike.

    10. The modern military sniper decides the targets operationally, but he has to consider a lot of things such as the effect the elimination of the target will have in the bigger scheme of things and how it will fit into the holistic strategic plan of command. However he is essentially an agent of demoralization. He achieves this through the elimination of priority targets to sow uncertainly and fear whilst staying undetected. Priorities are as follows:

      1) Counter sniping (Priority number one. Killing enemy snipers boost own troop morale and undermine the morale of the enemy).
      2) Eliminating officers and leaders (political and military. Officers can be spotted from insignia and caps they wear and pistols, seeing that mostly only officers wear pistols. Also from ordnance personnel escorting them or the officer giving orders to subordinates. Lack of leadership = chaos)
      3) Members of team operated weapons such as LMG, anti-aircraft and howhitzers. (Of course also all of those who try to take over the tasks).
      4) Drivers of armored vehicles and troop carriers. (Normally the noise of the vehicle blends out the sound of the shot and the casualty is only discovered after the vehicle runs off the road or overturns.
      5) Radio Officers and signalers. (lack of communication results in chaos)
      6) The elimination and or neutralization of helicopters and aircraft, mostly on the runway.
      7) Satellite dishes, communication aerials, etc.

      The sniper should always remain within the limits of the Geneva Convention, but it does not mean that certain dirty tricks cannot be used. Often a demoralizing effect is better achieved by killing the cook than the general or shooting into a nearby hornet’s nest than into a helicopter.

      Attacking the warm water geyser in the middle of winter, the beer or water truck, the food supply, the telephone line… even the toilet system…all will result in severe demoralization of the enemy troops.

    11. Anonymous10:49 am


      @Anonymous1:31 AM

      Life is so great there but you visit the blog?

      Hmm let me tell you what I tell everyone I know and will say so here, for my family overseas - They know because I told them like I will tell you.

      You can run but you cannot hide!

      Aus/NZ will and are going to be fucked big time when this show down happens. Europe is gone, America is on the verge of a civil war come big brother, disarmament.

      When the day arrives, I would like it to be known now. Any South African that left these shores and changed passports or citizenship MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED back in.

      You can run, you can live there but why sell your history and birthright down the river & change citizenship?- unless you dont have faith and believe it will just go like Zims.

      So we will see! Either way, you might be lucky now to live there, you might be safe...

      But for how long? The US & The UK cannot protect those Islands when they are fighting Russia! Who is going to protect you in Asia? In Europe?

      So those who piss through their eyes at my comment, too fucking bad - you made your choice now enjoy it and while you at it, fuck off and dont come back nor worry about the news in SA.

      You can run but you cant hide!

      I said to you, what I said to my friends & family overseas. I hope you get the message, you are not welcome back.

    12. Anonymous11:22 am



      1. - How come the Geneva convention was not upheld or applied when they murdered the women + children here in concentration camps and took the former republics?

      2. - What happens when there is no Geneva left in Europe?

      IMO following any convention, other than total annihilation is playing banker wars. Much like our modern BEE/AA rugby where we see our asses.

      Today I read, Russia is no longer playing ball AT ALL with the US or Europe in Syria. No more Mr Nice guy from Russia going forward and when this thing starts and they roll through Europe, there will be no more Geneva or any convention.

      Geneva convention is for politicians controlled by the elite.

      This racial tension caused in the US is happening to disarm them just before the war. They need their masses controlled while they battle.

      We will make our own convention.

      Its called "TKEP - 1.0 convention - Total Karasite Extermination Protocol 1:0 - 1 left in a museum as a specimen .0 = non left in the wild - bambi can sleep well at night knowing she wont get raped or a spear through her.

      We can leave a few playsations for those South African Ozzies / kiwis who want to return, tie a few sheep to some lamp poles.

      You leave not one (besides the stuffed one in the museum), you take back the land which they settled on, you get rid of them ALL and we can then have our macadamia nuts while braaiing in peace.

      This is the effect the karasite has on you when they take over, once upon a time I thought it would work but now I see when it works, it means it works for them but you are left with nothing to work with in the end.

      "TKEP - 1.0 convention"

      Better we dont call it anything, we saw how the world latched onto apartheid, you guys get the hint.

      Its really not that radical when you compare the rhetoric coming from these things mouths regarding whites.

    13. Whiteman12:56 pm

      BN, any person who has seen real warfare, knows there is no " nice " way to fight a war. It is always the fat cats, who have piss-up parties at home, who come out with the " rules and regulations ! " There are always bunny huggers at home, who think you can fight, and win a war, with no loss of blood. But they are happy to vote in the politicians, who plan, and start the wars. Just a bunch of hypocrites. I liked it when Trump said he would torture the shit out of his enemies. Whether he really meant it, and is willing to follow through, will have to be seen of course. But I think he definitely got major respect from the patriots. I will be checking the presidential debate in the early hours of tomorrow morning ! Reality TV at its best ! ( They say one hundred million people will be watching ? )

    14. Movement:

      On a mission or operation (less than 48 hrs) the sniper team consists of the “Sniper” and the “Spotter”. On longer operations (five days)more personnel can be deployed as assistants to help carry equipment to and from the rally point.

      Although both the “Sniper” and the “Spotter” are trained snipers they have clearly defined and different tasks during the mission phases. For instance during the “march” phase the Spotter leads and the Sniper secures to the rear. During the “stalk” phase the Sniper leads and the spotter secures to the rear. The spotter is also responsible for preparation of special equipment and drawing firing and distance sketches as well as noticing other information down and defence with the automatic rifle. The sniper selects the firing position, the targets and the target priorities.

      A normal soldier on the march (without pack during good terrain) marches at 5km/h, with a pack and good way 4km/h, with a pack and mildly rough terrain 3km/h and depending on the roughness of the terrain (swamp, rocky, sandy) even a lot slower.

      However during infiltration and the stalk phase totally different ways of movement and moving speeds apply to the sniper team. Quietness and invisibility during movement are more important than speed. For the sniper, even the usual “leopard crawl” is far too fast and brisk.

      The sniper must literally become a snail.

    15. The rucksack and heavy gear are left at the Rally point. Only the necessary equipment are taken on the infiltration/stalk.

      The infiltration is carefully planned. The following are considerations:

      -terrain, weather conditions, infiltration route from cover to cover. Time to move from one cover position to the other. Obstacles, orientation points, enemy positions and strength, enemy movements such as patrols, possible support for the enemy (helicopters, dogs, etc.) possible animals that could be alarmed and give position away, rest positions and positions to change natural camouflage, correct type of camouflage (should be resembling the bottom 600mm of the terrain). Exfiltration route, etc.

      The sniper’s ghillie suit only covers the back of his body seeing that most of the time he is on his belly. Movement catches the eye. The human eye spots movement before shape and colour.

      Therefore, during infiltration the sniper hardly walks more than 150 meters per hour and he and the spotter are never more than 25 meters from each other. When the one moves the other covers.

      Movements are slow and flowing. The feet are put down on the outer edge and slowly rolled inwards onto the entire foot to avoid noise from twigs and leaves.

      Communication is through slow hand signals only. No rapid gesticulation. The use of cover (dekking) is very important; however the sniper should avoid single standing features such as a single tree, bush or hut in an opening seeing that the enemy is normally watching such features. Such single standing terrain points are difficult to get to and difficult to get away from.

      Use natural noise such as vehicle movement, thunder, gusts of wind, flowing rivers or streams, crashing waves, etc for noisier movements.

    16. If there is a possibility of discovery the sniper should instinctively decide if he waits it out until the enemy has lost interest or if he retreats to the previous cover and decide upon a new route.

      In close proximity to the enemy “Leopard crawling” should be avoided. The snaking of the body is too visible. Leave the twerking and shaking of the arse for the girls. Slow straight lines using the tips of the toes, hands and elbows close to the body are better. Every movement should be survived. The head should be kept down. Tilted to the side is even flatter and prevents dust from being breathed. Crawl 20 meters slowly lift the head, orientate, head down, correct direction, crawl another 20 meters,etc.

      The weapon can be carried on top of the forearms or in a “drag-bag” made of camouflaged canvas similar to the ghillie suit. Ensure no dirt gets into the muzzle by taping it up. The sniper never pushes grass or bush flat in front of him; he rather pulls it slowly to the back. Brisk moving grass will betray his position. Twigs and objects that can make noise are slowly taken out of the way. Careful use of a dark background and shadows are used. Movement of the sun and shadows during the day should be carefully considered, but it should be remembered that shadows do not make the sniper invisible. Modern binoculars see through shadows.

    17. Hey,Anon 1:31, though I have never really sprouted off at the mouth about "the how", you had better believe it. I leave the more delicate intricacies of the extermination to people better versed and more up to date than I. I'm old and long since "retired" and not up to speed on the latest developments, but I can still shoot.

      To me Claymores, a few grenades and a good rifle are about the limits of my requirements [and capabilities]. Of course, I would not at all be averse to things such as poisoning their water or gassing them and such.

      As people have remarked, to hell with the Geneva Convention and all that kind of kak. This is going to be a no-holds-barred game; last man standing?

      And, you know what? If I have to die, so be it, but I sure as fuck am not going to die alone.

      I harbour no fear of death, I've lived too long for that and have made my peace with God. Just the manner in which I die concerns me. Do I go out valiantly, or like a skulking coward with my tail tucked between my legs? Sound familiar?

      Stay and be safe wherever you are. I don't judge you, but we don't need you back here. There's a credo that appeals to me that says, "Surround yourself with people who move towards the sound of gunfire. They won't let you down when the SHTF." I like that.

    18. Anonymous4:27 am

      Tomkat, you not scared to die? Just remember when you do die make sure you know where you are going.Gos

    19. Gos, can't you read?

      "Death cometh to all men, sooner or later."??? What don't you understand about the 3-letter word, GOD?

      That's not up to me, anyway. I am in His hands then.

      There's another little chirp I enjoy, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord, but he sub-contracts . . ."

    20. Anonymous8:14 am

      @ Gos, What is death anyway? You were born to die, God created death when he created life.

      Death is not the wages of sin as you christians try to make people believe.

      Death is the natural order in life and it is not a punishment because someone chose to live.

      Is it not the Christians that pray to be healed when they find out that they are terminally ill? If your faith is so great why do you not beg death and admittance to heaven?

      Stop being afraid of something that you cannot stop then accept your fate and maybe, just maybe you will appreciate the greatest event in creation, its called life.

      When you start living life then you will start fighting for your passion and you will then stop eating these retards shit and start making them eat yours.

      Excuse the intrusion TT.


    21. Whiteman9:03 am

      TT, I have to elaborate on the " vengence is mine, sayeth the Lord, " etc. It totally pisses me off, when " christians " throw that Scripture at you, if you dare to show, patriotic Apartheid-anger. They try to conceal how spineless, and yellow bellied they are, while being o so " holier than thow ! " God works through His people, to achieve whatever He pleases. Among many things, He has vowed to destroy the rotten heathen nations. That is why His instructions to the Isrealites was plain and simple. Destroy them UTTERLY ! Take Samson for instance. He took vengence physically, and did not just sit and pray in a corner somewhere. However, he did show TRUE remorse, and therefore God blessed him, by giving him back his strength. And then he became Gods ultimate sub-contracter, and he did NOT commit suicide. He did a very important job, ( wiping out the nignogs of his day ), and rocketed off to Heaven. Definitely my kind of man !

    22. Anonymous4:41 pm

      Just remember when you die you should definetly know where you are going, just believing in God or a god is not good enough. You have to believe in the blood atonement of Jesus Christ and that He died for our sins. True Christians are not scared to die and you know why? Because of this verse:
      1 Corinthians 15:1-4Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

      15 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 by which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in VAIN.3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

      We all are going to die some day but what happens after death is what really counts, eternity. Will you be going to heaven or hell? It is up to you to accept Christ as your pesonal saviour.

      Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    23. Anonymous12:40 pm




    24. Anonymous12:44 pm

      If there is a possibility of discovery the sniper should instinctively decide if he waits it out until the enemy has lost interest or if he retreats to the previous cover and decide upon a new route.

      Sound and echo analysis = Discovery of sniper = MORTARS = end of sniper.


    25. @ Anonymous 12:44 PM...hehehe...Sniper stays in position after shot or comes back to same position = stupid sniper.

      Sniper discovers vehicle carrying British “Boomerang“ gunfire locator (French PILAR) and takes out equipment and crew in 3 seconds with subsonic rounds. Sniper relocates to new position. Enemy frantically throws smoke grenades in flat panic. Sniper takes out Mortar crews. More panic. Sniper moves to new location.

      You develop a better mouse trap, I train a better mouse.

    26. Anonymous10:42 pm

      Ask the Rhodesian SAS how much fun they had with subsonic rounds.

      How about a mortar crew inside a Ratel ? ( or derivative )


      I call you - and double .......

      I once knew someone that worked inside the Phoenix program.

    27. Anonymous10:56 pm

      You see
      We keep on coming back to the age old question


      Executive chairman of Paramount Group, Ivor Ichikowitz, said: "It has always been my personal ambition to make decisions around Paramount Group's growth which will support the development of the South African aerospace and defence industry at large. At Paramount Group we have always believed that the technologies which we develop, and the products which we manufacture, are competencies that belong to the African continent. We are firmly committed to continuing the development, design, research and manufacturing capability on the African continent."

      Ichikowitz added: "Once fully operational, this facility will be one of the largest armoured vehicle and land forces manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world, with a capacity to scale production to more than 400 units per annum. This will have a significant impact on the supplier base and for the South African economy at large."


      You THINK that you are developing a better mouse trap
      Your idea AND the plans have already been passed on to the "enemy"
      By the REAL enemy.......
      (THIS one donates to the ANC )

    28. "Ask the Rhodesian SAS..."

      I have. Ron Reid-Daly and I use to go to the same watering hole in Simons Town where he retired to. Last time I spoke to him was in 2008. At 80 years old he was still sharp and fit as a fiddle walking up and down Queens Road on a daily basis.

      Snipers are well aware of them being hit by mortars and artillery. That is why they take special precautions.

      Nobody said a sniper is invincible. Personally I am more scared of being chased by a dog squad in a pincer movement.

      As for the Ratel Mortar.... Do you always have a crewed one on immediate standby? By the time you are ready the sniper’s position has changed.

      Trying to hear the "crack" over the engine is difficult. Maybe if you switch the vehicle off. Now you become a stationary target. You have to stop for at least 10 seconds to fire the mortar. That is what I want. Stick your head out the turret once and you are dead.

      Besides you cannot hit what you cannot see. A few precision shots in the periscopes, firing ports, vision blocks and vane sights…I’ll keep you pinned down. How bulletproof are your windows? Cracking them is enough to disturb your vision. Now you cannot see the muzzle flash anymore. besides the Commander on the left is my first target. i hope it is not you. Piece of piss for any sniper at 300-1,500 metres.

      A sniper is a very patient man. Some or other time you are going to want to take a piss or crap. Please…open the hatch cover…

      Cat and mouse, cat and mouse. Love it!

    29. Anonymous1:07 am

      One does not "see" or "hear"
      Computers and multi-sensors and DRONES do it all
      Welcome to the new matrix




      is the kind of "sniper" I like



      Is a REAL army

      PS ; Ron Reid-Daly ended his career on a somewhat inauspicious note

  4. Whatever the things touch turns to shit.

    I felt more compassion shooting a Springbok or Kudu when I was a kid than I ever did zotting one of these fucking things. To me it was merely target practice. A totally unemotional experience other than the gleeful feeling it imparted.

    1. Anonymous12:40 am

      You talk too much for a fellow who follows salacious blog such as Diary of a Mature,Wanton Women. Oh you know a blog by a WHITE WHORE recounting her numerous sexual escapade. I sure wish she was properly shagged by a man of colour since you white wimps only get a kick out of watching your women being defiled by us. Dork

    2. Anonymous5:07 am

      I agree Tom, no remorse when one of these non-white colourless black fucks turns to dust.

    3. Anonymous5:12 am

      @Anon 12:40AM

      Why don't you fuck off to the underground museum and stay there?

    4. Stephen5:39 am

      anon 12:40 its clear from your choice of words , that you are a disgusting -vile -perverse oxygen thief.

      Of all the things you could have written , you chose to reveal your dirty mind.

      In addition ,these words that you spew are seeds you've planted in your own days to come.

      and you don't realize this but its eating you from the inside.( jy ken mos die AIDS ding , jy wat die woman-of-ill-repute ken )

      see ya - wouldn't wanna be ya.

    5. Anonymous7:10 am

      @ anon 12:40 AM, ah! K vir booi,

      You make my day, you fucking aids infected, syphilis rotten cock cunts are are so brain dead that you defile your own sisters and brothers.

      You are black stinking cunt fuckers and then you put it to your brothers arses as well, sis! You parasitic boy cunt.

      The only white woman you defile are the ones you rape, no decent white woman would want you stink K vir Klonkies near them.

      Those white libtard bitches that offer themselves to you are just as black and rotten as you K vir houtkoppe are.

      Your septic species is rotten, you are a disease ridden, virus infected, stupid fucking retarded bunch of idiots trying to be something that you will never achieve.

      Get use to it K vir ....... you will never make a grade of intelligence that will make you human.


    6. Anonymous9:15 am

      @Uppity Stink 12.40

      "I sure wish she was properly shagged by a man of colour"

      Ha! Useless karasites doing something properly...never in a million years.

    7. Anonymous10:41 am


      @Anonymous12:40 AM

      Anyone causing division, mocking, scorning, strife is no brother or friend of our nation.

      We are a tiny, tiny nation and the last thing we need is anyone having a go at someone on this site or any other place when what they stand for is a future in this country.

      And he is right, I would add that if the word "feeling£ or "feeling" comes into the equation with these things, then you have lost already.

      The mindset has to be complete annihilation or pack your bags and leave. You cant have peace, prosperity, abundant farms, schools, universities with these things.

      When the day comes, you should hope & pray you sit next to someone so dedicated to their people and our cause.

      And if you are black, heed the warning, find another country while you still have time and hint hint, it will need to be beyond the equator or join those karasites entering Europe because there will NOT even be 1 left here when we are done!

      We dont make the same mistake 4 times, we know now what needs to be done.

    8. Anonymous11:48 am

      @BN 10:41AM

      Please re-read Anonymous 12:40AM's post. It is a vulgar and disgusting karasite.

    9. 8.53 some of the hasbeens send a lot of money back to the RSA and many employ hundreds in RSA

    10. Anonymous9:28 pm


      Forget it boet. There is no team in I.

      Whites are divided and will be for a long time.

      Where I live most whites look down on me and want nothing to do with me. (Yes I am white)

      It all boils down to the male ego.

      The strange thing is its only the loan from the bank upholding that ego.
      Pathetic poor souls!

  5. Supplying chicken to Spar from a macadamia farm ? Confusion or BEE ?

  6. Anonymous1:25 am

    Who needs locusts to destroy crops when you have kaffirs?

  7. Anonymous1:35 am

    Let me guess, Apartheid's fault? Bwhahahah these black fucks are useless.

    1. Anonymous6:13 am

      @Anon 1:35AM

      They never blame themselves or their ancestors.

  8. To try and understand or reason with the karasite on a European level is the epitome of foolishness.

    It doesnt think the same way as us, it doesnt behave the same as us, it doesnt look like us. It is forever a victim because it is the only justification for the parasitic behavior.

    Without looking and behaving like a victim all the time they know we will recognize what they are and throw them out.

    1. Anonymous6:34 am

      @Dony 2:17AM

      Their bodies reach puberty, but their minds do not.

    2. And it is a fact brother. It is scientific fact that their sculls fuse together long before a white child's scull goes through the same process thus prohibiting brain growth and proper maturation of the brain.

      That is why they have smaller brains and is stuck with the intelect of a child.

      They think with emotions like a child. All these protests are a symptom there-of.

    3. I think their skulls fuse together while they're still is the womb, hence the absence of a crown?

      May their journey from the womb to the tomb be a very short one?

    4. Anonymous8:30 am

      Dony, sorry I see you mentioned brains, what brains?

      Dude you're confused, these critters do not have brains, the have shit levels that occupy the vacant space between their ears, that's why their breath stinks like it does.


  9. Rhodesia had been the "breadbasket" of Africa, now Zimbabwe IMPORTS all of its food. The fate of ALL Whites, not just those in SA, is in peril. It is by DESIGN, not chance. A group thought to be more sinned against than sinners, has worked diligently since at least 1880 to do what has been and IS being done to the White race.
    Now maybe it is "wrong" and "evil" to mention that but OUR VERY RACE faces GENOCIDE if we don't call a spade a spade.

    There was a time when things such as this DID NOT occur in the RSA:
    South Africa: Farmer “Thrown Alive Into Crocodile Pit”

    "Moreover as racial equality is a myth, racial superiority must be a fact. We must therefore accept this very obvious truth, not deny it; for it is un-Christian to reject truth and embrace falsehood."
    WHITE MAN, THINK AGAIN! by Anthony Jacob, Johannesburg 1965

  10. "which has been hailed by government as a model for land reform projects, is on the verge of collapse" because when you decode the commie speak that is exactly what 'land reform' is all about.

    There are so many euphemisms:

    'Equality'- making everyone equally poor under a sadistic elite

    'Diversity' - chasing down the last white etc

    'Integration' - the time between the first black family moving in and the last white family moving out.

    "Black Empowerment"- because when given equal opportunity blacks simply cannot compete against superior whites, so now need to have the whiteys hamstrung in order to 'compete' against them.

    And so it goes.

    The shift from left to right over the next year will be more than the sum total over the last 6 years. That's round about how long I have been giving this thing stick.

    From been stunned by what tonsils used to write on various comments sections eg news 24, to them been totally shut down. The shift is happening very quickly now.

    Mainly thanks to all those monkeys they are letting into Europe:

    'Uber Liberal' - the further away and out of touch one lives from nogs...

  11. Anonymous4:13 am

    Criminals stealing from property piece by piece....

    Must be the ANC government they are competing with.

  12. Anonymous4:31 am


    What we (but the idiot) whites dont get is this.

    If you were holding snake shit & they took it off you, it would be hailed a success!

    Like a good rugby tackle is the karasite that wrestles anything out the white mans hands - regardless whether it succeeds or not because the initial success is in getting it out his hands, from then on out it doesnt matter because they have won.

    That is the mind of the Karasite.

    So let them eat mud pies, dust, twigs, I dont care. We will have it back in time!

    In the meantime train, prepare, arm & unite because when the real wrestling match happens, we dont leave until their EVERY neck is broken & leave not a single trace of them from the equator right down into the Cape.

    That will be a success! Anything less is foolish and a waste of time.

    1. Anonymous6:30 am

      @BN 4:31AM

      The exception would be a bar of soap!

    2. Anonymous7:06 am

      A bar of soap and a lampshade?

  13. Anonymous6:56 am

    Chimps (real ones) trained to farm could not do any worse than these things.

  14. Anonymous12:46 am

    If the pen is truly mightier than the sword why have you warriors not conquered all lands foreign and domestic?

    If wars are won buy script and word, why do we not have paper for blood.

    Oh you mighty conquerors of evil men and deeds when will you stand forth and action your words that you so liberally spread among your lonely selves?

    1. Anonymous6:25 am

      Durban poison or Swazi?

    2. Anonymous7:08 am

      Woonga perhaps?

  15. Anonymous12:50 am


  16. Guys, there are many farms that have been stuffed up like that down there in the Lowveld.

  17. Anonymous8:00 am


    I believe Einstein said if you want the answers, look into nature. (plus minus)

    Please show me where in nature does one pride of lions hunt successfully in order to feed / give another pride of unsuccessful lions their meal?

    I would swear that all people "of colour" (non-white) are wheelchair bound and cannot do anything themselves.
    We are equal just we always need more free stuff.
    Baffles the mind. You have to put in more than you get out, that's natures law.

    At least if I ever get pulled in front of court for being white and therefore racist, I can plead insanity!

  18. Anonymous1:10 pm


  19. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Human?no fucking way

  20. Anonymous11:08 pm

    That vulture would rather starve than go near that kafflet in the photograph.

  21. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Zulu King speaks the truth.